lostsonh00k: me awesome what ?00:50
lostsonjust got home from work looks like i missed the conversation00:51
h00klostson: the unity users stuffs00:51
lostsonyeah o posted it over to the list00:52
lostsoni am not expecting a large turnout or anything but it is something I want to do and the website will be fun as well00:58
lostsonok gonna go spend some time with the family bbl00:59
h00kI'm re-stepping through crap code I wrote like a year ago01:11
h00kSo, two things going on today14:30
h00kThe seminar at 1:30, as well as the meeting tonight: 7:00pm14:31
EgyParadoxtoday is wednesday???14:40
* twopoint718 checks watch14:40
EgyParadoxwow the week passed so fast15:20
h00kSo far15:21
h00kI wonder how many people will show up16:53
* mikeputnam crossposts loco meeting to NEWLUG list17:08
mikeputnamand MADLUG list17:10
h00kI must not be on the NEWLUG mailing list17:10
h00kI am now, pending moderation.17:11
h00kSubscription request confirmed17:11
mikeputnamand MLUG (milwaukee)17:12
mikeputnamand Fond Du Lac17:13
mikeputnamthose are all the active ones17:14
mikeputnamthere was an attempt at a sheboygan/manitowoc one but no one posts to that list17:14
h00kalso, hopefully, if they are interested, they will jump on the [ubuntu-us-wi] mailing list17:14
h00kbut I don't have access to that17:15
h00kso I can't see numbers17:15
h00kthat's been a work-in-progress17:15
twopoint718mikeputnam: thanks for the MadLUG crosspost17:17
h00kso, you probably saw that I set Launchpad expiration dates17:17
h00kjust to see who is still around.17:17
h00kThere are 118 total17:17
mikeputnamand Google+17:18
h00kThat's even harder to keep track of17:18
h00koh, for the meeting17:18
h00kyeah, I don't remember if I posted about that, I think I posted about the seminar today in Minocqua17:19
h00kI hope he gets some people showing up17:19
mikeputnamand Twitter17:20
mikeputnamthat about covers my communication channels17:21
mikeputnamwell there is that super stale Facebook page for "wisconsin linux"17:21
mikeputnambut i doubt that gets looked at17:21
h00kand there is one for the LoCo, but that probably doesn't17:22
mikeputnamfacebook is a chore17:22
h00kThat's a very pleasent word for Facebook.17:23
mikeputnamnow we'll see if i can make the 7pm meeting  *blush*17:58
h00kfeel free to take a look at each agenda item, write a note, and email it to me, I can fill in as appropriate17:58
h00kwell, the talk has begun.18:33
h00kI hope it goes okay.18:33
h00kI wonder how it went.21:28
mikeputnam2.5 hours remaining 'til this channel lights up!21:33
h00kbludude: welcome to #ubuntu-offtopic21:48
h00kthis is #ubuntu-us-wi21:49
h00kI'm an idiot21:49
h00kmy coffee is emptyu21:49
blududeI was confused there for a second...21:49
mikeputnambludude: welcome to #ubuntu-us-wi21:49
h00kyes, that.21:51
h00kI can't promise it won't happen again.21:52
h00kbludude: are you hanging out for the meeting at 7?22:02
h00kSweet action.22:02
h00kbludude: whereabout are you from?22:03
blududeits nice to actually have a meeting22:03
blududeim from menomonee falls22:03
h00kIt is, yes.22:03
h00kwe only had 3 people respond to the doodle meeting deal, including me22:04
h00kbut I figured we could try anyway22:04
mikeputnamheh @ 4 bots in here:   lubotu1`  locobot_2  ubuntulo1  ubuntulo1222:06
h00kI know, right :D22:06
* mikeputnam commuteth22:06
h00kbrb, heading home.22:08
* Cheesehead finally slinks into a dark corner to lurk for the meeting23:09
h00kI am home.23:09
CheeseheadMarginal connection. I may drop in and out23:09
h00kCheesehead: roger. You're...travelling?23:10
h00kCheesehead: Rock on.23:10
CheeseheadIdea: You can combine attendance with location. Have everybody active respond with their approx location or zip code.23:11
h00kCheesehead: that's the plan23:12
h00krww: HI.23:12
* Cheesehead recalls the famout Twain quote "Great minds think alike...and fools seldom differ"23:13
CheeseheadPeople only remember the first half. I find the second much more interesting.23:13
h00kthat would make a lot of quotes more interesting.23:22
* h00k opens up agenda to re-familiarize23:25
CheeseheadI didn't know the loco.ubuntu.com calendar tracked meetings, too.23:29
h00kCheesehead: it does, it's sweet. I'm not sure it's ready to replace the wiki reports, but I think with how cool it is, it may do that in the future23:30
* Cheesehead is looking at it now23:31
CheeseheadNo place for Attendance, Minutes, or IRC Log.23:32
CheeseheadOn the upside, it generates an ical, and a cool all-in-one link23:32
h00kthe IRC Channel link opens a web-client23:32
* Cheesehead is catching up on #ubuntu-meeting logs23:33
CheeseheadFeature Freeze coming up23:33
Cheeseheadh00k: I saw that nifty IRC web client. Someone was busy!23:34
h00khi, zombifie123:34
=== zombifie1 is now known as thezombified
h00kthezombified: hanging out for the meeting?23:49
thezombifiedYeah, makeing dinner at the same time :)23:49
h00kYeah, I'm about to get some myself23:49
CheeseheadUgh. That is a *bad* connection23:53
thezombifiedI didn't even realize there was an ubuntu wisconsin! What's on the agenda for tonight? Anything specific?23:54
h00kthezombified: yep! and welcome23:55
h00kthezombified: as follows: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-us-wisconsin/164/detail/23:55
h00kMeet and greet (who are you, where 'ya from), Ubuntu Hour introduction, locations, the upcoming Global Jam, and Artwork stuffs23:56
h00kthezombified: how did you hear about us?23:56

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