frankok its on00:00
CrOnOs2000ok then you need your mac ip00:00
frankok got it00:03
CrOnOs2000ok go to your ubuntu box00:03
CrOnOs2000places -> conect to server00:04
CrOnOs2000server is your mac ip, user and login your mac user00:05
CrOnOs2000and chose shared by windows on the top00:05
frankwhere is places? sorry this new ubuntu has got me all thrown off00:06
CrOnOs2000what version ubuntu are you using00:07
CrOnOs2000they change a lot the menus ok lets try this00:08
CrOnOs2000can you open your home directory00:09
CrOnOs2000documents or any carpet00:09
frankgot it00:09
CrOnOs2000on the left there is an icon named net?00:10
frankservice type, server, port, folder and add bookmark00:11
CrOnOs2000ok try server00:11
frankwith the exception of sercive type, those are all empty spaces i need to fill in00:12
CrOnOs2000ok well the problem is that im using ubuntu 10.04 and the menus change a lot00:13
frankyea i know, im still trying to figure this on eout00:13
CrOnOs2000i will explain what are we doing so you can ask00:13
CrOnOs2000you activate the windows style file sharing on your mac00:14
CrOnOs2000now we try to connect using that like if the 2 machines where windows machines is not hard00:15
CrOnOs2000but i dont know where are the correct menus on the new ubuntu00:15
frankok i see how this is working00:16
kidsodatelessfrank: close all your application then  on the top panel >click file>connect to server00:16
CrOnOs2000try google for samba and mac ubuntu windows share files is name samba00:16
CrOnOs2000kidsodateless, hes using new 11.04 ubuntu dont know if top panel still there00:17
frankkids; i was able to find it00:17
frankcronos; i found something but not sure if i know wtf its saying00:18
frankseems a bit complex for my tiny brain lol00:19
kidsodatelessCrO, yeah, no worries. i'm using 11.04  too.00:19
CrOnOs2000ok then the dialog that pops00:19
CrOnOs2000service type, selec windows shared or something similar (traslating from spanish so i cant be shure)00:20
CrOnOs2000server = your mac ip00:22
kidsodatelessfrank,  use this set up: service type: ssh server: ip address of your mac port: 22 folder: /home username: mac username, which you wanted to access00:22
CrOnOs2000ups gtg good luck00:23
frankkids: /home?00:25
frankeven if thats not where  my media is stored?00:25
frankkids: ok now what?00:29
kidsodatelessjust use the right path00:30
franki did and i hit connect and nothing happened on either end00:30
kidsodatelessit should ask for password.00:31
frankaccess was denied00:31
frankcould not display. acess denied00:35
frankany ideas?00:37
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froqAnyone know  a good GUI development kit for C++ on ubuntu?!?!?!11:52
froqHeard abut qT but it seems some love it and other hate it, was hoping for some personal first hand information.11:53
coalwaterfroq, eclipse has good c++ support i think, never tried it but i believe it does11:55
froqthz coalwater11:55
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IAmNotThatGuywb philinux =]15:36
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