razorgotoWell, we're doing this thing with Seneca this year.00:00
razorgotoThey do FSOSS every year and they have the space, resources, people and volunteers to manage and plan a big event.00:00
razorgotoBasically, it will be at Seneca @ York... so not in Scarborough.00:01
BobJonkmanAre you still accepting speakers for LinuxFest?00:01
razorgotoBob, totally.00:01
dscasselrazorgoto: I put in my proposal. :)00:01
razorgotoActually, we had a dearth of speakers this year so far.00:01
razorgotoI am encouraging everyone I know to join.00:02
razorgotoWe are also, on top of the conference, doing an unconference on the last day.00:02
razorgotoSo that will be more a breakout time to do more workshops and conferences. Maybe of a more impromptu nature.00:03
dscasselWell, it's after 8.00:04
razorgototime does fly swiftly.00:04
dscasselOneiric is out Oct. 13 so get planning release parties!00:04
BobJonkmanBefore we break up, any words on Oneiric's Release Party?00:04
dscasselBobJonkman: We'll have one in Kwartzlab.  I'm hoping there's a Toronto one again. :)00:05
razorgotoOneiric is the LTS. Right?00:05
dscasselI haven't heard about any others.00:05
dscasselrazorgoto: Nope.  12.04 is LTS.00:05
SIR_Tacoanything in Kingston? haha00:05
psema4mobileThere can only be ONEiric!00:05
dscasselSIR_Taco: If you hold one there will be. :D00:05
BobJonkmanUbuntu Release Parties are easy to arrange.00:06
razorgotoThe last Ubuntu Release party was great fun here in Toronto.00:06
BobJonkmanThe toughest part is getting the Ubuntu logo on the Devilled Eggs!00:06
dscasselProbably better Oneiric isn't an LTS.  Don't want to have to keep trying to pronounce it for 5 years.00:06
SIR_Tacodscassel: been holding my breath for awhile now haha00:06
razorgotoI will try to get in touch with Mike to see if he will be doing it again.00:06
dscasselrazorgoto: Great!00:07
dscasselSIR_Taco: There's gotta be at least a couple Ubuntu users at Queen's...00:07
BobJonkmanSIR_Taco: Just make an announcement, gather in some local establishment, and burn some CDs from the new ISO00:08
BobJonkmanIt might turn into an installfest if people bring laptops00:08
psema4mobileIm afraid I need to drop off. battery's getting pretty low. Nice to meet you all!00:08
dscasselOr just, you know, hang out. :)00:08
psema4mobileBobJonkman catch up with you soon?00:09
dscasselpsema4mobile: No problem thanks for coming out. :)00:09
BobJonkmanJust the thought that it's legal to burn CDs of an operating system is news to some people00:09
BobJonkmanOK psema4mobile, talk to you soon00:09
razorgotogotta say the oneric is hard to spell...00:10
SIR_Tacothat's possible00:10
BobJonkmandscassel: Do you have a date yet for the KW URP?00:12
dscasselOct 15.00:14
dscassel(The saturday after release, as per tradition.00:15
dscassel(Wait, when's thanksgiving?)00:15
dscassel(the Monday before.  Phew)00:15
BobJonkman10 Oct00:15
SIR_Tacothe weekend before that00:15
SIR_Tacooooh, I'm a birthday turkey again this year haha00:15
dscasselSIR_Taco: heh. :)00:16
razorgotoguys, I've been at work long enough. My Windows computer just crashed. I am going home.00:18
razorgotoI emailed some people at Free Geek about taking on more activities next two months so we can do some of these stuff in Toronto (Center of Universe.)00:19
razorgotoSee you later.00:20
SIR_Tacocya razorgoto00:20
SIR_TacoI always miss the meeting haha00:21
BobJonkmanBye razorgoto00:21
cvillaconice chattin with ya00:21
dscasselThanks for coming out, guys. :)00:32
cyphermoxdscassel, poke00:37
cyphermoxsorry, just finished reading backlog00:38
cyphermoxdscassel: might be worth pointing out LinuxConNA next week in Vancouver (I'll be heading out to there on Tuesday)00:38
cyphermoxdscassel: also, please ping me if you're in Montreal on Monday or before, maybe I can make time00:39
dscasselcyphermox: Oh yeah!00:46
dscasselThere's an open source thing in Ottawa in a couple weeks too.00:46
dscasselWith rms and everything.00:46
cyphermoxfun fun00:46
bregmawait, what?00:47
bregmawhat open source thing in Ottawa?  I might convince my company to pay00:48
dscasselbregma: hold on..00:49
dscasselbregma: Found it!00:55
cyphermoxyay for stuff in Ottawa. this is within driveable distance within a day :)00:55
dscasselI'll actually be in Ottawa on the 27th, but I've got a train ticket that leaves at 1pm. :(00:56
dscasselFunny, tho, that the fsf where's rms page doesn't list it.00:57
dscasselIt says he's suppoed to be in the UK that week.00:57
dscasselBTW, a little bit of self-promotion I forgot to do at the meeting, I'm putting myself up for Ubuntu membership next week, if you're interested in giving me a testamonial...00:59
cyphermoxdscassel: absolutely, thanks for bringing it up01:00
cyphermoxi thought the meeting was this week though01:00
cyphermoxI stand corrected01:01
bregmadang, August 27 is my brother's 50th birthday party in Hamilton, I can't miss that01:05
dscasselbregma: Maybe your brother will want to meet St IGNUcious for his birthday... :)01:13
khooverdid i miss everything?02:18
dscasselkhoover: There's always something. :)02:20
* dscassel may be lying...02:20
dscasselStill, if there's anything you want to bring up, I haven't done the minutes yet.02:20
khooverdoes that something involve beer and/or code?02:20
khooveroh, not really.02:21
dscasselDrink/code 'em if you got em.02:21
khoovermeant more if we had it here...02:21
khooverlast time i tried to adopt ubuntu, it destroyed my music library. probably cause i had the thing partitioned onto it, and there were two filesystems on one physical drive02:23
dscasselkhoover: Where's "here"? :)02:23
dscasselkhoover: Ouch. Yeah. I've learned from hard experience to be very, very careful about that stuff.02:24
khooverhere in channel, ofc. where else?02:24
khoovermy house? :P02:24
* dscassel hands khoover a beer.02:24
khooversudo cp beer beer202:26
* khoover hands dscassel beer202:26
khooverforever alone...02:30
dscasselI'm at the Kwartzlab hackerspace for Open Night.02:34
dscasselWebcam here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/kwartzlab :)02:34
* dscassel is actually on camera. Say hi and I'll wave.02:35
khooverbah, was trying to come up with some clever script for multiplying beer.02:43
BobJonkmanWhoops.  Thought the meeting was over already02:44
khooverdscassel: are you the balded one?02:45
khooverBobJonkman: it pretty much is02:45
BobJonkmanI uploaded the log a couple of hours ago.  I'll have to add the stuff about Ottawa02:47
dscasselThanks, BobJonkman02:55
dscasselBald*ing*, I'll thank you.02:55
dscasselThe webcam doesn't have the resolution to pick up the hair that's there. :)02:56
dscasselBen's in the foreground. He's standing in front of me right now.  I'm in the back at the table.02:56
khooveroh, ben's the bald one.02:57
khooverso, exactly what goes on at hackathons02:57
dscasselHacking. :D02:58
dscasselIt's not actually the Global Synchronous Hackathon.02:58
dscasselNobody changed the headline.02:58
BobJonkmandscassel: Do you already have IRC minutes prepared?02:58
dscasselBobJonkman: Were you working on it?02:59
dscasselI started but got distracted. Don't have much.02:59
BobJonkmanNot yet.  Took a break for dinner and a movie.02:59
BobJonkmanMovie was awful, dinner was OK02:59
dscasselFair enough. :)02:59
khoovercan we not simply script what the scribe-bot got into something human-legible?02:59
BobJonkmanWas there a scribe-bot?03:00
khooverthere usually is03:00
BobJonkmanOr are you talking about me?03:00
dscasselBob posted the log.03:00
khooverno, the...aw, hang on03:01
BobJonkmanWhat I usually do is pick out the highlights and make it sound official03:01
dscasselWe're not using a meeting bot.03:01
dscassel(Because I haven't figured out how, mostly).03:01
dscassel(And I don't mind being a bit less formal)03:01
BobJonkmanIt's my writing style.  Dry and turgid03:02
khooverhere we go03:03
dscasselYeah, that's the log. :)03:04
khooverwell, my mistake in calling it scribe-bot.03:04
khoovercould've sworn i saw it called a bot somewhere...03:04
BobJonkmanNot unlike http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/08/09/%23ubuntu-ca.html#t23:0003:04
BobJonkmanI think that comes from locobot_103:04
khooverdamn, son, it's even colour coded03:06
khooverauuuuuugh, why'd i leave rtf's on office.03:13
cvillacospeaking of formatting03:20
cvillacoi hate to inturrupt, but i been wondering for awhile and never found the best time to ask03:21
cvillacoi been using empathy right now for irc chat03:21
cvillacobut the text is too small for me, how can i change the empathy chat text size?  Does anyone know offhand03:22
khoovershould be ctrl++ or ctrl+-03:24
khooverat least, that works for near everything03:24
cvillaconot in this case khoover03:30
cvillacoand i have found no formatting preferences or settings yet either.03:30
cvillacothanks for the advice though :)03:30
cvillacobut no luck so far03:31
dscasselHm... lemme poke around...03:32
cvillacoperhaps this is something which can be changed via  global text sizing for the os?03:33
dscasselAlso weird: the Ubuntu theme doesn't use the Ubuntu font. o_o03:34
cvillacothere are android fonts in the repos ehh?03:35
dscasselWhat package?03:35
cvillacoI have it installed and use the android mono space for terminal03:35
cvillaco1 sec, i will try to grep03:36
dscasselJust searching for "android" in software centre doesn't turn anything up.03:37
cvillacoin synaptic03:38
dscasselI've got it installed alread. Awesome. :D03:39
dscasselNice mono font. :)03:39
cvillacohaha, i set it up for my terminal and a few other places i have used it03:40
cvillacoI think one of the sansarrifs is pretty cool as well03:40
cvillacoI like the ubuntu sans as well, it is nice, i am surprised it is not in empathy by default, especially setting it to Ubuntu theme.03:41
cvillacoI have trouble typing right now becasue i have a hand brace, and it is very frusterating to work on the computer with it03:41
cvillacomaybe the font seeting is in an empathy config file03:42
dscasselIt's not in gconf, far as I can tell.03:42
BobJonkmanThe minutes, they be up : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2011-08-0903:43
dscasselAwesome, thanks, BobJonkman03:46
BobJonkmanYou're welcome.03:47
BobJonkmanI'm displeased with the vertical spacing that bullet points create03:47
dscasselYeah, something's wrong with the CSS for links.03:48
cvillacolooks good to me03:49
dscasselcvillaco: Then you probably aren't using the Ubuntu light theme. :)03:50
dscassel(Or maybe it's a Firefox thing)03:50
cvillacoi do see03:51
cvillacosome spacing in the ul can you inset css into the template?03:52
cvillacoi think it's inheriting a line-height of 1.503:52
cvillacoalso there are p tags in li, making a double linebreak03:53
cvillaco if the p's in li could be changed to non block level03:53
cvillacoif the css could be changed, im sure the spacing could be fixed, but it might just be the way the develoeprs of the site prefer listing too03:54
cvillacoi could troubleshoot styles like this but it is hard i have a finger brace on03:54
dscasselNot sure who you'd complain to.03:55
cvillacoand it is frusterating to do any navigation or typing03:55
dscasselProbably ask around in #ubuntu-website03:55
dscasselcvillaco: If you change the "Documentation font" size in preferences > Appearances, it'll change the font in Empathy.03:57
dscasselAnd now it is midnight. I shall retire.03:58
dscassel'night all. :)03:58
cvillacothanks dscassel.03:59
bregmatime to leave work at last03:59
DarwinSurvivorI missed it didn't I...04:32
cvillacothe LoCo meeting?04:33
cvillacojust by a few hours though :-)04:34
DarwinSurvivorthe one that started 5 hours ago :P04:34
DarwinSurvivoroh well, next time I guess04:35
cvillacosome of the meeting i think trailed on so im not sure how long since the end, but you missed the start by a few :-)04:35
DarwinSurvivoranything interresting happen?04:35
cvillacoim kinda new member,04:37
cvillacothere were talks about jams happening04:37
cvillacohere is some information on the meeting04:37
cvillacoand a og has been kept04:38
cvillacoi would tell more but some of it went over my head, and I have a hand brace04:39
DarwinSurvivorcool, i'll just take a look at the logs then, thanks04:59
=== khoover_ is now known as khoover
khooverisn't linuxfest toronto cancelled?11:18
dscasselkhoover: Ontario Linux Fest is reborn!11:38
khooverdscassel: ooooh, where?11:38
dscasselRe-named Toronto Linux Fest and rolled into FSOSS at Seneca11:38
dscasselOct 27-29 at the York campus http://fsoss.senecac.on.ca/2011/11:39
khooveri may not be able to attend almost any of it. damn high school.11:41
dscasselI'm probably only going to be there the Friday and Saturday...11:46
dscasselI don't have too much vacation left. Unless I can convince my boss it's work-related... 9_911:47
=== khoover_ is now known as khoover
khoovergod dammit, why is my net fucking up so hard?12:20
IdleOnei think it's a freenode issue12:21
IdleOnethere were a bunch of Ping timeout earlier12:21
BluesKajhet folks14:13
BluesKajerr hey14:13
bregmagreetings all14:30
genii-aroundbregma: Good morning. I'm just catching up on the minutes from meeting. Got home last night to find my DSL modem had basically imploded...14:32
BluesKajsorry I missed the meeting was busy messing with my other pc , have to dual boot it in order to keep up with W7 ...had to search to find out how to defrag wife's W7 pc :)14:33
bregmayouse guys didn't miss much, just the usual14:37
BluesKajyouse guys ? :) heh14:39
genii-aroundHm. The Toronto Linuxfest link goes to immutable page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LinuxFest where the dates are from 2009-2010 and the Ontario link starts with "Cancelled"14:39
BluesKajbtw, hi genii-around , bregma14:40
genii-aroundHi BluesKaj :)14:40
genii-aroundI got an email from Sammy Lao at FreeGeek asking if there will be a Toronto release-party for Oneiric.. For whoever is interested, yes. I do not yet have a set date but it will be at the same venue as before.14:49
dscasselAwesome. Thanks, genii-around14:50
dscasselYour name came up at the meeting last night. :)14:50
dscasselgenii-around: Toronto Linux Fest is being rolled into FSOSS.14:51
dscasselOct 27-29 at the York campus http://fsoss.senecac.on.ca/2011/14:51
genii-aroundYes, after I found that http://onlinux.ca/ page started with "Cancelled" I saw your Nabble link on the sidebar there :)14:54
dscasselOGLF was my first active Ubuntu community participation thing. :)14:57
dscassel(Speaking of which, if anyone wants to say nice things about me on my wiki page, I won't mind... http://wiki.ubuntu.com/dscassel)14:58
* dscassel is putting himself up for membership next week.14:58
genii-aroundMeh. I changed my primary email at Launchpad and deleted the old one, but it still wants me to put the old one to sign in. Weird.15:05
genii-arounddscassel: I put in my two cents worth for you :)15:27
dscasselThanks, genii-around :D15:28
genii-aroundAnyone have a recommendation for an ADSL modem? I was using a Speedtouch 516 but the insides cooked.15:38
kenjywhats up guys, did some one called me?15:38
dscasselkenjy: Just a mass call for the meeting last night. :)15:51
kenjydscassel: ufff okay XD15:52
dscasselMinute here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2011-08-0915:52

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