brouschyou can get ext3 and ntfs for osx00:28
brouschit'll also do fat00:28
Blazeixrick_h_: this is the file/blob api I was talking about: http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/file/xhr2/02:47
Blazeixnot sure if it will do what you need, it really seems like html5 manifest is the way to go02:47
rick_h_Blazeix: ok cool, will check that out then03:08
rick_h_yea, the file api stuff looks like it's upload/local access only03:09
rick_h_not store down03:09
Blazeixrick_h_: if you scroll down to the 'practical examples' there might be more useful stuff03:11
Blazeixlike using http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/file/filesystem/03:11
rick_h_oh hmm, the use cases have download items in there03:13
rick_h_oh nice, that has file writing, directories, very cool03:15
Blazeixyeah, I think if you really wanted to, you could recreate the manifest functionality :P03:16
rick_h_ok, will check out the manifest then03:17
rick_h_I guess I did say it was chrome only03:17
rick_h_so not like I have to make it compatible, and often the issues are mobile specific03:17
rick_h_just hear enough people complain and you block out certain ideas03:18
rick_h_wonder if I can still use that quota api stuff with manifest03:18
snap-lI love that by putting up three videos on the internet about Scribus, I'm somehow a Scribus guru03:52
BlazeixI'd say that qualifies, actually.03:53
snap-lI've got a guy in Windows who is asking me about fonts.03:54
brouschWeb2py FTW!11:39
snap-lAnd this is why I think Infoworld is stupid11:45
brouschwtf is cubicweb?11:46
snap-lMAke a controversial article with half-truths, and just watch the clicks pour in11:46
brouschdamn, i'm feeding the corporate troll?11:47
snap-lThink about it; what purpose would having the comparison chart on the front page serve? Aren't those usually at the end of the article?11:47
snap-lBut, put it at the front of the article:11:47
brouschthe article has no substance11:48
snap-l"Web2py got a 9 for capability, but Pyramid got an 8. WTF?"11:48
brouschand zope got 9!11:48
snap-lWeb2py got a 9 for ease of installation, but Pyramid for an 8. WTF?"11:48
brouschthat's probably correct11:48
snap-lso you're compelled to click to find out why.11:48
snap-lThe Web2py framework is an abstraction paradise. Databases hide behind a Database Abstraction Layer (DAL). Web2py's rendering system will try to find a view that -- depending on context -- displays an object in HTML, XML, JSON, or any of the half-dozen protocols the framework supports. Intelligently crafted by a professor of computer science, Web2py's template system actually lets you use Python as an HTML-embeddable scripting language. Fa11:49
snap-lPyramid is also minimalist Web framework, not so much in its capability as its philosophy. It makes no assertion concerning the back-end database you should use, nor does it foist a particular template system on the developer. (Currently, Pyramid supports two, though Pyramid itself tries to remain agnostic regarding the choice.) If Pyramid has any blemishes, it is the quirky terminology with which its documentation describes the framework.11:49
snap-lThis article makes no justification for any of their assertions.11:50
snap-lit's crap11:50
brouschyeah, no msubstance11:50
snap-lWhere did you see this?11:50
brousch#pocoo, the Flask channel11:51
snap-lVote that sucker down, and vote my comment up. ;)11:52
brouschall i have is a troll reddit account11:53
brouschthere, i registered just for you11:54
snap-lThank you. :)11:55
Wolfgervoted snap-l down and the article up11:57
Wolfgeroh wait, I mean, the other way around :-)11:57
snap-lThank you. :)11:58
rick_h_this is what I wake up to?12:02
brouschjust getting you fired up for the day ahead12:03
snap-lrick_h_: Isn't it great how our assumptions are challenged on a daily basis. ;)12:04
rick_h_yea, once I saw that zope had a easier to dev for than pyramid I stopped reading12:05
snap-l(was re: pyramid dependencies)12:05
rick_h_I just love that commit message12:05
snap-lVery straightforward.12:05
rick_h_http://xkcd.com/936/ exactly! I've been trying to convince my wife of this for years!12:07
snap-lEvery administrator out there that has ever put a password policy in place needs to see ths12:11
snap-lWhat grinds me is that we're following standards that were put into place when passwords were saved as clear text in character-limited fields12:13
snap-land frankly, that's no longer true, nor the case, nor advisable, nor sane12:13
rick_h_and the hash of that long sentence is just the same db store size as 1234512:17
_stink_joined late, is there a link that started the password discussion?12:23
_stink_oh, hah, xkcd. :)12:23
rick_h_boom! https://read.amazon.com/12:28
rick_h_oh man this is awesome12:31
rick_h_pin and downloads for offline reading12:31
snap-lAt least it would give me a chance to read the kindle-only ebooks that are so prevalent12:32
rick_h_change font sizes, spacing like a kindle12:32
brouschoh awesome, now my chromebook is a kindle12:32
snap-lAfter much attempts to reach you on phone, I deemed it necessary and urgent to contact you via your e-mail address and to notify you finally about your outstanding compensation payment.12:32
snap-lDuring our last annual calculation of your banking activities we have realized that you are eligible to receive a compensation payment of $800,000.00 USD.12:33
snap-lWow, who knew all that direct deposit, debit card usage, and trips to the ATM would pay off so handsomely.12:33
snap-lPlease take note that you will pay a shipping/handling fee of $150 USD to UPS.12:33
rick_h_crap, can't find a search option tough12:33
rick_h_I've been dying to be able to load/search my books from the browser12:34
brouschsnap-l: be careful. some of those are scams12:34
snap-lbrousch: some?12:34
snap-l$150 fee to UPS. Are they shipping my $800K inside an elephant?12:34
snap-lAnd do they not trust the power of wire transfer?12:35
brouschit will come to as rolls of pennies12:36
snap-lHalf-tempted to say that I'll western-union the $150, if he would send me $25 to cover it via paypal12:40
snap-l"Nuts, the nearest WEstern Union from me is over 300 miiles away, and I have no money for gas. Wouldyou front me an additional $25 to cover the trip?"12:43
snap-letc., ad nauseum.12:43
Wolfger"I don't have paypal. If you sent me $5 to cover the postage and envelope, I'll mail it to you."12:50
snap-lI don't want to give out my address.12:50
Wolfgerthen how will UPS deliver the $800k?12:51
snap-lWolfger: You're not a good scam artist. ;)12:52
Wolfgerthere goes my career planning12:53
snap-lPerhaps you can have a much more fulfilled career in agriculture?12:53
Wolfgerrick_h_: that xkcd ignores the existence of dictionary attacks... (though I'm not sure if that applies so well when the length of the password is unknown)12:54
snap-lWolfger: Actually, it does12:55
snap-lYou've just increased the rainbow table size significantly.12:56
Wolfgerand dammit... now that my chromebook is a defacto Kindle, I may just have to start using both my chromebook and Kindle12:56
Wolfgerdefeat dictionary attacks by using a different language.... "orrectcay orsehay atterybay aplestay" :-)12:57
* Wolfger - promoting better passwords and pig latin, all at once.12:58
Wolfgeralso, the extra letters increase security versus brute force13:00
rick_h_I've been doing this forever on my ssh keys13:04
rick_h_you want to try to brute force it go ahead13:04
rick_h_one of the words in the phrase is from a book and you won't find it in any dictionary13:04
Wolfgerwell there you go. Another way around dictionary attacks :-)13:06
Wolfgerwhat's the word? ;-)13:07
rick_h_toolernator :P13:08
nullspacebah you can brute force that13:10
rick_h_nullspace: the point is that it's one word in a sentence/phrase13:10
Wolfgernow if we could just get all sites, OS's, and corp security rules to stop enforcing silly password rules....13:11
Wolfgerwhat really irks me is when a site restricts your password to "no more than 8 characters". How does that help anybody?13:11
nullspaceWolfger: well they need to start by making it hard to steal hashes13:12
nullspaceand tell users to no reuse their passwords13:12
Wolfgerwhich isn't going to happen13:12
Wolfgersensible password policies would enable people to use different passwords in different places, and actually remember them13:13
Wolfgeruntil that happens, we're living in a single-point-of-failure world13:13
Wolfgerwe need to make it so that a single hack doesn't expose your entire online existence13:14
nullspacebloodsample logins, your DNA sequence is read and salted with your cholesterol level which is stored as an SHA256 hash13:16
Wolfgerno good, again. Somebody cracks that, they have your password to everything.13:21
Wolfgerand if your cholesterol level changes, you're in trouble :-p13:22
Wolfgersomething like isthayiswayymayaskwayubuntuwayasswordpay is easy to remember, hard to crack, and unique to one site.13:24
jrwreni missed broot farce discussion?13:27
jrwrencholesterol lvel changes too much.13:27
jrwrenand dna is too easy to steal13:27
Wolfgerif they get a blood sample, they have your password :-)13:28
snap-lYeah, we need something that isn't likely to change13:35
snap-land isn't likely to get removed from your body without you noticing and or caring13:36
snap-lThat's why I advocate spinal tap passwords13:36
jrwreni think pass phrases are more powerful than bio id.13:37
jrwrenbio can be fooled. cut off a finger, cut out an eye.13:37
jrwrenbut a passphrase is secure in my brain13:38
Wolfgerpass phrases are far better than bio for one simple reason: You can change them when they are compromised, and they will not change without the consent of somebody who has access already (as opposed to, say, cholesterol level)13:40
Wolfgeralso, bio id is bad when the hardware malfunctions and you are denied access because it can't scan whatever body part is required.13:41
jrwrenall that said.... I love my fingerprint reader login.13:43
jrwrenswipe my finger and I don't have to type my long passphrase13:43
snap-lWondering how long it'll be before they have dickID13:43
Wolfgerwhich finger do I need to remove? ;-)13:43
Wolfgersnap-l: I think you'll find a finger reader will work on that appendage as well13:44
jrwrenyup... that part Is a little scary.13:44
jrwrenespecially with my ssh agent running13:44
jrwrenand and for a while there I had passwordless sudo setup :)13:44
brouschug. i've already modified an old data export script in java and an autocad drawing macro in VB15:04
brouschi need my python15:04
WolfgerI'm sure there's a joke there, but I'm not going to touch it...15:56
snap-lWolfger: Go on, touch brousch's python15:57
brouschit won't hurt you15:57
snap-lCan we have fall now?16:03
snap-lSeriously loving the breeze over here16:04
snap-lAlso listening to Mahler's 9th. :)16:04
snap-lSymphony No. 9 in D Major; III. Rondo-Burleske: Allegro assai. Sehr trotzig16:04
rick_h_yea, open windows during work ftw!16:05
WolfgerI wish I could open these windows...16:30
Wolfgerit's gorgeous outside. I hope the weather stay just like this for the rest of August.16:31
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snap-lOffice 365 Man: https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/office365.jpg?w=f977e75417:05
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rick_h_Error (403)17:21
snap-lAlso, Ubuntu One is a POS.17:23
brouschi tried ubuntuone and ran into many syncing problems17:24
brouschdropbox is still the best17:24
snap-lJoDee has threatened to make me tea17:42
rick_h_that bad?17:42
rick_h_can she make me some?17:42
snap-lof course, it's not a threat when I wouldn't mind having tea, now is it?17:42
rick_h_but right now you're anti-tea allergies are going full force?17:43
snap-lNah, it's just not fall17:43
snap-lusually summer is iced tea, not hot tea17:43
Blazeixrick_h_: are you going to be at CHC tonight?17:45
Blazeixif so, I may pick your brain on message queueing technology17:45
rick_h_Blazeix: yep17:46
WolfgerMmmmm... MQ....18:07
jrwrenarg... i hate that ssh-keygen has no -h or --help18:13
Blazeixit does have a decent manpage18:14
Blazeixbut it is annoying that it leaps right into key generation when you run it18:15
Wolfgerwhen I see something like this, I have an urge to carry it onto an airplane. http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/tools/e9be/18:17
Blazeixthat's an urge that will most likely do you a disservice in the future.18:18
WolfgerYou say that now18:19
Wolfgerwait until you and I are on the same flight as a terrorist, and I dispatch him with my ceramic knife. Then you'll be thankful that I felt like proving airport security was a sham18:20
jrwrenhell yeah.18:28
jrwrenbut my fists, fingers and a ball point pen can be just as harmful.18:28
jrwrenso i figure when it comes down to it, i'll ink stab a terrorist plane hijacker.18:28
jrwrenbut wait... its been 10 yrs since the last successful US plane hijacking.18:29
Wolfgerfunny how that happens18:29
jrwrenpatriot act is working ;)18:34
Wolfgerthat's one opinion18:34
Wolfgerold skyjacking protocol: stay calm, the pilot will get you on the ground, and the authorities will deal with the skyjacker18:34
Wolfgerpost-9/11 skyjacking protocol: Kill them. Kill them now.18:35
snap-lI think country music should be illegal for corporate presentations18:47
Blazeixif they use country, does that open the floodgates? Could you use metal during your presentations?18:49
snap-lSomehow I doubt that18:49
snap-lthough I'd really love to. ;)18:49
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TeamXlinkI thought our post  9/11 policy was make airport security unconstitutional, shoot every guy that looks like osama, go back too war again because osama isn't dead, imprision random foriengers without reason for years, and hmmmmm18:54
jrwrenand hold music.18:54
jrwrenhold music should be MUZAK only.18:54
snap-lHold music should include Chick Corea's entire back-catalogue, along with Weather Report.18:54
snap-lFuck me19:00
snap-lnow it's Sheryl Crow, mangling Kevin Gilbert's music19:00
Blazeixis this just pre-presentation music, or is it actually part of the presentation?19:01
TeamXlinkWhen are the DMR laws going too be fixed?19:01
TeamXlinkThanks good too know.19:02
* TeamXlink 19:02
* TeamXlink trololololols19:02
BlazeixI wouldn't be surprised if the music was just a fellow employee's cruel joke19:04
jrwrenanyone know of a non-shell command that will echo the return status of a program you run?19:07
jrwrenlike a wrapper that prints $? after running a command.19:07
snap-lecho $?19:11
snap-lTheres a startling similarity between quarterly earnings calls and coach-game postmortems19:41
rick_h_ruh roh19:44
rick_h_"get back out there and fight!"19:44
snap-lWe need to get out there, and move the ball bettern than the other team19:45
snap-lI wonder how many football teams are told "you need to do more with less". ;)19:46
snap-lDeliver your touchdowns on time and within budget19:46
TeamXlinkQ: Has anyone ever heard anyhing regarding ADHD and fast paced videogames being related or linked in such a way, or even mentioned in the same sentence without the words are not linked in between?23:49

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