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RhondaHey, who can I bug about a but in bug-watch-updater? :)08:11
Rhondabug-watch-updater changes a debian bug to "Fix Released" even though when the bug was closed unversioned in Debian - which means that it's either not a bug or invalid.08:12
wgrantRhonda: Is that a valid assumption now?08:13
wgrantWhen it was written, there was no version tracking :)08:13
micahgbug 701186 is similar, but not the same08:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 701186 in Launchpad itself "Bugwatcher reported wrong status for 'wontfix' debian bug" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70118608:16
Rhondawgrant: It's valid as long as noone does stupid things. ;)08:28
wgrantThat's *not* a valid assumption :(08:28
RhondaTo understand my statement better, I do regularly go through wrongly closed bugreports which hinder getting them archived in Debian, so …  "in theory" it's a valid assumption.08:29
RhondaIt just made me jump that one of my bugreports got marked as "Fix Released" when I was sure that it was an invalid bugreport in the first place.08:30
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idnarI would say it's valid when the status of the bug in the Debian BTS is correct11:06
idnarand if you're going to assume that it's not correct, then obviously you can't rely on any information at all11:07
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mrjazzcatbac: Do I need a LOSA to set the Release Manager for a commercial subscription project?  Can't find a link for that on ...project/trunk14:48
bacmrjazzcat: what project?14:48
mrjazzcatbac: https://launchpad.net/ness/trunk -- Want to set RM to Albert Stone ~ahs314:49
* bac looks14:49
bacmrjazzcat: next to "Release Manager" do you see the little pencil icon?14:50
mrjazzcatbac: no14:50
mrjazzcatbac:  perhaps I setup the empty branch wrong.14:50
bacmrjazzcat: i can edit and set the RM for you.  i'm surprised you cannot.14:51
mrjazzcatbac: I do have peon powers, after all ;-)14:52
bacmrjazzcat: but you are in pmteam, no14:53
mrjazzcatbac:  Yes, I certainly hope so14:53
bacmrjazzcat: :)  -- the RM has been set14:53
mrjazzcatbac:  Thanks.  I'll go double check that I'm in pmteam, but I can't imagine I could do anything without that.14:54
mrjazzcatbac:  have a great day14:54
bacthanks mrjazzcat14:54
LaneyI asked this the other day but got no reply: Do packages have to be in the Ubuntu primary archive to be able to have PPU uploaders set?16:10
bigjoolsLaney: PPU?16:45
Laneyper package uploader16:46
bigjoolsand bac, are you asleep?16:46
bigjoolsLaney: yes, you can't set an upload permission for a non-existent package16:46
LaneyI mean, is being in a PPA enough?16:46
LaneyI don't know if this is the right terminology, but does that create a SPPH record? Is that what it needs?16:47
bigjoolsLaney: it has to be in the archive that you want to set the upload permission for16:47
Laneyok then, thanks16:47
bigjoolsLaney: I see what you're driving at - this is a known bug I think, it was filed the other day16:48
bigjoolsnot sure how to get around it16:48
LaneyI think I remember hearing that you could upload to a PPA and then add PPU bits16:48
bigjoolsLaney: that *might* work.16:48
bigjoolsI've never tested it16:48
Laneyno I'm not asking for any particular fix, just wondering what the situation is16:48
Laneywgrant: since you know everything, do you know this? :-)16:49
bigjoolsLaney: I think it will work - LP just needs to know that the package exists16:52
bigjoolshaving checked the code... :)16:53
Laneythanks then, now I get to ask the TB to implement this change16:53
Laney(this is #562451 :P)16:54
mpoirierWhen uploading a kernel ppa to my project page, the process hangs after the kernel.tar.gz was tranferred - can someone help ?17:17
mpoirierbac: ping17:18
bachi mpoirier17:18
mpoirierbac: the header claims you're hte guy to talk to...17:18
bacmpoirier: yep17:18
bacwhat's up?17:19
mpoirierbac: cool17:19
mpoirierI'm trying to get my kernel ppa to https://launchpad.net/~linaro-landing-team-ste/+archive/st-ericsson-u8500-public/+packages17:19
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mpoirierbac: the command dput ppa:mathieu.poirier/st-ericsson-u8500-public linux-ux500_2.6.38-1001.5_source.changes17:19
mpoirierhangs after the kernel got tranferred.17:19
mpoirierbac: ood signature on /home/mpoirier/work/linaro/lag/linux-ux500_2.6.38-1001.5.dsc.17:19
mpoirierUploading to ppa (via ftp to ppa.launchpad.net):17:19
mpoirier  Uploading linux-ux500_2.6.38-1001.5.dsc: done.17:19
mpoirier  Uploading linux-ux500_2.6.38-1001.5.tar.gz: 98274k/98275k17:19
mpoirierbac: it's stuck there and won't move.17:20
mpoirierbac: can you help me ?17:20
bacmpoirier: i can try17:20
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bacmpoirier: this has failed repeatedly the same way?17:22
mpoirieryes, repeatedly.17:22
mpoirierI'm thinking that if it was releated to permissions, the dsc file would be rejected...17:23
bacmpoirier: let me see if i can find some answers for you.17:23
mpoirierbac: very cool.17:23
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bacmpoirier: the log files look as if the upload succeeded.  are you certain it didn't?18:21
mpoirierbac: All I'm certain of is that I don't get a prompt back.18:22
mpoirierbac: it hangs there...18:22
mpoirierbac: did all the files make it ?18:22
DarxusIs there a tutorial that will tell me the basics of launchpad lib so I can repeat what is done here?  http://ftagada.wordpress.com/2011/01/05/ppa-stats-initial-impressions/18:27
DarxusSomething that starts with "run the command 'python'" would probably be good.18:27
DarxusI'm reading https://help.launchpad.net/API/launchpadlib18:28
DarxusBut it there seems to be a gap between the two, so I run python, load launchpadlib, and type "ppa", and it doesn't work.18:28
bachi darxus18:29
DarxusIt should not be so much freaking work just to see if anybody's using my packages :)18:30
bacDarxus: actually you're probably very close18:33
bacthe blog entry you referenced takes some shortcuts18:33
bacthey show the use of a ppa object but don't show how they got it.  'ppa' isn't a command, in there example it is an object18:33
bacyou can look you your ppas via the 'ppas' method on a person object18:34
DarxusI suspected something like that.18:34
DarxusAhh, thanks.18:34
bacDarxus: so you could do18:34
bacppa = lp.me.ppas[0]18:34
bacwhere 'lp' is your launchpad object18:35
bacDarxus: does that make sense?18:35
DarxusAlmost, trying...18:35
DarxusCan I do that without authenticating in launchpadlib?18:36
baci doubt it18:36
bacyou certainly can't refer to the lp.me object18:36
bacDarxus: here's a tip: the package ubuntu-dev-tools has a script called 'lp-shell' and it is great for interactively playing with launchpadlib18:37
bacit'll log you in and give you a lp object right off the bat18:37
DarxusAhh, good, thanks.18:37
bacyou have to do the authentication dance the first time, of course18:38
bacanyway, ping me here if you have more questions.  be sure to use my nick though or i might not notice18:38
DarxusAuthentication seems to be failing because lynx isn't providing a referer.  Don't see anything related in my .lynxrc.18:41
DarxusAh, system wide default.  Ugh.18:42
DarxusHuh, I verified through my own webserver logs that lynx is reporting a referrer, but I'm still getting "Launchpad requires a REFERER header to perform this action. There is no REFERER header present. This can be caused by configuring your browser to block REFERER headers."18:50
DarxusChanged my browser to links and that can't even get past the login prompt.18:53
Darxus>>> ppa18:56
Darxus<archive at https://api.edge.launchpad.net/1.0/~darxus/+archive/autopano-sift-c>18:56
DarxusHad to resort to running lp-shell locally, which used chrome instead of text browsers.18:57
DarxusNameError: name 'binary_package_publishing_history' is not defined19:04
DarxusWhere do I get that from?19:04
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DarxusAnd how do I get to a ppa that I don't own, specifically https://launchpad.net/~spamassassin/+archive/spamassassin-daily ?19:06
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bachi Darxus:19:17
bacDarxus: you can get the object for 'spamassassin' and then get their ppas19:18
bacDarxus: http://paste.ubuntu.com/664467/19:18
* Darxus screams.19:24
DarxusI was trying to do something like that... this example didn't have the quotes, and apparently that matters:  "    team = launchpad.people[team]19:24
Darxus" from https://help.launchpad.net/API/Examples19:24
lifelessDarxus: you will get better response from the non-edge servers19:25
DarxusI don't know what an edge or non-edge server is in this context.19:26
lifeless06:56 < Darxus> <archive at https://api.edge.launchpad.net/1.0/~darxus/+archive/autopano-sift-c>19:26
lifelessget rid of the 'edge.' in that url.19:27
Darxus>>> binary_package_publishing_history19:28
DarxusNameError: name 'binary_package_publishing_history' is not defined19:28
DarxusHow do I get binary_package_publishing_history to work?19:28
Darxuslifeless: Ah, I'm not doing anything with that url, as far as I'm concerned it's just telling me which ppa I'm looking at.19:28
DarxusUnless I'm more confused than I thought.19:29
lifelessyou're using a web api19:29
lifelessthat url is the url the data for the python object came from.19:29
lifelessso you're using the web url pointing to the edge servers - servers we are in the process of decomissioning19:29
Darxuslifeless: Are you suggesting I run lp-shell with an argument of "production" or something?19:32
bacDarxus: lp-shell should connect to production19:33
bacDarxus: 'binary_package_publishing_history' is not an object but a method call19:34
lifelessDarxus: where did you get lp-shell from ?19:35
baclifeless: ubuntu-dev-tools19:35
baclifeless: it is pretty handy19:36
lifelessbac: care to file a bug about it using edge ?19:37
lifelessbac: or, well we should check oneiric doesn't19:37
lifelessDarxus: are you running oneiric ?19:37
baclifeless: well, we need to see what he's using.  the one for natty does not19:37
baclifeless: here is the output from the natty version of the package: http://paste.ubuntu.com/664476/19:40
lifelessok, thats encouraging19:42
lifelessI *thought* it had been fixed (and that was why I asked where he got it from :P)19:42
DarxusNo, I'm running Maverick on the machine where lp-shell is working.19:42
DarxusSo, I got hit counts from the latest package versions in the PPA I care about.19:43
DarxusUsing https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/139855/comments/4219:43
ubot5Ubuntu bug 139855 in Launchpad itself "Display stats about PPA usage" [Low,Fix released]19:43
DarxusCool, looks like removing the "status='Published'," is giving me exactly what I want.19:45
DarxusThanks for the help.19:50
tgm4883Is there somewhere we should be reporting spam comments? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mythtv/+bug/606598/comments/720:11
ubot5Ubuntu bug 606598 in mythtv (Ubuntu) "mythshutdown assert failure: *** glibc detected *** /usr/bin/mythshutdown: free(): invalid pointer: 0x0376e3c0 ***" [Medium,Won't fix]20:11
bachi tgm488320:23
bactgm4883: i'll take care of it.  usually people open a question against the launchpad project20:24
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tgm4883bac, good to know, thanks21:07
komputesPROBLEM: Can't open attachment on this bug - oops: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/72207822:19
ubot5Ubuntu bug 722078 in Ubuntu "System won't boot after alternative installation with encrypted LVM" [Undecided,New]22:19
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cody-somervilleIs there way to see all the bugs in a project a person or team is *not* subscribed to?22:28

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