noob232hi, i have problems with my backlight brightness00:00
ChrisRJerseywhat's the problem noob232?00:00
jrib[THC]AcidRain: adduser, yes00:00
zabomber!adduser | [THC]AcidRain00:01
ubottu[THC]AcidRain: To add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo00:01
madeentjedoes anyone know if booting ubuntu 11.04 64bit in 13-15 secs on an SSD with seqentual read speed of 285MBps is normal?00:01
noob232if i start from live cd, FN + Arrow Up & Down works for changing the brightness.. It shows the slider, no problems.. In my installation it showed the slider, but didnt change the brightness00:01
ircmonkeymadeentje depends on your ssd00:01
ircmonkeymy ssd does ~500+00:01
ircmonkeyMB/s :p00:01
irrumator_I just installed PHP, MySQL, and Apache2 from synaptic. How do I get them all to talk to each other so i can work on my PHP and MySQL sites from my computer easily from /var/www/ ?00:01
madeentjemine too ircmonkey, but i'm on 3Gbps you see :/00:01
zabomber!lamp | irrumator00:02
ubottuirrumator: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)00:02
movingaheadleave #ubuntu00:02
noob232also if i start the CD with no_acpi, i can also turn off the backlight, which worked NEVER before00:02
ircmonkeythen  your max will be 300MB/s00:02
[THC]AcidRainjrib, no i cant. it works fine on the new user i created00:02
madeentjeit's an M4 Crucial 128GB00:02
ircmonkeythen its reasonable with some overhead00:02
madeentjebut 13-15 secs seems so long...so i think something is wrong...because on youtube and forums and all i see ppl who say they boot in 3-5 secs, and like 8 secs max00:02
ircmonkeyis that with post included?00:02
madeentjeand several ppl i know with a regular HDD boot within 20 secs00:02
ircmonkeylike i said00:03
ircmonkeyis that with POST included?00:03
madeentjeno, it's "recorded" by bootchart00:03
noob232ChrisRJersey: I already read i might be a problem with nvidia drivers, im doing a fresh install right now00:03
ircmonkeythat is the power on self test00:03
madeentjeso without POST00:03
jrib[THC]AcidRain: so there seem to be 2 issues, right? 1) gnome-appearance-properties isn't able to change the icon theme and 2) even if you change the gconf value for your icon theme, nautilus does not take notice00:03
ircmonkeyif you have an old laptop -> with old bios it will take a while00:03
madeentjePOST takes almost 20 secs on its own ><00:03
ircmonkeyfail :p00:03
madeentjebut after POST, it still takes 13-15 secs00:03
[THC]AcidRainjrib, right00:03
[THC]AcidRainso this means.....00:03
ircmonkeywell thats not incredibly fast then00:04
madeentjeand that seems look :/, should be around 5 secs if i google around...00:04
ircmonkeymy MBP bootsup in 20 secs (post included i mean) :P00:04
madeentjewow nice :d00:04
[THC]AcidRaincan i just replace all of the .gnome files with the etc/skel ?00:04
jrib[THC]AcidRain: pastebin your ~/.xsession-errors .  Also, try running gnome-appearance-properties in a terminal and changing the theme.  Is there any terminal output?00:04
madeentjeso....something's probably wrong :/00:04
ircmonkeywhat gfx do you have?00:04
jrib[THC]AcidRain: you could just delete them if you don't mind losing your settings.  Sure.00:04
ircmonkeyi had an ssd in my old laptop00:04
ircmonkeysame prob00:04
ircmonkeyit was the nvidia drivers which were buggy00:04
ircmonkeyand loading for 15 secs of the approx 20 - 25 secs00:05
madeentjei've done EVERYthing i could find on the internet about SSD improvement on linux, and done all that, and everything seems to work, excep for....partition alignment, i'll explain in a sec00:05
[THC]AcidRainjrib, command was not found00:05
madeentjemy gfx is an Asus EAH (HD) 489000:05
jrib[THC]AcidRain: for what?00:05
[THC]AcidRainjrib, if i delete them. the only settings i will lose is my apperance correct?00:05
madeentjewas top-notch 2 years ago :P00:05
ircmonkeyso ati.00:05
[THC]AcidRainfor xsession-errors00:05
ircmonkeyi have same in my desktop so.00:05
jrib[THC]AcidRain: ~/.xsession-errors is text file00:05
irrumator_nvm, i just tested with <?php phpinfo(); ?> file and it all seems to be interoperating. something wrong with wordpress maybe00:05
madeentjeah oke :D00:05
ircmonkeyoc'd version but ok *00:05
madeentjeso....that shouldn't be the issue either?00:06
jrib[THC]AcidRain: there's more than just appearance information in ~/.gnome2 and ~/.gconf00:06
ircmonkeydon't know if there's a measurement prog for your prob00:06
madeentjewell, you know bootchart?00:06
ircmonkey*asks in this chan..00:06
jrib[THC]AcidRain: here's a third thing for you to do: pastebin /home/acidrain/.gconf/desktop/gnome/interface/%gconf.xml00:06
madeentjethat measures your boottime, and shows all processes being started and all00:06
ircmonkeyi dont analyse booting up stuff myself since im on mac os x :P and all is fine haha :P00:06
madeentjeand how long they take00:06
ircmonkeyso what boot process took so long?00:06
madeentjeye ><, would do the same if it was all fine :)00:06
ircmonkeythen we can look into that :p00:06
madeentjewell..they all seem to take a while00:07
noob232someone can help me?00:07
madeentjewant me to give you the link to the file? i uploaded it00:07
ircmonkeythere must be something thats delaying00:07
irrumator_ok, so whenever i navigate to localhost/wordpress/ on my box, i should see the index.php file to setup wordpress correct? for some reason, apache is serving me up a download file. i think this is a problem with compression of files or something. how do i fix this/00:07
madeentjeoke ty00:07
[THC]AcidRaini dont have an xsession-errors file00:07
ircmonkeyi think you have one thing thats delaying the other processes ;)00:07
jrib[THC]AcidRain: type this in your terminal: gedit ~/.xsession-errors00:07
madeentjeoh really? :o00:07
ircmonkeynot sure00:08
[THC]AcidRainjrib, im sry i cant find things. i swear it wasnt there a second ago00:08
ircmonkeyor your ssd is die-ing :P00:08
madeentjeircmonkey: but euh, about the partition alignment i talked about earlier, that's the ONLY thing i didn't do for SSD improvement that i could find on the internet00:08
madeentjemy partition starts at sector 6300:08
madeentjeso that's totally wrong00:08
ircmonkeyor it just doesnt have enough iops :P00:09
madeentjethat's for old HDD's00:09
madeentjebut it did perfectly fine on windows00:09
ircmonkeyin comparison with other ssd's :p00:09
madeentjewindows booted in like 15 secs =S00:09
robin0800[THC]AcidRain, what version of ubuntu are you running?00:09
madeentjewindows 700:09
ircmonkeyyeah windows does itself00:09
irrumator_ok, so i flushed my browser cache and I see the error establishing db conn error. that's good. i know my way from here. thanks guys.00:09
MoMohow can i tell if my ubuntu is 64 bit or 32 bit?00:09
madeentjeso the alignment is probably what's delaying it?00:09
ircmonkeyand optimatizing - also turns fragmentation off ;)00:09
rbnswartzDoes anyone know if the nvidia geforce 9800M GTS will work on ubuntu 11.04?00:09
madeentjeyes yes :p, no fragmentation00:09
edbianMoMo: uname -a00:09
ircmonkeycould be (small chance i think)00:09
noob232who has laptop backlight working?00:09
ircmonkeywho doesnt n00b :P00:10
madeentjehmm...well, thing is, i don't know how to correctly align it now :S00:10
jrib[THC]AcidRain: when you get a chance try running gnome-appearance-properties from a terminal00:10
richard-question: how do i stop ubuntu from booting directly into xwindows/gnome?  i'd like to just get to the console at the moment.00:10
ircmonkeybacklight keyboard, backlight lcd :p00:10
edbianircmonkey: Is there a way to turn it off without shutting down the machine?00:10
madeentjei read everywhere ubuntu 11.04 does it autoamtically for you00:10
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:10
hdon-hi all :) i am trying to install lsb, but it says i have unfulfilled dependencies that won't be installed. i tried to install lsb with -f, tried installing dependencies with -f and it gave me another list of packages that won't be installed. am i chasing the rabbit down the wrong hole?00:10
noob232ircmonkey: me, it works in the live-cd.. but not on my installation00:10
madeentjethe correct alignment00:10
madeentjebut seems like it's bugged for me...00:10
ircmonkeymadeentje --> I dont really think its a problem the alignment.00:10
[THC]AcidRainjrib, that loaded the normal theme manager...00:10
pwntyfirefox is giving me hard time in Natty, keeps crashing every now and then, any suggestion for another browser thats good?00:11
ircmonkeyif you'd like to find out00:11
h00k!who | madeentje, ircmonkey00:11
ubottumadeentje, ircmonkey: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:11
jrib[THC]AcidRain: right, now try to change icon theme and look for terminal output00:11
ircmonkeyand look up the perfect alignment for your ssd00:11
madeentjeircmonkey: hmm oke....00:11
noob232ircmonkey: doing, right now00:11
ircmonkeyi guess use something like gparted or something00:11
ircmonkeyfor that00:11
madeentjeoke, srr ubottu00:11
[THC]AcidRainjrib, no terminal output00:11
jrib[THC]AcidRain: and you are unable to select a different icon theme?00:11
[THC]AcidRaini CAN select00:12
ircmonkeyBUT madeentje00:12
ircmonkeylook at the graphical chart00:12
madeentjeircmonkey: yes, i'll do that, but i'm scared to do it manually...ubuntu should do it autoamtically correct for me :/, i'll try once more, if it's bugged again, i guess i'll have to do it manually ye..00:12
ircmonkeyyou see -> iops -> waiting for your storage00:12
ircmonkeyis the red graph00:12
madeentjelemme see00:12
ircmonkeywhich is very high in the beginning ;)00:12
jrib[THC]AcidRain: so it remembers your selection, it's just that nautilus doesn't reflect the change visually?00:12
ircmonkeyand btw:00:13
pwntyfirefox is giving me hard time in Natty, keeps crashing every now and then, any suggestion for another browser thats good?00:13
jrib[THC]AcidRain: what ubuntu version is this?00:13
ircmonkeyhave you tried with as lil devices mounted possible :)00:13
[THC]AcidRainjrib, 11.0400:13
ircmonkeylike no usb stuff thats unneccesarry....00:13
jrib[THC]AcidRain: what have you done since install?00:13
h00kircmonkey, madeentje: please direct your message to who you're talking to, to avoid confusion00:13
[THC]AcidRainjrib, install a web server00:13
ActionParsnippwnty: chromium00:13
[THC]AcidRaini also downloaded art manager00:13
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
ircmonkeymadeentje: like external hdd --> u mount it , usb is slow00:13
[THC]AcidRainto get cool leet themes00:14
ircmonkeyh00k sry*00:14
jrib[THC]AcidRain: "art manager"?00:14
madeentjeircmonkey: yes, did that too, didn't make it much if any faster00:14
[THC]AcidRainjrib, yes sir. its in repos00:14
[THC]AcidRainit just grabs art from gnome00:14
madeentjeircmonkey: and i don't see the IOPS, what color is it?00:14
ircmonkeymadeentje troublesome you aare :P00:14
madeentjeircmonkey: ah the red00:14
jrib[THC]AcidRain: what's the package name?00:14
ircmonkeymadeentje your second graph, disk troughput00:14
madeentjeircmonkey: so what does that red mean? it's waiting? but why is it waiting while booting? ><00:14
ircmonkeymadeentje : beats me, sucky ssd :P don't really know if thats normal or not00:15
[THC]AcidRaingnome-art i think00:15
tookietockwhy is it telling me Downloads doesnt exist...00:15
madeentjeircmonkey: and my disk throughput is really high at first, and then it drops to really low :S00:15
ircmonkeymadeentje: you would have some comparison material for that ^^00:15
[THC]AcidRainyes, its gnome-art00:15
noneabove1182guys, i gots a problem with wubi.exe install of ubuntu, the one where you put it on a virtual hardrive next to windows thing00:16
richard-question: how do i stop ubuntu from booting directly into xwindows/gnome?  i'd like to just get to the console at the moment.00:16
madeentjeircmonkey: yes, i'll look for a comparison, shouldn't be that hard00:16
ircmonkeymadeentje: im just guessing for the record: its normal that while booting -> you load a lot of files but i was guessing because its an ssd it should be a bit faster .. ;)00:16
ircmonkeymadeentje: so i'm thinking the delay / loading files graph shouldnt be that high00:16
madeentjeircmonkey; oke, ty, but i really don't think it's a sucky SSD...because in windows it was doing a great job00:16
rbnswartzrichard- just hit ctrl+alt+F1 to get to a console00:16
noneabove1182can someone help me with wubi ?00:17
ircmonkeymadeentje you have a 6gbps capable ssd running @t 3GBps speeds...00:17
noneabove1182ChristopherNG hey yea so im still having problems00:17
madeentjeircmonkey: yes oke....i'll reinstall again, but already did that 3 times :/, so either it's bugged each time for me.....or something is wrong with ubuntu/my configuration, coz it shouldn't be the SSD itself, it did fine in windows00:17
madeentjeircmonkey: that's true...00:17
ircmonkeymadeentje .. :Pthats a failure itself :P00:17
madeentjeircmonkey: the failure is windows, you mean? :P00:18
tookietockcd Downloads is telling me theirs no file or directory anyone help?00:18
edbiantookietock: What folder are you currently in?00:18
ircmonkeymadeentje: yes try formating it entirely and look up partitioning and swap file maybe00:18
[THC]AcidRainjrib, i also installed compizconfig settings00:18
madeentjeircmonkey: yes, swap file is on my other HDD00:18
tookietockedbian: i used cd .. to get to the top00:19
ircmonkeymadeentje: only things i can think of swapping, iops --> bad performance ssd. or bad driver that its loading while booting........ --> in my case that was an nvidia card and the new driver sucked arse00:19
madeentjeircmonkey: and oke, ty, i'll format and partition again once more, and if it bugs again on sector 63, i'll partition it manually and see what happens with my boottime00:19
ircmonkeywhy is the swap on your other HDD :|00:19
ActionParsniptookietock: try:  cd ~/Downloads00:19
noneabove1182does anyone else here have a problem of ubuntu getting stuck during startup with WUBI install???00:19
ActionParsnipircmonkey: speed?00:19
ircmonkeymake a partition on your ssd00:19
madeentjeircmonkey: because several articles google provided me suggested that ><00:19
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
edbiantookietock: Then you have to give a complete path to Downloads (/home/<you>/Downloads presumably)00:19
Phong_question: usually the long ther interviewing processing is it means better?00:19
ircmonkey--> for swap00:19
ircmonkeyswap file on your ssd plz :P00:20
edbiantookietock: ~ is a shortcut for /home/<you>00:20
tookietockedbian: ahh ty00:20
edbiantookietock: sure00:20
ActionParsnipircmonkey: it willwear it out quicker00:20
madeentjeactionparsnip: hello, ty for joining us ^^00:20
ircmonkeymadeentje: note that swap partition should be 'faster' than 'swapfile' but if im not mistaken - put swapfile on your ssd and it will swap faster ;)00:21
ircmonkeyactionparsnip: dont be silly , they're made for this stuff00:21
ircmonkeya lil swap is no prob.00:21
madeentjeircmonkey: but i NEVER use swapfile, i have 6GB ram and never reach that much, i only use it for hibernate, so it doesn't have to be fast00:21
jrib[THC]AcidRain: you never answered my questions before when I asked you what you meant when you said you were running things as root00:21
* ircmonkey is running a vm atm00:21
noneabove1182Can anyone help me out..?00:21
ircmonkeyon ssd*00:21
noneabove1182even if its in a bit, just let me know00:21
ircmonkeymadeentje but you just said u allocated the swap file to your regular hDD ? :S00:22
edbiannoneabove1182: Just ask your question00:22
madeentjeircmonkey: yes i did00:22
ircmonkeymadeentje : WHY xd00:22
ActionParsnipircmonkey: i'd rather make it last that bit longer,plus swap is rarely used. I would put it on a platter based partition too along with the filesfor /home. ONly have / on the SSD :)00:22
bfreisHello, why there's no Java 7 yet in the Natty repositories? Does anyone know of a PPA with Java 7?00:22
[THC]AcidRainjrib, well gconf-edit has a different icon theme output as sudo, rather than not typing sudo00:22
ActionParsnipmadeentje: thanks :)00:22
noneabove1182edbian well i have... im having a problem where ubuntu gets stuck during loading and wont continue00:22
pea_brainthanks to all for th help00:22
madeentjeand that seems to work fine, several ppl even recommended that on forums and all :/, because then it doesn't wear out the SSD, and it's like several GB's lost on a precious SSD with little space (mine is 128GB, and i made the swap-partition 6GB coz my RAM is also 6GB)00:23
edbiannoneabove1182: Can you elaborate.  Have you installed or are you talking about hte liveCD ?00:23
ircmonkeyactionparsnip: i dont care when my ssd is worn out in about 5 years we are xx generations further and i'd probably have bought a new ssd already00:23
ircmonkeyhw is meant to be used.. -_-00:23
noneabove1182edbian i installed it using WUBI.exe, the one found here to clarify : http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/windows-installer00:23
edbiannoneabove1182: Ugh, wubi :P00:23
noneabove1182edbian it worked the first time i loaded it, but then after installing updates it gets stuck00:24
madeentjeircmonkey: yes true...it's not big of a deal, you're prolly right, but it doesn't have much to do with the boottime, i'm pretty sure...00:24
edbiannoneabove1182: When does it get stuck?00:24
ircmonkeybesides the writes are completely random and there are tests, that you would destory your ssd if you overwrite your own ssd's capacity like 8 times a day (NOBODY does that)00:24
PhaseThe spec page for this computer shows that it supports "DDR2 PC4200" memory, the RAM I'm looking at is "DDR2 PC2 4200" (note the 2 in PC2), would it still work, whats that mean?00:24
noneabove1182edbian yea i know but my computer isnt working with usb boot and i have no CDs to spare :/00:24
jrib[THC]AcidRain: nothing else?00:24
ircmonkeyin a few years..00:24
[THC]AcidRainjrib, correct00:24
jrib[THC]AcidRain: are you changing the icon theme *without* sudo?00:24
ActionParsnipPhase: ask in ##hardware00:24
PhaseActionParsnip: thanks00:24
noneabove1182edbian and well right when it starts up theres a bunch of white text and yea, i can type last couple lines of it or upload a few pictures i took of it00:24
edbiannoneabove1182: When does it get stuck?  (how old is this machine?  pretty much every machine can boot usb)00:24
ircmonkeyPhase yes, thats the same00:25
edbiannoneabove1182: pictures would be great00:25
madeentjeircmonkey: oke, thx, i'll keep that in mind, so i'll test with the swap-file on the SSD itself, and btw, here you can compare another bootchart with an SSD booting within 5 secs: http://overbenny.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/deep-thought-lucid-20100331-disk-throughput.png00:25
Phaseircmonkey: Thanks00:25
tookietockanyone know how to install a tar.gz00:25
noneabove1182edbian its about a month old, it BOOTS off the usb, but it gets stuck before anything happens past the copyright thing00:25
ircmonkeytookietock: extract the tar file00:25
noneabove1182edbian like theres one line of copyright then nothing happens past that00:25
noneabove1182edbian and how should i get these pictures to you ?00:25
ircmonkeytookietock: using command line something like xv -f tarfilename00:26
ircmonkeytookietock: ill look up the parameter*00:26
tookietockircmonkey: when i extract it i get .so and a usr folder00:26
edbiannoneabove1182: imageshack.us00:26
ircmonkey.so is automated install you can run from terminal00:26
ircmonkeyif im not mistaken00:27
ActionParsniptookietock: what is the file name?00:27
ActionParsnipircmonkey: install unp and you never have to worry about syntax ;)00:27
ircmonkeytookietock: vmware tools.so :P (im guessing here :P)00:27
ircmonkeyActionparsnip: no way, commandline FTW :P00:27
ActionParsnipircmonkey: yes, unp is a command line tool00:27
noneabove1182edbian kk give me a couple min, their on my phone after all haha00:27
tookietocki tried running it with ./00:27
ircmonkeylol flash00:27
ActionParsniptookietock: what browser do you use?00:27
[THC]AcidRainthis blows my mind00:28
ircmonkeyput it in a folder for firefox :D00:28
ActionParsniptookietock: its not a command, its a plugin00:28
ircmonkeyfirefox will automaticly load ;)00:28
tookietockaction parsnip: its firefox but im on x6400:28
ActionParsniptookietock: I have a ppa for that, gimme a sec00:28
ircmonkeytheres a howto even for x64 version.00:28
edbiannoneabove1182: no worries :)00:28
jrib[THC]AcidRain: hmm?00:28
ircmonkeyits on the site where you downloaded it from if im not mistaken :p00:28
edbiannoneabove1182: Does the system freeze the same way on wubi as it does booting of a liveUSB?00:28
* ircmonkey will try in my vm one sec :p00:29
ogramsesCan anyone help me toggle identd on xchat? please?00:29
tookietockhavnt seen one00:29
ActionParsniptookietock: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sevenmachines/flash; sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install flashplugin64-installer00:29
ActionParsniptookietock: that will give 64bit flash00:29
ircmonkeylol :)00:29
ircmonkeyapt-get ^_^.00:29
tookietockactionparsnip: thanks a bunch running now00:29
noneabove1182edbian no they freeze at different stuff, im uploading pictures of both, 5 are of the wubi, one of the liveUSB (since its only one line anyways)00:30
ActionParsniptookietock: looks for stuff like that, rather than downloading individual files to mess with00:30
edbiannoneabove1182: Hopefully they're labeled :)00:31
[THC]AcidRainjrib, idk, i give up man00:31
jrib[THC]AcidRain: are you changing the icon theme *without* sudo?00:31
ircmonkeysya i cant post anything in the python unregistered channel :S00:31
noneabove1182edbian they arent but itll be obvious XD00:31
h00k!register | ircmonkey00:31
ubottuircmonkey: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode00:31
edbiannoneabove1182: ok00:31
noneabove1182edbian if theres one line, its the one off of liveUSB :P00:31
ircmonkeyi mean: it says you're here because the other chan is for regged users only, then wth I can't chat in the unregged channel - thats lame i meant.. :p00:32
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode00:32
tookietockjust realized my sounds not working... how do i go about getting that to work?00:32
noneabove1182edbian kk its done00:32
edbiannoneabove1182: give me the link00:32
ActionParsnipircmonkey: do you not use unp?00:32
tookietockdo i need drivers?00:32
jrib[THC]AcidRain: you should also check that gnome-settings-daemon is running00:32
noneabove1182edbian working on that,, :P00:32
ircmonkeyActionParsnip i use commandline stuf mostly00:33
ircmonkeycat, gedit :p00:33
ircmonkeyif needed00:33
ircmonkeythats how i created my bind9 files :)00:33
noneabove1182edbian http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/814/imag0406y.jpg/00:33
noneabove1182edbian does that work or do i need to use another ?00:33
ircmonkeyand zones and stuff :P00:33
ActionParsnipircmonkey: it is a command line command, it extract severything with one command so ou don't need to remeber syntax00:33
edbiannoneabove1182: I see it.  That must be the liveUSB00:33
ircmonkeyi do use apt-get yes.00:33
noneabove1182edbian yup00:33
edbiannoneabove1182: I can tell my your arm there :P00:33
ActionParsniptookietock: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && bash ./alsa-info.sh00:33
noneabove1182edbian and i tried that with two ISOs and also two different USB installers and got the same thing both times00:34
noneabove1182edbian thats my grandma, im at her place atm :P00:34
noneabove1182edbian but either way yea thats the same thing that happened both times and it went nowhere from there, waited 10 min and nothing00:34
ircmonkeyActionParsnip: But i'm recently playing with Mac OS X Lion, works very smooth on the newest macbook pro with 240gb ssd and 8Gb 1600mhz ram :P00:35
b0whello! i need an easy app for post its on desktop, i need it to write there my to-do stuff, anyone knows something like that?00:35
noneabove1182edbian you want the others for wubi or want to work on that?00:35
italoxpb0w, screenlets00:35
ActionParsnipircmonkey: I'd expect it to be with grunt like that, any OS would00:35
th0rb0w: xpad?00:35
edbiannoneabove1182: :)   Can you pop the harddrive out of this laptop for a second.  Will the USB boot normally if the hdd is not connected.  Make sure the power is off and the battery is out, and the machine is unplugged when you take out the hdd.00:35
edbiannoneabove1182: I'd rather work on a normal install that fix wubi.  It is a more robust solution :)00:36
escottnoneabove1182, the second to last shows an evergreen RIP stack trace. so something is going wrong with your graphics card. have you tried the nomodeset00:36
darksiderhi could someone please help a 'just-above amateur' linux//ubuntu user with an issue involving no sound00:36
noneabove1182edbian uhh i might be able to.. not gonna lie that worries me a bit but yea XD00:36
noneabove1182escott no i havent00:36
b0wth0r, italoxp thanks guys! ill take a look at those00:36
edbiannoneabove1182: sure  It's just my suspicion and this is the easiest way to check00:37
darksideri think i may have accidentally removed something it needs to use my soundcard00:37
ogramsesCan anyone help me set identd? 11.04?00:37
ircmonkeywell imma sleep, ill remember this channel for when i have esx running on my server - and ubuntu server vm's :P00:37
ircmonkeylater :D00:37
escottnoneabove1182, also see http://askubuntu.com/questions/39562/radeon-module-boot-problems00:37
noneabove1182edbian well whats your idea atm sorry ?00:37
edbiannoneabove1182: take the hdd out and try to boot the liveUSB with it removed00:38
noneabove1182edbian yea im just wondering what you think is wrong, if taking the hdd out will prove anything00:38
darksiderbecause the PREFERENCES>>Sound app/function just brings up a popup with "Waiting for system to respond" that never goes away00:38
noneabove1182escott thanks ill give that a read00:38
edbiannoneabove1182: It means that there is something wrong with the partitions (windows partitions) which is very common.  Windows boots just fine and ignores them but ubuntu gets stuck.00:39
edbiannoneabove1182: If I'm right then windows can repair them00:39
darksideri REALLY don't want to have to re-format and install because i have alot of music and movies00:39
darksiderand my articles, poetry, books, everything is on here00:39
noneabove1182edbian but i have no partition yet, its just the usb trying to load up ?00:39
darksiderand i dont have external big enough00:39
edbiannoneabove1182: You have windows installed right?  Then you have partitions :)00:40
wsbl-uhpd651Hello folks.  I need some help getting my IBM Thinkpad to recognize my 16GB flash drive in Ubuntu 11.04.  Currently when I plug it in, it shows up in my places menu - but nothing happens when hit the "16GB File System" icon (i.e. it doesn't activate my flash drive).00:40
noneabove1182escott ill be honest with you, i have little to no idea of how to do what the guy who answered said to do :P00:40
induzI have problem with Mozilla ThunderBird on ubuntu 10.4 my profile is on ~/.mozilla-thunderbird<Profile name>. but I dont know  how to repair it00:40
pdtpatrickwhat's the new name for ncurses package? it was changed i believe00:40
induzThunderbird crashes after 3 seconds00:40
noneabove1182edbian ah alright i see... uhgggg i guess i can do that then.. DX so what am i looking for then to happen/not happen ?00:40
darksideri dunnno why and cant remember what i did to it00:41
darksiderit worked fine before00:41
wsbl-uhpd651Prior to this, I was getting an error - something to the effect of "error mounting: mount: /dev/sbd1: can't read superblock00:41
darksiderbut its driving me crazu00:41
edbiannoneabove1182: Tell me if anything different happens at all.  What we're hoping for is that the USB drive boots right up with no issues at all.00:41
wsbl-uhpd651Now it just won't open it off the Places menu after plugging it in ...00:41
edbianescott: He can't even boot the liveUSB what makes you think it's the radeon module?00:41
noneabove1182edbian alright ill give it a shot.. XD if it does boot up what should i do? shut down, put everything back, and come back here ?00:42
UpAllNightBrainWill cp -r ~/usr /usr/ Replace usr completely or add in the new files without touching anything else.  I'm trying to install software that came in a tar.gz file that extracts to usr/*00:42
edbiannoneabove1182: if it boots up install Ubuntu :)00:42
italoxpExaile is crashing a lot. Guys, any idea?00:42
darksiderNobody ANY ideas or advice AT ALL ?00:42
edbiannoneabove1182: no wait, that doesn't make sense00:42
noneabove1182edbian onto what?? ill have no hdd :S00:42
noneabove1182edbian haha00:42
th0rwsbl-uhpd651: I have a though...stop yelling00:42
induzis there a bug in Thunderbird00:43
edbiannoneabove1182: Hahaha, sorry.  Brain fart.  If it boots up come back here.  You'll need to do a 'disk check' in windows.  You can do it by right clicking your hdd in 'my computer'00:43
darksiderif anyone has an idea, but is busy now and i need to wait then just let me know00:43
wsbl-uhpd651th0r: wasn't really - sorry it came across that way ...00:43
h00kinduz: please feel free to report it00:43
h00k!bug | induz00:43
ubottuinduz: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.00:43
noneabove1182edbian well im just wondering why dont i do that now and try it it?00:43
noneabove1182edbian i guess itll help us narrow stuff down00:43
edbiannoneabove1182: yes, the disc check takes a long time00:44
escottedbian, it was ActionParsnip's idea from a few hours ago (and he has often proved himself correct) this is a radeon + core-i-series without disable-able discrete or integrated video (hp doesn't do that) so when the kernel goes to modeset things could get dicey, and the WUBI is failing after dumping a stack trace of something related to radeon evergreen with the string RIP in it.00:44
noneabove1182edbian escott alright ill give it a shot and be back in hopefully a few minutes00:44
PhaseI've been using the 32bit Ubunu release, but I've just discovered my CPU is capable of 64bit. Would there be any noticable performance gains with 1gb of DDR2 memory? What about 2gb DDR2 memory?00:44
induzhow can i remove/delet a program on Ubuntu10.0400:45
edbianescott: Ahh, didn't see the wubi dump yet00:45
irrumator_how do you make sure the permissions on a file are, say chmod640?00:45
* ActionParsnip blushes00:45
irrumator_how do you tell from ls -l for example00:45
wsbl-uhpd651All I had was pictures on this flash drive.  I was able to run some commands in Terminal to recover them.00:45
irrumator_and if they're not, how do you change them to be chmod 640?00:45
th0rPhase: get the additional ram, don't waste time on the 64 bit upgrade if you are only looking for speed.00:45
escottPhase, 64bit enables more registers so thats good, but all your addresses are bigger, so its a mixed blessing if you don't have more ram00:45
edbianPhase: the point of 64 bit is to allow more than 3.2Gb of Ram00:45
robin0800Phase, any thing over 3Gb I think00:46
PhaseThanks th0r, escott, edbian, robin080000:46
edbianirrumator_: chmod 640 /path/to/file/00:46
PhaseI'm still getting the 2gb of ram, but I might just stick to 32bit then..00:46
ActionParsnipPhase: you can access up to 64Gb RAM with 32bit + PAE but each process will only be able to access 3.2Gb RAM00:46
escottPhase, probably not worth a complete reinstall just for the registers and sse300:46
wsbl-uhpd651I thought I had to reformat the flash drive - that it had formatting wrong when initially plugging it in upon first use.  But after installing gparted - I see it is already formatted to ext4 ... so I don't understand why Ubuntu won't recognize my flash drive ...00:46
edbianirrumator_: Learn what 640 represents and I think ls -l will be clear enough :)00:46
edbianescott: Yes ActionParsnip is a smart guy :)00:46
Phaseescott: Well, I'll probably stick a Win7 partition on here when I get the extra ram00:46
PhaseJust for gaming.. I miss steam.00:46
irrumator_ok, thanks edbian i'll read up on what 640 is00:47
edbianirrumator_: :)00:47
irrumator_every helpful edbian, in great debt to you00:47
induzbug is in ThunderBird not in ubuntu i guess00:47
wsbl-uhpd651does anyone have a clue as to what is up with my flash drive?00:49
escottwsbl-uhpd651, won't recognize or wont auto-mount. those are different. make sure there aren't any folders in /media that are empty and make sure you are in plugdev, and DONT list the uuid of your thumb drive in fstab00:49
escottwsbl-uhpd651, sudo blkid will tell you the uuid of all attached partitions00:50
h00kwsbl-uhpd651: I just had this issue on Debian testing, I was able to force a mount automatically. It was trying to mount it as a CDROM and not a usb device00:51
noneabove1182edbian yea so i opened up my computer to take the HDD out.... but it was such a mess of everything i think id rather wait like 5 hours for the disk check instead of messing around there XD00:54
wsbl-uhpd651escott: thank you.  first it wouldn't recognize.  NOW - it seems to mount - but won't open.00:54
edbiannoneabove1182: sounds good.  Sometimes they're really easy to remove.  Sometimes not00:54
noneabove1182escott, if you could relink that page about the radeon and maybe give me a few directions on how to do what theyre talking about thatd be nice00:55
noneabove1182edbian yea its in there with a bunch of stuff sadly XD00:55
noneabove1182edbian so what did you want me to do again to make sure ?00:55
edbiannoneabove1182: run the disk check (it shouldn't take that long).00:55
edbiannoneabove1182: http://askubuntu.com/questions/39562/radeon-module-boot-problems   This is the link.00:55
escottnoneabove1182, removing a laptop drive is not supposed to be easy. i think you may be coming at it from the wrong access panel00:56
edbiannoneabove1182: Unfortunately the link suggests we boot a liveUSB and edit some files on the install (and it's not talking about wubi which makes it even harder)00:56
edbianescott: NOT supposed to be easy?00:56
wsbl-uhpd651h00k: I think this is actually what is going on with my flash drive - because that is exactly what it did when I tried it on a Windows PC ...00:56
escottnoneabove1182, (a) boot with nomodeset. this can be done by editing within grub00:56
wsbl-uhpd651h00k: Windows was also recognizing it as a CD drive ...00:56
wsbl-uhpd651h00k: in error ...00:56
escottedbian, ooops thanks... noneabove1182 IS supposed to be easy is NOT supposed to be hard00:56
noneabove1182escott yea unfortunately im a COMPLETE ubuntu noob.. DX00:57
edbiannoneabove1182: Here is an detailed explanation of how to set nomodeset:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313200:57
unsobillHello guys - how can i improve my VNC is extremely slow on KDE400:57
edbiannoneabove1182: For the record I do not think this will solve the problem.  In my experience nomodeset fixes a completely black screen.00:57
noneabove1182edbian kk so right click > properties > tools > check now ?00:58
edbiannoneabove1182: Additionally I think there is more than one issue here including the possible partition errors00:58
escottnoneabove1182, (a) boot with nomodeset. you can do this by hitting "e" at the boot menu (where you pick between install/test/check media) and then finding the line that says vmlinuz and replacing "splash" with "nomodeset"00:58
edbiannoneabove1182: Yes check now00:58
wsbl-uhpd651escott: I need you to help me a learn a few things here first.  What is "plugdev" and what is "fstab" ???00:58
edbianwsbl-uhpd651: fstab is a file, /etc/fstab that describes what to mount at boot time00:58
edbianwsbl-uhpd651: Whenever anything is mounted an entry is searched for in that file00:59
escottnoneabove1182, (b) blacklist the radeon driver by adding it to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf see http://askubuntu.com/questions/39562/radeon-module-boot-problems00:59
edbianescott: He can't do that without booting a liveUSB which he can't do noneabove118200:59
whoeverhi all using eclipse and there arn't any code hints, can someone assist ?00:59
escottnoneabove1182, i would suggest trying the alternate installer because it is less likely to try and modeset/load the radeon module in the first place00:59
escottnoneabove1182, so i would start by downloading and making a liveusb of this http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download01:00
edbiannoneabove1182: escott If I'm right the installer will have trouble partitioning01:00
unsobillany1 help ? I have freebsd box with KDE4 sitting on the same LAN with my Win7 desktop - vnc viewer to freebsd dekstop is extrmeely sloooooow :(01:00
escottedbian, maybe01:00
sudokillunsobill- this is ubuntu channel..01:00
edbianescott: indeed, maybe01:01
wsbl-uhpd651escott: OK - and what is "plugdev" ???01:01
unsobilli cant join freebsd for some reason01:01
unsobillget not registered or something01:01
escottwsbl-uhpd651, type "groups" in a terminal you should see plugdev mentioned01:02
noneabove1182edian escott k so wait whats the latest verdict? XD01:02
noneabove1182edbian sorry mispelt ^01:02
edbiannoneabove1182: We are differing on opinions.  I think you should do the disk check and see if it boots after that.01:02
escottnoneabove1182, we don't know for sure what will work. you just have to try different things. i think something like the alternate or a sysrescuelinux is a good first step01:03
unsobillit tells me not registered01:03
unsobillhow can i register ?01:03
wsbl-uhpd651escott: OK.  "plugdev" comes up when that commad is entered, so I am good on that.01:03
noneabove1182edbian k well the disk check has to happen after a reboot01:03
edbiannoneabove1182: I expected that01:03
escottnoneabove1182, you want to have something that boots to begin with, and then you can hopefully work from there01:03
wsbl-uhpd651escott: For what reason would I ever NOT be in plugdev?01:03
unsobillsecond question i had how to filter all messages by my name only01:03
tookietockanyone help me to install a bundle? says cannot detect character encoding..??01:04
RyuGuns1How do I upgrade Blender?01:04
unsobillhow to finish registering ?01:04
escottwsbl-uhpd651, if you accidentally removed yourself. people commonly add themselves to other groups and by accident remove themselves from other groups. or if you wanted someone to be able to use the machine but not get auto-mounting of external drives01:04
noneabove1182edbian escott do you want me to try the disk check first and then come back here if and when it doesnt work? just because its the one that requires the least direction so itd be less of a waste of time for you guys, especially escott cause id be hoping for a slight guide (which i realise youve given but yea)01:04
Gunnii have a ppa, how on earth do i add it, i can't find how, how do i add this?! https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/icinga01:04
unsobilli entered /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER string but still getting unregistered01:04
edbiannoneabove1182: Yeah. I think you should run the disk check and then try to boot the liveUSB01:05
RyuGuns1 /msg NickServ HELP REGISTER01:05
noneabove1182escott you good with that?01:05
ChristopherNGthats what everyone wants to know01:05
escottwsbl-uhpd651, so does the usb stick appear in /proc/partitions (its a file you can "cat /proc/partitions")01:05
=== RyuGuns1 is now known as RyuGuns
edbiannoneabove1182: admittedly this is a guess on my part :P  But obviously I think it's right.01:05
unsobilli confirmed my email01:05
wsbl-uhpd651escott: this is a new thing for me - these "groups".  How do you toggle between being "in" a group our out of it?  I assume there are standard "groups" that you are in by default whenever you log in?01:05
escottnoneabove1182, sure. do whatever you feel comfortable with, you have to work at your own pace01:05
unsobilland got verify string01:05
noneabove1182edbian haha alright sounds good its worth a shot XD01:05
edbiannoneabove1182: yep :)01:06
escottwsbl-uhpd651, the system configures you to be in these groups by default. admin to be able to install software and "sudo" lpadmin to manage printers etc01:06
noneabove1182escott yea i dunno i guess i figure its worth a shot, thanks for the help though ill copy and paste all this text so that i need as little direction as possible should this fail !01:06
Magnetoowhy wubi is giving limit to 30gb installation only? I need to install my ubuntu on 80 GB.. using Ubuntu. Is it possible?01:06
edbianMagnetoo: Yes, do it without wubi :)01:07
wsbl-uhpd651escott: K - makes sense.  What is the "sambashare" group?01:07
escottMagnetoo, i would be worried about a wubi partition that large. its a single file inside ntfs01:07
Magnetoolast time i did.. i messed up the whole partition.01:07
escottwsbl-uhpd651, allows you to manage shares with windows machines01:07
edbianMagnetoo: Just choose the option: 'install alongside windows'01:07
edbianMagnetoo: If you want I can help you manually partition01:08
escottMagnetoo, install alongside or use virtualbox to run inside a vm, but wubi is flaky01:08
Magnetoook, i need to write it thn.01:08
stuntmachineIs there a better way of doing this:    grep -r -i 'string' `pwd`01:08
escottstuntmachine, grep -r -i 'regexp' .01:09
stuntmachineIt's just that I get the feeling I'm doing something inefficient.01:09
renancoelhoHi there! my hardware is working however the computer is not booting from it. I think maybe something messed up the Grub loader. I am using Ubuntu through the usb. How can I reinstall Grub here? Does this sound logic to you guys?01:09
stuntmachinerenancoelho:  Boot from the Ubuntu media01:09
wsbl-uhpd651escott: Ah.  good call.  K - I'm checking fstab and that proc directory right now.  Hold tight ...01:09
stuntmachinerenancoelho:  Then reinstall GRUB.01:09
edbianrenancoelho: sudo grub-install --boot-directory=/path/to/your/ubuntu/mounted /dev/sda01:09
stuntmachinerenancoelho:  I wrote a blog post about a similar issue01:09
edbianrenancoelho: :)01:10
stuntmachinerenancoelho: http://blog.smalleycreative.com/linux/fix-for-ubuntu-10-04-server-usb-install/01:10
stuntmachinerenancoelho:  Check Step 3:  Fix GRUB01:10
escottwsbl-uhpd651, the fstab is usually listed by uuid not device (device names can change when you hot-plug them but uuid are constant) so use sudo blkid to identify the uuid corresponding to your stick and look for that01:10
stuntmachineyou'll just need to replace /dev/cciss/c0d0 with the path to your hard drive01:10
renancoelhoCool thanks! now let me ask you something really dumb... how do I find out the path to my hard  drive?01:11
Magnetoopwd :o01:12
stuntmachineis there a better way to grep for a string in all files (including files in subdirectories) of a certain directory?01:12
edbianrenancoelho: you have to mount it first, wanna PM me ?01:12
escottstuntmachine, . = `pwd`01:12
jribstuntmachine: better than?01:12
wsbl-uhpd651escott: Wow - you are even more helpful then the last guy!  Here are the answers to your questions ...01:13
linuxuz3rstuntmachine you need to script or program it01:13
stuntmachinelinuxuz3r:  To do a grep on all files in a directory requires a script?01:13
escottstuntmachine, your use of `pwd` can be replaced by a single "."01:14
wsbl-uhpd651escott: it does show up in /proc/partitions.  The UUID is showing up in fstab.  I do have empty folders in /media ("floppy" and "floppy0"), but it does not seem like these are removable (that option is greyed out when I right-click on them)01:14
stuntmachineescott:  I know that, but I want to make sure my general command structure is even right... if there's a better way to accomplish my end result, I'm all ears.01:14
escottwsbl-uhpd651, "The UUID is showing up in fstab" is your issue. the auto-mount will defer to your fstab if there is an entry. so to get the auto-mount behavior remove that line from fstab01:15
escottstuntmachine, no there is no better way.01:15
linuxuz3rstuntmachine: yeah i dont think grep can move to a directory01:15
stuntmachinewell if I do something like: grep -r -i "blah" /var/log01:16
stuntmachinethis works01:16
stuntmachineit greps the files under /var/log01:16
linuxuz3rhow about subdirectories of it?01:16
wsbl-uhpd651escott: OK - so remove ALL the text protruding from that "#" in fstab?01:16
stuntmachinesubdirectories too01:17
linuxuz3roh cool01:17
linuxuz3r-r is recursive?01:17
stuntmachineI love how I came here to find a better way and ended up teaching you guys something :D01:17
stuntmachineThat just made my night01:17
stuntmachineI'm totally trying to wrap my head around KVM right now...  seems extremely complex01:19
wsbl-uhpd651escott: what is the command I run in terminal again to open the "fstab" file with permissions to edit?01:19
compdocstuntmachine, very simple01:19
JimmyNeutronsudo /etc/fstab01:19
stuntmachinecompdoc:  trolling me or serious?  And if serious, do you have any good docs you can share?01:19
JimmyNeutronsudo vi /etc/fstab01:19
wsbl-uhpd651JimmyNeutron: thank you :)01:20
unsobillhow can i finish registering on irc01:20
unsobilli got email01:20
compdocstuntmachine, youre talking about qemu-kvm?01:20
unsobillpaste string here01:20
unsobilland get not registered01:20
FloodBot1unsobill: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:20
stuntmachinecompdoc:  this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM/Installation01:20
stuntmachinecompdoc:  I just ultimately want to get to a point where I have a few Ubuntu VMs with bridged network connections on my main subnet.01:21
wsbl-uhpd651JimmyNeutron: I need to remove a line from that file.  How do I open it up in the text editor and do that?01:21
compdocstuntmachine, I think if you install with the Software Center, it does all the groups, etc for you01:22
JimmyNeutronwsbl-uhpd651, type in    sudo <editor ur familar with> /etc/fstab01:22
stuntmachinecompdoc:  I'm on Ubuntu Server01:22
stuntmachinewsbl-uhpd651:  vim <name of file>01:22
compdocLucid (10.04) or later:  sudo apt-get install qemu-kvm libvirt-bin ubuntu-vm-builder bridge-utils01:22
compdocthat works too01:22
stuntmachinecompdoc:  Yeah I have that done...  Post install configuration/management is the sticking point.01:23
escottwsbl-uhpd651, sudo gedit /etc/fstab   if the line starts with a # it is a comment and is ineffective and we need to look for another source of the problem01:23
JimmyNeutronwsbl-uhpd651, gedit is like notepad and easier to use if you're not familar with vi.......sudo gedit /etc/fstab01:23
unsobillmy /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER unsobill citysqlbenvf01:23
JimmyNeutronoops..didnt see escott reply01:23
compdocwell, Im a gui type of guy - all my servers run desktops. and kvm is so simple01:24
Roocyyis ubuntu most popular linux distribution?01:24
Roocyymost used?01:24
compdocRoocyy, its pretty popular01:24
escottwsbl-uhpd651, do confirm that you are removing only the line related to the affected external drive, by comparing the uuid listed there with the uuid from sudo blkid01:24
sudokillRoocyy- it is the most polular01:25
shinsukedo i need programming skills to work with dbus or are my bash scripting skills enough?01:25
JimmyNeutronbad place to ask that question...you're in a Ubuntu channel ... :D01:25
compdocRoocyy, only a handful are in the same league01:25
escottRoocyy, distrowatch is a common measure of popularity01:25
JimmyNeutronCentOS, Fedora, and Ubuntu are my favorite01:26
shinsukewell, its for the sake of ubuntu01:26
wsbl-uhpd651escott: I checked the uuid's - and they seemed to match.  Just removed that line, then took out my flash drive and plugged it back in.  No change.  Still recognizes it, but does not open it ...01:26
escottshinsuke, dbus bindings are available for most languages but i doubt bash is a good way to work with it. something like python would probably be better01:26
wsbl-uhpd651I'm going to go eat dineer ... I'll be back in a little bit ...01:26
escottwsbl-uhpd651, and you saved the file01:26
wsbl-uhpd651escott: I'm going to go eat dinner.  I'll be back in a little bit ...  Yes, I saved the file ...01:27
escottwsbl-uhpd651, it may require a reboot or some magic incantation to get the plug system to see the change in fstab01:27
shinsukeescott, why is bash not good?01:27
caden_cotardmy wifi keeps cutting out in 10.04, but it's not a router issue, does anyone know wha tcould be at issue?01:28
shinsukecaden_cotard, pci or usb device?01:29
caden_cotardit's a wireless card in my Lenovo t60 laptop01:29
edbiancaden_cotard: Well it's almost def the driver (unless you're just too far away from the router)01:29
FAKE_hai guise01:29
escottshinsuke, you would spend all your time learning some set of command line args to make a utility send the dbus message you want instead of doing something useful with dbus01:29
caden_cotardit works fine for hours01:29
caden_cotardand then01:29
caden_cotardill lose connectivity01:29
caden_cotardand if I reset it by flipping the wifi switch on the laptop01:29
caden_cotardit will come back on01:29
escottshinsuke, i would recommend python or ruby01:29
caden_cotardbut it will go off again01:29
caden_cotardalmost immediately01:30
h00kcaden_cotard: please keep things on one line, it makes things easier to follow01:30
FloodBot1caden_cotard: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:30
shinsukecaden_cotard, are you sure this does not happen with other ubuntu versions?01:30
caden_cotardI just upgraded01:30
caden_cotardI was on 8.04 (I think) on this same network as of a few days ago, and I upgraded to 10.04 and it's started doing this01:30
shinsukeescott, thanks01:30
caden_cotardthe odd thing is that I can get connectivity back when it happens by just flipping the switch on my laptop, but it will go out again 2 or 3 times, and then it will work ok for a while again01:31
escottcaden_cotard, anything in dmesg?01:33
JimmyNeutroncaden_cotard, check the forum on the wireless NIC....on my router, Netgear WND3700..there were some reported cases of interoperability issues w/ some wireless NIC01:33
JimmyNeutronEven NetGear to Netgear had drop issues01:34
Asahina....hello to who user99 ...01:34
Asahinanext time, be more direct01:34
user99I I have a system I built for a fellow last year'01:34
user99Ubuntu 10.0401:34
user99worked flawlessly01:34
Asahinayou built?01:34
user99yes built01:34
Asahinaa cp? or software?01:34
shinsukecaden_cotard, got dual boot? if yes then use windows for 1 day and check if it is really ubuntu01:35
renancoelhoEdgan: Thanks so much for the help, the grub reinstall did the trick... I just booted from the HDD... Thanks again!01:35
user99then two days ago I upgraded thru update manager and it updated 52 packages01:35
caden_cotardshinsuke: single boot, but like I said it was workign fine on a previous Ubuntu version01:35
caden_cotardescott: there's a lot in dmesg, but I don't know what it means01:35
user99a new kernel came with it and grub/menu.lst had some changes I had to okay01:35
t1me10rdwhat's the command to restart x01:35
Asahinai had to create my own linux op...01:36
user99everything seemded to go fine01:36
renancoelhoAsahina: are you serious?01:36
Asahinaand customize it to my liking01:36
t1me10rdyeah, but thats if x is not running. if it is, what can i do?01:36
Asahinarenancoelho: I WAS BORN SERIOUS01:36
user99then I rebooted and it hangs with 'freeing initrd xxxx'01:36
renancoelholol... Only reason I still got windows is because of Autocad... other then that I would burn it...01:37
escottcaden_cotard, if you can get a few messages from just before it drops out. next time you see it drop to "dmesg | tail -n 20 > ~/recent_dmesg_logs.txt" and !paste it to us01:37
shinsukecaden_cotard, if nothing helps in the end try a fresh installation instead of upgrades. upgrades can be a source of errors. especially if your old installation was damaged before01:37
Asahinarenancoelho: you can have both windows & ubuntu on the same op01:37
=== GNUdog is now known as drivel
Asahinano one knew that?01:38
Asahinathe silence brings up the truth too well01:39
user99no ops for the trolls here?01:39
t1me10rdhow do i kill x from tty01:40
JimmyNeutronkill it? find the process ID and kill that id01:40
Asahina.....grabbing a knife01:40
user99'top' find the process id hit 'k' and give it the pid01:40
escottuser99, odd nothing much going on at that point in the boot. have you checked the ram?01:41
user99escott: uhh the system was running I downloaded the updates...no issues and just for grins and giggles memtest86 worked just fine for about 7 hours01:42
escottuser99, did grub keep the old kernel around from pre-upgrade usually it does01:42
user99escott: tried booting about everything in the list...and there were like 12 and 12 saying rescue...no luck01:43
user99kernel image it wants to load is iirc01:44
escottuser99, that makes very little sense. the initrd free is only a second into the boot, its only started to hand over control to the disk system. it almost has to be a kernel issue. if its not then maybe it is a corrupted filesystem01:44
user99I know...right after it loads the initramfs...then initrd freeing memeory...don't think it sees the fs anymore...was ext3...wondering if the kernel has ext3 support ...but one of the others should have worked...thinking it's the move to grub2 meessed it up01:46
escottuser99, grub is out of the picture, kernel is in full control (although if you did do the grub2 upgrade you need to look at grub.conf not menu.lst for your boot list)01:47
escottuser99, ext3 is still supported (and will be for years). i would fsck all the partitions01:47
user99escott: yeah...I know..and thought it odd that the message said changes to menu.lst and not grub.conf01:48
escottuser99, what kind of graphics card is this?01:48
user99all right I have a wd diags disk let me boot that and check the drive first01:48
escottuser99, maybe its trying to start modesetting and that is hanging the system01:48
user99ati 4200 onboard01:49
caden_cotardif it makes any difference, it always seems to disconnect when I'm streaming video01:49
user99tried nododeset no joy and a bunch of others...01:49
goddardanyone use anjuta?01:49
escottuser99, i dont remember at what point radeonhd got pulled into the kernel it might be 2.6.33 (although my graphics card doesn't get seen until a second after the initrd is freed)01:50
user99but iirc the driver I installed was radeonhd...can't swear to that been a year01:50
escottuser99, can you make an install cd for 10.04 and see if that will boot. it would help identify if it is the 2.6.33 or something particular to your system01:50
user99escott: I can't remember if I installed a 32 bit or 64 bit OS thinking 32 bit since the user is a bit challenged and ther were flash 64 bit issues att the time01:52
=== raj is now known as cypha
escottuser99, sorry i cant think of anything to suggest you havent seem to have thought of01:52
escott!es | Perdido_Por_el_M01:52
ubottuPerdido_Por_el_M: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:52
user99I will try a 32 bit 10.04 I have one just lying around01:52
Perdido_Por_el_MI can speek english too01:52
escottPerdido_Por_el_M, if you are comfortable with english feel free to stay here, but this is an english only channel01:53
kevin__alguem do brasil?01:56
escott!br | kevin__01:56
ubottukevin__: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.01:56
user01anyone going to vancouver next weeeek? :)01:59
wmorriHi, I am having a problem with running sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, it is saying that there isn't any upgrades, but I am running 10.10?02:00
szal!upgrade | wmorri02:00
ubottuwmorri: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade02:00
coz_wmorri,   well if there are no upgrades then  that's it ...yes?02:00
coz_wmorri,  do you want to upgrade to 11.04?02:00
coz_wmorri,   dist-upgrade will not update the system to the next version , that's not what its for02:01
elz89Does anyone know if 'Parallels Tools' work with Natty? I tried on release, havent looked since...02:01
wmorricoz_: yes I would like to upgrade. I guess that I am using the wrong command then.02:01
szalcoz_: that's exactly what it's originally intended for02:01
escottwmorri, do-release-upgrade will take you to 11.04 the apt terminology gets confusing02:02
coz_szal,  not as long as I have been on linux02:02
szalcoz_: the fact that *buntu does that differently is another thing02:02
coz_szal,  perhaps but this is #ubuntu :)02:02
wmorriescott: thank you so much, I have forgotten my terminoligy. I will go and do it now, thanks again02:02
shinsukewmorri, i recommend a fresh installation because upgrades can be a source of problems02:03
szalcoz_: other than that, I do remember that *buntu used that way in the past (that was still the way to go around Feisty)02:03
robin0800wmorri, its alt+f2 then  dist-upgrade -d02:03
dontworryHello, I recently got my wireless USB (Belkin Basic Wireless USB F7D1011) working on my old kernal 2.6.35-30 but packet injecting was not working, so I compiled the new kernal (3.0.1) and now it will not even detect my USB. Any suggestions?02:03
escottdontworry, you must have missed a driver in your kernel config02:04
nemosisdontworry, suggestions?  "don't worry"?02:04
escottdontworry, if packet injection will work in a newer vanilla kernel you might try the ubuntu kernel teams prebuilds02:04
dontworryescott, how would i add the driver to my kernal config, and if I do, will i have to re-compile?02:05
escottdontworry, yes, but recompiles are pretty fast as long as you dont make clean02:06
user01my gnome top panel wont load02:07
robHello. Can somebody help me with my microphone?02:07
user01it was and then it stopped02:07
user01if i kill it then it comes back up02:07
escott!enter | user0102:07
ubottuuser01: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:07
escott!help | rob02:08
ubotturob: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:08
user01and weather report  wont add to the top panel02:08
robOk, sorry02:08
dontworryescott, could you tell me how to add the driver?02:08
urlin2uuser01, you in unity, or the classic desktop, and have you changed any compiz settings?02:08
robMy microphone isn't showing up in skype, and when I try to add it in PulseAudio, it dosen't appear.02:08
user01urlin2u, classic desktop and i added the compiz package02:09
escottdontworry, been ages since ive compiled one. i would try and get a src dpkg from the ubuntu kernel team and grab their .config02:09
urlin2uuser01, you have added it okay, have you  tweaked it?02:09
dontworryescott, Alright, do you know where the config is stored so I can replace it?02:10
user01urlin2u, i tried to add the 3d cube but nothing happened02:10
curiousxhi all02:10
coz_usarcle,    you are usint  Unity?02:10
BernJahaTHow do u list the files installed for a particular package in ubuntu/debian? I know how to do this for rpm-based distros (rpm -ql <package name>) but how to do this in ubuntu?02:10
coz_BernardV,  dpkg -l nameof package02:11
escottuser01, it might be a bad panel applet config. you may have to remove some stuff in .gnome202:11
BernJahaTthanks coz_02:11
urlin2uuser01, since this s a compiz issue, which can be rather complex they have a channel, and are quite, helpful, just a option here probably faster. #compiz02:11
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curiousxanyone knows a free VPN service ?02:11
user01escott, so just i just delete everything in .gnome2?02:11
coz_BernJahaT,  sorry that should have been   dpkg -l | grep nameofpackage02:11
urlin2uuser01, they can get you set up with the cube, it works.02:11
escottuser01, thats pretty extreme. but im not at a gnome2 system so i cant give more specific instructions02:12
curiousxi mean a want to connect as a client to a remote VPN service, can help me on it ?02:12
coz_user01,    are you on Unity?02:12
user01coz_, no im in gnome02:12
escottdontworry, you might check the gentoo or slackware docs for instructions on configuring and building kernels02:12
coz_user01,  11.04 classic?02:12
urlin2uyay the coz_02:12
user01coz_, older i think, it says 2.30.2 for the gnome version02:13
coz_user01,  in terminal  compiz --version02:13
BernJahaTcoz_, actually I've just tried it, and the actual answer I was looking for was dpkg -L <packagename>. thanks though u were very helpful. there are so many deb-related commands that i found it confusing02:13
user01coz_, compiz 0.8.402:13
coz_BernJahaT,  both works  so cool :)02:14
coz_user01,  ok open ccsm02:14
escott!vpn | curiousx02:14
ubottucuriousx: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN02:14
user01escott, ok02:14
user01escott, as root?02:14
curiousxthanks escott i'll check out02:14
user01escott, or sudo?02:15
user01escott, or user?02:15
escottuser01, all your other gnome config stuff is in there. i would try to get some advise from someone running !classic first. and you would not need to be root02:15
coz_user01,  is the issue only not being able to enable the cube?02:15
user01coz_, no the issue was the gnome-panel not running02:16
user01coz_, well, running but not appearing02:16
coz_user01,  ah ,, nvidia graphics?02:16
user01coz_, unless i killed it02:16
user01coz_, intel hd graphics02:16
robin0800user01, classic may not be running compiz02:16
coz_user01,   try from terminal ..    gnome-panel & disown   then log off and back on  see  if it shows up02:18
user99escott: didn't find my ubuntu cd...but booted knoppix 6.2 fine....ran fsck.ext3 and it cleaned some orphaned files...last kernel entry is the drive currenntly mounted as /mnt/ubuntu and checking things02:18
user99any suggestions?02:19
user01robin0800, how do i get classic to run compiz?02:19
robin0800user01, in a terminal compiz --replace02:20
=== CaptPDB is now known as KurtBday
coz_user01,    in terminal  compiz --replace & disown02:20
coz_user01,  other wise compiz will shutdown when you close the terminal window02:21
seanmc98hello, i made a 50GB partion for windpw, how do i reset up grub/02:21
escottuser99, i cant think of anything unfortunately02:21
dontworryAlright, Thank you escott02:22
escott!grub | seanmc9802:22
ubottuseanmc98: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)02:22
=== Mud is now known as Guest37878
robin0800coz_, I would not use disown the first time in case it dosen't work properly02:22
coz_robin0800,  well he will still get readouts and errors if so ,, and if there are errors it wont start anyway02:23
[THC]AcidRainok since im in this icons chrisis. how would i move just about everything i need from this user to a new user, with the same name02:23
robin0800coz_,it used to corrupt my screen making it difficult to see02:24
escott[THC]AcidRain, why not just nuke a bunch of .* files02:24
coz_robin0800,  oh !  sounds like that might have been a video issue not compiz02:24
[THC]AcidRainescott, is that safe though?02:25
escott[THC]AcidRain, they will get regenerated. you just lose the preferences02:25
robin0800coz_, metacity --replace fixed it02:25
kerimdoes anybody knows, howto swap boot order at grub02:25
[THC]AcidRainso i can basically delete all of them?02:25
coz_robin0800,  right but that doesnt mean it was compiz creating the corrupt screen,, that is generally video02:26
user99hmmm I only see entries for /proc and the fs's in fstab...shouldn02:26
escott[THC]AcidRain, pretty much. copy a .profile and .bashrc out of /etc/skel if you go so far as to delete them02:26
robin0800coz_, don't know but fixed now in 11.1002:26
user99t there be an entry for /sys? or was that after 2.6.32?02:27
randomseedkerim, the order is top down unless you mark one default02:27
coz_robin0800,  ok cool,, :)02:27
escottuser99, sys, dev, and tmpfs aren't in fstab anymore. they are mounted outside02:27
[THC]AcidRainbefore i do this. is there any way at all that compiz settings could stop my icon theme from changing?02:28
escottuser99, but oddly swap is in fstab go figure02:28
escott[THC]AcidRain, where are you seeing inconsistent icons?02:28
coz_[THC]AcidRain,  not unless somehow an icon theme was not installed02:28
user99I get this thing running i ought to change to ext402:28
[THC]AcidRainescott,  jrib tried to help me on this. we did just about everything02:29
[THC]AcidRainicon themes work on other users, just not on me02:29
[THC]AcidRainthey dont work. they say they are installed. but the default remains to be gnome02:29
escottuser99, you can upgrade in place, but ext4 will only help if you move the big files around to make the extents02:29
pjmanI'm trying to use testdrive on 11.04. Five seconds after I open it, the window turns dim and freezes on me. I don't see any new entries in the logs. I've tried running it from a terminal and no info is outputted to the screen. Any ideas?02:29
[THC]AcidRainthis is a new install too. 2 days old02:29
achuenybody can answer my question02:29
escott[THC]AcidRain, probably something buried in gconf but hard to say what02:30
[THC]AcidRainso should i delete only gconf?02:30
escott!ask | achu02:30
ubottuachu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:30
user99escott: well it should boot something now an orphaned journal should have been detected and fsck run automatically I would have thought...gonna give it a shot02:30
phiVHow, how do I ssh to my desktop over the internet?02:31
phiVover LAN is easy, but through WAN?02:31
[THC]AcidRainescott, and if i do delete .gconf, how would i make the system regenerate it?02:31
escott[THC]AcidRain, given it is only a couple days old you won't be losing many settings, so sure nuke away02:31
escott[THC]AcidRain, nuke it from tty1 when you are not logged in. then login again02:32
escott[THC]AcidRain, when you login to the gui it should regenerate everything02:32
achui m using hp pavilion do it support ubuntu 10.04 lts02:33
coz_achu,  did you test it with alive cd?02:33
achusorry compaq presario02:34
coz_achu,  and did it run well and was there sound  etc etc?02:34
achuwhen i try to install it shows i/o error02:34
achuno sound02:34
achui had to unmute it02:35
coz_achu,  and is it installed now?02:35
achuno iam running on a live cd02:35
acidrain_ok, i can tell you when the issue is occuring now02:36
coz_achu,  ok,, mm  I have had a few issues with some compaqs  in the past,,, do you remember the exact error?02:36
John25I accidentally removed the sound icon in the top right in Ubuntu 11.04 Unity. How do I get it back?02:36
acidrain_escott, when i deleted .gconf is took away all preferences like you said. but when i went to go change the icon theme, it went right back to how it was stuck to before02:36
achucoz ,ok iwill tell u plz wait02:37
urlin2uJohnu on the classic desktop?25, yo02:37
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
urlin2uJohn25, you on the classic desktop?02:37
John25No, I'm on Unity.02:37
achui triesd to install many of ubuntu 9.10,
ObrienDavedr_willis: still here?02:38
urlin2uJohn25, how did you remove it?02:38
coz_achu,  same error?02:38
John25I accidentally uninstalled PulseAudio02:38
achua live cd runs smooth exept 11.0402:38
coz_achu,  how much memory is on that system?02:38
achuyes same error02:38
escottacidrain_, are you familiar with git?02:38
achuxp runs smoothly02:38
urlin2uJohn25, I don't know myself of a way maybe others do the panel ia pretty locked up.02:39
achu768 mb02:39
acidrain_escott, no02:39
John25So what are my choices?02:39
escottacidrain_, create a new user and put their entire home directory into git. then change the theme and see what files get changed. it should point you to exactly what you need to change02:39
acidrain_escott, actually now it will change to any pre installed theme. it just wont do it to my downloaded themes...02:39
coz_achu,  when you start the live cd,, click the keyboard logo at the bottom of the screen to get to a menu..run a memory test  on that system02:39
achu$ what?02:40
achu4 whatt?02:40
escottacidrain_, its probably not recognizing the themes in ~/.themes. i think some of this stuff came out a bit half-baked and they may have never hooked up user-themes as those are "not cool" and "not user friendly"02:40
coz_achu,  when the live cd begins,, there is , I believe,  a keyboard logo at the bottom of the screen,, if you click that  a menu should show up with a memory test option02:41
urlin2uJohn25, have you logged out or rebooted since you removed pulse?02:41
achuwhat is the use of it?02:41
John25I even reinstalled it, hoping it would come back.02:41
coz_achu,  to rule out memory problems02:41
urlin2uJohn25, not sure here really, but other may know , also tab nics so we k now who your talking to. ;)02:42
TophenIf any of you guys from some hours ago remember me.02:42
Singhamhi...does anyone know what is power pc and what's its use ?02:42
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:42
urlin2uSingham, apple computers?02:42
coz_Singham,  powerpc from what I know is an older apple/mac machine02:42
achucoz , i tried to install every time it shows i/o error input output error02:42
Topheni've installed ubuntu 1104: EXTERMELY slow boot and flickering errors02:43
TophenI think I've corrupted me ISO :(02:43
John25urlin2u, so what, do I basically have to reinstall the OS or something?02:43
JimmyNeutronhow do you use the !tab?02:43
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:43
JimmyNeutronI tried !<nick>02:43
achutophen, i also have the same problem02:43
JimmyNeutronand hit tab and didnt autofill in the rest of the name02:43
TophenLike the windows are flickering and its completely stuffed?02:44
TophenAre you by any chance on a MacBook/02:44
Singhamcoz_ : can I install mac os x lion or snow leoopard in a virtualbox ?02:44
urlin2uJohn25, as  said I don't know I would just chill unless it is a imperative that you can't live without at this second, somebody will probably know something, this is frree help so with that comes a bit oh waiting at times. ;)02:44
escottTophen, flickering windows are usually a compiz issue try metacity --replace02:44
coz_achu,  ok lets try something else,,, did you check the md5sum on the iso before burning it?02:44
achutophen, i had downloaded it from ubuntu site, itworks well with my friends coputer02:45
coz_Singham,  I am not sure,, I would assume so   however,, on an powerpc I am not su re it can handle lion,,02:45
achumd5sum what is it?02:45
ObrienDaveachu md5 is a checksum02:45
TophenI guess I'll just install 10.10 off the live CD and then update.02:45
coz_achu,  md5sum is a default install however,, it will check to see if the iso image is ok or corrupted let me get the link hold on02:45
coz_achu,    https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes02:46
wsbl-uhpd651escott: I'm back.  I'm going to reboot - and see if that does the trick.  What did you mean by "magic incantation" ?02:46
achui think iso nay not be wrong02:47
coz_achu,  on that pasge you will a sting of numbers and letters ,,, when you  have the iso downloaded,, open a terminal   cd to the location of the iso and then type    md5sum   ubuntu   and then hit the tab key to complete the iso's  name02:47
achucoz,bcoz i got it by post from ubuntu02:47
coz_achu,  run that and see if the numbers in the terminal match the numbers on that link for the version of ubuntu you download02:47
wsbl-uhpd651escott: Never mind ... it was just a figure of speech, I'm sure.  Rebooting now.  Will let you know if I still have problems - and if so ... I'll get back on ...02:47
coz_achu,  well we are trying to troubleshoot these errors... it could be hardware,, it could be the  iso ,, it could be be compaq being picky  I dont know02:48
achucoz ,ok02:49
skplis there anyway to disable the launcher in ubbuntu 11.0402:50
coz_achu,  the other options is to download either the alternate cd  or the mini cd  ,, the mini is much     smaller and less chance of corruption when downloading02:50
TophenGuys, If I boot off the livecd and install to my usb... will my usb be the boot disk?02:50
achuit shows 94% may be due to the problem of dvd drive but i tested it with my friends showing the same error02:50
coz_skpl,  at this time I dont t hink so,, however in ccsm  Ubuntu Unity plugin , you can set it to autohide02:50
achuiwill it be the problem of my hrd disk?02:50
user99pfft nothing02:51
coz_achu, ` the same burned live cd on another system with same errors?02:51
urlin2uTophen, you can put the grub bootloader anywhere.02:51
coz_achu,  so it worked on his system?02:51
achui tried a boot stick too showing same error02:52
achuit works fine in frends com02:52
urlin2uTophen, do you want the usb to boot on it's own?02:52
acidrain_ok can someone send me a theme that they know works for a fact02:52
coz_achu,  ok so it must either be hardware  or compaq silliness02:52
achumy system dont supports7/vista02:53
coz_achu,  download the mini iso and try that,, it is NOT a live cd however  but easy to work with02:53
coz_!mini | achu02:53
ubottuachu: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:53
achucan i install it?02:54
coz_achu,  it is an install cd   so yes install it02:54
coz_achu,  the mini,,again,, is NOT a live cd it is an install cd02:55
achui once installed lynux thats only 1 lynx distro i was able to install on my comp02:55
coz_achu,  understood,, which linux was that?02:56
achulinux 2.702:56
achui think so02:56
coz_achu,   which distribution?02:56
coz_achu,  debian,, ubuntu,,, gentoo,, suse,, ??02:56
achuit was 4 study purpose 4 ny bro02:57
ohhihey maybe someone here can help me, on something 4 other chanels couldnt02:57
achulinux debian02:57
drewbyohhi: try #nootherchannelwillhelpme02:57
coz_ohhi,  shoot ,, if anyone can they will :)02:57
coz_achu,  ok then maybe debian will work on that system where ubuntu fails ?02:57
ohhihaha ..... T-T02:58
coz_achu,  or try the mini cd which will attempt to install onto that system02:58
achuok i will try02:58
coz_achu,  cool :)02:58
urlin2uohhi, ask your question?02:59
ohhistartin x ends up in a white screen02:59
achui tried  kubuntu also02:59
urlin2uohhi, what is your graphics card02:59
coz_achu,  this didnt work  I bet02:59
ArcademanIs there any way of changing the Unity theme :)02:59
galamarHello was wondering if someone would know what is wrong with my synaptic, apt-get, and aptitude. Packages that should be there are not there like firefox, and any program that I got from the repos to begin with, if I remove them the won't show up anymore. None of the package managers give any error other than ""Package firefox is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsol02:59
galamareted, or is only available from another source.  E: Package firefox has no installation candidate"".02:59
achubut showing same error02:59
ohhiati rage i think02:59
coz_Arcademan,  the Launcher or the system theme?03:00
urlin2ugalamar, which ubuntu are you running03:00
urlin2uohhi, lspci in the terminal will tell you03:00
ArcademanCan I edit the Launcher coz_03:00
szalohhi: don't think, inform yourself -> lspci | grep -i vga03:00
urlin2ugalamar, can you reinstall synaptic from the cli?03:00
szalohhi: also, 'lsb_release -a' please03:01
ohhimust boot first03:01
coz_Arcademan,  not to my knowledge at least not much,, in ccsm under the ubuntu unity plugin there are a few options for chaning its appearance but not themeing it03:01
coz_Arcademan,  if you want to change the system theme try opening    gnome-appearance-properties03:01
ArcademanLet me guess the dock is tied to the laucher :P03:01
galamarurlin2u, If I knew what the cli was I might03:02
coz_Arcademan,  well,, the "dock"  is the launcher if you mean the large dock on the left of the screen03:02
ArcademanYeah any chance of removing it and keeping the top dock?03:02
szalurlin2u: how would that help?03:02
coz_Arcademan,  you mean the top panel at the top of the screen?03:03
ohhimust admit its a old one it takes some time03:03
ArcademanYeah :)03:03
urlin2ugalamar, cli=command line interace=terminal.03:03
PawnStarhi.  i have a problem with ubuntu.  i'm trying to get a printer driver to work, but only morons use ubuntu, and i am not a moron.  can anybody help03:03
coz_Arcademan,  well,, again ,, in ccsm under the Ubuntu Unity plugin,, there is an options to autohide the launcher03:03
acidrain_fixed bitches what get some03:03
ArcademanMay I ask what terminal command :P03:03
robin0800coz_, IN 11.04 you can only use ambiance or radiance but change icons colours and cursors etc03:03
urlin2uszal, they are missing synaptic, seems logical to try a install first.03:04
galamarurlin2u, apt-get install synaptic than?03:04
szalPawnStar: please adjust your attitude..  if only morons use Ubuntu, then we're all morons, and you don't wanna be helped by morons, do you?03:04
coz_Arcademan,  or  log off and after putting in your password,,at the bottom of the screen,, under "Sessions"  choose classic or   classic ( no effects)  this will give  you classic gnome and no large launcher03:04
urlin2ugalamar, yeah, unless szal  has a better idea03:04
PawnStarbut why Ubuntu when Windows is there03:04
coz_Arcademan,   if you have it installed,, in terminal     ccsm03:04
ArcademanI just was wondering if the laucher was removalble that all ;)03:05
coz_Arcademan,  I dont believe so03:05
coz_Arcademan,  unless you log into the classic sessions03:05
ArcademanRight :(03:05
szalPawnStar: then use Windows.03:05
galamarI got my printer working, whose the morons?03:05
escottszal, don't feed the trolls03:05
achucoz_, its only 15 mb03:06
achucoz_ ,its only 15 mb03:06
robin0800Arcademan, no just resize hide mode and translucency03:06
coz_Arcademan,  or as I mentioned...  autohide the launcher03:06
ArcademanIs it 10.04 that uses Gnome Classic :)03:06
watisdishow do i set permissions (or groups to users) on a home directory as to hide it from other users, but allow apache to read from a www directory ?03:06
PawnStarszal:  but then you have the problem03:06
coz_achu,   right the mini is very small and downloads most of the packages from the net03:06
PawnStarlet's all use Windows03:06
seclm193I have established that the cause of my freezes is virtualbox!!03:06
* szal doesn't have problem atm03:07
urlin2uArcademan, it is unity, but 10.04 is gnome203:07
escott!permissions | watisdis03:07
ubottuwatisdis: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions03:07
Arcademan10.04 is LTS :)03:07
ohhiso sory it was ati rage03:07
urlin2uArcademan, Natty has gnome2 sort of it is called classic03:08
coz_ati rage?  wow isnt that an older card?03:08
escottwatisdis, most likely you need to chgrp to www and chmod 750 chmod g+s the folder03:08
* szal is suprised that an ATI Rage will run w/ Linux at all03:08
ohhioh i wrote that before ^^ i thought i wrote something other03:08
ArcademanI just don;t like the dock and I know urlin2u :)03:08
robin0800urlin2u, onercic has gnome its called gnome03:08
ohhiseems so03:09
rwwAll currently released versions of Ubuntu use GNOME 2. 11.10 will use GNOME 3. 11.04 and 11.10 use Unity instead of the GNOME panel interface or GNOME Shell.03:09
szalohhi: my guess is that it's just too low on gfx memory to do anything meaningful03:09
urlin2urobin0800, okay.03:09
user99what's the /boot/grub/grubenv? it's chock full of #'s about 8-9 rows of them03:09
BertoHi, i have 10.04 LTS and there's a MySQL bug killing me... what's the best way to upgrade MySQL?03:10
Tophen_Guys, I'm at the final stage but when I select the ext4 partition on my external hard drive, it says no root file system detected?03:10
escottuser99, http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/html_node/Environment-block.html03:10
user99very little difference between the last two kernel configs...I dunno...at least /home is on a different partition if I have to blow it away03:10
Tophen_Any help?03:10
szalohhi: 'lsb_release -a' please03:10
user99k thx03:10
galamarurlin2u It says synaptic is already at its most current version, but did suggest I run "apt-get autoremove. So I did that. Any further ideas?03:11
escottuser99, all those # are to pad it out to 1024 bytes03:11
ohhicommand not found03:11
stuntmachineIn a networked environment, is there a standard way of syncing your .bashrc across multiple machines?03:11
escottTophen, every install must have a partition that will be "/"03:11
szalohhi: meaning you don't run *buntu on that thing -> end of support03:11
ArcademanMay I ask one last q do you guys ever plan to unlock the top dock to add apps @ things :)03:11
Tophen_Ok, so is that is that like the name or??  How do I fix it?03:12
histostuntmachine: you could rsync it03:12
rwwArcademan: ask #ayatana03:12
YankDownUnderArcademan, If you're using Unity, um, no.03:12
urlin2ugalamar, not really to much missing and problems for me to suggest more.03:12
escottstuntmachine, there are various approaches. some just scp files around. others rsync home directories, some share homes across nfs. i like to put config files in a git repo and check in check out changes03:12
stuntmachinei like the git thing03:12
user99iirc when I booted ubuntu 10.04 it spent about half an hour searching for a network or something before I got a desktop...should just give up and tell the user.03:12
stuntmachinethat sounds really clean03:12
ohhiszel i told before no others could help me besides its the same problem at *buntu03:12
feydwhere is the default session file for GDM?03:13
histostuntmachine: rsync in cron is pretty clean also03:13
szalohhi: no *buntu, no support here, simple as that03:13
stuntmachinersync in cron doesn't have version control03:13
escottfeyd, grep gdm from /etc/passwd it is in gdm03:13
escottfeyd, it is in gdm's $HOME03:13
[THC]AcidRainbtw, aw0ken icon them is super omega leet03:13
galamarurlin2u, is there a way to easily remove and reinstall my repos back to the defaults?03:13
histoohhi: install a command line ssytem and see if you can get just X working then work from there03:14
escottTophen_, yes?03:14
urlin2ugalamar, why would you want a person who says they are not comfortable help?03:14
Tophen_How do I set it to / ?03:14
szalgalamar: you could try 'sudo apt-get -f install' (with no further arguments)03:14
ohhihisto : u mean typing in xinit ?03:15
escottTophen_, when you partitioned you must have a partition with a mountpoint of "/"03:15
YankDownUnderohhi, "startx"03:15
Tophen_Ok, how do I do that?03:15
ohhiwhite screen as i told03:15
escottTophen_, how did you partition the disk for the install03:16
Tophen_I used disk manager03:16
Tophen_and partitioned 450gb to NTFS03:16
Tophen_and 50gb to ext403:16
Tophen_that's all I know.03:16
user99escott: I seem to remember having to add something to the grub command line to make it boot originally...wonder if I can find it in launchpad03:16
escottuser99, does your original menu.lst still exist03:17
galamarszal, no luck with that it just says that there are 2 packages not upgraded (wine and google-chrome).03:17
user99there is a menu.lst~03:17
user99would that be it?03:17
szalgalamar: then 'sudo apt-get update' and try again03:18
szalgalamar: whatever you were trying to do before, that is03:18
ohhiszal :there is no point in that command it hapens to all distros and i will install ubuntu if i can get it running but its too slow for live using so o try a with a lighter distro for now03:18
escottuser99, good enough its a backup file from something like vim but it should contain the data03:19
escottTophen_, you are getting this error message from the installer right03:20
user99found it03:20
Tophen_escott yeah03:20
user99let's try that03:20
escottTophen, so after you have partitioned you start the installer and you pick the partitions to install to correct03:21
Tophen_And I chose my 50gb ext4 partition03:22
Tophen_it's /dev/sdb203:22
crusade_voxiehow to create backup and restore ubuntu?03:22
galamarszal, same error. It doesn't want to do anything.03:22
escottTophen_, can you send a screenshot of that page03:23
escott!backup | crusade_voxie03:23
user99'roger Houston we have lift off"03:23
Tophen_how do i screenshto on ubuntu?03:23
=== Auriel_ is now known as Auriel
ubottucrusade_voxie: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning03:24
Tophen_And where Will I paste it?03:24
escottTophen_, printscreen and then imageshack or imagebin or some variant. not sure if the installer will let you take a screenshot03:24
user99chip is onboard ati 3300 and not 4200 chipset is 790g03:24
crusade_voxiethank for the info.03:24
escottuser99, what flag was it03:24
Tophen_Ok. I'm on a macbook though... No prntscrn03:25
robin0800galmyou need to delete the software souces and then allow sudo aptitude-update to recreate them03:25
user99post I made is 'olbrannon'03:25
ohhiso you give up too ?03:26
intraderAnyone, after a disastrous failed upgrade to 11.04 and revert to 10.10, i03:27
escott!downgrade | intrader03:27
ubottuintrader: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.03:27
phiVwith SSH, is there any way to save an IP that I keep using? like give it a name?03:27
selig5Tophen: shift+command+3 takes a screenshot on the MacBook03:27
rwwphiV: yes, create ~/.ssh/config. see man ssh_config03:28
phiVrww: thanks03:28
theadminphiV: /etc/hosts, too.03:28
Tophen_escott: http://imagebin.org/16723003:28
JimmyNeutronphiV, modify the hosts file and add it in there?03:28
theadminphiV: That's not only for SSH but pretty much system-wide03:28
intraderescott, 'revert' full reinstall of 10.1003:28
phiVtheadmin: ooo nice03:28
JakeR003my follow amerikaan03:29
escottTophen_, select the sdb2 and click on change. then you will be able to pick the mountpoint of "/"03:29
=== krphop is now known as krphop_afk
Tophen_Thanks :)03:29
JakeR003i have a simple question if you have time03:29
theadminJakeR003: Not all of us are american you know.03:30
Tophen_So what is / ?03:30
theadminTophen_: The root partition03:30
JimmyNeutrondont ask to ask, just ask03:30
Tophen_Is that like the boot or is it the whole distro03:30
JakeR003i'm not american too03:30
theadminTophen_: Basically, everything resides there.03:30
Tophen_So if I wanted a boot device...03:30
theadminTophen_: Then you'd mount it to /boot03:31
bigtom21485how do i add frostwire to ubuntu 10.10 x64, and am i better just do limewire instead?03:31
Tophen_Ok. Sounds good.03:31
JimmyNeutronthats nothing to be ashame of :)03:31
wols_Tophen_: there are no drive letters in Unix. instead you have a root directory under which all other directories are mounted. it is your starting point for all disks and devices03:31
JakeR003the admin03:31
phiVJimmyNeutron, theadmin, rww: thanks for your help. I put it in /etc/hosts and it works exactly like I want it03:31
wsbl-uhpd651Hello.  I need some help.  My computer encounters a mounting error when starting Ubuntu 11.04 - and won't boot up ...03:31
JakeR003when i used ubuntu for a few days then i removed the DNS server IP it still access the internet03:31
wols_Tophen_: have you answered the question if you can boot from your EHD?03:32
JakeR003i think cached DNS inquires03:32
JakeR003how do i stop that?03:32
Tophen_I'm still going at it :)03:32
wols_JakeR003: cat /etc/resolv.conf#03:32
JakeR003yeah i want it disabled03:32
Tophen_That's what I was about to ask.03:32
wols_JakeR003: cat /etc/resolv.conf03:32
JakeR003i think you can disable services in ubuntu03:32
bigtom21485wsbl-uhpd651: have you tried running ubuntu from a livecd just to see if it's something with your harddrive?03:32
JakeR003i don't want DNS caching at all03:32
wols_JakeR003: DNS is not a "service" as you call it03:32
Tophen_So how about I have 1 partition of 50gb in ext4 for /... and 450gb NTFS for files.03:32
theadminphiV: Obviously. btw, a good line for /etc/hosts is " microsoft.com". Kidding of course but :D03:32
moparirc_c7sNDi hacked a website03:32
JakeR003yeah tell me what you call it03:33
moparirc_c7sNDso fuck awesome... lol03:33
JakeR003i'm not expert here03:33
phiVtheadmin: lol03:33
rww!ot | moparirc_c7sND03:33
ubottumoparirc_c7sND: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:33
theadmin!ops | moparirc_c7sND03:33
ubottumoparirc_c7sND: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!03:33
Tophen_Could I create another 50gb or so to boot only?03:33
rwwtheadmin: That does not constitute a channel emergency.03:33
JakeR003how to stop ubuntu from cashing dns names ?03:33
intraderescott, I need help with google chrome configuration restore - I copied .config from saved image to no avail03:33
moparirc_c7sNDi hacked website03:33
wsbl-uhpd651bigtom21485: The problem has to do with fsat.  I edited that file so as to hopefully fix a problem with a flash drive not mounting correctly.  Not it looks for the line 9 there - and it is not there.03:33
wols_JakeR003: it's called the DNS resolver usually. and you cannot disable its caching since any program can and will cache on its own. but I doubt you have disabled DNS unless you tell us what you actually did03:33
theadminrww: Illegal topics do iirc03:33
theadminrww: But okay03:33
bigtom21485so a stock ubuntu setup on a ssd won't work?03:34
escottintrader, chrome? like chrome book?03:34
phiVanyone else having trouble installing haskell-platform in ubuntu 11.04?03:34
theadminbigtom21485: How so? Should work... if there's enough space03:34
JakeR003wols the ipv4 is set to manual and i don't want ubuntu to contact a dns server03:34
intraderescott, google  browser03:34
bigtom21485wsbl-uhpd651: so you put in an ssd and it didn't see it?03:34
wols_JakeR003: cat /etc/resolv.conf  I am still waiting for an answer03:34
JakeR003but it cached older requests and it still access sites even without DNS server03:34
Tophen_wols_, So should I have one partition at 20gb in ext4 for /boot, 50gb in ext4 for / and 430gb for NTFS?03:34
JakeR003ok so how can i stop it from doing that in the future if i add dns server to it03:35
bigtom21485wsbl-uhpd651: or you mean a thumb drive (flash memory in a keychain)?03:35
wols_Tophen_: no03:35
ohhiso its running, ubuntu and quiet fast  too thx for nothing -.-03:35
theadminTophen_: Um, 10gb for /boot should be plenty03:35
JakeR003stop it from putting the resolved sites to that resolv.conf03:35
Tophen_OK. SO 3 partitions?03:35
escottintrader, no idea sorry03:35
theadminTophen_: 3, you may also want a separate /home03:35
wols_Tophen_: you should have a single partition / with maximum of ~50GB, and rest NTFS. install your ubuntu already and stop pestering people endlessly03:35
theadminTophen_: I strongly recommend that03:35
theadminwols_: Hey that's not nice03:35
Tophen_Alrighty :)03:35
wsbl-uhpd651bigtom21485: right.  I then I was told to take the UUID of the flash drive out of /etc/fsat.  So I removed all of line 9.  Now my computer won't boot up into Ubuntu properly - and gives me a mounting error - because it is looking for that line 9 in fsat (a major system file) which is no longer there ...03:36
sessiondoes anyone know how to get gps working on ubuntu?03:36
Tophen_Nah it's cool I've been bothering everyone for ages with stupid errors.03:36
Tophen_But now I should be done.03:36
wsbl-uhpd651bigtom21485: So how do I recover this and restore fsat to its original state?03:36
theadminwsbl-uhpd651: Sorry, do you mean /etc/fstab?03:36
wols_theadmin: I'm not here to be "nice". I'm here to help people to actually solve people's problems. asking on irc the same shit time and again won't help.03:36
Tophen_ONE more thing. How will I boot with no /boot partition?03:36
intraderAnyone, after a disastrous failed upgrade to 11.04 and revert to 10.10, I need to restore google browser and tomboy03:36
theadminwols_: Then don't help them.03:36
wsbl-uhpd651theadmin: yes, I mean "fstab", sorry ...03:36
theadminTophen_: Uhm, you don't really need /boot to be on a separate partition03:37
theadminTophen_: If it's not, it's just a folder on /03:37
h00kwols_: it's great you help, but please mind the language (you've been asked before, as well)03:37
wsbl-uhpd651bigtom21485: sorry, I mean the file name to be "fstab" ...03:37
bigtom21485wsbl-uhpd651: i apoligize, that's beyond my level of knowledge. i would check forums and other chat room if someone in here can't help you.03:37
Tophen_Oh.. right.03:37
Tophen_Thanks everyone, sorry for the troubles :)03:37
robin0800Tophen, unless you are doing something unusual you don't need a separate boot partition these days realy just / and /home03:37
szalohhi: most probable explanation is lack of VRAM03:37
wols_h00k: and I've told you before what useless waste of bandwith you are. help people instead.03:37
JakeR003guys.. 1 last question03:37
JakeR003how to slim the size of ubuntu? reduce it03:38
sessionuseless waste of bandwidth03:38
theadminJakeR003: Sorry, um, lolwut? Uninstall some apps?03:38
wsbl-uhpd651theadmin: can you help me recover - and boot up properly again?03:38
JakeR003yeah but that takes forever03:38
bigtom21485wsbl-uhpd651: give me a minute i'll try and help you, this way ill know how to set up an ssd in ubuntu when the time comes03:38
theadminwsbl-uhpd651: I think... could be...03:38
bigtom21485wsbl-uhpd651 ;-)03:38
urlin2uit is officially the ocd hour. ;)03:38
theadminwsbl-uhpd651: Let me think. Add "init=/bin/bash" to the kernel line.03:38
bigtom21485wsbl-uhpd651: which version are you running and are you x86 or x64?03:39
ohhiwell games and video seem to run so i dont think so03:39
wsbl-uhpd651theadmin: it is currently running a maintenance shell - and is not fully booted into Ubuntu ...03:39
Tophen_wols_, well, after all that, I'm doing it.03:39
theadminwsbl-uhpd651: Check your fstab again then03:39
Tophen_Thanks much guys :)03:39
theadminwsbl-uhpd651: Make sure it's not containing any weird things03:39
bigtom21485wsbl-uhpd651: if we can find a way to edit stuff without booting ubuntu that should help you :-)03:39
wsbl-uhpd651bigtom21485: ummm ... I think it's x64?  I'm running 11.04, if that helps ...03:39
theadminbigtom21485: We can always boot without mounting other devices.03:39
yokobrhi guys...03:40
theadminbigtom21485: init handles that, so if we avoid init... ;)03:40
wsbl-uhpd651bigtom21485: yes, that is what I need ... because I currently cannot boot into Ubuntu ...03:40
bigtom21485wsbl-uhpd651: is the ssd your only drive?03:40
szalohhi: that card can't have more than 8 MB of RAM, and according to my calculation a screen image of 1024x768 w/ 16bit colour depth (262k colours) will already need 12 MB03:40
ohhianyway by guys03:40
yokobrdoes anybody know how to make a gma 950 graphic card don`t suck that much?03:41
Tophen_ubi-usersetup crashed!03:41
ohhibut it runs now >_<03:41
wsbl-uhpd651bigtom21485: what do you mean by "ssd".  Last time I reformatted (which was recently), I installed the previous version before 11.04 first - and then upgraded to 11.04 via the update manager.  So it could be partitioned between the two versions ...03:41
Tophen_exit code 1... goddamnit03:41
wsbl-uhpd651bigtom21485: probably is ...03:41
bigtom21485wsbl-uhpd651: solid state drive. a hard drive based solely on flash memory instead of magnetic platters like a traditional hard drive.03:41
V13AxelIs there a way to theme the console program known as Finch?03:41
theadminTophen_: Happens. Just repeat everything how you did before03:42
theadminV13Axel: How can you "theme" console programs?03:42
Tophen_so cancel and retry?03:42
theadminV13Axel: Also, finch rules xD03:42
theadminTophen_: Yeah03:42
ohhiwith some ubuntu deverate called bodhi03:42
wsbl-uhpd651bigtom21485: does it take a while for this maintenance shell to finish - because currently I just have a black screen ...03:42
Tophen_Got it.03:42
V13Axeltheadmin: Chaning the colors of different parts of it. Ever used MOCP music player? It supports themes.03:42
theadmin!derivatives | ohhi03:42
ubottuohhi: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition03:42
bigtom21485wsbl-uhpd651: ive never had more than one version of ubuntu and when i had a partition it was during my transition from windows to ubuntu which as you can imagine only lasted a short time 8-)03:42
theadminV13Axel: Hm, honestly... I dunno. Because I also use Windows, I prefer Pidgin over Finch so...03:42
bigtom21485wsbl-uhpd651: which version are you trying to boot?03:43
twister004hi guys... I am trying to use a USB device to connect to the internet via my ubuntu 10.04 laptop... the device is not detected until I manually reboot the laptop with the USB still connected to it... could someone help?03:43
wsbl-uhpd651bigtom21485: yeah.  makes sense.  should i just do yet another hard restart?03:43
V13Axeltheadmin: I'm currently using a headless server via SSH, and I prefer to use commandline programs.03:43
theadminV13Axel: Makes perfect sense hehe :D03:43
wsbl-uhpd651theadmin: do you have any other input?03:43
theadminwsbl-uhpd651: Sorry, I lost you there03:43
theadminwsbl-uhpd651: Well, um... Trough the recovery shell, can you make sure /etc/fstab is normal?03:43
ArcademanMay I ask what channels are you guys all listed in03:44
theadminArcademan: /whois would tell you that about a certain person03:44
qinV13Axel: You could try irssi with bitlbee.03:44
wsbl-uhpd651theadmin: fstab is not normal.  This is why I am having problems.  Someone on here previously told me to edit it - and I should have never done that ...03:44
th0rArcademan: ABC, NBC, and FOX03:44
bigtom21485wsbl-uhpd651: no, you can use both. although my preference is 10.10 because unity frustrates me, its not my place to make the choice for you.03:44
theadminArcademan: Try /whois theadmin03:44
theadminwsbl-uhpd651: No, it's okay to edit fstab...03:44
wsbl-uhpd651theadmin: I don't know how I would check fstab anyway without being able to boot into Ubuntu ...03:45
Arcademanrolf I meant the Ubuntu list like #unbutu-desktop ect03:45
theadminwsbl-uhpd651: Make sure line 9 doesn't exist at all. Empty line won't do, I think03:45
theadminArcademan: Ah.03:45
theadminArcademan: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList03:45
wsbl-uhpd651theadmin: Ok.  That is a relieve.  what do you think?  Should I just wait for this maintenance shell to finish or do a hard restart ...03:45
bigtom21485wsbl-uhpd651: did you catch my message wabout what an "ssd" is?03:45
theadminwsbl-uhpd651: Um, do it with the maintenace shell...03:46
wsbl-uhpd651bigtom21485: yes, thank you :)03:46
theadminwsbl-uhpd651: Try this: nano /etc/fstab03:46
qin!elis > qin03:46
bigtom21485wsbl-uhpd651: okay i have several computers with ubuntu so im gunna walk you through this by doing it myself03:46
Tophen_theadmin, it did it again!03:46
Tophen_should i scrnshot?03:47
Arcademanty theadmin03:47
theadminTophen_: Wow, now this sucks... You could, altough I don't think that could help me03:47
Tophen_Ill retry and tell you my steps.03:47
theadminTophen_: It'd be better to switch to PM in my opinion, cause it seems everyone is tired of you -- idk03:47
wsbl-uhpd651theadmin: OK - I have fstab up.  I don't think line 9 is there at all.  I forgot that I am now pretty much in a pre-boot Terminal window ... and can still run commands ...03:47
theadminwsbl-uhpd651: lol :D03:48
bigtom21485how do i open a tty without booting ubuntu?03:48
wsbl-uhpd651theadmin: sorry ... I know ... that is the best way I can describe it.  Kinda rough language ...03:48
theadminwsbl-uhpd651: I understand it lol03:48
theadminbigtom21485: Add "init=/bin/bash" to your kernel line03:49
bigtom21485theadmin: what baout temporarily?03:49
theadminbigtom21485: Um, do it trough the GRUB menu03:49
wsbl-uhpd651bigtom21485: thanks for your help ... I'm waiting for your instructions.  What commands do I run to recover this whole situation and restore fstab to its original state?03:49
theadminbigtom21485: Then it won't be permanent03:49
rico__o #gnucash03:49
bigtom21485theadmin: how do i bring up the grub menu? f5 right after the bios?03:50
theadminrico__: /join #gnucash03:50
theadminbigtom21485: I think it's Shift03:50
urlin2ubigtom21485, any key03:50
wsbl-uhpd651theadmin: how do I get out of fstab after running "nano /etc/fstab" ???03:51
arghxwsbl-uhpd651: look at the bottom two lines03:51
theadminwsbl-uhpd651: Ctrl+X03:51
wsbl-uhpd651theadmin: thanks.  save modified buffer?03:52
yokobrhey guys, anybody with intel graphics?03:52
theadminwsbl-uhpd651: I guess if you modified it, yes03:52
wsbl-uhpd651theadmin: bigtom21485 has left the room.  I guess that leaves you and me.  Can you walk me through the recovery process?03:53
theadminwsbl-uhpd651: If only I'd know your fstab contents03:53
wsbl-uhpd651theadmin: OK.  Isn't there a way to restore it - or somehow grab a default copy by running commands?03:54
=== hamnegga is now known as mcurran
theadminwsbl-uhpd651: There is no such thing as a default copy, cause it all depends on your device configuration03:55
wsbl-uhpd651theadmin:  man, this is the last time I try fixing a flash drive that won't mount.  Good thing I got my pictures saved, though ...03:55
SeeknDestroyfixed qutie a few seemingly dead unmountable flash drives by using DD to zerofill them03:56
wsbl-uhpd651theadmin: OK.  what else do you suggest?03:56
theadminwsbl-uhpd651: Honestly... Nothing. Sorry.03:56
SeeknDestroywsbl... can ya summarize yer prob in one line... I got here after you asked it...03:57
wsbl-uhpd651SeeknDestroy: Ubuntu will not boot up because I edited my fstab file - and now it is giving me a mounting error upon boot up ...03:58
wsbl-uhpd651SeeknDestroy: unfortunately, I don't know what my fstab file originally looked like ...03:58
SeeknDestroylemme google quick and see if there's a commadn that can recreate it03:58
wsbl-uhpd651SeeknDestroy: I was told to edit this fstab file in order to fix a flash drive mounting problem.  Bad idea ...03:59
ludditegreetings ubuntu peeps.  i am having issues after upgrading to Oneiric Osceolot.  the error is 'Could not update ICEauthority file /home/user/.ICEauthority04:00
h00kluddite: you can get Oneric help in #ubuntu+104:00
moktiDoes anyone know about ThinkPad b/g/n wireless compatibility? I've heard that some ThinkPad wireless adapters don't work well with ubuntu/linux04:00
YankDownUnderluddite, Ya know this ain't "normal" for distro, ya?04:00
h00k!wireless | mokti you can check supported hardware here04:00
ubottumokti you can check supported hardware here: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:00
wsbl-uhpd651While SeeknDestory is looking ... does anyone else know how to restore an fstab file.  I just need to get the home directory to mount - which currently it is not upon boot up ...04:01
wsbl-uhpd651SeeknDestroy: I am currently looking too, so ... Thanks for your help - maybe we can solve this one between the two of us ...04:03
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, is home on a partition by itself?04:04
ludditehas anyone decided to use gnome3 instead of unity?04:05
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: I don't know ...04:05
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: what command do I run to check that?04:05
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, you would know you would of had to install with a separate home.04:06
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, sudo blkid will give you the uuid though if that's what your missing.04:06
twister004hi guys... I am trying to use a USB device to connect to the internet via my ubuntu 10.04 laptop... the device is not detected until I manually reboot the laptop with the USB still connected to it... could someone help?04:07
urlin2utwister004, it is a wireless usb right?04:07
twister004urlin2u: yes04:07
JakeR003how much RAM is needed by ubuntu?04:07
ram0042twister004, you got to modprobe if your using ndiswrapper or the driver04:08
JakeR003is 1GB enough?04:08
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: last time I reformatted, I just used a previous version of Ubuntu I had on CD - then upgraded to 11.04 via the update manager.  I didn't do anything special ...04:08
younishdit depends of the DE04:08
JakeR003or 512MB04:08
YankDownUnderJakeR003, 16gb, minimum. Plus 300gb of swap. ;)04:08
twister004ram0042: how do i do that04:08
younishd1gb is enough yea04:08
JakeR003YankDownUnder minimum without effecting the speed of the OS04:08
JakeR003512MB enough or more?04:08
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: this is what I get when I run "sudo blkid" ...04:08
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, did you understand my UUID refrence?04:08
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: yes04:09
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, don't flood pastebin it04:09
OldFarterAny ideas on how to make my laptop connect to wifi networks faster?04:09
twister004ram0042: how do I modprobe?.. do I have to edit any file?... I've modprobed my psmouse device before... please clarify04:09
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, paste bin your fstab and the blkid04:09
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: how do I pastebin again.  I am typing it manually - as I am currently on a Windows machine on freenode Web ...04:09
ram0042twister004: you have to find out what driver you are using, i forget the command for that04:10
SeeknDestroywsbl... no utility to automatically recreate it... going to have to use LiveCD... mount your root partition... use fdisk -l to list partitions... look at some fstab examples online... and try your best to edit it back to a usable setting04:10
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, are you on a live cd on the broken computer.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/04:10
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: no, I am on a different computer (a Windows PC) while staring at the information on the screen of my broken computer ...04:11
SeeknDestroywsbl-uhpd651... do as urlin2u suggests.... get on the livecd... and post contents of your /etc/fstab (on hard disk) and fdisk -l so we can help you edit it04:11
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, get a live cd and boot that computer with i=and you will get some help.04:11
Renegade_I have a intel atom 330 nvida ion with 2GB ram...should I install 32bit or 64bit?04:11
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651,  will even post my fstsb just tweak and your off to the races.04:12
somsipRenegade_: do you have a 64 bit CPU?04:12
ram0042twister004: the only way I know how to do this is via the airmon-ng but there is a better way to get it. just not remembering04:12
Renegade_yeah it is capable04:13
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: OK.  I copied the Ubuntu image (for 11.04 and the previous version) to a CD in case I ever had to re-install.  This is not the same as the live CD, right?04:13
Renegade_but I only got 2gb ram04:13
somsipRenegade_: there is very little software that is not supported now. You might have to fiddle with Skype and flashplugin, but that may be all.04:13
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: I just don't know if I have a "live CD" or not ...04:13
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, a live cd to access the fstab file take your pick about 300 distros out there.04:13
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: OK.  I will attempt to burn it one of the distros to a CD on this Windows PC ...04:14
wsbl-uhpd651Can anyone tell me where to go to get a live CD distro?04:15
SeeknDestroywsbl-uhpd651... if you're lacking windows burning software... get "ImgBurn" from www.download.com04:15
SeeknDestroywsbl-uhpd651.... www.ubuntu.com :)04:15
Pilif12pwsbl-uhpd651: unetbootin makes it (a lot) easier to make a USB live-boot thing04:16
=== KM0201_ is now known as KM0201
Pilif12pthat's not the right link04:17
FloodBot1Pilif12p: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:17
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, preferred would be you having a live cd of the install. You should always have one. :)04:17
=== X_ is now known as xoox
JakeR003what is the minimum amount of RAM that ubuntu needs?04:19
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: I think I already do for 11.04.  It just would work last time I tried to reformat with it.  Let me put it in to see if it works.  Otherwise, can I use the one from the previous version?04:20
JakeR003without effecting the performance04:20
SeeknDestroyJakeR003.... 512mb04:20
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: if nothing else, maybe I'll just burn a fresh copy ...04:20
ludditeok, my tail -f /var/log/syslog output says that apparmor denidied my login04:20
ludditemy permissions and ownership are correct04:20
SeeknDestroyJakeR003.... 1gb is preferred.....   if you have only 512mb your system would run better on Xubuntu or Lubuntu (lighter desktop environments)04:20
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, yeah, just a live cd that will get you to a desktop, then you can get to fstab and post it along with the blkid command answers.04:20
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, if your running Natty I would get one eventually.04:21
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: OK ... just give me a sec ... I am trying my 11.04 live CD first ...04:22
=== xoox is now known as xeex
=== xeex is now known as xooox
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: should I just do a hard restart with the disc in?04:23
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: last time I tried this CD, it just hung on the starting screen and never moved ... which tells me it properly didn't burn right ...04:26
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, I haven't been following everything I would do a soft shutdown if needed.  crtl-alt-prtsc eisub the letter slowly04:26
theadminurlin2u: you forgot the r04:26
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, just for the record you will be best to just post what informtion we need a play by play of whether you can boot a cd is well irritating at least to me. Just the facts needed.04:27
urlin2utheadmin, thanks I use not often. ;)04:28
intraderAnyone, after a disastrous failed upgrade to 11.04 and revert to 10.10, I need to restore google browser settings. I find what seems to be previous /home - I also have an old Simple Backup set04:28
=== christian is now known as Guest74456
urlin2utime for a break04:28
theadminurlin2u: Raising Skinny Elephants Is Utterly Boring04:29
Tophen_838 959 15204:30
Tophen_Oops sorry wrong chat04:30
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: do I need to do anything as the CD is booting up ??? Or just let it run?04:30
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: I don't need to push anything, do I?04:30
widewakehello, using 10.10 and would like to make all of my desktop items smaller. i can individual resize them, but not all04:31
grywidewake: define "desktop items"04:31
urlin2utheadmin, you have to chrot to edit the fstab am I right, from a live cd04:32
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: cool.  I saw that.  Thanks :)04:32
zykotick9urlin2u, you don't need to chroot to edit fstab, just edit it directly04:33
somsipurlin2u: no - just mount / (or /etc) somewhere useful04:33
ludditeheya guys... has anyone here had .ICEauthority issues and logging into unity04:34
urlin2uzykotick9, cool I always instal nautilus gksu so I can right click admin it makes life so easy.04:35
widewakegry, desktop icons*04:36
grywidewake: I'm sorry, I don't see a way to resize them at all. :)04:36
widewakegry,  kk =) ill keep googlin04:37
zykotick9widewake, can you just increase your resolution?  that would make the icons smaller.04:37
GreenCloudwidewake: try open nautilus, then click Edit -> Preference -> then change the Icon View Defaults to either 50 or 66%04:38
GreenCloudwidewake: that will resize all icons including the ones on your desktop04:38
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: OK.  I've run the Live CD from the previous version.  I am at the first screen.  I select "Try Ubuntu", right?04:38
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, yep04:39
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility04:40
noneabove1182guys ive got a problem with WUBI ubuntu loading :/04:40
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: OK, I am in.  Just getting connected to the Internet ...04:41
noneabove1182ive got some pics of what i get right as it's failing to load   : http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/193/imag0409q.jpg/     http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/193/imag0409q.jpg/    http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/840/imag0411k.jpg/04:41
=== KindTwo is now known as KindOne
noneabove1182or i guess a better way of putting it is thats the message at the end of the screen when it stops loading04:42
noneabove1182anyone ??04:43
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: OK, I am connected.  So now I post the results of "sudo blkid" and fstab to the pastebin, right?  Can you give me the address of the pastebin again?04:43
urlin2uzykotick9, whats the mount for fstab, I always use nautilus gksu I don't know the command04:43
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: Thanks :)04:43
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, yeah, I just don't know the read and write mount for fstab from a live cd.04:44
noneabove1182no one have any idea whats going on or just no one looking ? lmao04:44
zykotick9urlin2u, i don't understand your question.  you can use "sudo mount -a" to mount everything listed in fstab, or "sudo nano /etc/fstab" to edit fstab04:44
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: OK, I have the URL for pastebin.  So never mind.  Here I go ...04:45
urlin2uzykotick9, that will do it I think I rarely have to get to the OS via a live cd so I haven't really learned any mounting for edit if needed.\04:46
zykotick9urlin2u, oh to mount / you need to use something like "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt" then "sudo nano /mnt/etc/fstab" sorta thing04:46
noneabove1182guess no one knows whats going on with my ubuntu then...04:47
grynoneabove1182: hello04:48
gryplease be patient here04:48
grynoneabove1182: if you ask your question on one line, it would help a lot04:49
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: OK.  I am running "sudo blkid" and looking at the fstab file.  Neither output looks like what I had before, though ...04:49
noneabove1182gry, well i was just hoping to get a REPLY lol, thanks for at least sayings something04:49
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, here is my fstab that may be all you need notice the posts by zykotick9 to mount for read and write of fstab   http://paste.ubuntu.com/662347/04:49
noneabove1182gry, well i said my ubuntu was failing to load then linked pictures of the screen i get when that happens04:49
grynoneabove1182: ok what you have is a kernel crash. Do you have version details? Does it happen every time?04:50
zykotick9urlin2u, FYI you really shouldn't have two entries for / in your fstab04:51
gryhttp://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/193/imag0409q.jpg/ is a good image for the thing04:51
noneabove1182gry,  its the newest stuff, i just installed via WUBI.exe, and it doesnt happen EVERY time it seems, just most of the time and once in awhile for no reason (it seems) it works, but on reboot again fails04:51
zykotick9urlin2u, you can use the command "sudo blkid" to find out which of your UUIDs is invalid04:51
noneabove1182gry, and it always seems to work each time i install it fresh but the second i reboot, again same error over and over04:52
wsbl-uhpd651zykotick9: OK, I'll be working with you then ... it looks like ...04:52
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: You have sda5 on line 9.  I had sda1 on that line ... and I don't know if the UUID is going to be same ...04:52
grynoneabove1182: so the question is 'wubi latest version, kernel crash on all reboots after a fresh install, http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/6128/imag0409q.jpg'04:53
zykotick9wsbl-uhpd651, the UUIDs will NOT be the same!04:53
grynoneabove1182: I think you could try to add hardware details to this04:53
noneabove1182gry essentially04:53
urlin2uzykotick9, actually the second one is not even on the HD, I forget to edit at times.04:53
noneabove1182gry, its an hp pavilion dv604:53
noneabove1182gry wait real quick, can you help or just telling me how to find help?04:53
grynoneabove1182: more of the latter (never used wubi myself)04:54
noneabove1182gry just curious if i should make a forum post04:54
grygo ahead and link people to that if you like04:54
wsbl-uhpd651zykotick9: OK.  thanks for the info.  here is my pastebin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/662350/04:54
zykotick9urlin2u, i'd guess that would cause a pause during your boot process, while it looks for that drive, then should fail and continue booting04:54
noneabove1182gry fair enough, i think ill just make a forum post and head to bed and check it in the morning04:54
noneabove1182gry thanks04:54
grynoneabove1182: good luck04:54
=== bluemoon is now known as Guest34343
noneabove1182gry thanks, really want ubuntu to work04:54
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: here is my pastebin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/662350/.  I posted the results of "sudo blkid" and the fstab contents in it.04:55
urlin2uzykotick9, thanks for noticing though, since I know how to edit it from anywhere basically i forget to mess with it, I always have multiple OS's .04:55
zykotick9wsbl-uhpd651, this is some squashfs project you are working on?  sorry I have no idea what that is (other then the FS used on LiveCDs), so i really don't think I can help you.  Good luck.04:55
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: as you can see, the entry for sda1 is missing from the fstab.  And how do we edit it to get it to reference the home directory?04:56
virtualdirtHow do I get into the que for a fairly simple question?04:57
zykotick9!ask | virtualdirt04:57
ubottuvirtualdirt: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:57
faint545virtualdirt, just ask04:57
blackstarhello, Anyone know where can i get a list for VoIP fraud countries ?04:57
ZillyI want to add icons for certain mimetypes.  I know that I need to add an image to the icon theme's mimetype folder, but I don't know how to figure out what I need to name the image so that it goes to the right file extension.04:57
virtualdirtEverytime I plug my Lenovo laptop into my droid it does this font crap errors on the installs.04:58
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: hey ~ did you get all the jpeg back ?04:58
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
virtualdirtI can get rid of it with a sudo apt-get remove  for the droid font but its back when I plug it back in04:58
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, http://paste.ubuntu.com/662355/04:58
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest44847
virtualdirtttf-droid <---- I believe?04:59
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: I did.  but then I tried fixing the flash drive mounting problem ... and then ran into those whole mess with fstab ... as you can see ...04:59
* zykotick9 finds LABELS so much easier to work with then UUIDs04:59
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: the line you just pasted would go in line 10.  In line 9 I need to enter "# swap was on /dev/sda1 during installation", right?05:00
faint545virtualdirt, you want to get rid of this font?05:00
virtualdirta nusance really but don't like letting my non linux friends seeing my linux show piece with errors on it05:00
zykotick9wsbl-uhpd651, anything with # at the beginning is a comment (meaning it is ignored)05:01
virtualdirtAnything to make the error go away and stay away05:01
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: errr i just jumped in ~ no idea what have been happening XD ~ you are in good hand thou ^^05:01
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, put it above the swap notation, technically I think line numbers are relative to how much is there.05:01
faint545virtualdirt, could you be more specific about these errors?05:01
faint545virtualdirt, paste them into pastie.org or pastebin.com05:02
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: I'll make darn sure to never buy another flash drive again unless I know it will be compatible with Linux - and not do weird formatting stuff upon initial use ...05:02
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, is line 12 the origibnal location just missing the UUID05:02
blackstarhello, Anyone know where can i get a list for VoIP fraud countries ?05:02
Seven_Six_Twoevolution is not sending mail. The messages are just sitting in the outbox, and there is no error message when I send/receive05:02
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: yes, I think you are right on :)05:02
seanmc98wsbl-uhpd651, a majority of the time if you look on the back of the usb boz it will say compatable with linux05:02
MalelDraconisHi, can someone remind me of the best way to convert .wma to .mp3 ?  I remember doing it through terminal, just don't remember the commands for it05:02
wsbl-uhpd651seanmc98: yeah, good call.  You would think a Geek Squad guy would have told me correctly, though.  BUT ... nyert ... he didn't ...05:03
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, not knowing any tweaks made to the line 12 $ 13for ease of use, you can try just slipping in your UUID, my fstab is just the stock notations.05:04
seanmc98wsbl-uhpd651, im surprized geek squad works with linux05:04
pp7anyone got netflix to work on linux?05:04
Seven_Six_Twothat's messed up. I killed and restarted evolution, and now it sends.05:05
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: OK, so to edit the fstab - should I shut down, reboot the computer, and just edit it in command line upon start up?  I'm just not sure if the fstab I was looking at on this live CD is the one it will reference upon start up?05:05
grypp7 yes some people did05:05
pp7is there a guide?05:05
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: you are going to need to briefly guide me through editing process too ...05:05
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: thank you for all your help.  You have been very patient ...05:06
widewakewill try that thx05:06
h00kpp7: the workaround is to run Windows in a virtual machine. As of now, there is not Netflix for Linux.05:06
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, per zykotick9 " oh to mount / you need to use something like "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt" then "sudo nano /mnt/etc/fstab" sorta thing'  from the live cd05:06
pp7ah that's the crap way05:06
pp7i hear there is a native way for chromebook05:06
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, no problem we will se if it works.05:07
h00kpp7: They claim to be working on Linux playback within the next year05:07
Seven_Six_Twowsbl-uhpd651, /etc/fstab during livecd session is not the same. You would have to mount the partition that contains the /etc on your hd and then edit that file (which won't be at /etc during live session)05:07
pp7was wondering if its been ported to any other distro05:07
pp7as chromebook *afaik* runs linux05:07
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: OK.  Let's try this.  So if I mount with this command - the fstab will be automatically changed?  Sorry for my ignorance.  I am learning well ...05:07
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, as far as mounting the fstab for read and write I'm not really exsperienced there I use pther methods.05:08
Seven_Six_Twowsbl-uhpd651, mounting by hand does not change fstab in any way05:08
urlin2uSeven_Six_Two, thanks for the help. ;)05:09
zykotick9wsbl-uhpd651, if the fstab you pasted was from the LiveCD that would explain the squashfs stuff that surprised me05:09
urlin2uzykotick9, I wondered about that as well.05:09
=== root is now known as Guest88353
wsbl-uhpd651zykotick9: I am pretty darn that is the same contents I had prior to working off the live CD (i.e. after I made the erroneous edit) ...05:11
wsbl-uhpd651zykotick9: for fstab, I mean ...05:11
zykotick9wsbl-uhpd651, i HIGHLY doubt that05:11
zykotick9wsbl-uhpd651, a regular fstab would NOT have squashfs stuff05:12
wsbl-uhpd651zykotick9: k.  well, at any rate I just need to add a couple lines to my fstab.  If I reboot and take out the live CD ... can I do this via command line?  Or does it have to be done off the live CD?05:12
zykotick9wsbl-uhpd651, it does NOT have to be done from LiveCD, IF you can boot your regular Ubuntu05:13
MalelDraconisAnyone know how to convert .wma to .mp3 from terminal?05:14
gryIt's a FAQ.05:14
gryWell, I'll find it to you soon.05:14
zykotick9MalelDraconis, check out "lame"05:14
pp7ffmpeg -i blah.wav blah.mp305:14
pp7erm wav = wma05:14
zykotick9MalelDraconis, pp7 ffmpeg suggestion might be better actually05:14
Nicolusck c_nick05:15
MalelDraconiscool, thx guys05:15
ParkerRsudo apt-get install ffmpeg05:15
=== Nicolus is now known as c_nick
wsbl-uhpd651zykotick9: no - you actually were right - those results of "sudo blkid" are reading it from the live CD.  I just need the UUID from this, though ...05:15
grypp7 /knows/ it. Good. ;-)05:15
zykotick9wsbl-uhpd651, i "believe" but am not 100% that the UUID values should be the same LiveCD or actual install05:16
wsbl-uhpd651zykotick9: OK, I am rebooting and taking the live CD out.  Can you help me do the proper edits for fstab via terminal commands?05:16
zykotick9wsbl-uhpd651, hopefully ;)05:16
wsbl-uhpd651zykotick9: thanks.  and you have been very patient and helpful too :)05:16
urlin2uI love suoer grub for just ths=ese sort of occasions05:16
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, worse case download supergrub2 t will get you into the distro. http://www.supergrubdisk.org/super-grub2-disk/05:18
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: OK.  I have that website up - in case I need to go back onto the live CD and do this ...05:19
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: it might be good to have anyway, wouldn't you say?05:20
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, supergrub is designed to boot a OS when it wont normally. I would just do that rather then making help try to help you from the command line.05:20
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, if you hahad supergrub2 and knew how to edit fstab we wouldn't be here.05:21
alachiqall: hi all. how to use laptop internet on galaxy S via wi-fi?05:21
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: yeah, maybe you are right.  that might be easier than putzing around with the command line.  Then I could also edit the fstab right in my normal environment.  OK, I'll put the live CD back in then ...05:22
TophenIs it possible to get a bios on mac?05:22
Topheni mean with bootcamp05:22
Topheni don't have access to the mac/windows choice at the start.05:23
h00kTophen: they don't have BIOS like PCs do05:23
djcastonhello… i have a laptop with ubuntu on it and i basically just want it to tunnel any traffic it gets over the wireless network that its connected to through the ethernet to a computer connected to it. is there a guide for doing this?05:23
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, cool supergrub2 is a invaluable tool at times, being in the OS is a lot easier. Supergrub is only about 1.7MB so it needs to be burned to a disc or loaded to a usb yhumb drive.05:23
phizodjcaston ubuntu would automatically detect it through Auto-eth005:23
phizowouldnt it guys>?05:23
TophenSo.. I'm stuffed?05:23
TophenI can't run linux without disabling the internal hard drivw?05:24
wildbat!ot | Tophen search jailbreak or ask in mac channel.05:24
ubottuTophen search jailbreak or ask in mac channel.: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:24
TophenThanks :)05:25
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: I'll put it on a thumb drive once I am back on the live CD.  zykotick9 has "left the building", so it's just us ...05:25
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, from the OS I can be more helpful.05:25
djcastonphizo it would work for regular web traffic, but not for *everything*. I even want to to send all ftp traffic and ssh traffic through the ubuntu laptop through ethernet to the connected computer05:25
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: good call05:25
llutz_djcaston: you'll need to activate ip-forwarding ("echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward) and setting an appropriate route05:26
alachiqhow to use laptop internet on galaxy S via wi-fi?05:26
MalelDraconispp7, when I tried command "ffmpeg -i blah.wma blah.mp3" it gave an error output of: "Unsupported codec for output stream #0.0"...  I made sure it was the most current version before passing the command...  Any ideas?05:26
bazhangalachiq, ubuntu in there somewhere?05:26
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, we don't want to bother the real power users nif possible, I have a alot of esperience but I use a lot of cheats, ti make things faster in my life.05:26
alachiqbazhang: yeh i have ubuntu05:27
djcastonllutz_ how do i do this so that it forwards all traffic?05:27
pp7MalelDraconis: hmm, install all codecs you can possibly find05:27
bazhangalachiq, what does that have to do with your question? internet connection sharing?05:27
alachiqbazhang: yeah!  internet connection sharing05:27
pp7MalelDraconis: search for codec in software center05:27
MalelDraconispp7, k, thanks05:28
bazhang!ics | alachiq read this please05:28
ubottualachiq read this please: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing05:28
alachiqbazhang: can i internet via wi-fi with this link?05:29
alachiqbazhang: *use05:29
bazhangalachiq, read the link yet?05:29
alachiqbazhang: yeah.i cant find any string "wi-fi"05:30
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: it's still booting back into the Live CD, so it'll be a few more minutes ...05:30
* SatanHimself wants a billion Ubuntu CDs burned with fire, and then fed to Americans.05:30
bazhang!ot | SatanHimself05:30
ubottuSatanHimself: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:30
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: we are almost there ... it's going to the first screen now ...05:30
SatanHimselfbazhang: Right, Satan is sorry. :<05:31
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, cool I am trying to find supergrub 1.3 thats the one I use I think since natty has a somewhat hybrid grub2, 1.99 that is  found SG 1.3 to always work.05:32
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: OK.  Whichever one you want me to use.  You are leading the show, so ...05:32
* SatanHimself has an idea,05:32
bazhangSatanHimself, actual support question?05:33
SatanHimselfbazhang: I think so.05:33
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, I can't find the 1.3 as of now if  do i will post it, we will hope the regular works, probably does.05:33
rwwurlin2u: it's not a hybrid, GRUB upstream's versioning is just screwy05:34
* SatanHimself curtails his plans for #ubuntu05:34
urlin2urww,I know it was my only choice of words.;)05:34
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: OK.  Cool.  It's booting into Ubuntu on the live CD right now ... so just hold your popcorn :)05:35
bazhangSatanHimself, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here05:35
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: wow ... this is taking a while.  sorry ...05:37
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, argh I found the 1.3 http://super-grub-disk.en.malavida.com/download05:38
erwt i have 2 machines and both use ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04  respectively .i want to do  audio redirection on both of them ,using pulseaudio ,can any one guide me ,i had followed the tutorial on        http://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/332418-weekend-project-using-pulseaudio-to-share-sound-across-all-your-computers    but in vain05:38
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, you can download this on the windows machine, and use unetbootin to load it to a thumbv.05:38
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: OK.  Then if I do this on this Windows machine ... I just boot supergrub 1.3 off the thumb drive upon boot up?05:40
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, you will need to change the bios to boot from the thumb, unless you know the per boot key orompt for the out of the bios boot from menu .05:40
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: OK.  So what is the easier way to do this - go from the live CD ... or go via thumb drive and change BIOS to boot from the thumb drive?05:42
MalelDraconisI'm still getting "Error while decoding stream #0.0" while converting .wma to .mp3 using ffmpeg..  Is there another program I could try?05:42
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, to change the bios you don't need eithier, usually the f1 key to get to the bios, or another.05:43
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: changing the BIOS setting as we speak.  you may need to direct me a little here too, though ...05:44
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: I'm in the BIOS now ...05:44
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, I would rather not have to search the web to fing the key prompt for the bot from menu outside of the bios, but you can.;)05:44
MalelDraconisAnyone know a program other than ffmpeg to convert .wma to .mp3?05:44
glebihanMalelDraconis, could you pastebin the complete output of the command ?05:44
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, mine is f12, if that helps.05:44
MalelDraconisglebihan, that would flood the room, lol..  it has the error message repeating several times05:45
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:45
glebihan!paste | MalelDraconis05:45
ubottuMalelDraconis: please see above05:45
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, do you see any indication of a usb boot on the drives section of the bios, you want to consider I have never seen your bios here.05:46
MalelDraconisit ran off the top of the terminal screen, I can't scroll to the top of it...05:46
MalelDraconisI was thinking that I could just use a different program..05:46
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: I'm in the boot priority order menu right now.  I just moved all the USB options about the HDDO (i.e. hard drive).  Hopefully it'll work ...05:47
MalelDraconisI remember using something else for this, but don't remember the program05:47
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: I'm on an IBM thinkpad ...05:47
SatanHimselfwsbl-uhpd651: Me too!05:47
JakeR003how to check if the installation of wine missing anything?05:47
th0rMalelDraconis: you might try sox05:47
linuxrealmbazhang: may i have the link for those irc quotes? id like to review them05:48
glebihanMalelDraconis, there's also mencoder05:48
LoshkiMalelDraconis: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1041575 has an mencoder/lame example....05:48
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: I am saving supergrub2 1.3 to my thumb drive on this Windows machine now ...05:48
JarredHow do I move a window to my other monitor in Ubuntu 11.04?05:49
JarredThe monitor is on and working and all05:49
Jarred(I can right click and the context menu shows)05:49
rww!bot | linuxrealm05:50
ubottulinuxrealm: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots05:50
Jarredbut simply dragging a window won't do the trick05:50
=== sharath is now known as palio
alachiqbazhang: FIRESTARTER: the device wlan0 is not ready05:50
SpinachHeadOn the live CD's when I install something from the software center it sits in memory and I have to reinstall it each time I boot into the live CD, correct?05:50
rwwSpinachHead: yes05:51
virtualdirt<<<--- rings the bell for faint545 who just helped me fixed my problem!05:51
JarredHow do I move an open window from one monitor to the next in Unity?05:52
linuxrealmJarred: honestly, and i havent used 11.x yet, but i hear its really kid friendly and doesnt have much to view, unless you work in the cmdline. im highly doubt i will switch from 10.04 LTS anytime soon. example, i advised a user to goto file menu, and they got upset that there wasn't anything i described to them there,,, as if it was just removed, things that are important. my suggestion, get off 11.x desktop if your new to linu05:52
JarredI'm not05:52
JarredI'm not at all05:52
linuxrealmno offense, really05:53
JarredThere's no intuitive way to do this05:53
JarredSimply dragging it across the screen moves it to a separate workspace05:53
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: OK - the boot from the thumb drive for supergrup2 is not working.  It tells me "invalid system disk.  replace the disk, and then press any key".  We are going to have to go from the live CD ...05:53
linuxrealmbut if your asking how to split screen or switch monitors, your right, its not intuitive in the sense the devs removed all the stuff you need, and you have to dig to find it now.05:53
Blue1wsbl-uhpd651: ru trying to make a bootable live cd on a usb drive?05:54
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, cool whatever works.05:54
linuxrealm11.x is kid freindly, not admin/advanced user friendly desktop. thus, i mention the cmdline05:54
BrandnewHi, i am currently running ubuntu 11.04 and have all the restricted drivers installed. However Banshee is not picking up all the songs off the ipod to play. Any ideas what could be cuasing this05:55
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: I am going to put save a copy of the first supergrub you referred me to - as well ... just so I have them both ..05:55
JarredMy question still has not been answered, how do I move a window between two monitors in Ubuntu 11.04 AMD64;05:55
JarredI have the latest nVidia drivers05:55
Jarred(and yes, they're installed, the proprietary ones and not nouveau)05:56
linuxrealmJarred: modify the xorg.conf by hand?05:56
linuxrealmrestart X05:56
JarredThe xorg.conf is just fine05:56
JarredMy monitor is on05:56
JarredIt has the wallpaper05:56
linuxrealmthats nice05:56
Jarredand I can move my mouse in it05:56
JarredThe issue is that I can't move windows between it05:56
linuxrealmanyone can help? im not a 11.x user05:57
ole_oz6ohubuntuweather in denmark
linuxrealmJarred: i have a GeForce 9400M G, i can switch/move between screens :)05:58
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: booting into the live CD takes a while again, so just sit tight on the edge of your seat :)05:58
alachiqall:  FIRESTARTER: the device wlan0 is not ready05:59
llutz_Jarred: use nvidia-settings to get "twinview" running, nvidias version of xinerama05:59
virtualdirtdoes anyone know how to get rid of the 4 instances of Ubuntu Generic & recovery listings on my grub dual boot, (10.04 and windows 7 ) laptop.  I assume they come from failed boots?05:59
urlin2uvirtualdirt, you can remove extra kernel set from synaptic, easier would be to install ubuntu tweak it has a app to do it.06:00
linuxrealmhave you looked at ~/.nvidia-settings-rc06:00
SatanHimselfrww: If you let me back, I'll be good.06:01
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: since I have supergrub2 on the thumb drive now - once I am in Ubuntu on the live CD - I can just copy/run it from there ...06:01
rwwSatanHimself: 1) #ubuntu is not for ban resolution, that's what #ubuntu-offtopic is for, 2) no06:01
rww#ubuntu-ops is for **06:01
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, it has to be booted to find the OS.06:01
SatanHimselfrww: I see.06:02
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: OK.  Right.  So just boot it from either the thumb drive or once it is copied and pasted to the desktop or something in Ubuntu on the live CD .... ?06:02
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, SG is booted it loks for the OS you choose it and hopefully boot to the OS installed.06:02
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, you have to boot it thats all, like you would boot a cd06:03
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: right.  I was referred to where SG is booted from :)  that's all :)06:03
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: referring to, I mean ...06:03
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, strtup like anything booted06:03
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: I just hit "Try Ubuntu", so it's thinking about it again ...06:04
BrandnewHi, i am currently running ubuntu 11.04 and have all the restricted drivers installed. However Banshee is not picking up all the songs off the ipod to play. Any ideas what could be causing this? Also its a Ipod Touch 2G.06:05
JarredWhy is it that I can hear feedback from my computer when I have headphones on? This feedback is static noise that happens when I move around a window fast or watch a YouTube video (but it's relatively quiet)06:06
Jarredand that worked06:06
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, la la la I can't hear you. ;)06:06
=== aknm is now known as monk
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: it's hanging again, so ...06:06
Blue1Jarred: well obvious questons - have you tried it on another machine, and did you pay more then $15 for the headset?06:06
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, why don't you do the do cd burn on your windows setup of SG?06:07
JarredYes (and it doesn't happen), and I paid around $40 for it. It was on sale, it's usually $6006:07
JarredIt's the Creative Fata1ty MKII headphone06:07
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, unless you have 2 cd burners, you will not be able to burn a second from the broken one.06:08
Blue1okay let me look those up06:08
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: All right, I'll try that ...06:09
Blue1okay those are mini jacks -- it might be the jacks inside your machine are dirty - try SOFTLY clean with the eraser from a lead pencil06:10
MalelDraconisI'm back, as an update, I'm trying to convert .wma to .mp3..  These are original tracks that I recorded using my windows machine, but apparently, the software my friend used to publish the tracks put DRM on them..  Any way around this?06:10
Blue1MalelDraconis: good luck with that06:11
MalelDraconisBlue1, Thanks...06:11
Blackoakx22How do I reinstall grub after I created a partion and installed windows 7 on it?06:11
JarredBlue1,  Oh, interesting I didn't know that coudl cause problems. I'll stick a cuetip in there06:11
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)06:11
JarredIt's in my front jack06:11
JarredWould that cause more interference?06:11
Blue1Jarred: sometimes they get gummed up, and opening the machine, and gently cleaning the contacts can help.06:11
MalelDraconisAny helpful info?06:11
glassresistorso my wonderful day has hit a lurch, i did something i never thought id do, baught a mac06:12
linuxrealmBrandnew: Rhythmbox and gtkpod are currently able to fully read and write the iPod  databases. However, though the iPad uses a very similar database, and  is claimed to be supported by these applications (you can choose the  xC497 model in the database setup), there are some problems stopping the  writing to the library.06:12
glassresistora macbook air 4 11.6 inches with the 128ssd06:12
MalelDraconisglassresistor, Why?06:12
TheMacGeekJarred, sometimes the front audio jacks on inexpensive PC's have hiss and interference, while the rear jacks don't . It's because of the cheap improperly shielded audio cables going by the cpu.06:12
glassresistorbecause its the only laptop like it06:13
Blue1MalelDraconis: fwiw - I have never sucessfully dealt with drm coded files - but as they say YMMV06:13
MalelDraconisBlue1, YMMV?06:13
glassresistorMalelDraconis: i just wanted it thin etc.06:13
Blue1MalelDraconis: your mileage may vary....06:13
Brandnewlinuxrealm: ty06:13
MalelDraconisglassresistor, while overpriced, they are good machines..  So not exactly a bad investment, really06:14
Blue1MalelDraconis: iow just because I wasn't sucessful, doesn;t mean that you won;t be -- you have to try it -06:14
MalelDraconisBlue1, lol, thanks06:14
glassresistorbut 11.04 server and desktop amd64 give prefix error, on flash/cd load to the non slash menu06:14
glassresistorthen if i pick install or try first it blanks06:14
MalelDraconisBlue1, I just really hope I don't have to re-record...06:15
Blue1MalelDraconis: good luck06:15
linuxrealmBrandnew: hope that helps :)06:15
Blackoakx22Can you sudo apt-get install from a live CD?06:15
MalelDraconisBlue1, Thanks06:15
dw-ubuntu loggedm eo ut unexpectedly wtf06:16
glassresistorif i hit e and change the grub boot file to nomodeset from quite splash and hit f10 to run it doesn't help06:16
JarredBlue1, I also have a receiver I use for my speaker system. It has a headphone jack, if I were to use that, would that fix this interference?06:16
MalelDraconisAnyone else know how to deal with DRM encoding?06:16
Blue1Jarred: it's why I bought a usb headset06:16
glassresistori can't find much solid data on why the screen blanks06:16
glassresistorthe old versions don't have the prefix error and adding nomodeset worked06:16
Blue1Blackoakx22: yes06:16
Blackoakx22Thank you blue06:17
glassresistorrunning linux for years but this is my first mac, plez help06:17
Blue1sorry no macs here06:17
Brandnewlinuxrealm: well again... only piking up 123 of the songs on the ipod06:17
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: I'm in the process of the burning the CD ...06:18
glebihanMalelDraconis, are you able to play those filels ?06:18
linuxrealmBrandnew: again?06:19
Brandnewlinuxrealm: yea.. again lol06:19
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, yay.;)06:19
linuxrealmBrandnew: your using banshee?06:19
linuxrealmi dont use banshee, i use rhthmbox or gtkpod for ipoding ;)06:20
Brandnewlinuxrealm: was.. installed rhythmbox and tried that.. didnt work06:20
virtualdirtI'm sorry if someone answered my earlier grub question...was rebooting06:21
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: OK, I'm in supergrup2 1.97.2 on my broken computer ... what next ... select "Boot Ubuntu GNU/Linux" ???06:21
linuxrealmBrandnew: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Rhythmbox06:22
linuxrealmits all about playlists lol06:22
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: or "detect any OS" ???06:22
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, yeah choose options till you get in06:22
glassresistorpage up doesn;t work tunneling to irrssi so i can;t read the history did anyone answer my queestion? pm me?06:22
=== tfilipczuk is now known as makak
=== Mud is now known as Guest58426
JarredMy terminal settings mess with Vim's color schemes06:23
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, sounds like it see it if not try detect any06:23
JarredIs there any way to tell Vim to overload the terminal's color scheme06:23
fr500I don't think so06:24
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: yeah - the first option did not work - it got hung up on the fstab error.  I am trying "detect any ..." now ...06:24
glassresistorhas anyone successfully run on a brand new mac air 4 thats 11inches?  11.04 or any other, i can't get past grub06:24
linuxrealmi believe there is... prolly set cmd06:24
andresmhhow can I update Prism to use the latest version of the Gecko renderer (i.e. FF7)?06:24
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: "detect any" did not work - got hung up on the fstab error again ...06:25
TrexIf a computer supports up to10Mbps ethernet and supports wireless G, what is the computer's max internet speed? (in theory)06:26
IdleOneTrex: not related to Ubuntu. try ##networking06:26
fr500Trex: internet speed is not likely bottlenecked by your nic speed06:26
glassresistorafter grub i get a blank screen, how would i switch the server grub config to nomodeset?  i just added it after quite before the --06:27
fr500Trex: but by your service contract06:27
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: what do I try next - perhaps "detect any GRUB2 installation (even if mbr is overwritten)" ???06:27
glassresistorand hit f10 becauase cntl+x doesn't work06:27
fr500Trex: if you have 10mbps ethernet then 10mbos is your limit, not likely you'r wifi will get even close to 54mbps06:27
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, all  can really say here, is that the live cd and getting the correct fstab, not the cd's opened with read and write access is your best answer. you might just consider pulling out whay=t you need and reinstalling or installing another linux next to it and getting there that way.06:27
glassresistorany ideas or did i just waste 12hundred$06:28
glassresistoror a better channel to look?06:28
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: perhaps when I boot up, if I run a the previous version of linux ... maybe that will work.  It gives me that option upon startup ...06:28
fr500glassresistor: what was ou issue?06:28
Trexfr500: Is the wireless limited to that 10mbps as well or no?06:28
fr500Trex: wireless g states 54mbps theoretical limit but in practice getting over 10mbps throghput is uncommon06:29
glassresistortrying to install 11.04 on the new mac air with 128ssd and 11inch screen06:29
urlin2uglassresistor, hit e at the grubmenu insert nomodeset nplace of splash pr no splash het crtl-x to boot06:29
fr500Trex: not limited by spec but limited by actual performance06:29
glassresistori've tried flash and cd and desk/server both 64bit, but it gives a prefix error06:30
glassresistorurlin2u: i've done that exactly06:30
glassresistorcrtl-x doesn;t work so i use f10 but its the same otherwise06:31
fourtimeshi, can I use netstat to see, if packets are constantly arriving from a multicast source?06:31
urlin2uglassresistor, there is a low graphic option in the recovery 4th or 5th line I forget the name.06:31
urlin2uglassresistor, what OS is t.06:31
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: I'll try the Ubuntu 9.10 live CD ... and see if this works :)06:32
pravinkenatorHello, I need to perform some benchmarking in my machine which runs ubuntu 10.10, I'm running the system in runlevel 3 (init 3) ... I want to know if there are any unnecessary programs or daemons currently running which I can disable06:32
glassresistorits osx lion current i want 11.04 ubuntu06:32
glassresistori have the 64bit server on usb flash06:32
fr500glassresistor: weird06:32
fr500it should work06:32
urlin2uglassresistor, are you trying to boot  ubuntu cd or a installed system.06:33
pravinkenatorcan some one help me on this06:33
thedustyoneis this the best way to install ATI proprietary drivers?06:33
thedustyoneisn't there just an easy way to do in software center or somthing now?06:33
acerzdoes anyone know how to get the bluetooh/wifi combo working on ubuntu?06:33
glassresistorits gives a prefix error pre grub and when i select the b/w intall option it blacks out and if i the 2nd to last line from quite to nomodeset and nothing changes06:33
glassresistorcrtl+x doesn't worok i have to use f1006:34
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: loading into Ubuntu 9.10 on the live CD right now ...06:34
urlin2uglassresistor, are you trying to boot  ubuntu cd or a installed system?06:34
glassresistorubuntun 64 bit server cd06:34
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, I wont be able to help there.06:34
MetaxaHello folks, I have a problem with xrandr reporting my laptop screen as 0mmx0mm. I tried command xrandr --output LVDS -- fbmm 310x220, the screen blinked but my main monitor still not on and xrandr still reporting 0mmx0mm for physical size. Any help?06:34
glassresistoron the newest air06:34
glassresistor128gig ssd06:35
urlin2uglassresistor, are you trying to boot  ubuntu cd or a installed system?06:35
glassresistorboot the cd06:35
thedustyonetheres ATI binary xorg driver but it only has 1 1/2 stars???06:35
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: OK.  So is our only option now to edit the fstab manually via command line?06:35
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: seems like we've tried everything else ...06:36
urlin2uglassresistor, finally when you power on tap the shift key, when hyou get the try ubuntu gui hit f6 tick nomodeset, then boot in.06:36
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, your only option that is, I can't really go beyond what we have done06:37
glassresistori get a prefix error on grub loading which kills the splash screen but i have the bw selection tool and hit e and change the text to nomodeset06:37
urlin2uglassresistor, to be honest you have left out information and reallyu make no sense for any real help.06:38
wsbl-uhpd651OK, so do you know what commands to enter to edit a file via command line ...06:38
glassresistorurlin2u: so on boot i've been holding down the options key and selecting the last boot option for my flash drive, then hitting e on the install option06:38
glassresistoris e the same as f6 or is there a difference06:38
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: we are so close.  OK, so do you know what commands to enter to edit a file via command line ...06:38
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: ???06:38
wsbl-uhpd651does anyone know how to edit fstab via command line?06:38
glassresistorwsbl-uhpd651: vi?06:39
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: sudo nano /etc/fstab06:39
Fuchswsbl-uhpd651: sudo nano /etc/fstab06:39
zabomberhey guys... just can't get SVN with WEBDAV to work :(06:39
Fuchswsbl-uhpd651: or any other editor like vim or emacs06:39
zabomberive followed 4 tut's06:39
zabomberand i can view my svn repo remotely06:39
zabomberbut i can't upload files to it...06:39
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: thanks.  I may have another question - so just hold tight ...06:40
zabomberi've checked the permissions on the svn repo for www-data and the subversion group...06:40
glassresistorurlin2u: im sorry im confused06:40
zabomberstill now luck :(06:40
zabomberwhere do i begin to troubleshoot?06:40
ubottusvn is Subversion: an open-source revision control system, which aims to be a compelling replacement for CVS. See http://subversion.tigris.org/06:40
glassresistorurlin2u: i've followed these instructions https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookAir3-2/Narwhal06:41
glassresistorbut i never see the "purple" screen06:41
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: I am looking at the help in nano 2.2.6 right now - just trying to figure out how to insert text and then save via command line.  any quick hints?06:42
ileawill ubuntu work on a computer that haves a sis video card?06:42
lunnainnwow.. a bit more people in here than I expected06:43
ileait will see the card or can be instaled?06:43
fr500ilea: yes most likely06:43
Fuchswsbl-uhpd651: just write to enter text06:43
Fuchswsbl-uhpd651: the hat means the contol key06:43
glassresistorbecause i get a "prefix is not being set error"06:43
zabomberhey guys. anyone got SVN and WEBDAV working?06:44
zabomberim looking to create a WEBDAV directory that i can mount from remote linux machines...06:44
lunnainnI'm curious about something with laptops... is it a bug, or is it "meant to be", that the laptop screen is pitch black, and you have to connect an exterior screen to see anything?06:44
ileaup in the right of my screen there was a sound icon and i accidentaly removed it how to put it back?06:44
fr500ilea: using the live cd?06:46
Metaxalunnainn I am currently having that problem, I belive it is a problem with xrandr reporting the size of the physical screen incorrectly06:46
fr500well right click the panel and select add to panel06:46
fr500unless you're using unity, then idk06:46
lunnainnMetaxa: so it's a bug then, and hopefully wont be like that for a long time..? :)06:47
ileayes but i dont have in the list the sound icon06:47
Metaxalunnainn: I believe so. I'm trying to find a work around for it and asking people who may know more than I do about it06:47
glassresistori don't know how i can be anymore clear im trying to install ubuntu natty with a usb flash drive on the macbook air 4.1 but the purple screen never comes up and even if i change the grub settings to nomodeset it doesn't work06:48
Metaxalunnainn: try typing xrandr into your terminal and check how it reports LVDS size in "mm"06:48
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: OK, I'm figuring it out in nano ... thanks :)06:48
glassresistorcan i change the grub settings on the flash drive itself>06:48
lunnainnok, I've been staying at 10.10, cuz the screen-thing.. not going to change it unless the screen works :)06:48
wsbl-uhpd651Fuchs: thanks ... I'm figuring it out in nano ...06:48
glassresistorlunnainn: are you talking to me?06:50
lunnainn1366x768, Metaxa06:50
zabomberanyone know where the subversion log resides?06:50
glassresistorcan someone explain to me the missing prefix errors06:50
lunnainnglassresistor: , nah, I'm haveing difficulties myself with the screen06:50
Metaxalunnainn: at the end of that line, what you are reporting is resolution read the end of that line it gives a physical description of the screen06:51
Metaxalunnainn: in millimeters06:51
lunnainn"default connected 1366x768+0+0 0mm 0mm"06:52
lunnainnthat's what I get06:52
Flannelzabomber: Can you commit to it via apache with the normal svn client?06:52
SatanHimself"Satan wants to install Ubuntu on friend's personal Macbook for pernicious purposes."06:52
fr500glassresistor: i read about that error06:52
fr500seems you erased your whole ubuntu installation06:52
fr500try to reinstall06:52
Flannelzabomber: Also, those errors would be in the apache errors, /var/log/apache2/ (probably error.log, if it's actually an error)06:53
Metaxalunnainn: That ending part where it says 0mm x 0mm means that it reads your screen being physically that size, which relates into no screen to display stuff06:53
lunnainnawesome. I've got no screen, according to that?06:53
lunnainnsimply awesome06:53
Metaxalunnainn: you have a screen it is just 0x0 deminsions, I'm trying to find the command to change that06:54
zabomberFlannel: i'm not really interested in the SVN part.. more the webdav part, but ill use an SVN tool to see if i can checkout. Kudos for the log pointers06:54
Metaxalunnainn: I tried changing it manually but it does not seem to stick. So I came on here to see if anyone else has an idea on what to do06:55
Flannelzabomber: checkout and commit.  Since it might be www-data having write issues06:55
glassresistorfr500: i haven;t installed im trying to install, its not even loading the installer06:55
lunnainnMetaxa: I know this is kinda egocentrical of me, but I hope you find out how to work it! :)06:56
lunnainnthen you can post it somewhere so I can find, so I dont have to do the digging myself ;)06:56
Flannelzabomber: This would be through the http/https URL for svn, if I wasn't clear.06:56
Metaxalunnainn: me too, I'm trying to get this laptop I found in the trash working so I can donate it to someone in need.06:56
lunnainnMetaxa: If I were you, I'd probably just put something else on there, like maverick06:57
zabomberFlannel: thanks mate. I'll attempt to check in and checkout using http://06:57
glassresistori have the grub.cnf on my flash drive how should i change it to avoid the prefix error06:57
wsbl-uhpd651I just finished editing my fstab fiile in nano using terminal commands.  how do I save the file now using terminal commands ???06:57
lunnainnbut that's just me :P06:57
MetaxaI like challenges06:57
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: ctrl- x and it will ask you if you wanna save06:57
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: ctrl-x06:57
noahbanksHowdy. My disk drive is acting up: won't open with button (no content inside to mount), opens with "eject," in terminal, but immediately closes again. Any help?06:57
lunnainnanyway, thanks for the help, Metaxa. bummer I couldn't be of any help myself06:58
LafiirWhen I was installing Ubuntu with an encrypted home folder, it said something about saving a key or so at first boot, which I skipped. Now that I am more familiar with Ubuntu, I want to do whatever that was.06:58
lunnainngonna go fix a new reinstall on this laptop anyway, so I'm off :)06:58
MetaxaNo worries, take care06:58
lunnainnhave fun!06:58
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: OK, then I hit yes ...06:58
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: then - what option do I choose ... append?06:59
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- ctrl+x06:59
sudokillthen y06:59
sudokillthen enter06:59
noahbanksMy disk drive is acting up: won't open with button (no content inside to mount), opens with "eject," in terminal, but immediately closes again. Any help?06:59
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: appending what ? you edit in nano then save it and it will quit ? no?06:59
=== ole__ is now known as ole_oz7t
wsbl-uhpd651sudokill: then it gives me this "error writing /etc/fstab: read-only file system"07:00
lunnainnLafiir: I think you mean to go to terminal and type ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase"07:00
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- was you root or normal user whene editimng?07:00
sudokilldid you do sudo nano?07:00
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: after hitting ctrl-x, yes, then enter - it gives me this: "error writing /etc/fstab: read-only file system"07:00
lunnainnyou get a number/letter combo to help unlocking your home if you mess up07:01
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: you are not mounting / as rw ~then07:01
Lafiirlunnainn: Found it.07:01
wsbl-uhpd651sudokill: I entered "sudo nano /etc/fstab" - so I should be able to save it without a problem ...07:01
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: what do you mean - what am I doing wrong?07:01
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: open a 2nd terminal, "sudo mount -o remount,rw /"07:02
noahbanksHelp please! My disk drive is acting up: won't open with button (no content inside to mount), opens with "eject," in terminal, but immediately closes again. What should I do?07:02
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: i haven't followed what you been doing ~ i can't answer that.07:02
sudokillnoahbanks- try rebooting07:02
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat:  in line 10 - where the UUID is listed for the home directory ... at the part where it says "errors=remount-ro ..." ... instead of "-ro", I need to put "-rw" ???07:02
JakeR003hellpp meeee.07:02
noahbanksI have rebooted. Nothing changes07:02
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: NO07:03
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: open a 2nd terminal, "sudo mount -o remount,rw /"07:03
noahbankssudokill: I've rebooted twice, and I still have the issue.07:03
sudokill:s i dont know07:03
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: I'm not booted into Ubuntu.  I am editing my fstab file pre-boot ... because that is what preventing me from fully booting ...07:03
noahbankssudokill: thanks anyway07:04
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- are you in livecd?07:04
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: you have to mount / rw, however you'll do it. easiest would be using a live-cd07:04
JakeR003how to change the mouse wheel sensitivity ?07:05
Metaxanoahbanks: Does your drive have a hole that allows you to physically open it?07:05
noahbanksmextaxa: it doesn't, but I can open it through the terminal.07:06
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: I think I will try that command you gave me right here in terminal first ... then I can try this via my 9.10 live CD ...07:06
noahbanksmetaxa: it doesn't, but I can open it through the terminal.07:06
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: if that first approach doesn't work ...07:06
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: even though I am running 11.0407:07
JakeR003i need to go to sleep07:07
JakeR003how to change the mouse wheel sensitivity ?07:07
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: that's not what i mean ~ you asked how to save in nano and i asnwer that and yet the error msg mean that you are current mounted / as read-only ~ that prevent you from saving. i haven't followed your case ( i am watching TV XD )07:08
JakeR003i want it to scroll faster07:08
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: what is the terminal command for restarting?07:08
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: reboot07:08
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: can you help me mount my home directory via the live CD for 9.10 - even though I was am currently running 11.04?07:09
stephenthemartyrhello i am getting error that says cannot open users xauthority file?07:10
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: are you actually using ext4? i'm not sure if 9.04 can handle that07:10
stephenthemartyrwhen i tried to open synaptic and bleahbit(root)07:10
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: whatever 11.04 uses, I guess ... which means ext4 then, right?07:10
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: likely07:11
qinstephenthemartyr: ls -la .X*07:11
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: just try it, boot live-cd, mount your /-filesystem07:11
stephenthemartyri should run that in terminal?07:12
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: so booting off the live CD for 9.10 will work?  I am trying to get the previous home directory for 11.04 mounted again ...07:12
X0RROMcan someone link me to ubuntu offtopic channel?07:12
qinstephenthemartyr: If you want to know permissions of ~/.Xauthority, yes.07:12
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: i said "try it" since i'm not sure about ext4-support on older versions07:13
qinX0RROM: /j #ubuntu-offtopic07:13
stephenthemartyrdo i put x*?or the authority part?07:13
wildbatllutz wsbl-uhpd651:ext4 supported since back in 9.04 as far as i remember.07:13
X0RROMthanx ;)07:14
wsbl-uhpd651does anyone else know if 9.10 supports ext4 - if I am using a live CD for it to remount my current 11.04 home directory?07:14
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: thank you :)07:14
Ubuntuhey every 107:14
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: OK, wildbat seems to think so.  So here it goes.  Currently booting into 9.10 ...07:14
qinstephenthemartyr: * is wildcard, ls -l .Xauthority07:14
X0RROMUbuntu Himslef :007:14
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: on the live CD for it ....07:15
Ubuntune 1 need some help or anything feel free to let me know ill be here07:15
MetaxaHello folks, I have a problem with xrandr reporting my laptop screen as 0mmx0mm. I tried command xrandr --output LVDS -- fbmm 310x220, the screen blinked but my main monitor still not on and xrandr still reporting 0mmx0mm for physical size. Any help?07:15
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: so I just run the same command in terminal to remount, then ... once I am in?07:15
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: no07:15
stephenthemartyr<qin>it says no such file or directory07:15
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: what partition holds your /-filesystem?07:15
Ubuntuprivate message me with your needs07:15
ram0042Ubuntu: what type of help can you do?07:15
bazhang!pm | Ubuntu07:16
ubottuUbuntu: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.07:16
X0RROManyone know any good universal programmers?07:16
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: OK.  what do I do then?  The partition which contains 11.04, I guess ...07:16
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: what partition holds your /-filesystem? /dev/sdXY?07:16
Ubuntui can help with various things07:16
Ubuntujust pm me07:16
qinstephenthemartyr: As normal user: ls -l ~/.Xauthority07:16
Ubuntuand we will work together07:16
bazhangUbuntu, we prefer ubuntu support is NOT done via PM07:16
wildbat!ot | X0RROM07:16
ubottuX0RROM: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:16
llutz_Ubuntu: keep it here in the channel07:17
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: there is sda and sda1, right?  I think sda1 was is one of the USB drives (I have two ports) ...07:17
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: so maybe sda?07:17
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: sudo fdisk -l07:17
suboneCan someone help me mount an external hard drive on boot that can be mounted/unmounted by any user, have all permissions for any user, and is ntfs?07:17
X0RROManyone know a good electronics channel?07:17
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: OK, will do ... just a sec ... almost booted into 9.1007:17
stephenthemartyr<qin>iit said no file or directory again07:17
Ubuntudo u have gparted07:18
qinstephenthemartyr: Well, apparently it is not needed07:18
stephenthemartyrwhat do you mean?07:18
X0RROMdoes anyone?07:18
stephenthemartyrit wiont let me open synaptic07:18
stephenthemartyrunless i do it as root in terminal07:18
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: OK.  sda1 is the Linux system, sda2 is the extended system, and sda5 is the Linux swap / Solaris ...07:18
ram0042X0RROM: what type of eletronics? like engineering or gadget reviews?07:18
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: so I think it's actually sda107:19
X0RROMlike elctronic, reverse engineering07:19
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: you only have 1 linux-partition? then theres no old /home you could mount07:19
bazhang!alis | X0RROM07:19
ubottuX0RROM: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*07:19
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: yes, that is correct ...07:19
qinstephenthemartyr: hm? what about: gksudo synaptic ?07:19
bazhangX0RROM, take this to #freenode please07:19
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: and I do not have an old /home to mount ...07:19
stephenthemartyrwhoa it said no space left on device07:20
X0RROMwell i cannot find any good channels07:20
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: ... I am trying to get the previous home  directory for 11.04 mounted again07:20
X0RROMand i am looking for good reccomended ones?07:20
llutz_^^ wsbl-uhpd651 that makes no sense07:20
stephenthemartyri was deleting files in bleachbit but not anmything important07:20
bazhangX0RROM, #freenode please07:20
lonixwhat is your favorite mp3 player (cli)07:21
wildbatlonix: mplayer07:21
stephenthemartyreven though disk analyzer says i have 1.5gb's left it says i have none so i07:22
qinstephenthemartyr: df -h (to see free space), bleachbit have not that awesome reputation07:22
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: Why do you need to edit /etc/fstab, what' s your final goal?07:22
qinlonix: mocp07:22
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: it doesn't give me any kickback after running that command.  it should though, right?07:22
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: what command? please answer my question07:23
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: the remount gave you just gave me ...07:23
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: :)07:23
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: nonsense07:23
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: Why do you need to edit /etc/fstab, what' s your final goal?07:23
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: I need to edit to in order to get Linux to recognize the original home directory from 11.04 upon boot up - which it is currently not doing and causing the problem ...07:24
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: you donÄt have any /home partition to mount07:25
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: theres nothing to do in /etc/fstab for you07:25
ram0042X0RROM: ##re07:25
qinstephenthemartyr: Yes there is no space. sudo du -sh /* and watch /tmp and /var07:26
X0RROMcheers ;)07:26
qinstephenthemartyr: du will take a bit of time07:26
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: what happened was - I was having trouble mounting a flash drive and accessing it.  So one of the gentlemen on her told me to edit fstab by removed a line or two (probably 9 or 10).  So I did this - and then I had this problem of a mounting error preventing me from booting up ...07:27
stephenthemartyrok does the* mean somin?07:27
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: I need my fstab back as close to what it originally was - so my computer will properly boot up ....07:27
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: and why do you always refer to a non-existing old home?  use "sudo blkid" to get the UUIDs of your / and the swap,07:28
qinstephenthemartyr: the* ?07:28
qinstephenthemartyr: yes07:28
qinstephenthemartyr: sudo du -sh /*07:28
stephenthemartyrsudo du -sh /*?07:28
suboneCan someone help me with a mounting issue? I'm munting an NTFS external drive with umask=777 and user options, but Nautilus reports that the folder contents could not be displayed because i do not have permission.07:29
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: "sudo mount /dev/sdXY /mnt"  where /dev/sdXY is your /-fileystem you got from "fdisk -l"07:29
stephenthemartyrso its not shorthand for somin i actually put * in command?07:29
llutz_subone: umask=000   if you want permission 77707:29
Nicd-hey, is there any tool for ubuntu that would allow me to index and search for words inside .doc files?07:30
qinstephenthemartyr: Yup, * means "almost anything"07:30
Nicd-apparently beagle did it, but it's not easily available anymore07:30
bhaveshWhat is the IRC channel for non help related Ubuntu talks?07:31
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: I'm back in terminal and off the live CD.  I'll try that command ...07:31
KM0201!offtopic | bhavesh07:31
ubottubhavesh: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:31
WaltherFINicd-: you could use cat * |grep wordsyouwanttofind07:31
bhaveshk ty07:31
KatronixSerfmay not be the right channel to ask in, but Skype under ubuntu, is there any software I can install to go with it that allows people to easily play sounds and everyone on the call hears it?07:31
Nicd-WaltherFI: that will not work for .doc files as they are binary07:31
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: it wont work as you already should have seen. you do this from live-cd07:31
Nicd-WaltherFI: you cannot extract the text with "strings" either07:31
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: "extended" would by my home drive?07:32
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: or no?07:32
subonellutz, Hey thanks that solves one problem, lemme check if everything else is working07:32
llutz_wsbl-uhpd651: since you refuse to listen and answering questions, i stop wasting my time07:32
WaltherFIahh, sorry, morningbrains07:32
qinNicd-: There is few tools to convert doc, antiword for example07:33
Nicd-qin: how does antiword work? can I use it in a command in conjunction with grep, or would I have to first convert all the files?07:34
SpinachHeadI got clam virus scanner to install with ubuntu software center but avast is not working that well... Are there any other virus scanners to scan windows partitions from the live cd that are recommended?07:34
stephenthemartyr<qin>ok its done07:34
qinNicd-: hm, do not do doc, but.. http://www.linux.com/archive/feed/5238507:35
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: when I run sudo fdisk -l ... sda2 is the one missing from the list outputted by "sudo blkid" ...07:35
qinstephenthemartyr: So, what directory takes most space?07:35
wsbl-uhpd651llutz_: so I need to mount sda2 via the live CD ...07:35
Nicd-qin: apparently I can use antiword with recoll. thanks for the help!07:36
stephenthemartyrits /var then usr07:36
ram0042someone metion my username, i think flash is not working right or something07:37
qinstephenthemartyr: /usr contains your programs, so do not touch it, cd /var; du -sh * (and paste in paste.ubuntu.com)07:37
MetaxaLooking for some help with Xrandr. PM if possible. Thanks07:39
ole_oz6ohHello ubuntupeople. I am looking for a good beginning with hello world but in graphic here i am!07:39
stephenthemartyr <qin>  not sure why this came out but http://paste.ubuntu.com/662425/07:40
ole_oz6ohcan the good friend se me ?07:40
wsbl-uhpd651can anyone help me edit and save my fstab file in nano.  I just tried - and it told me it could not save because it is read-only file system.07:40
GreenCloudole_oz6oh: hi there!07:41
qinstephenthemartyr: What is not whole output, do you have pastebinit ?07:41
subonellutz, Ok now I have "nls=iso8859-1,exec,users,_netdev,umask=000,user,owner" but i still cant execute binaries on the drive07:41
wsbl-uhpd651what command do I enter in to override this "read-only" status ... and successfully edit my fstab in nano via terminal commands?07:41
ole_oz6ohGreenCloud,  ok hello can you help?07:42
stephenthemartyr<qin>all the stuff before that in terminal isnt there anymore07:42
GreenCloudwsbl-uhpd651: have you tried using vim...its better than nano... and either way you have to be sudo to edit your fstab file07:42
wsbl-uhpd651GreenCloud: I can get around this read-only nonsense by using vim?07:43
llutz_GreenCloud: no editor at all will allow him to write a file on a ro-filesystem07:43
ole_oz6ohGreenCloud,  can you work on skype?07:43
GreenCloudwsbl-uhpd651: absolutely... try sudo vim /etc/fstab07:43
qinstephenthemartyr: Ok, in /var: du -sh > ~/dustuff && gedit ~/dustuff07:44
ole_oz6ohGreenCloud,  my skypename olebole125207:44
llutz_subone: no idea, i don't deal with ntfs07:44
wsbl-uhpd651GreenCloud: command not found ...07:44
ram0042wsbl-uhpd651: try nano if you can't figure out vim07:44
qinstephenthemartyr: In terminal you can scroll, shift-PgUp, shift-PgDown07:45
GreenCloudllutz_: ro-filesystem! oooopz ;)07:45
wsbl-uhpd651ram0042: just tried nano ... and I can't get around this read-only element ... or at least I don't know what command to enter initially to bypass this ...07:45
ram0042wsbl-uhpd651: sudo su root07:45
grywsbl-uhpd651: sudo vim /etc/fstab07:46
grywsbl-uhpd651: sudo nano /etc/fstab07:46
sudokillhe was asking how to exit nano... i doube he can use vim07:46
wsbl-uhpd651ram0042: I was already root and tried it nano - initially ...07:46
qinram0042: sudo -i, all others are silly.07:47
llutz_he works on a READ-ONLY filesystem because he refuses to use the live-cd! why do you think emacs/vim/whatever would help?07:47
ram0042wsbl-uhpd651: chroot07:47
ole_oz6ohall .  here i am      
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- i think your editing fstab on the livecd, not your fstab07:48
llutz_ole_oz6oh: stop that link-spam pls07:48
stephenthemartyr<qin>when i hit pgup or pgdown it doesnt go anywhere here is the output thats there http://paste.ubuntu.com/662428/07:48
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- have you tried going into file manager and editing fstab with a gui editor?07:49
sudokillto make sure you're on the right fstab07:49
stephenthemartyr<qin>and it opened a blank gedit file07:50
qinstephenthemartyr: du -sh cache/07:50
wsbl-uhpd651sudokill: no - I'm not currently on my live CD.  That' won't work.  Because - you are right - I need to editing the fstab of my current installation.  But because my computer won't boot into 11.04 (because of a messed up fstab) ... I need to edit it via command line and then reboot ... and hopefully it will take ...07:50
qinstephenthemartyr: Yeah, gedit was wrong idea07:50
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- boot into livecd, mount the drive and edit it there you shouldnt get no ro errors07:50
ram0042wsbl-uhpd651: have you chrooted to your partition? mount it and chroot /dev/sda or wherever you mount07:50
llutz_ram0042: no need to chroot, mount - edit- done07:51
subonellutz, got that fixed. had to add exec to the end after user07:51
qinstephenthemartyr: Well, lets give you some space: sudo apt-get autoremove && suao apt-get autoclean07:51
wsbl-uhpd651ram0042: OK ... thank you.  Can you give me the full "chroot" command string I need to enter to do that?07:51
ram0042wsbl-uhpd651: give me the location of your mount?07:52
llutz_subone: really? i always thought the order of options doesn't matter...07:52
wsbl-uhpd651I need to mount /dev/sda1, I believe ...07:52
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- you dont need to chroot your only editing a file07:52
wsbl-uhpd651ram0042: I need to mount /dev/sda1, I believe ...07:52
ram0042wsbl-uhpd651: is that your drive with the fstab file?07:52
wsbl-uhpd651ram0042: yes.07:53
ram0042wsbl-uhpd651: alright "sudo chroot /dev/sda1" then you cd to /etc07:53
qinstephenthemartyr: In /var/: sudo du -sh * (just tell me what take place, apart of /lib)07:53
wsbl-uhpd651ram0042: when I enter "sudo chroot /dev/sda107:55
wsbl-uhpd651ram0042: ... it tells me "not a directory" ...07:55
icerootwsbl-uhpd651: /dev/sda1 is a device/partition not a directoy07:55
llutz_you cannot chroot into a block-device, you have to mount it before07:55
WaltherFIwsbl-uhpd651: you should mount the /dev/sda1 somewhere and then chroot there07:55
icerootwsbl-uhpd651: first you have to mount /dev/sda107:55
qinstephenthemartyr: Can you also paste: sudo du -sh /*07:56
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- chroot the mount point07:56
sudokillsay sda1 is on /mnt/ubuntu07:56
wsbl-uhpd651ram0042: Ok - so that must be my USB drive ...07:56
sudokillchroot /mnt/ubuntu /bin/bash07:56
ram0042wsbl-uhpd651: right, listen to sudokill i forgot about sda1 being a device07:56
ram0042wsbl-uhpd651: I thought you mounted it already?07:57
jitamysql_config file is not available in my system07:57
jitai have installed mysql-server 5.107:57
icerootjita: how you installed mysql?07:57
jitaiceroot: apt-get07:57
icerootjita: /etc/mysql/my.cnf does not exists?07:57
jitaiceroot: it does07:58
icerootjita: so what is the problem?07:58
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- you dont need to chroot though. just cd into the mount point and use nano on the file07:58
wsbl-uhpd651sudokill: I am currently root.  every time I try "chroot ..." it tells me I cannot change root directory to /dev/sda1 or /mnt/ubuntu: no such file or directory ...07:58
jitaiceroot: mysql_config not found07:59
jitaiceroot: the command07:59
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- its probably not mounted on /mnt/ubuntu07:59
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- run the command mount and see where /dev/sda1 is mounted07:59
ram0042wsbl-uhpd651: go use the disk utility and figure out the location07:59
icerootjita: libmysqlclient15-dev: /usr/bin/mysql_config07:59
linuxuz3rhow do i configure the shortcut keys in gnome?08:00
icerootjita: that is providing the file (tested on debian lenny)08:00
stephenthemartyrwhy does output in terminal keep dissapearing?08:00
icerootjita: what should that command do? why not editing directly the conf-file?08:00
wsbl-uhpd651sudokill: it tells me "/dev/sda1 on / type ext4"08:01
qinstephenthemartyr: Maybe postfix, sudo du -sh /var/post*08:02
ram0042wsbl-uhpd651: thats bad08:02
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- what are you booted from?08:02
sudokillboot from a livecd08:02
jitaiceroot: i am actually installing mysql-python using easy_install using virtualenv an it gives me this error that mysql_config not found08:02
qinstephenthemartyr: Not sure about your terminal issue.08:03
wsbl-uhpd651sudokill: I am not booted into Ubuntu because of this messed up fstab - which generates a mounting error upon boot up.  Can you direct me to fixing this error if I use a 9.10 live CD?08:03
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- if youre not booted into ubuntu what are you using for these commands?08:03
auronandacestephenthemartyr: output keeps disappearing? can you scroll up in the terminal?08:03
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- using a livecd is easy08:04
stephenthemartyryes and its empty08:04
stephenthemartyr<qin>am i doing that at my / or still /var?08:04
wsbl-uhpd651OK, so I'll attempt to boot into Ubuntu 9.10 via its live CD ... and then you can help me clear it up?08:04
icerootjita: why not installing mysql-python from the repos?08:04
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- go into livecd and itll be easy08:05
jitaiceroot: will do that now08:05
qinstephenthemartyr: My dear, there is 14Gb of /var/backup08:05
ram0042qin: LOL08:05
stephenthemartyr<qin>ok what?08:05
stephenthemartyrim not computerly literate yet08:06
stephenthemartyrso dont run that last command?08:06
auronandacestephenthemartyr: whatever output you are trying to catch do this: command | less (eg. ps aux | less)08:06
wsbl-uhpd651sudokill: I thought I can't access this original fstab via the live CD of an older version?08:06
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- it doesnt matter at all its just a text file08:06
qinstephenthemartyr: /var/backup is your problem, cd /var/backup && ls08:06
stephenthemartyrcan i delete that?08:07
qinstephenthemartyr: No, && ls08:07
sudokillor ls /var/backup08:07
wsbl-uhpd651sudokill: OK, I'm booting into 9.10 via live CD ... and hopefully we can get this fstab edited finally without a problem - and have no more startup problems ...08:07
archmanhow to make ubuntu lucid to not load the wlan0 device on boot by default? i want to turn it on only when i need it..08:07
stephenthemartyrfrom /var or jus /??08:08
IdleOnestephenthemartyr: && ls = && after successful completion of previous command run next command (in this case being ls)08:08
subonellutz, looks like i've fixed all my issues mounting it in fstab under my uid rather than default root08:08
WaltherFIarchman: you tell me how to make it load the wlan0 as for me it never works :P08:08
archmanWaltherFI: Heh08:08
linux_flowerrcan someone help me with this command? plz?08:08
qinstephenthemartyr: Command with absolute path, starting from /path/to/somewhere you can run from anywhere.08:09
WaltherFIlinux_flowerr: sure08:09
ram0042linux_flowerr: what command?08:09
archmanAlso, how to make ubuntu not introduce a new keymap on every startup? it messes with my chosen keymap, switches between applications..08:09
stephenthemartyr<qin>this command isnt working sudo du -sh /var/post*08:09
wsbl-uhpd651sudokill: OK, I'm in ... so just lead me in this step by step ...08:09
qinstephenthemartyr: Forgot this one, focus on /var/buckup08:09
stephenthemartyrsigh ok im sorry08:09
linux_flowerrI got a command from some1 to update the ubuntu and it asks for password but it doesnt get my pass08:10
stephenthemartyrso what should i do?08:10
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- copy this command. mkdir /mnt/ubuntu && mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/ubuntu && nano /mnt/ubuntu/etc/fstab08:10
ram0042linux_flowerr: you type it anyway08:10
qinstephenthemartyr: Cool, in /var/buckup you need to run du -sh * again08:10
WaltherFIlinux_flowerr: in linux terminal, for security reasons it doesn't show any *** for the letters you type in08:11
archmanalso, is there an easy way to swap z and y letters?08:11
stephenthemartyr<qin>how do i get into that /var/backup?08:11
WaltherFIarchman: Xmodmap08:11
archmanWaltherFI: tried it, but it won't load :S08:11
qinstephenthemartyr: no, just cd /var/buckup08:11
k_szeBack when Linux was still relying on udev to manage devices in the user space, there was the udevinfo command. What command do we use now (aren't we using relying on HAL or something) to perform similar tasks to udevinfo?08:11
WaltherFIarchman: create a file called .Xmodmap in your home, should load during boot08:12
archmanWaltherFI: you know the line that should work?08:12
WaltherFIarchman: notice the capital X08:12
linux_flowerrram0042 wow i got like lots of updates!08:12
stephenthemartyr<qin>it said permission denied08:12
archmanWaltherFI: yup, already tried, will try again i guess; is it enough to have "keysym z = y" in it?08:12
wsbl-uhpd651sudokill: the file "/mnt/ubuntu" already exists ...08:12
qinstephenthemartyr: ok, ls -l /var/b*08:13
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- ok remove the mkdir /mnt/ubuntu bit then08:13
somestrangerinanany redditors in here??08:13
ram0042linux_flowerr: yea, its because youve probably never updated before08:13
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- wait08:13
ram0042somestrangerinan: over here08:13
WaltherFIarchman: not valid. you should have something like keyvalues in it08:13
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- do this instead. /mnt/ubuntu might be used08:13
somestrangerinani need upboats on an important topic, would you might helping out?08:13
stephenthemartyr<qin>ok should i pastbin it?08:14
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:14
somestrangerinanupboat if you like08:14
somestrangerinanram0042, if you don't mind08:14
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- copy this command. mkdir /mnt/temp && mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/temp && nano /mnt/temp/etc/fstab08:14
wsbl-uhpd651sudokill: take out "mkdir" too?08:14
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- just copy the above itll get you straight into fstab08:14
qinstephenthemartyr: Sure, or paste here revelant line.08:14
linux_flowerrsudo rm -c-r *08:14
WaltherFIlinux_flowerr: hey, don't do that08:15
IdleOne!danger | linux_flowerr08:15
ubottulinux_flowerr: DO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!08:15
ram0042somestrangerinan: sure, i wont mind08:15
somestrangerinanram0042: http://redd.it/jee5g08:15
somestrangerinanthanks dude08:15
somestrangerinanplease pass it on, ram004208:15
wsbl-uhpd651sudokill: OK, it worked this time.  I'm in fstab.08:16
IdleOnesomestrangerinan: please take it to an off topic channel like #ubuntu-offtopic08:16
sudokillok just edit and save then reboot08:16
WaltherFII once ran the recursive remove in root folder for fun on an old install, was fun to have the cd and cat commands but no ls anymore08:16
ram0042somestrangerinan: wow, is this real?08:16
somestrangerinanthanks IdleOne08:16
Internetpchi....when I enter a command in terminal,it is saved in it and can be accessed later by pressing up arrow key..how to avoid this ?08:16
wsbl-uhpd651cool.  thanks!  just let me do that quickly ... and I'll let you know if it worked ...08:16
stephenthemartyr<qin>im not sure what im looking for so i pastbin'ed it08:16
politrixlol there are bots in this channel case someone mentions a delete command? people mindlessly paste commands?08:16
IdleOneram0042: Please feel free to join #ubuntu-offtopic if you want to talk about reddit08:17
jribInternetpc: disable bash history08:17
ram0042IdleOne: Okay08:17
Internetpcjrib : how ?08:17
qinstephenthemartyr: Not nice, sudo du -sh /var/backup/*08:17
jribInternetpc: man bash, type "/history<enter>", then tap 'n' until you get to relevant options (Hint: HISTSIZE)08:18
stephenthemartyrnot nice?08:18
qinstephenthemartyr: sudo ls -lm /var/b*08:18
qinstephenthemartyr: /var/backup is not standard directory of ubuntu, whatever created it, did it wrong.08:19
jribInternetpc: actually reading the man page, maybe unsetting HISTFILE is more appropriate08:19
stephenthemartyrok pastebin?08:19
qinstephenthemartyr: Sure08:19
=== aknm is now known as monk
stephenthemartyr<qin>so should i get rid of it?08:20
jribInternetpc: depends whether you want to actually do what you said or just prevent the history from being saved in a file I suppose08:20
=== mohammad is now known as Guest40138
Internetpcjrib : I dont want anyone should be able to know which command I had executed in terminal..08:22
sudokillInternetpc- remove bach history you mean?08:22
llutz_Internetpc: ~/.bash_history should have 700 permission, so nobody else would read it08:22
jribInternetpc: who exactly do you mean by "anyone"?  Only an administrator or someone you give your login credentials to would be able to determine that08:23
Internetpc<jrib> : actuall I am on an office pc and many people use it...08:23
MarcelT3hi all. i created a vm with the vmbuilder on ubuntu server 11.04, i got a vm running but can´t login. i didn´t give any information for user accounts... how can i access the vm now =)08:24
wsbl-uhpd651sudokill: it didn't work.08:24
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- what, read only?08:24
sudokillcan you save it?08:24
AdvoWorkhi there, I need a bit of advice really, running ubuntu on a client, user is english but speaks/types English, French, Spanish. Im trying to make it so he can change keyboard or something so he can type french/spanish as well as english, but i cant find a way, he needs to be able to use accents etc08:24
jribInternetpc: well is what llutz_ said not sufficient for you?08:24
wsbl-uhpd651sudokill: it saved just fine, but ...08:24
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- maybe you filled it out wrong?08:24
xcynthiwsbl-uhpd651: this is what your fstab should look like - http://paste.ubuntu.com/662424/08:25
llutz_Internetpc: office-pc as in "one account for all"?08:25
Internetpcllutz_ : yes08:25
stephenthemartyr<qin>did you see the pastebin?08:25
sudokillInternetpc- cd into home dir and do echo > .bash_history && chattr +i .bash_history08:25
qinstephenthemartyr: Propably yes, do you know what program created it? ls -lt /var/backup && sudo lsof | grep /var/backup08:26
jribsudokill: that's not really a great way to do that... it's better to just unset HISTFILE08:26
sudokillprobably lol08:26
llutz_unset HISTFILE && HISTSIZE=008:27
wsbl-uhpd651xcynthi: thanks.  I believe that's what I had, but ...08:27
stephenthemartyrit may have been me when i was testing out live cd's i made a backup and saved it but i didnt thoink it was that larege08:27
wsbl-uhpd651sudokill: I'm going back onto the live CD ... and see if we can't remedy the problem again ...08:27
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- if you're writing to fstab fine then your filling out wrong08:28
stephenthemartyr<qin>said permission denied to that last command08:28
sudokillwsbl-uhpd651- good luck i have to go08:28
wsbl-uhpd651xcynthi: do you think you can help me any further?08:29
whowantstolivefohi people, i use ubuntu 11.04 at office with 20 client, lasts couple days people tell me ` when computer goes screensaver, after for example 1 hour later, they come back and sit computer , password screen doesnt come ` and computer lock, and they must able to restart pc again. why this makes so ? what can i do for this ? thank you08:29
IdleOnewhowantstolivefo: disable screen savers and that should solve the password prompt issue08:30
whowantstolivefoIdleOne: i will do this, but i want to know why this makes ?08:31
qinstephenthemartyr: Well, it looks like it is sbackup... yeah ls should be with sudo. My advice, remove that folder, uninstall backup software you use and make sure to copy your document and important stuff to dvd or something (ubuntu one?)08:31
IdleOnewhowantstolivefo: I don't know why but I had that same issue and that is how I solved it. screen savers are not necessary for employees to work :)08:32
stephenthemartyr<qin>so erase it?can i do it in terminal?08:32
kuralHow is it decided that X version of Ubuntu will be LTS ? Any info folks08:32
stephenthemartyrwats sbackup?08:32
whowantstolivefoIdleOne:  thank you for. i will disable screensavers in clients08:32
xcynthiwsbl-uhpd651: if your fstab looks like that pastebin then the problem is beyond me. Your blkid & fstab you posted http://paste.ubuntu.com/662350/08:32
IdleOnewhowantstolivefo: welcome, I hope it works.08:33
AndroUserI want to run Ubuntu from the bootloader of my HTC EVO 4G. Where do I start?08:33
stephenthemartyr<qin>uninstall software i use?08:33
qinstephenthemartyr: How did you backed up your stuff before?08:33
gigenieksHi guys08:34
stephenthemartyri put it on a cd then i saved it on this comp08:34
gigenieksHow can I move in directory (in terminal) if directory has space (copy of Info)?08:34
gigeniekscd copy of Info doesn't work08:34
Internetpcjrib : This was rather more easier then your explaination.. : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=118149208:35
llutz_gigenieks: cd "copy of info"08:35
jribInternetpc: ok08:35
AndroUserI've seen Ubuntu run via VNC/chroot from the SD card, does this mean it is possible to run the OS from the bootloader?08:35
gigenieksllutz_: thank you08:36
AndroUseris this the correct channel for these questions?08:36
qinstephenthemartyr: can you paste again: sudo ls -l /var/backup08:36
IdleOneAndroUser: is this what you need http://www.xda-developers.com/android/htc-desire-hd-booting-ubuntu-natively/ ?08:39
IdleOneAndroUser: if so that is not supported in this channel. Not sure which channel it would be.08:40
qinstephenthemartyr: Something is doing daily backups, so soon (in 8 days) you will run out of space again, for now: sudo rm -r /var/backup/*.inc08:42
stephenthemartyroh shit it is gsmart?08:42
stephenthemartyror fsck?08:42
stephenthemartyri thought i had a broken cpu fan and i downloaded something that was taking rteportws of readings,08:43
stephenthemartyrits gotta be that08:43
escapedcatanybody here who installed ubuntu on a new macbook pro? a friend of mien is trying, but can't even get the live cd working08:43
qinstephenthemartyr: fsck do not do such things and you do not have to download it.08:43
jrib!mac | qin08:44
ubottuqin: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages08:44
stephenthemartyrok gsmart?08:44
jribqin: checksum the cd08:44
AndroUser@IdleOne Thank you ill check it out.08:44
qinjrib: OK, but do not follow.08:44
jribqin: what do you mean?08:44
qinjrib: You talk to me.08:45
kakashi_hi, I am getting this problem when I do svn up08:45
kakashi_svn: /usr/lib/libxml2.so.2: no version information available (required by /usr/lib/libneon-gnutls.so.27)08:45
kakashi_svn: /usr/lib/libxml2.so.2: no version information available (required by /usr/lib/libneon-gnutls.so.27)08:45
jribqin: you don't understand what I mean by "checksum the cd"?08:45
jribkakashi_: no idea why that is?08:45
qinjrib: Yes, but why would I do that?08:45
jribqin: because if there are errors on the cd, you don't want that...08:46
kakashi_I reinstalled libxml again08:46
llutz_jrib: wrong nick, wasn't qin asking08:46
kakashi_still the problem persists08:46
stephenthemartyr<qin>or lmsensors?i thought i picked some option of recording data even when i wasnt on the comp. but i could be wrong08:46
virtualdirtanyone awake?08:46
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.08:46
etiainenvirtualdirt: nope08:47
jribkakashi_: sudo apt-get update && apt-cache policy libxml208:47
qinjrib: What cd?08:47
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows08:47
jribqin: the install cd08:48
NameLess-jshello, i just isntall ubuntu 11 and now i can't boot into windows08:48
SkilzAnyone know of software that supports Huawei mobile sim dongles to send SMS?08:48
kakashi_jrib: http://pastie.org/234939908:48
kakashi_doesn't seem to be a problem08:48
qinjrib: Feel lost. Either I am missing something or I am comletly wrong person.08:48
* jrib scrolls up08:49
wsbl-uhpd651xcynthi: OMG.   I fixed the fstab successfully and was able to boot into my current Ubuntu install without a problem.  After almost 5 hours ... ALLELUIA !!!08:49
jribqin: wrong person :D08:49
IdleOneNameLess-js: run: sudo os-prober and see if it finds windows. it should add it to grub and you will be able to select it at boot08:49
jrib!mac | escapedcat08:49
ubottuescapedcat: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages08:49
jribescapedcat: checksum the cd08:49
NameLess-jsIdleOne: k08:49
NameLess-jsIdleOne: yes it does08:50
wsbl-uhpd651xcynthi: THANKS!  you clinched it for me.  good night !!!08:50
escapedcatjrib, he did that.08:50
virtualdirthey I got a ton of entries on my grub boot  menu for linux installs I don't need?  I assume failed installs?  how do I get them out of grub and back to a basic memtest, windows7, unbuntu 10.04 menu?08:50
IdleOneNameLess-js: ok that is good08:50
xcynthithats good to hear, have a good night08:50
jribescapedcat: did you read the wiki?08:50
kakashi_jrib: should I reinstall subversion?08:50
virtualdirtfailed installs = failed boots08:50
NameLess-jsIdleOne: :D08:50
escapedcatjrib, he did that too, yes08:50
jribescapedcat: what does the wiki say about his macbook pro?08:51
IdleOnevirtualdirt: those are old kernels not failed installs08:51
qinstephenthemartyr: Sorry, jrib made me spin.08:51
kakashi_jrib: even that doesn't seem to work08:51
stephenthemartyr<qin>thats ok08:51
IdleOnevirtualdirt: you can uninstall them from Software Center or Synaptic08:51
NameLess-jsIdleOne: what else could i do?08:51
gigenieksOK need some help I have red https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions  but I don't understand syntax of chown (how to change group of directory) I have direcotry /home/gigenieks/copy of Info and I did this "sudo chown -R gigenieks /home/gigenieks/Documents/"copy of Info" --> it changed owner of user, but how could I change now group ownership (now it is root) what would be exact command???08:52
IdleOneNameLess-js: you ran sudo os-prober and it found Windows?08:52
jribgigenieks: chgrp or pass USER:GROUP to chown08:52
IdleOneNameLess-js: ok now reboot and when the grub screen appears hit the down arrow and select Windows.08:52
NameLess-jsi did, windows said there was an error08:53
qinstephenthemartyr: also your /var/log seems to be oversized, check in htop what is running.08:53
IdleOnevirtualdirt: Please ask your questions in the channel08:53
GreenDancehi does the system memory autoclean it's cache?08:53
IdleOneNameLess-js: if windows is giving you an error I suggest asking in ##windows08:53
virtualdirtok I am always trying to be respectful.... just don't know the rules08:53
gigenieksjrib I dont understand "USER:GROUP" ---> need example of given situation08:53
qinstephenthemartyr: top, htop, ps, system monitors08:53
gigenieksthen I would understand instantly08:53
stephenthemartyrok how do i check them?08:54
jribkakashi_: gigenieks if you want to change the user to USER and group to GROUP of a file, you would run: sudo chown USER:GROUP file08:54
qingigenieks: ls -l ~08:54
jribkakashi_: pastebin « sudo ldconfig -p | grep libxml »08:54
qingigenieks: ---------- size user group time file08:54
richtroyegigenieks For GROUP you can use any of the groupnames in /etc/group.  for USER you can use any of the userids in /etc/passwd08:55
HazLTi have a problem: when connecting to the internet with wireless adapter (D-Link DWA-125) i connect to the internet with no problem, i can browse, but after 10-15 minutes connection lost. Even then i restart my pc, i can't connect anymore. The only solution is to restart a router. So i guess the problem is in router. P.S. there is no problem on Windows 7 and everything fine then i connect through ethernet connection. I have Ubuntu 11.04. Can someone08:56
stephenthemartyr<qin>im sorry but how do i check that?08:56
gigenieksjrib: command would be "sudo chown -R gigenieks:gigenieks /home/gigenieks/Documents/"copy of Info""?08:56
gigenieksit would change user ownership: gigenieks and group ownership: gigenieks right?08:56
qinstephenthemartyr: hm, thinking... paste: ps aux08:56
jribgigenieks: if that's a directory and you want to do that action for everything inside as well, sure08:57
gigenieksexactly will try :)08:57
virtualdirtso where in synaptic do I ditch the extra entries... the text file says....don't mess with me08:57
stephenthemartyr<qin>not sure where the rest of it went08:58
farciarz84hi, is there some possibility to remove unity from 11.10? or move it from left side to bottom?08:58
kakashi_jrib: http://pastie.org/234943108:58
jrib!11.10 | farciarz8408:58
ubottufarciarz84: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+108:58
qinstephenthemartyr: sudo apt-get install pasetebinit && ps aux | pastebinit08:59
HazLTfarciarz84: i think u have in mind ubuntu 11.04. U can do it by loging off and loging in as a Ubuntu Classic session09:00
HazLTi have a problem: when connecting to the internet with wireless adapter (D-Link DWA-125) i connect to the internet with no problem, i can browse, but after 10-15 minutes connection lost. Even then i restart my pc, i can't connect anymore. The only solution is to restart a router. So i guess the problem is in router. P.S. there is no problem on Windows 7 and everything fine then i connect through ethernet connection. I have Ubuntu 11.04. Can someone09:00
jribkakashi_: hmm.  Do you have anything in /usr/local/lib/?  Have you tried simply reinstalling libxml2?09:01
farciarz84HazLT: no I have in mind 11.10 cause 11.04 doesn't support my sandy bridge machine with integrated intel sandy bridge GPU09:01
An_Ony_MooseI want to use tinyxml as a shared library, but the Makefile in its source distribution provides no option for this and there is no package for tinyxml (well, there is, but it's going to be with oneiric.) What should I do?09:01
An_Ony_Moosewait no, it seems there is a package. But this machine runs lucid >.<09:02
An_Ony_Moosenever mind.09:02
stephenthemartyr<qin>ok i did thosew09:03
stephenthemartyrwhat did i do?hahaha09:03
escapedcatjrib, thx for trying but my friend is not really cooperating right now. he said his macbook is to new, so it's not on the list. i'll try to get the exact version number and do a search by myself. thx anyway.09:03
jribescapedcat: he might try oneiric to see if that works09:03
qinstephenthemartyr: Or, open synaptic, search for: back up, and see whatis installed, and remove it. did you get link from pastebinit? try: echo foo | pastebinit09:04
escapedcatjrib, i'll tell him, thx09:04
kakashi_jrib: I have perl/  python2.6/ site_ruby/ and xemacs/  in /ust/local/lib09:05
stephenthemartyr<qin>uea i got different links now,what are they to?and why and what am i removing in synaptic?09:05
=== Granis` is now known as Granis
kakashi_yes  i have tried simply reinstalling libxml2 and it doesn't give me any positive results09:06
maptzHi. I have an issue with a remote samba bdc to join it to pdc domain. I'm testing this configuration in test environment with 2 virtual machine (PDC and client XP) and 2 physical machine (BDC + XP client)).  When I try to join the domain I have a request sent by the bdc to the pdc but I think my answer never arrive. If someone has an idea..09:07
stephenthemartyr<qin>there is a prog. called sbackups and two others when i searched backups09:07
mickeyanyone know how to configure a bnc09:08
qinstephenthemartyr: links to your own posts, pastebinit make it easy to pipe commands to pastebin, is sbackup installed?09:08
mickeyi am having trouble connecting to it09:08
stephenthemartyr<qin>yea but im about to uninstyall it09:08
jribkakashi_: apt-cache policy subversion; do you have anything in $LD_PRELOAD or $LD_LIBRARY_PATH09:08
AdvoWorkhi there, I need a bit of advice really, running ubuntu on a client, user is english but speaks/types English, French, Spanish. Im trying to make it so he can change keyboard or something so he can type french/spanish as well as english, but i cant find a way, he needs to be able to use accents etc09:08
jribAdvoWork: keyboard preferences let you set things like a dead key09:09
qinstephenthemartyr: Good, what about two others? also "man sbackup" may help you to stop it.09:09
HazLTi have a problem: when connecting to the internet with wireless adapter (D-Link DWA-125) i connect to the internet with no problem, i can browse, but after 10-15 minutes connection lost. Even then i restart my pc, i can't connect anymore. The only solution is to restart a router. So i guess the problem is in router. P.S. there is no problem on Windows 7 and everything fine then i connect through ethernet connection. I have Ubuntu 11.04. Can someone09:09
SeeknDestroyAdvoWork : For seldom-used extended characters... you can also add the "Character Palette" to the Panel09:09
stephenthemartyr<qin>ryslog and tar09:10
SeeknDestroyHazLT.... you're trying to summarize it into one line and you're not making sense... it sounds like you're saying your internet works fine in W7 but on a wired connection (not wireless)... why you tossed the wired ethernet into the wifi problem mix makes no sense at all09:10
qinstephenthemartyr: tar is ok, rsyslog even more ok09:11
kakashi_jrib: nope, nothing wrong there, LD_PRELOAD and LD_LIBRARY_PATH is empty, the worst thing is I am getting a problem even with vim - http://pastie.org/234947009:11
kakashi_it open the file however09:11
simmouk87How do I recursively zip/tar current directory please?09:11
stephenthemartyr<qin>not finding a man sbackup09:11
SeeknDestroyHazLT.... Google for "Ubuntu DWA-125" and see if others out there have any problems with that specific model... sometimes a driver update helps... other times the opensource driver is unstable and they recommend to use ndiswrapper to "wrap" the windows version of the driver... do some research on google09:11
qinstephenthemartyr: man sbackups ?09:12
HazLTSeeknDestroy: ok, thanks09:12
jribAdvoWork: in layout options set a compose key and/or 3rd level chooser09:12
stephenthemartyr<qin>you said "also "man sbackup" may help you to stop it."09:12
llutz_simmouk87: tar czf /tmp/foo.tar.gz .09:12
simmouk87llutz: so /tmp/foo.tar.gz is the output file?09:13
llutz_simmouk87: yes09:13
gigenieksOK I am trying now to change owner and group owner of file (not directory) with command "sudo chown gigenieks:gigenieks /home/gigenieks/Documents/"youtube list!.docx" and it doesn't work it reports error ---> "bash: !.docx": event not found   huh??09:14
qinstephenthemartyr: man = manual, see: man man09:14
SeeknDestroyHazLT : Googling lead me to the link... which tells about up-to-date linux source code for that wifi driver.... http://www.ravall.com/2010/06/23/windows-7-ubuntu-newbie-experience/09:14
HazLTSeeknDestroy: oh man thanks a lot :)09:15
llutz_gigqescape the ! "youtube list\!.docx"09:15
stephenthemartyr<qin>ok so i uninstall it and will that erase those folders or09:15
stephenthemartyr<qin>and i guess thatr was the problem huh?09:16
qinstephenthemartyr: No, it will rather not09:16
almoxarifeI need help from a hdmi sound guru, I have googled myself into getting no where, nvidia gpu, any takers?09:16
stephenthemartyrwhat do u m,ean09:16
llutz_gigenieks: escape the !, make it like this  "youtube list\!.docx"09:16
qinstephenthemartyr: uninstall will leave all data in /var/backup09:17
jribkakashi_: you did « sudo apt-get reinstall libxml2 » ?09:17
stephenthemartyr<qin>ok so i trash it?09:17
kakashi_jrib: yes09:17
simmouk87thank you llutz09:17
marlunI've got a server at work running a mysql server and I would like to be able to access it from home. How would I ssh in to put up a port forward to let me do that? :)09:17
qinstephenthemartyr: sudo rm -r /var/backup/*.inc09:18
qinstephenthemartyr: http://www.linuxcertif.com/man/8/sbackup/174915/09:18
jrib!ssh | marlun09:18
ubottumarlun: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)09:18
gigenieksllutz: "chown: cannot access bla bla: No such file or directory"09:19
stephenthemartyr<qin>thats in german and that last command didnt work09:19
jribkakashi_: what's the output of: md5sum /usr/lib/libxml2.so.209:19
llutz_marlun: ssh -L 3307:localhost:3306 user@mysqlhost09:19
kakashi_jrib: 0126a019d7e7220384b5fd140d13e0b3  /usr/lib/libxml2.so.209:20
llutz_marlun: after that, you should be able to connect mysql via localhost:330709:20
simmouk87llutz: I am recieving this error:09:21
simmouk87tar: Cowardly refusing to create an empty archive09:21
qinstephenthemartyr: link is in english, at least important part, what do you mean did not work?09:21
jribkakashi_: this is confusing as that's not the md5sum I get here (on lucid).  Can you run « sudo apt-get reinstall libxml2 » pastebin output, and md5sum afterwards again?09:21
llutz_simmouk87: so "current directory" is empty09:21
qinmarlun: To forward port you need to have accessto router/firewall09:21
stephenthemartyr<qin>it said rm: cannot remove `/var/backup/*.inc': No such file or directory09:21
gigenieksWhat now?09:21
xublinuxmd5sum is on coreutils package09:22
simmouk87llutz: it is not, confirmed with 'ls'09:22
simmouk87also, i thought i need to use -r09:22
xublinuxtry install or reinstall coreutils09:22
qinstephenthemartyr: Oh, so they are already gone, do: df -h to confirm it.09:22
rocket16Is there a way to disable PAM face authentication? I installed it and am not impressed. :(09:22
kakashi_jrib: http://dpaste.com/591103/ and 0126a019d7e7220384b5fd140d13e0b3  /usr/lib/libxml2.so.209:22
llutz_simmouk87: -r?? you already have an archive to append to?09:23
llutz_simmouk87: what was your exact command?09:23
stephenthemartyrhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/662490/  <qin>not sure how to use tht other paste thing09:24
kakashi_jrib: this actually suddenly cropped up09:24
kakashi_jrib: I have installed nothing in the past 3 weeks09:25
* Nuit_ Good morning!09:25
marlunjrib, llutz_: thanks :)09:25
jribkakashi_: use dpkg to install libxml2_2.7.6.dfsg-1ubuntu1.2_amd64.deb09:25
qinstephenthemartyr: sudo /etc/init.d/sba<TAB> Deas it autocomplete?09:25
SkilzAnyone know of software to send recieve sms from a huawei usb sim dongle?09:26
=== name is now known as Guest62981
kakashi_jrib: 0126a019d7e7220384b5fd140d13e0b309:27
stephenthemartyr<qin><TAB>im very limited on my command knowledge as im sure you can tell so you probvably need to explain em09:27
marlunllutz_: What if I only have access to my workstation at work which in turn has access to the mysql host? I would like to somehow go through my workstation.09:28
jribkakashi_: md5sum /var/cache/apt/archives/libxml2_2.7.6.dfsg-1ubuntu1.2_amd64.deb09:28
qinstephenthemartyr: <TAB> button above CapsLock, see..09:28
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.09:28
stephenthemartyryes i typed command then i hit tab?09:29
qinstephenthemartyr: Yes.09:29
kakashi_jrib: 1093bb894607519da549eadf0bcf777809:29
stephenthemartyr<qin>nothing happens,why?what is suposed to happen and should i uninstal the sbackup?was waiting09:30
jribkakashi_: that's right... but if you extract the .so from that deb package you will see the md5sum is different... I'm pretty sure dpkg should be replacing your existing .so...09:30
kakashi_jrib: in that case, I will rm -fr .so from the existing stuff09:31
llutz_marlun: should be something like "ssh -L 3307:workstation:3306 user@mysqlhost"09:31
jribkakashi_: mv instead of rm, you learn that the hard way :P09:31
qinstephenthemartyr: ok, sudo service sbackup stop; sudo rm -rv /var/backup/*.inc09:31
kakashi_jrib: :)09:31
qinstephenthemartyr: Paste please.09:31
kakashi_jrib: 0126a019d7e7220384b5fd140d13e0b3  /usr/lib/libxml2.so.209:34
jribkakashi_: ls -l /usr/lib/libxml2.so.209:34
kakashi_jrib: lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 16 2011-08-10 11:33 /usr/lib/libxml2.so.2 -> libxml2.so.2.7.809:35
jribkakashi_: hmm, 2.7.8...?09:35
kakashi_yeah, apparently09:35
jribkakashi_: dpkg -S /usr/lib/libxml2.so.2.7.809:36
kakashi_jrib: uh! dpkg: /usr/lib/libxml2.so.2.7.8 not found.09:36
jribkakashi_: do you have libxml2.so.2.7.6?09:36
stephenthemartyr<qin>sorry lost connection,it said unrecognized service09:37
kakashi_jrib: i have libxml2_2.7.6.dfsg-1ubuntu1.2_amd64.deb09:37
jribkakashi_: I mean, do you have /usr/lib/libxml2.os.2.7.609:38
qinstephenthemartyr: what about rm..?09:38
kakashi_jrib: yes09:38
kakashi_libxml2: /usr/lib/libxml2.so.2.7.609:38
jribkakashi_: did you compile libxml2 maybe?09:38
kakashi_jrib: I can't remember09:38
maptz Hi. I have an issue with a remote samba bdc to join it to pdc domain. I'm testing this configuration in test environment with 2 virtual machine (PDC and client XP) and 2 physical machine (BDC + XP client)).  When I try to join the domain I have a request sent by the bdc to the pdc but I think my answer never arrive. If someone has an idea.09:38
stephenthemartyr<qin>rm: cannot remove `/var/backup/*.inc': No such file or directory09:39
jribkakashi_: check your history?09:39
qinstephenthemartyr: sudo rm -rv /var/backup/2011-08-02_08.04.19.345695.ubuntu.inc09:40
NetKingwhat am i meant to do at thsi screen http://i.imgur.com/s1iBs.png ?09:40
stephenthemartyrlooks like it got rid of them09:41
jribNetKing: enter your commit message?09:41
kakashi_jrib: I can't find anything :(09:41
kakashi_jrib: but anyways, can I link 2.7.6 to .so09:41
NetKingjrib and then press what09:41
jribkakashi_: I would find out how that file got there... but I suppose you can just do that, yes09:41
stephenthemartyr<qin>how do i do that paste thing?09:41
qinstephenthemartyr: command | pastebinit09:42
jribNetKing: if you do not like vim, you should use nano instead (you can hit ESCAPE:wq to save and quit this time though)09:42
NetKingi dont understand the "Escape:wp" part09:43
pokk_Hello, when you omit the -f parameter of the TAR command (i.e. tar -czvp /), TAR outputs the archive on stdout, what happens with stderr ?09:44
jribNetKing: press the Escape button on your keyboard, then the ':' button, then the 'w' button, then the 'q' button, then the Enter key on your keyboard09:44
qinNetKing: Esp (key) then :w (write) :q (quit)09:44
stephenthemartyr<qin>says im sending an ampty document09:44
NetKingoh okay :)09:44
NetKingthank you09:44
ttl-how do i set the size of a ramdisk in 10.04 server ?09:44
jribNetKing: if you want to learn how to use vim, check out vimtutor.  If you would rather not bother, then use nano09:45
NetKingis nano easier?09:45
qinstephenthemartyr: | is pipe, try: echo foo | pastebinit09:45
jribNetKing: try and see which you prefer09:45
ttl-/dev/ram0 seems to bee 62M and i like to make it 150M09:45
JakeR003do you have time for me guys? or should i come back in another 6 hours ?09:46
jribJakeR003: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)09:46
SeeknDestroy#ubuntu : The channel that never sleeps.09:46
stephenthemartyrok link now what?09:46
JakeR003how do i disable the smooth animation in ubuntu? you know when you click on anything to bring a menu or switch between windows.. there is a delay09:46
JakeR003my luck with you guys09:47
SeeknDestroyJakeR003.... that's part of compiz.... brb gotta get you the name of the app that lets you edit it...09:47
qinstephenthemartyr: You could give me link to see it.09:47
stephenthemartyr<qin>anyways so where are we at on this?09:47
Skilzorbit: I remember some program I was using when I had Ubuntu installed awhile ago, it was in the Ubuntu repos, just can't remember the name of it :/09:47
JakeR003thanks. and how can i change the size of the font DPI? because everythign seems to be too big compared to windows09:48
xust-I have a very simple question: tuneup for Ubuntu or at least SOMETHING that could speed this box up a little. Vista ran better...09:48
SkilzAnyone know of software to send recieve sms from a huawei usb sim dongle?09:48
JakeR003i'm a new user to be gentle one me09:48
NetKingoh god what happen09:48
qinstephenthemartyr: Radical approach, make sure syanptic is closed, and: sudo apt-get remove --purge sbackup; sudo rm -r /var/backup09:48
SeeknDestroyJakeR003... go to terminal... type --> sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager09:48
ttl-would kernel option ramdisk_size=160000 work?09:49
llutz_Skilz: check gammu-website if your device is supported09:49
JakeR003SeeknDestroy wow man.. that is so easy09:49
SeeknDestroyJakeR003.... then go to System/Preferences/CompizConfig Settings Manager09:49
=== hateball_ is now known as hateball
JakeR003very thankful for your help09:49
JakeR003i like ubuntu but i need to custimze it so i feel comfortable using it09:49
SeeknDestroyJakeR003.... then find 'Effects' and then "Animations"09:50
SeeknDestroyJakeR003.... you're wanting to adjust the "Open" animation.... change it to "None"...09:50
qinstephenthemartyr: foo09:50
SeeknDestroyJakeR003.... hint... when editing those animations... you almost always only change the one on top (out of 3)...t he one that says (type = normal | unknown)09:50
=== 92AADTJAO is now known as Alexxio
Alexxiocan't logout from ubuntu natt09:51
SeeknDestroyJakeR003... and the Fonts... you change under System/Preferences/Appearance.... Fonts tab09:51
Alexxioctrl + alt+ backspc does not work09:51
Alexxiohow can i logout considering that i have not the tray bar?09:52
JakeR003cool that was too easy09:52
JakeR003really appericate your help09:52
SeeknDestroyJakeR003.... if your system is older/etc... you may want to turn compiz effects off completely... that's under System/Preferences/Appearance.... Visual Effects tab... change to "None"09:53
stephenthemartyr<qin>foo?seriously im confused,ran those commands the purge one did not work the apt remove removed it and the 3rd one had no output09:53
qinstephenthemartyr: Same trick you can do with many commands: ls, cat, head, ps, etc... try: ls -l ~ | grep Pu | pastebinit09:53
qinstephenthemartyr: df -h09:53
SeeknDestroyJakeR003... basically, if you're wanting to turn off the basic smoothing/fade effect/animation... your system prolly has a slower cpu or an older graphics card.... you'd prolly be better off in that situation to turn the visual effects off completely via that visual effects/none setting09:53
JakeR003SeeknDestroy where are you from?09:53
SeeknDestroyJakeR003.... from Wisconsin.... living in Arizona for past 3 months... moved here for a job that didn't exist when I got here and barely surviving atm09:54
JakeR003i lost my job 7 yrs ago09:54
JakeR003i'm sick09:54
JakeR003but in this age live is easy09:54
JakeR003if you can live on your parents or with your brothers09:54
JakeR003the system perf appearance worked perfectly. thanks09:55
JakeR003now the animation09:55
stephenthemartyr<qin>ok  http://pastebin.com/z5Q6F5es09:55
qinstephenthemartyr: what about df? Is there more space?09:56
JakeR003SeeknDestroy what happens when i delete the animation?09:58
JakeR003i have " new - edit - delete - up - down "09:58
JakeR003i want ti completly gone09:58
JakeR003delete won't break the GUI?09:58
stephenthemartyr<qin>yes it looks like i have 14gb free now,i was wondering what happened cuz this comp has 80gb with a dual boot half-windowsxp and hald ubuntu studio and ive had this for like a month or so09:59
JakeR003the slowdown in animation effect give me that mental feeling that the PC is slow09:59
stephenthemartyrso im glaD you helped me cuz i had no idea09:59
JakeR003i turn OFF all effects in windows even win709:59
=== Sergey23_ is now known as Sergey23
JakeR003ok i found how to turn it completly off.. thanks10:00
=== LjL2 is now known as LjL^
stephenthemartyr<qin>thank you so much10:01
shomonhi, does anyone know a way past the frozen login problem? It's ubuntu 10.10. I've got nomodeset on, I can sometimes get to a terminal, or use alt-sysreq buttons, and I just did a memory test too...10:01
qinstephenthemartyr: Linux can be tricky sometimes... always look for documentation online before installing stuff, this sbackup would work much better, if configured properly, to the next one ;)10:01
qinJakeR003: Do you know of metacity?10:02
JakeR003qin what about it?10:03
=== ehw_ is now known as ehw
qinJakeR003: It is much lighter than compiz.10:03
JakeR003np i got everything done in compiz.. no need to for another program10:04
JakeR003now can you tell me to see which of the services start?10:04
JakeR003and how to turn them off? i think there is a GUI windows that show them10:05
JakeR003i forgot10:05
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo10:05
OneUniqueGeekHow would I update PHPmyAdmin? I don't see the directory in /var/www.10:05
OneUniqueGeekI guess my real question is.. What is the PHPmyadmin directory?10:05
gryOneUniqueGeek: How did you install it?10:05
OneUniqueGeekThrough apt-get.10:05
gryOneUniqueGeek: Update it via apt-get then.10:06
SeeknDestroyJakeR003 : System/Preferences/Startup Applications10:06
OneUniqueGeekgry - The repo isn't updated.10:06
shomonmy login screen freezes and I can't log in. Where can I find help on this issue? I've tried lots of things so far...10:06
auronandace!latest | OneUniqueGeek10:06
ubottuOneUniqueGeek: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.10:06
gryOneUniqueGeek: Instal a new debian package from their website, then, even if it's not in the repo.10:06
JakeR003yes that one. thanks again SeeknDestroy10:07
JakeR003so.. unticking the box will stop the service from loading?10:07
SeeknDestroyJakeR003 : As I was saying earlier... if you found the need to turn off the basic Compiz animation on window open (Fade)... your system probably has a low-spec video card, and you'd benefit from turning compiz off completely (System/Preferences/Appearance-->Visual Effects-->None).... which reverts your window manager to the default Metacity that qin suggested10:07
SeeknDestroyJakeR003 : Yes on the untick10:08
OneUniqueGeekWell, Where is the directory where all the PHPmyAdmin PHP files are?10:08
JakeR003SeeknDestroy yeah i turned off the animation and everythign seems faster than windows10:08
gryOneUniqueGeek: You don't need to use it manually.10:08
llutz_OneUniqueGeek: try /usr/share/phpmyadmin10:08
JakeR003SeeknDestroy what happen if i remove the service? without unticking the box..10:09
OneUniqueGeekllutz_ - It worked, Thank you.10:09
SeeknDestroyJakeR003 : That's just one graphical effect that you don't need.... turning the visual effects off completely halts compiz from loading completely and will give you additional performance.... and you shouldn't completely remove the services... just uncheck the boxes... much harder to readd it if you need it at later date10:09
JakeR003amazing OS10:12
JakeR003each passing year it gets better and better10:12
JakeR003too bad windows is the main gaming platform10:13
JakeR003or els i won't touch it10:13
SeeknDestroyJakeR003 : Quite a few games run under Wine, which now has some limited DirectX support.... there's also "PlayOnLinux".... you can check Wine's website for a list of all the games that work on it so far.... the main/only game I play is Unreal Tournament 2004 which runs better on Linux than on Windows.... so no Windows for me :)10:14
JakeR003you know i was looking for windows XP because it runs better on older hardware.. takes 512MB of RAM while vista/win7 need at least 4GB of RAM10:15
JakeR003i found that win XP pro still cost near 200USD10:15
JakeR003crazy for 10 yrs old OS10:15
SeeknDestroynah you can get xp pro for $70 or cheaper if you hunt around10:15
JakeR003OEM license is for fixed hardware/computer10:16
JakeR003it's not transferable10:16
JakeR003once you use it it sticks for ever10:16
JakeR003you throw that piece of hardware in the junk you throw windows with it10:16
SeeknDestroyI just yank keys off of old dead computers (XP ones).... shhhh tho :)10:16
NameLess-exehello, if i leave say 4gb free for a swap during the windows partiion, and create it when i install ubuntu, will it kill the other partitions?10:17
JakeR003why ubuntu takes 200MB of RAM and few kilobytes of swap file?10:17
JakeR003vista takes 4GB of RAM " cached " and near 900MB of pagefile10:18
SeeknDestroyJakeR003 : cuz it's a much more efficient OS... all there is to it10:18
JakeR003that's at start up only.. later it takes more10:18
cjsNameLess-exe: You mean in the DOS partition table? The Ubuntu installer will not destroy partitions so long as you chose manual partitioning mode and don't ask for them to be deleted.10:18
forkupactually M$ intentionally uses more ram on win7, their thinking is unused ram is wasted :)10:19
SeeknDestroyNameLess-exe : Why would creating it later kill other partitions?  You were just in windows asking about all this... and you screwed things up once already... I think you really need to go to google and do some research about basic partition tables and bootloaders before you try again this time10:19
Kartagiswhy do I get this? patch -p0 < patch.in10:19
Kartagispatching file Makefile.in10:19
KartagisHunk #1 FAILED at 110.10:19
Kartagis1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file Makefile.in.rej10:19
SkilzHow do I add myself to the group dialout10:19
JakeR003SeeknDestroy linux doesnt require disk defragmentor?10:19
Skilz$ grep dialout /etc/group10:19
KartagisSkilz: sudo gpasswd `whoami` dialout10:19
NameLess-exeSeeknDestroy: i can't trust many reviews on google10:19
SeeknDestroySkilz : Or --> sudo adduser YOURUSERNAME dialout10:19
KartagisSkilz: sudo gpasswd -a `whoami` dialout, sorry10:20
SeeknDestroynever done the dialout add via 'gpasswd', new to me10:20
dandareAny one use pinguy os?10:20
SeeknDestroyJakeR003 : Nope.... linux is da bomb.10:20
paultrafalgarjoin #ac10010:20
Skilzcool thanks10:20
SeeknDestroyJakeR003 : Take away all the limitations windows forces on it via software titles, directx/etc for gaming... and linux would stomp the crap out of windows10:21
=== denny- is now known as denny
KayAteChefJakeR003: ext3 and ext4 are journaled file systems10:21
JakeR003SeeknDestroy i agree with you. i bought windows vista ultimate which at that time cost around 400USD for retail box10:21
SeeknDestroyJakeR003 : Sorry to hear that!10:21
JakeR0031.5 yrs later they dumped it for win710:21
Kartagispatch -p0 < patch.in10:21
Kartagispatching file Makefile.in10:21
KartagisHunk #1 FAILED at 110.10:21
Kartagis1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file Makefile.in.rej <--- why am I getting this?10:21
KayAteChefthey pack the bits better each time files are accessed10:21
JakeR003and they gave me nothinjg in return10:22
SeeknDestroyKartagis : Patch file is no good or osmething man... it's not enough information to answer your question... no idea what you're patching or what the patch contains.... there's an error when applying the patch... meaning hte patch is no good.... not much else to it man10:22
JakeR003if i have an application that requires wine to run. how can i make a direct shortcut in the controlpanel without right clicking on the icon and choose start in wine?10:22
=== simmorion is now known as sim-value
JakeR003a shortcut in the panel > single click it starts in wine10:23
KartagisSeeknDestroy: http://techtots.blogspot.com/2010/01/openvpn-with-pammysql-usernamepassword.html10:23
SeeknDestroyJakeR003 : http://jaypeeonline.net/tips-tricks/create-wine-application-shortcuts-ubuntu/10:23
JakeR003cool again this is amazing work guys10:23
SeeknDestroyJakeR003, Create new Launcher (right click desktop).... command = wine “/home/username/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/yourprogram.exe”10:24
FlokassAnyone can help me change the KeePass-tray-icon on ubuntu 11.04?10:25
JakeR003so username is my account name?10:25
t1m310rdkinda new to irc and i was wondering about a good channel ffor programming stuff10:25
=== newton is now known as Guest79674
SeeknDestroyKartagis : That link is from January 3rd, 2010.... 1.5 years old.... the patch file is no longer valid for the newer version of the software you're trying to patch10:26
KayAteChef##C #Bash #perl #python10:26
sim-valuet1m310rd, depends on the language10:26
SeeknDestroyKartagis : Nothing we can do here to help with that... as I just mentioned.... that article is 1.5 years old now... the patch is nolonger valid or working... you'll have to contact the site authors or find an alternative solution elsewhere10:28
=== hashashin is now known as Guest97369
SeeknDestroyKartagis... the patch goes and compares the lines and then makes changes to them... it's spitting out an error because the lines it's trying to patch are not what are expected by the patch script10:28
=== sdx24 is now known as sdx23
SeeknDestroyJakeR003 : All out of questions?10:33
=== jack_ is now known as jack-
=== LooneyLoonz is now known as Guest19734
=== jack- is now known as Guest85396
=== Guest85396 is now known as jack--
asdawhello. can anyone tell me how to install gcc-3.3 instead of 4.x please?10:36
Sidewinder1!nickspam | jack--10:36
ubottujack--: You should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead. See also « /msg ubottu Guidelines »10:36
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.10:36
shomonfail ;)10:36
jack--Sidewinder1, freenode...sigh10:37
asdawshomon: where can i go for assistance10:37
IdleOneSidewinder1: that wasn't nick spamming.10:37
WaltherFIHello all. I've booted on the 11.04 livecd to fix the bootloader of my dad's desktop after grub fail. How to do it10:37
Sidewinder1jack--, :-)10:37
shomonasdaw, I don't know but you could just download it and compile it somewhere locally10:38
WaltherFIJust want to be sure, i've not done grub reinstalls since they updated to grub210:38
shomonas in not as part of the system10:38
IdleOne!grub2 | WaltherFI10:38
ubottuWaltherFI: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)10:38
shomonthen you'd have 2 separate gccs, so most things can use the new one.10:38
asdawyea shomon i considered that. i just that there was a quicker way to do it and simply set an alias like - alias g3="gcc-3.3"10:39
asdawthought that*10:39
shomonwhat's it for?10:39
asdawi need to use 3.3 as part of an assignment im doing. the lecturer is specific that it must be compiled using 3.310:40
shomonaaah okay10:41
shomonyeah just install it in your home dir. compiling it and installing it probably *is* the lesson..10:41
WaltherFIIdleOne: Proceeded to the grub reinstall with boot-repair. There's no option Windows on the "Os to boot by default"10:42
shomon#linux would be a good channel for more of this. There must be a gcc specific channel somewhere too10:42
asdawhaha shomon i wish it was true :P10:42
shomonah well, the first lesson :)10:42
asdawshomon: thanks for the help. see you around! :)10:42
shomonbye asdaw10:42
WaltherFIIdleOne: i do know how to fix that in old grub, but haven't been messing 'round that either in the newer... So, is it possible to default to windows (again, my dad's computer)10:42
SeeknDestroyyes it's possible to default to windows10:43
SeeknDestroyand not that hard to do... i'd have to google it real quick10:43
JakeR003guys.. is there an auto level normalizer for the sound? auto loudness  equalizer ?10:43
JakeR003so the sound is not too high or too low10:43
JakeR003this way it won't hurt my hears when i use headphone10:44
WaltherFISeeknDestroy: just wondering why the boot-repair app doesn't show it as an opition10:44
SeeknDestroyWaltherFI : http://vinfris.wordpress.com/2011/02/08/ubuntu-grub2-default-os-on-dual-boot/10:45
WaltherFIsudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair10:45
WaltherFIagh, accidental middle click10:45
WaltherFISeeknDestroy: Thanks.10:45
SeeknDestroyWaltherFI... wher eit has "sudo vi /etc/default/grub"... just use --> "sudo gedit /etc/default/grub"   less painful10:45
=== agises is now known as hashashin
WaltherFISeeknDestroy: hah, sure. Or nano.10:46
WaltherFIor emacs ;)10:46
SeeknDestroyaye capn10:46
IdleOneuse gksudo with gedit10:46
SeeknDestroyya just edit the /etc/default/grub file... change the default entry #... then update-grub and it's done10:46
SeeknDestroyi'm sure there's some better directions somewhere out there... i just googled for "ubuntu grub2 change default os"10:47
SeeknDestroyphoenix in da hauz!  (/me is in phoenix)10:47
WaltherFISeeknDestroy: There's no /boot/grub/grub.conf10:47
IdleOneWaltherFI: /etc/default/grub10:48
SeeknDestroyhere's some better instructions.... brb10:48
SeeknDestroy1. cat /etc/group/group.cfg  ;  see the order of the wanted kernel. Starts from 0.10:48
SeeknDestroy2. vi /etc/default/grub  ;  change GRUB_DEFAULT=0 value to wanted kernel10:48
SeeknDestroy3. run update-grub to update10:48
SeeknDestroy4. reboot and check with uname -r to see if correct kernel selected.10:48
FloodBot1SeeknDestroy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:48
WaltherFISeeknDestroy: Now thaank you.10:48
SeeknDestroyglad i added those two ; and truncated those 2 lines or i'd a been a gonner!10:49
WaltherFIhave to say, grub2 made a lot of things a bit too cmplicated10:49
SeeknDestroyhmmm that one fails for me on the /etc/group/group.cfg10:49
auronandaceWaltherFI: in step 2 use nano, not vi (if you are unfamiliar with it)10:50
SeeknDestroyWaltherFI : http://www.linux.com/community/blogs/changing-the-default-boot-with-ubuntu-910-grub-2.html10:50
WaltherFIauronandace: sure, i do know my text editors :)10:50
SeeknDestroyWaltherFI : or --> http://www.danbishop.org/2011/05/26/make-windows-the-default-operating-system-in-grub2-even-after-ubuntu-updates/10:50
archmanwhat's the default lucid nautilus home icon and where can i find it? i want to use it for my desktop icon.10:51
SeeknDestroyonly hard part is determining which number your windows os is in the list.... other than that.... fairly easy to just edit that one config file and then update-grub.... not too hard.... altho I agree the old grub1 was much easier to edit :)10:51
92AADTJGFmy windows bootloader has some problem, and i can't no more get into windows. using the called multisystem ubuntu program, i created a usb bootable key that finds windows7 bootloader and make system run10:52
snpresentwhere are others language irc chat in #ubuntu10:52
92AADTJGFusing grub-install --recheck and other commands, it doesnt solve10:52
SeeknDestroyarchman.... try /usr/share/icons   or /user/share/icons/Humanity10:52
auronandace!irc | snpresent10:52
IdleOnesnpresent: what language?10:52
ubottusnpresent: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines10:52
jnsl_Am i right that banshee 2.0 (2.0.0) dosen't work with last.fm ?10:52
92AADTJGFcan someone help me understand what can i do to recover win bootloader?10:53
snpresentlike chinese10:53
=== ksinkar_ is now known as ksinkar
WaltherFISeeknDestroy: Yeah, i've been a linuxist for 'round 6 years so not a big deal at all, just unfamiliar with it. And, I do find it a bit sad that no matter of the 200M plan, there's no gui for boot menu editing for the "just users"10:53
IdleOnesnpresent: #ubuntu-cn10:53
SeeknDestroy92AADTJGF : Depends on your exact windows version... but basically you boot from the windows install disc and type the commands to restore it10:53
snpresentthank you very much10:53
IdleOne92AADTJGF: ask in ##windows10:53
SeeknDestroy92AADTJGF : It can be done with the "ms-sys" command in linux too10:53
archmanSeeknDestroy: Thank you!10:53
92AADTJGFi don't think i will find my win7 cd, is there a recover distro?10:54
IdleOne92AADTJGF: Windows is not supported in #ubuntu. Please seek support in ##windows10:54
SeeknDestroy92AADTJGF : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/927392  <-- using w7 disc10:54
92AADTJGFcan't use win7 disk10:54
WaltherFISeeknDestroy: btw, where's that grub.cfg to see the real name of the entry? Not in the /boot/grub/ where it should be10:54
SeeknDestroy92AADTJGF : Look into the "ms-sys" command if you can still boot into linux10:54
=== 92AADTJGF is now known as Alexxio
ikoniaSeeknDestroy: that package has been removed from the repos I believe10:55
SeeknDestroyAlexxio : http://ms-sys.sourceforge.net/10:55
SeeknDestroyusage --> ms-sys -7 /dev/sdX10:55
IdleOneSeeknDestroy: if you wish to help him with his windows issue join ##windows.10:56
SeeknDestroydude i'm in windows, and we help with linux issues there10:56
SeeknDestroyand he needs to fix it via a linux solution10:56
SeeknDestroygo back to idling10:56
IdleOneSeeknDestroy: good, in here we help with Ubuntu only10:56
ikoniaSeeknDestroy: easy there,10:56
SeeknDestroyThey can't help him in #windows or ##windows without his disc dude10:56
SeeknDestroyhe needs to do it via linux and ms-sys, which is an ubuntu issue10:56
SeeknDestroyget off your high horse10:56
Alexxio:) thanks seek&destroy10:57
JakeR003is there a way to change the mouse wheel sensitivity on gnome?10:57
archmanis there a way to change the titlebar to be more compact, having the minimize, maximize and close buttons in line with the menu?10:57
SeeknDestroypfft, you're a dick dude.... you know damn well they can't help him in #windows without his install disc.... he needs help with MS-SYS a LINUX command.... which is --> ms-sys -7 /dev/sdX.... dude what the hell you sit and idle and come out and falsely direct ppl elsewhere when they need help with linux commands.... go back to idling you f'n douche10:58
ikoniaSeeknDestroy: tone it down - PLEASE10:58
farhad2161how can i get a list of all users in a group10:58
jribSeeknDestroy: that attitude is not acceptable here.10:59
SeeknDestroytell that op to get off his high horse.... he sits and idles and then falsely directs users elsewhere when they need help with a linux command10:59
freyHello. Do you have any recommendations if I want to start Firefox in fullscreen mode on startup and have no notifications? I want it to show a webpage 24/7.10:59
ikoniaSeeknDestroy: it's worth noting that package has been removed from the ubuntu repos, it maybe worth worth checking why before suggesting it (there may be no problems at all)10:59
SeeknDestroyfine, i'll leave and come back later when dude's not around... i don't deal well with assholes10:59
mwaijandegis it possible to run win7 from ubuntu UE 2.3? any on with an idea? am new in this thing10:59
ikoniamwaijandeg: UE ?10:59
dsahas anyone setup freenode acoount in you IRC client empathy??? I m havin problem with it11:00
JakeR003is there a way to change the mouse wheel sensitivity on gnome?11:00
=== raven is now known as Guest15220
snpresenthas anyone got the data i was published with ubuntu one use the account "snpresent" ,i lost the data i want them back!11:00
spexiHow easy it is to move existing Ubuntu installation to another hard drive? I have tried Ubuntu now in empty hard drive having win7 in another hard drive. If I would like to get rid of win7 and use that hard drive, how easy is it to move this installation to other hard drive?11:00
WaltherFIHm. Still trying to figure my grub2 around, there's no /boot/grub/grub.cfg11:01
vuPg4i used a FOSS cloning program to clone my ubuntu to a bigger drive11:01
vuPg4it worked with no problems at all11:01
spexiso I guess I'll boot with live cd and then install foss?11:02
vuPg4yeah... originally i only had a 30GB drive... now that same install is sitting on a 160GB drive11:02
spexiso then any files are not used by the system or does it matter11:02
glebihanWaltherFI, the file to edit is /etc/default/grub, /boot/grub/grub.cfg is an automatically generated file11:02
vuPg4i don't understand your question11:02
WaltherFIglebihan: yes, but i do need the generated file as in i have to check the exact name of the windows entry to set it as default11:03
spexiwell, if I install foss with this existing ubuntu installation and then try to move it other hard drive, is it a problem11:03
farhad2161how can i get a list of all users in a group11:03
spexior should I boot to live cd and then install foss11:03
szalspexi: lol..  'FOSS' is not the name of a program11:03
spexiokay :P11:04
Alexxioactually my problem i think it is related to grub and not to win7 bootloader11:04
Sidewinder1Free Open Source Software.11:04
glebihanWaltherFI, and you don't have a grub.cfg file ? Are you sure you're running grub 2 ?11:04
spexijust a new abbreviation to me11:05
=== vuPg4 is now known as fifilawu
WaltherFIglebihan: Just reinstalled it after windows recovery wiped the MBR, reinstalled with the boot-repair as suggested11:05
WaltherFIglebihan: though, trying to run update-grub2 produces an error now11:05
glebihanWaltherFI, did you run update-grub ?11:05
glebihanWaltherFI, what error ?11:05
WaltherFI/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot stat `aufs'.11:05
Sidewinder1spexi, This link should answer most questions that you may have, I found it to be beyond useful: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/index.php11:06
fifilawuby FOSS i meant 'Free Open Source Software'11:06
mwaijandegikonia ?11:06
fifilawu... that's not the name of the software i used, just a description of it11:06
WaltherFIglebihan: on a natty liveusb, and you can techbabble at me, long time linux user11:06
mwaijandegI mean I mean Ubuntu ultimate Edition11:06
mwaijandegthus UE11:06
WaltherFIjust not too familiar with the grub2, never had to deal with problems with it before11:07
fifilawuThe name of the FOSS hard disk cloning program I used is 'Clonezilla'.11:07
spexiSidewinder1: ok thanks, I'll look that11:07
spexififilawu: thanks11:07
glebihanWaltherFI, how did you install grub2 ?11:08
glebihanWaltherFI, did you install the grub-pc package ?11:08
mwaijandeg am try to think if there is virtual machine in ubuntu to b able to run win7 xcutable file11:08
mwaijandeghello? any one with an idea? Ikonia r u there?11:09
WaltherFIglebihan: again, this is my dad's computer running 10.10. After an update to windows failed, the MBR was wiped/recovered via the Windows recovery cd and grub wiped out. I asked for recovery help here, boot-repair app was recommended, used that.11:09
auronandacemwaijandeg: what are you trying to run? it might work in wine or you could install windows in virtualbox11:09
szalmwaijandeg: Ultimate Edition is NOT supported here11:09
zhou79898you can buy a new one11:10
mwaijandegUltimate Edition is not supported here? Okay IF THAT z the case!!11:11
zhou79898en  hnn11:11
WaltherFImwaijandeg: sorry, this is the official ubuntu channel...11:11
jribmwaijandeg: ultimate edition isn't an official ubuntu version11:11
glebihanWaltherFI, try installing the grub-pc package then running update-grub again11:12
zhou79898anyone who can talk about  ub11:12
JakeR003will ubuntu get slower with abuse use? like windows? over time11:13
JakeR003like windows gets slower after 1 year use.. then again much slower after 2nd year11:13
JakeR003and so on11:13
MonotokoJakeR003, what do you mean by abuse use?11:13
kevin_Mitnickalguem do brasil11:13
JakeR003like if kids play with it .. install trash then uninstall then again alot of things they change11:13
jetscreamercruft i would imabin11:13
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.11:13
gralcoRecent Nvidia drivers have been making my system freeze, I have an 8800m gts, can anyone help me stop this?11:14
MonotokoJakeR003 but no...ubuntu shouldn't slow down with use, at least as quickly as Windows11:14
jetscreamerapt-get autoremove11:14
JakeR003ok because i want ot make backup of it when it's newly installed11:14
WaltherFIglebihan: brb, trying to boot11:14
Sidewinder1spexi, I don't think "cloning" will achieve your goals; it'll 'remember' UUIDs in some config files and may cause problems. What you need to do is partition your drives, clean install the ubuntu version of your choice, then copy your "Home" directory from your original install to the new one.11:15
JakeR003the ubuntu network proxy settings apply automically to everyting on the system?11:15
jetscreamergralco: you might ask in #nvidia at same time11:15
gralcojetscreamer: freenode?11:15
jetscreamergralco: yeh11:16
spexiSidewinder1: yeah.. I just had hard work getting shares to work and so on, but maybe I just try to configure all the same way with fresh intallation :p11:16
gralcojetscreamer: will do!11:16
jetscreamersee also select /etc stuff for 'cloning'11:16
ubuntuhi, I am with 11.04 on a live cd... I tried to install nvidia-drivers and run nvidia-xconfig but it can't load nvidia module . Can I use 3D on my live cd?11:19
WaltherFIglebihan: No grub, no luck11:20
ushillsanyone had any success with the rtl8192cu wireless card11:20
vi390hi, having activated dual monitor in unity-natty. I can move the Mousepointer to the second Mon,but when I try to move any window to it, it displays a big darker area , sort of graphical Error. Any idea why I cant move anything to the second mon? (mabye the Systray above does not allow ot, on the other hand makes no sense, because i can move the mousepointer there...)11:21
=== LjL^ is now known as Guest9692
mwaijandegWaltherFI n jrib I am not familiar with what are the official ubuntu versions please help me at least what is the current version?11:22
glebihanWaltherFI, you don't get to grub at all, or you get to grub console ?11:22
mwaijandegI mean current official ubuntu version11:22
jribmwaijandeg: ubuntu.com ; 11.04 (natty) is the latest official release11:23
WaltherFIglebihan: nothing at all. Boots to windows.11:23
mwaijandegthank u11:23
WaltherFIglebihan: apparently the boot-repair isn't working11:23
sim-valueIs it possible to create a bootable USB stick using dd if=ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdX ?11:24
glebihanWaltherFI, then I suggest you rerun grub installation from the live CD, following that guide : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#ChRoot11:24
WaltherFIsim-value: should be11:25
sim-valueIt worked with Arch, and with the Xubuntu ISO i can browse the files, but it doesnt boot11:25
IdleOnesim-value: not with 11.04, next version will be possible11:25
WaltherFIglebihan: i was wondering if the old-skool style was still possible :)11:25
glebihanWaltherFI, ok source it is :)11:25
WaltherFIglebihan: i've fixed the grub1 a couple of times with chroot, familiar with it11:25
sim-valueIdleOne, thanks, ill use the create bootable USB option than11:25
=== Guest9692 is now known as LjL2
IdleOnesim-value: go with unetbootin, better results for most11:26
WaltherFIIdleOne: huh, weird inconsistency11:26
WaltherFIglebihan: any ideas? chroot: failed to run command `/bin/bash': Exec format error11:28
SkilzHow do I put myself in the path so I don't have to sudo iwconfig sudo ifconfig ect?11:29
rileyp Is anyone using irsend in natty I cant get it to work11:29
WaltherFIglebihan: bah, wasted too much time on this. I'll just download the natty iso and reinstall the thing, faster than trying to fix grub and upgrade11:30
WaltherFI'nyway, thanks11:30
WaltherFIbye for now11:30
floreshi folks, I think I have a very useful information for Ubuntu users, I have bougt a brand new acer aspire 5250, on which I tried to install ubuntu 11.04, and upon boot I just got a screen freezed. The strange behaviur was that if I was connect to a network cable, it was totally nice, but as soon as i unplugged the cable i hung, and i had to force shutdown, and could not reboot. The solution I have found was to configure the laptop to try fi11:34
sim-valueIdleOne, does Unetbootin support 11.04? only 10.04 is listed11:34
jribflores: you may as well finish since I imagine a very frustrated googler if you don't but this isn't the right place for this.  Use bugs.ubuntu.com if it is a bug or put it up on help.ubuntu.com/community somewhere11:35
dr_willissim-value,  check unetbootin homepage for newer versions. Or the Pendrivelinux tools for other similer tools.11:35
IdleOnesim-value: it should11:35
IdleOnealso see what dr_willis said11:35
suppoahow do I make it so when I boot up, it has a multiuser interface and I am forced to log in by inserting my keyring password11:36
dr_willissim-value,  I think it should also work for slightly newer versions. its doing the same basic operations for them all.11:36
jribflores: your message was truncated at "the laptop to try fi"11:36
dr_willissuppoa,  'multiuser interface'?  System normally boots to the GDM login, or auto logins. keyring is asked for when the user logs in.11:36
dr_willisor autologsin - if the keyring is set to have a password.11:37
suppoadr_willis how do I change it so it doesnt auto login and asks for my password11:37
dr_willissuppoa,  its in the Login settings somewhere..  under GDM or Login,11:38
floresjrib: hi ok, but what you mean with "frustrated googler"?11:38
dr_willisI dont have the menus menoriuzed any more. :)11:38
jribflores: these channels are logged so someone with the same problem will probably find this log now11:38
jribflores: but since your message was truncated before you gave the solution, the person googling will likely be frustrated (hi googler)11:39
dr_willis'configure the maptop to try fi.....................'11:39
floresjrib: ok, i will try another place to post11:40
jribflores: please finish your message here (this one time)11:40
dr_willisflores,   you may want to put the question and answer on askubuntu.com also.11:40
sim-valueWill Booting from USB stick work with an Ext4 partition?11:40
dr_willissim-value,  should work.11:41
dr_willissim-value,  ive done full installs to usb sticks using ext4, and made grub2 setups booting iso files using ext2/3/4 also.11:41
=== vuPg4 is now known as fifilawu
jasonmspHey all.  I have an executable file that I have setup in my /opt folder and I want to run it from the GUI side of ubuntu.  How can I make it available as if it were an app?11:42
jribjasonmsp: create a .desktop file for it11:42
sim-valuedr_willis, thanks, installing the live image right now11:42
Dori922have a wiiiierd problem :s11:42
jasonmspjrib:  thanks..  googling now11:42
Dori922im trying to SSH into a VM(UEC) using: sudo ssh -i /dir/mykey.priv ubuntu@$IPADDR11:43
jribjasonmsp: in the gui you can look for "create launcher" option (I think it shows up when you right click on an executable11:43
Dori922and im getting back: sude: ssh -i: command not found11:43
dr_willistry just ssh -i  Dori92211:44
dr_willisi get $ ssh -i11:44
dr_willisssh: option requires an argument -- i11:44
Dori922dr_willis:  without the mykey.priv?11:44
dr_willisDori922,  without the sudo also...11:44
Dori922dr_willis:  now tried: ssh -i ubuntu@$IPADDR and got back same error, ssh -i command not found11:45
jribthat's a pretty strange error11:45
dr_willistry just 'ssh -i'11:45
dr_willisyou ARE getting a space in there? :)11:46
dr_willistry just 'ssh       -i'11:46
jribdr_willis: heh11:46
dr_willisthis font - its hard to tell.11:46
jasonmspjrib:  thanks!11:46
Dori922yeah theres a space :P11:46
jribjasonmsp: you can also do it with alacarte, but I don't know how unity interacts with that11:47
dr_willisoutput of ssh -V may help also.11:47
jribdr_willis: you should pastebin what you type and full error output (just copy and paste)11:47
Dori922ssh -i alone gives me a set of options including "[user@]hostname]"11:47
jribDori922: you should pastebin what you type and full error output (just copy and paste)11:47
dr_willisso ssh -i, does work.. :) we just showed that...11:47
jribjasonmsp: there's some discussion here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/13758/how-can-i-edit-create-new-launcher-items-in-unity-by-hand11:48
jasonmspjrib: thanks11:48
Dori922im using a laptop for inet access and a server box/cloud box with no GUI/browser for the commands jrib11:48
jrib!pastebinit | Dori92211:48
ubottuDori922: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com11:48
jasonmspjrib: no create launcher in 11.04 w/ right click11:48
Dori922im following commands from UEC's installation guide...11:48
jribjasonmsp: apparently you can right click on desktop -> create launcher according to that last link11:49
neocicak_ok.. something nasty has just happened to my ubuntu. i got 'directory mounted in read only mode', and i had to go to recovery mode. Now i'm seeing scrolling 'directory inode'  'has unallocated block#' screen. the number keeps going on & on ..11:49
dr_willisneocicak,  your filesystem got currupted and/or/because of some hard drive errirs..11:50
jasonmspjrib: your right.  on the desktop, not the file.  thanks11:50
jribjasonmsp: no problem11:50
dr_willisneocicak,  so you rebooted and its fscking the filesystem it seems?11:50
neocicak_dr_willis : yeah11:50
neocicak_dr_willis : it doesnt seem its going to stop doing that auto fixing stuff :(11:51
jasonmspjrib:  well that was the easiest thing ive done all day. Thanks for the help!11:51
dr_willisneocicak,  if the hd really had a major issue.. well.. it may take some time.. there may be lots of data loss also. - its hard to tell whats best to do at this time.11:51
neocicak_dr_willis: do you think it is a physical error (not recoverable?)11:52
dr_willisneocicak,  go to a differnt console, and look at dmest output11:52
dr_willis'dmesg' output11:52
maptzPlease, do anyone no how to modify the WINS server in samba. I try to edit /var/lib/samba/wins.dat but after a nmblookup, my name is not resolve and wins.dat remove my entries.11:53
dr_willis!info samba-doc11:54
ubottusamba-doc (source: samba): Samba documentation. In component main, is optional. Version 2:3.5.8~dfsg-1ubuntu2.3 (natty), package size 1627 kB, installed size 7744 kB11:54
dr_willismaptz,  the samba-doc package has several 'books' written about admining samba.  Ive rarely had to mess with the wins server part of the system.11:54
ono_efeyuany can help how to install appserv into ubuntu 11.411:54
dr_willismaptz,  they may be a bit out of date depending on the current samba version however.11:55
dr_willis!info appserv11:55
ubottuPackage appserv does not exist in natty11:55
dr_willisono_efeyu,  and whats appserv?11:55
ono_efeyuif xampp11:55
bullgard4_My Natty has installed the packages linux-headers-2.6.38-10-generic and linux-headers-2.6.38-10-server. Description: "Linux kernel headers for version 2.6.38 on x_86_64" or "Linux kernel headers for version 2.6.38 on x86/x86_64" respectively. Do I need both?11:56
dr_williseach kernel has its own set of headers, needed when compiling modules and other things aganist the kernel.11:56
ono_efeyudr_willis, i want install webserver on my ubuntu system11:56
dr_willisono_efeyu,  apache is the normal web server. its in the repos. hteres others you can use.11:56
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)11:57
maptzdr_willis: my issue is to resolve the name of my samba domain DOMAIN<1b>, from a bdc in another network than pdc to join it to the domain11:57
ono_efeyuok, thanks for info11:57
jribbullgard4_: no,  you don't need both.  But the reason you have both is because you have the corresponding metapackage installed for both -generic and -server.  You likely just want to choose the kernel you want to run and stick with that (remove either the metapackage for -server or -generic)11:58
maptzdr_willis: I read samba-doc since 1 month11:58
dr_willismaptz,  all i know on wins.. is  very little..  theres the #samba channel also.11:58
MetaxaHi folks. Anyone here good with Xrandr?11:59
ArchLinuxmanmaptz: what is are you trying to do with samba11:59
maptzdr_willis: ok, thx for help11:59
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
maptzArchLinuxman: I have a remote bdc, and I want to join it to the domain of my pdc12:00
m_anyone here with knowledge in ldap and pam_group12:01
maptzArchLinuxman: When i try to join the domain or get the SID, my server is 'unable to find a suitable domain', but with IP argument it's work12:01
maptzArchLinuxman: so i'm trying to solve my name resolution problem12:02
=== simmorion is now known as sim-value
m_what's the difference between id and id USERNAME need help concerning groups12:03
sim-valueOk, for the Record, creating a 11.04 CD does not work with the unetbootin in the repositorys :)12:04
ArchLinuxmanThat is a Nat problem and futhermore does one machine control both nat and samba server.... I would say best to try samba channel and if all else fails try linuxquestions.org12:04
chaddym_: id on its own just means the same as id <myusername>12:04
maptzI have no answers in samba channel12:04
maptzArchLinuxman: Do you think it could be due to my environnement test (samba pdc is a virtual machine with nat enable on the host)?12:06
bullgard4_jrib: The only linux-image-2.6.38-10-* package which is installed on my comuter, is linux-image-2.6.38-10-server. (linux-image-2.6.38-10-generic is not installed.) Can I delete the package linux-headers-2.6.38-10-generic? What is the name of "the corresponding metapackage installed for both -generic and -server" that you are mentioning?12:06
ArchLinuxmanmaptz: your starting to try to many things at once and what is worse are you using ubuntu as the server....12:07
maptzArchLinuxman: yes, i have a ubuntu server12:07
ArchLinuxmanmaptz: try a debian or slackware server if it is only for Samba!!!!! Ubuntu makes a great desktop ,but it can run it problems as a server...12:09
PiciArchLinuxman: Please don't use this channel for spreading FUD12:10
maptzArchLinuxman: thank you, I'll try that12:11
ArchLinuxmanmaptz: first off join samba pose question there I am not the authority on getting it to work properly it may be a simple fix12:12
Lataria how can I determine if a por is open or blocker for my isp?12:13
sim-valuerm -R * will only delete files / directorys in my current working folder, right?12:13
NorthernenWhat is the problem if 'mount' lists my home folder as not mounted, yet I can see its contents (albeit there are problems writing to it)?12:13
icerootsim-value: yes12:13
sim-valueNorthernen, is your disk full?12:13
Northernensim-value, nowhere near it.12:14
icerootsim-value: its better to use rm -r /path/foo/* instead of rm -r *12:14
Northernensim-value, but it's not even listed in 'df -h'.12:14
sim-valueiceroot, thanks, will note that command, but for now it seems i nuked only what I wanted12:15
Northernensim-value, although I have an NTFS partition mounted under my /home, which is quite large. I wouldn't think that would affect it though.12:15
maptzArchLinuxman: I'm currently waiting for answers in samba channel12:15
sim-valueNorthernen, is the NTFS partition your home partition, or is it just mounted there?12:15
bullgard4_Lataria: What is a "por"?12:15
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loloski1000where can i download mobile worms12:16
Northernensim-value, it's mounted there. My home partition is a normal ext4 partition.12:16
ArchLinuxmanPici: After using 18+ distro's I dont spread FUD... Lets see first distro was Red Hat 7.2 and yes Samba worked with less hassle then ubuntu will ever work with ..... Ubuntu is the greatest desktop for linux  because it supports more hardware then any other linux distro ever..... as a server no to many updates for a process you want to work at all times not do dance12:16
maptzArchLinuxman: I don't really enjoy to reinstall a debian because it's look be very close to work12:16
rileyp Is anyone using irsend in natty I cant get it to work12:16
splzloloski1000, nowhere12:16
sim-valueNorthernen, did you check your /etc/fstab file?12:16
Northernensim-value, /etc/fstab -> UUID=44C0B828C0B821DA /home/xxx/windows ntfs defaults 0 012:16
Latariabullgard4,  sorry port12:16
sim-valueNorthernen, ok, that answers that question...12:17
loloski1000splz thanks12:17
ArchLinuxmanmaptz: not now this must be on weekend with spare time also I would check to see all hardware is compatible before install12:17
Northernensim-value, there's no entry for my home partition, but it's been working up till now, so I always assumed it was done automatically.12:18
=== tilted is now known as Guest11004
jribbullgard4_: so you want to use the -server kernel?  You probably have linux-headers-generic installed and linux-headers-server12:18
coemdhello how can i know my RAM, another think like /proc/meminfo12:18
ArchLinuxmanmaptz: you could open up a can of worms with a quick fix....12:18
jribcoemd: free -m12:18
bullgard4_Lataria: sudo netstat -tulpen | grep -v ''  | grep -v '::1:'12:19
sim-valueNorthernen, there's an entry for my /home in my fstab, so that's probably the error12:19
=== Huababaua_ is now known as Huababaua
ArchLinuxmanmaptz: Look get some other advice then just me... There are lots of people out there that could have a better way and great advice... I am not god I don't know everything...12:20
Northernensim-value, bit odd though that I am able to use the partition though. Mind pasting your /home fstab entry? Not quite sure what to put as options.12:21
coemdjrib: with free -m when in Total 6000 that mean i have 6Gb12:21
blackshirthello maptz12:21
Latariathanks bullgard412:21
jribcoemd: about that, sure12:21
maptzblackshirt: hello12:21
bullgard4_jrib: Yes: I want to use the -server kernel. --  Yes: the package linux-headers-generic is installed. --  Yes: The package linux-headers-server is installed.12:21
=== Marcelo is now known as Guest87865
jribcoemd: free -m returns your memory in megabytes12:22
MetaxaHi folks. My laptop is running 11.04, the laptop screen does not show anything and an external monitor is needed to see my desktop. xrandr shows the physical size of LDVS as 0mm x 0mm, How can I tell it that my screen is really there?12:22
sim-valueNorthernen, # /home was on /dev/sdb2 during installation12:22
sim-valueUUID=1106a1f4-682e-4024-ba8a-be853ad66247 /home           ext4    defaults        0       212:22
jribbullgard4_: you have no need for linux-headers-generic12:22
coemdok thanks12:22
auronandacecoemd: 1Gb = 1024mb12:22
Northernensim-value, cheers, will try.12:22
blackshirtmaptz: how about your dual boot install ?12:22
Guest87865NickServ register 8524673 mllserv.adm@gmail.com12:23
sim-valueNorthernen, But your UUID will be different of course12:23
coemdok all right thanks12:23
maptzArchLinuxman: Sure, but your warning on ubuntu server was an idea, I note it an then if I confirm it I'll follow you. So thank you for your advice12:23
bullgard4_jrib: So I have deleted the package linux-headers-generic.12:24
maptzblackshirt: my dual boot install? I'm currently working on samba12:24
blackshirtmaptz: hufft..sorry..12:24
IdleOneGuest87865: you may want to add a / before that command and also change the password. (your phone number is not a good password)12:24
blackshirtmaptz: setup bdc12:24
jribbullgard4_: ok12:25
Guest87865i am sorry godbye12:25
maptzblackshirt: my bdc is up just don't want to resolve names and contact pdc12:25
JakeR003in firefox 5 the scrolling is too smooth.. how i can disable it?12:25
bullgard4_jrib: Can I also delete linux-headers-2.6.38-10-generic?12:25
Latariahashashin,  hashashin,  well the port required for amule don't appear even in the list not the tcp not the udp12:25
JakeR003smooth scrollig is disabled but still too smooth12:25
ArchLinuxmanmaptz: its sound advice, but your setup or idea is the bigger question of why are you running a VM machine if you plan to do a regular install????12:25
Latariabullgard4,  hashashin,  well the port required for amule don't appear even in the list not the tcp not the udp12:26
jribbullgard4_: yes12:27
bullgard4_Lataria: I am not familiar with Amule. I cannot help you.12:27
Gabriel`Bom dia.12:28
Northernensim-value, I think it works. Thank you!12:29
sim-valueNorthernen, nice :)12:29
MetaxaHi Gabriel12:29
maptzArchLinuxman: It's a choice of my sysadmin to keep network and systemes safe... just in case. I'm in internship so I'm working in virtual machines but i'm pretty sure my configuration work in prod environement12:29
=== Gabriel` is now known as FaRoF4
anli_Strange, when I access a file, the file access time does not change in nautlius12:30
LatariaI'm not asking about amule I need to open some ports that are not listed for netstat command12:30
FaRoF4Help me please...12:31
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:31
Northernensim-value, it's not working properly though, it lists my partition as having 160 GB (of 170 GB in total) free, but I still get error messages saying "write error: No space left on device".12:32
ArchLinuxmanmaptz: Wow, I was an inter for a hospital they kept trying to hire me..  Funny never got told to leave a server alone or the network alone...12:32
sim-valueNorthernen, maybe a Problem with permissions ? did you reboot?12:33
LPhashello i've a problem. i got a python gstreamer program. if i start ubuntu, then open a shell then launch it it works, if i launch it via gnome-session-manager i get no audio. so 1) what is different launching a progrm via gnome-session-manager, 2 where can i get the logs of programs launched this way?12:34
bazhang!ot | ArchLinuxman12:34
ubottuArchLinuxman: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:34
Northernensim-value, I'm in a sub directory within my own home directory, and the partition is mounted as rw. Shouldn't be a permission issue.12:35
NorthernenWorth a try though. I'll be back.12:35
ArchLinuxmanwhat is with all these haters in here.... Im not bothering a single person..... I'm not saying even for a minute that I don't like ubuntu.... I love it for desktop12:36
maptzArchLinuxman: Lucky guy... in my case I'm punished with virtualbox :D12:36
ArchLinuxmanmaptz: I will meet you in the samba room12:36
bazhangArchLinuxman, the excessive offtopic commentary is not needed nor welcome, that's what the #ubuntu-offtopic channel is for12:37
ikoniamwaijandeg: hello12:37
mwaijandegts hap12:38
MetaxaHow much time is ok to allow before I can repost my question?12:39
abb_aplease what software in ubuntu will allow me run programs(on different systems ) in parallel while controlling from my own system12:39
popeyabb_a: ssh12:39
IdleOneMetaxa: usually 5-10 minutes is fine12:39
mwaijandegIkonia: Hello12:40
jpds!ssh | abb_a12:40
ubottuabb_a: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)12:40
ikoniamwaijandeg: are you sorted now ?12:40
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, sshd is the server (or daemon) of SSH. For setting up the SSH server, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/openssh-server.html . Advanced SSH uses: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Advanced . For SSH client information, see !ssh . Related: !scp (Secure CoPy)12:40
MetaxaHi folks. My laptop is running 11.04, the laptop screen does not show anything and an external monitor is needed to see my desktop. xrandr shows the physical size of LDVS as 0mm x 0mm, How can I tell it that my screen is really there?12:41
sre-suIs it safe to empty /var/cache/apt/archives/ ?12:41
jpdssre-su: Yes.12:41
abb_apopey jpds thanks will I be able to run parallel programs ?12:41
jpdssre-su: That's what apt-get clean does.12:41
jpdsabb_a: Yes.12:41
popeyabb_a: such as?12:41
mwaijandegIkonia: at least12:41
KartagisI have a problem. I'm using google docs, I create a document, and the moment I hit the middle button to paste a link, it goes to that link. any ideas?12:42
mwaijandegIkonia: am not satsfied12:42
sre-suThanks jpds12:42
IdleOneKartagis: use ctrl+v instead.12:42
mwaijandegikonia: but I have not satisfied12:42
ikoniamwaijandeg: what's the issue ?12:42
KartagisIdleOne: and go back to windows days?12:43
KartagisIdleOne: but isn't this some kind of bug?12:43
IdleOneKartagis: keyboard shortcuts were hardly invented by windows. and it does sound like a bug but sounds like a google doc bug. might want to check with google.12:44
abb_apopey e.g. running the same codes on 2 diff machines i.e. in parallel12:44
mwaijandegikonia: one of you guys have stared the issue of official version that UE is not one of which are said to be.12:44
ikoniamwaijandeg: I don't know what Ubuntu UE is (do you mean ultimate edition?)12:45
bullgard4_jrib: Grub 2 shows a boot entry "Linux 2.6.38-8-generic on /dev/sda1". I had done '~$ sudo update-grub'. Can you tell me why Synaptic shows that the package linux-image-2.6.38-8-generic is not installed?12:46
abb_apopey, jpds e.g. running the same codes on 2 diff machines i.e. in parallel12:46
=== admin-hacker is now known as triggerman-bug
mwaijandegikonia: yes, Ultimate Edition I mean.12:47
jpdsabb_a: codes?12:47
ikoniamwaijandeg: no versions are supported12:47
abb_ajpds yes12:47
escottbullgard4_, check with dpkg -l "*linux*". synaptic is probably just going to show linux-image12:50
popeyabb_a: yes, you can run any arbitrary command on a remote box, even on multiple machines with ssh12:51
Sidewinder1jpds, I think he (abb_a) means scripts/programs.12:52
abb_aSidewinder1 yes thanks12:53
=== BlaDe__ is now known as BlaDe^
FandaHi, please, how show I set up my Ubuntu for scanning over lan on Xerox Phaser MFP? I am watching sane, but it is no clear for me...12:53
bazhangFanda, using simplescan ?12:54
abb_apopey, how do i do that....do you have a link to some guideline12:54
escott!ssh | abb_a12:55
ubottuabb_a: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)12:55
Fandabazhang: it do not see the scanner, nor xsane. Need it some setup?12:55
bazhangFanda, let me check the ubuntuforums on that12:56
jayD1hello. I am using 11.04 with unity on my Lenovo W510 using the nvidia driver. Works fine most of the time, but about once per day, unity will hang.  Anyone who could help?12:56
l33ojust wanted to let you all know that natty with rt patch from ppa works smooth, til yet quite stable and jack latency performance seems better12:57
bazhanghttp://www.support.xerox.com/support/phaser-3100mfp/downloads/enus.html?operatingSystem=linux&fileLanguage=en  Fanda this model? or another12:59
Fandabazhang: I have 6110MFP, but this lib should work with hoth, I will read...13:00
jayD1I was just logging in and asking for help with Unity hangs. guess what. unity hanged on me. so i had to reboot13:00
lonnyHi there, I look at my auth.log file to find entries like + ??? root:user.....any idea folks what's it all about?13:00
bazhangFanda, okay, thats for 7.10 let me search for more up to date ones13:00
JakeR003is there a way to stop smooth scrolling in ubuntu firefox ?13:01
escottJakeR003, check about:config13:01
JakeR003what's in there ?13:01
JakeR003which key13:02
escottJakeR003, no idea, but im sure it is in there13:02
popeyJakeR003: general.smoothScroll13:03
jayD1ok, lets repeat: I am using 11.04 on my Lenovo W510, nvidia driver and unity. Unity hangs about once per day. Anyone around who could help?13:05
bazhanghttp://www.jon.demon.co.uk/dell1600n-net-scan/ Fanda you may wish to look at this13:06
ynicki want to how to instal ubuntu. on my computer?13:06
subz3r0ynick, just install it?13:06
melanieynick: where's the problem?13:06
l33othe web page is selfexplaining i think13:06
l33oi gues in any language13:06
ynicki am currenty having windows xp on my system13:07
l33ono problem either13:07
bullgard4_escott: '~$ dpkg -l "*linux*" ' lists the package »linux-headers-2.6.38-10-generic«. This is the only entry having 'generic' in its name. So the results of Synaptic and dpkg do not contradict. Why does Grub 2 show a boot entry "Linux 2.6.38-8-generic on /dev/sda1 ?13:07
ynickbut blender id slow on it13:07
Fandabazhang: I will look. Thanks.13:07
LPhashello, i've a question. i don't really need gdm and gnome on my pandaboard, so i would like to be able to run startx as a user on boot, instead of getting gdm start. how can i do that?13:07
escottbullgard4, its not generic is "linux-image-2..."13:07
Sidewinder1jayD1, Have you checked launchpad.net for a bug regarding that particular driver?13:07
ynickdo oyu think instaling ubuntu helps to run it fast?13:08
escottLPhas, you could create your own script in /etc/init.d to replace the gdm scripts and start your session13:08
jayD1sidewinder1: is there a simple way to do that? i typically get lost when looking for bugs at launchpad?13:08
LPhasescott, i don't want to use a daemon13:09
flechaHello! Where is the icon list that I can use in Aplication Indicators?13:09
ynick_any help?13:10
bullgard4_escott: '~$ dpkg -l "*linux*" does not list an entry ""linux-image-2..." ending in 'generic'.13:10
flechaI mean, where can I see all the icons that I can use13:10
coz_flecha,  on the system you mean?13:10
LPhasescott, btw *REPLACING* /etc/init.d/gdm sounds quite a mess13:10
ynick_but blender id slow on it13:10
coz_flecha,   /usr/share/icons13:10
ynick_i want to how to instal ubuntu. on my computer?13:11
flechacoz_,  ty =)13:11
coz_flecha,   /usr/share/pixmaps13:11
coz_flecha, /usr/share/app-install13:11
ynick_i am currenty having windows xp on my system13:11
bazhang!install | ynick_ please read this13:11
ubottuynick_ please read this: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate13:11
l33oi guess the problem is xp or?13:12
Sidewinder1jayD1, Perhaps this (although no definitive answers) might look familiar? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1757165&highlight=Lenovo+W51013:12
l33odo you have a own harddisc or do you want to get linux on the same harddisc?13:12
=== ynick_ is now known as ynick
cdeszaqDoes anyone know how stable the tomcat7 package is for oneiric?13:13
coz_cdeszaq,  best to ask in #ubuntu+113:13
l33odo you need fast performance or do you might think you would get along running ubuntu from a usb stick?13:13
cdeszaqcoz_: Thanks13:13
jayD1Sidewinder1: nope. Mine is more like: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/80399813:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 803998 in unity (Ubuntu) "unity freezes when changing workspace/desktop" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:13
coz_cdeszaq,  you know how to switch channels...yes?13:14
cdeszaqcoz_: Yup, already there :)13:14
coz_cdeszaq, cool13:14
jayD1lets rephrase my question: is there a simply way to restart Unity/compiz when it freezes? I am still able to do a ctrl-alt-1 to change to a console ....13:15
l33othe really good thing, why i am allways comming back to ubuntu: its easy to use now a days13:15
l33oi can do it -  you can do it ;)13:16
szaljayD1: what gfx driver do you use?13:16
Sidewinder1jayD1, I'm sorry to say that I can't help you; I don't use Unity; I'm an LTS kinda' guy. :-)13:17
JakeR003is there a way to get an indication inthe panel on how much is the network speed?13:17
JakeR003download/upload speed13:18
jayD1szal: nvidia13:18
jayD1Sidewinder1: just started to like unity13:18
szaljayD1: which one exactly?13:18
jayD1really prefer it over gnome213:18
bazhangJakeR003, not sure, you could do it with conky though13:18
jayD1szal: 270.41.0613:18
jayD1szal: the default installed for Lenovo W510 on 11.04 methinks13:19
ActionParsnipbazhang: there's a conky review on omgubuntu with colours in conky13:19
bazhangActionParsnip, JakeR003 is wanting to show network speed13:19
ActionParsnipbazhang: ntop maybe?13:19
Sidewinder1jayD1, I tried installing 11.04/Unity to a USB in order to test/check-out on my "Sacrificial-Goat" system, unfortunately it's too old and won't boot to Unity, just Classic. :-(13:20
bullgard4_JakeR003: iotop13:20
bazhangActionParsnip, visual representation13:20
bazhangie some kind of indicator applet13:20
szaljayD1: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates <- install the 280 from this PPA & see if that helps13:20
=== helen is now known as KittyGirl
l33oi guess mayour parts of unity are also featured by the ubuntu 2 login13:21
Sidewinder1bazhang, I'd use Screenlets, but, I'm on 10.04.13:21
l33oi mean ubuntu 2d13:21
ActionParsnipJakeR003: bazhang: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/bandwidth-monitoring-tools-for-ubuntu-users.html13:21
UbuntoN0obHey, I tried to install a dual boot Windows 7 and Backtrack 5, now, I get to the grub prompt but my Win7 partition doesn't show up. The Win7 partition is using disc encryption, could that be why its not showing? Any ideas?13:21
coz_Sidewinder1,   you dont use screenlets because you are on 10.04?13:21
szal!backtrack | UbuntoN0ob13:22
ubottuUbuntoN0ob: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition13:22
Sidewinder1coz_, No, I do; just wasn't sure that they're available in 11.04.13:22
ActionParsnipJakeR003: bazhang: sidewinder looks decent :)13:22
coz_Sidewinder1,  oh ok   ,, yes they are :)13:22
JakeR003sidewinder what is that?13:22
ActionParsnip!info sidewinder13:23
ubottuPackage sidewinder does not exist in natty13:23
jayD1szal: is this just guessing ... or are there some indications somewhere that this newer driver works better? besides: what is the best way to install the driver ... in case i would like to downgrade later on?13:23
JakeR003sorry i'm busy toying with ubuntu13:23
ActionParsnipJakeR003: read the link I gave........13:23
coz_!info screenlets13:23
ubottuscreenlets (source: screenlets): Widget-like mini-applications for GNOME. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.1.3-0ubuntu2 (natty), package size 377 kB, installed size 2224 kB13:23
JakeR003ok sorry i will now13:23
szaljayD1: the 270 has a number of bugs, freezing amongst them13:23
JakeR003ubuntu is fun to play with.. i don't want to pay anymore for windows sick of it13:23
coz_Sidewinder1,  there is also a screenlets  dev ppa   easily googled :)13:24
Sidewinder1JakeR003, I said that in 2007. :-)13:24
szaljayD1: and if you decide to downgrade, just ppa-purge the PPA13:24
coz_JakeR003,  ubuntu is also quite powerful  once you get into it13:24
zminerHi, I have a compiz/ubuntu question. Right now, I have compiz and emerald enabled, and configured the way I want. Unfortunately, when I restore a minimized window, oftentimes I just get a white window, and I have to redo it several times. My question is, is this an appropriate forum to seek help for this problem, or should I be contacting compiz in some way? I also get transparent windows sometimes, and when I resize, basically my bord13:24
jayD1szal: so that will automatically remove the packages ... and ensure that the old nvidia driver is used instead?13:24
* Sidewinder1 Still learning.13:24
szaljayD1: yes13:24
ActionParsnipSidewinder1: we're all stilllearning ;)13:25
coz_zminer,   well there is a #compiz channel,, however  which video card are you using?13:25
=== ahs3` is now known as ahs3
ActionParsnipzminer: i'd ask in #compiz     if you don't run emerald, is it ok (emerald is dead an no longer maintained by the way)13:25
zminerI have an Nvidia gtx 260m, using the latest proprietary driver. However, I have tried the older driver, and it doesn't fix the problem.13:26
coz_zminer,    and are you on 11.04 ?13:26
zminerAs for Emerald, I have tried without it, and it still happens. Also, I still love emerald, even though it is no longer maintained. :)13:26
RA_drchi, if i only have a command-line interface, what do i need to do to get a gui interface?  do i have to install a windowing system?13:26
zminerYes, I am using 11.0413:26
coz_zminer,  are you also using Unity or classic?13:26
icerootRA_drc: what do you want? a real desktop like gnome, unitiy, kde, xfce, lxde? or just a x-window-system?13:26
zminerclassic. I just couldn't get into Unity for some reason.13:26
jayD1szal: ok; i will give it  a try. obviously I will not know if it helps before two or three days of not having crashes13:27
ActionParsnipRA_drc: ubuntu-desktop     why didn't you just install the desktop OS?13:27
RA_drciceroot: what would be the difference between the two?13:27
jayD1thanks and bye; over and out.13:27
RA_drcActionParsnip: that would be too big13:27
coz_zminer,  ok on 11.04   compiz is version 0.9.x  and emerald doesnt work with that unless you compiled the somewhat quirky emerald for 0.9.x13:27
ActionParsnipRA_drc: sudo apt-get install lxde lxdm    will give a super light desktop13:27
ActionParsnipRA_drc: did you install minimal / server ?13:28
coz_zminer,  you might want to test this by  calling up    gtk-window-decorator --replace & disown    from the terminal13:28
RA_drcActionParsnip: i don't have apt-get installed13:28
zminerYes, I went through the instructions and compiled Emerald for 64 bit compiz. Also, even when I disable emerald and use the default, I still get the problem.13:28
szalRA_drc: you gotta be kidding; apt-get is installed by default13:28
coz_zminer,   after running that command,, see if the windows still exhibit the same behavior13:28
ActionParsnipRA_drc: you must do even the minimal desktop installs that13:28
coemdthe instalation with ubuntu server cd-rom is without graphical interface?13:28
ActionParsnipcoemd: yes13:29
coz_coemd,  I believe so13:29
zminercoz - I tried this, and it still has the problem.13:29
RA_drcszal: it says "command not found" so.....i don't think it's there13:29
ActionParsnipcoemd: makes it boot faster, use fewer resources and makes it more secure13:29
coz_zminer,   ok meet me in #compiz13:29
RA_drcActionParsnip: it says command not found, so i don't think it's there13:29
zminerWill do, and thanks so far.13:29
ActionParsnipRA_drc: then it's not Ubuntu. Ubuntu will install apt-get and dpkg as default13:29
IdleOneRA_drc: what is the output of lsb_release -a ?13:29
coemdActionParsnip: but it will be better to connect to it remotly via vnc for example!13:29
RA_drcActionParsnip: how can i install apt-get and dpkg then?13:30
icerootRA_drc: you cant install dpkg13:30
ActionParsnipcoemd: it is better to connect via SSH to configure, it's secure. VNC is not secure13:30
theadminRA_drc: We can't help if this isn't Ubuntu.13:30
szalRA_drc: follow IdleOne's request please13:30
icerootRA_drc: if you dont have dpkg you have a problem or a non-debian system13:30
coemdActionParsnip: ok all right thanks a lot13:30
ActionParsnipRA_drc: if you don't have dpkg installed you will need to compile it13:30
theadminActionParsnip: Bad idea13:30
icerootRA_drc: output of "cat /etc/issue"13:31
ActionParsnipRA_drc: I doubt you have Ubuntu installed at all, Check in /usr/bin   you should see both commands13:31
usr13RA_drc:  lsb_release -a13:31
PiciNo need for everyone to jump on RA_drc...13:31
ActionParsniptheadmin: gonna be tough though...how to install the compiler ;)13:31
theadminActionParsnip: Don't base development tools come preinstalled?13:32
RA_drciceroot: ActionParsnip usr13 right, i'll get on that shortly13:32
ActionParsniptheadmin: not in ubuntu, no13:32
theadminActionParsnip: Wow, messed up.13:32
DarsVaeda1in nautilus how do I enter a path?13:32
ChessTeachwhat is the easiest way to set up a way to send mail from the command prompt?13:32
theadminDarsVaeda1: Ctrl+L13:32
theadminChessTeach: mutt13:32
DarsVaeda1that sucks really -.-13:32
ActionParsnipDarsVaeda1: you can click the pencil (I believe)13:32
theadminActionParsnip: That's gone in recent releases13:33
ActionParsnipDarsVaeda1: you can make that the default if you want13:33
theadminActionParsnip: You're on... Lemme guess... 10.04?13:33
ActionParsniptheadmin: 11.1013:33
icerootChessTeach: echo "message" | mail -s "subject" mailaddress13:33
theadminActionParsnip: Odd.13:33
theadminActionParsnip: Recent nautilus releases don't have that pencil thing...13:33
usr13ChessTeach: man sendmail  #What exactly do you need to do?13:33
ActionParsniptheadmin: using pcmanfm as file manager13:33
DarsVaeda1I'm on 11.04 and its now tabs thing, which is okay if I could click it and it would go to a path13:33
theadminActionParsnip: Ah, cool :D13:33
ActionParsniptheadmin: nautilus is too slow13:33
ChessTeachiceroot: i tried that but it told me something wasn't installed, so i tried mailutils, but it isn't sending at all13:33
theadminActionParsnip: Totally agreed13:33
theadminActionParsnip: I use thunar myself13:34
theadminActionParsnip: Or bash xD13:34
IdleOne11.10 talk in #ubuntu+1 you two know better :)13:34
ActionParsnipIdleOne: just discussing the file managers, which are in both ;)13:34
icerootChessTeach: exact error message please13:34
DarsVaeda1thunar and pcmanfm, I will have a look into these two :)13:34
theadminDarsVaeda1: They're great, yeah. pcmanfm is actually somewhat better13:35
IdleOneActionParsnip: don't force me to lart you after 24 hours of being awake :)13:35
theadminI just use thunar cause it comes with xfce13:35
theadminOkay whatever, enough offtopic13:35
IdleOnethank you13:35
ActionParsnipIdleOne: hehe not today. Not at work :D13:35
ActionParsnipyeah enough OT13:35
RA_drciceroot: ActionParsnip usr13 hmmm, my boss told me it was ubuntu.  apparently it is something called "angstrom"13:35
ChessTeachiceroot: no error, just no mail sent13:35
=== ubuntu is now known as Ismail
icerootChessTeach: you said there was an error something is not installed13:35
IsmailI need some help13:36
theadminIsmail: Yes?13:36
bazhangIsmail, with what13:36
Ismaili installed windows xp after ubuntu, and now only windows boots13:36
szal!grub | Ismail13:36
ubottuIsmail: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)13:36
ChessTeachiceroot: oh, yeah it said mail not installed and suggested i install 'mailutils' or some other program i can't remember13:36
dr_willis!fixgrub | Ismail13:36
theadminIsmail: Well yeah, Windows does that13:36
theadmindr_willis: Is !restoregrub13:36
ActionParsnipRA_drc: http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/13:37
theadmindr_willis: I think13:37
icerootChessTeach: sudo apt-get install mailx13:37
ChessTeachiceroot: i installed mailutils and then tried to send something, but nothing was recieved at the other end13:37
ActionParsnipRA_drc: maybe they have a specific channel, it's not ubuntu in any case13:37
usr13Ismail: MS Windows automatically overwrites any bootloader you may have.  See:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub13:37
LPhasi really can't understand why ubuntu moved from inittab13:37
usr13!upstart | LPhas13:37
ubottuLPhas: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/13:37
LPhasthis is not an answer13:38
DarsVaeda1does pcmanfm replace nautilus after installation?13:38
theadminDarsVaeda1: No13:38
usr13LPhas: ... and upstart causes your system to boot faster.13:38
ActionParsnipDarsVaeda1: no, its just a file manaer13:38
DarsVaeda1I see13:38
ActionParsnipDarsVaeda1: I believe nautilus will continue to draw to desktop too13:38
DarsVaeda1first use...find a bug13:38
=== hacked is now known as vinces
ChessTeachiceroot: yeah i did that one too, now all i see is some file that contains the email i wanted to send in my home folder, nothing at the destination though13:38
DarsVaeda1I should be professional bug-tester or something13:39
ChessTeachiceroot: all i see after trying to send through mailx that is13:39
DarsVaeda1I always run into those things, if I'm not creating them myself :)13:39
ActionParsnipDarsVaeda1: we all are13:39
ActionParsnipDarsVaeda1: it's why linux bugs get found fast, the developers listen to the users13:39
g[r]eekHi. I'm trying to take a screenshot with a <select> menu clicked / activated, but when I press "PrntScn" the popup menu gets deactivated and the resulting screenshot doesn't show the <select> menu options. Is there a way around this? THanks13:39
DarsVaeda1well sometimes :P13:40
Tastalaihey, what is the backtrack-linux channel?13:40
ikoniaTastalai: #backtrack-linux13:40
ActionParsnipDarsVaeda1: true but do log bugs as you hit them13:41
DarsVaeda1yes sir!13:41
usr13g[r]eek: YOu can run gnome-screenshot manually.13:41
DarsVaeda1I use the bug-tracker, always13:42
g[r]eekusr13, ok thanks13:42
usr13g[r]eek: Alt-F2  gnome-screenshot13:42
le3ohi all13:42
le3oit's my fisrt time her :d13:42
=== dvz- is now known as Guest70867
klawdhi! i just installed ubuntu 11.04 on my system with nforce630a. now my problem is, that the network says "not connected" and the led indicator on the back does not light up. can someone help me with this please?13:42
le3onobody write13:43
le3osudo modprobe b4313:43
l33oc u13:44
davisif you were going to build a ubantu system to build the android source, how large a filesystem would you provide?13:44
dr_willisl33o,  Huh?13:44
le3odavis where are you from ??13:44
dr_willisdavis,  perhaps ask in #android13:44
ActionParsnipdavis: ubuntu, not ubantu13:44
bazhang!ot | l33o13:44
ubottul33o: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:44
dr_willisdavis,  i imagine a few gb.. perhaps 10 at a min.13:44
bazhangwhoops sorry l33o13:45
usr13klawd: What is nforce630a ?13:45
davisdr_willis: thanks13:45
bazhangle3o, stay on topic please13:45
klawdusr13: my main board chipset13:46
Nitaxif I were to store a large directory with files to be accessed by multiple users…where exactly would I place such a thing on the linux filesystem?13:47
usr13klawd: You said the "led indicator on the back does not light up"  What is that?13:47
ActionParsnipklawd: check the cable is inserted properly, also try a different port on the device you are connecting to13:47
dr_willisNitax,  could be anywhere. You just mount it someplace everyone knows about..13:47
usr13klawd: Is this a laptop?13:47
ActionParsnipusr13: Ethernet ports usually have LEDs round the port to show connection and activity13:48
dr_willisNitax,  you could put it in /commonfiles/  if you wanted to.13:48
jribbullgard4_: I don't know13:48
Nitaxdr_willis: it just seems like some folders under root I definitely should not place them13:48
klawdno, it's a desktop workstation. ActionParsnip: it is connected correctly, it works perfect under windows13:48
davisdr_willis: i think 10g for the source build and 10g for a system setup.13:48
usr13ActionParsnip: Oh, yea, that must be it....13:48
dr_willisNitax,  of course it wouldenbt make sence to put them in /etc/ or /usr/bin/stuff/13:48
Nitaxahhh, just create a new folder under root?  Definitely haven't had my coffee yet.13:48
ChessTeachiceroot: anything?13:49
ActionParsnipNitax: I'd put it in /opt personally13:49
dr_willisNitax,  or /home/commonstuff   if you want to keep it alongside your home dirs  if on a seperate partition.13:49
usr13klawd: Is it a wired connection?13:49
bullgard4_jrib: Thank you very much for your help. I will further enquire in the German Ubuntuusers forum.13:49
dr_willisNitax,  it all depends on how you want to do it.13:49
usr13klawd: ifconfig   #What does that say?13:49
Nitaxalrighty.  Just didn't want a seasoned Linux user to log on and think I was a moron =)13:49
usr13klawd: DOn't paste here, just look and see if you have acquired IP info.13:50
ActionParsnipNitax: if /home is a separate and larger partition than / then dr_willis's suggestion sounds good13:50
jribbullgard4_: if you read the /etc/grub.d scripts you could probably figure it out too (if you want)13:50
klawdit shows eth0 but pretty much unconfigured. i tested configs for DHCP and for static address, it didn't change anything. couldn't ping anyone on my subnet13:50
klawdi don't know what the problem is, the drivers or my setup or something i just cant think of13:50
usr13klawd: You say that the LED does not light up,  are you sure the cable is plugged in good at both ends?13:50
ActionParsnipklawd: then run:  sudo lshw -C network    use the product line to find guides13:51
davismaybe just eclipse, gcc compilers in case i want to do some c code, gdb, a light weight X setup. Not a full system.13:51
klawdit is. definetely. as i said: it works perfect under windows13:51
=== sysadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
klawdActionParsnip: ok, thanks13:51
usr13klawd: lspci   #See what it says about your ethernet device.13:51
Ismaili originally had ubuntu. installed windows xp at a second partition. Now only windows boots. Right now i am using ubuntu livecd. What is the procedure to restore grub?13:51
ActionParsnipIsmail: boot to ubuntu live CD and reinstate grub213:51
dr_willisIsmail,  theres a ubuntu wiki page that details on how to reinstall grub.. but i think the bot is awol right now13:52
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)13:52
dr_willisthere we go.. see above Ismail13:52
ActionParsnipIsmail: the windows installer has blindly overwritten the MBR13:52
klawdActionParsnip: it says PCI(sysfs)13:52
Ismaildr_willis: i checked the first page. doesnt say much...13:52
AdvoWorkhi there, I need a bit of advice really, running ubuntu on a client, user is english but speaks/types English, French, Spanish. Im trying to make it so he can change keyboard or something so he can type french/spanish as well as english, but i cant find a way, he needs to be able to use accents etc13:52
ActionParsnipklawd: give it time...13:52
dr_willisIsmail,  you basically reinstall grub to the mbr... thats the core of it.13:52
jribAdvoWork: did you try my earlier suggestions?13:53
dr_willis$ grub-install /dev/XXX13:53
dr_willishttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling GRUB213:54
AdvoWorkjrib, i didnt see it, sorry, would you mind repeating please?13:54
dr_willisOh cool a 'new' way to repair grub --> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair13:55
klawdActionParsnip: there's nothing. i tried a all the available output methods and they all showed.. nothing.13:55
ooxiho can i give dd an input file an tell it, if it reaches the end of the input file, to start over from the beginning?13:55
jribAdvoWork: in system -> preferences -> keyboards options -> layout -> options  you can set a compose key and 3rd level chooser.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ComposeKey .  Personally I find having my menu key act as the compose key effective for me though I do not type accents very often.  The way it works (more details in wiki) compose key + '  (release both keys), then press e, produces: é13:55
dr_willisooxi,  given how basic of a tool dd is.. i doubt if dd can handle that by itself..  why are you even needing to do this?13:56
theadminooxi: while true ; do dd if=... ; done ?13:57
theadminooxi: idk, could work :D13:57
ActionParsnipklawd: the device name should show. If you run:  sudo rfkill list    is the device blocked13:57
ooxidr_willis, or some other tool. i want to write data to a disk which is not zero (because i think the ssd will recognize it and handle it different)13:57
bullgard4_jrib: This site: http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/grub_2 is easier to digest for me.13:57
ooxitheadmin, don't, think so, will start over at the beginn of the output file, too13:57
theadminooxi: Oh yeah...13:57
AdvoWorkjrib, that may work, do you know of a sort of cheat sheet for the certain accents/foreign letters, if you get me?13:57
ActionParsnipooxi: then you can use /dev/random13:58
belgianguyis there a tool to find out what copy protection is present on a cd from within Ubuntu?13:58
iridiumooxi, maybe youre looking for /dev/urandom output13:58
belgianguy(within my legal rights)13:58
iridiumit outputs random (not zero)13:59
ooxiActionParsnip, i thought about using /dev/urandom but my cpu can only generate like 7MiB/sec which will take ages :-/13:59
ooxisomething like /dev/one would be ideal ^^13:59
jribbullgard4_: whatever works :)14:00
jribAdvoWork: that wiki page seems to have one of sorts14:00
ActionParsnipooxi: it'll work though, that's all I know. Let me search. I found a page yesterday14:00
escottooxi, entropy is not cpu bound so much as interrupt bound. you can just mash on the keyboard and usually get the entropy moving again14:00
ooxiActionParsnip, what would be great :-)14:01
ActionParsnipooxi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dd_(Unix)   may give clues14:01
ooxiescott, afaik urandom (instead of random) is cpu bound14:01
Sidewinder1belgianguy, Perhaps this is what you're looking for? http://www.softpedia.com/get/CD-DVD-Tools/CD-DVD-Images-Utils/ClonyXXL.shtml14:01
ActionParsnipooxi: I'd go with random though, shouldn't take too long14:01
escottooxi, another approach that works well is to take a file and encrypt it with gpg -c with a random work, cat it together and repeat14:01
ooxiescott, hm yes that would actually work14:02
cdeszaqFrom the command line, how can I determine what version of Ubuntu I'm running?14:02
belgianguySidewinder1, thanks, I'll go and try it out, it's something fairly advanced I guess, as imgburn couldn't handle it14:02
Sidewinder1belgianguy, Sorry, typed too fast; that's for win.14:02
no-name-how do i get my cpu temperature in ubuntu?14:02
no-name-i'm using 10.1014:02
jribAdvoWork: I think french and spanish they are all pretty obvious: '`~^, .  The only ones that you need to look-up are «» and the upside down question mark.  At least that's all I remember :P14:02
ActionParsnip!sensors | no-name-14:02
ubottuno-name-: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.14:02
belgianguySidewinder1, win is no problem :) I need to make a 180° turn on my chair :p14:03
Redihi, is there a command for checking the openGL status? (on LTSP machine)14:03
theadminRedi: "openGL status"?14:03
Sidewinder1belgianguy, This may be a better path to get you headed in the right direction: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compact_Disc_and_DVD_copy_protection14:04
no-name-i ran that sensors-detect thing but it said some of the things are sometimes unsafe :o14:04
jribAdvoWork: I think that's what you want, but you may also try -es and -fr channels to see what solutions native speakers use14:04
escottno-name-, depends on how cautious you are. worst case is probably the box locks up and you reboot but skip that test14:05
belgianguySidewinder1, thanks, it'll sure come in handy, as I do believe it uses special tricks14:05
Redineed to know if the openGL is working on the terminal client (LTSP). I tried to run XBMC but it need openGL support. It worked before so I need to know what changed...14:05
no-name-escott: are you sure?14:06
AdvoWorkjrib, ok, thanks for the help14:06
neocicakhi ... has anyone else had a problem while installing 11.04. ? the installer crashed right at the start, while trying to copy files.. i have tested my drive (running badblocks from command line, and there was no error reported)14:07
jribneocicak: first step is to checksum the cd14:07
escottno-name-, its probing various low level registers on the system because there is no interface to these sensors. it could reformat your harddrive. it could fry your video card. it could cause your bios to send threatening emails to the president. it could trigger the launch of nuclear weapons. but it is more likely to lock up the box, and most likely to do nothing. with some research you can identify what kind of sensors you have without14:08
escottthat tool if you want14:08
neocicakjrib: md5 checksum  is fine.... and i also did disc check.. no errors reported either14:08
jribneocicak: try alt cd or check the bug tracker14:09
jrib!alternate | neocicak14:09
ubottuneocicak: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal14:09
klawdActionParsnip: no, nothing14:10
neo21simple question: how to i get to select which kernel to boot into from menu.lst on startup? ESC does not work for me on Ubuntu 11.04...I am unable to get past the plymouth splash screen and always boot the latest kernel (first menu entry).14:11
iderikHello, I am trying to install Wine but it cancels because "libwbclient0_3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu8.3_amd64.deb" does not exist. I think it is because I am using an older version of ubuntu and I do not want to update because my internetconnection cant download the huge size of new ubuntu. What should I do? Why shouldnt I be able to use wine with an older version of ubuntu? :/ Please help!14:11
dr_willisiderik,  compile from source, find ppa/versions for your ubuntu version ...14:12
coz_iderik,    first  do   sudo apt-get update  && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade   then   sudo apt-get install wine14:12
`marianne`i have a question... why does ubuntu still use swap partitions, rather than swap files?14:12
dr_willisiderik,  how old is old? what is your version?14:12
iderikcoz_: doesnt that make me update ubuntu?14:12
klawdcould someone with a 64bit system do me a favour and convert me an rpm to a deb pls?14:12
coz_iderik,   no  it wont  honest :O14:12
dr_willisiderik,  you want to be up to date.. but not 'upgrading to the next release'14:13
iderikdr_willis: 10.10 maverick14:13
BluesKajhet folks14:13
szaliderik: as long as you don't change package sources, no14:13
escott`marianne`, you can configure how you want, but i believe that a swap partition is needed for hibernation (not 100% sure of that though)14:13
ActionParsnipklawd: if you want, sure14:13
klawdhttp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/nforce/1.21/NFORCE-Linux-x86-1.21.zip this one14:13
BluesKajerr hey14:13
dr_willisescott,  aparently it can work with a swap file... but  ive never seen it done.14:13
`marianne`escott, ah... and yeah, i know i can set it up manually :) i just find it mildly irritating that the installer has no option for it, then complains at me when i don't set up a swap partition hehe14:13
klawdActionParsnip: SuSE10/rpm/nvlan-suse10-0.60-1.21.x86_64.rpm14:13
jrib`marianne`: maybe file a bug requesting the feature and include patch if you really want it :P14:14
ActionParsnipklawd: do you have the full link please...14:14
Abu-Aishahow to change the size an image using shotwell photo viewer14:14
klawdActionParsnip: http://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/nforce/1.21/NFORCE-Linux-x86-1.21.zip this one14:14
iderikcoz_: dr_willis: I think it works now, because it started to download :) Actually I skipped the "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade", it did sound to my ears that it upgrades my dist, doesn it? :OOO14:14
`marianne`jrib, my coding skills aren't good enough to include a patch, but maybe requesting it as a feature would be a good idea... though i don't think i'd be the first to14:15
jrib`marianne`: doesn't hurt to check (bugs.ubuntu.com)14:15
coz_iderik,  the dist-upgrade would only update package versions and libraries , it wont go to the next ubuntu version14:15
=== rohit is now known as Guest65422
szalklawd: what's that for exactly?14:15
klawdszal: nforce drivers for my ethernet14:15
ActionParsnipklawd: got it, gimme a sec14:16
klawdActionParsnip: ok, thank you14:16
szalklawd: be aware that this thing is 6 (!) years old and may not even run properly on a current OS14:16
klawdszal: it's the newest thing that nvidia provides14:17
rabbi1Friends, Couldn't set tty to PPP discipline: Device or resource busy .... any suggestions ?14:17
phoqueis it true that I can simply select "Gnome" before logging in to get back the usual 10.10 look?14:17
phoquewithout having to install anything special14:18
jribphoque: "classic", yes14:18
szalklawd: other than that, what do you need it for?  on my old ASUS board the Gbit LAN runs w/o problems w/o that driver14:18
phoqueor "classic"14:18
phoquejrib, without any extra packages?14:18
jribphoque: I believe so14:18
phoquecool, thanks14:18
ActionParsnipklawd: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/nvlan-suse10_0.60-2.21_amd64.deb14:18
ActionParsnipklawd: does the link work?14:19
Abu-Aishahow to change the size an image using shotwell photo viewer?14:19
klawdActionParsnip: yes it does, thanks14:19
rabbi1Abu-Aisha: use Gimp.....14:19
ActionParsnipklawd: you got it down?14:19
klawdszal: my ethernet just won't work on that system14:19
klawdActionParsnip: yes, thanks14:19
ActionParsnipAbu-Aisha: can also use mogrify from imagemagick14:19
SkilzWhy doesnt my Master volume work? Only PCM?14:19
ActionParsnipklawd: cool, I'll delete it now14:20
klawdActionParsnip: ok14:20
Sidewinder1Abu-Aisha, Gimp should be in the Repos.14:20
rabbi1Anybody kindly help me to solve my net problem "Couldn't set tty to PPP discipline: Device or resource busy"14:21
Abu-Aisharabbi1, ActionParsnip, Sidewinder1, thanks14:21
Sidewinder1Abu-Aisha, If it didn't install automatically.14:21
frogHello all, I need some pointers to install a secure remote desktop on my ubuntu box that's at home (i have root ssh access to it), i'm on a windows xp PC right now.14:21
op1dot5i need help :-(14:21
LaykeI'm trying to 1) Set my keyboard layout to permanently stay USA, isntead of USA Alternative. But it keeps reverting back after a restart?14:21
Sidewinder1!ask > op1dot514:21
ubottuop1dot5, please see my private message14:22
jribLayke: how are you trying?14:22
=== ksinkar_ is now known as ksinkar
Abu-Aishathere really should be that feature in the default photo viewer though14:22
Laykejrib, I'm going through the desktop application, using "Keyboard" > Layouts14:22
escott!vnc | frog14:22
ubottufrog: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX14:22
=== Mud is now known as Guest908
Laykejrib, then I am removing USA Alternative, and adding USA. Then saving.14:23
LaykeIt works for this session, until a restart.14:23
rabbi1Please help: "Couldn't set tty to PPP discipline: Device or resource busy"  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=182001714:23
frogthanx escott :)14:23
op1dot5on xubuntu dual monitor... my mous accross the monitor in external side14:24
Simancashi, Where are the drivers for the wifi in ubuntu?14:25
op1dot5can i set dual monitor with path of mous accross internal side14:25
jribLayke: check permissions on ~/.gconf14:25
Simancashi, Where are the drivers for the wifi in ubuntu?14:26
Laykejrib: layke:layke14:26
wolfric_does ubuntu write it's own man pages? like the one for grep?14:26
jribLayke: figure out when gconf decides to record your settings to files there (i don't know offhand) and see why it isn't14:27
LaykeOkay. Also..14:27
jribwolfric_: probably not14:27
wolfric_i've spotted a small error. "line numbers" is "line  numbers" in a few places (2 spaces) which is quite annoying when you're searching for it.14:27
wolfric_Can i submit this anywhere to be fixed?14:27
jrib!bug | wolfric_14:27
ubottuwolfric_: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.14:27
LaykeWith new Ubuntu unity, without a taskbar, I'm finding it hard to find my active applications.. any pointers?14:27
SimancasIn what system folder I can find drivers for the wifi?14:27
ActionParsnipLayke: enable the plugin in CCSM to show all windows using shortcut or screen corner, or use ALT+TAB14:28
SimancasIn what system folder of ubuntu I can find drivers for the wifi?14:29
frogescott | all : I got tightvnc on the windows pc i'm sitting at, and enabled the vino-server on my distant ubuntu box (via ssh), but I get "failed to connect to server", with no helpful log... any idea ?14:30
wolfric_jrib: i've submitted one but i feel a bit silly submitting something that minor14:31
rabbi1Please help: "Couldn't set tty to PPP discipline: Device or resource busy"  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=182001714:31
jribwolfric_: attach a patch :D14:31
frogbtw, i'm currently behing the chinese firewall, could that be part of the problem?14:31
Simancass.o.s  s.o.s s.o.s ------------------------------In what system folder of ubuntu I can find drivers for the wifi?14:31
wolfric_jrib: i don't have time sorry14:31
wolfric_jrib: i've no idea where the man pages are even stored, i'm working at the moment, not a bad idea when i get off14:32
jribwolfric_: file the bug as someone else so you don't have to worry about feeling silly?14:32
Goliathi have a problem with grub. i just restored grub, and when the pc loads and grub screen is supposed to be shown, the monitor blackens says "input signal out of range". I press enter and ubuntu loads. What can i do?14:32
klawdszal: ok, that didn't help a bit. do you have any suggestions?14:32
escottfrog, its not something i have ever done. all i can suggest is that you may need to modify your routers settings. keep in mind you can always install an X server on windows and ssh -X14:33
Simancass.o.s  s.o.s s.o.s ------------------------------In what system folder of ubuntu I can find drivers for the wifi?14:33
dr_willisxming is a nice xserver for windows14:33
emphHi, could use some help. When I start the livecd(or post-install via netinstall) all my graphics gets really garbled. Tried diffrent screens with no difference, this graphics card(ATI radeon something) has worked previously with debian so it should be supported.14:33
frogthanx escott and dr_willis , i'll try that :) btw, would it be better if i used my crunchbang-linux laptop ?14:34
dr_willis!nomodeset | emph14:34
ubottuemph: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter14:34
emphCheers, will try that and come back if it does not help!14:35
dr_willisfrog i see no real need for most of the variants out there14:35
escottGoliath, /etc/default/grub contains options for setting video modes try those (you will need to chroot in and rerun update-grub after modifying this file)14:35
jribLayke: did you check that your gconf key was changing?14:35
Goliathi have a problem with grub. i just restored grub, and when the pc loads and grub screen is supposed to be shown, the monitor blackens says "input signal out of range". I press enter and ubuntu loads. What can i do?14:35
Simancas s.o.s  s.o.s s.o.s ------------------------------In what system folder of ubuntu I can find drivers for the wifi?14:36
zkamHey all...  How much space do I need for the casper-rw to do persistent Ubuntu from USB?14:36
dr_willisGoliath:  edit the /etc/default/grub and change the res or mode the menu uses14:37
h00kzkam: you don't need a persistence file at all, if you don't want. as big as you'd like, I'm pretty sure.14:37
PhylockSimancas - which wifi devices?14:37
=== kakashi__ is now known as kakashi_
escottSimancas, /lib/modules but thats not the way people usually go about doing things14:37
zkamh00k, I want to do liveCD booting from USB, and make it persistent14:37
GoliathHey i want to change the video resolution and frequency of grub2 bootscreen. how do i do that?14:38
escottzkam, depends on how much data/software you want to have/install14:38
=== Marcelo is now known as Guest95475
zkamideally, I want to be able to boot from USB drive, and also have extra space on that drive for Windows files14:38
dr_willisGoliath:  see what i said above14:38
h00kzkam: You can use the Startup Disk Creator in Ubuntu and adjust that way, or that file can be as big as the amount of space you'd like.14:38
zkamescott, not too much.  Probably Chrome, xchat, and some addons14:38
Simancasescott i only want cipy those drivers of ubuntu14:38
Simancasfor the wifi14:38
escottSimancas, not likely to work. they are compiled for specific kernels14:39
h00kSimancas: they're 'built in' to the kernel, usually.14:39
rabbi1Unalbe to connect ot internet: "Couldn't set tty to PPP discipline: Device or resource busy"  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=182001714:39
CLN84Greetings, would someone help me find vim-gnome, I did "sudo apt-get install vim-gnome" and I can only find the console version of vim?14:39
Simancasescott i only want copy those wifi drivers for ubuntu14:40
Simancasof ubuntu14:40
Guest95475nickserv register 8524673 mllserv.adm@gmail.com14:40
h00kGuest95475: Change your password right away.14:41
Goliathdr_willis: ok i changed the res. should i run update-grub?14:41
dr_willisGoliath: ALLWAYS... ;)14:41
dr_willisGoliath:  no update no actual change14:42
escott!info gnome-vim | CLN8414:42
ubottuCLN84: Package gnome-vim does not exist in natty14:42
rabbi1Guest95475: Kindly visit freenode.org for complete information14:42
Guest95475help change password?14:42
CLN84ubottu, sry vim-gnome14:42
escottCLN84, you were right... the binary is gvim thats the confusion14:43
CLN84escott, thank you very much.14:43
rabbi1Guest95475: you got to use SET PASSWORD.... Don't type your password here.... check before you type www.freenode.org14:43
Guest95475ok, godbye14:44
WordWarriorcan my Ubuntu 32Bit make use of all my 4 GB RAM14:44
user82how can i prevent one paticular partition from auto-mounting when plugged in?14:44
KM0201!pae | word14:45
ubottuword: To use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info14:45
Guest65422Excuse me,but can anybody noticed me ! I am using the IRC chat client first time in my life!14:45
KM0201man, what is it w/ people leaving 2sec after a question?..lol14:45
KM0201Guest65422: yes.. you're here14:45
Guest65422than you14:45
Simancasescott I really wanted to copy the drivers to install these in  LMDE or linuxmintdebian because I lost after updating these drivers win the wiffi, but is impossible for me14:46
Guest65422Now i have a question , can i ask it now ??14:46
ikoniaGuest65422: just ask14:46
escottSimancas, as already indicated they are compiled for a specific kernel version. this is not likely to work14:47
mikunosHi guys I have to install the headers. Is this command correct? sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) because I get the message Package not found14:47
escott!mint | Simancas and besides we don't support mint14:47
ubottuSimancas and besides we don't support mint: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org14:47
mikunosMy kernel is 2.6.35-28-generic14:47
escottmikunos, linux-kernel-headers14:47
Guest65422i have ubuntu 10.10 installed !! and want to upgrade to 11.04 , i want to ask that will the update uninstall gnome ?14:48
ikoniaGuest65422: it will update gnome and change the default shell to unity14:48
redi4I need to enable "LDM_DIRECTX" to "yes". Is there any "howto" for it? Because I cant google any :/ And the ltsp IRC is silent :/14:48
Simancasubottu  linuxmint debian is a pure linux  , ubuntu isnt a pure linux14:48
ubottuSimancas: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)