SamuraiAlbaNew toy ordered!00:09
rmg51Morning Pa09:49
rmg51oh, I see how it is10:58
rmg51JonathanD: didn10:58
rmg51JonathanD:  didn't like the fact that I said morning before him so he kicked me out :P10:59
rmg51got a better explanation?11:01
JonathanDhalf the channel left along with you :P11:03
JonathanDmy aim isn't THAT bad.11:03
rmg51off to work11:22
jedijfChinnoDog: k-cup update - sam's club 80 dd's for $4011:48
ChinnoDogjedijf: So you can get them for average price there. Much better than at dd. Still not cheap.13:15
ChinnoDogandrew: question is: if you get a ticket, will it hold?14:33
ChinnoDogjedijf: o glorious leader, when is our next meeting/event/party?17:31
jedijfChinnoDog: sfd event current being planned for 3rd sat setp 17th a/with PACS and hive and the LoCo17:52
ChinnoDoghmm. I wonder if there will be a sfd around here.17:52
jedijfChinnoDog: global bugjam is 2nd - 4th September 201117:53
jedijfi am pre-disposed that weekend....i will try to post info for individuals...i have done myself in the past. it's fun17:53
pleia2yeah, planning these things over holiday weekends, boo :)17:57
jedijfevery firstweekendof every month is a holiday forme; grand daughter weekend17:58
jedijfi have dolls to talk to17:58
jedijfthat weekend we are doing renaissance faire...this past weekend was pooh (boring)17:59
jedijfi seemed to have been alana and arista (ariel's sisters) this weekend18:00
pleia2ren faire weekend sounds fun18:05
jedijfpleia2: i hope so! doesn't really matter, because I enjoy it18:07
pleia2JonathanD: did you see my keynote on the youtube?18:09
JonathanDIt seems you forgot to clip me out of it :P18:09
pleia2I don't know how to edit videos!18:09
JonathanDpleia2: we may have a venue for next year already...18:10
JonathanDI'm contacting them now.18:10
JonathanDit's a hackerspace in allentown.18:10
pleia2does it have AC?18:10
JonathanDand room for 300ish, apparently.18:11
JonathanDtheres a bus from 30th to allentown, takes 2 hours.18:11
JonathanDnot terrible, relative to most busses.18:12
JonathanDstill hungry :/18:46
waltmanAllentown's just an hour's drive for me, so I'd drive.19:04
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!21:00
Sadincan anyone tell me how to completely erase a package from ubuntu i need to reinstall my LAMP server but sudo apt-get remove lamp-server^ doesnt erase the files just idsables the program21:20
andurilapt-get --purge remove *package*21:22
Sadinthanks i hope that works :(21:23
anduriloops remove is redundent there21:23
Sadinanduril i got this in return21:25
SadinE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)21:25
SadinE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?21:25
andurildo you have synaptic or software center open?21:25
Sadinno :/21:26
Sadinmaybe i need a restart?21:26
andurilyou could but the only thing that'd put a lock on that is a terminal apt-get/aptitude process, synaptic, or software center21:26
Sadinbrb ima restart21:27
ChinnoDogI think I'm with Linus on this whole desktop thing. How do I switch to xfce?22:52
ChinnoDogThere must be a metapackage that will do the job for me22:52
jedijf sudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop22:59
jedijfthat's the whole ubu she-bang; even though i prefer xfce4 solo22:59
ChinnoDogWhat do you mean?23:00
jedijfChinnoDog: you just do the -desktop23:00
pleia2xubuntu-desktop installs the default apps for xubuntu (gnumeric, gimp, etc) and customizations the xubuntu team made to the desktop (layout, backgrounds, etc), xfce4 just installs plain xfce that you can select from the login menu23:01
* pleia2 uses xubuntu-desktop23:01
ChinnoDogI'll install the whole thing23:02
jedijfsudo aptitude show xubuntu-desktop23:02
ChinnoDogOh. It installs web browsers and... stuff23:03
jedijfit's gnome'ish in an xfce way23:03
jedijfthat help?23:03
ChinnoDogI don't want all that crap but.. oh well23:03
* ChinnoDog installs everything23:03
jedijfyou'll appreciate the integration23:04
jedijfhow's that for a marketing spin?23:04
* ChinnoDog joins the Unity hate club23:04
ChinnoDogboo. lol. I've heard it all before23:04
* anduril huggles his mint xfce install23:05
jedijfactually, unity is /just/ the distro default, the beauty of Linux is all the options and the choices, and this unfounded dislike of Unity is at least reminding, or showing people that23:05
rmg51does anyone like Unity?23:05
jedijfi do23:05
pleia2jedijf: +123:05
jedijfsee above23:05
ChinnoDogDoes anyone else like Unity?23:06
pleia2yes, lots of people like it23:06
pleia2(don't ask me though, I never even liked Gnome :P)23:06
pleia2it'll have more polish with 11.10, so I think that will help with some of the growing pains23:06
rmg51Teddy seems to like garden Gnomes :-D23:07
ChinnoDogAll of my goodies are hidden23:07
jedijfactually, i hope they don't improve it, the wm de choice of linux is great23:07
ChinnoDogI want to see stuff23:07
rmg51I want to use stuff23:07
ChinnoDogI don't like searching for everything23:07
rmg51I have apps that use the gnome top panel23:08
rmg51they don't work with Unity23:08
jedijfdropbox does, so the devs will catchup23:09
ChinnoDogjedijf: I'm going to disagree on your above statement. It is great that you can modify linux as you like, but it is also very helpful to have a default mainstream configuration usable by all so that we can concentrate our efforts on a few things that need improvement at any given time instead of everyone being different23:09
jedijfChinnoDog: ubuntu-kubuntu-xubuntu are all mainstream;lubuntu now too i believe, so until you try them all, reserve that comment23:11
jedijfagain, we give you *more* than juse exploere.exe23:11
ChinnoDogAnything that is not Ubuntu is not mainstream, it is variation23:11
ChinnoDogexplorer.exe gets the job done and there are lots of enhancements. People build on it instead of trying to replace it (most of the time)23:12
jedijfthey are all mainstream and official despite their spellings23:12
jedijfjust different23:12
jedijfagain, not here to argue, but rather celebrate that we trust you, the user, with the options and the ability to find your own solution23:13
jedijfand its easy to try them all!23:14
jedijfChinnoDog: you should try lubuntu23:14
ChinnoDogI don't want to try them all, I just want to go to the best one and move on23:14
ChinnoDogI have better things to do than try every program ever written23:14
rmg51but which is "the best one?"23:14
ChinnoDogidk. There are people to figure that out that aren't me. Given how many people dislike Unity it must not be the best one.23:15
andurilwhichever lets you get your work done the way you need it done23:15
jedijfmy best, may be ChinnoDog's worse23:15
rmg51for now I'll stay with Gnome23:16
jedijfi think the overall numbers, based on adoption disagree23:16
jedijfbut then again, since we are open, that's only an adoption starting point23:16
ChinnoDogA significant number of those adopters take whatever comes along. I don't think we can base the quality of the shell entirely on who is using it23:17
jedijfok, so we'll base it solely on ChinnoDog23:17
jedijffeel better now?23:17
jedijflinux is personal23:17
ChinnoDogNo, we base it on the opinions of people who are doing the most actual work with it23:17
jedijfmake it your own23:17
ChinnoDogwhich isn't me23:18
pleia2what is "actual work"?23:18
pleia2the internet thinks linus uses fedora with xfce, maybe you go with that23:18
pleia2but you're really being silly :)23:20
rmg51I'm basing it on whether it works or not23:20
rmg51I have two laptops that won't run Unity23:20
pleia2people tell me that iphones are easy to use but every time I touch one I manage to wedge it into some kind of strange state, it really is all about personal preference23:20
* pleia2 doesn't touch iphones anymore23:21
JonathanDI do believe we're going to arrange an allentown geeknic prior to this winter.23:21
pleia2hrm, where is jthan23:21
pleia2he is near allentown23:21
jedijfi don't like allentown; i like the old gnome23:21
jedijfoh, combined discussions23:22
jedijfsame logic23:22
pleia2jedijf: clearly you should just go to the Best city23:22
pleia2I suggest San Francisco23:22
jedijfcan i get all of my work done?23:22
pleia2I can23:22
rmg51geeknic road trip :-D23:22
JonathanDwe need a bus.23:23
andurilharrisburg tops SanFran. We have an incinerator we cant pay for :-p23:23
JonathanDAnyone from the city willing to carpool people to an allentown geeknic?23:23
rmg51what happened to the Bridgeport one?23:24
JonathanDthats still happening.23:25
JonathanDrmg51: we sort of need to pick a date though.23:33
JonathanDCrissi is supposed to get a list of dates and cost from the township23:33
rmg51I'm good most any Sat up till the 3rd Sat in Sept23:34

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