stuntmachineI'm curious about what is considered the "right" way of setting up an Ubuntu virtualization server.  I recently tried Proxmox, but I'd like to use something that doesn't insulate me from what's happening so much.  Also, Proxmox is based on pure Debian.  I'd rather use Ubuntu as my OS.00:15
stuntmachineI set up a basic Lucid box with KVM, but I'm not sure if a) that's the best approach, and b) if it is the correct approach, what is the most efficient way to manage it?00:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #823638 in libvirt (main) "Please put comment in /etc/default/libvirt-bin or remove it from the .deb" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82363800:16
johnaHi, I have a 11.04 server working (sort of, its a little unstable) and I wondering if i would be better off regressing to 10.04 LTS. Could somebody point me to a description of LTS support - package updates policy?00:28
kim0johna: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS00:29
johnakimo: thanks00:30
johnaOK, in the LTS versions do they keep the applications up to date (eg, is postfix kept close to the developers latest version) or is it frozen at the OPSYS release level?00:40
twbjohna: all releases are stable.  That is, they do not get new versions from upstream, because new versions = new bugs.00:46
twbjohna: there are exceptions: bugfixes are backported in the <release>-security area, likewise non-security critical issues are fixed in <release>-updates, and some packages have new upstream versions packaged in <release>-backports.00:46
twbAlso, certain utterly utterly stupid upstreams, like firefox, violate this design because upstream are asses and make life impossible for the Debian/Ubuntu developers.00:47
johnatwb: HI, I understand that, but having just moved over from Centos which did not incorporate anything new for years, eg. postfix was still on 2.2/3 while the latest is 2.8.  while I might be "happy" to a little behind, but I would prefer not to be using SW from the museum.00:53
twbNot my problem.00:56
twbIf you don't like it, you can run non-LTS releases, or pre-release versions, but IMO both are a recipe for disaster.00:56
twbYou can also run an LTS release and then, in some cases, cherry-pick packages that you really need to be a newer version, although that requires more experience with apt/dpkg than you probably have at this time.00:57
johnatwb: is the cherry-picking approach "really" difficult or just RTFM difficult?00:59
twbIt's "doing this will void your warranty" difficult01:00
twbHow difficult depends on the package.  For example, eatmydata is trivial to cherry-pick, but mysql is just not gonna happen.01:00
johnatwb: hell I've been doing that for years, I don't expect to do it very often and I expect if there is some "oscar winner" change then it will be included in the updates. I am more interested in including things like postscreen, or the latest drupal package.01:03
twbGranted, since you're coming from RHEL/C5 you're already used to that kind of situation.01:10
johnatwb: thanks for the info, as LTS releases are ever two years things should not get too far behind. Once again thanks.01:26
twbNo worries01:26
jeeves_mossis there a way to list the NTP servers you have currently in your config, but list them in order of latency?03:38
twbntp -pqn ?03:39
jeeves_mosstwb, will that list them in order?03:39
twbI can't remember what it even does03:39
twbThere is some invocation that tells you how hot the known peers are03:40
jeeves_mosstwb, that's what I'm looking for.  I have a bunch in the list, and I was looking for something like NameBench, but for NTP servers03:41
twbI can't work it out, but I know it's there03:41
jeeves_mosstwb, is there such a program like NameBench (that does DNS servers), but for NTP?03:42
twbHere we go03:46
twbntpq -p03:46
twbAnd ntpq -pn, inhibits reverse resolution03:47
twbubottu: help memo03:47
twbUseless bot03:47
jmarsdentwb: /msg memoserv help    is probably what you were looking for?03:57
twbYeah, although some channel bots are smarter about it04:02
twbLike "foobot: tell fred blah", next time he says something in this channel, the bot will tell him in this channel04:02
twbMaybe it's just me, but I don't notice memoserv memos for *months*04:03
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uvirtbotNew bug: #604283 in bind9 (main) "network servers do not listen on" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60428305:44
nigelbcat on the keyboard detected.05:57
twbSo <stupid customer> insists on floppy support in their lucid kiosk images05:57
twbAnd I actually get it to work, and doing final UAT today, it turns out to *not work at all anymore*05:57
twb@!&#^*!^@# udisks and polkit05:58
twbI can't even just put an fd0 entry in /etc/fstab, because that makes nautilus and friends just ignore it05:59
twbudisks is reporting "media not found" despite a simple mount(8) call as root working fine06:00
twbAnd it's a bitch to debug06:00
twbHmm, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/udisks/+bug/59991506:02
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 599915 in udisks "unable to mount floppy after update (dup-of: 441835)" [Undecided,New]06:02
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 441835 in udisks "Clicking on floppy gives "no device media found"" [Medium,Confirmed]06:02
twbLooks like ubuntu basically disabled floppy support to speed up gnome on systems without floppy drives06:08
twbIn an -updates patch06:08
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kuralHow is it decided that X version of Ubuntu will be LTS ? Any info folks08:31
greppykural: I think there is a new LTS release every 2 years.08:35
kuralBy micahg@ubuntu-devel  "there's an LTS release every 2 years, 12.04 will be the next LTS "08:42
simmouk87How do I recursively zip/tar current directory please?09:11
memoryleaktar -cjf /path/ archive.tbz ?09:22
Jeeves_The other way aroun, i think09:24
Jeeves_tar -cjf archive.tbz /path/09:24
Jeeves_f expects a filename as the following argument iirc09:25
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smoserhallyn, around ?10:08
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uvirtbotNew bug: #823862 in lxc (main) "lxc-create should provide you with a default config file if not specified one" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82386211:31
RoyKseems after a reboot, /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpuX/cpufreq is no longer available11:59
uvirtbotNew bug: #823876 in samba (main) "package samba-common-bin 2:3.5.8~dfsg-1ubuntu2.2 failed to install/upgrade: corrupted filesystem tarfile - corrupted package archive" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82387612:02
uvirtbotNew bug: #823878 in samba (main) "smbd failed to start after system restart" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82387812:06
SpamapSDaviey: ping?12:54
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DavieySpamapS: yup13:22
TeTeTanyone else seeing an error when installing todays oneiric server image? kernel can't get install and apt-get reports 'trap divide error'13:23
SpamapSLots of stuff flooding in to beat feature freeze :P13:23
patdk-wktetet, maybe you should be in #ubuntu+1 :)13:23
DavieyTeTeT: yes, it was a known issue on yesterday ISO.. we thought it was resolved for the one spun today13:24
DavieyTeTeT: Can you confirm you are using the one from today?13:24
Davieypatdk-wk: It's a useful development question :)13:24
patdk-wkya, but they normally know the issues with not-released stuff better :)13:25
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Davieypatdk-wk: They know the stuff better than the developers, wow :-)13:25
TeTeTDaviey: I d/l cdimages.u.c/ubuntu-server/daily/current -> 64-bit PC (AMD64) server install CD13:26
patdk-wkI thought developers where optimistic, it always works for us13:26
patdk-wkand users are, it's always broken :)13:27
TeTeTpatdk-wk: thanks, that channel is missing from my list :)13:27
DavieyTeTeT: ok thanks.. I don't think anyone from our side has tried the daily from today yet.13:27
TeTeTDaviey: md5sum is at http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/66264213:28
TeTeTDaviey: no prob, I just wait another day13:28
hggdhTeTeT: server ISO build failed today13:31
TeTeThggdh: oh, thanks13:31
zulNCommander: ping can you have a look at libvirt/lxc on arm its not starting properly13:36
DavieyTeTeT: I would suggest using A3.13:38
CloudAche84would this build issue affect the netboot files too? I have had Kernel issues for the last couple of days on my SANBoot servers..13:39
TeTeTDaviey: hmm, where can I d/l that from? Don't see it on cdimages and not on releases13:39
TeTeTDaviey: nevermind, found it on cdimages.u.c/releases13:40
DavieyTeTeT: groovy13:43
smosersoren, http://paste.ubuntu.com/662661/13:46
RoAkSoAxDaviey: howdy! So how's things going around there?14:18
DavieyRoAkSoAx: "ok"14:19
RoAkSoAxDaviey: same.. :)14:19
DavieyRoAkSoAx: we could probably do with a talk through using the cobbler provider for ensemble14:19
RoAkSoAxDaviey: yeah. Things have changed extensively since I sent the email about it. We are trying to get things working here but Internet connection and not having a mirror has pretty much been a waste of time for us yesterday14:20
RoAkSoAxDaviey: since we couldn't even get a machine installed14:21
RoAkSoAxDaviey: but that should be done today, and we should be able to deploy stuff with ensemble14:21
elz89I'm new to ldap, and I am wondering if I set my FQDN to hostname.localdomain.local or hostname.externaldomain.com? I have recently bought my own .com domain name, and pointed it to my server.14:22
patdk-wkin ldap?14:23
patdk-wkit doesn't matter, it's just organizational info14:23
patdk-wkbut if programs make assumptions about how it's organized14:23
hallynsmoser: no, i wasn't.14:30
hallynsmoser: 'sup?14:30
elz89patdk-wk: so should I just set it up locally, because my dhcp server's search domain is already set that way to .local14:31
patdk-wkwhat does dns have to do with ldap?14:31
ikoniadepends what you use as a resolver14:32
* patdk-wk is confused if we are talking about dc's, or the name of the ldap server14:33
ikoniaand depends if your resolving your ldap directory domain, or your dns resolver dns name14:33
ikoniaI wasn't really paying attention, just answering your question14:33
hallyndon't suppose anyone is sitting around with time to do a libvirt sync today...14:35
uvirtbotNew bug: #823096 in freeradius (main) "package freeradius-mysql 2.1.8 dfsg-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82309614:38
lynxmanhey hallyn o/14:42
elz89I have another server on my network running bind. I have two ubuntu servers and I am fairly new to linux  so just let me know what you need to know. :-) This is a hobby for me at home, but I am interested in learning and contributing in the future.14:42
lynxmanhallyn: your name has been mentioned several times around here today14:42
hallynlynxman: network's too laggy to scroll up much14:43
hallynlynxman: what's up?14:43
lynxmanhallyn: we had some issues finding a sane lxc.conf default config14:44
lynxmanhallyn: we solved it by spawning lxc through libvirt xml, it works fine14:44
lynxmanhallyn: trying to debug what's missing to make openstack + lxc (on libvirt) work properly on diablo14:44
GanymedeAnyone here ever migrated NetBackup over to a new machine by manually copying/placing files rather than going through the installation wizard/script? I'm trying to restore a NetBackup server installation from a failed drive. I just copied over a few directories and when I run /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/jnbSA and log in, I don't see the usual tree of items on the left hand side.14:45
sorenhallyn: Hi. The container environment variable you check for inthe lxcguest upstart job... Where's that meant to be set?14:49
hallynsoren: by lxc-start or libvirt's lxc driver14:51
hallynsoren: otherwise it doesn't get set, and we assume we're not in a container14:51
smoserthe environment variable 'container'14:52
sorenhallyn: So you set the environment variable and exec init inside the guest?14:52
smoserwe're thinking that is not getting set14:52
hallynsoren: yes14:52
hallynsmoser: in libvirt they now set LIBVIRT_LXC_UUID or somesuch14:52
sorenhallyn: Yes.14:52
sorenhallyn: We see that one.14:52
sorenThose ones, I mean.14:52
sorenLIBVIRT_LXC_{UUID,NAME} specifically.14:53
hallynlynxman: a starting point for a lxc.conf is /usr/share/doc/lxc/examples/lxc-veth.conf.  Maybe we should add a lxc-libvirt.conf that will work when default libvirt is set up14:53
soren..but not container.14:53
hallynright.  container is no longer being set in libvirt14:53
smoserso lxcguest needs update14:53
sorenSo lxcguest needs.14:53
hallynit has one14:53
smosernot in archive14:54
sorenhallyn: What does that mean?14:54
hallynat least in oneiric it does14:54
hallynmaybe that didn't make its way back into natty...14:55
hallyngrep LXC_UUID lxc/debian/lxcguest*.updatert14:55
sorenWe're running oneiric.14:55
hallynoneiric guests?14:55
smoseroneiric on oneiric14:55
sorenI'm not.14:55
sorensmoser is, though.14:55
sorenAllegedly :)14:56
sorenI'm running natty on Oneiric.14:56
hallynsoren: feh, yeah we need to fix that in natty.  do you midn opening a bug?14:56
hallynas for smoser, i don't know what's going on14:56
hallyni'll blame cloud-init :)14:56
smoserso yeah, definiteliy soren and i are seeing different issues14:57
smoserhallyn, you also need to fix oneiric14:58
smoserso oneiric guest on natty host14:58
hallynthat should work fine14:58
hallyn'in theory'14:59
smoserhallyn, yeah, i see that.15:00
smoserso i'll poke more15:00
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hallynsmb: bug 795717 is gonna need kernel luv15:08
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 795717 in qemu-kvm "32bit rhel and centos 5.(5|6) hangs on boot on natty" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79571715:08
hallynsmb: and is still in oneiric kernel15:08
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koolhead17Daviey, ping15:15
Davieykoolhead17: o/15:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #824005 in spamassassin (main) "Sync spamassassin 3.3.2-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82400515:16
Davieycontentless pings suck.15:17
koolhead17Daviey, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dbconfig-common/+bug/807038  :(15:17
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 807038 in dbconfig-common "dbconfig-common fails to preseed phpmyadmin on natty/lucid" [Medium,New]15:17
Davieykoolhead17: :(15:19
koolhead17Daviey, do i have to mail at debian mailing list for that? :D15:19
smoserhallyn, you there?15:20
hallynsmoser: yes15:20
smoserthat is cat /proc/mounts inside a oneiric on oneiric lxc guest15:20
hallynsmoser: soren: Daviey: from waht you know, do you think bumping oneiric's libvirt to 0.9.3-4 (sync from debian) today is likely to break some things?15:21
Davieykoolhead17: I would see if TREllis can offer a suggestion, he had a similar issue recently15:21
hallynsmoser: looking15:21
Davieyhallyn: I have NFI.15:21
smoserlynxman, thinks it can't make anything worse15:21
lynxmanhallyn: will just shake things up :)15:21
* robbiew covers his eyes15:21
Davieyhallyn: Have you sniffed the new debian changes?15:21
smoserhallyn, note in that /proc/mounts that /dev/ is mounted over the top of /dev/pts15:22
hallynDaviey: not really15:22
Davieyhallyn: That is probably a good first action. :)15:22
hallynDaviey: other than to see that things are volatile there15:22
* koolhead17 bows to robbiew 15:22
smoser /lib/init/fstab.lxc is properly mount-binded over /lib/init/fstab15:22
koolhead17seems like i have missed some action here.15:22
hallynsmoser: and do you in fact not have /dev/pts/ptmx?15:22
hallynsmoser: uh, but you're under libvirt aren't yoU?15:22
lynxmansmoser: yesh15:23
lynxmanhallyn: I mean, yes15:23
hallynthen /lib/init/fstab.libvirt is supposed to be used...15:23
smoserhallyn, yes, i am...15:23
hallynok, well this is in openstack or something, right?  have you tried on a simple ec2 clean install?15:24
hallyn(if not i'll try)15:24
koolhead17Daviey, so i would prefer working on something else then15:24
smoserhallyn, well this is me running under libvirt directly15:24
hallynuh, no i won't, i'm not sure how to mimic your env :)15:24
smoserhallyn, its fairly trivial15:24
lynxmanhallyn: we're running an image through libvirt with lxc and same image with openstack + lxc (which uses libvirt)15:25
smoserhallyn, i can set up a clean libvirt only for you to poke at if you'd like15:25
smoserhallyn, one thing that needs to be fixed15:25
smoserfstab.libvirt says:15:25
smoser # /lib/init/fstab.lxc: static file system information.15:25
smoser(comment is wrong/very-confusing)15:25
hallyni'll queue that up in my queued oneiric lxc changes15:26
baffleHum, why does "virsh pool-start" try to do "/sbin/vgchange -an lvmvg"? It is allready active, with lots of logical volumes in use...15:26
baffleFor some strange reason libvirt doesn't acknowledge that it is active allready, and I can't start it... Thus unable to start any new VMs with images in the volume group.15:26
smoserhallyn, do you want to poke at the system ?15:26
hallynsmoser: i suppose15:26
hallynif you're gonna make me :)15:27
gachi guys, I saw the post on the Planet about reviewing the server tech guide and thought I might give it a go. Is there a good URL for "getting started with bzr", as I'm not familiar with bzr (nor dvcs in general) so not sure how to go about uploading any changes...15:27
smoserhallyn, i see the bug15:30
lynxmangac: a good start would be the bazaar wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bzr15:31
Davieykoolhead17: Sorry, you'll need to use more words.15:31
hallyndon't keep me in susspense15:32
koolhead17Daviey, i meant i will leave using dbconfig-common for a while and work on something else then15:32
hallyneh, i'm gonna get some yoghurt.  i blame robbiew. biam15:32
gaccheers lynxman, I'll give that a read tonight and perhaps have a go at "proofreading" the manual15:32
lynxmangac: that would be pretty awesome, any feedback is welcome ;)=15:33
gacwell, not sure I'll bring much to the party as I'm sure it's evolved very well over the years, but I fancy a change so some "technical reviewing" might be quite useful and looks like work, so I can spend an hour here and there browsing through it for a break ;)15:34
Davieykoolhead17: oh ok.  If you want to help resolve it, that would be most appreciated.15:36
Davieyit's kinda a busy time for us all right now.15:36
koolhead17oneric. and i will file the same bug there too15:36
Davieykoolhead17: the bug you raised defaults to targetting oneiric15:37
koolhead17Daviey, ooh. cool :)15:37
hallynsmoser: well shoot me the fix, and i'll push a new pkg.  oh, i mean, i'll send you the debdiff so you can push a new pkg, core-dev-boy :)15:40
smoserstill worlking, hallyn15:44
zulhallyn: where did qemu-system-arm go?15:57
hallynzul: into qemu-user16:00
zulhallyn: ok thanks16:01
zul(trying to get libvirt working on)16:02
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smbzul, So the xen-4.1.1, even with fixing up hvmloader seems to cause me new pain with HVM. Do you know whether there is newer changes to 4.1.1 pending already?16:14
zulsmb: there could be i havent had a chance to look yet16:15
zulsmb: ill have a look at it tomorrow16:16
smbzul, oK, i need to search through the archive. Somehow I was feeling to have seen something about device emulation but ignored it in the past16:16
adam_gnegronjl: ping16:25
negronjladam_g: pong16:25
adam_gnegronjl: how did you confirm that bug #81616916:26
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 816169 in ensemble "When using Ensemble, add-apt-repository no longer functions properly" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81616916:26
adam_g...was fixed?16:26
adam_gi just tested the same AMI and had failure on multiple formulas16:26
negronjladam_g:  I have been working on a formula that was failing on apt-add-repository.  I shutdown my ensemble environment, changed my environment.yaml file, bootstrapped and re-deployed the formula ( now using apt-add-repository ) and it works now.16:27
negronjladam_g: shutting down my env and will try again...give me a few16:28
adam_gnegronjl: just bootstrapped a fresh environment as wel and used that same AMI16:28
negronjladam_g:  deploying now...a few more minutes16:31
negronjladam_g: apt-add-repository seems to be properly adding the repos to /etc/apt/sources.list.d just fine.16:34
negronjladam_g:  never mind....it's still failing :/16:35
adam_gok.. thanks16:35
negronjladam_g:  I should clarify...the files are there in /etc/apt/sources.list.d16:35
negronjlI still see errors on the logs about it16:35
negronjladam_g:  I'll re-open that bug16:35
adam_gyeah, it succeeds in importing them but something is still broken. certain python libraries later fail to install, for me16:36
adam_gnegronjl: thanks16:36
robbiewzul: looks like http://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/server-o-openstack needs some love...DONEs and POSTPONEDs would be nice ;)16:38
zulrobbiew: okies16:38
negronjlhow do I re-open a bug in launchpad ??16:39
robbiewSpamapS: http://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/server-o-mysql feels lonely and sad :(....defer?16:39
robbiewzul: thx16:39
SpamapSrobbiew: some of it wil get deferred yeah, its targetted at beta right?16:40
robbiewRoAkSoAx: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/server-o-powernap-improvements looks like it's going to need some POSTPONEs...no?16:40
adam_gnegronjl: the triangles in each of the affects rows, then mark it as confirmed16:41
robbiewSpamapS: yep...no worries, just reminder ;)16:41
negronjladam_g:  I can't do that.  I'll talk to iamfuzz to see if he has that option16:43
robbiewzul: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/server-o-xen-host can also use a little love and re-targeting as well16:43
zulrobbiew: k will do so  tonight16:44
adam_gnegronjl: i can, hold on16:44
robbiewzul: cool deal..thx16:44
negronjladam_g:  k16:44
negronjladam_g:  it's now confirmed16:45
NCommanderzuthere are more serious kernel issues with LXC on ARM ATM17:18
Ursinhagema: welcome to QA!17:22
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elz89What does this part define "dc: Example" in the top level front end config for ldap?18:42
elz89Do I need to put the hostname of my Domain Controller?18:47
thisismygameDoes anyone have experience setting up virtualbox with rdp access? I just installed ubuntu from a natty minimal cd, got virtualbox installed with apt-get (so the package name is called virtualbox-ose) and I enabled VRDE in vbox. I am still unable to connect. I think because there is nothing listed in netstat -l for port 3389. Do I need to manually add something on the ubuntu host?18:48
KM0201thisismygame: whats the IP of the virtual machine?18:49
RoyKthisismygame: try netstat -ln18:49
KM0201will that work, if he doesn't have vbox calling for its own IP?18:49
RoyKhm.. nope18:50
RoyKnever used VRDE myself - I've used the vbox from virtualbox.org, which has RDP server hosting from the host address (not the guest)18:50
thisismygameKM0201: win2000 vm: ubuntu host:
KM0201thisismygame: see, i was right18:51
KM0201you need to set the guest, to call for its own IP.18:51
KM0201thisismygame: shut down the virtual os.18:51
KM0201right click the virtual machine/settings18:51
RoyKthisismygame: it's probably better to use bridging if you want the guest to be easily accessible18:51
thisismygameKM0201: so you're saying there is no way to do this using the NAT default networking18:51
KM0201go to network.. on the adapter, set it from "NAT" to "bridged".. that will make the guest OS, call for its own IP18:51
thisismygameKM0201: i've done it using bridged mode before18:52
KM0201i would use bridged for what you're wanting to do.18:52
thisismygamethank you18:52
KM0201RoyK: i'm having a minor prob... i've mounted my RAID at /media/NAS18:56
KM0201i want to create some sub folders on "NAS".. that only a particular user will have access to.18:56
KM0201via samba18:56
RoyKerm.. create the dir and chown it to the user, chmod go-rwx ?18:57
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions18:57
KM0201i already read that... lemme read again see if i'm missing something18:57
tarvidcan I put some sort of reflector for VPN on 11.04 to facilitate a connection between private IPs?19:02
RoAkSoAxrobbiew: yes I'll postpone everything left for powernap (sorry for the delay :))19:13
robbiewRoAkSoAx: cool, thx....no worries ;)19:14
kurtzahi anyone seen kim019:18
grendal-prime_ok i need two create an extra interface on a physcal box so i can bridge it to a vnet19:18
grendal-prime_the box is acting as a router so eth0 is inside, eth1 is internet facing. I want to use iptables to masquarded and sourcenat info toe eth2 wich is actually bridged to br0 if that makes any sence?19:19
kurtzadude sorry for being nosy but what exactly are you trying to achieve19:25
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KM0201RoyK: thanks for the link, not sure what i was doing wrong, but i did it all again, and now it works fine.19:38
KM0201obviously i missed a step somewhere19:38
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skritehey all20:00
T3CHKOMMIE,hey everyone!20:02
skriteT3CHKOMMIE: hey20:04
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T3CHKOMMIEim looking for a netboot solution. i heard of a linux flavor of OS that lets you load iso or images and serves them up Via PXE. does anyone know the name of it? im trying to set up something here at work that will let me do remote OS installes by booting on lan and pointing to a PXE server hosting my images. any ideas?20:04
skritehey all, what kind of networking hardware do i need to look into to build a mysql-cluster with three machines20:04
grendal-prime_kurtza, i need to bridge the device to a vlan20:04
grendal-prime_for virtual enviroment20:05
grendal-prime_most distros you can just crate a bridge call it br0 you dont have to fastne it to anything really but ubuntu does not like that brecause its ...well lets face it kinda illogical20:06
gemaUrsinha: thanks!20:37
Ursinhagema: :)20:38
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hggdhgema: still working? ;-)20:43
tcsadminanyone here use centrify express to join ubuntu server to AD?21:02
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malevfolks! what's the frequency of this cron task? */5 * * * * /home/ubuntu/AE/scripts/staging/ae_jobs_custom_staging.sh >> /home/ubuntu/AE/logs/jobs_custom.1.out.log 2>&121:29
lixxusguy is there a gui for ubuntu server21:35
lixxussuch as lamp gui as webmin21:36
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tcsadminlixxus -yes but majority of ubuntu servers don't have gui installed21:37
lixxusyes  i know21:38
lixxusbut for linux noob like me21:38
lixxusconfiguring files etc through backend command is scary21:38
tcsadminlixxus - yeah, command line can be a bit scary but that's how it's done, not via gui21:38
lixxusis there any recommendation for novice users like me21:39
tcsadminlixxus - i'd get comfortabel with ubuntu desktop gui first then make the transition to server21:39
Ursinhalixxus: I'd say: you'll get used to that :)21:40
lixxusi am familar with ubuntu desktop21:40
lixxuscomfortable with ubuntu desktop21:40
tcsadminlixxus - i'd said take the plunge and forget about the gui then21:40
lixxushowever command line through putty seems long winded21:41
tcsadminlixxus - you'll learn a heck of a lot more about ubuntu server thru the command line21:41
tcsadminlixxus - long winded but you'll learn more, trust me on that21:41
lixxusyes but its all about saving time21:41
tcsadminlixxus - ubuntu server i very popular so you'll never get stuck for long21:41
tcsadminand you will get better/faster as time goes21:42
lixxuslong term it might be good learning, but i dont have time to mess about.21:42
tcsadminwhat are you trying to do?21:42
lixxusthe aim of the server is for mail,web, possibly voip21:42
lixxusthere are tailored solution unique to each function, however i would rather create my own21:43
tcsadminyou can get the base ubuntu LAMP server going in about 10-15 mins21:43
lixxusthe other suggestion provided to me is to install esxi server and install each server for each function21:44
tcsadminfunction you mention that, i was going to suggest vmware!21:44
lixxushowever i will be running the system on a atom d410 processor 2gb ram21:44
lixxusso i dont know if vmware will be powerful enough21:44
tcsadminvmware is pretty slick but one unknown at a time!21:44
tcsadminyeah, you need pretty good hardware for vmware21:45
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lixxusanyone run ubuntu server on atom system ?21:45
tcsadminit should work so i say go for it21:46
tcsadmini run some test server with a lot less hardware than what you have21:46
lixxusso there is no server based distro that can be configured from gui21:48
tcsadminlixxus - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerGUI well good luck with your setup, i'm off.21:52
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