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micahgAmpelbein: osm-gps-map has a new upstream version in unstable and hasn't been merged this cycle, I think you noted to wait for the .la file diff to be taken by Debian, but FF is tomorrow, would you care to merge it?05:48
philipballewanyone know any good guides to get started in packaging?08:51
RhondaLike the one in the wiki?08:55
* afranke waves hello from Desktop summit08:56
afrankeI have a few package requests (some are bumping versions on existing packages) and there doesn't seem to be any activity in the reports, so I was wondering what they to draw attention was.08:58
philipballewRhonda, sure. I want to know how to build them and start helping motu08:58
afrankedidrocks told me I should try talking about it here.08:58
afrankeThe most urgent is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/planner/+bug/80561209:00
ubottuUbuntu bug 805612 in planner (Ubuntu) "Update Planner package to 0.14.5 version" [Undecided,New]09:00
Rhondaphilipballew: Is there troubles with the guide in the wiki?09:06
philipballewis that a compleate guide? by reading that will I know how to help and begin packaging?09:07
RhondaRead it, and if you have any further questions, feel free to bring them up. :)09:14
geser!packaging guide09:23
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports09:23
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging09:45
Laneyafranke: the problem is they need someone to do the work09:47
afrankeLaney: sure09:47
afrankeBut it's hard to see if they are being ignored or read by anybody.09:47
Laneysee http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=632993 for planner, fyi09:47
ubottuDebian bug 632993 in wnpp "O: planner -- project management application" [Normal,Open]09:47
Laneysomeone in Debian is working on updating it, you might email them to offer help or find out how it's going09:48
afrankeOh, Xavier forgot to keep me updated about it.09:48
afrankeHe just told me he wanted to orphan it.09:48
afrankeBut isn't it too late for the sync with Debian then?09:49
Laneylooks bug fix, so no09:50
afrankeOk, great.09:51
afrankeShould I talk about my other requests here too :) ?09:51
Laneyfor upstream versions I recommend you talk to the Debian maintainers09:52
afrankeWhat about backports+09:52
Laneyfile a bug, test it builds/installs/runs and then give me a link :-)09:52
Laney(and if any reverse dependencies [apt-cache rdepends $package], that they still work with the new version installed)09:52
afrankeBug is https://bugs.launchpad.net/lucid-backports/+bug/77636009:53
ubottuUbuntu bug 776360 in lucid-backports "Backport tuxguitar 1.2 to lucid" [Undecided,New]09:53
Laneyok, that bug needs information that the version from maverick-updates builds/installs/runs on lucid09:54
afrankeAnd building/installing/testing... well, I'm no packager (and I don't intend to become one), so...09:54
Laneythere's a program prevu that can help you do this easily09:54
afrankeShould I just try downloading the .deb for Maverick and try to install it on Lucid?09:55
* afranke started reading the page about Prevu.09:55
afrankeWell, I'll see what I can do about it when I'm back home.09:56
Laneyjdong: is prevu still maintained?09:56
afrankeThanks for the link.09:56
Laneyafranke: alternatively you can download the source package for maverick and upload that to a PPA09:56
afrankeOh ok.09:56
afrankeSounds good.09:57
LaneyI think there's a new script called backportpackage to help with that, but I don't know how it works I'm afraid09:57
Laney(it's in the ubuntu-dev-tools package)09:57
Laneyah, maybe this supersedes prevu actually09:57
Laneybroder: can backportpackage create the chroot if it doesn't exist?09:58
afrankeubuntu-*dev*-tools sounds like something I don't want to have a look at :)09:58
Laneyyou can ignore the rest of the scripts :P09:58
afrankeI'm just trying to keep focused. There's already much I have to work on, so I don't want to start looking into Ubuntu packaging for instance.09:59
afrankeBut if there are simple things I can test, I'll do them.09:59
Laneybackportpackage -u ppa:yourlaunchpadusername/yourppa -s maverick -d lucid tuxguitar09:59
afrankeOk, I'll try that at home.09:59
Laneyyou know what, I'll try that (so I can tell other people how to do it in the future)10:00
afrankeGreat, thanks a lot!10:00
Laneybroder: I can't run backportpackage on sid (backportpackage: Error: Unknown release codename maverick10:02
Laneydo you want bugs instead?10:02
* afranke has to detach.10:12
afrankeSee you later and thanks again.10:12
Laneybye bye10:12
willem_Hi, is there any chance that Eclipse might be update to 3.7 with the upcoming release? If not, because it is still 3.5.2 in Debian. How could I help to bring the newer version to Debian/Ubuntu?10:17
Rhondawillem_: Pester the package maintainers in Debian. :)10:18
RhondaOh, there is 3.7 in experimental in Debian …10:18
Laneybdrung looks at that AFAIK, and he's away for a little while10:19
RhondaThere might actually be a reason behind that it hasn't got uploaded to unstable.  In this case I'd suggest to ask them what the reasoning behind is, and in case it's of no importance and the package there is fine, ask for a sync request from experimental.10:19
hakermaniaHello, how should I upload the second version of a program whose 1st version Rests In Peace in revu?10:20
Laneyjust upload it again10:20
hakermaniaI have different GPG keys also, but I've used them in lanchpad as well, so REVU will find them :)10:20
willem_Rhonda, ok I will do that10:20
hakermaniaLaney, I did with dput -f but the new package didn't show up in revu10:20
Rhondawillem_: Just pinged nthykier on irc.debian.org about it, I'll keep you updated. :)10:20
willem_ok, I will stick around then :)10:21
Laneyhakermania: don't know then, sorry10:21
Laneyajmitch: you do revu stuff, right?10:21
Laneyor at least have access to logs10:21
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hakermaniaIs this enough to associate it with REVU? http://i.imgur.com/S9KZE.png10:28
Laneydon't know :(10:28
LaneyRainCT: ^10:28
hakermaniaI will try again... :/10:28
RainCThakermania: Yeah, but you need to log into REVU so it'll sync the keys from Launchpad10:29
ajmitchLaney: yeah10:31
Laneynm, RainCT saved the day10:31
ajmitchthat's ok, I'm used to being too slow :)10:32
Laneysilly upside down people10:32
ajmitchit gets hard to hold on10:33
hakermaniaRainCT, Do you mean that I have to be logged in into REVU via launchpad to have the package uploaded? So, does this mean it's a cookie issue or something :O ?10:33
RainCThakermania: no, you just need to log in once after putting your key on Launchpad10:33
ajmitchhakermania: no, the act of logging in syncs the keys for that lp ID10:33
RainCTyeah, that10:34
hakermaniaOh, so I will relogging10:35
hakermaniagot it10:35
hakermaniaCan I see from inside REVU the associated keys?10:36
* hakermania wants to be sure10:36
Rhondawillem_: <nthykier> Rhonda: among things, I have not actually installed it and tried it starts... tests suggests that at least one of its r-depends are broken and if depends on stuff in experimental :P10:38
Rhondawillem_: So it might require a bit more investigation than just requesting a sync from experimental.10:39
willem_Rhonda: What would be a good way to proceed? Install Debian_experimental in a VM and see if it starts for myself?10:40
RhondaI would give it a try if it's at all buildable in oneiric, and get it running there.10:41
willem_Rhonda: OK, will see if I can make some time available for that this evening... :) Thanks for the information!10:42
hakermaniaRhonda, willem, are you talking about a new package?10:44
Rhondahakermania: eclipse10:45
RhondaFor certain definitions of "new" :)10:45
hakermaniawillem_ wants to upload it for review? Or not?10:45
RhondaWonders if it would be possible to get 3.7 into oneiric.10:46
Laneyit's not source NEW if that is what you are asking10:46
* Rhonda . o O ( wow, feature freeze starting tomorrow and I managed to remember the codename properly, didn't expect that )10:47
Laneyspelling it was the most difficult part for me for some time10:48
hakermaniaIs feature freeze tomorrow? No! I think it's on Saturday10:49
Laneynope, tomorrow10:49
hakermaniaIs this the last day for accepting packages?10:49
Laneyno, you'll just need a freeze exception10:50
hakermaniaHow do I get this?10:50
ubottuFeature Freeze Exception. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess for the freeze exception process.10:50
hakermaniaLaney, Do I have any chance if I upload the package now to have it reviewed?10:52
Laneyyou could ask the patch pilot10:52
Laneyreviewer time is extremely limited10:52
hakermaniaIts says 15 in the release schedule and I accidentaly thought 15 of August, what a pity :(10:54
Laneynah, i expect you can get the exception10:55
hakermaniaLaney, and what am I supposed to say here: "State why the addition of the package should get considered" ?10:56
Laneyprecisely that, why you want to get it in10:57
hakermaniaLaney, because it's great software (kidding :P). What should I say? It's not that important :P, it's a simple wallpaper changer LOL10:58
hakermaniaI want to get it in because it has unity support, something that ubuntu needs so as to support its new features! (that sounds good ;) )11:02
jtaylorhmm why are there no dbgsym for libnotify4?11:03
Laneyhakermania: realistically, new leaf packages (as this is) don't introduce much risk, so freeze exceptions are relatively easy to get11:04
hakermaniaLaney, Hmm, good to know that, but why is this link broken? (File a bug against the Ubuntu distribution (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug), attach the source package to it (or link to it).)11:10
hakermaniaIt redirects me somewhere else, wheere I cannot fill the bug :/11:10
Laneyworks for me11:10
Laneyare you logged in?11:11
hakermaniaLaney, doesn't it redirects you to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs ?11:14
jtaylorhow strict is the feature freeze actually?11:16
jtaylorI'd like to get meld 1.5.2 in11:16
hakermaniaHehe :)11:16
jtaylorbut the debian maintainer is on vacation11:16
jtaylorso it will only be in debian probably next week11:16
hakermaniajtaylor, does the link above works for you?11:16
jtaylorshould I package it myself in ubuntu or can I get an exception?11:17
jtaylorit does add new features, but also solves a bunch of bugs11:17
jtaylorhakermania: yes11:17
Laneyjtaylor: if you test it sufficiently it should be fine11:25
hakermaniaGuysm I don't know why but it constantly redirects me to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs, I tested both from firefox and chrome and I cleared history and cache :/11:26
chrisccoulsonhakermania, that's deliberate11:28
chrisccoulsonit's to discourage people from filing bugs using the launchpad interface11:28
Laneydoes that work?11:28
chrisccoulsoni was just about to suggest that :)11:28
jtaylorhow long does it usually take for SRU uploads to get approved?11:28
jtaylorso they are published in -proposed?11:29
chrisccoulsonand the page you're redirected to explains how to override it anyway11:29
hakermaniaLaney, yes, it did, thanks11:30
jtaylorsoya is waiting for approval since 1.aug :(11:30
hakermaniajtaylor, soya? I don't seem to find it at revus main page11:31
jtaylorits in the natty proposed upload queue11:32
hakermaniajtaylor, and what's this? Is this a reviewing or something? such as revu?11:34
jtaylorno, a sponsor uploads a package to -proposed and the stable release team approves the upload11:34
jtaylorthen it goes into proposed for people to test, if that succeds it will go into -updates11:34
jtaylorits for packages already published in stable releases11:35
jtaylorsee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates11:35
hakermaniaOh got it, it's for package updates, for packages that are already in the repositories, new versions etc.11:38
Laneyghc takes a depressingly long time to build13:41
jtayloranyone have experience with pynotify?13:46
directhexLaney, mcs is uncommonly fast as a compiler - most other things take a long time to build13:49
Laneydidn't help that i had to disable tmpfs because i don't have enough ram :(13:50
* Laney eyes bill gates13:50
jtaylorbe glad youre not compliling pypy13:53
jtaylorthat monstrosity needs more than 4G ram to compile ._.13:53
paultag*cough* eclipse *cough*13:53
Laneyyes, I have 4G13:54
nigelbI keep my room warm with that.13:54
jtaylorwell then you do not have enough to compile pypy ^^13:55
jtaylor< 4G and it started swapping after 45 minutes :(13:55
paultagjtaylor: to the build farm!13:56
jtaylorand it prints nice but useless mandelbrot pictures onto the terminal instead of percentage indicators13:57
hakermaniaCan a feature freeze exception bug filled in and requested i.e. tommorow?14:28
Rhondawow. bug-watch-updater seems to work again. a bit delayed, but …16:09
* Rhonda . o O ( bug #693584 fixed in debian in may, bug-watch-updater noticed half an hour ago :) )16:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 693584 in wesnoth-1.8 (Ubuntu) "wesnothd-1.8 file location asked when starting server" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69358416:10
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hakermaniaShould I request deletion of wallch in revu so as to be removed from there? I want to upload ASAP the 2nd version and I don't know what to do or how. Should i simply use 'dput -f' as usual?17:24
Laneyjust upload it again, yes17:24
hakermaniaLaney, thanks, about the 'subscribe (don't assign to) ubuntu-release' step of filling a feature freeze exception bug, how do I do this? i am on the step of 'Further information' (regarding the bug report) but I can't see anywhere saying 'subscribe X'17:27
hakermaniaIs this later?17:27
Laneyit's on the right17:27
Laneyafter you've filed the bug17:27
hakermaniaOK thanks again17:27
RhondaIs a sync request meant to be set to confirmed or triaged by the MOTU, or left as New after subscribing ubuntu-archive? I somehow had the impression that it should be set to confirmed for ACKs, now I see triaged with someone else …17:36
RhondaI don't find this documented in the wiki at all under SyncRequestProcess, to be honest …17:37
Laneyeither should be fine. I'm not sure what the archive admin scripts actually require17:38
Laneycjwatson: ^ ?17:38
Rhondarequestsync sets confirmed :)17:43
micahgRhonda: yeah, I'm keeping an eye on eclipse 3.7, I already requested one new build-dep to be sync'd and let the release team know we might need an FFe for it17:47
RhondaGreat!  Not that I use it myself, but …  ;)17:49
iulianRhonda: I usually set them to Confirmed.17:50
RhondaMe too, just though saw two request ACKs done by debfx and was puzzled for a moment :)17:51
iulianNew means that the syncs haven't been looked at if I recall correctly.17:51
iulianTriaged and confirmed are used interchangeably noawadays for ack'd syncs.17:53
iulianFrom what I can see...17:54
hakermaniaWhat about this bug?17:54
Laneyit looks like the sync script doesn't care about the status17:55
hakermaniawhen I built the application in 11.10 it complained for the opposite17:55
Laney3.9.2 is fine17:55
Laneythe server probably has an old lintian17:55
hakermanianice to hear that17:55
hakermaniaHow does it sound? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/82410217:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 824102 in Ubuntu "Please FeatureFreeze Exception for Wallch 2.0" [Undecided,New]17:57
iulianLaney: How's Notts holding on with regards to the rioters and looters? I've heard that it had some action as well.18:00
Laneyiulian: not so bad compared, check out the police website for a summary18:17
hakermaniaHow would I know if my bug report for featurefreeze exception is accepted?19:33
Laneythe release team will update it19:33
dupondjeCould somebody check if https://bugs.launchpad.net/pkg-gearman/+bug/682680 still doesn't build on a sbuilder ? Seems to build fine on a pbuilder here19:49
ubottuUbuntu bug 682680 in gearmand (Ubuntu) "New upstream release, gearmand 0.23" [Wishlist,Incomplete]19:49
geserdupondje: you could test it by uploading to a PPA (for test-building)19:54
dupondjetrue, lets see :)19:56
micahgdupondje: that would be interesting if it builds, but understandable20:33
dupondjemicahg: https://launchpad.net/~dupondje/+archive/ppa/+packages the amd64 did build fine21:12
dupondjethe i386 fails somehow21:12
micahgdupondje: interesting21:15
dupondjeFAIL: libtest/unittest21:15
dupondjebut WHY lovely :)21:15
dupondjeno errors it seems21:15
ajmitchit'd be more understandable if it failed in building the arch-independent parts, but silently failing unit tests on i386 only is just annoying21:20
dupondjetrue :)21:20
dupondjeit fails in pbuilder on i386 also btw21:30
dupondjestupid thing :p21:30
juli_Hi! Could someone please tell me if it is possible to remove a source and binary packages  after FF?21:30
juli_Or packages removal is considered to be a new feature?21:30
dupondjewhy you would want to remove a package ?21:31
juli_well, if I won't be able to find someone who will support and update it, it is  better to remove21:33
dupondjewhat package are you talking about ?21:34
juli_anyway it is better to know if there is any deadline for removal21:35
Laneydid you speak to juli_?21:36
Laneyyou are juli_ :P21:36
Laneyare you no longer able to maintain it?21:36
LaneyI don't think there's a specific deadline really, to answer your question21:37
ajmitchdeadline is probably when the archive is finally frozen a few hours before release21:38
ajmitchpackages have been removed up until then before21:38
juli_ok, thanks!21:38
juli_I'll try to safe the package anyway:)21:39
TheMusoA lot of packages depend on netbeans.,21:39
TheMusoI was working on one such last week.21:40
TheMusoAnd not being up on java stuff, wasn't able to get it to build.21:40
LaneyI don't see any21:41
juli_what is the name of the package?21:41
LaneyI'm sure a lot of users rely on it though21:41
juli_I'm currently investigating the impact from removal, so any info is welcome)21:42
TheMusoI can't remember off the top of my head.21:42
dupondjeis it that hard to upgrade it ?21:42
juli_visualvm depends on libnb-platform-java21:43
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Laneyah, build depends21:43
TheMusoStill a dependency.21:44
TheMusoWhether it be build or runtime.21:44
juli_Laney, what package?21:45
micahgyeah, visualvm is the only external thing that deps on netbeans and it's a build time dep21:45
dupondjemicahg: any idea how to debug the issue ? :) running make test in a pbuilder fails also21:45
dupondjemake -d test doesn't give any usefull info21:46
micahgdupondje: clean chroot21:46
dupondjehave that in a clean chroot now :)21:46
LaneyTheMuso: I know, I meant that I only checked apt-cache rdepends.21:46
TheMusoLaney: right21:47
micahgjuli_: visualvm is the only thing and it's a build time dependency21:48
juli_yes I see, thanks. I'll talk to doko about that21:50
matttbeI'm looking for one sponsor (or more) in order to upload 3 packages before the feature freeze (sorry to be a bit late :-/) in universe: cairo-dock, cairo-dock-plug-ins and latexila.22:29
matttbeAll these 3 packages are beta versions (they are almost stable but perfectly usable!) and their stable versions are expected for September or before.22:29
matttbeI've opened 3 bug reports linked to 3 bzr branches with 3 merge proposals:22:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 823513 in cairo-dock (Ubuntu) "Please update Cairo-Dock to 2.4.0~0beta2 version (before the FF)" [Undecided,New]22:30
ubottuUbuntu bug 823514 in cairo-dock-plug-ins (Ubuntu) "Please update Cairo-Dock Plug-Ins to 2.4.0~0beta2 version (before the FF)" [Undecided,New]22:30
ubottuUbuntu bug 823566 in latexila (Ubuntu) "Please update LaTeXila to 2.1.1 (= 2.2.0 beta) version (before the FF)" [Undecided,New]22:30
matttbe'bzr merge-upstream' has been used to commit these revisions on these bzr branches and they should be ready to be uploaded on Universe.22:30
matttbeNote that I've compiled them with pbuilder and test it on Ubuntu Oneiric with a liveUSB22:31

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