infoturtleAnyone ever try to sign the CoC under Kubuntu? I don't seem to have the "Passwords and Encryption Keys" menu option12:31
czajkowskiinfoturtle: sorry don't run kubuntu12:31
czajkowskihave you asked in the kubuntu channel12:31
infoturtleWouldn't say too mant do12:32
infoturtleSaid I'd ask the local team first12:32
czajkowskiI only know of 1 person in the -ie team who uses it12:33
czajkowskiand he is rarely online12:33
infoturtleyar tis fine, just trying to get most of the basic things done today for my launchpad account, I'm sure I'll find a way to sort it12:34
czajkowskiinfoturtle: join #ubuntu-locoteams for a momen12:35
czajkowskiinfoturtle: ?12:43
infoturtlesorry, writing back to milklabs about UBJ, joining now12:44
ebelI think you can do the gpg signing on command line13:04
infoturtlecheers ebel, I got pointed to kpgp and just reading the --help about it now13:06
tdr112i did it via the command line14:56
czajkowskitdr112: good so how goes your application eh :)15:12
czajkowskitdr112: you can't ignore me for ever :)15:59
tdr112czajkowski: must get back to that18:29

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