razor__alguien me ayuda00:43
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ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:54
SIR_Tacothat's good to know00:56
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SIR_Tacowell crap, I don't know why I even read Slashdot anymore... about 1 in 10 are interesting/accurate01:31
razor____thanks dude01:56
razor____help me01:59
razor____in irc spanish , no way01:59
razor____im problem configure ati x1250 on linux01:59
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razor____drivers ati "libre" no funk02:00
razor____i will instale openSUSE 11.4??02:00
razor____help me ,please02:01
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nullkuhlhello, i have downloaded kubuntu 11.04 at installation screen where the checkmarks for disk space, power source, etc. exist, i press next to go to disk setup, but i get a busy cursor forever.. any idea ? (i had the prev, kubuntu version installed on the same laptop some time ago as well )07:38
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SubSAssassinhello everybody08:33
SubSAssassinwhat a nice monsun day here in lancashire ;)08:33
BlaXpiritHello. After recent update Flash plugin does not work anymore. What's the problem?09:27
Peace-BlaXpirit: remove the new flash09:28
Peace-and install the older09:28
BlaXpiritwell, where do I find the older?09:28
Peace-BlaXpirit: here /var/cache/apt/archives/09:29
Peace-there are all the pacakges you have downloaed09:29
BlaXpiritnice to know.09:29
BlaXpiritah, there's the version that originally came with the distro.09:29
Peace-for the orinal package you can download from  here http://packages.ubuntu.com/09:30
BlaXpiritPeace-, there's only current version in that directory. I'll go for (natty)09:31
Peace-BlaXpirit: i see, probably  the system has cleaned the cache09:31
BlaXpiritOK, it's fixed.09:32
BlaXpiritthanks for help09:32
Peace-BlaXpirit: http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/allpackages09:32
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MrTKusaI need help11:37
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:37
esmirlinhey guys i'm having problems with kde 4.7 with netbook plasma ... i can't delete or choose app's as favourites ones to set them into the top bar :S any idea?11:38
jussiesmirlin: how have you been trying to do it?11:40
MrTKusaI put in the CD and the first screen of Kubuntu 11.4 shows up but if I choose to "start Kubuntu" then all I get is big blocks (graphic error) .  Any ideas?11:41
esmirlinlike normal way, before i just placed the mouse over the app i wanted to keep and it appeared a little icon (a star) so i clicked and then i got it :S11:41
jussiMrTKusa: which graphics card do you have?11:42
MrTKusanvidia  - EVGA 420 GT, I think11:43
esmirlinjussi: no idea, i have a asus eee 1005PE but with previous versions i could do it :S11:44
jussiesmirlin: have you tried right clicking the favourites and adding widgits in the bar? tried drag and drop to there?11:45
jussiMrTKusa: have you given it time to load?11:45
esmirlinyes but it doesn't work either :S11:45
jussiesmirlin: I dont run it myself, so Im sorry I cant help more. perhaps ask also in #kde ?11:47
MrTKusayes, I can see and read the HELP info from the first screen,  but once I hit "Start Kubuntu" the screen changes to black, then the blocks looking screen and nothing further.  It also happened with my attempt ti install Kubuntu 10-411:50
MrTKusaMy video is GeForce GT 240    for certain11:57
MrTKusathat is a Nvidia card12:02
MrTKusastill there jussi?12:06
MrTKusaanyone there?12:09
Peace-MrTKusa: mmm12:10
Peace-bad driver12:10
MrTKusafrom the live drive?12:11
BluesKajHiyas all12:11
Peace-MrTKusa: in the live menu chhose another option12:12
Peace-i guess tehre is a safe mode12:12
Peace-i guess there is12:12
Peace-for problematic video cards12:12
MrTKusaHow would I get there?12:13
MrTKusaNo guru's online at this time?12:16
BluesKajnope just helpers , what's your issue ? , MrTKusa12:17
Peace-MrTKusa:  http://mchainpoetics.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/image67.png this is a screen12:18
Peace-MrTKusa: you need to search on mode or "other option" failsafe mode12:18
MrTKusaI cannot even start Kubuntu 11.04 from the live disk, I hit Start Kubuntu and just get a block pattern on my screen12:18
MrTKusaMy first creen is different from that one12:20
Peace-MrTKusa: it should be pretty similar12:21
BluesKajPeace-, MrTKusa , maybe the "alternate" install cd will work12:21
BluesKaj!alternate | MrTKusa12:21
ubottuMrTKusa: The Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Kubuntu download page - See also !minimal12:21
Peace-well yes alternate stuff would works but it's a bit more complicated12:21
MrTKusaI will look again for a failsafe mode12:22
MrTKusaif not then I will try Alternate12:22
Peace-MrTKusa: yours it's this http://www.linoob.com/wp-content/flagallery/kubuntu-installation/01booting-kubuntu-live.png12:23
Peace-MrTKusa: that is the same of ubuntu , anyway you have to search for failsafe12:23
Peace-i don't remember well12:23
Peace-anyway alternate cd it's better if you have this kind of problem12:23
MrTKusa ok, very well then I will try that........ty12:25
zlis it a instant messenger?12:31
Picier, What?12:31
zlwhat is this program for?12:32
bazhangzl  IRC?12:32
zlenglish is not my native language .....12:33
bazhangzl this is Kubuntu support channel, NOT im12:34
BluesKajok , back ....had a nad lag12:34
OttovonBismarckdoes anyone know how to make kopete use num pad enter as a send message button rather than an append line button12:37
OttovonBismarcki've tried changing the shortcuts in settings to no effect12:37
OttovonBismarckin fact changing shortcuts seems to have literally no effect on send behavior no matter what keys, or combination of keys invoked12:40
BluesKajOttovonBismarck, maybe the ppl at #kopete can help you12:40
OttovonBismarckin either the version in the repos or the latest via LP12:41
OttovonBismarckah, true BluesKaj, ta12:41
bazhangzl with kubuntu yes; please ask in the channel and not via PM, there may also be a language specific channel for you if feel more comfortable trying there12:42
ubuntugot a boot up problem13:02
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ubuntu"/tmp not yet ready"13:09
BluesKajubottu, you have to tell us where in the boot process this happens13:13
ubottuBluesKaj: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:13
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BluesKajubuntu, , you have to tell us where in the boot process this happens13:13
bazhangor ubuntu ^13:13
ubuntufirst notification i get is - "invalid environment block"13:14
BluesKajubuntu, no grub menu then ?13:15
ubuntuBluesKaj: no13:16
BluesKajubuntu, livecd or a finished install ?13:16
ubuntuBluesKaj: finished install on a USB disk13:16
BluesKajbazhang, I'm not real up to date on USB install procedure , are you ?13:18
bazhangubuntu yet you are on a live session now13:18
bazhangBluesKaj, somewhat13:18
ubuntubazhang: yes i'm on a live session to get help13:19
bazhangubuntu, using what tool? unetbootin ?13:19
ubuntubazhang: no; used the 'install kubuntu' application from live CD13:20
bazhangubuntu, to  a usb stick? and it failed?13:21
ubuntubazhang: it was successful; have been using it for sometime13:22
bazhangubuntu, so whats the problem, exactly? when did it stop working13:22
ubuntubazhang: a download using Firefox was in progress when power failed; and on booting this time it gave this problem13:22
bazhangubuntu, do you have the exact error message?13:23
ubuntubazhang: yes; on startup - "invalid environment block Press any key to proceed"13:24
bazhangubuntu, and what about booting into recovery mode13:25
ubuntubazhang: then i get - "error reading device on /" and on pressing F for Automatic Fix it shows - "/tmp not yet ready"13:25
ubuntubazhang: how do i do that?13:25
kyubutsuubuntu: check this link and see if it fits your situation real quick:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128509813:25
BluesKajubuntu, have you tried recopying the image file to the USB stick ?...the power failure may have corrupted the data.13:25
bazhangubuntu, hold shift at boot ?13:26
ubuntubazhang: ok will try the link and recovery mode; thank you13:26
ubuntuBluesKaj: recopying image file to USB stick is like re-installation right? i want to preserve my previous installation and filesystem13:27
BluesKajbazhang, but that site is about legacy grub not grub2 ...the situation might be very different in grub213:28
kyubutsumight? :-/13:29
bazhangBluesKaj, kyubutsu 's link?13:29
kyubutsuwouldve couldve13:29
BluesKajbax yes, sorry , kyubutsu 's link13:29
bazhang!grub2 | ubuntu here's the grub2 info13:30
ubottuubuntu here's the grub2 info: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)13:30
bazhangaugh he quit13:30
kyubutsusame error message in two different grub versions? my bet is it will work13:31
* kyubutsu slams poker ships on table13:32
BluesKajkyubutsu, your site might work ..but the grub version isn't mentioned , so it's iffy13:32
BluesKajsmae to you13:33
kyubutsuso, what about alpha3 iso being 701mb.. cant put that into a cdR  >:(13:34
BluesKajkyubutsu, I did13:34
bazhangkyubutsu, #ubuntu+1 for alpha stuff13:35
BluesKajcdrw aamof13:35
kyubutsui only have 700mb discs13:35
kyubutsuindeed, bazhang13:35
ubuntubazhang: holding down shift doesnt work; i'm using Kubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal13:40
kyubutsui like rekonq. but it freezes EVERytime.. i can almost predict when it's going to freeze; random pages too, video, plain text, no matter13:41
kyubutsuat least this time was able to download the debug symbols, maybe i'll catch something with it13:43
ubuntuerror details: "/dev/sdd1: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY; RUN fsck MANUALLY"13:45
ubuntuerror details: "mountall:fsck/[349] terminated with status 4 mountall:Filesystem has error:/"13:45
BluesKajubuntu, you have to hold the shift down, right after the bios scrn13:50
ubuntuBluesKaj: tried doing that; nothing happens; goes to blue screen that says "invalid environment block"13:50
BluesKajubuntu, looks like you need to try  a 'new image' ...copy a new one to a disk /USB13:53
ubuntui tried to delete files from 'tmp' through the live CD but it says 'read only file system'13:54
ubuntuBluesKaj: Does that mean my profile, filesystem, data will be wiped?13:54
BluesKajwhere ?13:55
ubuntuon the USB13:55
BluesKajhow did you put ubuntu on the USB , originally ?13:56
ubuntuBluesKaj: i ran the live CD for 11.04; it has an application that says 'Install Kubuntu 11.04'; chose the USB disk while selecting target disk for installation13:57
BluesKajubuntu,  never heard of that, or do you want a portable OS14:00
BluesKajmost ppl install to their HDDs14:00
BluesKajor SSDs14:01
ubuntuyes i wanted a portable OS that is why i installed it on an 8GB USB stick14:01
bazhangubuntu, use unetbootin to do it14:01
ubuntubazhang: ok but that means i'll have to format the disk first right?14:02
bazhangubuntu, you only have the one?14:03
BluesKajubuntu, well, that's basicxally the same as a live cd ...it's not a complete install due to the difference in hardware between machines ...you can't just "expect it to work'14:03
BluesKajis not the same as a live cd is what i meant14:03
ubuntuBluesKaj:i do not fully comprehend you; it is a full install right?? and it did work; i've been using it for quite a long time now; and there have been no inconsistencies like these before14:04
ubuntubazhang: yes i have only one14:05
BluesKajubuntu, you're better off just copying the live cd and using it that way..you can't install ubuntu to a USB ..it needs the apropriate hardware drivers to work on a particular machine , that's what an "install" does14:06
bazhangubuntu, you did the persistent install then?14:06
ubuntubazhang: i do not know; it looks similar to a full install; how do i differentiate?14:07
bazhangubuntu, one saves data between reboots, one does not, is essentially like using a live cd14:08
ubuntuBluesKaj: agreed; but i've used the stick on various machines without any problems;14:08
ubuntubazhang: this install is not persistent then; it saves data immediately on the disk; i can use it normally14:09
ubuntubazhang: i got what you said; i'm affirmative this install is not a persistent install14:10
BluesKajyeah ubuntu , unetbootin is the best way to go ..I agree with bazhang14:11
ubuntuthere have been instances of un-graceful shutdowns or power failures but system configuration and other data has been consistent14:11
ubuntuok; so i should re-install 11.04 using unetbootin?14:12
BluesKajubuntu, yes14:12
ubuntuOk :) thank you14:13
zimba12since I installed Kubuntu 11.04, the clock displayed in kde is always behind the actual time14:44
zimba12it kind of "loses time"14:44
ubottuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)14:55
BluesKajzimba12, panel clock or desktop clock ?15:17
zimba12BluesKaj: the panel clock15:20
zimba12it's already synchronized with ntp15:20
zimba12actually it crashes when I change ntp server15:20
genii-around!info zonbeminder > genii-around15:22
genii-around!info zoneminder > genii-around15:22
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Peace-genii-around: hihih15:24
BluesKajright click on it , choose digital clock settings, beside the date format on the right is a small wrench icon , click on that ..you can set everything there , then go back and choose set date and time by right clicking again15:24
BluesKajzimba12, ^15:24
* genii-around slides Peace- a tasty coffee15:24
zimba12BluesKaj: there is no date format in the digital clock settings15:27
BluesKajzimba12, right click , choose adjustr date and time15:28
BluesKajon the clock15:28
zimba12that's different from digital clock settings15:28
BluesKajof course if your time is out of sync15:29
BluesKajre-adjust the time15:29
zimba12I meant: Digital clock settings is different from "Adjust.."15:30
zimba12anyway, I know how to adjust the time15:30
zimba12but this doesn15:30
zimba12t fix the issue15:30
BluesKajhow different , you may need to set the time zone etc to your area , sometimes the pc clock isn't in sync with the regional settings15:31
zimba12I think you misunderstood the problem15:32
zimba12however I adjust the time, after a while, it will be out of sync15:32
zimba12even if I use "date" from command line15:33
BluesKajI see your in Waterloo ON , or close to it .so make sure your time zone etc is set in system settings locale15:33
zimba12BluesKaj: you keep not understanding15:34
BluesKajI understand the panel clock isn't showing the correct time15:35
Peace-BluesKaj: :PPPP15:35
BluesKajsudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata15:36
BluesKajPeace-, :PPPP ? ...what's that mean ?15:37
Peace-BluesKaj:  :-P => hi man :D15:37
BluesKajhi Peace-15:38
zimba12BluesKaj: it's 11:37 here, but tz-data shows "Local time is now:      Fri Aug 12 11:31:54 EDT 2011"15:38
BluesKajzimba12, did you try the  command , sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata15:40
zimba12gives Local time is now:      Fri Aug 12 11:31:54 EDT 201115:40
zimba12even though it's 11:40 here15:40
BluesKajzimba12, run the command then reboot , see if the time resets itself properly on boot15:41
zimba12BluesKaj: it doesn't, I've already tried15:42
BluesKajzimba12, the only bug Iknow of with the panel clock is it's inability to reset 12 hr AMPM eevn tho the sttings show the 12 hrs time in the dialog15:42
zimba12BluesKaj: I don't think it's a problem with the panel15:43
zimba12I guess it's with ubuntu in general15:43
zimba12even date shows incorrect time15:43
BluesKajwell, I have to go for a while , maybe some one else has an idea about this ...BBL15:44
BluesKajmy panel clock is fine except for the 12 hr thing15:44
zimba12BluesKaj: thanks for the help, anyway15:50
javier__Hi. I'm in kubuntu 11.04 and have a problem with grub2: keyboard of my laptop doesnt work and can't choose between my different SO (I need to boot in windows) Any idea how to repair grub2? maybe reinstall?16:14
OerHeksjavier__, do you use an USB keyboard ?16:21
OerHeksjavier__, i misread, you use laptop :(16:22
akseyahello folks :)16:43
akseyai'm installing kubuntu 11.04 on my notebook, it is downloading a package at 88%16:44
akseyait says it will download in 234:11 .. i don't want to wait :(16:45
akseyaI tried to click on the X button on the side of the progressbar, but it had no effect16:45
akseyaalso, i have installed the same version on my desktopn yesterday, and it have already downloaded all packages, with scp i copied the files to /var/cache/apt/archives16:46
akseyahow can I cancel this download and install the package manually?16:46
akseyaok.. never mind, it finished16:50
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javier__my laptop's keyboard stopped working in grub 2 (kubuntu 11.04). Someone guess how to fix it?17:08
Daskreechjavier__: When does your keyboard kick in?17:12
Daskreechakseya: \o/17:12
hyper_chhmmmm, howdy.... how can I find out if an init.d script is being started at bootup with startup?17:14
akseyai'm updating the system using that packages I already downloaded ;).. what I think is strange is that kubuntu didn't recognize my Bluetooth USB token...17:14
akseyalets see after upgrade and reboot17:14
akseyahyper_ch: you could try installing rcconf17:15
javier__Daskreech: is the keyboard of my laptop, is inside17:15
akseyathen you can select which scripts you want to enable/disable at boot17:15
akseyajavier__: the problem is just with grub? after you boot, does it work?17:16
javier__akseya: right, later it works perfect17:16
javier__by the way: once I'm in kubuntu, can I go from here to my windows 7 somehow without using grub? (not restarting I mean)17:17
hyper_chakseya: it seems the latest upgrade did disabled statd from starting at bootup17:17
akseyajavier__: take a look at your bios setup, if USB keyboard is enabled17:17
hyper_chnot sure if that's a kubuntu ppa issue or an ubuntu one17:17
Daskreechhyper_ch: logs?17:17
javier__akseya: but is nothing related with USB keyboard, is the keyboard of my laptop17:18
Daskreechjavier__: Same suggestion as akseya. My USB keyboard wouldn't kick in till post Grub (and Bios) Was quite a nnoying17:18
akseyai know, but sometimes it is recognized as an USB device17:18
javier__akseya, Daskreech: so, you think that even is not an USB keyboard, enabling it in BIOS may fix it in grub?17:19
akseyajavier__: also, take a lok ad USB Legacy Support17:19
hyper_chDaskreech: http://pastebin.com/wYkBciWv17:19
akseyajavier__: yeap, i really believe that :)17:19
hyper_chDaskreech: it somewhat looks similar to this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nfs-utils/+bug/58194117:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 581941 in nfs-utils (Ubuntu Lucid) "statd does not start automatically when needed nor can be forced to start on boot (dup-of: 525154)" [Medium,Triaged]17:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 525154 in nfs-utils (Ubuntu Natty) "mountall for /var or other nfs mount races with rpc.statd" [High,Fix released]17:20
javier__ok, I will try :)17:20
Daskreechjavier__: something like that. :)17:20
hyper_chDaskreech: should I add my problems to that bug report? or rather the one that said it has a fix released?17:22
Daskreechhyper_ch: starting it manually works?17:24
hyper_chDaskreech: it did17:24
Daskreechupstart bug then?17:24
javier__akseya, Daskreech: there is nothing about USB keyboard in BIOS...17:24
hyper_chDaskreech: don't know.... it seems to have tried to start it17:25
Daskreechhyper_ch: file a bug and ask in #ubuntu-devel17:25
akseyajavier__: how about USB Legacy support?17:25
javier__akseya: what is that?17:25
javier__akseya: i'm in grub2, not legacy17:26
akseyalegacy support is something like " old suport"17:28
Daskreechjavier__: This isn't grub this is your BIOS17:28
javier__Daskreech: ok, i mistook because I was before with grub-legacy ;P17:29
Daskreechit can search for USB Input devices on start up  (And floopy drives etc) that delays how long it takes to be "ready"17:29
Peace-!repository | mauri17:30
ubottumauri: The packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories17:30
javier__Daskreech: and what could I do with that? could I make shorter that time?17:30
javier__well, thanks anyway. I don't have more time. Will try again tomorrow17:32
teo_hello, I recently switched off power management service in my KUBUNTU laptop due to a memory leak bug. Does anyone know how can I control screen brightness without power management services? I googled the issue but I could not find any working solutions.17:40
Lord^Anubislaptop-mode-tools ?17:42
Lord^Anubisthere should be a module that can control it for you; what kind of laptop?17:42
akseyadamn... i forgot about the screen brightness too.. i had to add something on my grub.cfg17:44
teo_laptop is HP probook 4710s with Kubuntu. The bug was a memory leak due to battery17:44
akseyaI formated my notebook and forgot to backup the conf :(17:44
teo_I never used laptop-mode-tools before... do you have a good url for tutorial?17:48
Lord^Anubishmm, i'm not too familar with kubuntu, but its always worked for me :/17:48
Lord^Anubis^ laptop-mode-tools17:49
Lord^Anubishmm, so i guess you need an alternate power management service17:51
Lord^Anubishmm, /proc/acpi/video/something/something/LCD/brightness should have your brightness level, but there should be a way to use some other utility like laptop-mode-tools or xbacklight http://linux.die.net/man/1/xbacklight17:56
Lord^Anubisteo_: first i'd probably just apt-get install laptop-mode-tools, and turn off that spin down setting for the hard drive18:01
Lord^Anubissee how it works?18:01
teo_thanks a lot... I will test it.18:04
Lord^Anubisand as with new modules, you may need to reboot.... or modprobe laptop-mode-tools18:05
madd0xHello,when im trying to run any exe with wine...nothing happend is open and after 1minute closing automaticly wht can i do or what happening?18:31
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Picimadd0x: #winehq is your best bet for wine questions.18:41
BlaXpiritHow come KSnapshot doesn't capture mouse cursor even though the checkbox indicates it should?18:46
soeehow can i uninstall plasmoid via console ?18:58
BlaXpiritplasmapkg -r xxxxxx18:59
BlaXpiritsoee: [forgot to mention u]18:59
BlaXpiritsoee: does it work?19:00
soeeBlaXpirit, no can find, maybe because iv compiled it from source :/19:01
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BlaXpiritwell, i got this from my "plasmoid reinstall sh script": plasmapkg -r name; plasmapkg -i name.zip19:04
BlaXpiritThere's probably no such thing as "install plasmoid from source" ... I just archive the thing and install it with "plasmapkg -i"19:05
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BlaXpiritOh well, I hate to say this, but Shutter is better :(19:32
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linux-beginner-hare there digikam 2.0 users?20:20
dant3hey guys20:23
linux-beginner-hI have the problem described in https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=26221220:23
ubottuKDE bug 262212 in Face Detection "Face recognition doesn't work" [Normal,Unconfirmed]20:23
dant3I'm using kubuntu for a long time already... but first time I can`t install it... I`m finishing with "(initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing a live file system". I tryed everything that I was found on forums about this, I even tryed cd`s with other distros but they all are having the same problem20:25
Daskreechdant3: fsck the system?20:26
Daskreechlinux-beginner-h: WHich version of Digikam?20:26
Daskreech oh 2.0 :)20:26
Daskreech MIght check in the #digikam chan?20:26
dant3Daskreech: you mean hdd? There is nothing to fsck yet20:26
linux-beginner-hDaskreech: no response from digikam :-)20:26
Daskreechdant3: It's not partitioned?20:27
dant3Daskreech: yep20:27
dant3Daskreech: brand new20:27
Daskreechlinux-beginner-h: Patience I suppose20:27
linux-beginner-hDaskreech:  I have a large image collection and tagging by hand is impossible :-)20:27
Daskreechdant3: Assigned a /dev/ file?20:27
Daskreechlinux-beginner-h: By which you mean tedious :)20:27
linux-beginner-hDaskreech:  yes :-)20:28
dant3Daskreech: i tryed to search for a /dev/ files for devices but there is nothing reasonable non for hdd, nor for cdrom. So I havent even live system booted, only initramfs with ash20:28
dant3Daskreech: maybe it`s not the point but it looks like windows installing well, I'm just started to install it and created a little partition for it20:29
Daskreechdant3: ls /dev/sd* gives you what?20:29
dant3Daskreech: there is no /dev/sd*20:30
crushpestdoes anybody know what the name of the side on the right side is: http://tinyurl.com/3faydq920:32
gomiboydant3: maybe your chipset isn't yet supported by the kernel... do you know which chipset is it? Or at least your motherboard model?20:34
BluesKajcrushpest, desktop widgets ?20:35
gomiboycrushpest: i think it's conky, but it's for gnome20:36
dant3gomiboy: Intel(R) H61 Express Chipset Family with Intel pci bridge20:37
Daskreechdant3: does it turn up in the BIOS?20:37
Daskreechcrushpest: conky?20:37
dant3gomiboy: I have a gigabyte PA65-UD3-B3 motherboard20:38
crushpestk i will look20:38
dant3Daskreech: I searched the bios, tryed to switch sata mode from ahci to ide but result is the same. can`t find something else related there20:39
Daskreechdant3: does it list the drive as a device in the BIOS?20:40
dant3Daskreech: yes, of course, I even able to install windows on this PC20:40
dant3Daskreech: witch means cdrom is working, hdd too, it have one little partition since now on (install is about to end)20:41
Daskreechdant3: hmm which version of Kubuntu ?20:46
dant3Daskreech: I tryed both 10.04 and 11.04 both i386 and amd64, tryed opensuse 11.4 and mageia 120:46
dant3Daskreech: also parted magic witch is a livecd linux system doesn`t boot with same symptoms20:48
Daskreechdant3: initramfs ?20:50
Daskreechdant3: can you disconnect the drive and see if they boot20:51
dant3Daskreech: yep20:51
dant3Daskreech: I tryed that too20:51
dant3Daskreech: I'm having a kernel panic after I'm trying to resume booting cause of unable to mount root system20:52
dant3Daskreech: I get the same if I will not disconnect the drive and just try to exit from shell to continue booting20:54
gomiboydant3: try to boot with a 11.10 cd: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/21:00
dant3just tryed Sabayon linux 5.4, it`s still the same, but sabayon pleased me to enter device name or shell for shell :)21:00
dant3gomiboy: ok21:01
Daskreechdant3: hmm21:06
Daskreechdant3: I'm going to go with your CD drive is not plugged in properly?21:06
dant3it looks like not only new PC is against linux, cause my connection witch is 2mbps is lacking at around 100kbps now21:09
dant3so I will have a long time for downloadiing21:10
dant3Daskreech: then how is that CD drive readed and installed windows system?21:10
linux-beginner-hDaskreech: do you know... if there is a replacement for digikam where face recognition is working?21:12
Daskreechlinux-beginner-h: well I know it uses a libface. Was that installed?21:13
Daskreechdant3: What's new on the PC?21:13
linux-beginner-hDaskreech: yes... libface and opencv are both installed21:13
dant3Daskreech: everything, from case to hdd21:14
linux-beginner-hDaskreech: face detection works fine... but face recognation does nothing21:14
dant3Daskreech: cpu, motherboard, graphical card, hdd, cdrom21:15
linux-beginner-hDaskreech: on the command line I receive the error "QImage::scaled: Image is a null image" which is also described in the bug21:15
Daskreechdant3: have You tried a daily?21:22
dant3Daskreech: gomiboy just told me to try, I'm downloading it atm21:22
Daskreechdant3: you are in Windows now I presume21:22
dant3Daskreech: yes, from the PC we are talking about, enjoying kde on windows :P21:23
BluesKajdant3, must be vastly improved for windows ...tried it a few yrs ago , it was brutal21:26
dant3BluesKaj: konversation, kopete, kget and amarok works well21:29
dant3BluesKaj: at least in a packaged compiled with VS200821:30
BluesKajok,  dant321:31
dant3BluesKaj: the only sad thing is that there are no plasma package, it compiles only with mingw iirc, but with mingw there are some problems with amarok21:31
Daskreechdant3: :-D21:32
DaskreechI've been trying to get KDE-edu on windows on the local schools21:32
dant3if I should have a choise between plasma and amarok on windows, I'm choosing amarok :)21:32
dant3Daskreech: our schools are using linux mostly from recent time21:33
Daskreechdant3: How did that come about?21:35
dant3Daskreech: it`s a government program of using opensource software at schools and state agencies21:37
DaskreechWhich policy is that?21:37
dant3Daskreech: there are Alt Linux for school21:38
Daskreechsounds good. Would love to get in touch with that Dept :)21:38
dant3Daskreech: don`t be so dreamer, I tryed Alt Linux, it`s awfull21:39
DaskreechOh I don't care that much about Alt Linux Ijust wanted to have a contact for someone in favour of a open policy for schools21:40
dant3Daskreech: it`s used cause it`s the only distro witch is a local for our country21:40
Daskreech I can work whatever Linux is needed into the policy21:40
Daskreechdant3: Well seems there is a simple solution to that problem :)21:40
dant3Daskreech: :)21:42
Daskreechdant3: Using the built indrivers for the Mobo?21:49
_dreamyhi, im having touble finding the update manager .. starting from the start menu21:50
_dreamybut my main issue is that id like to reset all the settings ive done ever since i installed "driconf" .. my pc started running alot slower after i installed and changed settings21:52
Daskreech_dreamy: uninstall driconf ?21:53
_dreamyDaskreech:  yes , and have all the setting ive changed , reset21:54
Daskreechsudo apt-get remove driconf --purge21:54
_dreamyk ty21:54
_dreamy_: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.22:02
_dreamy_anyone knows this error?22:02
mahdiI have Problem with gyachi massenger : this is output in terminal http://pastebin.com/acUCLDiF22:08
gomiboymahdi: so you get "ugly output"? :)22:10
mahdigomiboy ugly ?!22:11
mahdiin gyachi receive : could note connect to server . and in terminal this :http://pastebin.com/acUCLDiF22:12
gomiboymahdi: that's what you pasted says: expect ugly output... anyway, that all seems warnings, check you have ttf-dejavu installed, that's all i can say...22:15
mahdigomiboy no ... this package not installed .. wite to install this22:17
mahdiwait to install this ...22:17
Daskreech_dreamy: try apt-get update22:18
shane2peruhow can I rsync from wine directory to wine directory?  across lan??  rsync -avuz -e ssh user@domain:/home/user/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/app/ .wine/drive_c/Program Files/app/22:25
shane2peruI tried rsync options "user@domain:/home/user/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/app/" ".wine/drive_c/Program Files/app/"  and that didn't work either.22:26
shane2peruI threw in a backslash as recommended by another page, and nothing22:26
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shane2peruI know I have done this before, but can't seem to do it in a pinch22:26
gomiboyshane2peru: you mean user@PCNAME(or IP), not user@domain, right?22:30
shane2perugomiboy: right22:30
shane2perulife would be easier if Windows wasn't around. :)  I wouldn't have to worry about this Space in the directory name stuff.22:31
gomiboyshane2peru: then the command seems fine... what error do you get? Hehe the space isn't a big problem :)22:32
shane2perursync: link_stat "/home/shane/.wineTW/drive_c/Program" failed: No such file or directory (2)22:33
shane2perursync: link_stat "/home/shane/.wineTW/drive_c/Program" failed: No such file or directory (2)22:33
shane2perusame error, different command, I keep moving the quotes, and changed them to back quote, and added a slash in there nothing seems to work correctlly22:34
shane2perursync -avuz -e ssh shane@laptop:"/home/shane/.wineTW/drive_c/Program\ Files/The\ Word/Books/" "/home/shane/.wineTW/drive_c/Program Files/The Word/Books/"22:35
shane2peruok, that finally worked22:35
gomiboyshane2peru: mmm maybe that happened to me also... use quotes and back slash together, like: "Program\ Files"... there :)22:35
shane2perunotice I only used them for the remote host??  odd.22:36
shane2perusomething funny about remote and local host commands there.22:36
Daskreechshane2peru: you can use "" to capture the space22:42
Daskreechah you got it :)22:43
shane2peruDaskreech: right, got it, had to play around with it, how would I use that? ""  rsync -options user@pc:/home/user/directory" "name/  /home/user/directory" "name/  ??22:44
Daskreechno more like "directory name"22:46
Daskreechor if you prefer 'directory name'22:46
Daskreechdoing directory" "name would just give /home/user/directory across. the name would get dropped22:47
ssfdre38would Rsync copy file permissions when its used?23:13
nfrswhere do I start figuring out why I have no sound with pulseaudio?23:15
nfrsusing natty23:15
dant3Daskreech: ok, I'm writed DVD and will reboot to try it23:16
nfrseverything worked fine until I installed the pulse-related packages (as dependency for another package). now neither pulse, nor alsa works. furthermore, the only "audio device" I see is digital, whereas I use analog output23:16
Daskreechssfdre38: If you tell it to23:17
nfrstried #pulseaudio, they said I need to seek help here23:18
Fanghey can anybody tell me how i can join quakenet?23:18
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* Daskreech hugs valorie23:34
dant3_ok, it works now23:45
dant3_first time I got same error23:45
dant3_but then I went to bios and changes sata mode from ide to ahci23:46
dant3_and livecd booted well23:46
dant3_althrough slow23:46
dant3_thanks for helping23:50

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