pleia2nhandler: netflix on chromebook! \o/00:49
nhandlerpleia2: Thanks for the heads up. I literally just tried watching a movie on linux yesterday (or maybe this morning). This is a great going-off-to-college gift for me ;)00:58
pleia2works really well, no jitter or lag00:59
akgranerpleia2, while I am not watching many email list right this sec - if you see something that needs posting to the Fridge feel free to ping me as well...I can always take time to add something...01:00
pleia2thanks akgraner :)01:00
akgraneroh it feels good to be getting back in the swing of things :-)01:01
akgranermaybe next week you can show me those awesome scripts...I'll try and help out some...Pete will be in London...01:01
pleia2sure, we're hoping to show a couple others the release process so that'll be good01:02
nhandlerakgraner: Perfect timing (I go off to college this weekend)01:02
akgranerkids are at bandcamp next week..and the they want to be lazy before they head back to school...01:02
akgranernhandler, have a blast...01:02
akgranerwell study as well, but don't forget to have fun as well...01:03
akgranerjeez, I really like to use "as well" as some people use "you know" and "like"...:-/01:03
nhandlerakgraner: I will ;)01:04
akgranernhandler, :-)  which college?01:05
nhandlerakgraner: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign01:05
* nhandler needs to start planning which electronic devices/computers to bring down01:06
akgraneroh cool...I was in the Army with a guy who was from Champaign... my dad's family is from Mt. Carroll... - have fun deciding  - catch you all laters...I need to finish reading about virtualization and cloud computing...so I can finish and interview/article..01:08
akgranerand then write a blog post about setting up a VM just so I could try out Lubuntu....01:09
nhandlerakgraner: Shoot me a link to the articles/blog post when you are done. I'd be interested in reading them01:15
=== nlsthzn_ is now known as nlsthzn
* nlsthzn waves13:24
* MrChrisDruif waves back13:24
nlsthznHow are you MrChrisDruif ? :)13:26
MrChrisDruifPretty good, still on the look out for work13:31
MrChrisDruif(Paid that is)13:31
nlsthznWell good luck with that, hope you find something soon!13:35
MrChrisDruifThanks =)13:44
akgranernhandler, will do....it's a stuggle today to get anything written  - and trying to make sense of what I was writing at 1am was/is painful...:-)14:54

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