nhainesakk: representative bucket hat http://www.amazon.com/Pigment-Dyed-Bucket-Hat-Khaki-W12S43E/dp/B000FGYXUM00:02
akkAh! Those are more fun than baseball caps (though less effective at shading eyes from sun). And good as rainhats too.00:04
nhainesYup!  :)  Great for hiking.00:04
akkAnd easy to stow, crumple away in a backpack, etc.00:05
nhainesAnd usually a nice drawstring chin strap in case it's very windy!00:07
* bkerensa pings jatatum00:33
pleia2netflix on chromebook \o/00:52
akknetflix streaming?00:53
akkWhoa -- how do they do that?00:53
akkThought it required a windows/mac binary app to do the DRM?00:54
pleia2apparently it's not all silverlight anymore :)00:54
pleia2there have been development checkins for a netflix plugin in ChromeOS for a couple of months now, so we knew it was coming00:54
akkAny idea how it works, and whether it will be available for Linux too?00:55
pleia2bkerensa spoke with some netflix guys at OSCON who said they were seriously working on something for linux00:55
akk(not that it affects me personally -- we've been celebrating the netflix price break for dvd-only)00:55
akkI'm glad to know it even though we're happy with dvd-only.00:56
bkerensaIm not the only one who was there when the netflix engineers said it01:02
pleia2it's silly how excited I am about this :) I've been snuggling around my phone to watch tv before bed01:02
bkerensathefinn93 was at the ubuntu booth too but I think he only heard bits and pieces01:02
pleia2bkerensa: yeah, but you're the only one who is in this channel right now :)01:02
bkerensaonly because I'm a native californian01:03
bkerensapleia2: Groklaw, TechRepublic (cnet) and like six other people linked to that Netflix post not sure why its such a big deal01:03
bkerensaI will still use my Xbox even when it does come01:04
pleia2it's been a sore point for a lot of folks switching to Ubuntu01:04
pleia2mostly I watch on our TV (it has a netflix app)01:04
philipballewroku is not a bad option01:05
bkerensaRoku = Donkey01:05
philipballewhaha. maybe01:05
bkerensaI set Roku's up for people all the time... So sad how tech illiterate people are... I charge $25 just to plug a roku in01:05
bkerensaRoku imho is bloatware and their netflix interface is not as nice as XBL01:06
pleia2yeah, I pay someone $25 to change the oil in my car01:06
bkerensaI can't do that either01:07
bkerensathen again I prefer public transit01:07
* philipballew can, but lacks a car01:07
philipballewpublic transit is nice. I got to sf from east of sac for 12 dollars01:08
bkerensapleia2: Just fyi Dreamhost will give sponsored hosting to Loco's01:08
pleia2bkerensa: cool01:08
philipballewdreamhost gives free hosting to non-profits01:08
bkerensapleia2: Their community manager is a cool guy and said he loves ubuntu so he will waive the 501(c)(3) requirement01:08
pleia2we had a really hard time getting hosting for our non-profit from them, but we got it eventually01:08
bkerensaphilipballew: correct01:08
pleia2yeah, we're not all famous and connected so we don't get special favors ;)01:09
bkerensapsh... You have better connections then me01:09
philipballewthe church I go to used them... then someone convinced them go daddy is the way. but I really like dreamhost01:09
pleia2right now ubuntu-california.org is running on a linode donated to ubuntu pennsylvania01:09
bkerensaIf I could move back to Cali I would in a second01:09
pleia2(ubuntu-us.org runs there too)01:09
bkerensaOregon is pretty dry when it comes to tech and such01:10
pleia2I dunno, I think california is just exceptionally tech heavy01:10
pleia2oregon is probably normal :)01:10
bkerensaQuote : Hi support folks,01:10
bkerensaCan you setup Benjamin for a DH non profit account? He isn't a 501-c3 but we're giving him one anyway because we love Oregon and Ubuntu rocks!01:10
bkerensaYou can jabber me or email me if you need more info.01:10
bkerensaThanks guys.01:10
pleia2hah, nice01:10
philipballewwhat happened to servers in your basement and local websites!01:10
bkerensaphilipballew: The problem would be bandwidth prices going up in U.S. versus down01:11
philipballewyeah. att god mad at me for hosting a server in my house01:11
pleia2it breaks the TOS for most residential lines01:12
bkerensapleia2: Yeah Linode is cool... I have a box with them but at OSCON I got a golden ticket in a chocolate bar that gave me any MediaTemple dV-server for a year for free01:12
philipballewphilipballew.com is now down...01:12
pleia2bkerensa: mediatemple had a killer outage on sunday :(01:12
pleia2(fortunately I wasn't on call!)01:12
bkerensaI'm unsure if they thought through the fact that their largest Dv for a year is $15k01:12
bkerensapleia2: Linode had a outage at fremont the other day01:13
pleia2aha, but did you think through the pain of migrating off a $15k/yr box? :)01:13
bkerensapleia2: I would never use all the space so I would have likely just shrinked it down :)01:13
bkerensapleia2: I decided to take their 1GB dv anyways but I did test the coupon on their largest and it worked :P01:14
bkerensapleia2: You work for MT or one of their DC's?01:14
pleia2the linode folks are in jersey so I've known them for a long time, and I'm bias :)01:14
bkerensapleia2: Do you know psandin?01:14
pleia2bkerensa: neither, the compay I work for has a client who has a couple servers over there01:14
pleia2I don't think so01:14
bkerensapleia2: He is one of their support guys that was at OSCON... Apparently he is even from Oregon originally :) I got him uber tipsy and filmed him at the carnival01:15
pleia2cool :)01:15
* bkerensa just remembered channel is logged01:15
* bkerensa whistles01:15
akkI thought Portland was very tech- and linux-heavy ... probably not the rest of Oregon, though.01:16
bkerensaLinode is good people though... and they gave out $25 credits too... So I just spun down my Linode temporarily till the MT runs out01:16
bkerensaakk: Portland is very.... Weird.... People use Ubuntu like crazy here but I don't think they know what Terminal is01:17
bkerensaakk: I would say Oregon has more Ubuntu users then any other state hands down01:17
akkWell, ubuntu does sort of try to hide things like terminals and cmdlines, and pretend they don't need them. :)01:17
bkerensaakk: FreeGeek.org gives out hundreds of Ubuntu computers every month so the state is saturated with Ubuntu :P01:18
grantbowaccrc.org aka. mcrc.org gives out quite a few each month. Not sure of the numbers.01:19
grantbowin the bay area01:19
bkerensagrantbow: Cool.... and Partimus does Fedora right?01:19
philipballewakk linus lives near portland area I think01:20
grantbowUbuntu LTS with some Fedora running Sugar that we are starting to work with.01:20
pleia2fedora would be too tricky to support for the core systems, we need a stable stopping point that's upgradable and the LTS releases work well for that01:21
bkerensaphilipballew: Yeah he lives in Beaverton I think but I imagine he doesnt like Ubuntu01:21
akkI haven't even heard lately what distro Linus is using.01:22
pleia2but we do know that he's using xfce ;)01:22
akkOr hardware -- a while back he was using mostly Macs, but I think I heard otherwise recently.01:22
akkYeah, I did hear about the XFCE thing. :)01:23
philipballewbkerensa, he has said that he likes the "easy to install systems" because he doesnt want to have to mess with configuring the system and he can just get right down to kernal development01:23
philipballewi heard fedora a while back01:23
akkIt used to be fedora years ago, but dunno if that's still true. He does try new things and switch around sometimes.01:23
bkerensaphilipballew: Yeah but I read somewhere recently he was criticizing the Gnome3 look and Unity is not to many steps away01:23
philipballewhe hates gnome 3 I hear01:24
akkYeah, though it's not so much the look, it's the lack of functionality.01:24
philipballewhe used to be a kde user, then now xfce i think01:24
pleia2he switched to xfce from gnome01:24
pleia2gnome3 is "an unholy mess"01:24
bkerensabased on that I think Linus would probably hate Unity just as much01:24
bkerensaand I don't blame him01:25
akkHe was on KDE for a while because he was unhappy with gnome ... I think that was early in gnome2. Then after a few years, switched back to gnome (I wasn't clear why).01:25
philipballewI wonder if the average ubuntu user likes it01:25
akkUnity is a bit more functional than gnome3.01:25
* bkerensa thinks there should be a consensus for such drastic changes as moving to unity but oh well01:25
pleia2gnome3 and unity are young and a major diversion from the norm, everyone is going to hate them until they get mature :)01:25
akkStill missing a bunch of stuff and/or making things hard to access/discover.01:26
bkerensaakk: Indeed but it has the menu system Linus talks about disliking01:26
philipballewits hard to tell if the person, not involved in community, probably duel booting likes it as asking them is hard01:26
pleia2bkerensa: it was either that or gnome3, which is just as crazy change-wise as unity, can't support gnome2 forever :(01:26
bkerensapleia2: gnome2 could be pushed or even made a little more crayola crayonish01:26
* bkerensa is not for all this integrated sidebar stuff01:27
bkerensaits distracting and wastes system resources01:27
pleia2I don't love the idea of sticking to old, unsupported stuff just because it's familiar01:27
pleia2heh yeah, well I use xfce01:27
akkI hate how everybody thinks they have to go all playskool just because Microsoft did it with Win XP.01:27
* philipballew wants to have a easier time moving his unity interface around01:27
bkerensaI prefer efficient versus familiar01:27
bkerensaakk: +1 to you01:27
akkGreat big buttons are okay if you're on a touchscreen, but unity doesn't really work for touchscreens yet anyway.01:27
pleia2bkerensa: fortunately there are lots of options in linux!01:28
akkThey're awful if you're on a netbook or other low-res screen with a mouse.01:28
pleia2if you want efficient, you can have efficient :)01:28
bkerensapleia2: Yeah but everyone will move eventually01:28
bkerensaother distros will follow suit01:28
akkI prefer efficient, but that means every new ubuntu release, I have to spend a bunch of time seeking out and killing all the new inefficiencies.01:28
akk(Fortunately not for the desktop, my nice openbox setup doesn't have to change)01:29
* bkerensa will probably stay on Natty on laptop and just upgrade kernel and everything myself01:29
philipballewill probably give 11.10 a try. i think unity has potental to get better01:30
pleia2yeah, unity will be much better in 11.1001:33
* pleia2 cleans up messy desk01:34
philipballewI run xubuntu on 2v desktops, but unity on the laptop. there goal is still perfection by 12.0401:37
* philipballew remembers watching the uds keynote few years back about that01:38
philipballewDarkwingDuck, hey! did you get the flayer a few days ago?01:39
* bkerensa pokes MarkDude03:31
pleia2MarkDude: green light on A's game Monday :)03:35
MarkDudeCool pleia203:52
MarkDudeGood to go03:52
bkerensaI love this longest Google+ hangout ever04:11
bkerensaanyone else join this yet :)04:11
crashsystemsAnyone in this room have a CR-48 or another device running Chrome OS?04:15
crashsystemsI'm looking for someone to grab the .so plugin file for the new Netflix Chrome OS plugin so I can see if it will work in Ubuntu.04:16
bkerensacrashsystems: It will not... One of Ubuntu Oregon members has one and sent me the plugin04:42
bkerensayou can get so far as Netflix.com but then the site checks your useragent04:43
crashsystemswell, what about spoofing the user agent?04:43
bkerensaI dont think there is a chrome extension to do it yet04:44
bkerensahonestly I dont think its gonna work04:45
bkerensalots of people have tried but I can send you the .so04:45
crashsystemsthat would be great, thanks04:45
bkerensagot a e-mail04:47
bkerensaI can e-mail it to you04:48
crashsystemsmind if I pm it to you?04:48
bkerensasure go ahead04:48
crashsystemsthanks bkerensa. Btw did this come off a CR-48 or the Samsung Chromebook?04:51
crashsystemsand is netflixplugin.so the original filename?04:52
bkerensayou need to do: google-chrome -d --register-pepper-plugins="/opt/google/chrome/netflixplugin.so;application/x-ppapi-netflix"04:53
crashsystemshmm, thats 32bit and I'm on a 64bit os...04:55
bkerensa:P Damn looters in UK probably looted the canonical package carrying my ubuntu tshirt05:35
* bkerensa shakes fist05:35
bkerensaso many people in the bay still use DSL16:15
akkWe use DSL because we run a server.16:20
akkI think that's the most common reason ... though when we set this up (long ago) cable wasn't even an option.16:22
bkerensaWhen I lived in San Fran I had DSL but I dont think I could ever go back to DSL now16:57
bkerensaI can't do less then 15Mbit/5Mbit16:57
akkI don't actually do that much high-bandwidth stuff anyway. Don't stream movies because I'd rather watch movies in the living room on the comfy sofa.16:59
bkerensaakk: I stream but watch it in the comfort of my big pillow top bed :)17:09
bkerensaXbox Live17:09
akkyeah, I don't care enough about streaming to buy new hardware for it and string that much ethernet cable (or a wifi repeater or something).17:10
bkerensaI think if I combine my Netflix + Spotify/LastFM + Normal DL's = Tons of bandwidth consumption17:11
bkerensaI have been going over 250GB for months now... Utterly surprised Comcast has not nuked me but I'm switching to Comcast Business Class soon I think17:12
jyopleia2: Just read your Partimus post. So how many LUGs are in the Bay Area again?17:22
pleia2jyo: like a hundred thousand17:22
bkerensaJono is about to do his Q+A17:53
bkerensapleia2: Will you be at OSCON next year?18:45
pleia2bkerensa: doubtful18:46
pleia2it's very expensive and I have limited time off next year (big vacation planned in january or february, wedding, honeymoon...)18:48
bkerensaoh cool18:49
bkerensaWell I will have to come to a Ubuntu CA event next time I'm down18:50
bkerensaI still have friends and family down there :P18:50
pleia2great :)18:52
nhainesShiny oneiric greeter screen is shiny.22:18
iheartubuntui think i solved my neighbors computer problem. i think it was overheating. the intake holes were all covered with lint. the rest of the inside didnt really look that dirty.22:41
iheartubuntui also ran memtests on all 4 mem sticks22:41
iheartubuntuno errors on the newer 1GB chips, and there were two 256mb chips with one showing a couple of errors. usually its a bunch if there is an error22:42
iheartubuntuso i took out the two small chips22:42
iheartubuntuand ran a 5 hr memtest on the 2GBs and all was fine22:42
iheartubuntuthe hard drive was running hot at all times. maybe the heat inside the case had something to with the hard drive problems.22:43
iheartubuntui had trouble writing to zeros22:43
iheartubuntuan ubuntu disk would no longer even see the drive. ultimate boot disc saw it every once in a while22:44
iheartubuntuanyhow... i ordered a new drive and i thin kthats the prob22:44
iheartubunturight now i have ubuntu installed on a 4GB drive :) only 1.6GB left but it runs just fine22:44
iheartubuntuthe neighbor only uses the comp for accessing email and facebook, so that 4GB might even work out, but he wanted 160GB because it sounds impressive. only $25 on pricewatch.com so its all good22:45
akkWow, $25 for 160G.22:48
akkAnd yeah, you can run ubuntu fine on 4Gb if you're not much of a pack-rat and know how to clean up, but you can be a lot lazier with 160.22:48
pleia2iheartubuntu: what version of ubuntu?22:49
pleia2ah, as of 11.04 Ubiquity won't install on less than 4.422:49
iheartubuntuhe said "dont touch anything. i dont want it to look different. i want my BIG mail icon in the center where you put it"22:50
pleia2(learned this the hard way - Xubuntu uses Ubiquity and had this hard-coded limit too, which is not good since Xubuntu is much smaller)22:50
iheartubuntufor a 36 oz cold mug of the beer of my choice, i'll do whatever he wants22:50
iheartubuntu(computer related)22:51
iheartubuntujust to be clear :)22:51
nhainesDon't put the bad chips back in!22:51
pleia2yeah, the extra 512M won't matter much anyway22:52
iheartubuntuno no. he gets them. its only 512mb anyways22:52
nhainesAlso treat the failed drive as bad and only use it again to copy data off of it, then RMA it.22:52
akkUbiquity is the live CD installer?22:52
nhainesakk: yes.22:52
iheartubuntuthe guy is hooked on ubuntu tho. his wife has endless problems with her vista laptop. he keeps telling her she needs ubuntu. she is for it, but wants to sit down and have me explain it to her22:53
iheartubuntuits a barracuda drive22:53
iheartubuntuive seen more of those fail in my lifetime22:53
nhainesYes, if it's under warranty.  Wipe it and take it to a e-recycling center if not.22:53
pleia2this is how we discovered the Ubiquity thing: https://bugs.launchpad.net/xubuntu-website/+bug/78402022:53
pleia2ok, so it's not hard-coded, it's a feature ;)22:54
nhainesBecause this chat is logged, now I have to say that I'm a technical services support auditor for Western Digital, and the advice I give is my own and does not represent the opinion or policy of my employer.22:54
nhainesWestern Digital drives have the lowest failure rate in the industry.22:55
iheartubuntui did buy a WD drive22:55
nhainesSo it's not that our competitors make *bad* drives by any means, just that ours are better.  ;)22:55
iheartubuntubaraccudas are Piece of  Shiny22:56
pleia2nhaines: well, some of them do make bad drives :)22:56
akkI've seen very little correlation between brand and failure, and I've stopped trying to keep track of "brand X is good, brand Y is flaky".22:56
nhainespleia2: I don't have an opinion on that.  ;)22:57
pleia2note to self: "fireball" is not just a witty name for a drive, it's a description of what happens to it22:57
akkEvery time I buy a drive because "everyone says they're the best", it fails prematurely.22:57
nhainesakk: the WD failure rate is independantly verified.  But all drives do fail eventually so backups are critical!22:57
akkRight, nhaines (and yes, I've had good experiences with WD for quite a while now).22:58
pleia2I've read some pretty scary articles about harddrive failure rates over the years, backup++22:58
nhainesI have to say that our RMA process is pretty nice, and we try to make things easy.22:58
akkCuriously, WD is the one people are always telling me I'm crazy to get. They used to have a bad rep, a long time ago.22:58
pleia2I've always gone with WDs22:59
nhainesYeah, there was a stretch when the products were pretty lousy.  That was before I started working here.  Coincidence?22:59
akkBut I've had better luck than with IBM or Seagate drives everybody says are awesome (I'm sure it's just random luck, not meaning to bash IBM or Seagate).22:59
nhainesI just had an old Maxtor drive start to fail... although I haven't ruled out the computer entirely.23:00
pleia22 hours until SF ubuntu hour, then debian dinner \o/23:00
iheartubuntusounds like fun!23:13
iheartubuntuwe have a meeting coming up sunday. where can i please find the link for the topics23:14
pleia2click on the "meetings" page on ubuntu-california.org23:15
pleia2or that :)23:15
rwwcurrently, the topic is the rather riveting "Your agenda item here"23:15
pleia2there, I added an agenda item23:16
iheartubuntuI have 13 topics to add so...23:18
iheartubuntuhow is that netflix???23:18
pleia2awesome :)23:19
pleia2iheartubuntu: over the internets game night? :)23:30
iheartubuntuohhhh yah23:31
iheartubuntufigure out the type of game23:31
pleia2I haven't looked at games in far too long23:31
iheartubuntubest time (i think right after the meetings on sunday nites)23:31
iheartubuntui'm putting some stuff together on a variety of games to have something to talk about23:31
iheartubuntuakk have you heard of Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin)? Supposedly a big rock 50k miles in diameter headed towards earth.23:34
nhainesOnly in a general sense.  The orbit is extremely stable and poses zero danger for at least the next 2000 years.23:35
rwwI still want multiplayer nethack.23:35
nhainesrww: +123:35
pleia2nhaines: killfear :)23:35
iheartubuntuIve come across (maybe dubious) some websites saying when elenin lines up with other planets, big earthquakes occur.23:36
pleia2(that's my opposite of a killjoy, see?)23:36
iheartubuntui tried minecraft for the first time the other day23:36
iheartubuntuit felt like DOOM version 1.023:36
akkiheartubuntu: Haven't heard much about it, except I guess it's going to be fairly unimpressive visually.23:36
nhainesMath makes that impossible.23:36
akkiheartubuntu: Anyone saying anything about planets lining up causing other phenomena has never tried to do the actual calculations.23:37
pleia2foss games would probably be preferable to most23:37
akkEspecially with a comet that has less gravitational attraction (from here) than you holding your coffee mug over your head.23:37
iheartubuntuim worried the 1st person shooter games are going to deter people from wanting to join in.23:38
pleia2planets lining up make good television though23:38
rwwmultiplayer VVVVVV with guns would be amusing too23:39
iheartubuntuii remember growing up there was a guy named gordon michael scallion with an "earth changes" map showing california under water. it was supposed to happen in 200023:39
nhainesakk: minecraft is fun.  It's sort of explorey and sort of LEGO-y.23:39
pleia22000 was a very disappointing year :P23:40
nhaines2038 is the one to watch out for.23:40
iheartubuntuwhats in 203823:40
akknothing real :)23:40
akkwait, that's when unix time runs out?23:41
nhainesiheartubuntu: Unix Mellennium Bug.23:41
iheartubuntuubuntu becomes a neural network23:41
nhainesakk: yup!  Also I'm not sure how I misspelled millennium.23:41
iheartubuntuhow does it run out?23:41
nhainesAlso known as epoch fail.  :)23:41
iheartubuntuYtwenty38 coming...23:42
nhainesiheartubuntu: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Year_2038_problem23:42
iheartubuntulife is going to be different then. we'll be flying in cars and all.23:43
* pleia2 reminds iheartubuntu that 1970 was 41 years ago, and 2038 is less than 30 away23:44
nhainesI'll take my hoverboard, thank you.23:45
pleia2teleporter and I'm set23:45
akkyeah, a teleporter would be more useful23:45
iheartubuntupizzahut will just appear in the oven23:45
akkiheartubuntu: Like Wonkavision? :)23:46
pleia2I always worried about interception23:46
nhainesYou think Picard ever changed his mind?  "Computer.  Tea, Earl Grey... not."23:46
jtatumpicard was known for being decisive about tea.23:47
iheartubuntuBy 2038 our cars will be able to produce 1.21 gigawatts of electrical power!23:47
pleia2replicators would be awesome23:47
pleia2delivery.com comes close23:48
DarkwingDuckiheartubuntu: Didn't they say in the 60s that cars would be flying by 2010?23:49
nhainesArgh, another call where the agent asks for a serial number and the customer asks if that's the number labeled "P/N".23:49
nhainesYes, sir.  The P is silent.23:49
nhainesIt would annoy me less if they weren't stacked on two different lines, right next to each other.23:50
akkAnd the other one says S/N, I'm guessing?23:51
DarkwingDuckP/N (Part Number) S/N (Serial Number)?23:52
DarkwingDuckThats what the Navy had it listed as :D23:52
DarkwingDuckAlong with NCN, NIIN and a few others23:53
DarkwingDuckHad like 4 numbers for everything23:53
nhainesYeah, P/N: xxx and immediately under that S/N: xxx23:56

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