lifelessmtaylor: hi ?00:16
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mtaylorhi lifeless00:34
lifelessmtaylor: what can I do for yo u?00:41
mtaylorlifeless: well, I was going to chat with you about the possibility of having branch links in bugs be able to point to external branches00:42
mtaylorlifeless: talked with thumper about it a little bit00:42
mtaylorlifeless: he indicated that it would not be trivial, which I kindof figured00:42
lifelessso the key thing is that we currently have two sorts of remote branch00:43
lifeless'imports' and 'mirrors'00:43
lifelessjelmer is -right now- nuking 'mirrors' so we will only have 'imports', which includs just-copy-a-bzr-branch00:43
lifelessI don't think we want 'a branch we know about but cannot read the data from'00:43
mtaylorare imports one-time imports?00:44
lifelessso it should be trivial - register the branch from your gerrit integration scripts, and reference it thereafter00:44
lifelessmtaylor: no00:44
mtaylorok. cool00:44
lifelessmtaylor: but tuning the import system to deal with branches that get deleted, and or have a way to massively dial back the probing when a branch goes quiet - those are good things in their own right00:44
mtayloryes. I imagine that they are - also probably dealing with rebases of those too, if you don't already00:45
lifelessI need to pop out for a quick grocery trip; will respond to anything more upon my return :)00:45
mtaylork. I'm good for now00:45
* wallyworld_ has to go and pick up dog. back soon00:47
lifelessrebasing should be fine00:48
lifeless-> gone00:48
lifelessmtaylor: oh there is something01:24
mtaylorlifeless: mmyesss?01:24
lifelessmtaylor: can you pull in the fd fix for the jenkins bazaar plugin ? I haven't gotten setup on git for that yet...01:25
mtaylorlifeless: it's already merged - I just need to release it01:25
lifelessmtaylor: ... Do....It....Please...?01:26
mtaylorlifeless: a) do you need me to give you push access on that? and b) have you tested the tree sufficiently so that you are satified with me releasing it?01:26
lifelessmtaylor: there are a couple others there too I think. Or maybe I'm thinking of platformlabeler01:26
mtaylorlifeless: I also added lightweight checkout support in the tree ...01:26
mtaylorbut haven't tested extensively01:26
lifelessmtaylor: I don't know if I do/don't have push access there. If I don't, I think I would probably be more useful with it...01:27
lifelessrbtcollins on github01:27
spmrbtcollins ?? Robert ... Bloody Terrific Collins?02:43
lifelessyes, yes indeed02:47
LPCIBotProject db-devel build #801: STILL FAILING in 6 hr 12 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/db-devel/801/02:50
LPCIBotProject devel build #965: STILL FAILING in 6 hr 29 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/965/03:59
StevenKlifeless: Still getting that oops rubbish05:07
StevenKlifeless: And wgrant hit it last night too05:07
StevenKHowever, my Storm release hit devel and it's stopped whinging about that at least05:08
lifelessthe oops thing is bizarre05:11
lifelessit should be temporary - I hope to have that oops stuff fully removed earliy next week05:11
StevenKlifeless: Can haz DB patch number?05:12
lifelessself service!05:14
StevenKI can do that?05:14
lifelessyou might like to refresh your memory, cause it has been changed ;)05:14
lifeless(and announced to tl's who were meant to point everyone at it :P)05:15
lifelesshttps://dev.launchpad.net/PolicyAndProcess/DatabaseSchemaChangesProcess#Patch ids05:15
lifelessis the specific bit you need05:15
StevenKlifeless: Oh, so, should I add some indinces to this patch?05:15
StevenKlifeless: (I'm adding SPN and BPN to SPPH and BPPH)05:16
lifelessyou'll need two patches05:18
lifelesssee https://dev.launchpad.net/PolicyAndProcess/DatabaseSchemaChangesProcess#Background05:18
lifeless(yes, we will almost certainly need some indices :P)05:18
StevenKI see that I can't do ALTER TABLE live05:19
lifelessadding the columns is a cold patch05:19
lifelessit will go in fastdowntime05:19
lifelessadding the indices is hot, so will get deployed after the downtime05:19
StevenKSo, I want -1 or something with the ADD COLUMN patch?05:20
lifelesshttps://dev.launchpad.net/Database/LivePatching has various bits of gory detail, but is still a work in progress05:20
lifelessyup, exactly.05:20
lifelessthen we deploy that, then a garbo job to migrate05:21
lifeless(ok, I'm telling you how to suck eggs... sorry :))05:23
StevenKI'll worry about indexes later05:24
lifelessis not generating an oops for me ><05:33
StevenKThen you broke it05:33
lifelessprethumably, but I have no idea how05:34
lifelessI hate how it fails by telling you a completely unrelated oops happened05:34
lifelessStevenK: this is for my useoops branch - ec2 found some tests [just tests so far] that I'd missed updating05:35
StevenKlifeless: https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/denorm-bspph/+merge/7130305:47
lifelesswe didn't test spph - things seemed fast on the source side anyhow05:47
lifeless(do we need it?)05:47
wgrantIt would be handy for overrides.05:48
wallyworld_StevenK: do you need to specify that those int columns are foreign keys?05:48
StevenK*shrug* It could go either way05:50
wallyworld_StevenK: imho, they should be specified as foreign keys for referential integrity but i'm sure a dba can provide definitive input05:56
wgrantNo reason for them not to be foreign keys, and they should be.05:57
wallyworld_StevenK: i won't claim the review since there's already 2 highly qualified people on the review list :-)05:57
lifelesswallyworld_: you couldn't be authoritative anyhow05:58
lifelesswallyworld_: db patches have a different review rule05:58
lifelessyes, they should be FK's05:59
StevenKlifeless: Done. So I need to wait until Monday?06:05
StevenKI suppose it can't land until FDT anyway06:05
lifelessyou can land it when its reviewed (on db-devel as all schema patches do)06:05
lifelesswe'll deploy it as soon as we can06:05
StevenKAnd then how it does flow back into devel?06:06
lifelessif things are merged up, cherrypick merge.06:10
lifelessare *not* merged up06:10
lifelesscherrypick merge06:10
lifelessif they are merged up, a regular merge06:10
lifelessto be merged up, all that is on db-devel before the thing being deployed must be also deployed.06:10
spmheya jelmer06:27
lifelessok, tests fixed. \o/06:28
lifelessStevenK: want to do an incremental review of test fixups ? I would say 'no' if I were you ;)06:28
StevenKFine, no :-P06:29
lifelesswoot, lp-land time!06:30
StevenKAsk wallyworld_ :-P06:30
lifelessmeh, its all the same mechanical stuff you saw before06:31
lifelesswith some do-it-the-easy way stuff for extra credit06:31
lifeless(actually, I'm ec2 landing, cause i don't want a broken trunk on friday evening, but bah)06:31
lifelessargh, I want bandwidth. sob.06:34
lifelessUsing saved parent location: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/devel/06:34
lifeless   983kB     2kB/s / Fetching revisions:Inserting stream:Estimate 688/117406:34
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adeuringgood morning07:44
jelmerhi adeuring07:54
adeuringhi jelmer!07:54
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wgrant2011-08-11 10:38:53 WARNING public.spn_lookup not in calculated lpmain replication set. Update *_SEED in replication/helpers.py08:07
wgrantlifeless: ^^ is that you?08:07
wgrantlifeless: Caused the staging full-update to blow up, although the appserver came back OK.08:07
LPCIBotProject db-devel build #802: STILL FAILING in 5 hr 17 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/db-devel/802/08:07
StevenKThat would be lifeless, yes08:08
lifelesswgrant: heh, ><08:10
lifelesswgrant: today?08:10
lifelessthat temp table had hung around08:10
wgrantlifeless: Around 10am.08:10
wgrantMaybe more 11am.08:10
wgrantMy time.08:11
lifelessdropped it now08:11
wgrantWe'll see in 16 hours if it worked.08:12
wgrantReally need to turn off those jobs.08:12
wgrantThe topic is a bit more German than usual.08:13
LPCIBotYippie, build fixed!08:24
LPCIBotProject db-devel build #803: FIXED in 16 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/db-devel/803/08:24
* StevenK kicks Jenkins. In the face.08:26
lifelessStevenK: \o/08:27
StevenKsuccessful: lp.buildmaster.tests.test_manager.TestBuilddManagerScript.testBuilddManagerRuns08:28
StevenK[67994.667699] Out of memory: kill process 13032 (xvfb-run) score 198282 or a child08:29
StevenKNot much I can do about the OOM killer08:29
wgrantStevenK: How big is the instance?08:31
StevenKc1.xlarge, 2Gb of RAM08:32
wgrantjelmer: Did you see the odd failure on https://code.launchpad.net/~doko/gcc/4.6?08:55
jelmerwgrant, the database one?08:59
wgrantSays it took an hour, but there's only two minutes and a timeout in the log.09:00
jelmerhmm, that's odd indeed09:02
bigjoolsStevenK, wgrant: did one of you upgrade the schema on DF?09:13
wgrantNot I.09:13
bigjoolsI wanted to do my new patch myself so I could note how long it took.  I guess I can;t now.  >:(09:13
wgrantDF is invalid. Use staging.09:13
wgrantPatch number?09:14
bigjoolswell also if staging actually told me how long it took that'd be nice09:14
bigjoolsDF is not invalid.  It's always slower.09:14
bigjoolsah it's in the l-d-r table09:15
wgrantIt is.09:15
bigjoolsforgot about that, I was hunting logs09:15
wgrantIt's also not on staging yet.09:16
wgrantWill be in 10ish hours.09:16
wgrantThe last few updates failed because lifeless was a bad person.09:16
bigjoolsit is on staging09:16
bigjoolswas on staging yesterday09:16
wgrantOh, right, it applies the patches before it crashes.09:17
wgrantJust doesn't print the times.09:17
bigjoolswhich is.... not  useful09:17
wgrantBut you can still get the timing from there, since you have access.09:17
bigjoolsyes, but most people can't09:22
bigjools"Bad magic number" ... I hate pyc files09:24
lifelesswgrant: was not09:24
lifelesswgrant: the script considers *temporary* tables09:24
lifelesswgrant: thats a bug :)09:24
wgrantlifeless: That was a temp table?09:26
wgrantOh, right, I remember we had this problem a while ago.09:26
wgrantGuess we should check relistemp.09:27
lifelesswgrant: yes, 'create temp table spn...'09:27
wgrantBah, oops fail.09:29
wgrantAh, no, unrelated.09:29
wgrantlifeless: Ah, temp tables were fixed in security.py, but replication.helpers says this:09:36
wgrant    # Ignore any tables and sequences starting with temp_. These are09:36
wgrant    # transient and not to be replicated per Bug #778338.09:36
_mup_Bug #778338: restartable multitablecopier interacts badly with replication and upgrade operations <qa-untestable> <Launchpad itself:Fix Released by stub> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/778338 >09:36
wgrantIt doesn't check properly.09:36
wgrantShould probably use the same pg_table_is_visible check that security.py has.09:38
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gmballenap: Is bug 812583 QAable?09:53
_mup_Bug #812583: IndexError in add_template_values in loggerhead annotate <loggerhead> <oops> <qa-needstesting> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by allenap> <loggerhead:Fix Committed by pr0gg3d> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/812583 >09:53
* allenap looks09:53
allenapgmb: Yeah, probably :) I'll give it a go now.09:54
gmballenap: Thanks09:57
LPCIBotProject devel build #966: STILL FAILING in 6 hr 2 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/966/10:01
allenapgmb: Do you know how I get a branch into qastaging?10:03
StevenKallenap: You beg a LOSA10:03
gmballenap: Sodomy non sapiens, I'm afraid.10:03
StevenKOr land it via stable :-)10:04
allenapStevenK: Ah, oops, I was unclear. I mean, I want a branch to be available in codehosting in qastaging.10:05
StevenKOh, that use.10:05
gmballenap: Also, does bug 796669 actually need QAing since it's a testing-related issue?10:09
_mup_Bug #796669: The lp.registry.distroseriesdifferences_details module (javascript) is very hard to test. <derivation> <qa-needstesting> <tech-debt> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by rvb> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/796669 >10:09
allenaprvba: ^10:09
rvbaallenap: gmb I'm on it.10:10
gmballenap, rvba: Ah, sorry, yes. I forgot that "person who filed the bug" != "person who fixed it"10:11
danilosmatsubara, hi, I find that OOPS from bug 690568 doesn't really match up well with what the bug describes — do you have any idea what might be going on?10:23
allenapDoes anyone know how I can create a revision without a commit message? bzr forbids.10:41
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StevenKallenap: -m " " ?10:48
allenapStevenK: I needed a properly empty revision for QA.10:48
allenapStevenK: I've done it now; wgrant suggesting bzrlib directly, which was quite straightforward with the help of Google.10:50
StevenKallenap: Indeed, I saw, since IRC is good like that. :-)10:50
=== babune is now known as vila
bigjoolsStevenK, wgrant: IArchive.getPublishedSources() doesn't use a default status.  This seems dangerous to me, I am tempted to make it default to PUBLISHED.  Thoughts?11:13
=== henninge is now known as henninge-lunch
danilosadeuring, hi, I've got a short branch up for review https://code.launchpad.net/~danilo/launchpad/bug-728220/+merge/7134311:38
wgrantbigjools: PUBLISHED is dangerous.11:38
wgrantbigjools: [PUBLISHED, PENDING] is necessary but dangerous unless you're sure that you're expecting it.11:39
wgrantNothing is safe.11:39
wgrantSo there is no sane default.11:39
bigjoolswell with a method called getPublishedSources, you'd expect published sources, no? :)11:39
bigjoolspending is assumed to be returned anyway11:40
wgrantPublished, published, or published?11:40
wgrantThere are three definitions.11:40
wgrantCurrently published.11:40
wgrantAnd having been published.11:40
bigjoolsI don't expect superseded sources11:40
bigjoolsthat's the dangerous part11:40
wgrantLet me guess.11:40
wgrantYou initialised a distroseries with the parents' entire history?11:41
bigjoolsdefine "you"11:41
bigjoolsbut yes11:41
bigjoolsand does explain the IDS script memory usage11:41
bigjoolsto some extent anyway11:41
wgrantNot entirely, but it goes some way.11:41
bigjoolsI still think defaulting to (pending, published) is right11:42
bigjoolscasual users will get a big surprise11:48
adeuringdanilos: I'll look11:50
danilosadeuring, thanks11:51
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bachi adeuring -- how goes the battle?11:52
adeuringmorning bac, I must admit that I did not do many reviews this morning11:53
wgranthenninge-lunch: Considering a deployment today?11:53
jelmerwow, the deployments are daily now?11:53
wgrantjelmer: We've been doing around 1.5 a day lately.11:53
jelmerthat's really exciting.11:53
wgrantWe can even deploy codehosting without downtime now, although it's slow so we don't do it normally.11:54
wgrantThis leaves librarian, ftpmaster and poppy as the only downtime services.11:54
wgrantAnd librarian will be fixed in a week or two.11:54
wgrantAnd we can fix ftpmaster now.11:55
wgrantSo we are just about fully nodowntime.11:55
adeuringdanilos: the branch looks good. Just one question: did you consider to treat something like SELECT 'a''b'? Not really important to fix the bug, I assume, but anyway...11:57
bacadeuring: i'm starting on jtv's branch12:01
adeuringbac: ok12:01
danilosadeuring, I didn't bother spending too much time considering the queries in OOPSes are all very "standard"12:04
danilosadeuring, I was also thinking about escaped quotes, but they can't show up in what we care about most, so no big deal12:05
adeuringdanilos: right, so r=me.12:05
danilosadeuring, thanks12:06
danilosbigjools, wgrant: how do I make a PPA private on staging? (I want to do it for https://qastaging.launchpad.net/~danilo/+archive/epiphany so I can get a fresh OOPS for bug 690568)12:07
=== henninge-lunch is now known as henninge
henningewgrant: had not thought of that yet but sure ;-)12:20
bigjoolsdanilos: you need to be a commercial admin and you need an empty PPA12:37
henningewgrant: requested ;)12:38
bigjoolsI can do it for you if you give me an empty one12:38
danilosbigjools, oh, so a new one needs to be created? sure thing, just a minute12:38
danilosbigjools, https://qastaging.launchpad.net/~danilo/+archive/empty12:39
bigjoolsdanilos: done12:40
danilosbigjools, thanks12:40
StevenKadeuring, bac: Which of you two wants to review a massive-oversized mostly-scripted branch?13:00
bacStevenK: wow, you're a salesman at heart13:01
adeuringStevenK: I'll look13:01
bacStevenK: i'm in the middle of a mildly oversized branch ATM13:01
adeuringbut let me finish another review first13:01
StevenKadeuring: I will owe you at least one beer, possibly more. It's 4,701 lines.13:01
bacStevenK: so you'll be next whichever one of us getst there first13:01
* adeuring runs awy13:02
adeuringnah, it's fine13:02
bacStevenK: that is 6 times the limit, so i think you'd owe him at least five beers13:02
StevenKIt's only 5.9 times the limit, so 4.9 :-P13:03
gmbwgrant: If you're still around: is your fix for bug 824368 QAable?13:07
_mup_Bug #824368: security.py takes 6 seconds per DB <qa-needstesting> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by wgrant> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/824368 >13:07
wgrantgmb: The next (not current) staging update will do it.13:07
gmbwgrant: Okay, thanks.13:08
wgrantBut it's on db-devel, so nobody should care...13:08
gmbAh, fair point.13:08
gmbWe should have a qa-yeahwhatever tag.13:08
StevenKYou tag it like that and see what the tagger does.13:08
StevenKIt would be amusing.13:08
daniloswow, we've got 73 bugs that are fix committed in launchpad-project13:12
danilos(well, bug tasks, but still)13:12
gmbdanilos: Indeed. I'm trying to drive down the QA list to the point where we can roll a bunch of those out.13:34
bigjoolsdid someone break devel?13:52
matsubaradanilos, for some time we had a duplicationa on oops prefixes and then got oopses with the same oops id13:52
danilosbigjools, I believe check-db-revisions is not running anymore, try 'make schema' first14:02
danilosmatsubara, oh, so you think this is just an old one (i.e. no need to worry about them still being overwritten like this)?14:03
matsubaradanilos, I'll double check, but I think it's been fixed and this is one of the old cases14:05
danilosmatsubara, excellent, thanks14:05
bigjoolsdanilos: it failed in ec214:06
bigjoolsbut thanks for reminding me about that :)14:06
LPCIBotProject devel build #967: STILL FAILING in 4 hr 5 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/967/14:07
LPCIBotYippie, build fixed!14:20
LPCIBotProject devel build #968: FIXED in 12 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/968/14:20
abentleyadeuring or bac: could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/launchpad/push-creates-package/+merge/71366 ?14:22
adeuringabentley: I need to finish another review; when that is finished, I'll have a look14:23
abentleyadeuring: thanks.14:24
matsubaradanilos, just checked and we have only one config with oops_prefix: C in the configs branch. If I remember correctly that's the generic prefix used and have been changed to the REPORTIFSEEN on loganberry14:28
matsubaraif you spot an oops redirecting to the wrong oops report, let me know14:29
bacadeuring: i can do abentley's review unless you've already started14:42
adeuringbac: I was just now going to start it :) I'll do it14:42
bacadeuring: ok14:42
rvbamatsubara: Hi, looks like my branch (about improving the JS of the reports) made it into db-stable. Just to give you a heads up :).14:45
=== micahg_ is now known as micahg
matsubarathanks rvba14:47
matsubararvba, the ppr branch is now on r10890.14:49
rvbamatsubara: great, do you know how often the report generation script runs?14:52
matsubararvba, we have a couple of lines in the crontab. did you change only the ppr or the ppr and the dbr?14:54
matsubarain any case here's the crontab lines:14:55
matsubararvba, https://pastebin.canonical.com/51172/14:55
rvbaOnly the ppr.14:55
matsubaraso basically, once a day for the ppr and more often for the dbr14:55
matsubaraI'll kick a run of the ppr script now so you can try things. give a sec14:56
rvbaThanks a lot!14:56
adeuringabentley: overall, a nice branch. The only thing that puzzled me was that you had to add the valid_name() call to SourcePackageNameSet.new(). I understand that it is necessary -- but where and how was the validity check done before?15:09
abentleyadeuring: There's a check constraint on the database, but I wanted to get a more specific exception than the database one.15:10
adeuringabentley: ah, ok. thanks. So, no conflicts, I assume. r=me15:10
abentleyadeuring: thanks.15:11
matsubararvba, hey, I didn't forget about you. script is still running. I'll ping you when it finishes15:27
rvbathanks matsubara15:28
cjwatsonadeuring,bac: can either of you review https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/meta-lp-deps/new-apt/+merge/71386 ?15:39
adeuringcjwatson: sure, I'll look15:40
cjwatsonI don't know the process for actually getting that into the PPA, although it seems to involve recipes15:47
adeuringcjwatson: the diff against devel is huge...15:50
adeuringcjwatson: never mind15:51
adeuringcjwatson: r=me.15:55
cjwatsonadeuring: thanks.  can you land it?  I don't have access15:56
adeuringcjwatson: sure15:56
cjwatson(it'll need to have UNRELEASED replaced with the appropriate series in debian/changelog, of course)15:56
cjwatson(if you'd like me to do that, tell me which series to use)15:56
bigjoolsallenap: ta for the tracer advice15:59
bigjoolsI guessed it might be pebkac15:59
allenapbigjools: That wasn't pebkac. It's hairy code in there; the stuff in checkwatches took a long time to get right.16:01
bigjoolsallenap: that points to a bigger problem then16:02
adeuringcjwatson: i think natty would appropriate16:02
allenapbigjools: Indeed. But I am not going down there until our feet start punching holes in the floorboards.16:04
bigjoolsallenap: or fists in walls :)16:04
allenapHehe :)16:05
danilosadeuring, bac: I've put a branch up for review, I'm leaving but would appreciate a review: https://code.launchpad.net/~danilo/launchpad/bug-690568/+merge/7139416:09
danilosthanks :)16:09
bigjoolsallenap: hah, it's timing out the txn now of course.16:09
adeuringdanilos: I'm quite close to EOD/EOW too ;)16:10
* allenap experiences schadenfreude16:10
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mtaylorhow come I have to have direct team membership to have PPA access?16:36
mtaylorI'd think that being a member of a team that owned a team would give me access to the PPA of that team16:36
mtaylorteam team team16:36
bigjoolsmtaylor: that should work, what error are you getting?16:39
bigjoolsallenap: yay, trace at last16:39
mtaylorbigjools: Signer has no upload rights to this PPA.16:39
allenapbigjools: Woohoo \o/16:39
bigjoolsmtaylor: can you confirm it's signed with the right key?16:39
mtaylorbigjools: to be specific - I am a member of the owning team, and I was also a direct member, and then we deactivated my direct membership  - just in case that has something to do with it16:40
mtaylorbigjools: yes - when I reactivated my direct membership, it worked again16:40
bigjoolsyou'd better file a bug then16:40
mtaylorbigjools: okie!16:41
bigjoolsmatsubara: I have got an OOPS file on dogfood, how do I turn it into a lovely web page that analyses repeated and long queries?16:42
bigjoolsmtaylor: sorry man :(16:42
matsubarabigjools, it should appear in the lp-oops.c.c. isn't that working?16:43
bigjoolsmatsubara: it's a dogfood oops, so I doubt that :)16:44
matsubarait's supposed to work. what's the oops id?16:44
SpamapSHi! So, I need to have a distribution renamed... apparently this is not doable through LP's admin interface...16:44
matsubarabigjools, I think we need to ask the losas to sync dogfood oopses to devpad16:46
bigjoolsmatsubara: or can I just poke the tools on DF and run them there?16:49
bigjoolsI only want it for  a single oops16:49
bigjoolsor is it not that easy?16:49
bigjoolsI don't mind syncing them to devpad16:49
bigjoolsSpamapS: it's not16:51
nigelbGerman topic?17:04
matsubarabigjools, not that easy. syncing would be easier and would set things up for the same in the future17:04
bigjoolsmatsubara: ok, I guess we need an RT17:05
bigjoolsmatsubara: can you copy this single oops for me for now?17:05
matsubarabigjools, I'll file the rt. yep, could you copy it to devpad and I'll try to load it into lp-oops.c.c17:06
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cjwatsonbac: I've done as adeuring asked above for https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/meta-lp-deps/new-apt/+merge/71386 - would you be able to land it?17:24
baccjwatson: sure17:25
cjwatsonexcellent, thanks17:25
baccjwatson: in just a bit17:25
cjwatson(and presumably kick off the recipe build or whatever it is)17:26
cjwatsonhttps://dev.launchpad.net/LaunchpadPpa#launchpad-dependencies looks wrong to me, seeing as recent builds seem to have been done by way of a recipe17:27
cjwatsonhttps://code.launchpad.net/~launchpad/+recipe/meta-lp-deps-on-demand looks relevant17:30
baccjwatson: i'll get the branch landed...the recipe stuff i'll have to figure out17:31
cjwatsonI guess that ought to be triggered on commit?17:31
cjwatsonor daily, anyway17:31
baccjwatson: did abel just ask for some changes on IRC?17:33
cjwatson16:56 <cjwatson> (it'll need to have UNRELEASED replaced with the appropriate series in debian/changelog, of course)17:34
cjwatson16:56 <cjwatson> (if you'd like me to do that, tell me which series to use)17:34
cjwatson17:02 <adeuring> cjwatson: i think natty would appropriate17:34
cjwatsonso yeah, I did that17:34
cjwatsonotherwise he just said 16:55 <adeuring> cjwatson: r=me.17:35
baccjwatson: ok, thanks, i wasn't sure if that was what you were referring to17:35
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baccjwatson: were you suggesting the instructions around step 11 of https://dev.launchpad.net/LaunchpadPpa#launchpad-dependencies are incorrect?  with the recipe build, the branch only needs to be pushed up?17:47
bachi sinzui, could you tell me if the instructions for uploading to meta-lp-deps as shown here are still correct:  https://dev.launchpad.net/LaunchpadPpa#launchpad-dependencies ?  i see you've done commits to that branch lately.17:52
sinzuibac: Those instructions look correct, but I see a recipe is setup to build it https://code.launchpad.net/~launchpad/+recipe/meta-lp-deps-on-demand18:04
bacsinzui: correct.  so due to the recipe, which steps can i skip?18:05
sinzuibac: 1-1218:06
sinzuiError you would have seen in steps 1-12 will be sent to you via email18:07
bacsinzui: so i just push the branch then?  and it gets signed by LP?18:10
bacsinzui: is it an issue that i'm pushing up a branch for cjwatson and he is listed as the changer in the changelog?18:11
sinzuibac, no it is not an issue18:12
bacthanks sinzui.  i'll update that wiki page now.18:13
sinzuibac: the package is signed by you I believe. I may be mistaken and it is signed by the owner of the ppa18:13
baccjwatson: done.  waiting for it to build.18:20
timrcanyone know off hand how you can express " Use all Ubuntu components available." with the addArchiveDependency API call? it seems that the default behavior (no specifying a component or specifying None) is the equivalent to "Use the same components used for each source in the Ubuntu primary archive."18:22
baccjwatson: it *looks* happy: https://code.launchpad.net/~launchpad/+recipe/meta-lp-deps-on-demand18:40
cjwatsonbac: excellent, thank you - I'll update the corresponding RT ticket in a bit18:49
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lifelessgrr race conditions on landing :(19:39
lifelessanyone around ?20:32
lifelessI need a sanity check, I think we have a subtley broken test.20:32
* lifeless wishes for a highlight-all facility to ping folk :P20:33
lifelesssinzui: are you still around ?20:36
sinzuilifeless, yes20:44
lifelesssinzui: can you please follow the reproduction instructions on https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/82548620:45
_mup_Bug #825486: testPartnerUploadToNonReleaseOrProposedPocket is incorrectly passing <Launchpad itself:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/825486 >20:45
=== bac changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: Das Thema für #launchpad-dev ist: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: - | Critical bugs: 238 - 0:[#######=]:256
sinzuilifeless, my error is very similar: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'write'20:51
lifelesssinzui: great, thanks.20:52
lifelesstest disabling will happen with the landing of my useoops branch (2nd landing)20:52
lifelessStevenK: you know that test I asked about which you said I must have broken? Nope. Broken in trunk.20:56
abentleylifeless: I have a change to codehosting that I'll be landing soon.  What the current deployment story?20:59
lifelesswe can do a nearly-no-downtime20:59
lifelessbut its on request, not part of the default nodowntime set21:00
lifelessbecause of losa overhead basically - got to wait an hour or so for connections to drop off, and usually have to manually kill the daemon (because of tarmac and similar htings that are holding open persistent connections)21:00
lifelessbug 819604: reconnect when connection drops21:01
lifelessbug 795025: allow admins to ask the server to close the connection21:01
lifelessafter it finishes the current request21:01
lifelessbug 824797: drop connections that have been idle for a while21:01
_mup_Bug #795025: no way to gracefully disconnect clients and shut down the bzr server <canonical-losa-lp> <hpss> <launchpad> <ssh> <Bazaar:Confirmed> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/795025 >21:01
_mup_Bug #824797: bzr serve doesn't drop idle/dead connections <hpss> <serve> <Bazaar:Confirmed> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/824797 >21:01
_mup_Bug #819604: when an idle ssh transport is interrupted, bzrlib errors; should reconnect instead <error-reporting> <hpss> <launchpad> <ssh> <Bazaar:Confirmed for mbp> <Bazaar 2.1:Confirmed> <Bazaar 2.2:Confirmed> <Bazaar 2.3:Confirmed> <Bazaar 2.4:Confirmed> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/819604 >21:01
lifelessabentley: we do have two instances though, so short lived connections - normal operations - are not inconvenienced at all21:02
lifelessabentley: once a server is in quiesce mode haproxy no longer sends traffic to it21:02
abentleylifeless: I've updated the internal xmlrpc server to emit a new type of fault in rare circumstances.  Do you think that would break a nodowntime deployment?21:03
lifelessabentley: I don't know :). What happens if the existing codehosting server runs against the new xmlrpc server ?21:03
lifeless(and that fault gets emitted)21:04
abentleylifeless: I think you'll get an ugly error about an unexpected fault.21:04
lifelessabentley: the new fault only occurs in a subset of situations that would previously fault differently though, right ?21:04
lifelessabentley: its not 'something that worked now doesn't', its 'something that didn't work fails differently'21:05
abentleylifeless: Yes.  Specifically, when you try to push to a sourcepackage branch that doesn't exist, using an invalid name.21:05
lifelessyeah, I thought that was the branch you were referring to21:05
lifelessso, I wouldn't halt the nodowntime deployment to appservers for this.21:05
lifelessbut I would expedite the deploy of the updated fault handling code to codehosting21:06
abentleylifeless: okay, so after landing, we can do a low-downtime deployment.21:06
lifelessyes - land, nodowntime as normal, then a codehosting specific deploy.21:06
abentleylifeless: btw, the relative import works fine on Canonistack's lucid instance.21:11
lifelessgood to know21:11
lifelessGot to be some subtle difference between python versions :(21:12
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