mhall119paultag: akgraner: http://readfeeder.net:8000/tour/02:14
mhall119feedback/corrections/questions welcome02:14
akgranersweeeetttt!! mhall119 thanks!02:15
paultagmhall119: for sure02:15
paultagmhall119: it's a bit squashed on my Mini 110, but most apps are. Just kinda annoying that there's so much whitespace above it, but I can see how it looks good on a bigger screen02:16
paultagand refreshing messes up where I had my mouse :)02:16
mhall119paultag: what is your resolution?02:17
paultag   1024x600       60.0*+02:18
mhall119hmmm, let me see what I can do02:18
paultagmhall119: it's OK, just a small papercut. If I F11 it (which I usually do) it's fine :)02:18
paultagit actually almost looks designed for it when I use exactly 60002:18
paultagmhall119: all in all, very cool. Got me reading. I think that's a pretty nice slug. You should have a last page that asks for an email to get an update when it's open for registration02:19
mhall119paultag: any better now?02:20
mhall119the table is fixed at 800px wide02:20
paultagmhall119: I'm 1024 wide, 600 high02:20
mhall119ah, misread, ok cool02:20
paultagmhall119: but yeah, that's great02:20
paultagyeah that looks much nicer on a Mini 11002:21
mhall119paultag: yeah, I'm working on the "give me your emails!" part02:21
paultagmhall119: well done, can't wait to see how it turns out02:21
paultagmhall119: hahaha02:21
mhall119I'm just hoping it'll bring in $75/month to pay for an EC2 t1.small02:22
mhall119anything above that is gravy02:22
paultagmhall119: how many users would that be02:22
mhall119dunno, I'm going to do a survey of the beta testers to see what they'd be willing to pay to keep using it02:23
mhall119somewhere between $5 and $20 per month I think02:23
mhall119for the "pro" accounts02:23
paultagIMHO 2 is a bit high02:23
paultag20 *02:24
paultagI'd guess from 5 -> 7 is about right02:24
paultagif you're costing more then netflix it might cause a bit of "well, do I really need this"02:24
mhall119given that I'm targetting people who will use it to earn money, I don't think $20 will be too high02:24
paultagtrue true02:24
mhall119which is why I want akgraner's insights ;)02:26
mhall119if it'll save $20 worth of her time per month, then it'll be an easy sell02:26
paultagYeah, I'm just a freetard neckbeard :)02:26
mhall119that's why there's gonna be free accounts02:27
paultagwho's anal about getting data in order02:27
mhall119or you can grab the source and thrown your own instance up somewhere02:27
paultagand since it's AGPL, you can get the source back if they hack up something02:27
mhall119you noticed that huh?02:28
mhall119I use selfish licenses02:28
paultagI have the same on Whube02:29
paultagif you GPL it and put it up you don't have to give back source02:29
paultagbecuse they're not distributing binaries02:29
kim0Morning everyone08:19
jussiAlanBell: ping09:14
jussiAlanBell: mootbot has an issue, could you please drop the uk version into #ubuntu-meeting so we have _something_ there?09:15
AlanBellhi jussi11:32
jussiAlanBell: o/11:33
AlanBellmeetingology is in #ubuntu-meeting now11:33
jussiAlanBell: could you update the topic to let people know how it works? :D11:34
jussi(its -t in there)11:34
duanedesign'lo all11:46
jussiAlanBell: thanks for doing htat12:41
czajkowskijussi: ping12:45
jussiczajkowski: yes?12:51
jussio/ Pendulum12:52
czajkowskijussi: got mhall119 thanks12:53
czajkowski2nd person in -ie to use Kubuntu12:53
jussiok :)12:54
paultagczajkowski: did you ask someone to join locoteams for a support question?12:55
paultagczajkowski: there's a kubuntu help channel :)12:55
czajkowskipaultag: to sign the CoC12:55
czajkowskione of the -ie team12:55
paultagczajkowski: still, the #kubuntu folks can help12:55
czajkowskiI sent him there also12:55
paultaggpg --clearsign12:55
paultagbtw :)12:55
paultagusing the GUI takes a lot of time12:55
paultagjust wget the CoC and gpg --clearsign <file.txt>12:56
PiciThey asked in #kubuntu, and got an answer.12:56
paultagthen upload the asc12:56
paultagPici: roger doger. thought so. Cheers :)12:56
akgranermhall119, I'll try it out sometime today - but I have 3 things in front of me that have to be finished first.13:14
akgranerkim0, I'm still working on that doc for you, I just ran out of daylight yesterday so I'll finish it this morning13:15
kim0akgraner: no problemo .. tyt :)13:15
mhall119akgraner: no worries, I'm working on the beta signup forms now13:21
jonokim0, jcastro sorry some audio problems, rebooting15:02
jonokim0, jcastro ok, all set15:08
kim0I'm here15:08
jcastrook one sec15:08
jcastrothis might not work for me with the internet situation15:08
jcastrobut I'll give it a shot15:08
jonoinvite sent15:10
jonojcastro, kim0 want to do skype and I can call your phone jcastro?15:11
kim0skype works15:11
kim0g+ is actually not loading for me it seems15:11
jcastroI think that's best for be15:11
jcastroit's not even loading for me15:11
kim0same here!15:12
jonoone sec15:12
jcastroAnyone decent with libreoffice? We have a new person on the design team that needs a bit of help over email and I totally suck at LO, so I'm looking for a volunteer16:29
* popey nominates AlanBell 16:29
jonojcastro, https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/unity-blur-backup/+merge/7048616:47
jcastrooooh yeah!16:52
nigelbjcastro: I have the perfect thing for you17:30
* nigelb is installing it for lolz17:31
mhall119paultag: it looks like you were right17:32
AlanBelljcastro: happy to help, or they could use their LoCo team18:33
jcastrooh excellent18:33
jcastrothat would be a good intro for her18:33
AlanBelljcastro: is she in millbank?18:35
AlanBellthen #ubuntu-uk or our mailing list would both be excellent resources18:38
paultagmhall119: o'rly?18:57
mhall119ya rly19:19
paultagmhall119: about what? It's not often people admit that to my face19:33
paultagmhall119: they say it gets to my ego19:33
czajkowskipaultag: it can't get bigger surely :19:49
czajkowskipaultag: can you reply to email please19:49
paultagczajkowski: I'm at work19:49
paultagczajkowski: I'll do it when I get home19:49
mhall119paultag: you were right about the tour being too wordy20:00
paultagmhall119: as much as I love being right, I'm not sure I said that, that might have been akgraner :)20:00
paultagmhall119: I dig wordy and technical specs, might have been the N.T.E.U. among us20:01
mhall119ah, it was newz who said it I think20:06
nigelbmhall119: are you feeling alright? :P20:09
mhall119I woke up at 3am for no good reason, and only had enough coffee grounds for a half-pot today20:10
mhall119so, no20:10
mhall119but knowing paultag, he was still probably right about something20:11
=== AlanBell is now known as uk
=== uk is now known as AlanBell
nigelbmhall119: knowing paultag, it is usually s/something/everything/g20:30
paultagmhall119: :)20:45
paultagnigelb: aww, gee thanks20:45
czajkowskijono: call?21:01
jonoczajkowski, yup, sorry, was running a few mins late21:03
jonoczajkowski, mhall119, cjohnston, good for the call?21:03
jonodamn mic is muted and I cant unmute21:21
czajkowskijono: lol21:22
czajkowskithought it was something i said21:22
czajkowskiis he gone to bed now21:25
jonoczajkowski, mhall119, cjohnston sorry, my sound just totally went21:28
jonoI can't get it back working21:28
jonoI rebooted and no luck21:28
jonoand I can't configure it in the control panel21:28
jonoit just vanished in the middle of the call21:28
jonoczajkowski, mhall119, cjohnston apologies, I will reschedule the call when things are working again21:30

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