PaoloRotoloHi all!10:00
jp_HraniceHallo. I'm from Czech Republic here. And I want introduce yourself.12:54
xdatap1jp_Hranice, hello. Welcome on the channel :)13:00
jp_HraniceI' 30 years old. And I use Ubuntu fro Hardy Heron.13:02
jp_HraniceI'm not experienced for development but I sispect I can test ISO.13:03
jp_Hranicesorry, suspest :-(13:03
xdatap1jp_Hranice, cool. Take a read here for partecipate: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing13:03
jp_HraniceThis is why I am here.13:04
xdatap1jp_Hranice, welcome aboard then. Any question ask here :)13:05
jp_HraniceI read it.13:05
jp_HraniceI can styl read some to know how and come back with a question.13:07
xdatap1jp_Hranice, my suggestion is to take a read also on how to report bugs and then try to perform an iso test. Next image will be available at the end of the month. (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule)13:09
jp_HraniceHow does work QA mailing list. It collaborate project like ISO Testing ?13:09
xdatap1jp_Hranice, not only. Everything about Quality :)13:10
xdatap1jp_Hranice, a great read here -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs13:10
jp_Hranicexdatap1:  I install oreinic yet.13:10
xdatap1jp_Hranice, you can try live cd testcase as first test, it doesn't require an installation13:12
xdatap1jp_Hranice, all test case are in the tracker: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/13:12
xdatap1jp_Hranice, here full infos about it: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/ISO/Procedures13:12
xdatap1jp_Hranice, have fun :)13:13
jp_Hranicexdatap1: OK, thank you13:14
jp_Hranicexdatap1:  one qestion - Can I test ISO from USB Disk ?13:16
xdatap1jp_Hranice, yes of course. It's cheaper than burning a CD every test ;)13:16
jp_HraniceI can not get ISO.13:55
jp_HraniceWhot is wrong Ubuntu ISO testing tracker ? Some ISOs are not longer avaible.15:08
davmor2jp_Hranice: it only lists the isos that are awaiting testing at key staging like alpha3 beta 1 etc once that has gone it isn't in use15:10
davmor2Sometime I fell I've got to run away, I've got to get away.....15:23
davmor2feel even15:24
jp_HraniceI do not understand. Can I use ISO I download few days ago and continue testing ?15:34
davmor2jp_Hranice: Yeap you can test what ever you want the tracker is only use for specific iso that will become the stage image15:35
jp_Hraniceso I can submit start of testing today with ISO i have ...15:36
jp_Hranicedavmor2: It's styl Alpha 315:37
jibeljp_Hranice, we are using the tracker to report results during milestone testing alpha1,2,3, Beta 1, 2, and so on.15:37
jibeljp_Hranice, between milestone you can test daily builds15:37
jibeljp_Hranice, there is chance that bugs reported during milestone testing are already fixed in the latest daily build15:38
jibeljp_Hranice, you can report any bug found in a milestone candidate or a daily build to LP15:38
jp_Hranicejibel:  This is it. dayli build is not today avaible.15:39
jibeljp_Hranice, builds for today and yesterday failed and only powerpc is available.15:40
jp_HraniceOK. I have to go away. Thank you for your answers. Bye.15:41
jibeljp_Hranice, you'll need to check again later this week.15:41
jibeljp_Hranice, thanks for helping15:42
charlie-tcaUbuntu QA meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 30 minutes. Agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Meetings16:32
charlie-tcaQA Meeting in #ubuntu-meeting now17:00
jp_HraniceIdo no understand dls-003 at http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Install/DesktopLiveSession17:37
jp_HranicePlese can any body help me ?17:38
charlie-tcaWhat part is giving you problems?17:42
charlie-tcaThat is a test using a USB pendrive/thumbdrive with a separate partition to store settings and user docs17:43
jp_HraniceI do not understand whot is persistent sesion.17:43
charlie-tcapersistent session is a way to place the live image on the drive and store your settings for it, so when you use it, it is like using after installing17:44
jp_HraniceI can configure live sesion to store some informations on difrent partition ?17:45
charlie-tcaYou can configure the usb to do that, yes17:45
charlie-tcamost live sessions, you lose everything when you restart17:45
charlie-tcaThe persistent install means you keep what you changed in preferences17:46
jp_HraniceI never do this.17:46
charlie-tcaThat is what part 3 tells you. create two partitions on the usb stick17:47
jp_HraniceI start ubuntu frum USB Stick17:47
charlie-tcaone is the normal live image, and the other one is called "casper-rw"17:48
jp_HraniceI'm lookink for disk utilyty17:49
charlie-tcaThen when you do "try ubuntu", it is supposed to save any changes you make to preferences.17:49
charlie-tcaum, I don't know where it is now, in unity. It should be called gparted17:49
jp_HraniceI have 1MB partition casper-rw17:52
vikingur'Disk Utility' is palimpsest17:52
jp_Hraniceit automaticaly save preferences on casper-rw ?17:53
jp_Hraniceok. I did it by gparted.17:56
charlie-tcaI think so, I don't have usb boot ability18:00
jp_HraniceI found something. Little text on botton of page.18:01
jp_Hraniceok. Thak you. I'm going to reboot.18:02

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