ArcademanMay I ask is unity installed on Ubuntu-Studio :)04:29
holsteinArcademan: you have options04:30
holsteinArcademan: you can use ubuntustudio packages with unity04:31
holstein!vanilla | Arcademan04:31
ubottuArcademan: To install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation04:31
holsteinyou can just install normal ubuntu with unity, and install the metapackages for the audio/video tasks04:32
holstein*not* ubuntustudio-desktop for example04:32
holsteinthat is gnome2 right now, and will be XFCE soon04:33
Arcademanmay I ask for a list of packages that get installed in Ubuntu Studio :)04:34
holsteinyou could also install ubuntustudio and add unity to that04:34
holsteinArcademan: depends on what metapackages you choose04:34
holsteinthis is actually not bad https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio04:35
ArcademanThanks :)04:36
ArcademanExactly what I was looking for :)04:36
holsteinthis is a package list04:36
ArcademanI may do Ubuntu Unity with the packages Thanks :) great dist :)04:39
holsteinyou also dont need any ubuntustudio packages if you prefer04:39
holsteinyou can just install JACK, ardour, whatever else...04:40
ArcademanYeah some of the packages don;t work on every hardware config ;)04:40
holsteinhmm... not sure about that04:40
holsteinsome hardware is not very well supported in linux04:41
Arcademanlike jack is not supported on my laptop lol yeah04:41
holsteinbut, thats going to be true of all, ubuntustudio and ubuntu or whatever else04:41
holsteinArcademan: the internal card works?04:41
holsteinwith alsa?04:41
holsteinanything alsa uses, JACK uses04:41
ArcademanUmm no04:42
holsteinif the card works with ubuntu, it'll work with JACK04:42
ArcademanAh great :)04:42
ArcademanIt works ok in Ubuntu but not in Ubuntu Studio04:42
holsteinmaybe you had differing versions04:42
holsteinubuntu = ubuntustudio04:43
holsteinthe hardware support is really quite similar depending on the kernel you are using04:43
ArcademanUmm it was 10.04 = 10.04 :P04:43
holsteinshould be the same kernels04:43
holsteinArcademan: you might want to look and see what kernel installed in ubuntustudio then04:44
ArcademanYeah I plan to :)04:44
holsteineitherway, you dont need to install ubuntustudio04:44
ArcademanRight :)04:45
holsteinjust add JACK to what you got04:45
Arcademanty mikeh789 :)04:46
Arcademanhmm seems Ubuntu Studio kernel is one ver behind04:46
ArcademanI should update lol04:46
holsteinright, its probably the last -rt kernel04:47
holsteinyou can decide what to do about that... if its the -rt one, that the latest one04:47
holsteinyou can install linux-generic, and probably get the functionality from the hardware you seek04:47
ArcademanYeah I played around with a few other dist I think I can get it :P)04:48
ArcademanWelll bbl ty ;)04:48
Arcademan@set #ubuntustudo04:49
ArcademanK added :)04:49
stephenthemartyrhi had error that could not open synaptic because it could not copy users xauthority??07:11
holsteinstephenthemartyr: thats something you need to use as root09:02
holsteinnot sure what the issue is... how were you opening synaptic? clicking on it?09:02
holsteinopen a terminal and type09:03
holsteinsudo synaptic09:03
holsteinand report any errors09:03
stephenthemartyri ran out of memory because sbackup was making files like 14gig worth09:21
jussiholstein: gksudo ;)09:21
holsteinjussi: good call :)09:23
holsteinstephenthemartyr: you mean hard drive space?09:23
stephenthemartyryes thats what i mean09:24
stephenthemartyrso i autocleaned and autoremoved in apt-get freed a little space09:25
stephenthemartyrbeen up all night.....again09:25
holsteinyeah, my smoke alarm just woke me up09:25
holsteinits malfunctioning09:25
stephenthemartyrdamn that sucks09:26
holsteineh.. could have been worse.. could have been fully functional, reporting a fire :/09:26
stephenthemartyryes that would be worse09:28
HaNI_excuse me, i have a problem... when i install ubuntu studio with vmware, i get this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14539054/random/PiX/US11.04.jpg17:22
HaNI_and the question is: how do i start graphical interface? i'm total beginner in linux17:23
holsteinHaNI_: personally, you wont be able to take advantage of anything in VM17:25
holsteini wouldnt bother17:25
HaNI_i used backtrack5 and opensuse yesterday, and they worked just fine. so, studio wouldn't work in VM?17:26
holsteinsure, and im sure you can 'get it to work'17:28
holsteinim just saying, you wont be able to take advantage of any of the features really17:28
holsteinJACK wont run well17:28
holsteinany graphics or video editing you do would be *much* better on metal17:29
holsteini mean, you will get it working17:29
holsteinim just saying, you will spend time on it, and the performance will be awful17:29
HaNI_hm, can you recommend me something else? i'm windows user, and i would like to learn about linux... what distro?17:30
HaNI_of course, it will run on VM17:30
holsteinsure, just plain ubuntu17:31
holsteinnormal vanilla ubuntu17:31
HaNI_thank you :)17:31

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