Unit193Howdy jackson and welcome to the Ohio LoCo!05:02
Unit193I would guess you're using some form of Ubuntu, what type?05:04
jacksonI am using Linuxmint05:12
jacksonCPU[-Single core Intel Pentium 4 Mobile (UP) clocked at 1800.000 Mhz-] Kernel[-2.6.32-21-generic i686-] Up[-4:11-] Mem[-205.7/1001.9MB-] HDD[-40.0GB(16.1% used)-] Procs[-129-] Client[-X-Chat 2.8.6-] inxi[-1.3.2-]05:15
jacksonhmmm i see i need to update inxi05:16
Unit193I have some computers that are better, one or two that are far worse :P05:17
jacksonthis is a good standby from ebay as a fixeruper05:18
jacksonit's an IBM T3005:18
Unit193cpu MHz: 498.38405:20
jacksonfor irc it's what actually works and not the speed05:21
Unit193Add a GUI on top and things can get slow :P05:28
Unit193Cheri703: On for Weds? I'll have to find tomorrow what's going on and if Eric is a go05:29
Cheri703I have to confirm whether I have a ride home :/05:29
Cheri703I will let you know05:30
Unit193Wow... That was fast05:30
* Cheri703 is up late tonight05:42
* jackson as i blink my tired eyes and look at the analog clock .... it is05:45
Cheri703yeah, I'm off. have a good night folks :)05:50
Unit193Adios, maybe catch you tomorrow05:51
* Unit193 things he shouldn't report when he cuts out05:51
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thafreakGoooooood Morning Ohiooooooooo13:58
paultagthafreak: gooooooooooooood morning :)13:58
thafreakWhere can I get those old irc logs :)13:58
thafreakI have an idea for my replace paultag with a shell script project....13:58
paultagplease do :)13:58
thafreakAtleast for OLF...13:59
paultagwhile [ true ]; do echo "fuck"; sleep 2000; done13:59
thafreakand anyone else who doesn't show up13:59
thafreakpaultag: you ever look at puppet for automation?14:00
paultagthafreak: yeah, actually. A few days ago14:00
paultagthafreak: it's pretty sick14:01
thafreakI'm considering building something similar in python...14:01
thafreaksomething to integrate tighter with fabric14:01
thafreakit was the reasong I was looking at directed asyclic graphs the other day :)14:01
thafreakfor building dependency graphs between resources14:02
paultagthat'd be sick14:02
thafreakyou listening to mr M$?14:02
thafreakwhat's that dickhead's name...14:03
thafreakpretty cool walk through to get you down with everything git...14:04
thafreakyou can skip the stuff you already know14:04
thafreakwhy can't I remember...oh that's right...balmer14:05
thafreakhow come I could remember paul allen....but couldn't remember steve balmer...14:06
thafreakno one even remembers allen14:06
thafreakeh, whatever....all douche bags14:06
thafreakwow, I guess kanye and lady gaga invested in turntable.fm14:12
thafreaktaggy, what's your opinion on creating a new config language + parser vs using something like json/yaml/plain old python?14:28
thafreakI actually like the syntax of puppet's manifests and would like to use something similar...but not sure if I just write a parser and straight up use their syntax or what14:28
jandruskUbuntu Cleveland Hour was a success last night.16:43
Cheri703that is awesome jandrusk :)16:46
Cheri703Unit193: I am still waiting to hear about my ride for tonight16:46
Cheri703Mansfield's is....fizzling a bit. apparently no one will go if I am not there, and the past two (and maybe tonight) I've been unable to go, so we've canceled :/16:47
Cheri703well, I can go, I just can't get home if my ride is unavailable16:47
jandruskHmmm. You are the link that is holding the chain together.17:14
jandruskAre you guys going to be participating in global jam?17:16
thafreak♺ @jonobacon: Here's hoping for no more violence in England tonight. Chuck Norris has been dispatched.17:25
Unit193Eh, I'm not yet fully sure I can go :P17:27
thafreaklol, +1 for cheating at turntable.fm....17:41
thafreakI made a fake facebook account to be able to like my own music LOL17:42
thafreakproxying my second connection to turntable.fm through a separate network so they're connecting from diff ip's :)17:45
* Cheri703 isn't going to be at mansfield ubuntu hour20:18
Unit193Yeah, I forgot to tell you that I can't (I can't even if you can BTW)20:18
Cheri703I got a text at 5:11 saying that I *did* have a ride home, but...way too late at that point :/21:23
Cheri703summer is not so great for many groups21:23

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