gigenieksI did delete using Live CD movie (6.5GB) and got Avail: 5.4G. Tried to login without Live Cd - worked. But I didn't download today / yesterday any stuff so it is quite wierd that suddenly Xubuntu "says" there is NO free space. Lets see how long I have to wait for this issue again...00:02
charlie-tcaUsing the system generates some temporary files. For example, firefox keeps a hug amount of information for every website.00:03
charlie-tcaediting a file may generate a backup, etc00:04
charlie-tcalogout/login may cause a session to be saved, more space used00:04
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BurnZeZI have a question which may sound dumb.00:23
BurnZeZI can't seem to find the menu for altering network connections/settings.00:23
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pleb_anyone else have trouble using flux on xubuntu01:19
pleb_it's not able to change my screen lighting.01:20
pleb_hm, got it to work on one of my two monitors.01:21
pleb_oh awesome, I can make it work by invoking xflux directly.01:30
monica_can anyone help me with a sound problem?01:43
pleia2I'd start here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems01:48
pleia2hm, actually01:48
pleia2there is a better page on help.ubuntu.com01:48
pleia2here we go: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting01:49
monica_the question is: how to change the sound to a USB headphone?01:51
philipballewmonica_, there is probably a guide to this online, Let me help you with this01:55
philipballew! alsa01:55
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.01:55
philipballewwhats the model number? ill look it up online01:59
monica_Philipballew thanks for you answer, but the discription you give looks like the settings that you have in Ubuntu (Gnome), but this is Xubuntu and here I can not find the same kind of audio settings as there are in Ubuntu (Gnome).02:02
philipballewyeah, someone should edit that bot. whats the model number of the headphones your running? i can look and see if I find anything02:03
philipballewbut i would personally see if anyone has had trouble with your model as well02:06
* philipballew is curious if alsa mixer picks them up when pluged in02:06
monica_it is not realy a headphone but it is en external sound device were you can connect a normal headphone. The type is X-FI Go from SoundBlaster.02:08
philipballewso the usb adapter has a female headphone jack at the end of it?02:10
monica_if a connect it than i can select it in the audio output modules from the VLC player but sellecting it is not working. You are correct that the sound divice has a normal analog headphone connector like the pc also has, but the pc sound unit is not very good and the external unit gives far better sound.02:12
philipballewoh nice. what does alsamixer show?02:14
philipballewyou type alsamixer in the terminal to get the thing to change all your audio settings02:15
philipballew... well the main ones02:15
monica_if a select the X-FI in the VLC settings than after about two seconds the pc speakers start to play again.02:16
monica_i wil try you last sugestion02:16
philipballewthere is probably a way to get them to automaticly go to that on boot or when the program starts02:17
philipballewits worth a shot.02:17
monica_in the terminal alsamixer i can select the X-FI Go but than i can only see the settings and change the volume. As you suggest i wil try to do a reboot with the X-Fi Go connected.02:22
monica_I this i will try a bit more tomorro, I go to bed now. Thanks for your help!02:23
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celestialhey every one i need a little help im trying to get video thumbnails in thunar and i hav e everything installed but still no thumbnails any one know how to fix this03:28
jrmysorry to ask again.. but how do you install official java?03:32
jrmyi know you do something with enabling a repo.. and then i'd enter an sudo apt-get install java03:32
jrmybut i don't remember enough to do it on my own03:32
jrmyunless i can skip the first step03:33
Unit193^^^ Guide should be good for Any Ubuntu flavor03:35
jrmylol, no wonder i forget how to do this.. i need to write this down for future installations of ubuntu03:37
k_szeThere is no udevinfo or usbview in Xubuntu?03:39
jrmyim gonna bookmark the page for community user documentation03:42
jrmyhate bugging people to spoon feed me/being a burden03:42
Unit193Eh, you can also search the wiki03:43
jrmydidn't even think of that03:44
orngjce223Usually googling "ubuntu ___" or "xubuntu ___" will turn up something, as well.03:45
jrmybut, hell ive been using linux long enough where i should be able to take care of myself03:47
jrmysure i keep switching between windows and linux but yeah03:47
zenroxi have used linux for the past 10 years +03:48
Unit193So ^^ would be better to answer questions than I :P03:48
zenroxbut i make good guesses cause i dont pretend to know it all03:50
jrmyi should probably try and help people in these channels03:51
zenroxi do sometimes03:51
jrmyhell i know i can help windows users as long as its not techy stuff03:51
jrmywell stuff thats not really complicated03:52
jrmyi actually probably know a little bit of the techy stuff03:52
jrmybut sweet ive got java and flash installed.. all done for now\03:52
zenroxi know winshit in and out from 3.11 wfw till now03:52
zenroxand rh 3.203:53
zenroxtill now03:53
zenroxand ubuntu from the first releace03:53
jrmywhats rh?03:53
zenroxi whent to linux for a new chalange03:53
jrmyyeah i think i tried ubuntu(which was also my first try at linux) back when 5.x was out03:54
zenroxi use warty worthog03:54
zenroxthat was a pain03:54
jrmyhard to say though.. but i remember that the panels wouldn't work lol03:54
jrmyI don't remember the names well03:55
Unit193It's so much easier to fix your own problems than others :P03:55
zenrox5.4 or 5.1003:55
jrmyI'm usually pretty good at fixing my problems03:55
jrmykinda forced to when its a hardware issue where the computer won't start03:55
zenroxi member the first linux install i used i reinstalled it about 10 times to get it the way i wanted it rpms were just being intruduced03:56
zenroxlinux has taught me more about hardware that windows has03:56
jrmyive had a good/fun use with both03:56
jrmyi'd probably try mac for a while too03:57
zenroxyou can put linux on a mac03:57
jrmyright.. im talking about the os03:57
jrmyisnt it liek os/x or something?03:58
jrmyi really have no idea03:58
zenroxos x03:58
zenroxits backly unix03:58
zenroxor based on unix03:59
jrmybut, lol i'd never be stupid enough to buy a mac just to try the os out.03:59
zenroxits ok03:59
jrmymacs are way to expensive03:59
jrmyi'd rather make a custom build and then buy the os03:59
zenroxits like windows execpt the expancive hardware that is locked in03:59
zenroxi love linux just cause its so custimizable like the X86-64 hardware04:00
jrmymuch more stable too04:01
zenroxthat too04:01
jrmylol wish linux had it all04:01
jrmygaming audio creation and gaming04:01
zenroxthe only tang i am really dispointed is gamming and webcams04:01
orngjce223try kxstudio heh04:02
jrmywell i'm only saying audio because of what i've heard about mac04:02
zenroxtho wine does play most of my games tho04:02
jrmywine will probably play most of the games i play too04:02
zenroxwine has bine knowen to play some games faster than on windows04:03
zenroxlike wow(blah)04:03
Sysijrmy: afaik linux isn't that bad for music04:03
orngjce223I come from the ubuntustudio side of the wall.04:03
Sysithere are good even commercial apps04:03
orngjce223Linux has certain good audio workflows, and some not so good, but they're better than most people suspect.04:03
orngjce223I will /never/ live without JACK again.04:04
jrmyi used arbour04:04
jrmypretty good04:04
jrmynot sonar but still not bad04:04
orngjce223Hours of fussing with questionable downloads of virtual drivers gone, just like that. Seriously. It's pretty awesome being able to wire things together, everything else on linux is icing.04:04
orngjce223Now don't get me wrong, I use LMMS, which is still beta enough that it doesn't yet have a working "undo" button04:05
orngjce223But it's all pretty cool.04:05
zenroxjack has bine good for the audiofiles04:05
jrmyi haven't thoroughly tested that yet because that last computer was too slow04:05
zenroxnot for the everyday linux usere04:06
orngjce223Yeah, that true.04:06
zenroxbut alsa has come a long way04:06
jrmynot sure what jack is for never had a fast track to record with04:06
orngjce223There's some niches in which it is incomparably awesome, and many in which it is pretty good, but where it's bad, it's bad enough to scare everyone away from it.04:06
jrmystill talking about lmms?04:07
orngjce223Basically JACK connects program to program with super low latency04:07
orngjce223I meant Linux in general04:07
jrmyah.. right.. i'd agree04:07
zenroxbut linux will get thare04:08
zenroxand will outshine04:08
zenroxany other os04:08
jrmyif linux had gaming i'd say buh bye to windows forever04:08
orngjce223It does. Just not the AAA titles.04:08
zenroxi have watched it grow the last 10 years and it has gotten way better04:08
orngjce223And let me be honest04:08
orngjce223It's for those blockbusters that is the /only/ place the bazaar development model doesn't work.04:08
orngjce223You can have many people chipping away at code, but herding artists is like herding cats.04:09
Sysijrmy: you can quit gaming :P04:09
jrmySysi: lol04:09
zenroxsysi lol04:09
orngjce223I'll be honest04:09
orngjce223My gaming experience consists of a hundred hours of Desktop Tower Defense04:09
* zenrox stomps his wand of justice04:09
jrmyi do like consoles alike though04:09
orngjce223And really flash games are cool tbh, if you get the good ones04:09
jrmyfrom the atari to current gen04:09
orngjce223I don't do high polygon super realistic stuff though04:10
orngjce223I understand Crysis is someone's piece of cake, but I don't get that, personally.04:10
jrmyi need a little more action in the games i play04:10
orngjce223Probably my brain's fault really.04:10
orngjce223I don't get the uncanny valley effect either.04:10
jrmyidk if i'd liek crysis to be honest04:10
Sysiyou have dosbox, what else could you need besides linux games04:10
orngjce223I'm not normal enough to make such judgements for other people.04:10
zenroxlike nwn for linux04:11
jrmywhats nwn?04:11
zenroxnever winter nights04:11
jrmynever played04:11
zenroxits a d and d based rpg04:11
zenroxdone by atari04:12
Renegade_I have a intel atom 330 nvida ion with 2GB ram...should I install 32bit or 64bit?04:12
zenroxRenegade_, id do 32 bit04:12
zenroxbut thats a persional preff04:12
Renegade_any reason why?04:12
jrmyi wonder if that cpu is even 6404:12
jrmyi'd doubt it04:12
zenroxit is04:12
zenroxi think04:12
Sysiyou don't really benefit from 64 there04:13
jrmyreally? guess i need to read up on intel... or not.. i actually prefer amd04:13
jrmyyeah the hardware isn't good enough04:13
orngjce223Eh, 64 introduces lots of incompatibilities04:13
Renegade_yeah it is 64 bit04:13
zenroxi have a amd athlon x2 64 320004:13
orngjce223If you never venture outside the repos that's not too much of a problem04:13
Sysiorngjce223: not really04:13
zenroxan i run 32 bit04:14
Renegade_I installed 64 bit but not sure if I should stick with it or 32 bit04:14
orngjce223I just tried and failed to put in the 64 bit flash player a month or two ago04:14
jrmyzenrox: i think i have a similar cpu04:14
orngjce223So when it's bad, it's bad. Yeah.04:14
Sysiorngjce223: that works well for me04:14
SysiRenegade_: if everythong works, dont fix it04:15
Renegade_well it works but if one runs better I wouldn't mind using that instead04:17
Renegade_this is what I got http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1685617600204:17
jrmyhmm.. never seen anything liek that before.. kinda neat04:19
Renegade_very sleek and small. love it04:21
Renegade_got it on sale when it was $13004:21
Renegade_got a 2.5 inch 500gb lying around and bought 1x2gb ddr2 ram and got it running in no time04:22
Renegade_would of got 4gb ram but ddr2 sodimm are expensive04:22
jrmyi'd still prefer an ATX though04:23
Renegade_yeah I'll probably get a matx for when diablo 3 comes out04:23
Renegade_this is my first upgrade since 2004 so the computer I'm using was ancient04:24
Renegade_amd barton +2500XP04:24
Evanescencehow to change Xubuntu's default notify into libnotify-bin ?04:46
jrmywhat should i use to record audio?05:43
jrmyapparently ardour doesnt work for 64bit05:43
jrmyso now i regret installing xubuntu 64bit05:43
Unit193Seen Audacity?05:47
jrmyanything better>05:48
jrmyguess i'll just download lmms05:51
toddlikesdesignanyone use midori?06:01
bazhangtoddlikesdesign, whats the question about it06:02
toddlikesdesignWhy does it have issues with gmail?06:03
bazhangtoddlikesdesign, what issues?06:03
toddlikesdesignGmail doesn't finish loading. Won't load the ajax version without identifying itself as another browser. I suppose that's on gmail's end though.06:05
toddlikesdesignWhat does a red address bar signify?06:05
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bazhanghttp://www.google.com/support/forum/p/gmail/thread?tid=19f570d38b8867e7&hl=en  toddlikesdesign may want to check this, last post06:07
riccardoHi, is it a Italian speaker ?07:03
knome!it | riccardo07:04
ubotturiccardo: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)07:04
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k_szeSo Xubuntu doesn't seem to have udevinfo or usbview.07:51
k_szeWhat do I do to extract similar info?07:51
k_szeIs it because Xubuntu doesn't even use udev anymore?07:52
TheSheepk_sze: lsusb?08:20
xublinuxWhat is more stable: Xfburn, K3b or Brasero?09:09
philipballewcan you try all and choose?09:10
xublinuxYes, I can... :)09:15
xublinuxBut I have wasted some DVDs with errors with brasero (always making a data disk, i don't no why) and I'd like to know wich of them runs better on xubuntu in order to not waste more disks.09:18
YcareneI have good luck with k3b even though I don't use KDE09:26
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xublinuxthanks Ycarene. I'll try k3b. (I use xfce. But in this thing I prefer something to save money in disks that something faster)09:32
tokksenI'm having problems with getting multiple monitors to work correctly. I don't know how to disable mirroring, I see no option for that in the xfce display settings. (xubuntu 11.04, notebook display + external monitor)11:43
Myrttitry with xrandr or grandr, latter has a gui11:44
tokksengrandr did the trick, thank you!11:46
Myrttinp :-)11:47
SysiMyrtti: do grandr and arandr have any (major) difference? dependencies if not usability11:49
MyrttiSysi: I have experience only on grandr11:56
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ChristopherNGDoes anyone one else find it difficult to know which hdd is which when they are given names like sdd1, sde2 etc15:30
ChristopherNGis there an "easy" of telling which one is which15:31
ChristopherNGespecially when you have a few hdds the same size15:31
madnickbut you know where your filesystems are right?15:32
ChristopherNGI normally do ls /media15:33
ChristopherNGand then change to the directory if thats what you mean15:33
ChristopherNGmadnick: I would rather they were named better so its easier to tell which hdd is which one especially when they are the same size15:34
ChristopherNGpicking a hdd is sometimes like picking a wire to cut in defusing a bomb.15:35
ChristopherNGthe red or the blue?15:35
madnickSo give your disks names15:35
ChristopherNGlet me see how to do that15:35
Sysiyou can name partitions with gparted15:45
SysiHDDs are in same order that they're connected to sata- and other connectors15:47
ChristopherNGyeah im looking into it now15:48
genii-aroundI sometimes find https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RenameUSBDrive#Filesystems useful, it shows all the command line ways to change volume names on drives, depending on what filesystem is on them15:52
ChristopherNGhey folks, im outputting from my laptop to my screen, but the resolution on the tv is much higher than the laptop so it looks a little off, instead of an exact mirror..16:15
ChristopherNGany easy way to get an exact mirror of the laptop to fit exactly on the television screen, i have been playing around with the resolutions16:16
xrdodrxChristopherNG, it really depends17:03
xrdodrxfor instance the max resolution of most TV's isn't higher than 1080p even though they might be 40"17:04
xrdodrxreally whatever you do it's going to look a little off17:04
xrdodrxthe best you can get is to run xrandr -q17:05
xrdodrxfind out the television's highest possible resolution17:05
xrdodrxand set it to that17:05
xrdodrxa TV does not make a good computer monitor :)17:05
madnickthey did back in the 70s!17:06
xrdodrxmadnick, ;)17:07
ChristopherNGxrdodrx: Hi sorry for the late reply ive been multi tasking17:44
xrdodrxChristopherNG, that's okay17:44
ChristopherNGSo there is "no fix" for a "perfect mirror resolution"?17:44
xrdodrxcan you post the output of xrandr -q to pastebin or something?17:45
ChristopherNGIts fine for movies because VLC has the aspect ratio feature17:45
ChristopherNGxrdodrx: kk17:45
ChristopherNGxrdodrx: http://paste.ubuntu.com/662842/17:46
xrdodrxChristopherNG, this is part of your problem17:46
xrdodrx   1680x1050      60.0*17:46
xrdodrxthe * denotes which resolution the monitor is currently at17:47
xrdodrxor in your case the TV17:47
ChristopherNGxrdodrx: should i change the 60.0?17:49
ChristopherNGto match the laptop?17:49
xrdodrx xrandr --output LVDS --mode 1440x900 --pos 0x0 --output HDMImode 1920x1080--pos 0x017:49
xrdodrxlet's try something like that first17:49
xrdodrx xrandr --output LVDS --mode 1440x900 --pos 0x0 --output HDMI --mode 1920x1080--pos 0x017:49
ChristopherNGxrdodrx: you want me to put that into the terminal then?17:49
ChristopherNGthe second one?17:50
xrdodrx xrandr --output LVDS --mode 1440x900 --pos 0x0 --output HDMI --mode 1920x1080 --pos 0x017:50
xrdodrxtry that17:50
xrdodrxmade sure all spaces and things were right :)17:50
ChristopherNGubuntu@ubuntu:~$ xrandr --output LVDS --mode 1440x900 --pos 0x0 --output HDMI --mode 1920x1080 --pos 0x017:52
ChristopherNGwarning: output LVDS not found; ignoring17:52
ChristopherNGwarning: output HDMI not found; ignoring17:52
xrdodrxChristopherNG, o17:53
xrdodrx xrandr --output LVDS-1 --mode 1440x900 --pos 0x0 --output HDMI-1 --mode 1920x1080 --pos 0x017:53
ChristopherNGxrdodrx: http://paste.ubuntu.com/662850/17:54
xrdodrxyou didn't copy the whole command ChristopherNG17:55
ChristopherNGi didnt? let me check :(17:55
ChristopherNGxrdodrx: i ran the command and it changed the screen a little17:57
xrdodrxChristopherNG, it should have17:58
xrdodrxhow does it look now? :)17:58
ChristopherNGabit worse actually17:58
xrdodrxis anything off screen17:58
xrdodrxis it taking up the whole screen17:58
ChristopherNGthere is more off the screen now17:59
ChristopherNGits hard to explain to someone who can not see it.18:00
xrdodrxChristopherNG, play with xrandr --output HDMI-1 --mode 1920x1080 --pos *x*18:00
xrdodrxdon't paste that command as is, change the numbers after pos18:00
ChristopherNGxrdodrx: yes change the "*"18:01
ChristopherNGgive me a number to start at plz18:01
ChristopherNGroughly and i take it from there18:01
xrdodrxChristopherNG, 100 :)18:01
xrdodrxI really can't see to help you18:01
xrdodrxthis is where the left corner of the screen is18:01
xrdodrxin x, y18:02
xrdodrxany luck, ChristopherNG ?18:07
gridcubeChristopherNG: doesnt your tv/monitor has an autosetup? try shutting it off and on to see if it fixes itself18:09
xrdodrxwhat gridcube said also might work, as it would re-adjust to fit the output X is giving to it18:10
ChristopherNGyeah im trying and i think im getting closer18:10
ChristopherNGthe thing is this command that im running only changes the display on the tv not the laptop right?18:10
gridcubedoesnt your output has a 1080 or 720 set? you should try those too18:11
gridcubeChristopherNG: whats your tv model?18:12
ChristopherNGacer 23" model no: AT2365M 1080P18:14
gridcubeat2365? acer page only lists 2326 on the 23"18:16
ChristopherNGlet me find it18:16
gridcubeon 32" there is a 326518:17
ChristopherNGsorry its actually at2356m18:18
ChristopherNGmultitasking here18:18
gridcube> 1920 x  1080 pixels @ 60 Hz refresh rate (for 23” models ).18:21
ChristopherNGxrandr --output HDMI-1 --mode 1920x1080 --pos18:22
ChristopherNGso what to change that last part to?18:22
ChristopherNGthis is really irritating lol18:22
ChristopherNGyeah its a 23 inch18:22
xrdodrxChristopherNG, you either auto adjust the monitor or `guess and check'18:22
ChristopherNG20x60 the 20 is the left and the 60 the right?18:23
xrdodrxit's 20 to the right and 60 down18:23
xrdodrxor should be18:23
gridcube66.6h 60v18:26
ChristopherNGim confused aswell18:27
xrdodrxso am I18:28
xrdodrxyou said your only issue was that the picture was offscreen18:28
gridcubeok gotta go18:29
gridcube:D good luck18:29
ChristopherNGback sorry i got dc18:39
ChristopherNGnow here is what i think18:40
ChristopherNG1. I should lower the resolution on the tv becaues its far too high18:40
xrdodrxChristopherNG, sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words18:40
xrdodrxif you take one I can help you much better :)18:40
ChristopherNGsure where to upload it?18:40
xrdodrximgur, imageshack18:41
xrdodrxyour choice18:41
ChristopherNGgive me a minute18:41
ChristopherNGum wait!18:41
ChristopherNGi think it just auto adjusted there18:41
ChristopherNGits almost fixed18:41
ChristopherNGlet me xrandr -q and paste it18:42
ChristopherNGhow is that different from the first xrandr -q i posted?18:44
ChristopherNGit looks much, much better on the tv18:44
ChristopherNGnot 100% but 90%18:44
xrdodrxglad to hear it :)18:44
xrdodrxsorry the resolution I recommended was too high18:44
xrdodrxevery TV is different18:44
ChristopherNGis that what the tv is now?18:45
xrdodrxthat means --mode 1680x1050 --pos 0x018:46
ChristopherNGgreat because i need to shift it to the right a little on the tv i change the y axis?18:46
ChristopherNGHDMI-1 connected 1680x1050+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)18:46
xrdodrxtry changing the x axis18:46
xrdodrxx goes left to right, y goes up and down18:47
ChristopherNGok remember the current settings in case i forget them plz.18:47
xrdodrxsure :)18:47
ChristopherNGthis is the closest ever!18:47
ChristopherNGxrandr --output HDMI-1 --mode 1680x1050 --pos 5x018:50
ChristopherNGim going to try that18:50
ChristopherNGmove from the left to the right alittle18:51
xrdodrxChristopherNG, fixed?18:56
ChristopherNGmostly, just want to fix the pannels now18:56
ChristopherNGthe dock pannel at the bottom is not appearing on the laptop but appears massive on the screen18:57
ChristopherNGand the laptop shows the top pannel which the tv doesnt18:57
ChristopherNGi think that is more with the pannel preferences18:57
xrdodrxI can't help too much in that department :(18:57
xrdodrxI'm glad your TV is displaying the best picture it can though :)18:57
ChristopherNGyeah thanks for the help18:58
ChristopherNGbtw what does "span monitors" do in the pannel preferences?18:58
ChristopherNGive clicked it and unclicked didnt seem to do anything18:58
xrdodrxChristopherNG, you should try simply restarting the panels before going through all these preferences18:59
xrdodrxkillall xfce4-panel && nohup xfce4-panel &18:59
ChristopherNGxrdodrx: i do that and they will reappear?18:59
ChristopherNGlast thing i need is no pannels lol!19:00
ChristopherNGkk let me do it19:00
xrdodrxthat's what the second part of the command is19:00
ChristopherNGkk thanks19:02
xrdodrxdid restarting the panels help?19:02
ChristopherNGyeah it appears in both now the bottom panel19:02
xrdodrxgood :D19:02
ChristopherNGim going to reboot and see what happens19:03
ChristopherNGxrandr --output HDMI-1 --mode 1680x1050 --pos 0x019:04
ChristopherNGthats my settings for the television19:04
xrdodrxChristopherNG, might not want to do that :<19:04
xrdodrxalso your settings are 5x019:04
xrdodrxxrandr's state usually is not preserved between reboots19:04
ChristopherNGxrdodrx: i changed it back to 0x0 because it was pointless trying to move the screen to the right when you can easily move the icons.19:04
xrdodrxyou're going to need to save that somewhere, and maybe even the command to restart the panels19:04
xrdodrxI see ;)19:05
ChristopherNGxrdodrx: the best test is probably going to play a movie let me try that before i reboot19:05
ChristopherNGxrdodrx: do you remember what the laptop settings were in the xrandr -q?19:19
ChristopherNGthe first one?19:19
ChristopherNGyour sure the xrandr --output HDMI-1 --mode 1680x1050 --pos 0x019:20
ChristopherNGonly changes the display on the television not the laptop right?19:20
ChristopherNGah its cool it got it now19:24
ChristopherNGFolks, how about this, cant there be a program written that automaatically detects what devices are connected from a graphics card out put and calculate the best output resolution to that screen?19:49
ChristopherNGOr does this already exist and ive been wasting my time?19:49
charlie-tcaSure, when do expect to have it started?19:49
charlie-tcaSure, when do you expect to have it started?19:50
ChristopherNGwell im not actually a programmer, im an accountant19:50
charlie-tcaThere is, as always, a severe shortage of those who can write such programs19:50
ChristopherNGcharlie-tca: I really wish i came across this problem the other day when xubuntu devs were meeting in that channel.19:51
charlie-tcaIt is not an easy program to write, even though it may make it easy to set things up19:51
ChristopherNGbut i doubt they would want to spend time to make it.19:51
charlie-tcaThey don't have time to make it19:51
ChristopherNGso there is no such program written by anyone for any linux distrobution?19:51
charlie-tcaI don't know. Linux has many distributions, and I am not familiar with most of them19:52
ChristopherNGwell i will see if there is one out there for other distros and if its open sources maybe we can make a ppa or something from it for the ubuntu distros?19:53
ChristopherNGive been doing this for a while and its long, dull and generally quite depressing.19:53
madnickI don't understand this issue :)19:56
madnickI have ATI and Nvidia cards, infact i use HDMI daily, and amdcccle works fine, same with nvidia-settings19:56
ChristopherNGmadnick: you use HDMI daily, now tell me this..19:58
ChristopherNGHow did you get the correct resolution to output on the television so it was a perfect mirror of your laptop/desktop?19:58
ChristopherNGdid you use xrandr and keep moving it around?19:58
madnickI used amdcccle / nvidia-settings19:59
ChristopherNGand its a perfect mirror?19:59
madnickyes it is19:59
madnickI dont think manually using xrandr is recommended, especially for new users20:00
ChristopherNGwell ive been trying to play around with that all day with mixed results20:00
madnickChristopherNG: what card do you have?20:01
ChristopherNG product: G98 [GeForce 9200M GS]20:02
ChristopherNG                vendor: nVidia Corporation20:02
ChristopherNGi havent tried nvidia settings, not even sure where it is? i dont see it in the software center, is it in the repositories?20:02
madnickand when you installed the drivers for this, it did not install nvidia-settings?20:02
madnickLook at Settings ->20:03
ChristopherNGi havent installed prop drivers or any graphics drivers, tried doing it manually20:03
ChristopherNGsudo apt-get install nvidia-settings20:03
ChristopherNGshall i?20:04
madnickNo, you should get the proper driver if you dont have it :)20:04
ChristopherNGi ok ive went system -> additional drivers20:05
ChristopherNGits searched and there is an "experimental 3d support for nvidia cards"20:05
ChristopherNGthats the only one, activate?20:05
madnicksure, but also try typing: sudo nvidia-settings in a terminal20:05
ChristopherNGThe program 'nvidia-settings' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:20:05
ChristopherNGi did sudo aswell20:06
ChristopherNGi dont have it.20:06
madnickokay, then activate that driver20:06
ChristopherNGactivating, i think i will need to reboot and come back20:06
madnickIt has been ages since I installed the nvidia drivers :)20:06
ChristopherNGactivated and in use, its asking me to reboot.20:06
madnicknow rerun sudo nvidia-settings :)20:10
ChristopherNGubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo nvidia-settings20:10
ChristopherNGsudo: nvidia-settings: command not found20:10
ChristopherNGI think i have to get it from the repos20:10
ChristopherNGit doesnt come with that driver i dont think20:11
ChristopherNGi tried it without sudo aswell.20:11
ChristopherNGubuntu@ubuntu:~$ nvidia-settings20:11
ChristopherNGThe program 'nvidia-settings' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:20:11
ChristopherNGsudo apt-get install nvidia-settings20:11
ChristopherNGim going to get it from the repos ok?20:11
madnickI find this whole deal very wierd, but Im still using 10.04 on the nvidia computer :)20:12
ChristopherNGdone ive got it20:12
ChristopherNGok ive typed "nvidia-settings" and its opened up20:12
madnickthen just set it up :)20:13
ChristopherNGbut I get a message "You do not appear to be using the Nvidia x driver please edit your X configuration file (just run 'nvidia-xconfig' as root and restart the x server"20:13
ChristopherNGsudo nvidia-xconfig ? or do i need to edit it with a text editor?20:14
madnickiirc it should do it all for you20:14
ChristopherNGwell there is an "ok" button there click it then?20:15
ChristopherNGand ok button for that message i just tyoed.20:15
madnickI don't really remember the details :)20:16
ChristopherNGwell how you gets your working?20:16
madnickI got the driver from their website20:16
madnickand installed it from there20:16
ChristopherNGthat is the driver apparently i need.20:21
ChristopherNGWhen i click to download, it opens up a bunch of text20:21
ChristopherNGa .run is that a binary installer of somekind20:21
madnickchmod +x file20:22
ChristopherNGok let me use wget to download it20:22
ChristopherNGkk wget worked and its in my home directory20:22
madnickSorry, I have to go for a bit, i bbl20:23
slipkid08hey guys20:40
slipkid08how do I upgrade my xubuntu to 11.10 A?20:41
Sysiupdate-manager -d20:41
Sysialpha support at #ubuntu+1, I guess you already know to exept some flicks20:41
slipkid08I know quite a bit about the CLI but I am still learning20:42
slipkid08its gonna restart me20:43
coyoteuk5Hello can someone help me with the file manager thunor as regards my mp3 player21:03
xrdodrxcoyoteuk5, maybe21:07
xrdodrxhow are the two related? :)21:08
coyoteuk5ok I got a creative mp player and when I delete the files on thep layer usung the file manager thry go to a thrash file on the player so I now have an mp 3 player that is full of stuff but I cannot delete them21:09
coyoteuk5sorry for mispeling21:09
coyoteuk5is it clear or do you have any questions21:10
xrdodrxI had this problem as well21:11
coyoteuk5did you solve it21:11
xrdodrxgo to the root of your mp3 player's file system21:11
xrdodrxhit ctrl+h21:11
xrdodrxdelete the ,Trash-1000 folder21:11
xrdodrxshift+delete key21:11
xrdodrxin the future when you want to delete a file use shift+delete instead of just hitting delete21:12
coyoteuk5I got the folder open now I wil try it now21:14
coyoteuk5its saying unable ot move file to wate basket21:15
coyoteuk5one minute I am going to disconnect it and try it again21:17
coyoteuk5No still the same message21:18
coyoteuk5dso you think if I put it on the boards someone might have an idea21:19
coyoteuk5well thank you for your help anyway21:22
coyoteuk5I will try that21:22
ChristopherNGOk folks, I have a perfect mirror image on my television of my laptop.22:23
ChristopherNGHere is how to do it if anyone has the same problem and they cant get the resolutions right.22:23
ChristopherNGits 100%22:24
charlie-tcaChristopherNG: why not write up a wiki page for it?22:25
ChristopherNGcharlie-tca: Thats actually a very good idea22:25
ChristopherNGbecause I know there will be other people out there with the same problem who dont want to spend all day getting it fixed.22:25
ChristopherNGcharlie-tca: where to make the wiki?22:26
charlie-tcasomething like https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuDualMonitor maybe or similar22:26
ChristopherNGIt will be good to give something back to the community.22:26
charlie-tcaThat pins it to Xubuntu, DualMonitor is whatever you think it should be22:27
charlie-tcaThat would be great!22:27
ChristopherNGcharlie-tca: is it just me or does xubuntu not have "add new monitor" button like ubuntu?22:49
charlie-tcaI never heard of such a button22:49
charlie-tcaThere are very definite differences between Ubuntu and Xubuntu, that may be one22:50
ChristopherNGthat is why it took me 7 hours to get my laptop to output correctly to the television.22:50
charlie-tcaThat's why I say Xubuntu is not for new users of linux22:50
ChristopherNGBasically if i use monitor A to output with my laptop.22:50
ChristopherNGthen I disattach A and connect a new screen B22:50
charlie-tcaIt really is not as simple as Ubuntu to make work22:50
ChristopherNGXubuntu tries to make the same output for B as it was for A22:51
ChristopherNGthats why i spent 7 hours trying to fix it22:51
ChristopherNGI was tyring to tweak the settings for monitor A to fit B using xrandr lol!22:51
ChristopherNG...a little to the left, up, no down!22:51
ChristopherNGwaste of time.22:51
ChristopherNGIm going to make a wiki for this tomorrow22:52
charlie-tcaapparently, I still use one monitor for each computer here22:52
charlie-tcaIt seems so much easier22:52
ChristopherNGwith ubuntu or xubuntu?22:52
charlie-tcaXubuntu, of course. I test everything, I run Xubuntu22:53
ChristopherNGK, well just so everyone knows, If you attach a new monitor when you have been using a different one, Xubuntu will try outputting the same resolution on the new screen as it was for the old screen.22:53
ChristopherNG..so dont spend all day using xrandr trying to make the old settings for the old monitor fit the new one.22:54
ChristopherNGI planned to setup my vps today! but never had the time lol!22:55
Matryxcan someone help me with this. I keep getting an error: file not found when booting into OPENELEC http://imageshack.us/f/814/parion.png/23:12

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