urlin2uh00k, the usual with a alt-f2 or frpm a terminal00:00
h00kurlin2u: alt+f200:00
urlin2urobin0800, cool I will do that is it under gconf-editor in synaptic?00:00
urlin2uh00k, thanks.;)00:01
urlin2uI/m i natty doing a sync right now.00:01
robin0800urlin2u, its in the software centre also look at dconf-editor00:02
urlin2urobin0800, thanks, I will reboot and install. ;)00:02
urlin2uso has synaptic been finally removed?00:24
robin0800urlin2u, I still have it00:26
urlin2urobin0800, cool  am doing todays upgrade, lost it yesterday, and the software center is not responding, apt-get works tough, oh well alpha and a personal computer no big deal.00:27
mikimy packages don't show up as icons in the installed area instead i have to go through the terminal /usr/bin/<program name> to run where can i edit synaptic to place the files in area for the icons? wheres the source for synaptic pm i mean? is why i maybe get the exit 1 status error but the package installed successfully?01:13
urlin2usorry to keep bothering you all ;) Do we have the right click make launcher option?01:17
robin0800miki, look in /usr/share/applications perhaps even bookmark it01:17
jbichaurlin2u: no, that feature has been removed by GNOME01:18
mikik thx robin080001:18
urlin2ujbicha, I saw a email on the web those anarchist. ;)01:18
jbichamiki: what app in particular isn't showing up?01:18
mikieveryone i downloaded i upgraded to 11.10 alpha 201:19
mikior installed completely i mean01:19
robin0800miki, should be alpha 301:20
mikiso if i get alpha 3 that fixes it?01:20
jbichamiki: you should just be able to start an app and right click on the launcher icon to tell it to keep in launcher01:20
jbichayou start apps by clicking the Ubuntu button in the top left and either typing the app's name or looking for it in more apps01:21
mikiyes i been doing that alot jbicha but i downloaded alot and forgot names of the packages lol01:21
mikithanks a bunch now i can get all my apps on the launch bar01:30
poolieit seems there's no longer a ui to turn on middle-button-click simulation?01:34
robin0800poolie, its in pointing devices you have to install it01:39
poolieand how would i do that?01:40
poolie'pointing' does not find any options01:40
pooliewell, i can install it01:41
poolieis this an intentional change or a bug?01:41
poolieor both :)01:41
robin0800poolie, its in the software centre01:42
mikirobin0800 i mean i downloaded the alpha 2 iso unless update manager installed the alpha 3?01:43
pooliegot it, but it doesn't seem to actually appear in the application menu01:43
robin0800miki, look in /usr/share/applications perhaps even bookmark it01:44
robin0800sorry meant poolie01:45
poolieyeah, i realize, i'm just wondering if i should file a bug01:47
pooliei see bug 710762 touches on it01:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 710762 in Release Notes for Ubuntu "Middle mouse button no longer works" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71076201:47
robin0800poolie, its not a bug its been moved01:49
mikiso should i wait for update manager or better yet will update manager fix this problem?01:52
mikipoolie you got same problem i got :)01:53
mikiall needs is to change the directories in the source should be01:55
robin0800miki, alpha 3 came out Thursday if you have been updating you will already have it01:59
mikiok then yes i have alpha 301:59
mikiit's a bit annoying getting these exit (1) status errors with the program successfully installed02:03
mikibut then again i downloaded alpha version lol02:04
robin0800miki, I've not seen that at all02:05
mikireally wow i get it all the time? you on x86?02:06
robin0800miki, yes on a laptop02:07
mikimaybe i need to re-install the alpha 3 iso and see what i get?02:08
robin0800miki, perhaps you need a clean install02:08
mikiyeah im thinking same02:08
mikiwell i tried so i go get the alpha 3 install02:09
robin0800miki, I would use a daily build02:09
pooliemiki, which bug?02:13
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bullgard4_Using GNOME 3 how am I supposed to  reboot this computer?05:02
pooliesudo reboot ?05:03
rwwbullgard4_: click your name in top-right, then hold down alt key05:03
bullgard4_Ah! Found it: Logout > Restart.05:03
rwwalso, GNOME 3 is not GNOME Shell.05:03
bullgard4_rww: Excuse me. I need to become acquanted with the term "GNOME Shell' yet.05:04
poolierww, and where is that option in unity?05:05
rwwpoolie: no idea, I haven't used it much05:09
wolf__It appears that the QApt worker has either crashed or disappeared. Please report a bug to the QApt maintainers  :: will a restart set it back correctly im on Kubuntu 11.1006:14
wolf__can't download anything without that message showing06:15
wolf__earlier was working fine i was downloading06:17
IdleOnelots of updates to apt in the past couple of days06:24
IdleOnedoes this mean I can use apt to get torrents of Ubuntu :-)06:25
IdleOnedon't tell me I guessed right?06:26
rww(and then some bugfixes to that)06:27
IdleOneI wasn't complaining. I love downloading hundreds of packages everyday, makes my ISP wish they never gave me unlimited bandwidth06:29
bullgard4_rww: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNOME_Shell: "GNOME Shell is the core user interface of the GNOME desktop environment starting with version 3" --  What comprises the "core user interface" and what not?07:22
zniavrehard relogin this morning it looks like gdm does not work well but lightdm let me log into session08:52
farciarz84hi, I was forced to install ubuntu 11.10 dev realease cause only this distro supports my sandy bridge pc. I don't want to camplain about bugs it has except one: Unity. Is it possible to turn it off or move from left side to bottom?09:00
farciarz84I hope this will be possible in fc, because probably the one from us that force using all people to use it, have in his mind that many users have 5:4 or 4:3 proportion displays.09:03
farciarz84One thing more: Calendar and time dissapeared from my task bar, how to turn it on in 11.10?09:05
zniavrehow to clean the applications dash please ?09:34
farciarz84zniavre: noone response here, probably they work hard to finish distro in the planned time.09:46
zniavrefarciarz84, my question was more for cleaning icons from removing apps than the 'code" itself   ;ià10:03
Gredeuhow stable is ocelot xfce ?10:04
bullgard4_[GNOME 3] How can I unmount a thumbdrive? (In GNOME 2 I used the Disk Mounter applet.)10:17
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jtaylorwhere is gnome-preferred applications in unity2d?11:54
ior3kjtaylor: system settings, I believe12:30
ior3kmy control panel isn't working now, so I can't check12:30
ior3kor maybe system info12:31
jtaylorcan't find a the preferred applications there :(12:31
ior3ktry system info12:31
jtaylorah there it is12:33
jtaylorvery hidden ...12:33
ior3kyeah, doesn't make much sense12:33
farciarz84Calendar and time dissapeared from my task bar, how to turn it on in 11.10?12:49
escottapt wants to upgrade some packages but is holding back apt and apt-utils (as well as a few other packages) should I run apt-get upgrade first and then run dist-upgrade or should I run dist-upgrade now.12:56
IdleOneupgrade first12:58
escottIdleOne, do you know if the apt issues from two days ago have smoothed out?12:58
IdleOneescott: I know there have been many updates to apt in the past couple of days. I haven't had any issues12:59
cdeszaqDoes anyone know how stable the tomcat7 package is for oneiric?13:14
coz_cdeszaq,  you may have to hang out here for a bit,, not sure about timezones and when  some people log on13:15
cdeszaqyeah, I figured. I'm in no real rush13:15
coz_cdeszaq,  good :)   generally it gets somewhat busy in here  soon13:16
cdeszaqyeah. I'm really just looking for an "easy" way to use Tomcat7 on a server since my app needs things that Tomcat6 doesn't have. I know I could do a manual install, but I'd rather use a package if possible and I can't find Tomcat7 anywhere other than in the onieric universe repo.13:18
cdeszaqbut, like I said, i'm in no rush, so I will ask again in here later, and work on installing it anyway into a VM to play with it13:18
coz_cdeszaq,  understood :)   I have not installed oneiric as of yet ,, there are a few issues I dont want to deal with at this point,, however, I am positive someone can  answer this one13:19
escottdoes anyone's lightdm.conf actually do anything13:27
dr_williscant say that ive tried editing it.. :)13:29
escottdr_willis, this is why i think lightdm is a stupid idea. now i have three bugs i get to report13:30
dr_willisnever noticed any real issues with it..13:30
dr_willisHmm. it has some "seat" options.. that would be cool if it made Multi-seat support easier...13:30
dr_willisjust disabled the guest account.. let me restart lightdm and see.13:31
escottdr_willis, i just want it to actually read its own config file thats all, and not show guest accounts that dont exist13:31
dr_willisguest config seems to have no effect.13:32
escottdr_willis, where are you seeing a guest account specific option13:36
dr_willis  /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf13:37
dr_willisenabled=false   <--------- I set13:38
escottdr_willis, i dont even have that file. did you create it13:39
dr_willisit was there by default13:39
dr_willis!find lightdm.conf13:39
ubottuFile lightdm.conf found in lightdm, mythbuntu-lightdm-theme, xubuntu-default-settings13:39
escottdr_willis, I have a users.conf and a lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf but no lightdm.conf13:39
dr_williswillis@CowBuntu:/etc/lightdm$ ls13:39
dr_willislightdm.conf  lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf  users.conf  Xsession13:39
escott ls /etc/lightdm/13:40
escottlightdm-gtk-greeter.conf  users.conf  users.conf~13:40
escottand what user exactly is this "guest" account supposed to be13:41
dr_willisI imagine its like the old guest account, where all changes to it were not kept.13:42
escotti guess ill log out to see if i can determine what uid that will be13:42
dr_willisits been a  hit and miss feature.. some people wanted it accessable via the GDM login.. others wanted the uswer to login, THEN hit some 'guest' button to  go to it. so they chould then hand the pc to a friend/someone.. and not worry about private stuff.13:42
dr_willisguest account has been a  hit and miss feature.. some people wanted it accessable via the GDM login.. others wanted the uswer to login, THEN hit some 'guest' button to  go to it. so they chould then hand the pc to a friend/someone.. and not worry about private stuff.13:50
dr_willisFOr all we know that guest entry in lightdm is just a stub for a feature not yet implemented13:50
dr_williswonder if this will get added to the actual live cd.. --> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair13:57
escottdr_willis, i just don't get the logic behind lightdm. gdm is too big, I think I can make it *that* much smaller... but right now we have a broken dm with features that aren't fully implemented. by the time they actually get everything everyone wants back into lightdm how big is it going to be? how long is that going to take?13:58
escottdr_willis, I can respect an attitude that says "I want a dm that doesn't support accessibility, and doesn't support themes, and only allows the user to start a single session type, and doesn't support guest accounts and I can write that in 100 lines of code" but not an attitude of "i think I can write the same thing but smaller, but I don't really know because I haven't implemented half of it"14:00
dr_willisIts not worth worrying about at this time.. its a work in progress...14:00
dr_willisfeatures are being added as this release progresses. I dont think the guest feature is more then a stubb in lightdm14:01
dr_willisI cant find mention of 'guest' anywhere in the /etc/ files,  or any mention of multiseat support either.14:01
cdeszaqDoes anyone know how stable the tomcat7 package is for oneiric?14:02
dr_willishow would you even measure the stability of a single package on a unstable system? :)14:03
dr_willispackage maybe very stable.. just the sytem fails to boot after some updates due to a kernel bug.......14:04
coz_cdeszaq,  yeah that's kinda true,,, oneiric is not near stable at this point..however,,once released it most likely would work just fine14:04
cdeszaqok, perhaps let me ask it a different way...14:04
cdeszaqdoes anyone know if the Tomcat7 package successfully installs? (meaning, does Tomcat run after installing it)14:05
dr_willisI dont even know enought about tomcat as to how to run it. :)14:05
cdeszaqall I really want to do is use Tomcat 7 dor development testing w/o having to manually install it14:05
coz_cdeszaq,  ah mm,, I have not tried it yet,, but if it is in the repository.. the application itself should be stable within a stable environment14:05
dr_willistomcat7 installing....14:06
cdeszaqHow can I get, from the cli, what version of Ubuntu I'm running?14:06
dr_willislsb_release -a14:07
dr_willisi think14:07
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »14:07
cdeszaqlol, thx :)14:07
dr_willisi normally  know what version im using. :)14:07
dr_willistomcat7 installed.. no idea how to use it. ;)14:07
cdeszaq:( damn...I seem to have downgraded my self to Maveric instead of upgrading to onieric when I ran << sudo do-release-upgrade -d >>14:08
dr_willisIm not sure thats even possible....14:08
cdeszaqheh, well, << lsb_release -a >> indicates I'm running 10.10, and I know I started with 11.0414:10
dr_willisthe ability to 'downgrade' is not even in the  tools i belive...14:10
dr_willisso.. i think you may be confused. :)14:10
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.14:10
dr_willisUnless you some how accidently changed all your sources.list lines and entries... and some how accidently ........     get the idea. :)14:11
cdeszaqwell, then I must have been confused somewhere along the line...now to figure out where I went wrong!14:11
dr_willisyou are not on some ssh  to another machine? :)14:11
cdeszaqnope...only on SSH into the machine I'm messing with14:12
BluesKajhet folks14:13
BluesKajerr hey14:13
dr_willisbbl - off to the Dr.14:13
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BluesKajI put oneiric on the other linux machine , had to nomodeset without quiet spalsh in order to boot14:24
Guest87915I'm on Kubuntu 11.10 i had the downloads working but i tried to download a game called Ardentryst from package manager and i get a message QApt has crashed or disappeared what's up with this?15:02
Guest87915malicious code?15:04
Guest87915well now i can't download15:06
Guest87915i always get that message report a bug to QApt maintainers15:07
yofelGuest87915: known issue15:08
Guest87915i try back later i have to go now15:11
cdeszaqAnyone know why I can't seem to connect to the onieric package repos?  When I try to apt-get update, it just sits at "0% [Connecting to us.archive.ubuntu.com (]"16:11
BluesKajcdeszaq, check your sources , repositories16:13
cdeszaqBluesKaj, It seems to all be in order: http://pastebin.com/dr60KS8V16:15
cdeszaqBluesKaj, However, I don't seem to be able to ping security.ubuntu.com ... odd16:16
cdeszaqI can't seem to ping anything16:20
KM0201cdeszaq: well, you're connected to the internet.. what are you trying to ping?16:24
KM0201and what are you typing in the terminal, in your ping attempts?16:24
cdeszaqKM0201, I'm on IRC on a different comp. My server is running in a VM, and I just updated from 11.04 to 11.11 (I'm looking to test out Tomcat7).16:25
KM0201i dunno16:25
cdeszaqBut, when I tried to install tomcat7, I can't reach the repos16:25
cdeszaqand any ping attempts (to google for example) fail16:25
KM0201and it's ina  vm?16:25
cdeszaqyes, its in a VM, but it worked just fine prior to upgrading16:26
dr_willisVirtualbox? or Vmware?16:26
dr_willisNot used vmware in years.  but i guess a start would be to  double check the vm settings to be sure a network card is enabled. . check output of ifconfig, and so forth16:27
cdeszaqI just restarted the network interfaces and that seemed to fix the problem (why I didn't try that first, I don't know)16:28
BluesKajcdeszaq, heh , yesterday we had a guy who does the interfaces restart every logon for security reasons , but i fail to see how that protects him :)16:37
dr_willispower cycle the whole building.......16:37
BluesKajweii , I was able to install oneiric on my old den desktop with nvidia 7600gt graphics , but had to do nomodeset without quiet splash in order to boot into the OS16:43
saammi am getting BADSIG errors while updating...how to solve this17:40
dr_willisfirst ive heard of the issue saamm17:41
saammW: GPG error: http://archive.ubuntu.com oneiric-updates Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>17:41
saammi am getting this error. I requested and added new keys also still i get this error17:42
dr_willischecking here.17:42
escottsaamm, a new key won't fix a bad signature17:43
saammi am on main server17:43
dr_willisupdated, dist-upgradeing now...17:44
dr_willisi seem to be having no issues here.17:48
saammhmm can you please run update once more after dist-upgrade17:49
dr_willisno issuess.17:51
dr_willisupdated, dist-upgraded, updated again. no error17:51
saammoh seems like something is wrong in my system17:51
dr_willis http://us.archive.ubuntu.com oneiric-updates/17:51
dr_willisis what i am using17:51
saammcan you please test it on main server, may be it is temporary sever issue???17:52
dr_willisnot sure how to even switch to 'main'  - i never changed it to anything since i installed..17:53
saammgo to update manager, then settings, then go to Ubuntu Software tab and select main server from drop down menu17:53
dr_willisupdateing from main.....17:55
dr_willisno issues17:56
dr_willisHit http://archive.ubuntu.com oneiric-updates/multiverse i386 Packages17:57
saammbtw i am getting three errors: oneiric-updates Release, oneiric-updates backports and oneiric-updates security17:57
dr_willisHit http://archive.ubuntu.com oneiric-updates/main i386 Packages17:57
dr_willisI am on 32bit also..17:58
saammseems like i wiil have to download a new daily build and reinstall17:58
bullgard4_I downloaded the gnome-applets package. Where can I find them in GNOME 3?18:07
trismbullgard4_: in the Gnome Classic session (gnome-session-fallback package) you can add them to the gnome-panel by alt+right clicking18:08
urlin2ubullgard4, how did you get gnome3 runing if you don't mind the question?18:08
haledhow do I restart X?18:12
h00khaled: sudo service lightdm restart18:13
bullgard4_trism: Thank you very much for explaining.18:14
haledif it works I will quit now :)18:14
h00kof course it will.18:17
dr_willisurlin2u,  installed gnome shell, selected gnome at the login screen here was all i did.18:20
urlin2udr_willis, cool I hadn't messed around with it, 11.10 is a bit buggy on my aceraspire.18:21
urlin2uexspected though.18:21
dr_willisonly had a few issues here. and there.. nothing  like the last alpha i tested :)18:22
bullgard4_urlin2u: dr_willis +118:29
bullgard4_How am I supposed to unmount a thumb drive in GNOME 3?18:31
urlin2udr_willis, its not real bad just the control with the mouse freeze up at times for a minute or so, with no indication of why, the cpu is normal and the ram. This is on my computer though so I just reboot to another setup if I get tired of it.18:33
zniavreho wow the nex lightdm theme big Bravo to dev !!!18:55
h00kzniavre: when did that drop?18:57
zniavrefew minutes ago18:57
h00koh look18:58
* h00k upgrades18:58
dr_willisdid they finally change the wallpaper? :)18:58
zniavremust see by yourself my english is too poor to tell what happen really but it's wnderfull18:59
zniavre(im not a big fan of new things but this one is a killer)19:00
dr_willisnot a fan of new things.. go back to dos? :)19:00
dr_willisbrb. time to reboots i think19:01
h00kzniavre: also, do you notice the 1-px or so outline on the top unity bar?19:25
h00kfor some reason, it just 'feels' more solid19:26
h00kmy Unity bar is autohiding, I don't remember if I set that or not19:27
h00kaand unity crashes ^.^19:27
h00kis it always autohiding now?19:28
h00kzniavre: this http://i.imgur.com/km62d.png19:30
h00kzniavre: check up by my clock, it's really visible there19:31
zniavrei can't see that pixel my panel in transparent with no shadow (and no clock too)19:32
h00kzniavre: ah, you're not so default of a setup :p19:40
zniavrenot really :o)19:41
dr_willissorry new lightdm theme.. just dosent really impress me. :)19:55
h00kI find it purdy, for now. It's different, needs refining19:57
Ian_Cornehey h00k19:57
Ian_Cornei see it too now19:57
h00kIan_Corne: which which?19:57
Ian_Corneit's all around i think19:57
Ian_Cornethe 1 px line19:57
h00kah, okay19:58
h00kYeah, I see it on top and bottom19:58
dr_willisthey really shouldent  make it where you have to look for the session setting/menu it needs to be Obvious its there.. and a menu.. :)19:58
h00kI'm going to assume it's used by debugging something, positioning, etc, etc.19:58
dr_willistesting out lightdm --test-mode    to get a better look...20:00
dr_willisIt seems to have a player for banshee in the top panel...20:00
zniavredr_willis,  what is xephir package please20:02
dr_willisBuilding dependency tree20:02
dr_willisReading state information... Done20:02
dr_willisE: Unable to locate package xephyr20:02
dr_willisgrr wrong paste...20:02
dr_williswillis@CowBuntu:~$ Xephyr20:03
dr_willisThe program 'Xephyr' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:20:03
dr_willissudo apt-get install xserver-xephyr20:03
zniavrehow nice way to get package name20:03
zniavrethank you20:03
dr_willisnot really noticed that feature in any non-ubuntu disrtros20:03
Ian_CorneI cannot login with the new lightdm :p20:03
Ian_Corneah a restart fixed it20:04
Ian_Cornetrying anything it the panel piece in the right top breaks it20:05
Ian_Cornebut it looks nice20:05
zniavreha !!20:06
zniavregrrrrr gtk-3.x still make rounded tooltip but menu still not rounded i can't understand why20:07
BUGabundoevening friends of the Dark20:45
Ian_CorneHello mister insect squasher21:00
h00kit's not dark here yet, silly.21:00
Ian_CorneI'm stresstesting thunderbird, downloading all of my gmail21:00
Ian_Corneit's pretty dark where I live h00k :p21:00
BUGabundoIan_Corne: want an extra 200GBs of mail?21:01
BUGabundoits all tar'ed away in maildir format :)21:01
Ian_CorneI'm at 19% of gmail now21:01
Ian_Cornedon't know how many mails21:01
* BUGabundo starts dding urand | mutt -s boo -- Ian.Corne@gmail.com21:05
Ian_Corneyeah, wrong :p21:05
Ian_CorneI lost Ian.Corne21:05
BUGabundoyou fial21:06
Ian_Corneand google doesn't respond to my retrieval requests :p21:06
BUGabundowant  ian@BUGaubndo.net ? :P21:06
Ian_Cornenoty :D21:06
user-hi all, is it possible to configure vino from command line?21:40
coz_ hey guys22:00
BUGabundofor those that use this kind of thing http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer11.html22:21
Ian_CorneGoogle chrome is already on 11 :)22:23
Ian_Cornebut good to see 64 bit for linux again22:23
BUGabundoI don't use chrome on linux22:24
BUGabundoI kinda miss the PDF player :(22:24
C-S-Beek, just decided to update to 11.10  and its messy on my vaio z series!22:32
rwwwell yes, it's an alpha22:35
C-S-Bi was surprised that 3d worked on my 11.04 install and not on this though. :/22:38
DexterFfeature freeze today - so if packages.ubuntu-com says X intel-video v2.15.901 that's carved in stone?22:39
C-S-Bflash working for everyone else?22:48
C-S-Bwell working as well as it ever has22:48
Ian_CorneDexterF: Nothing is ever carved in stone22:50
Ian_Cornebut it's pre-chisseled22:50
DexterFIan_Corne: well, 2.16 is just out and has the same prerequisites. well, I guess that made it a lot easier to compile manually perhaps22:50
Ian_Corneyou can ask in the mailing list if they're willing to update :)23:04
Ian_Cornethunderbird uses chrome to render the emails?23:05
BUGabundoused to be genko23:07
BUGabundomicahg: ^^^^^^^^23:08
Ian_Cornewell, i was working in it, and it just warned me a script on the page: "chrome://somethign" was running23:08
jcoleIan_Corne: highly unlikely23:08
Ian_Cornefor a long time23:08
jcoleIan_Corne: http://www-archive.mozilla.org/xpfe/ConfigChromeSpec.html23:09
micahgno, it's not chrome as in google chrome23:09
Ian_Corneah :)23:09
jcoleIan_Corne: "Chrome is the user interface parts of the application window that are outside of a window's content area. Toolbars, menu bars, progress bars, and window title bars are all examples of elements that are typically part of the chrome."23:09
Ian_Corneok, my bad23:09
Ian_Cornewas confused, when I saw chrome :D23:09
Ian_Cornean update for less..23:12
Ian_Corne Revert to gzip compression for the package's data tarball.  Packages in23:14
Ian_Corne     the base system may not use bzip2.23:14
Ian_Cornewas wondering already, what could have been changed to less :D23:14
BUGabundonity nite23:51

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