paul_hTheMuso: that's great, via a key sequence?22:14
TheMusopaul_h: Yep, control + S will turn on Orca.22:16
TheMusoS for screen reaer.22:16
paul_hTheMuso: do we have a sound notification when this screen is up?22:18
TheMusopaul_h: Not yet, thats going in today.22:18
TheMusoIts a trivial one-liner.22:18
paul_hTheMuso: great, still have plans for the s/r to be turned on automatically if a braille display is detected?22:21
TheMusopaul_h: Unfortunately not, ran out of time, but I'll look to do that for Vinux.22:21
TheMusoAnd it will be in 12.04.22:21
paul_hTheMuso: still great progress. binux? didn't think you still had plans regarding that22:22
TheMusopaul_h: Yeah I plan to help with the next release. Given that a lot has changed in Ubuntu itself, a lot of refactoring in vinux is needed.22:23
paul_hTheMuso: okay. how's Unity's a11y doing? good to see it being mentioned in the issues section of the ubuntu.com/testing pages22:25
TheMusoUnity 2d is further along than Unity 3d.22:25
TheMusoIn unity 2d atm, you can actually browse the launcher, and run apps, as well as use the dash to search for and run apps. Still a few bugs though.22:25
TheMusoThe top panel is not yet accessible, but its known, and is being worked on.22:25
paul_hTheMuso: so is 2d gonna be the default for a11y profiles?22:26
TheMusopaul_h: Yup, I just need to find out how to set that in the new world order. :)22:28
TheMusoFor the screen reader profile at least.22:28

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