charlie-tcamr_pouit: New changes to how lightdm works, now it uses a unity-greeter file just for ubuntu. Do we need to back out the symlinks and provide a separate greeter file for Xubuntu?13:34
gridcubegood evening16:47
madnickevening :)16:49
* charlie-tca waves16:49
charlie-tcaanyone tried today's alternate images?16:52
charlie-tcasupposed to have the fix for two xubuntu sessions in it now16:52
gridcubeI'm afraid that whit the new amount of classes I will start to have from now on I won't be able to do test except on weekends :(16:53
charlie-tcaOkay, feel free to run all the tests you can on the days you can do it, please?16:53
gridcubei will carry on the top 10 faq and stuff and help on all i can tho16:53
gridcube:) will do mister charlie-tca 16:53
madnickIll try out the alternate CD16:53
charlie-tcaEven if they are duplicate tests, all testing is good :)16:54
gridcubeok :)16:54
madnickdoes the alternate cd's also contain the fix for not wiping out the partition? 16:54
* charlie-tca likes being to say "it worked on ???", too16:54
gridcubeI can try to figure out how to use qemu on windows and try to do tests on my work's machine, but its pretty slooow16:54
charlie-tcamadnick: I don't know if encrypted installs are working yet16:54
charlie-tcanot encrypting should be okay,t hough16:54
charlie-tcagridcube: no problem, if you can test on weekends, that would be great!16:55
gridcube:) ok will try to do so16:55
charlie-tcaI do have the alternate amd64 full disk installing now16:55
gridcubewhy hasnt the communit meeting minutes been published yet?16:56
charlie-tcabut I am also being asked everyday if lightdm is working for us yet, too16:56
* charlie-tca hangs head16:56
charlie-tcabecause I haven't gotten there yet?16:56
gridcubehehehe :D ok16:56
gridcubei've already read it from the irclogs tho XD16:56
charlie-tcaand now, I have to go chair the qa meeting for today16:57
gridcubequality assurance?16:57
charlie-tcaTesting today's image - be aware - WARNING17:34
charlie-tcaafter installing and logging in, I ran updates. It will not accept my password again after a restart17:35
charlie-tcagridcube: yup17:35
charlie-tcaWarning    Warning    Warning17:35
gridcubetried the "other" aproach?17:36
charlie-tcano, gave up17:39
charlie-tcaI didn't care that much. It is a VBox install17:39
charlie-tcaand I was only looking at sessions17:39
charlie-tcaI really got to run updates on this machine today.18:09
GridCubecharlie-tca, i did a silly thing to the form XD https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/formResponse?authkey=CP282scF&hl=es&formkey=dGZSenZqRS04eE9LYnBwSWtUM0NJRXc6MQ&theme=0AX42CRMsmRFbUy05YjI3NzU3Yi1hODVmLTQ5NDUtOTA2Yi1mZDY0Nzc0ZWU1NTE&ptok=3376030338799176757&ifq22:54
GridCubeoh, its brokne22:55
GridCubei took a bad url XD22:56
charlie-tcaI see. Wouldn't look at the spreadsheet be better?22:59
charlie-tcaoh, It won't be, right?22:59
charlie-tcabecause we can't mark what is required if that is used23:00
GridCubebut we could make a schudle and link people to it23:00
* GridCube schelude? schudle? wordreference here i go!23:01
charlie-tcaand have them look to see the results that might be listed already, so they are prepared for any bugs?23:02
GridCubeoh well we could link them to the form made sheet?23:03
GridCubelike, look at what youre doing23:04
GridCubeas said a silly thing23:07
* GridCube goes back to toptening23:07
charlie-tcaWell, it is getting closer, there might be hope yet23:08
charlie-tcahm, latest news - Linus switched from Fedora Xfce to Mint Xfce23:14
charlie-tca197 upgraded, 14 newly installed, 0 to remove and 3 not upgraded.23:24
charlie-tcaNeed to get 325 MB of archives.23:24
charlie-tcaeasy, right?23:24
GridCubethats silly23:24
charlie-tcaAt least it decided not to remove those 100 or so from two days ago23:24
charlie-tcamicahg: and it didn't even decide I need to install KDE today!23:41

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