StattsHi, is this the proper channel to seek help on installing mythtv backend on a system running xbmc live?00:03
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sguntherWith the mythbuntu testing PPA why are the updates being limited by distribution?  I am runnung 10.04 (Lucid) with 0.24 and there is a change in the mysql MCC plugin codebase that is not coming to my machine?   My system has applied all updates via synaptics and my current mythbuntu common is 0.50-0ubuntu1.  In looking at the sources files on the server lucid is getting a different set of files than maverick, is this intenti06:26
achew22I just installed the 0.25 pre from the mythbuntu repos. When I start anything I get a segfault in "QMutex::lock() () from /usr/lib/libQtCore.so.4" according to gdb. Does anyone have any clue what's going on?07:52
Shred00achew22: i reported this a day or two ago.  there was no response.09:56
rileypis anyone usimng irsend in natty I cant seem to get it to work11:27
jason1969Just installing 11.04,  during install asks to 'Test Connection'  trouble is it does not allow me to enter the backend server addres (or mysql server address) so always fails.  Is this intentional?15:59
jason1969This could be related, but at the end of installation I get "The installer crashed" and some instructions about submitting syslog and partman log to developers.  These files have no errors at the time of the crash.16:17
jason1969Message in installer is "Checking for packages to remove", towards the end of installation.16:18
chrissbxIs there a drawback in choosing 64bit mythbuntu over the 32bit version (on a Core 2 duo)?16:23
chrissbxLike, does it not offer flash?16:23
jason1969I would argue, rather where is the benefit.  Unless you have a specific 64bit app or one that needs a lot of memory there is little advantage, rather one could argue that 64bit is a disadvantage, progs are larger as are some data structures so could be slower.16:25
chrissbxMaybe more efficient codecs? Like enabling me to play HD video in flash? :)16:26
chrissbxI know about the size issue, but video usage might really just actually be a good case *for* 64 bit.16:27
chrissbxAlso, this computer is using nvidia graphics, and I've been using the closed source binary driver w/ 64bit Debian; would have to check if the driver actually exists for 32bit.16:29
jason1969Perhaps, though I'd have to see some benchmarks to be convinced that the use of 64bit is worth the hastle of stuff not working.  I found that using a decent video card (VDPAU) made far better progress wtih HD playback than a stroger CPU.16:29
chrissbx(Or would the opensource driver work well now?)16:29
chrissbxWell, I'll just install 64bit then see whether flash works.16:33
jason1969Well, as I said, if you can put up with the hastle for a given app then it's worth it. (perhaps in your case a specific driver for your h/w) From experience with other machines (not for Myth) I find that 64bit is really not that useful (yet) and just makes life more complicated. In time I expect this will change.16:34
jason1969I use a cheap Nvidia card, a GeForce 8400GS on PCIe with HDMI and it works perfectly at 1080p using the NVIDIA GLX drivers for Xorg16:46
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tgm4883jason1969, do you actually use 64-bit processing anywhere?16:55
tgm4883a 64-bit os that is16:55
tgm4883I mean, I only use a 32-bit OS on one of my PC's, and this is only because it doesn't have a 64-bit capable CPU16:56
tgm4883And I don't see any issues running any software16:56
tgm4883I mean, it's not 1969 anymore, 64-bit Ubuntu is actually quite good16:57
jason1969tgm4883:  Two of me three file servers use 64bit, less because I *need* it, rather as an experiment...  My Vista laptop is 64bit.17:04
jason1969My VMs (for network services) are all 32bit as is my backend file storage (NAS)17:06
jason1969did I say Vista, i mean W7 (used to be Vista a year ago.....)17:07
jason1969I've done lots of cross development and was fiorced to use 64bit (company policy) caused lots of grief - would have been much easier with 32bit.17:07
jason1969I don't think I've got any non-64 bit capable machines anymore, oh yes one of hack of an old laptop that runs w2k - I use it for jtag programming using old (LPT port) hardware.  It was the bee's knees back in 2000......17:10
tgm4883jason1969, so it sounds like, from a programming POV, that 64-bit computing is more difficult. But from a user standpoint I see no issues17:24
jason1969I think it is more generic: if you stray off the common software into stuff that's not frequenly updated then you get into issues with 64bit because the effort's not been done.  Same if you are a developer or a general user.  I can't really comment as a user under Linux as I don't really use it for those sorts of apps, but under Windows I find lots of older stuff is bin fodder once you move to 64.17:51
jason1969Saying that W7 does do a good job of running most 32bit apps......17:51
achew22Shred00: Last night you said that you'd seen the segfault in the mythbuntu binaries. Did you ever get that resolved?19:32
Shred00achew22: no.  it seems to be an artifact of the build.  somebody else echoed that finding this morning.19:32
achew22I wonder when the next build is scheduled19:32
dekarlfwiw 64bit in the pc world gets you twice the register count, an ABI that doens't use the stack so much for function calls, etc. ohh, and more than 2 gigs of flat memory per process, a bigger address space to map you pci memory into... like that 2 gig from your graphics card without going back to old school paging.. so I'd say it's easier for the programmers in the 64bit world :)21:19
dekarland after 10 years of 64bit windows, if you still have old crap that's supposed to be used on current windows but doesn't work right, just slap whoever bought from that supplier until they throw them out and switch.21:22
achew22Is there a way to trigger the mythbuntu repos to rebuild from source? There is a commit on HEAD (that isn't in the current build) that I think stops a segfault I've been having. Any ideas?22:35
tgm4883achew22, wait about 2 hours? it's actually set to start at 11:00 PM GMT I think23:12
achew22why didn't it build last night then?23:12

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