sleondoes the upstart redirect stdin and stdout of jobs it starts?12:35
sleon(to the system logs)12:35
pmjdebruijnwell stdin typically doesn't end up on your console12:36
pmjdebruijnsleon: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#the-rc-job12:37
pmjdebruijnsleon: you can control is with the output statement12:37
pmjdebruijnconsole statement12:37
pmjdebruijnI think12:37
sleonconsole statement is not longer valid12:37
sleonin the cookbook it is availbe but not in the wiki12:38
sleonhmm, should i add it?12:38
pmjdebruijnno clue12:40
* pmjdebruijn isn't that experienced12:40
* pmjdebruijn just noticed it12:40
* sleon seems to be blind12:42
sleonsorry guys12:42
sleonfound it12:42
sleonhmm, default setting is console logged13:04
sleonhow is the output then redirected to the logger?13:04
sleonanother question: is it possible to propagate some data among some jobs? like DISPLAY variable14:19
marruslsleon, it is indeed:  http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#environment-variables14:53
sleonmarrusl: i am using already event passing mechanism. it works for the first job15:12
sleonbut then there are jobs which get active when the first jobs is in the starting state15:12
sleonand how to get these variables into them?15:12
sleonmarrusl: when i have something like : start on (event1 and event2)15:15
sleonwill i get both variables passed to event1 and event2?15:15
marruslsleon, I think you would need to use instances15:16
marruslsleon, wait do you mean "and"... or "or"15:17
marrusleven then, if they are starting at about the same time, you could end up with a race condition.15:18
marruslIf I understand what you're trying to do (big if :) I think the instance keyword might help you.15:19
sleonmarrusl: i want and15:19
sleonmarrusl: i want both events to happen, before job starts15:19
sleonthe first event is called desktop-session-start15:21
sleonand the second one is some custom from me15:21
sleonthey come one after another15:21
flipsdoes anyone have an upstart script/conf file that successfully launches/kill vnc4server (or some other vncserver) upon boot in Ubuntu 11.04? (Tried writing from scratch, and tried several Google hits, but none worked. Didn't have time for more debugging, but puzzled as to why it didn't work)15:21
marruslsleon, hmmm... so the first event comes from gdm, and the other from your custom job.  15:24
sleonand this job is start on the first event15:25
sleonand gets the whole variables15:25
marruslsleon, hmm... but if you're not sure which one runs first, you could export the variable in both places maybe?15:31
sleonthx marrusl 16:27
sleonthat is how i am doing it now and it works16:27
marruslnot as elegant, but hey.16:28
sleonnow the other question is: how does upstart forwards application stdout output to the logger? under which fascility?16:28
sleonmarrusl: but very flexible16:28

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