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AlanBellso we have meetingology as an emergency replacement mootbot11:37
IdleOnethanks AlanBell11:38
AlanBellit is running on a server on a slightly dodgy connection and it has some bugs still, but does have some awesome new commands11:48
AlanBellyou can do [topic] or #topic for all commands, they are aliases11:48
AlanBellyou can specify voters, so "#voters nick1 nick2 nick3"11:49
AlanBellfor council meetings etc11:49
AlanBellyou can make a second chair with #chair otherperson11:49
AlanBellprivate votes don't work11:50
IdleOneall documented in the link in topic no doubt11:50
AlanBellyou can't put other stuff after a vote, so you can do "+1" but not "+1 awesome!! woot!"11:50
AlanBellIdleOne: most of it is, just thought I would leave some notes in channel for the benefit of the chair of the next meeting11:51
AlanBelland feel free to ping me if it breaks11:51
IdleOneAlanBell: you rock dude :)11:51
AlanBelloh, and patches welcome :)11:51
* stgraber waves15:01
* slangasek waves15:02
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slangasek[TOPIC] lightning round15:03
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meetingologyTOPIC: lightning round15:03
slangasek... meetingology? that's new15:03
slangasek$ echo $(shuf -e cjwatson barry doko stgraber jhunt mvo ev bdmurray slangasek)15:03
slangasekmvo stgraber bdmurray barry cjwatson doko ev slangasek jhunt15:03
barrydid mootbot get a name change?15:03
mvomeeeh, plese reshuffle, not ready yet15:03
* mvo types like crazy15:03
bdmurrayI can go15:04
slangasekbdmurray: go for it15:04
bdmurrayemail to the kernel team mailing list regarding the apport-kerneloops work I've done for them, kerneloops update to prevent reporting of NETDEV WATCHDOG errors15:04
bdmurrayubiquity installer-crash tagging script changes to catch python: and not just plugininstall.py:, bug triage of ubiquity installer-crash bug reports, bug triage of iso-testing bug reports about foundations packages15:04
bdmurraywrote a ubiquity bug pattern for bug 743359 regarding apt locking, bug pattern writing for package installation bug 545790, investigation into aptdaemon bug    659438, email to the foundations team regarding our bugs with patches, modifications to package bugs most recently mailing list query to clarify period15:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 743359 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Installer: LockFailedException: Failed to lock /target/var/cache/apt/archives/lock" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74335915:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 545790 in dpkg (Ubuntu) "package PACKAGE failed to install/upgrade: error writing to '<standard output>': Success" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54579015:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 659438 in apt (Ubuntu) "Installation/Removal fails because of package which could not be located (failure in apt.Cache.required_download)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65943815:04
bdmurraycron job email setup of recent foundations package bugs to myself, investigation into a structural subscribers report in Launchpad - can't find one, writing    bug report for team structurally subscribed bug tasks matching a criteria15:05
bdmurraybzr branch modifying ubiquity's +filebug info to be ubuntu-bug ubiquity, aptdaemon SRU for bug 797847 regarding checking if apport is disabled on natty15:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 797847 in aptdaemon (Ubuntu Natty) "aptdaemon doesn't check if apport is enabled" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79784715:05
bdmurraytesting code to create a duplicatesignature tag for package installation failures, testing duplicatesignature tag with apport and search existing terminallog   files for duplicates, reviewing of duplicate signatures and triaging of bugs15:05
bdmurrayteam membership querying for jcastro and the community team15:05
* mvo is ready now15:05
* bdmurray is done now15:05
mvoapt: SoC, work on apt-chris, trying to gather more info about ssl connection failure https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+question/166914, debug/fix performance regression due to cache loader, upload new 0.8.16~exp5ubuntu1 and its reverse dependencies (ABI break), add hashsum regression test, ensure that the hashes are checked for unsinged release files too (debian Bug#636314), work on debdelta integration (lp:~mvo/a15:05
mvopt/apt-ishan )15:05
mvoupdate-notifier: work on synpatic-less version, uploaded15:05
mvocommand-not-found: merge fixes from the new version and upload, thanks to zyga15:05
mvoupdate-manager: review/merge lp:~evfool/update-manager/fix817785, debug/fix #808738 crash in u-m15:05
mvosoftware-center: add show-exhibit functionatlity and add featured exhibit, review/merge lp:~mmcg069/software-center/back-forward-nav-button-fix, work on lp:~mvo/software-center/sortable-app-tree-view, lp:~mmcg069/software-center/themeable-globalpane, review/merge lp:~gary-lasker/software-center/list-view-stars-gtk3, phonecall about exhibits/html, create a bunch of tracking bugs for python3 packages that are missing for s-c, py3 compat fixes15:05
mvopango: debug/fix pango annotation issue, push upstream, cherry pick git, upload new version, review/merge/fix lp:~mmcg069/software-center/top-rated-subcats, add LocaleAwareWebview that sends language-header info, pyflakes fixes, improve testrunner, fix crash in channels changed code, code cleanup, hunt 100% cpu usage issue (spawn helper bug)15:06
mvoapp-install-data: work on reducing the icon data size (rally good results)15:06
stgrabersorry, I still need a minute to finish mine :(15:06
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jp_HraniceWhot is wrong Ubuntu ISO testing tracker ? Some ISOs are not longer avaible. :-(15:07
slangasekmvo: what's "apt-chris"?15:07
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mvoits a summer of code branch that contains improvements to the ordering code15:07
cjwatsonjp_Hranice: this is a meeting channel with a team meeting in progress; please try #ubuntu-testing15:07
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mvoits looks really good, but that is a delicate part of the code, so I'm working on some tests with the new code (i.e. lucid->maverick, lucid->oneiric etc) to ensure there are no regressions15:08
jp_Hranicecjwatson: Thank you15:08
slangasekmvo: aha, ok15:08
barrystgraber: do you want me to go next?15:08
stgraberbarry: please15:08
barrywas on vacation last week; this week: bug 788514 (pyicu, pycurl, liblouis, python-inotify, pywebkitgtk, ibus-anthy, python-smbc sponsored, python-magic sponsored, pyxdg sponsored, vte merge proposed), bug 822844 (review python-keyring sync request); argparse sync advice. todo: complete 788514 work, look at sphinx sync, lucid ppa.  done.15:08
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ubottuLaunchpad bug 788514 in Ubuntu Oneiric "python packages on the CDs not using dh_python2" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78851415:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 822844 in python-keyring (Ubuntu) "Sync python-keyring 0.6.2-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82284415:08
stgraberok, I'm ready now :)15:09
stgraberLast week:15:09
stgraber - Did some multipath install testing on Oneiric15:09
stgraber - Got tpm-tools to build on Oneiric15:09
stgraberWorking on Arkose and LXC this week:15:09
stgraber - Got everything to use gettext15:09
stgraber - Dropped old socket proxy and replaced by new dbus proxy15:09
stgraber - Switched to a generic device node passthrough (instead of video only)15:09
stgraber - Got LXC upstream to fix some console initialization issues affecting arkose15:09
stgraber - Dropped a lot of unused device access rights given by default by arkose15:09
stgraber - Improved the command line interface a bit15:09
stgraberRemaining (before feature freeze):15:10
stgraber - Update packaging and build process to support gettext and the dbus code15:10
stgraber - UI rewrite15:10
stgraber - Network access restriction (firewalling)15:10
stgraber - Get DBUS filtering in the wrapper15:10
stgraber - Extend arkose-cli (merge a patch from a contributor)15:10
stgraber - Write some missing manpages15:10
stgraberOther stuff:15:10
stgraber - Got edubuntu-live to finally show a translated installer15:10
stgraber - Trying to fix weblive in software-center (broken at the moment)15:10
stgraberoh, and I'll be in Vancouver next week for Linuxcon15:10
bdmurrayoh right I'll be in London next week for a defect analyst sprint15:11
cjwatsonah yes, it's my turn15:12
cjwatsonLast two weeks were DebConf (excellent!) then holiday, so I'm rather behind generally and have been trying to catch up.15:12
cjwatsonThis week:15:12
cjwatson * Converted all my mail to offlineimap+notmuch.  The initial sync has eaten virtually all my laptop's I/O for several days straight and notmuch hasn't quite finished yet, but I should be able to keep up with e-mail much better at conferences now.  offlineimap is *really* nice.15:12
cjwatson * Lots of archive admin trying to clear queues in time for feature freeze: syncs, MIRs, etc.15:12
cjwatson * Landed IPv6 support in d-i.  As a bonus, Gaudenz got WPA support done at DebConf, so I got to land that too.15:12
cjwatson * Landed USB seeds for Allison; should be able to work on converting the DVD images over to those later this week.15:12
cjwatson * Merged new version of ntfs-3g to try to keep down the size of the lynch mob come Oneiric.15:12
cjwatson * About to start putting a syslinux-themes-ubuntu package together, which is blocking the language-specific image work.  I think this is my last urgent thing for feature freeze. *cough*15:12
slangasekwpa - whoo15:13
doko- Linaro Connect last week15:15
doko- one last round of toolchain updates15:15
doko- some bug triage for GCC and binutils15:15
doko- merged a finally working-on-multiarch eglibc version, after *some* testing15:15
doko- JamVM updates for OpenJDK 6 and 715:15
doko- Once these updates are in the archive, I'll start a test rebuild.15:15
slangasekcjwatson: is notmuch making you super-productive?15:15
cjwatsonslangasek: I'm just using it for cross-mailbox search, not in the ueber james_w mode15:16
ev- Trying to get a build of ubiquity out. Was originally blocked by pbuilder15:16
ev  issues, now am in a mess of silly build-dependencies for the unit tests.15:16
ev- Fixed Glade not including its pythonglade module.15:16
ev- Fixed some more issues around Wubi firstboot.15:16
ev- Wrote a webcam module in C, binding to gstreamer and udev, after my15:16
ev  adventures in PyGI drove me to madness. Was originally going to use Cheese,15:16
ev  but they're all about the GNOME Shell now.15:16
ev- Integrated the wireless networking module into the installer.15:16
mvoshould I ditch mutt in favor of notmutch?15:16
cjwatsonright now it's killing my I/O so no :-)15:16
ev- Finally landed the ubiquity PyGI branch.15:16
ev- Gtk3 CSS hell.15:16
ev- Trying to get mkswap in Windows without a cygwin dependency nightmare.15:16
ev- Investigated doing Wubi migration from the Windows side. Need to user test15:16
ev  to find out whether doing the migration from Windows or a Live CD provides15:16
ev  the most benefit.15:16
ev- Merged some ubiquity branches.15:16
ev- libtimezonemap MIR.15:16
ev- Split camerabin2 into its own package and write a MIR.15:16
cjwatsonmvo: I'm continuing to use mutt, and just using notmuch for search; Stefano Zacchiroli's blog has some tidbits on using them in tandem15:16
barrycjwatson: that's one thing that mail.app has that i've not seen anywhere else (cross mailbox search)15:16
mvothanks cjwatson, I give it a go15:17
cjwatsonbarry: there are several command-line indexers around that provide it - notmuch is just the current leader15:17
cjwatsonwebcam/cheese> ah yes, I saw that you'd dropped the cheese module, glad to see you found a small replacement15:18
cjwatsonwell found/wrote :-)15:18
slangasek"dropped the cheese module" - wait, there was a webcam in ubiquity?15:18
barryev: i can probably fire up a windows vm if you need some additional testing15:18
evslangasek: we'd like to be able to take a user photo15:18
cjwatsonthe cheese module was built but not actually glued in15:18
slangasekev: ah15:18
barrycjwatson: cool, gotta put that on the list!15:18
evbarry: thanks, but with the MSDN license I've got more copies of windows than I'll ever know what to do with15:19
barryev: just be sure it works on win9515:19
evbarry: I'm half-tempted to throw XP to the wolves15:19
cjwatsonubiquity/pygi> excellent, I know that's been a long road15:19
slangasekso it's not a case of ev trying to be that guy in Florida who was helping college girls with their laptops and causing their cameras to mysteriously drain their batteries ;)15:19
evone covered in broken glass and rusty nails, eys15:19
evwait what?15:20
eva bit slow on the uptake, I am15:20
slangasekah, seems to be my go15:20
slangasekDebConf, upstart sprint, and sick last week; now playing catch-up15:20
slangasektook lots of drugs in order to help with a3 crank-turning last week15:20
slangasekhave a new plan of attack on upstart in Debian that avoids the all-or-nothing trap15:20
slangasekneed to do some work on multiarch in Debian; eglibc is in an unhappy state... fortunately (or unfortunately) got myself added as an eglibc package committer during DebConf15:20
slangasekhelped with dh_python2 migration15:20
slangasekfixed bug #816740 in libpeas so totem runs on amd6415:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 816740 in Totem "totem crashed with SIGSEGV in g_type_name()" [Critical,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81674015:20
doko-16 looks almost ine15:21
barryslangasek: what got decided for upstart? (is there a link or mlist thread i can catch up on?)15:21
slangasekbarry: no mlist discussion about the Debian strategy, the critical path there is single-threaded still unfortunately15:22
slangasekI need to hack startpar to understand upstart jobs :P15:22
* barry nods15:22
slangasekdoko: yep, though we still need the multiarch-compat package15:22
dokoahh, yes15:23
slangasek[TOPIC] AOB15:23
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meetingologyTOPIC: AOB15:23
slangasekeveryone nervous about Feature Freeze?15:24
bdmurrayno talking about bugs?15:24
barryalways :)15:24
evfeature what now? I've just been running on the assumption that I can keep uploading whatever I want until release day.15:24
cjwatsonbut then I always am :)15:24
evIs that not the case?15:24
* cjwatson aims a loaded trout at ev15:24
slangasekbdmurray: whoops, sorry, I'm out of practice15:25
mvofeature freeze> YES15:25
slangasekev: hmm, we may need to revisit this working-from-the-office situation with you... picking up some habits? :)15:25
slangasekany other other business... or shall we move on (back) to bugs? :)15:26
evslangasek: lol15:26
slangasek[TOPIC] Bugs15:27
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Bugs
meetingologyTOPIC: Bugs15:27
slangasekbdmurray: over to you!15:27
bdmurrayright so a few bugs I ran across in the past week are bug 38676315:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 386763 in defoma (Ubuntu) "[Master] font package failed to install/upgrade: post-installation exit status 1 - /var/lib/defoma/locked exists." [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38676315:28
bdmurrayI was finding a few duplicates of that yesterday and there may be more hiding15:28
slangasekhnngh defoma15:28
bdmurrayIt only has about 40 though so perhaps that should be a someday later bug15:29
slangasekare those being reported against recent releases?15:29
slangasekthe longterm plan here is to shoot defoma in the head15:29
slangasekand there was work at DebCamp on getting the last font packages migrated away from it15:30
bdmurrayDistroRelease [5] Ubuntu 8.10: 352328, 362808, 370130, 371811, 376776 [5] Ubuntu 9.10: 463024, 537437, 549173, 549778, 560156 [2] Ubuntu 11.04: 772701, 795360 [12] Ubuntu 10.04: 544359, 651175, 654259, 738708, 769872, 780796, 789639, 789699, 790299, 796504, 796505, 79650615:30
bdmurrayso a couple of 11.04 duplicates15:31
* slangasek nods15:31
slangasekgah, it looks like the ubuntu font packages are using defoma even15:31
cjwatsondefoma> iirc slows down dvd installation by not being triggerised ...15:32
slangasekright, so I'm pretty sure no one's going to work on fixing defoma, but maybe we can speed up its demise15:32
bdmurrayI'll see if I find any more duplicates but imagine the defoma bug isn't that important15:32
bdmurraybug 545790 has nearly 300 duplicates15:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 545790 in dpkg (Ubuntu) "package PACKAGE failed to install/upgrade: error writing to '<standard output>': Success" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54579015:33
mvobdmurray: hm, any clues on what is running dpkg when this is happening? aptdaemon? packagekit?15:33
bdmurraymvo: oh we can look into the history log attachment now right?15:34
mvobdmurray: yeah15:35
* mvo looks at a recent one15:35
bdmurraymvo: hrm neither of the 11.10 dupilcates have the history log15:35
bdmurrayduplicates 789291 and 793795 are from oneiric15:35
bdmurraymvo: so I guess we should ask for people to provide the history.log from when the experienced the error?15:37
mvoyeah, that would be good to get additional clues whats going on there15:37
bdmurrayokay got it15:37
bdmurraybug 702283 turned up during iso testing15:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 702283 in usb-creator (Ubuntu) "usb-creator doesn't create EFI-bootable USB sticks" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70228315:38
bdmurrayev: do you have any thoughts about that one?15:40
slangasekdo we have full-on hybrid ISOs these days?  Does the amd64+mac image work as a hybrid?15:40
evunless we went with something like mjg59's super hybrid beast, that wouldn't buy us EFI, no?15:41
cjwatsonI think we *need* to go with something like mjg59's super hybrid beast15:41
cjwatsonbut he's doing the work in isohybrid and we'll need it in xorriso15:41
cjwatsonamd64+mac ought to work as hybrid but that's EFI-less15:41
cjwatsonmjg59's work should let us get rid of amd64+mac, I believe15:42
cjwatson... "as long as you're willing to put up with three partition tables and an x86 boot sector that doubles as an APM header"15:42
* slangasek grins15:42
evheh and a billion boot options to choose from on recent Mac hardware15:42
stgrabercan't see anything wrong with that ;)15:42
cjwatsonhaven't got round to talking with xorriso upstream yet though15:42
bdmurrayso it sounds like there is a lot of work needed there15:43
cjwatsonit's certainly not trivial, though there is also a lot of reason to do the wowrk15:44
bdmurrayslangasek: regarding bug 822542 I thought there was a plymouth bug regarding nothing being displayed?15:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 822542 in casper (Ubuntu) "Oneiric A3: In "Check disc for defects", splash screen continues to show progress indefinitely, even after disk check is complete." [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82254215:44
slangasekthere are many plymouth bugs about varying degrees of nothing being displayed :/15:45
slangasekthere's one open about text failing to display15:45
bdmurrayand the disk check is text right?15:46
slangasekah, yeah, reading the bug description, looks like the same issue15:46
slangasekbugf #81202215:47
slangasekbug #81202215:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 812022 in plymouth (Ubuntu Oneiric) "plymouth regression: text missing in initramfs (again)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81202215:47
bdmurrayslangasek: great, thanks!15:47
bdmurraythat's all I had for this week15:47
slangasekI haven't debugged that yet because plymouth:debug boot options don't seem to be working right15:47
slangasekbdmurray: cool, thank you15:48
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meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Aug 10 15:48:22 2011 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell . (v 0.1.4)15:48
meetingologyMinutes:        http://mootbot.libertus.co.uk/ubuntu-meeting/2011/ubuntu-meeting.2011-08-10-15.02.moin.txt15:48
slangasekand thanks, everyone!15:48
charlie-tcaUbuntu QA meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 25 minutes. Agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Meetings16:36
* charlie-tca waves16:59
patrickmwhello charlie-tca17:00
charlie-tcaHello, patrickmw17:00
charlie-tcaAnyone else here for today's meeting?17:00
charlie-tcaHello, Ursinha17:01
Ursinhahi charlie-tca17:01
charlie-tcaGreat! Let's get started then?17:01
patrickmwcharlie-tca, they're here17:01
meetingologyMeeting started Wed Aug 10 17:01:22 2011 UTC.  The chair is charlie-tca. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell.17:01
meetingologyUseful Commands: #topic #action #link #idea #voters #vote #chair #action #agreed #help #info #endmeeting.17:01
charlie-tcaWelcome to the weekly QA meeting17:01
charlie-tcaThe agenda is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Meetings17:01
charlie-tcaPrevious Actions (all)17:02
charlie-tcaCommunity Efforts/Testing17:02
charlie-tcaAutomated/Systems Testing17:02
charlie-tcaEngineering Team Bug Status17:02
charlie-tcaOther Topics17:02
charlie-tcaChair Selection17:02
charlie-tcakomputes: question?17:02
komputesno, just marking that I'm present17:02
charlie-tcaI know we are trying to get everyone to use .. in meetings now, so please try to remember that means you are done speaking.17:03
charlie-tca[TOPIC] Previous Actions17:03
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Previous Actions
meetingologyTOPIC: Previous Actions17:03
charlie-tcaI can't think of anything, can anyone else?17:03
hggdhno from here17:04
charlie-tca[TOPIC] Community Efforts/Testing17:04
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Community Efforts/Testing
meetingologyTOPIC: Community Efforts/Testing17:04
jibelI'm here17:04
jibelHey all!17:04
charlie-tcaHello, jibel17:04
jibelMain activity was A3 testing17:04
charlie-tcaWho has community Efforts today?17:04
jibelTesting report available at17:05
jibel[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/ReleaseReports/OneiricAlpha3TestReport17:05
jibelThe following bugs have been identified from the A3 testing:17:05
jibel[LINK] http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/report17:05
jibelthe bot doesn't understand [LINK] anymore ?17:06
jibel#link http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/report17:06
charlie-tcaum, it might be broken, but that's okay, use it17:06
jibelI won't fight against that thing17:06
jibelso back to A317:06
jibelThe expectation is that the bugs will reviewed by the proper team before the end of this week and worked as appropriate.17:07
jibelthanks for everyone who help with testing !17:07
charlie-tcaThis is a different bot than normal, since mootbot quit working17:07
charlie-tcaThank you very much, jibel17:08
charlie-tcaAny questions ?17:08
charlie-tca[TOPIC] Automated/Systems Testing17:08
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Automated/Systems Testing
meetingologyTOPIC: Automated/Systems Testing17:08
patrickmw= QA Lab =17:08
patrickmw• public jenkins still in progress. working through technical issues with IS17:08
patrickmw= DX Testing =17:08
patrickmw• Creating isolated VM environment for DX to run tests17:08
patrickmw∘ Env has been tested locally, currently migrating images to lab17:08
patrickmw• DX team expected to have the ability to add projects this week17:08
charlie-tcaThank you, patrickmw17:09
charlie-tcaQuestions on automated testing?17:09
charlie-tcaor comments17:09
komputesYes indeed17:09
charlie-tcago ahead, please17:09
komputesI was wondering if there was any advancement on building a database of users with hardware who are willing to preform hw specific tests.17:10
hggdhI am not aware of any advances in this area, currently17:10
komputesmoving on then ..17:11
charlie-tcaThank you17:11
charlie-tca[TOPIC] Engineering Team Bug Status17:11
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Engineering Team Bug Status
meetingologyTOPIC: Engineering Team Bug Status17:11
charlie-tcaUrsinha: update?17:11
Ursinhacharlie-tca: yes yes17:12
UrsinhaI've been working on triaging bugs for the server team, to improve the process17:12
Ursinhaand I've added another report to our list: http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/release-bugs.html17:12
Ursinhathis is based on a report Daviey created for the release meetings, there's also a wiki output version17:13
UrsinhaI'm compiling all reports in lp:~ubuntu-defect-analysts/+junk17:13
Ursinhaand looking forward to meet all the other defect analysts next week in our sprint :)17:14
charlie-tcaThat's a nice tracking chart.17:14
charlie-tcabdmurray: any updates today?17:14
bdmurraycharlie-tca: Hi, sorry just a sec17:15
charlie-tcano problem17:15
bdmurrayI've modified ubiquity to recommend people use ubuntu-bug instead of going to +filebug and adding log files manually17:16
bdmurrayI'm actively working on a duplicate signature for package installation failures to reduce the number of duplicates we get of those17:17
bdmurrayI've also updated kerneloops to prevent reporting of NETDEV WATCHDOG errors17:17
bdmurraythat's about it17:17
charlie-tcaThank you!17:17
bdmurraywell, that's the most intersting bits ;-)17:17
charlie-tcaI hate having to attach those logs17:17
charlie-tcahm, I don't we have a bug day tomorrow, due to the desktop summit17:18
charlie-tcaat least I can use that excuse17:18
charlie-tcaany questions/comments?17:18
charlie-tca[TOPIC] Any Other Business?17:19
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Any Other Business?
meetingologyTOPIC: Any Other Business?17:19
charlie-tcaopen floor for anything to be discussed17:19
hggdh<- not here17:20
charlie-tcahggdh: did you have anything today?17:20
hggdhno, I am cool17:20
charlie-tcaYou been kind of quiet17:20
hggdhsort of busy, unfortunately17:20
pgranercharlie-tca, o/17:20
charlie-tca[TOPIC] Chair Selection17:21
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meetingologyTOPIC: Chair Selection17:21
charlie-tcago ahead, pgraner17:21
charlie-tcaor are you next chair?17:21
pgranercharlie-tca, just wanted to welcome a new canonical QA team member gema17:21
pgranershe started monday and will be coming up to speed17:21
charlie-tcaWelcome to QA17:22
Ursinhapgraner: she's not here?17:22
charlie-tcaAlways to good to have more people!17:22
pgranerUrsinha, yep, wanted to make the community aware tho17:22
Ursinhapgraner: just wanted to greet her :)17:22
charlie-tcaWell, then, as you come across gema, welcome her to the group17:22
pgranercharlie-tca, thanks17:23
Ursinha(just did on #ubuntu-server)17:23
charlie-tcaand now, back to that most wonderful moment of all, a new chair?17:23
charlie-tcaany volunteers?17:23
charlie-tca$ shuf -e hggdh, patrickmw pedro_ bdmurray jibel Ursinha|head -117:24
Ursinhaah the winner is....17:24
charlie-tcaI have no idea how to work this17:24
charlie-tcamaybe it don't work too?17:24
pgranercharlie-tca, many of us will be away a a sprint next week17:24
Ursinhaursula@galactica: ~ $ shuf -e hggdh, patrickmw pedro_ bdmurray jibel Ursinha|head -117:24
UrsinhaI will, and pedro_, bdmurray17:25
charlie-tcaOkay, bdmurray was going to have this one. Maybe he would be so kind as to take next week?17:25
Ursinhacharlie-tca: we're going to be sprinting next week17:26
Ursinhame, pedro, bdmurray and pgraner17:26
charlie-tcawell, then17:26
charlie-tcahggdh: you want a turn?17:26
hggdhaye :-)17:26
charlie-tcaThank you!17:27
charlie-tcanext meeting chair will be hggdh17:27
hggdhcharlie-tca: you are always welcome, sir17:27
charlie-tcaIf there is no other business, thank all of you for participating in the meeting.17:27
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meetingologyMinutes:        http://mootbot.libertus.co.uk/ubuntu-meeting/2011/ubuntu-meeting.2011-08-10-17.01.moin.txt17:27
hggdhthank you for chairing, charlie-tca17:27
Ursinhathanks charlie-tca!17:27
hggdhcd /var/log/installer17:27
charlie-tcayou are most welcome, of course17:27
hggdhugh, worng channel, sorry17:28
charlie-tcaThat works in a channel?17:28
Ursinhahggdh: command not found17:28
AlanBellI will be moving meetingology between hosts and probably changing the name and registering it later18:37
AlanBellI will try not to do so when active meetings are running18:37
MkaysiAre you going to also update it? Ubuntu repository version is old, but everything happens in git. Actually in forks git.18:38
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AlanBell#topic lets talk about something19:31
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meetingologyTOPIC: lets talk about something19:31
AlanBellanyone here want to help test the new mootbot?19:31
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