slangasekScottK: well, this was for today, and I don't know why the builds would fail when they did on account of apt - the failure is well after the actual livefs build + downloading00:10
ScottKAny thoughts on why the latest Kubuntu powerpc image failed due to unity, gnome-session, and ubuntuone-client-gnome not being installable?05:52
ScottKI've looked through the germinate output and can't find it.05:53
slangasekfrom what I see, ubuntuone-client-gnome has been superseded by ubuntuone-client?06:09
slangasek(based on what I've just seen in a dist-upgrade here)06:10
ScottKI've no idea how any of those even got on a Kubuntu CD, let alone fail an ISO build.06:33
slangasekheh, good point06:33
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charlie-tcaDesktop images failed again today; same errors as yesterday13:22
charlie-tca2011-08-10 10:59:16 ERROR 404: Not Found.13:22
charlie-tcafor many items at end of build13:22
slangasekcjwatson: do you have any idea what's up with the live builds failing to find live filesystems on the local disk?  I don't see any pertinent changes to cdimage14:02
cjwatsonno, it was like that when I got back from holiday ...14:04
cjwatsonI'll see if I can dig into it today then14:04
slangasekcool, thanks14:08
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araskaet, feature freeze is today eod, or tomorrow eod?17:06
arameaning, are we safe tomorrow to upload new features?17:06
iulianara: The latter I reckon but I'm not 100% sure.17:09
iulianIt's definitely not today.17:09
slangasekfreezes officially take effect at 0000UTC on the indicated day17:16
slangasekso you have about 7 hours left17:16
arathanks slangasek17:16
micahgslangasek: I thought skaet said 18:00 UTC tomorrow17:58
skaetslangasek,  freeze time was set for tomorrow at 18:00 UTC for last couple of weeks.   More lands earlier though the better ;)18:05
slangasekskaet: ah, well, bonus development time for everyone then ;)21:14
skaetslangasek, yup.  :)21:16

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