scott-workastraljava: i am ready with some backporting stuff if you are still interested12:28
astraljavascott-work: Oh I am, but I'm still at work (12h now, and counting) so can we get back to it, like, tomorrow?18:11
scott-worksure, now problem, i'll send an email just to make sure i don't keep retarding any progress18:13
astraljavaThat's a good idea. :)18:13
scott-workastraljava: can you send me your ubuntu email address, i didn't find it in launchpad18:21
scott-worki follow up with my comments from yesterday:18:26
scott-worki believe i am available from 13:00 UTC to 03:00 UTC the next day (which should be 08:00 CST to 22:00 CST)18:27
scott-workand i can only decide on the top three priorities at this point18:27
scott-work#1 xfce transition18:27
scott-work#2 lowlatency kernel18:27
scott-work#3 documentation18:27
scott-workalthough I will add a fourht right now18:28
scott-work#4  create a wiki page for people who want to contribute18:28
scott-workthis would like what needs to be done and how they can help18:29
holsteinscott-work: can you broad-stoke documentation?18:51
holsteinlike, whats new in the new release kind of thing?18:51
holsteinis it updating an old wiki?18:51
scott-worki consider "documentation" as updating all the documentation on the help.ubuntu.com pages18:52
holsteinwikis though right?18:52
holsteini mean, i can just update them?18:52
scott-worki think we should probably agree on some pages first18:53
scott-worki mean that while i agree a page should be devoted to setting up jack using qjackctl...18:53
scott-workthere are other pages that might try to explain jack or setting up midi or something that might change topic drastically18:53
scott-workbecause we might decide to break it up into several pages and possible incorporate them with other topics18:54
holsteinis there just on over veiw?18:54
holsteina tree or something?18:54
holsteina TOC?18:54
scott-workmy mantra has been that once we (whoever wants to be involved) agree on a framework then we can start hacking away18:54
holsteini think some of them could just be cleaned up18:54
scott-workholstein: this is what i have developed:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/IntroTutVideos18:55
scott-workailo says he is working on something as well18:55
holsteinyeah, thats nice scott-work 18:55
scott-workthanks :)18:56
holsteinyou got wiki-fu18:56
holsteini like the graphics18:56
scott-workgraphics are all ricardo l18:56
holsteinwell... you got fu too18:56
scott-worki'm just anxious to establish a logical heirarchy so we can move forward18:57

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