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Davieyzul <-> apw <-> NCommander 10:19
Davieyzul: Share what you just showed me please.10:19
zulit looks like some lxc containers stuff is not enabled on omap4 (i ran lxc-checkconfig on the board and this is the output)10:19
apwDaviey, where was the bug on these10:29
apwzul, some of this is known i believe and sitting fix committed10:30
zulah ok cool then10:31
zulis there a ppa with the latest omap kernel that might have these fixes?10:34
apwzul nope, but i can make you a kernel shortly once i've checked they are all set correctly10:41
zulapw: yes please :)10:42
apwzul can you tell from your tree what the File capabilities: missing10:47
apwis checking ?10:47
apwok that check is just bogus, that security option is gone10:49
apwthe code it enabled is always enabled now10:49
zulok cool10:50
apwdoesn't bode well for the code actually tracking the kernel very well, as it was removed in .3310:50
apwzul: http://people.canonical.com/~apw/lp787749-oneiric/10:58
zulapw: thanks10:59
tekesshi.. i could use some help, i hope there's somebody awake..11:49
tekessI've used my tv as screen via HDMI with my old ubuntu 9 without a problem, but it won't work with newer versions.. I'm starting to thing it has something to do with recent kernels11:50
tekessrings any bell?11:50
apwtekess, doesn't ring a bell for me no, i think i've used my hdmi right up to natty12:08
tekessit works on natty for you? 12:10
tekesswithout any tunning?12:10
apwtekess, yep, plug it in and on it comes 12:14
tekesswhich kernel version are you using?12:14
apwwhat happens for you, does running xrandr --auto do anything12:14
apwwhatever the latest in natty is12:14
tekessi have no idea, could you check it please?12:15
apwi'd have to reboot to confirm confirm, as i am running an oneiric kernle right now for testing12:15
tekessoh, it's ok.. thanks anyway12:16
tekessbummer :-/12:17
apwtekess, i'd suggest you file a bug anyhow.  though do plug it in and run xrandr --auto12:17
apwit may pick it up12:17
tekessi can't run xrandr, when doing it remotely it won't work12:18
apwexport DISPLAY=:0.0 first ?12:18
tekesssorry.. apw, still there?12:25
tekessi exported display and then ran xrandr --auto... it said "can't open display"12:31
apware you the same user as logged in ?12:39
tekessi've tried with my user and with root as well12:40
tekessbut i don't follow.. what do you mean?12:40
apwwell you can only access the display server as the logged in user12:41
tekesswhich logged in user?12:41
tekessyou mean there must be an xsession opened?12:42
apwi was assuming so yes12:42
tekesswell.. it's hard to initiate an xsession when i can't see anything12:43
tekessbut i guess i can try if then there's something i can do to check if i did it correctly12:43
tekessbut since it's a just installed system i have no idea what the screen will look like..12:44
tekesssince during the instalation i created my non-root user.. can I asume the login window will have my user already selected and I just have to type my password?12:45
apwprobabally return <password> return will do the trick; but first12:45
apwsee what modes you have avilable on that connector12:45
apwapw@dm$ cd /sys/class/drm/card0-HDMI-A-112:46
apwyou should have something like that directory available12:46
apwin there, what do status and modes contains12:46
tekessstatus: connected12:46
tekessmodes: lots of them..12:47
tekessfirst one is 1920x1080, which is the one it's working on my old ubuntu 912:47
tekessis there any log in which i can track if i do any login attempt?12:49
apwcat dpms ?12:49
tekesssorry again :(12:54
tekessapw, i hope you're still there, you're helping me a lot!12:54
apwtekess, well those parameters imply the kernel thinks that output is on12:55
tekesswhat the hell can be happening then?12:56
apwwell the mode could be incompatible with the monitor so its switching off12:56
apwunfortuanatly the kernel is not telling me which mode is enabled12:56
tekessbut the mode that is active should be the first one in modes file, right?12:57
tekesscan i force one specific mode?12:57
apwtekess, i have no idea, mine are in order largest to smallest, and yes the first one happens to be selected12:57
apwbut 1) i can't say for sure it always is, and 2) that list has no refresh rate info12:58
apwso ... i think you need to attempt to login on that console12:58
apwand then run xrandr remotly to find out the real mode selected12:58
tekessok, would you help me to do that?12:58
apwi think ret <passwd> ret should do it, and if your sound works you should hear the login sound12:58
tekessi think i've already tried and i didn't hear anything, let me try again12:59
tekessno sound13:00
tekessno logs I could check?13:00
_rubenthis might not be the best place to ask, but i'll try anyway :) .. the statistics as shown by 'ip -s link', can they be fetched (easily) from the kernel "manualy"? like through proc/sys/whatever?13:00
apw_ruben, you could try stracing the command to see where it gets them13:01
_rubenwhy didn't i think of that.. sigh13:01
_rubenah, uses netlink it seems, wonder how friendly that interface is13:02
tekessapw,  i think i might have logged in,  w command reports me in tty7 running x-session-manager and there are a lot of processes running, such as gnome-screensaver, etc13:04
apwtekess, sounds good, then export DISPLAY=:0.0 and run xrandr13:04
apwpastebin the output or something13:04
tekess"no protocol specified, can't open display :0.0"13:06
apwcan you paste the exact commands please13:10
apwas that combination works here for me13:10
apwtgardner, remind me how wireless channel overlap, there is some complexity13:17
tekesshey, apw.. I found this in Xorg.0.log:   "Output HDMI1 using initial mode 1920x1080"13:18
apwis that a reasonable output13:18
tekessbut I also found "Output HDMI1 connected" a few lines upper13:18
tekessreasonable? i guess so.. it's a hdtv, and that mode works on ubuntu 913:19
apwtekess, what Xorg.*.log files do you have in /var/log13:19
tekess0 and 613:20
apwand whats the machine called with the hdmi output13:20
tekessmmnn.. what do you mean?13:21
apwthe hostname of it13:22
tekessi'm really sorry, my english sucks :(13:22
tekessit's rubik13:22
apwand you logged in as tekess ?13:22
tekessit's the only non-root user existing13:22
apwps -ef | grep compiz, does that show anything13:23
tgardnerapw, its most common in the 2.4Ghz band using 802.11bg. channels are 5Mhz wide, but the radio uses 15 Mhz. therefore, the only completely non-overlapping channels are 1,4,8, and 12 (IIRC)13:24
apwtekess, can you pastebin the ps -ef output13:24
apwtgardner, so 2 5 9 would be a valid combination13:24
apwtrying to work out why my wireless perf has gone to turd all of a sudden13:25
apwand i am on 813:25
apwbut ... there are peeps on 6 (and a lot of em)13:25
tgardnerapw, yep, as long as there aren't any sources on 1,4,8 etc13:25
apwso perhaps they are my problem13:25
tekessapw, http://pastebin.com/7wuPd97P13:25
tekesswhat about running xrandr from .xinitrc and redirecting its output to some file, would that work?13:28
tekessor .xsession.. I never remember which one to use13:29
apwcan you pastebin the output of cat -vet /proc/2547/environ13:30
tekesshere, http://pastebin.com/RSVSJ38t13:31
apwDISPLAY=:0 ... so the X server really is on :013:32
tekessI also tried export DISPLAY=:013:32
apwyou could try exporting that too13:33
tekessok, let me try13:33
apwtekess, ok so ... what resolution is this external monitor13:36
tekessit's a high definition tv13:37
apweither the manual will tell you the resolution, or you'll have to tell us the make to make sure13:37
apwas HD tells us almost nothing13:38
tekessyeah, i know13:38
tekesslet me check13:38
tekesswith ubuntu 9 i never had to do anything special13:38
tekessjust select the correct aspect ratio so the whole screen would fit13:38
apwtekess, 9.04 or 9.1013:39
_rubenhm, seems ifconfig uses /proc/net/dev .. that seems more "accessible"13:41
tekessI can run it if there's some command output that could help us13:41
apwtekess, you might try xrandr --output HDMI1 --mode 1280x720 13:42
apwtekess, what make and model is your display/tv13:43
tekessgive me a minute, its owner's manual is a pain in the ass13:44
tekessit's a LG, 32LG3013:46
tekessi can't believe it, but i can't find resolution or whatsoever in the manual13:46
tekessoops, sorry, correct model is 32LG560013:47
apwdid xrandr --output HDMI1 --mode 1280x720 change anything13:48
tekessactually it did13:49
tekessstill blank, but there's no "no signal" message13:49
apwand you've tried to wiggle the mouse to wake it up13:50
tekessthat's weird... i do ctrl+alt+f3  or f4, and I get the "no signal"13:51
tekessbut not in f713:51
apwnot so supprising as the other vts are in their own modes13:52
tekessmmnn..  with  xrandr --output HDMI1 --mode 1920x1080  I get back the "no signal" thing13:53
apwalso not supprising htat was the mode you were using before13:53
tekessyep, i know13:53
tekessaaaaargh, i hate this!13:53
tekessam i supposed to keep ubuntu 9 till the end of time? or buy a monitor? arrgh13:54
apwtekess, nope, something is broke, but you have reached then end of my X knowledge.  you should get a bug filed and move this over to #ubuntu-x, they should know more than I13:55
tekessthank you so much though13:56
apwtgardner, looks to be worse than we thought, 1, 6, and 11 are the only non-overlapping combinations14:00
tgardnerapw, the only _truly_ non-overlapping channels. its an analog kind of thing. 14:01
apwtoooo slow14:02
tekessI'll give it another try after having lunch, good bye you all, and Andy, thanks again14:03
_rubenhm, got errors in 'dmesg' about ata4, wonder how i could find which disk is attached to it14:31
smb_ruben, Should be possible to find looking at dmesg14:44
smbIf there is still the beginning14:44
_rubencouldn't find any hard references really14:44
smb_ruben, Hm, currently not be able to verify with more disks, but I believe there is /proc/scsi/scsi and a relation to the host controller14:48
_rubenthe problem slightly changed, box hang, rebooted, now stuck at boot :/ .. last line is regarding fsck exiting with 1 for /boot 14:49
smbMaybe problems with ata4 was trying to hint you something...14:50
smbSometimes a manual fsck recovers thing, though (without knowing/seeing more) it also could be some more serious trouble with the driver.14:54
_rubenpretty much unrelated, pulled all drives from that software raid volume, leaving only the flashdisk with /boot and root-on-lvm .. still bails at the fsck14:54
smbI mean drive14:54
_rubenguess i'll be hooking up an usb cdrom drive later on to boot a recovery cd .. few reboots later no fsck errors, but it completing remains the last lines on screen14:57
smb"it" meaning the fsck? Or dropping to the recovery shell? 15:00
smbOh, otherwise hanging... could it have the raid in fstab and mountall waiting?15:01
smbThen hitting "s" may help15:01
_rubenah right, lets try that (didnt know that 's')15:11
_rubens just prints on screen .. ctrl-c's show up as ^C ..15:12
_rubenand yes, the raid's in fstab15:12
=== apw changed the topic of #ubuntu-kernel to: Home: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/ || Oneiric Kernel Version: 3.0 || Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - August - 16 - 17:00 UTC || If you have a question just ask, and do wait around for an answer!
apwtgardner, i am wondering if we should upload oneiric ti-omap4 given all the pending config stuff17:47
tgardnerapw, I've no problem with that17:47
tgardnerwant me to do it?17:48
apwtgardner, ok i'll tie a bow on it and shove17:48
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keesapw: where did your "ALL" export move to?19:06
keescool, thanks19:06
apwsorry didn't realise you used it19:06
keesit's pretty! :)19:06
apwits curtianly something :)  got a bit smaller today19:07
keesany idea what the ETA is for ti-omap4 and fsl-imx51 ?19:07
apwkees, i am unsure as to whats going on with them.  i'll ask sconklin19:07
apwsconklin, ^^19:07
sconklinkees: dunno. Honestly we sort of throw those over the fence. I'll check19:08
apwsconklin, that in part is why its odd they are lagging, they almost should lead :)19:08
sconklinthey can't lead the branch they are rebased from19:09
apwsconklin, well they can pass in testing :)19:11
apwsconklin, if there is something we can do to help get them out let me know19:11
sconklinoh, wait, we're talking about ~recent~ kernels19:11
apwi can always find time to poke arm people with sharp sticks if they arn't testing19:12
apwyeah, actually about those carrying lots of cves now19:12
hertonapw, sconklin: this week the bot should be opening bugs for the arm packages, once they get copied to -proposed19:13
keesherton: using create-cve-tracker, or is this something else?19:14
sconklinherton: that's right - this should mostly resolve the issue19:14
apwkees, he means release trackers19:14
keesah, okay19:14
apwwhich drives them to get uploaded etc19:14
hertonkees: something else, the stable bot (sru-workflow-manager aka shank bot)19:14
keesherton: okay, cool. should we add them to create-cve-tracker too?19:15
apwkees, arm branches are already in the cve bugs19:15
apwkees, that reminds me 2011-1833 as your magic script added the missing nominations etc ?19:16
keesapw: ah, true. it's missing -ec219:16
apwyeah we should fix that19:16
apwthough you are fixing it anyhow right automatically19:16
keesapw: it has the capability, yes.19:16
keesapw: I add nominations automatically, but not missing packages (e.g. -ec2)19:17
apwoh i see19:17
apwthen you won't fix 2011-1833 ... as someone added a different package bug to the cve i assume you won't use the create-tracker to fix it ?19:17
keesI _can_ have it add the missing packages, but I've left that disabled for now since it wasn't clear yet if it had value.19:18
* kees looks19:18
apw  kees perhaps i'll ask a differnt way.  what should i expect to happen to that CVE19:18
apwas its not in a workable state right now kernel wise19:18
keesah right, let me stab it with my script...19:19
apwkees, should it have a new bug, or should we aim to fix the existing ?19:22
keesapw: I'll update the existing. one moment.19:22
apwkees, ok i'll add -ec2 to the creater19:25
keesapw: 732628 should reflect reality now19:26
apwbug #73262819:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 732628 in ecryptfs-utils "TOCTOU in mount.ecryptfs_private" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73262819:26
apwkees, linux-ec2> added and pushed to the git repo19:29
keesapw: cool, thanks.19:31
apwkees, you seem to have added linux-source-2.6.15, and linux-ti-omap19:31
keesyeah, just noticed that. removing from the list now....19:32
apwkees, but i don't think either have anything but Invalid across the board, and you haven't applied that either19:32
apwkees, on the Introduced-by: Fixed-By: ... if we have more than one bug they are hard to pair up, why did we not use a Break-Fix: type thing instead.  either Break-Fix: or just Fixed-by: but with two parameters ?19:33
keesapw: I can swap that around. Just using "Break-Fix:" there seems the most sane.19:34
apwyeah i concur19:34
mfilipesforshee, hi! do you think that intel bugfix will be release in 11.10? 19:55
sforsheemfilipe, I think so -- I just checked, and it looks like it has been merged to the i915 maintainer's tree as a fix for 3.120:08
keeswhy does LP have to be so slow? :P20:33
keesapw: I see that linux-linaro is not in your ALL report. what's the support state of that kernel?20:41
hertonogasawara: brad told me that may be you know, or may be someone else, do we have a machine to build powerpc test kernels (like tangerine)?20:46
ogasawaraherton: yep, use davis20:47
cndsforshee, did I not respond to your trackpad email?21:21
cndif I did I'm really sorry21:22
cndI try to hit everyone who emails me, but sometimes stuff slips through...21:22
sforsheecnd, I did't see a reply, but don't worry about it :)21:27
cndsforshee, it looks like you're making progress on alps :)21:28
cndwhen I decoded the magic trackpad I would do things like two finger drags in only the X or Y direction21:28
cndand then watch the bits to see what's changing21:29
cnddunno if that helps21:29
sforsheecnd, I've been trying that, but I still haven't found the pattern for some of the stuff21:29
* herton -> eod21:30
cndI'm glad we're getting somewhere with alps though21:30
sforsheethe values seem to vary based on position, I just can't find the relationship21:30
sforsheecnd, at this point I could get pretty close to a workable driver without multitouch21:31
cndsforshee, with multifinger?21:31
sforsheecnd, I could give one position and number of touches21:32
sforsheethe main problem is that sometimes that position seems to jump to a different contact point21:32
cndthat's a big improvement in itself :)21:32
cndthat's not too surprising actually21:32
sforsheeyeah, but it makes for a jumpy cursor sometimes :)21:33
cndwe see the same issue with the semi-mt multitouch trackpads21:33
cndif you look at the synaptics driver, I believe we always emit the smallest of the two values in one slot, and the largest in the other slot21:33
sforsheecnd, I think I remember seeing that21:34
sforsheeI'm only getting one value right now tho21:34
cndbut even in semi-mt mode, synaptics tries to provide the best single touch coordinate21:34
cndis that because you haven't decoded the second packet?21:34
sforsheemaybe, I'm not sure whether the second packet contains a coordinate or not21:34
sforsheethe values can seem very haphazard21:35
sforsheesometimes they look like they might be tracking position, then they do something crazy that doesn't make sense21:35
cndit's quite a puzzle :)21:36
sforsheeno doubt21:36
cndif you could use a second pair of eyes on a trace to try to decode it, I'd be happy to try :)21:36
sforsheeit can't hurt21:37
sforsheelet me clean up my notes, and I'll send those to you along with some traces21:37
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