* Obsidian1723 notices there is a convention happening in St Paul for Nagios, interesting.... 1st one for them it seems.05:10
h00kObsidian1723: talk to tonyyarusso!05:10
Obsidian1723$995 for it though...yikes05:11
tonyyarussoyeah, pretty typical convention stuff05:11
Obsidian1723Well, there's a lot less *nix people out there, so = higher costs.05:12
Obsidian1723Still, prices have kept me away from the cons.05:13
Obsidian1723Black Hat is like $2500 I think, PLUS all the travel, accom, etc. yikers05:13
tonyyarussoI've never been to anything either.05:15
Obsidian1723me either. cost...05:15
tonyyarussoAn Ubuntu Developer Summit or LinuxCon would be cool someday.05:15
Obsidian1723I have the cash. I just think the high prices are a bit much in this economy.05:15
Obsidian1723DEFCON 18 just took place. I'd like to make one of those or Black Hat, or maybe CONSEC West05:15
Obsidian1723CONSEC is where the PWN2OWN CTF takes place.05:16
TakyojiOoo, Nagios convention when?05:53
Takyojior moreso, 'egad, there's an actual convention in Minnesota for once?' :P05:53
Takyojiany if only DEFCON was nearby. xP05:54
Takyojiand if only*05:54
TakyojiAww, finally realized that Obsidian1723 already left..05:54
TakyojiI just had an interesting thought05:59
TakyojiCould perhaps do a Google Docs-based survey on the mailing list (and perhaps mailing lists of others) as of people's relation to Linux, whether it be strictly advocacy, or basic desktop usage, or system administration, or software dev, and so on.06:00
Takyojiand then with that data perhaps plan a simple event or similar.06:01
tonyyarussoTakyoji: http://go.nagios.com/nwcna06:03
TakyojiYea, I found that; the cost is pretty much the amount of my car.06:03
TakyojiYou know, it would be nifty if Canonical hosted an instance of Etherpad for LoCos06:10

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