netritiouswrst: join the crowd...I too grew up watching hee-haw :)00:01
netritiousgoing to try and learn python with my daughter using the python4kids (http://python4kids.wordpress.com) might be fun, might be just pure anguish....not sure yet :P00:03
netritiouswrst: just read (skimmed) that article...didn't know about Arch and unsigned packages00:05
netritiousread about Jeoss just yesterday from the same author00:05
cyberangernetritious: weird00:23
netritiouscyberanger: what's weird?00:47
wrstyeah netritious i don't think arch would be a good production server I like it on the dekstop00:54
cyberangernetritious: old code00:57
cyberangerwrst: idk which is worse though, stale code, or brand new code00:57
netritiouscyberanger: typical from open core projects :/00:57
cyberangernot much of a middle ground, unfortunately00:57
cyberangernetritious: suppose so01:00
wrstwell cyberanger depends on what you are doing on my laptop i love arch but I don't think I would even want it on my home server01:00
netritiousI've looked into Arch... never installed it, but they have more docs on LxC than any other distro, unless I've overlooked something01:06
wrstnetritious: arch is very cool, but certainly not an easy to install/setup distro01:11
netritiouswrst: from what I've read so far looks more like a BSD derivative than Linux, where you build most of your packages versus installing binary packages01:14
netritiousis that a correct observation or...?01:14
wrstnetritious: on arch?01:15
netritiouswrst: yeah01:15
wrstno you don't have to build them it uses pacman as the package manager with similar functionality to apt-get01:16
wrstyou just have to configure everything01:16
netritiousthat's right...forgot about pacman01:16
netritiousright, no "system best defaults"01:17
netritiousso *not* more like a BSD derivative01:17
wrstyeah you can do it the other way if you want01:17
wrsti've heard that pacman is similar to a ports system from bsd01:17
netritioushmm...yeah with FreeBSD ports it's simply cd'ing to the port dir (eg "cd /ports/web/apache2) and performing a "make all && make install && make clean"01:19
netritiousthen you watch your console fill up with lines of strange texts :)01:19
wrstyeah this is much simpler to install something you just simply "pacman -S package_name01:19
netritiousI guess I'm wondering what under the hood of pacman is like FreeBSD01:20
wrstand with arch you have the AUR (arch user repository) for software that aren't in the official repos, sorta like a PPA in ubuntu01:20
netritiousor the ports system rather01:20
netritiousyeah I noticed that the other day poking around on the site01:20
netritiousArch from all reports supports ARM in lots of flavors, and I've been researching that for a few years now (Linux on ARM)01:22
wrsthmm netritious i didn't know the official one did01:23
wrsti have seen this: http://archlinuxarm.org/01:23
wrsthmm that looks pretty cool01:24
netritiouswrst: yeah I've really wanted to get into embedded design/programming, but there is just not enough concise information out there, I mean there are tons of different types of ARM (RISC) CPUs, distros have dropped support for some of the older CPUs, even Ubuntu dropped support for the ARMv6 (ARM11) CPUs with Karmic (which is not that old and in a ton of devices), but Ubuntu does support the Cortex A8/A9 CPUs now, but it costs $200-$300 f01:34
wrstyou have to pay for ubuntu on those platforms netritious?01:35
netritiousso it's just been one hurdle after another for me and embedded Linux :/01:35
netritiousoh no, nothing like that01:36
netritiousUbuntu is (atm) still free01:36
netritiousI see Ubuntu moving to open core though, but I could be wrong01:36
wrstoh ok I misunderstood that I thought that was not very Ubuntu like but htought maybe on the embedded stuff it could be different01:37
netritiousthe OS is free, but the hardware platform is not reasonably priced for not knowing which version and which distro of Linux will support it01:37
wrstahh gotcha netritious01:38
netritiousalmost like a dog chasing it's tale lol01:38
wrsti must say that ubuntu in general i think is still good but man unity absolutely ruined it on the desktop for me01:38
netritioushave you heard about Linus Torvalds recent comments on Gnome 3?01:39
netritioushe bashes it pretty bad01:39
netritiousbut, I've read he did that with Gnome 1 and 2 lol01:39
netritiousI would say don't use Gnome? :)01:40
orangeninjaback from meatloaf and a store run. Just scrolled back and read yalls convo01:42
netritiousorangeninja: troll much? :D01:48
orangeninjaI don't think I troll much. DO I give the impression I have a troll problem?01:50
wrstnetritious: yes i read those comments, i'm rather fond of gnome 3 i'm using it all the time01:51
orangeninjawrst: I have not personally tried Unity but from some videos and what you have said I don't know if I would like it either. Too much like a netbook or tablet OS.01:54
orangeninjaKind of has me thinking about other distros.01:55
wrstorangeninja: well in 11.04 you can use the "classic" desktop and in 11.10 you can use gnome 3/shell if you like01:56
wrstand gnome shell has those same netbook feel at times also01:56
wrstand unity will improve I'm sure but its just not my favorite way of doing things01:56
orangeninjaWell I just bought a $16 LinuxUser Magazine that came with a Triple Distro DVD.01:58
netritiousorangeninja: I've only met you a few hours ago, and would say you're the trolliest person I've ever met01:58
orangeninjaLinux Mint 11 Ubuntu 11.04 Fedora 1501:59
wrstorangeninja: there you go you can try unity and gnome 302:00
wrstf15 has gnome 302:00
orangeninjanetritious: how did I troll you? or would you like to take this to pm? I would like to know what I did.02:00
netritiousorangeninja: you know I'm kidding right?02:01
orangeninjaWell like you said we just met so I didnt know what you think...02:01
orangeninjaI was thinking I really need to work on my IRC manners or something..... lol02:02
wrstha ha02:02
netritioushaha gotcha orangeninja ;)02:02
wrstnetritious: looks like linus ditched kde for gnome when kde 4 came out i'm thinking linus is just another opinonated user when it comes to desktops02:03
orangeninjaI guess my meatloaf dinner made me extra sensitive or something....lol02:03
orangeninjamy bad, my bad02:03
wrstorangeninja: meatloaf has a way of doing that, both the food and the singer02:05
orangeninjaI would do anything for love.... uh huh, what wrst??02:05
wrstbut I won't do that...02:06
orangeninjaOhhh Nooo02:06
wrsti've always wondered what "that" was02:06
orangeninjalol me too, hmmmm?02:07
orangeninjawrst: where are you?02:08
netritiousthe Meatloaf references flying around in here is giving me gas :D02:08
netritiousok, going to stop joking now.... orangeninja doesn't know me well enough yet02:10
netritiousanyhow, going to go play some drums in a few... was nice to meet you orangeninja... BBL wrst! :P02:10
wrstha ha see you later netritious, i'm about to head to bed , happy drumming02:11
wrstorangeninja: i'm in livingston02:11
orangeninjanetritious: I am sorry bro. I really thought I had pissed you off or something.. Well played sir, well played. I wont be so sensitive now.02:11
netritioussee you guys02:11
orangeninjawow livingston? And that makes you middle Tn?02:12
wrstofficially but we are just about to east to be middle, to west to be east02:16
wrstupper cumberland to be correct i'm sorta on the plateau where I live02:17
wrstkinda on the side of it02:17
orangeninjabet it is a nice area though02:19
wrstI really like it02:20
wrstorangeninja: you are from west tn correct?02:20
orangeninjaI am in Nashville02:21
wrstahh cool02:22
wrstnice place there too02:23
wrstwell orangeninja i'm going to turn it in for the night have a good night!02:23
orangeninjayou too gnight02:45
wrstGood morning everyone14:37
* cyberanger yawns15:10
cyberangerB-E-A-UTIFUL DAY!15:11
cyberangerwrst: how's yours?15:18
wrstsame here cyberanger I'm loving that hint of fall in the morning15:19
cyberangerit's not a hint here15:23
cyberangerI made it to Maryville, not even 5 miles from the smokies15:23
cyberangerand compared to cleveland, it is right there15:24
wrstit was 62 this morning when I got out, I'm loving that15:37
cyberangerwhen was that?15:42
cyberangerUnit193: still loving pianobar15:42
cyberangerit does look like it's messing with the cap a little15:42
cyberangerso I think the cap ignores it15:43
cyberangerwrst: wasn't that good when I was out, 9:30-10 (8:30-9 there)15:46
cyberangerwhen was is 6215:46
* cyberanger is jealous15:46
cyberangerah, an hour an a half sooner, that maybe15:50
cyberangerit was a cool night, left in my jacket, still no more than 8015:51
wrstyeah I am digging this over 90+16:00
cyberangerseems it went up some, high noon it does, might be 85 now16:15
cyberangerit'll drop soon enough16:16
wrstyeah this is leading into a really nice time of the year I'm sure we will have one more heat wave before we get to the real good stuff16:20
cyberangeryep, esp next week for me, Arkansas & possibly Texas too16:48
cyberangerbut that means the following week is a win for just about anything16:49
cyberangerfilling out e86 forums (for anyone who isn16:51
cyberanger't aware, it's Federal Security paperwork)16:52
cyberangerso I'll bbiab16:52
Unit193cyberanger: Yep, it's sweet! I wouldn't think you would go for Pithos (I don't really either) and the one with the most features is windows/mono/wine only :P17:30
pace_t_zuluthat was far too many hours disconnected ... unacceptable18:11
wrstwhat happened pace_t_zulu?18:35
pace_t_zuluwrst: dunno ... nothing to do with uptime18:37
pace_t_zuluperhaps i accidentally hit the "Disconnect from IRC" button on the toolbar in the client UI18:37
wrstthat is weird18:37
* pace_t_zulu hides the quassel-client toolbar18:37
wrstI have done that before its easy to do18:38
pace_t_zuluif that's what i did ...18:38
wrstyou still tolerating quassel it appears18:38
pace_t_zulutoo easy ... no need for the toolbar18:38
pace_t_zuluwrst: yea ... the persistent connection + GUI is a solid combination18:38
wrstyes and the phone app is nice also18:40
wrstwe are glad you are back pace_t_zulu18:43
pace_t_zuluwrst: android?18:49
pace_t_zuluwrst: it wouldn't be a bad thing to get a cocoa implementation ... kind of the same way that Transmission <http://transmissionbt.com> has native GUIs with the same codebase under the hood18:50
wrstyes pace_t_zulu18:51
wrstworks pretty well18:51
pace_t_zuluwrst: yea, i've talked to the guy who wrote it18:52
wrstahh cool18:52
wrsti''ve just free loaded off of his work :)18:52
pace_t_zulukernel update ... reboot18:56
wrstwb pace_t_zulu :)18:59
pace_t_zuluty wrst :)19:01
wrstjust checked I have a 25 day uptime on my phone19:02
Unit19372 on the one router :D19:03
wrstalways has to be someone to out do you :)19:06
wrsthello Unit19319:06
Unit193wrst: Howdy. I'm sure ranger can out do that too :D19:07
wrsti'm sure of that19:07
wrsthe always does!19:07
chris4585hey wrst, do you know if the nvidia / kernel updates for arch are safe?19:07
Unit193My computers can't do it because they have problems19:07
chris4585my highest computer uptime is around 40days19:08
wrstchris4585: I still have my box, boxed up  I'm guessing it shoudl be19:08
chris4585hrm, well I'm sure it probably is, why is your box, boxed up?19:09
wrstI am moving19:09
wrstand don't use it much19:09
wrstbut chris4585 I have never had any issues before unless the release name might be an issue changing kernel26 to linux19:10
wrstbut that was no issue on my laptop19:10
chris4585well the update is kernel 3.0 I believe19:10
chris4585also got a grub update but that shouldn't be bad19:11
wrstno and according to the web site you have links to link kernel26 to linux in grub etc if something does go wrong19:12
wrstchris4585: http://www.archlinux.org/news/changes-to-kernel-package-and-filenames/19:12
chris4585ah cool wrst19:13
chris4585looks like those changes will take effect due to the grub update, I'm still gonna wait a week or two to update...19:14
wrstthe one thing I was told would happen to me, total system breakage, has never happened to me they test things more than people think19:14
chris4585well I've had issues before with nvidia / kernel updates on arch so I'm taking this carefully19:15
wrstwise move because just due to the kernel number changes etc you stand a greater chance of breaking something19:16
cyberangerwrst: Got a Sec?20:28
cyberangerwrst: see pm when you get a chance please20:36
wrstcyberanger: I'm in and out but you got a PM :)21:44
cyberangerwrst: thanks21:46

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