h00kit's only those two talking, but they haven't figured out tab-complete or !who yet00:13
ubottutheadmin called the ops in #ubuntu (moparirc_c7sND)03:33
rwwdealing with ^03:33
h00kthat worked03:33
h00krww: sorry if I stepped on your toes :(03:34
rwwnow in #kubuntu, if anyone from there's around.03:34
h00kafter the second announcement, I figured that was enough.03:34
* rww shrugs, was about to /ar them, doubted it would have helped03:36
rwwjust parted #kubuntu03:36
rwwi guess not enough attention for them03:36
rwwaaaannnndddd here goes wols_ again03:37
h00kwols_ :(03:37
* h00k sighs03:38
h00krww: you beat me03:38
h00kI was also going to go for codeofconduct, as well03:38
h00ker, instead of.03:38
CoreyOnjoin spam bot in #ubuntu-es03:53
Coreyrww: Sorted out via alternate means.03:56
bazhangwhat a surprise05:31
* rww puts his finger next to the big red button05:33
bazhangno WAY he is going to troll more!05:33
bazhangirc quotes? any idea what linuxrealm is talking about ? factoids?05:49
bazhangthat the madonna troll?05:51
bazhangie Satanhimself05:51
rwwbazhang: looks like. What should I be looking for in BT?05:57
bazhangrww good question. I'll take a look at the similar IP addresses first05:57
rwwnever mind05:58
bazhangquelle surprise05:59
SatanHimself Hello, I would like to buy a fish license, please.06:02
MyrttiSatanHimself: excuse me?06:12
SatanHimselfMyrtti: Good morning, sir. I was looking to come back to #ubuntu-ops06:12
SatanHimselfErr, #ubuntu-offtopic06:12
SatanHimselfWe are having a great philosophical conversation.06:13
topylitrolling is not philosophy. i can't support your re-entry into #ubuntu-offtopic. we don't handle fishing licenses here either06:15
SatanHimselfOkay. :<06:16
SatanHimselfIs Carl Jung philosophy topyli?06:16
topylithat's offtopic. if there isn't anything else, please part this channel for now06:17
SatanHimselftopyli: Yes sir.06:17
SatanHimselfSatan has one last requrest.06:17
* SatanHimself wants to put an iPod in a blender, grind it up, and drink it.06:18
topylirequest granted06:18
Myrttimushroom season on northern hemisphere06:22
Myrttithat could explain it06:23
Myrtticutest little Amanita was pushing out in early July at mums place06:24
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bazhangaugh catfish07:17
IdleOnekeep an eye on <linux_flowerr> , posting dangerous commands.08:19
IdleOnethey quit.08:20
IdleOnehello seeker09:09
seekerCan someone change the topic of -meeting to inform that mootbot is currently screwed09:09
seekerIt stopped writing out log files on 30th June09:10
* jussi note the -t in there09:10
jussiseeker: when do you expect it to be fixed?09:11
* seeker thought it would be best to make a request in here09:11
jussiseeker: yeah, fair point, thanks09:11
seekerjussi: As soon as possible. No idea when that will be at present09:11
seekerNalioth has been looking at it, and seems to be stumped ATM09:12
jussiseeker: is it just the logs didnt get moved to the public dir?09:12
seekerNot appearing at all on the filesystem apparently09:12
jussiseeker: also, then please remove it from there, Ill ask alabell to put the uk version in so its useable (if that sounds good to you?)09:13
seekerI don't have access to the machine so I can't check anything myself09:13
seekerI'll see what I can do09:14
jussiseeker: sounds good.09:15
seekerFfff, either i can't remember the command or it is ignoring me09:15
jussiseeker: no probs, Ill ban it for the time being09:16
jussierr mute09:16
jussior perhaps remove is better.09:16
seekerRemove, or it'll keep messaging people09:17
seekerThanks, I'll let you know if/when the situation changes09:18
jussiseeker: thanks for your help09:19
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (JakeR003 appears to be flooding, but emergency mode is on)10:00
=== LjL2 is now known as LjL^
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (SeeknDestroy appears to be flooding, but emergency mode is on)10:28
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (JakeR003 appears to be flooding, but emergency mode is on)10:28
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (Kartagis appears to be flooding, but emergency mode is on)10:28
Tm_Tuh, #u two minutes ago10:30
IdleOnelooks like the split has the bot confused a little10:31
Tm_Tsplit that wasn't identified as a split10:34
Tm_Tlooks like server(s) simply lost connection to clients, not to other server(s)10:39
IdleOne!language > SeeknDestroy10:59
Myrtti!ultimate > mwaijandeg11:09
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* Pici grinds his teeth12:11
bazhangArchlinuxman is 2% help, 98% nonsense chit chat12:34
jpdsbazhang: Have pacman go after him.12:35
bazhangjpds, hehe12:35
bazhangI expect a response the last time I !ot'd him: I was dragged into it!12:35
IdleOneoops I meant hatter12:37
IdleOneyou like wearing/making hats12:38
PiciWho doesn't?12:38
Piciultimate :(12:51
bazhangusr13, hi12:52
usr13How are you today?12:52
bazhangusr13, you are here to resolve your ban in #ubuntu12:52
usr13I suppose so.12:53
usr13As far as I can tell, someone banned my whole ISP.12:53
usr13I could show you in the logs where I was banned if you'd like to see.12:54
usr13One of the ops missunderstood what I was saying.12:54
bazhangusr13, just a moment please12:56
IdleOneyeah nick change won't get you passed the ban12:59
usr13IdleOne: SO it is policy to ban the whole ISP?13:02
IdleOneusr13: no, and it wasn't the whole isp13:03
usr13Just asking.... And I suppose that is the only way.  Right?13:03
usr13what then?13:03
usr13The IP?13:03
IdleOneusr13: was your specific IP addy but give us a minute or two here to talk this out and we will be right back please13:04
IdleOnethank you.13:04
ikoniausr13: one moment, I'll get to you13:04
ikoniaI tried to pm you for a big part of yesterday13:04
ikoniaI'll just be a few minutes13:04
usr13(WISPS use a single IP)13:05
ikoniausr13: I'll be with you ASAP13:05
ikoniaalmost done13:08
usr13or, at least, this one does.13:09
Piciusr13: if you're looking for #ubuntu logs, /msg ubottu irclogs13:11
usr13Yea, I had already found it, but not yesterday's log.13:13
usr13It's there now... just came up13:14
bazhangyou're free to rejoin now usr1313:15
IdleOneusr13: ban in #ubuntu has been lifted and I believe you can expect a PM from ikonia soon.13:15
bazhangsplz, hi13:16
bazhangsplz, need some help?13:16
splzi'm new13:16
splzon this network13:16
usr13IdleOne: Ok, Thanks.    If anyone is interested, I can show the comment that I was baned for.  (I would like someone to look at it and see if they can tell what the missunderstanding was.)13:17
usr13IdleOne: Can I PM you?13:17
bazhangsplz, you probably want #freenode then13:17
splzi left from this channel13:17
bazhangsplz, /join #freenode13:18
IdleOneusr13: it was a simple misunderstanding of intent, sometimes English doesn't translate well over IRC :)13:18
splzbazhang, thanks :)13:18
Piciusr13: we've discussed it thoroughly elsewhere :)13:18
IdleOneyeah that too13:19
usr13Pici: Ok.  Fine.13:19
IdleOneusr13: thanks for your patience and understanding. Have a good day.13:20
usr13I assure you, I mean no malice.  The discussion was OT though and I admit to that.13:20
IdleOneand that is what we decided also.13:21
IdleOneyou should be an op, seems you think like some of us hehe13:21
usr13and I have said before that #ubuntu-offtopic is undersued and under-appreciated.13:21
bazhangwe plan to file suit asap13:21
ikoniausr13: I was just dealing with someone else so apologies dind't meant to leave you handing13:22
ikoniausr13: I wanted to apologise for the missunderstanding13:22
usr13I wouldn't mind being an OP but only if you all think I should.13:22
bazhang<RA_drc> ActionParsnip: i don't have apt-get installed13:29
Picira_drc has been troublesome in the past.13:29
bazhangso no answer to the lsb_release -a question13:32
IdleOnehe isn't running ubuntu13:32
IdleOneLFS maybe?13:33
bazhangI;m shocked to find a non-ubuntu system in #ubuntu13:33
ikoniaI assure you it's not LFS13:35
IdleOneikonia: I have no idea that is why I asked. Whatever he is running if it didn't come with apt installed it isn't Ubuntu13:36
bazhang "angstrom"13:36
ikonianever heard of it13:36
bazhangthat derivatives factoid takes up a quarter of my screen13:37
ikoniait's emedded linux13:37
ikoniaor point it at a wiki page explaining the issue13:39
jussiÅngstöm is a pretty awesome embedded linux, but yes, its no ubuntu. It uses ipkg by default iirc13:42
ikoniathe doc suggest it's quite mature and has recently made a few big jumps13:43
jussiYeah, its what we have been working with as a base for a long time13:44
jribuser yesterday didn't have cron an ubuntu install14:12
jribone of those vps vendors I know ikonia loves to support14:12
ikoniaI get excited by those vendors14:22
ikonianothing pleases me more than someone bastardising a free product trying to make money from it then expecting the community to support it so they don't have to14:22
ikoniait makes my day14:22
PiciJust thinking about mysql-server https://launchpad.net/mysql-server14:55
h00kI think I'm proposing an #ubuntu-quiz channel. ikonia, it's your fault15:26
PiciWe do have #ubuntu-trivia, I believe  there is an Ubuntu question bank.15:26
h00koh. I knew that. I played there.15:26
h00kPlease delete that line in your logs15:26
genii-aroundAre the questions asked in that channel all about Ubuntu?15:41
h00kgenii-around: they can be15:42
h00kthe trivia bot just started /querying me15:42
h00koh, it's a list of topics, when I hit !choose15:42
genii-aroundI ask because it occurs to me that could be a fun way to learn stuff relating to Ubuntu, make it a game etc15:43
mneptokPici: why the raised eyebrow to MySQL5.5?15:49
Picimneptok: Because I didn't see it in Ubuntu or Debian.15:50
PiciI also don't keep up with mysql released.15:50
mneptokPici: 5.5 was released this year, so it's new15:55
mneptok(the past 12 months, not calendar)15:57
jpdsPici: Don't people just use Postgres?16:06
oCeanwhy did the supy-bot just talk?17:59
oCean<bot-nick> http://wiki.eclipse.org/IRC_FAQ17:59
oCeanI thought it was just a log bot17:59
jussioCean: what, where, how?17:59
oCeanin #u, only moments ago18:00
jussiwhat is that bot-nick?18:00
oCeanbot-nick is a user in #u that apparently responed to a user posting:  Google = No help for good Java IRC channel,18:01
oCeanbut we discussed "supybot" before, and figured it was just a log bot18:01
jussiyeah, sorry, had to pull myself together, mind elsewhere.18:01
jussisupybot is the same bot base as ubottu18:02
jussiwhere did you discuss this?18:02
oCeanoh wait, right that's it18:02
oCeanthere was/is another18:02
jussioCean: in anycase, to publically log the channel they need to ask permission from the ircc.18:03
jussisee the bottom of: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/IRC/Bots18:03
jussianyweays, Im off18:04
tsimpsonand "talking" bots are a no-no18:04
oCeanIt was this one: vumi.praekeltfoundation.org, a vumibot18:04
jussitsimpson: pm18:05
usr13Does it mean something when someone just sends usr13++  ?18:31
usr13I see that once in a while and not sure if it means something?18:31
Piciusr13: Some places have karma bots that keep track of 'score' for people, or they're just agreeing with you.18:33
usr13so just means "ok"  or "I agree"  ?18:34
Piciusr13: pretty much.18:34
usr13Ok tnx18:34
ubottuThe operation succeeded.18:39
oCeanusr13: is there anything else we can help you with?18:42
oCeanusr13: if there's nothing more you need, can you please leave this channel?18:52
Seveas--> Kernel-Panic (~os@174-16-69-112.hlrn.qwest.net) has joined #ubuntu-offtopic21:09
Seveas<-- Kernel-Panic has quit (Excess Flood)21:09
rwwyeah, I noticed. i'm giving them a couple more minutes.21:10
Seveascan someone forward him to ##fix-your-connection? it's getting annoying21:10
h00kthank you, rww21:11
h00kany ops in #ubuntu+1 that can?21:12
rwwlooks like getting them out of #ubuntu sorted it out21:12
CoreyLooks like he stabilized.21:12
rwwalso, #ubuntu ops have op access in #ubuntu+1.21:12
CoreyHe's in a lot of places that I can see, so if it continues we can probably call it a cross channel issue.21:13
rwwCorey: what's the usual cause of that? client /who'ing on join?21:16
Coreyrww: Couldn't tell you really.21:16
rww(and #ubuntu being big?)21:16
Coreyrww: Could be a lot of factors really.21:17
CoreyFor all I know he has a "genius" script that does a whois on the entire channel at once.21:17
h00krww: I knew that ;)21:21

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