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AlanBello/ jussi19:36
AlanBellcan someone give meetingology a bot mask please19:36
Unit193jus|si, el|ky, tsim|pson, and topy|li are all the ones to ping :P19:38
rwwso why aren't you pinging them :P20:16
rwwjussi, elky, tsimpson, topyli: ^^^20:16
rwwAlanBell: it needs a nickserv account and needs to identify with nickserv to get a cloak20:17
Unit193rww: Do I have permission to mass ping? :P20:18
AlanBellrww: ok, how do I do that?20:18
AlanBelldo I have to turn it off and log in as that nick with a normal client?20:18
rwwAlanBell: probably that's the easiest way, unless you can send arbitrary PMs through the bot20:19
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode20:20
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rwwand then to have the bot identify in the future, I assume supybot has a configuration setting for server password, you can put ":meetingology put the password here"20:21
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Unit193Something like supybot.networks.freenode.password20:23
AlanBellok, think it is registered now20:27
Unit193It in20:28
rwwtopyli: PINGLES20:28
topylioh, we've noticed, just forgot to say so :)20:30
rwwthe all seeing eye arr see see :(20:30
AlanBellmeetingology is now running on the ubottu.com server and is a bit more "production" than it was20:33
AlanBellmootbot has gone into retirement20:33
PiciDid it get a nice pension?20:34
topyliany staff awake? can we get meetingology a ubuntu/bot cloak please? niko perhaps?20:34
topylithanks a lot niko20:35
AlanBellawesome, thanks all20:36
topyliah, already documented on the wiki. nice20:37
m4vwhy in god heavens you need more than one Pi day20:39
rwwbecause some people are not aware of the One True Timestamp Format20:40
Picirww: seconds since the epoc?20:40
rwwPici: ISO 860120:41
PiciI'm guessing thats YYYY/MM/DD ?20:41
rwwno, YYYY-MM-DD or YYYYMMDD20:42
PiciClose enough20:42
rwwno, / is a reserved character in filesystems :P20:42
topylinot dos though! there it's reserved for arguments :)20:44
topyliwhat a brilliant mind that must have been20:44
rwwhow does DOS's command interpreter do character escaping in filenames, since \ is used for directory deliniation?20:44
rwwknowing DOS and FAT, answer is probably "it doesn't"20:45
topylino idea20:45
topyli"it doesn't" sounds plausible, it's pretty strict about filenames to begin with20:45
genii-aroundI remember it used to put something like: filena^1.com  if the filename was longer than 8 characters but you did a "dir" on it20:46
topyliwell, "filename.txt" is legal, but whatever :)20:48
genii-aroundAh, tilde yes20:49
rwwwell, that's what files created on a program with LFN support and viewed by one without LFN support did20:50
rwwsince LFN (sorry, Long File Name) support was basically implemented by keeping the existing 8.3 limitation and adding hidden directory entries containing LFNs20:50
topylii think it arrived aroun dos 620:51
rww(and old stuff would see the 8.3 fnordi~1.txt type names and ignore the hidden entries)20:51
topylior maybe as late as win95, whatever the dos version there was. i forget20:51
rwwNT 3.5, Win95, MS-DOS 720:52

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