tech-heroang aga!02:08
tech-herogame na ba?06:52
tech-herosino online na?06:56
tech-herowelcome everyone!07:01
tech-heroanybody here?07:05
Knightlusto/ here. but in bed sick.07:08
butikizakame: Error: "startmeeting" is not a valid command.07:08
MootBotMeeting started at 02:09. The chair is zakame.07:09
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Knightlusthey zak07:10
kidsodatelesshi, i'm on time hehe07:10
zakamesorry I'm a bit late, was deploying stuff lol07:10
tech-heroaye aye captain!07:10
zakameheya Knightlust kidsodateless tech-hero :)07:11
zakameI'll just keep this brief07:11
zakameagenda is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PhilippineTeam/Agenda07:11
zakame[TOPIC] Team announcements and formalization of monthly team IRC meetings07:12
MootBotNew Topic:  Team announcements and formalization of monthly team IRC meetings 07:12
zakameso for team announcements, actually this is just to recap the activities of the past few months07:13
zakamefirst is that we had release parties for natty07:14
zakame2 in fact :)07:14
zakamethe first one was organized by ulinskie at Zamboanga07:15
zakameI'm still waiting for her writeup on the wiki news page though07:15
zakameand we had another here in Manila07:16
zakamewe got some people from the press to cover it07:16
zakameand eventually got some screen time at ANC's Future Perfect show to plug it07:17
tech-heroyeah. 07:17
zakameI'm stil waiting for the copy of the video though07:17
zakameI was told ANCAlerts will put it up on its youtube page07:18
zakamebut I also asked if we can get a raw copy as well07:18
Knightlustat least we got pics uploaded by O&B on their fb account07:19
zakameso there's that for recent news on the team's activities07:19
zakameas for other news, re: the locoteam re-approval07:20
zakamewe're effectively on extended approved status until October07:20
Knightlustbut should we wait that long for re-approval?07:21
zakameso until then we have time for sharing ideas and planning activities07:21
zakameKnightlust: I was told we no longer have to show up on subsequent re-approval meetings, it will be decided solely by the ApprovalApplication and activities of the team07:22
Knightlustnice! at least we no longer have to deal with the timezone issues07:23
zakamewe just have to keep that page updated ;)07:23
tech-heroi think we really have to show them that we exist07:23
tech-herohave you read mr. Frances' post on facebook group?07:24
zakameindeed, just looking at the FB group page shows it :)07:24
Knightlusttech-hero: link please07:24
jongbergshello everyone!07:24
zakamehi jongbergs pinoyskull :)07:25
pinoyskullhey zak07:25
jongbergsvery sorry i'm too late for the meeting!07:25
jongbergshi zakame pinoyskull 07:25
zakameno prob :) logs will be up later07:25
pinoyskullhey jongbergs 07:25
zakametech-hero: yep, I'm watching it07:26
zakameI'm glad that there's a new lug effort getting started07:27
tech-heroin case, people from our group would like to have an event, for example, open source advocacy, could we include it as part of our LoCo activities?07:27
zakamesince plug is mainly a mailing list now :P07:27
zakamesure, as long as it is about ubuntu, or talks about ubuntu in some way07:28
zakamebtw we have better presense/visibility now that we have the gifts from canonical07:28
jongbergsim from davao, and have no idea whether there was an event like just what you have been doinng for years.07:28
* Knightlust headesk... you're talking about francis arellano's meetup.07:28
corden_work_modeI also wonder jongbergs - I'm from davao too07:29
zakamejongbergs: hehehe its ok, for the longest time the loco activities are mostly spontaneous events07:29
jongbergscorden_work_mode: really? i'm actually working at davao del norte state college07:29
jongbergsin panabo city, just 2hrs travel fro davao city07:30
jongbergszakame: i see..07:30
tech-hero@zakame: then how can we get your approval? any standard procedures?07:31
butikitech-hero: Error: "zakame:" is not a valid command.07:31
tech-herozakame: then how can we get your approval? any standard procedures?07:31
pinoyskulllol butiki :D07:33
zakametech-hero: currently it is just "let me know about it" :P I imagine there'd be a more formal framework in place for that soon07:33
jongbergscorden_work_mode: how about planning an event in davao in one of these days? the seniors here can guide us though :)07:33
zakametech-hero: there used to be this means so that I can get a conference pack sent to requestors, that includes ubuntu cds and swag07:34
corden_work_modethat would be a good idea07:34
zakameah there we go07:35
tech-heroI've read the link07:36
tech-herowhat about the cost :[07:36
jongbergszakame: we're planning to have an Ubuntu event in davao, how do we get approval?07:37
tech-heroany permits?07:37
zakamelet me move that on to a new topic07:37
jongbergszakame: im reading the link now to get more info07:37
zakame[TOPIC] UpcomingTeam events07:37
MootBotNew Topic:  UpcomingTeam events 07:37
zakameThat's at least 2, no 3 upcoming activities that the locoteam may work on07:38
zakametech-hero: jongbergs: when's the tentative date?07:38
zakamethere's also SFD by next month07:39
kidsodatelessi was not able to put my topic :  team participation for sfd next month. 07:39
jongbergszakame: i'll have to ask first with corden_work_mode 07:39
zakamejongbergs: no prob07:39
kidsodatelessPUP QC  will celebrate Software Freedom Day also and I will be there for free talks. :)07:40
zakamekidsodateless: that's awesome! :)07:41
zakamethere's at least a couple of SFD philippine teams every year07:41
zakamethe one at PUP (organized by CPUnion) and one by 8Layer07:41
jongbergscorden_work_mode: this is my email edbergavera AT gmail.com hope we can get in touch so that we can plan the time and location of the event.07:41
zakamewow just looking at http://wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/2011/Philippines there's a lot more involved07:42
corden_work_modehere's mine: cordennaraga AT gmail.com07:43
zakamekidsodateless: this one? http://wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/2011/Philippines/QuezonCity/DOMT.Cs07:44
kidsodatelesszakame: yup 07:44
kidsodatelessWho wants to participate ? this just like a normal meet-up on the event.07:45
jongbergscorden_work_mode: just added you to g+ ubuntu circles :)07:45
kidsodateless we could also divide our group to participate to SFD with cpu, webgeek, or in any events that you are near at. 07:45
zakamethere's a whole lot of SFD events now07:46
zakameso take your pick :)07:46
zakameI guess I can request a confpack for this then07:46
corden_work_modejongbergs, same here07:46
zakameok, so for those interested in holding an Ubuntu event in the near future, please contact me07:47
tech-heroalright. roger that :)07:47
jongbergscorden_work_mode: do you any idea about SFD in our area?07:47
jongbergszakame: ok i got that..07:47
zakameI can probably get a conference pack requested so it can be distributed across all events07:48
jongbergszakame: email g+ or irc?07:48
tech-herojongbergs: visit the link above and try to look for a place nearest to you07:48
zakamejongbergs: email or g+ would be best07:48
zakamealso on the fb group too07:48
jongbergszakame: ok07:49
jongbergszakame: my fb acct has long been inactive :(07:49
zakameI'll let you and other organizers know ifthe confpack gets here07:50
jongbergszakame: g+ has it all :P07:50
zakamewe can decide how to distribute it after07:50
zakamejongbergs: hehehe07:50
jongbergszakame: thanks for that..07:50
kidsodatelesszakame: great! how about deploying ubuntu-ph's booth07:50
kidsodatelessso we could just display and distribute some burnedCDs?:)07:50
zakame[ACTION] zakame to attempt reqeusting for Ubuntu conference pack for upcoming events07:51
MootBotACTION received:  zakame to attempt reqeusting for Ubuntu conference pack for upcoming events 07:51
zakamekidsodateless: yeah that's what I have in mind07:51
zakameso, anything else?07:52
Craw^Zakame, tapos na meeting? lol07:53
zakameheya Craw^ 07:53
zakamejust about to lol07:54
kidsodatelesszakame: we could use origami cdsleeves,  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1574412 (orginal project of ubuntu-ca) 07:54
zakamekidsodateless: ooh that's nice07:54
zakameyeah in case we don't get pressed CDs07:54
zakameheya yolynne 07:55
yolynnehi guys sorry am late .. 07:55
zakameno prob, logs will be out in a bit07:55
Craw^lol may mas late sa akin, si yolynne :D07:55
zakameyolynne: can you update the PhilippineTeam/News with info on the Zamboanga RP?07:56
yolynnesge... will check it in awhile.. sge go on07:56
Craw^May I ask what you're talking about right now?07:56
jongbergshello Craw^ yolynne 07:56
zakameCraw^: hehehe07:56
Craw^Hi Jongbergs, thanks for the welcome07:56
yolynnewell.. we had the release party last month.. half of the attendees are long time users of ubuntu.. and the other half are newbies07:57
zakameCraw^: team events and what to do07:57
yolynneno presentations were done.. just sharing of personal experiences on IT in general and the seasoned developers volunteered to help the new ones.07:58
zakameyolynne: awesome still :)  sorry we didn't get to sync the parties07:58
Craw^Thanks. I'm a SuperNub.07:58
yolynne@Zak where you able to download the photos... I know I still have some in my FB album.. for the portal07:58
butikiyolynne: Error: "Zak" is not a valid command.07:58
zakameyolynne: yep07:59
zakameoh, speaking of the portal07:59
zakame[TOPIC] ubuntu-ph.org site future07:59
MootBotNew Topic:  ubuntu-ph.org site future 08:00
zakamecurrently ubuntu-ph.org is down :(08:00
Craw^zakame - I noticed matagal na down yan... is it being discontinued?08:00
zakameKnightlust: I remember you telling me you got the SQL and file dumps right?08:00
KnightlustI have the files and the db dump08:00
yolynnei suggested Knightlust to include a submit a success story link para we can populate ubuntu stories all over the philippines08:01
Knightlustshould we have it hosted by canonical08:01
zakameCraw^: yeah, but not really discontinued08:01
jongbergsto my knowledge ubutu loco sites uses drupal CMS..am i right into this?08:02
zakameKnightlust: that or we could get another provider08:02
zakamejongbergs: yep08:02
Knightlust110mb.com was ok back then when they retired mekong08:02
kidsodatelessis the site down because were on re-approval process?08:02
Knightlustunsure of it now08:02
zakameKnightlust: though it might be an uphill battle to get it re-hosted on canonical again, I guess I'll ask around08:03
zakamekidsodateless: nope, entirely unrelated08:03
Craw^What are your hosting requirements? I might be able to share some of mine...08:03
KnightlustCraw^: uptime's important, and basic LAMP with mod_rewrite08:04
zakameKnightlust: its on drupal and mysql right?08:04
Knightlustzakame: yeah08:04
Knightlustif we need PlanetPlanet, we'll need shell access as well as python installed08:04
kidsodatelesszakame: oright, cleared.08:05
Craw^Uptime and basic LAMP good to go... now, Newbie Alert: mod_rewrite?08:05
zakameCraw^: apache module for rewriting URLs08:05
KnightlustCraw^: an apache module, basically removes the ? and = from the url08:05
Knightlustit's just a url beautifier. not really important, but would be nice to have once08:06
Knightlustoh, and .htaccess ability. most hosts doesn't allow custom .htaccess08:06
zakameits a long shot, but if canonical won't host, I can put it on my VPS (I'm actually on it right now for this IRC session ;)08:07
Craw^OK ganito, I have an account with HostMonster. You can check on their site if they have mod_rewrite.08:07
Knightlustzakame: nice! i'll email you the files08:07
zakameCraw^: sound good too, I'll check08:07
KnightlustCraw^: yeah, i believe they have mod_rewrite. how's the uptime though?08:08
zakameits either that or put it on the cloud lol08:08
Craw^Knightlust - Uptime is great. I don't remember the last time any of my sites went down. And they have great support. Sumasagot agad within 24 hrs.08:08
Knightlustso... your decision zakame 08:09
zakameyeah, let me check first our options08:09
zakame[ACTION] check on hosting: canonical, hostmonster, etc for ubuntu-ph.org move08:10
MootBotACTION received:  check on hosting: canonical, hostmonster, etc for ubuntu-ph.org move 08:10
Knightlustok, i'll update drupal to v7 before sending you the files and db08:10
Knightlustbut i'll do it tonight, or maybe tomorrow. still can't stand up, or sit down without falling.. nausea and vertigo08:10
zakameawww get well soon08:11
Craw^Pagaling ka Knightlust08:11
Knightlustthanks, thanks08:11
zakameok, I guess that's about it08:11
jongbergsget well soon Knightlust 08:11
zakameanything else?08:11
Craw^btw, I'll give you guys ftp access if we'll use my hostmonster account. ayokong ako ang mag-migrate, masira ko pa yan lol08:11
zakame[TOPIC] open discussion08:11
MootBotNew Topic:  open discussion 08:11
zakameCraw^: hehehe08:12
jongbergsguys, is anybody here been working with CICT's iSChools Project?08:12
nhatzim late.. :(08:13
zakameheya nhatz 08:13
yolynnezak, did ubuntu-ph got the approval na?08:13
nhatzyo zakame 08:13
yolynneget well soon Dax08:13
zakamenhatz: belated happy birthday!08:13
nhatzzakame: shhh wag maingay08:13
Craw^welcome Nhatz08:13
Craw^uy and belated happy birthday nhatz lol08:13
zakameyolynne: see log, but no, we're on extended approved status until october08:14
yolynnemeron pang mas super late comer nhatz 08:14
nhatzyolynne: late comer o late bloomer?08:14
jongbergshi nhatz 08:14
nhatzyo jongbergs 08:14
yolynnejongbergs: my husband is part of the iSchools project... 08:14
jongbergsit's my first time here..glad to have met you guys..08:15
zakameok I'll formally end the meeting, next one will be next month, september 708:15
jongbergsyolynne: i see..08:15
zakamethanks all! :)08:15
MootBotMeeting finished at 03:15.08:15
jongbergsyolynne: is you hubby working on the project until now?08:15
Knightlustyolynne, jongbergs thanks. bbl na ako, really need some zzz. later guys!08:16
Craw^jongbergs - it's my first time to see people talking here lol08:16
jongbergsCraw^: hehehe08:16
Craw^later, Knightlust08:16
jongbergsKnightlust: ok Godspeed..08:16
jongbergsguys, still there? can i ask more question?08:17
yolynnejongbergs: di na.. ending phase na ang iSchools ng CICT, 08:18
jongbergsyolynne: right, however we are still completing series of trainings.08:19
jongbergszakame: i'd like to ask about instructional materials on ubuntu08:20
zakamejongbergs: such as?08:21
jongbergszakame: such as for laboratory management for teachers. this is due to the project we are working with uses Ubuntu 10.04 LTS08:23
jongbergsand we would like to provide them instructional materials with regards to managing computer lab based on ubuntu08:23
jongbergszakame: do you have access to canonical's training materials?08:24
yolynnejongbergs: sir, wala po bang na provide ang CICT na materials for that?08:24
yolynneparang me nakita akong presentations na ginagamit nila when they did the training of trainers for lab management08:25
jongbergsyolynne: mam meron po pero it's all about ubuntu interface only.08:25
zakamejongbergs: ah, the canonical reference is the Official Ubuntu Book08:25
zakameI believe there's an update out for lucid already08:25
jongbergszakame: yes, ur right i got it also...illegally..08:26
zakameI think there's a copy on sale, I remember seeing one at National08:26
jongbergsbut the official ubuntu book is too comprehensive for public high school teachers who designated as lab managers08:28
zakameyeah I think that was brought up in recent docteam talks08:28
zakamejongbergs: have you tried getting the teachers to use the desktop guide instea?08:32
jongbergszakame: yes, i have also one of those guides..im looking for another source specific for their needs08:36
jongbergszakame: btw, thanks for your suggestions..i'll contatct you anytime if we've come up about hosting an Ubuntu event here in davao08:38
zakamesure :)08:38
vjbangisvhello there08:38
zakamebe back later, I'll just /away08:38
zakameheya vjbangisv 08:38
jongbergsbye everyone..c u later!08:38
vjbangisvhow the meeting08:39
yolynnejongbergs: you can start creating one, just choose which topics are suitable for the training, since you conduct the training yourself... 08:40
tech-herozakame will post the logs later08:40
Craw^logs now up! http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/08/10/%23ubuntu-ph.html08:54
* kidsodateless needs to get more sleep... bye09:05
tech-herotill next time friends!09:19
rpcherreraGood afternoon sirs/mam09:26
Craw^lol laging ganito, walang nagsasalita09:42
Craw^tapos na kasi meeting09:42
Craw^hello Ralph09:42
rpcherreraah hahaha! kaya pala09:54
rpcherrerahindi ko naabutan09:54
rpcherreraaga natapos ah?09:54
Craw^You can read the logs. Uploaded na09:55
Craw^Logs of meeting kanina: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/08/10/%23ubuntu-ph.html09:55
bobJabbaEy! Someone's awake! :D15:58
bobJabbaKunan ko lang ng screenshot. Very rare ito eh lol15:58
bobJabbajoke lang15:58
RaymondXningas cogon mga ubuntu enthusiasts dito eh15:59
bobJabbakanina may mga active, pero naman kasi may meeting15:59
bobJabbangayon na wala nang meeting balik sa dati lol15:59
bobJabbabrb, reading...16:01
compe2014may online ba dyan?16:34
compe2014need help16:35
RaymondXstill here bob?16:54
RaymondXstill investigating the recent dos attack16:55
compe2014can someone help me with sis672 chipset? :(16:57
RaymondXno driver yet?16:59
RaymondXresolution problem?17:00
compe20143d already fixed?17:08
bobJabbaAh hello. Sorry, reading stuff. Dami ko nang tabs naka-open :/17:24
compe2014meron na bang 3d sa sis672?17:29
bobJabbaNo idea, sorry.17:31
compe2014kakainis naman tong sis ayaw mag release ng mga drivers17:31
bobJabbaNapuntahan mo na yung link na binigay ni Raymond?17:32
bobJabbaTry mo din dito: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=158917817:32
compe2014di pa pwedi pa type ulet kasi nag relog-in ako17:32
bobJabbaIto yung galing kay Raymond: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=160599817:32
bobJabbabrb, I need to get back to reading.17:33
compe2014pano ba yung compiz thingy?17:33
bobJabbaah ako din di ko pa masyado napapag-aralan yan. madaming threads at examples sa ubuntuforums17:38

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