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DarkwingDuckOkay, that is strange...03:49
DarkwingDuckInstalling the Nvidia driver... During the kernel mod build it isn't auto blacklisting Nouveau. Even removing/purging nouveau doesn't do the trick.03:50
DarkwingDuckCauses tons of breakage...03:50
JontheEchidnaoops, accidentally overwrote the packaging changes in the last two muon uploads.04:27
JontheEchidnaperhaps it's time to bzr that04:27
JontheEchidnaScottK: oh, I upstreamed your settings patch04:31
ScottKJontheEchidna: Great.  Thanks.  I think it's a safer way to go.04:32
JontheEchidnayeah, probably. Unsigned repos aren't as common these days thanks to add-apt-repository04:32
JontheEchidnaconvenience wins 'em over :P04:33
JontheEchidnanot that the repos themselves aren't signed, but at least I'm not adding them w/o the gpg key thanks to add-apt-repository04:35
JontheEchidnawhereas I probably wouldn't have bothered before04:35
QuintasanGood morning07:06
Quintasanyofel, rbelem: get ready to work :P07:06
* Quintasan takes a look at s-l-c once again and the goes to show around the city to the guests07:31
yofelQuintasan: morning08:07
bulldog98yofel: Quintasan: hi08:12
bulldog98yofel: don’t look for mails, look for Kubuntu Active :P08:12
yofelrbelem: if you add new install files, please make sure you take anything you install out from the not-installed file08:15
CIA-52[kdelibs] Philip Muškovac * 372 * debian/not-installed remove now installed file from not-installed08:17
bulldog98yofel: go on :)08:19
yofelQuintasan: where's your gles package?09:43
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kde-workspace] Philip Muškovac * 549 * debian/ (changelog kde-workspace-dev.install not-installed) Add libkwineffects headers and unversioned .so back to kde-workspace-dev since there are 3rd party apps that need it.09:50
yofeland why the hell doesn't bazaar ask me anymore whether I want to edit the commit message before committing??09:51
yofelRiddell: ^09:51
Riddellyofel: because it matches debcommit in just using the debian/changelog09:52
yofelyeah, but before it asked me whether I want to use that, now it just goes ahead and commits - that intentional?09:52
Riddellyes, it matches debcommit's behaviour09:53
Riddellbut feel free to argue on bug 81274909:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 812749 in bzr-builddeb "Misuses bzr 2.4's new set_commit_message hook to disable editor prompting for a commit message entirely" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81274909:53
yofelah, thanks09:53
rbelemQuintasan, morning10:11
yofelrbelem: we're going for lunch now, back soon10:12
rbelemyofel, oki :-)10:12
rbelemyofel, i was using the debian/rules list-missing10:14
debfxyofel: why doesn't kross-interpreters build krossruby?10:25
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yofelrbelem: well, it still was in not-installed, I fixed it anyway11:02
yofeldebfx: uh, debian dropped it and IIRC it didn't build in 4.6.80 or so, haven't looked at it later11:03
Quintasanyofel: nowhere, since I can't say the headers are dropped in our bzr branch11:03
yofelQuintasan: because I added them back, can you push what you have *somewhere* so I can take an attempt at debugging debianabimanager?11:04
Quintasanyofel: Do we REALLY need the headers?11:04
Quintasanyofel: MoDaX already told me it can't handle two same CMake build targets11:05
yofelQuintasan: if you don't want them talk to martin how that can be solved differently. He explicitly requested that we ship them11:05
QuintasanAh, that changes everything11:05
QuintasanI'll push my branch in a few minutes11:05
Quintasanwithout kwineeffects11:05
Quintasanyofel: lp:~quintasan/kubuntu-packaging/kde-workspace11:10
QuintasanThat has everything except kwineffects11:10
rbelemyofel, which file was not installed?11:18
yofelrbelem: no, you installed all, but we have a debian/not-installed file where we track which files are intentionally not installed11:18
yofelplease update that when you install files that are listed there11:18
rbelemyofel, ok :-)11:22
rbelemQuintasan, i'm getting some undefined referece for qmf, which is a buildep for the qtmobility11:27
Quintasanpastebin the build log11:27
rbelemQuintasan, i already fixed some, but i was to tired to fix the rest11:28
rbelemQuintasan, ok11:28
yofelyou are? I just built the package from sid on oneiric11:28
yofelrbelem: where's your qtmobility package anyway?11:28
QuintasanWhat package are we talking about?11:28
yofelgood question11:29
rbelemQuintasan, qmf11:29
rbelemQuintasan, http://paste.kde.org/108769/11:29
jussiright, time to go oneiric baby!!11:32
Quintasanrbelem: That looks like something wrong in code: S11:32
shadeslayermore like bad target link libs11:33
yofelrbelem: what version of qtmobility are you trying to build?11:33
rbelemQuintasan, yup11:33
rbelemyofel, 1.211:33
Quintasanshadeslayer: That's broken CMakeLists.txt11:33
Quintasanand that's upsteram11:34
shadeslayerQuintasan: yus11:34
rbelemQuintasan, broken .pro in the case of qmf11:34
yofelrbelem: why don't you take the debian package?11:34
yofelrbelem: and modify that?11:34
yofel*that* built with qmf in oneiric archive btw11:34
rbelemyofel, i did that11:35
rbelemyofel, qmf in the archives is old11:35
yofeldo we need a newer one?11:35
QuintasanDon't we have mobility 1.2 in Debian?11:36
yofelwe do11:36
Quintasanyofel: We do, at least for simon I think11:36
rbelemyofel, for mobility 1.211:36
QuintasanThen ScottK can probably sync that11:36
yofelrbelem: mobility 1.2 builds fine with current qmf here11:36
rbelemyofel, that' s true11:37
rbelemsince it is ready in debian lets just sync it11:38
yofelcheck if any of our modifications are still needed, if not file a sync request saying that the diff is obsolete, or if yes merge the package11:39
yofelesp. interesting is:11:41
yofel* Remove qmf-dev build-dependency, upstream recommended to build without QMF, disable libqtmessaging1 and libdeclarative-messaging packages11:41
rbelemyofel, it does not have our patches there11:41
rbelemyofel, why they recommend that?11:41
yofelask, Riddell, he did that11:42
rbelemyofel, Riddell made some changes in the package11:43
Riddellbecause QMF is a not very good implementation by Qt Brisbane which nobody is expected to use11:43
bulldog98Riddell: and why is it used then?11:44
Riddellwho uses it?11:44
rbelemRiddell, only nokia maybe11:45
RiddellI'm not sure even Nokia use it11:45
rbelemyofel, 3 min to download qtmobility debian11:46
debfxnote that qtmobility 1.2 needs a FFe before it can go into the archive11:48
rbelemyofel, the Riddell changes are already in debian11:51
debfxdoes the "Remember authorization" option in the polkit dialog work for anyone?12:18
debfxlooking at the code it seems like the checkbox is not used at all12:19
shadeslayerdebfx: doesn't for me12:20
debfxshadeslayer: ok, thanks12:21
debfxI'll just hide those checkboxes12:21
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rbelemQuintasan, i will finish the other packages, then i ll ping you, ok?14:35
* bulldog98 wants debdelta14:36
shadeslayeri'll settle for super compressed packages :P14:41
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Quintasanyofel: How's ABIManager debug?15:30
DarkwingDuckAnyone else had issues with the Nvidia drivers?15:30
QuintasanDarkwingDuck: What sort of issues? Everything works fine here15:32
DarkwingDuckI had issues with nouveau auto blacklisting. even removing/purging it didn't help. It would build in the kernel then, the kernel wouldn't be able to find it... In Oneiric.15:34
DarkwingDuckROFL! http://chris-lamb.co.uk/2011/08/12/careful-what-you-wish-for/15:45
nigelbhehe, brilliant15:49
bambeeOMG. http://www.notmart.org/index.php/Software/Activate_your_DS_toy15:52
bambeeintel <315:52
DarkwingDuckYet another reason to love chrome. http://techcrunch.com/2011/08/12/friday-time-waster-play-dos-games-in-your-chrome-browser/15:58
debfxDarkwingDuck: nice, but it lacks cpu load emulation ;)15:58
debfxand here is apt-gentoo for ubuntu: http://pastebin.com/k1QCDhbH :)16:30
stanley_robertsohi .. got a small question.. can we enable the kubuntu cuboid/3d desktop env in vmware ?16:31
debfxstanley_robertso: vmware doesn't support 3d acceleration on linux, right?16:34
* Quintasan applies for sponsorship16:37
stanley_robertsodebfx: actually i doubt the same.. but not sure.. if iam wrong.. so asked the question here16:39
Quintasanstanley_robertso: IF the VM has 3D acceleration then it SHOULD work16:43
QuintasanBut we can't really guarantee that16:43
stanley_robertsoQuintasan: ok16:45
stanley_robertsoQuintasan: what is the feasible/best way to get into kubuntu dev16:46
tsimpsonstanley_robertso: I'm pretty sure VMware only likes DirectX, rather than OpenGL16:46
Quintasanstanley_robertso: packaging, docs writing, coding :)16:46
stanley_robertsoam a c/c++/unix/perl developer16:46
stanley_robertsoQuintasan: :) True.. what is the fastest way16:47
ubottukubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE Software Compilation instead of !Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join #kubuntu - See also !kde16:47
QuintasanBy any chance, do you know Qt?16:47
stanley_robertsoQuintasan: nO.. i think i need to learn that16:47
ubottuthe Qt toolkit (pronounced "cute"), which forms the base of !KDE, is a cross-platform C++ application framework for !CLI and !GUI applications. Install libqt4-dev and see !build to compile Qt4 applications, join #qt for development support16:47
tsimpsonif you know C++, Qt is pretty easy (and enjoyable) to learn16:47
Quintasanstanley_robertso: http://doc.qt.nokia.com/16:47
QuintasanHere are the docs16:47
tsimpsonand the Qt docs are awesome, truly16:48
QuintasanI think we all appreciate people with ability to code :)16:48
stanley_robertsobe right back16:48
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stanley_robertsoiam back17:05
stanley_robertsoQuintasan: iam downloading the Qt SDK17:05
Quintasanstanley_robertso: Cool, I think dslogger might know any tasks you could do17:07
* Quintasan is not familiar with C++ to this level17:07
stanley_robertsoQuintasan: thanks for helping me till now. 17:10
Quintasanstanley_robertso: Don't thank me now :P17:10
stanley_robertsodslogger: can you suggest me or give me a hook, to get acquintance on Qt17:10
Quintasandslogger is at Desktop Summit currently so it might take a while17:11
* Quintasan loves the way Marianne responds to emails17:12
tsimpsonstanley_robertso: there are some tutorials and examples on the Qt site: http://doc.qt.nokia.com/latest/tutorials.html http://doc.qt.nokia.com/latest/all-examples.html as good a place to start as any17:18
muntiKubuafter yesterday update only one app can play sound.  Is pulse audio really necessary for Kubuntu?17:20
muntiKubuIIRC phonon is best and PA dosen't play well.  In fact it's disruptive.17:23
muntiKubuso why have them both?17:24
ScottKThey do different things.  Phonon uses PA.17:29
ScottKWe've got some patches coming soon.17:29
_Groo_JontheEchidna: ping17:40
_Groo_JontheEchidna is the muon dev right17:43
ScottKHe is.17:57
_Groo_JontheEchidna: ping18:08
ScottK_Groo_: He's probably at work.18:08
_Groo_ScottK: k tks :)18:08
_Groo_ScottK: i just wanted to ask him if its too much trouble to add the kproxy support to muon18:09
_Groo_ScottK: it already works from the command line with exports... so its a matter of adding the GUI18:09
_Groo_ScottK: sort to speak... i know how hard it to add this kinda features18:10
_Groo_ScottK: btw tomorrow ill upload digikam218:10
_Groo_ScottK: i have to do the TH release anyway18:10
stanley_robertsothanks tsimpson18:11
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yofelhome sweet home :)22:26
shadeslayeryofel: dude22:27
shadeslayeryour wifi key thingy is with me22:27
shadeslayer. . .22:27
yofeloh right, keep it till the next time we see each other22:28
yofelit's more usefuly for you than me anyway22:28
shadeslayertrue that22:28
shadeslayerthanks to DS i get a free Wifi usb dongle22:28
shadeslayerloads of tee's as well22:29
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