andrejzkelemengabor can you please check if nightmonkey still time outs for you?10:38
andrejzfor me it became much more serious a couple of days ago10:39
andrejzcan you please confirm it so i am cetrain it's not my network connection to blame10:39
kelemengaborandrejz: no problem here, launchpad pages open in a few sec10:40
andrejzok, thanks10:40
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trijntjeIs it possible to watch the oneiric import queue for just one language? Just out of curiosity and to get a better overview of whats going on?16:13
kelemengabortrijntje: AFAIK, not. The queue is for projects, and can be filtered only by status and file type, not by language16:40
kelemengaborso, there is no queue for languages16:41
trijntjekelemengabor: thanks, I was just curious16:43

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