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keithclarkIs it possible to run lubuntu from a usb stick with broadcom wireless active without a wired connection?03:24
keithclarkIs it even available in live usb format?03:27
bodhizazen'lo keithclark03:29
keithclarkHey, any ideas to my questions above?03:31
bodhizazenI just joined and so the only  question from you I see is "Hello?"03:36
keithclarkIs it possible to run lubuntu from a usb stick with broadcom wireless active without a wired connection?03:38
keithclarkIf it did, that would be a kick ass distro03:42
bodhizazendoes lubuntu recognize the wireless card ?04:10
bioterrorbroadcoms are 50/6004:15
bioterrorthey might work, or not04:15
bioterrorif it's BCM43xx04:15
KM0201man, i love it when people just vanish..lol, most broadcoms (in my experience) are pretty easy to set up.. so long as they aren't those stupid "lp-phy" devices.05:23
me-1hi...does Lubuntu 11.04 has all media codecs..??06:58
bioterrorif you install VLC, it will have most of them ;)06:59
me-1bioterror, actully lubuntu 10.04 have almost all media codecs07:00
me-1I like the idea of having media codecs so that i can pass lubuntu to my friend who dont have internet07:01
bioterrorsame media player in 11.04 than in 10.1007:05
deanHey all could someone tell me if there is a way to get more wallpapers in Lubuntu the one included is a bit plain lol12:15
deanNo one lol12:16
bioterrordean, lol check google image search lol12:19
bioterrorhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Artwork and ofcourse12:20
deangoogle image search?12:21
deanHow do you change the menu bar at the bottom?12:22
deanI've only just installed Lubuntu like it but theres lack of personalisation12:25
deanHey does anyone know to refresh the menu bar I have made a mess of it?12:29
alistersalve, c'รจ qualcuno che parla italiano? o mi devo cimentare con l'inglese? :)12:34
alistercome modifico ( su latop) le impostazioni quando su chiude il coperchio? se volessi mettere solo lo spegnimento dello schermo e non lo stand-by come dovrei fare?12:38
alisterhow do I change the battery settings?12:55
alisterplease help12:59
bioterroralister, unplug your power cable13:03
bioterroryou will get that battery icon13:03
bioterroryou can then click it13:03
alisteroh thx13:05
bioterrormake it to show icon always ;)13:05
alisterand it is possible change notebook cover settings?13:05
bioterrorI dunno why that's not default setting13:05
bioterrornotebook what settings?13:06
alisterwhen i close the cover (uhm... lid? cap?)13:06
bioterrorfrom that same place13:07
bioterroryou can choose suspend, hibernate or do nothing13:07
bioterrorsuspend is my favourite13:07
alisterbut i have a problem, the battery life is gone and if i unplugg the cable my pc turn off, so i can't see the battery icon13:08
alisterthere is another way?13:08
bioterrorno power settings in "start" menu?13:09
alistermaybe with gconf-editor?13:38
bioterroropen terminal or what ever you want to use and launch gnome-power-applet or what was it13:40
bioterrorI dont have a lubuntu laptop near me :D13:41
bioterrorjust a moment13:41
alisterit's possibile create a icon launcher on desktop?13:42
bioterroryes it is13:42
alisterthank you very very much13:44
bioterrorthere's couple of ways doing it13:44
bioterroruse lxshortcut or make yourself a .desktop -file13:45
alisteroh perfect there is a option to put the icon battery on the status bar13:46
alisterfor ever!13:46
phillwwb leszek :)14:37
leszekthx ;)14:44
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leszekanyone wants to test out a special pcmanfm version with lxshortcut integration ?15:08
phillwleszek: yeah, sure... I can run it in VM if jmarsden is not about, but you will have to talk me through installing it.15:18
leszekphillw: I have a direct link if you want to install the deb directly:
phillwis it for 11.10?15:21
leszekIt should work fine on natty15:21
leszekor above I guess15:21
leszekthough the pcmanfm I patched is a little bit outdated xD15:21
phillwI'll fire up an Oneric session15:21
leszekI need to figure out if my patch works with the newest versions aswell15:22
phillwleszek: as jmarsden is working on a 10.04.3 I'd look towards backporting it there. As long as it runs on 11.04 and 11.10, it should be fine?15:23
leszekit should work fine15:23
leszekbut pcmanfm then has also a new lxshortcut dependency15:24
phillwI'm just updating my 11.10 installation (there are always lots of updates to fix stuff I didn't even realise was broken!)15:25
leszekyeah thats true ;)15:25
phillwGSteamer from the 'bad' set --- yikes!15:26
phillwit always makes my heart sink a little when they update apt15:27
phillwthey mess that up an we're all up the creek with no paddle!15:28
leszekluckily normally an older apt version is stored in the cache or cd ;)15:29
phillwleszek: be patient... it has got the updates (not a fast link here and it is a VM)15:31
phillwleszek: how comes you do run VM for testing?15:32
phillw*do not run*15:32
leszekI am running the vm for testing15:33
phillwleszek: coo. you may be able to teach me how to get mine running correctly :P15:39
phillwthe add on for copying and paste stubbornly refuses to work :/15:41
phillwleszek: it seems the currrent alpha now wants gnome library.... at least that is what firefox is dragging in.... I don't even run Ffox on my alpha :(15:47
leszekphillw: that might be, need to check the current daily15:49
phillwleszek: I'm on a slow speed out here in the countryside. I get used to being patient :D15:50
phillw4 hours for an iso :/15:50
phillwleszek: once the standard 11.10 has gotten here, I'll zsync my daily for the other install. This could take a while!15:56
phillwlast time I zsync'd it, it downloaded it all from fresh :/15:57
phillwnot at 256Mb/s it is not!15:58
phillw(16:21:01) leszek: phillw: I have a direct link if you want to install the deb directly:
phillw-virtualleszek: Grr... "A later version is already installed"16:21
leszekphillw-virtual: install it from the commandline with sudo dpkg -i16:23
phillw-virtualyeah.... now tell me how to tell it where the deb file is?16:23
leszekwhere you downloaded it basically16:24
leszekso for example sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/pcmanfm_0.9.8-neptune1_i386.deb if its in your download folder16:25
phillw-virtuallol, I have no idea where the default are is... let me go and look!16:25
phillw-virtualthat worked... now what do want me to test?16:26
phillw-virtualleszek: can we swap over to -offtopic? I forget that this a logged channel!16:27
leszekrelogon to use the new pcmanfm and then try right clicking -> New -> Shortcut to create a *.desktop shortcut16:27
leszekyeah ok16:27
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OEPIs there a way I can disable the dialog which pops up when you insert a flash drive, but still mount it automatically?19:13
bioterrorthere's do nothing?19:30
stlsaintbioterror: HELP19:32
stlsaintbioterror: my system says i need to install adobe but i already have it installed19:32
bioterrorstlsaint, which adobe what where19:39
bioterrorare you talking about adobe flash?19:47
bioterroror reader19:47
stlsaintbioterror: thats flash plugin installer19:47
bioterrorand the browser is?19:47
bioterrordo you have that .so file in your /usr/lib/chromium/plugins/19:49
bioterrorif I remember path correctly19:49
stlsaintno its not there19:50
stlsaintis empty19:50
bioterrorcheck your firefox/mozilla library19:50
bioterrorif it has one19:50
stlsaintit has some but nothing for the adobe shared object19:51
bioterrorpurge that adobe installer19:53
bioterroror what ever it is19:53
bioterrorand install it again19:53
bioterrorrather than dpkg-reconfigure, as I think it wont solve that19:53
bioterrorI would probably use flashplugin-nonfree19:53
stlsaintbioterror: yea that is what i did already, still fscked up19:54
bioterror$ ls /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/19:55
bioterroryou could make symlink to /usr/lib/chromium-browser/plugins19:56
stlsaintbioterror: possibly, i will try that. thanks19:56
stlsaintbioterror: i have no .so in that dir19:59
stlsaintshould prolly go download it lol19:59
stlsaintbut why the hell does flashplugin show as installed on synaptic and dpkg19:59
kvarleyI have an issue, not only with lubuntu but also with ubuntu.20:04
kvarleyWhen I run update-manager or synaptic it asks for my sudo password. I enter it and it doesn't accept it. The window is different to the one I get when I launch an application with gksudo. Why does it do this?20:05
OEPDoes anyone know what produces the "Removable media is inserted" dialog when removable storage is added?20:05
stlsaintkvarley: can you run: sudo apt-get update20:07
stlsaintkvarley: and will it except that password?20:07
kvarleystlsaint: Yes, it's not an issue with me remembering my sudo password or anything like that. It's this specific gui which won't let me input my password. Even if I use gksudo it works. Just whatever utility is used to gain sudo for the update manager and synaptic doesn't work for some reason.20:08
stlsaintkvarley: that is strange one, one i have never heard of20:09
stlsaintall sudo activites pull from the sudoers file20:09
kvarleystlsaint: It is indeed because before 11.04 I'd never had this issue. I've been running the tools as sudo manually for a while but would love to know why it does it in the first place xD20:11
stlsaintkvarley: i have not used synaptic much lately so i would not be able to adequately trouble shoot it, honestly i would post this to the forums20:12
phillwstlsaint: kvarley are any of the guys on UBT faster to respond?20:14
kvarleystlsaint: Thank you. I was having difficulty getting screenshots of the different windows too so I've done a screen recording in order to grab the screenshots. I imagine it will help.20:15
kvarleyphillw: I asked on the Ubuntu IRC and nobody knew. They jumped to the conclusion I was getting my password wrong.20:15
kvarleyphillw: I will post on the forums. Thank you for you help all the same phillw and stlsaint20:16
bioterrorupdate-manager wants to use gksu?20:18
kvarleybioterror: Thanks it!20:19
kvarleybioterror: gksu doesn't accept my sudo password but gksudo does20:19
bioterroredit the .desktop file of update-manager to use gksudo instead of gksu20:19
bioterrorfunny thing is that they are exactly the same20:20
bioterrorit's just that they handle the information differently20:20
kvarleybioterror: I want to know why it doesn't accept it xD it's weird as hell!20:20
bioterrorI've been a little lazy to inspect how that really acts20:20
bioterrorkvarley, check /etc/group and look if you're in root20:21
bioterroror something similar20:21
bioterrormy wife just closed her laptops lid, so I dont have access to lubuntu machine now ;)20:22
kvarleybioterror: Doesn't look like I am ---> root:x:0:20:23
bioterrorUnit193, wakeup20:23
kvarleybioterror: But I'm not in sudo either? ---> sudo:x:27:20:24
bioterrorno, you're under admin20:24
bioterrorif I remember right20:24
kvarleybioterror: Ah yes ---> admin:x:109:kevin20:24
bioterroryeah, and when you look sudoers file, there's %admin instead of %wheel ;)20:25
kvarleybioterror: %wheel ?20:25
bioterrorwheel is what usually is used in *nixes20:26
Unit193For me I have # Members of the admin group may gain root privileges {newline} %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL20:27
bioterrorkvarley, you could try to do this: root:x:0:kevin20:27
kvarleybioterror: Adding myself to sudo or root does nothing.20:32
bioterrorif you run gksudo update-manager in terminal20:33
bioterrordoes it spit any errors20:33
kvarleybioterror none20:35
kvarleyIt spits no errors when doing gksu terminal in terminal either, just denies me access, says incorrect password20:36
bioterrorsudo passwd kevin20:36
bioterrorand change your password20:36
bioterrorwith sudo you can force it to use even the same ;)20:37
bioterrorI think so20:37
kvarleybioterror: Chaning doesn't work either20:38
kvarleyIt's getting weirder20:38
bioterrorcould be easier to help if my system as as messed up :-)20:39
kvarleybioterror: Here we go I did "gksu --description="tell me the pass" -p terminal. That gets it to print the password to the terminal. It's the right password but before it prints the password it shows this error...20:40
kvarleysn_launcher_context_complete called for an SnLauncherContext that hasn't been initiated20:40
kvarleybioterror: Debug mode reveals nothing either. I'll just change the .desktop sutff. It's a shame I can't figure it out though. Thanks for all your help though! :) It's much appreciated!20:44
bioterrorseems like you're not alone20:45
kvarleybioterror: Really?20:45
bioterrorgoogle with that sn_launcher ;)20:45
kvarleybioterror: You helped me massively actually, because before I didn't know what the prompt was called. Now I know it's gksu I can research :)20:46
bioterrorwhich version of lubuntu are you running?20:46
kvarley11.04 x86_6420:47
kvarleybioterror: Think I may have fixed it. I ran gksu-properties and changed it from su to sudo mode.20:48
kvarleybioterror: It's kinda avoiding the main issue but it'll work.20:48
bioterrorwhat kind of line is in the .desktop file20:48
kvarleybioterror: It just executes /usr/bin/update-manager20:49
bioterrorgksu /usr/bin/update-manager ?20:49
kvarleybioterror: However, synaptic does use gksu20:50
bioterrornothing else?20:50
kvarleybioterror: Exec=/usr/bin/update-manager20:50
kvarleybioterror: But synaptic uses the following: Exec=gksu --description /usr/share/applications/synaptic.desktop /usr/sbin/synaptic20:50
bioterrorwhat if you do it that way? :)20:51
bioterroryou add that --description20:51
kvarleybioterror: It's gksu that's at fault, not the launcher.20:53
kvarleybioterror: If I change the gksu-properties to sudo mode it works. So actually, it's something su releated.20:53
bioterrorbug report should be rise against gksu20:54
bioterrorprobably that's a x64 related problem20:55
kvarleyI'll post on the forums all the same. I will mention the fix but also state what the actual problem is.20:56
bioterrorlaunchpad is a correct place20:56
kvarleybioterror: Doing su -c leafpad in terminal doesn't accept my password either20:56
bioterrorhah, I'm running windows now20:57
bioterrorcannot test myself20:57
bioterrorI pressed alt+f2 many times to launch terminal :D20:57
kvarleybioterror: Ah ok, thanks for all the help anyway :)20:57
bioterrorI have to use windows to update my androind phone :(20:58
kvarleybioterror: That's annoying. I take it you are running a RUU on it?20:58
bioterrorI've run lots of ruu's on winmo phones, but this is first time with android and that's samsungs beta release of 2.3.320:58
kvarleybioterror: I hated that too, I mean the device itself runs Linux so why not make update tools availble on Linux?! Lazyness! That's why I rooted and run a custom rom xD20:59
bioterrorfroyo is just too outdated20:59
kvarleybioterror: Thanks for the help, I'm off now, later.21:02
lubuntu20dashHi, how I change lubuntu icons?23:24
KM0201menu/preferences/customize look and feel23:24
lubuntu20dashI want to add custom icons23:25
lubuntu20dashhow I do that?23:26
lubuntu20dashfor example I want to change firefox icon23:26
lubuntu20dashDo I have to create my own theme just to change a few icons or what?23:28
Unit193I would think you just edit their .desktop file23:29
lubuntu20dashWhere isthat file?23:31
Unit193lubuntu20dash: The Lubuntu FAQs can be found at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ and may be able to answer your question23:32
lubuntu20dashnothjing about changing icons23:33
lubuntu20dashjust themes23:33
lubuntu20dashalso, how I add the search function? I will just change the icons manualy23:34
lubuntu20dashin gnome is just a option that is easy to add, but how I add search in lubuntu?23:36
Unit193Icon=gksu-root-terminal right there.... Change it to point it to the one you want23:36
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lubuntu20dashThanks, but I prefer to use the search and manualy change the files, how I use search in lubuntu?23:37
riddlerhow do I access an encrypted bitlocker partition, is there a driver or linux software?23:38
Unit193lubuntu20dash: Ok.... manually change WHAT files? And search? locate command maybe?23:38
lubuntu20dashHi, , how I use search in lubuntu? like the search programs you have in kde and gnome23:38
lubuntu20dashisnt one for lubuntu? is quite a basic option23:39
Unit193riddler: http://superuser.com/questions/31649/will-bitlocker-make-it-impossible-to-read-my-files-from-my-dual-booting-ubuntu-os23:40
riddlerlubuntu20dash, i dont think there is a folder search for lubuntu23:40
Unit193Folder search = locate23:40
lubuntu20dashI could do folder search in windows 95, but there isnt one for lubuntu?23:40
riddlerwhere is the locate option/button ?23:41
phillwlubuntu20dash: if you want gnome, use ubuntu. lubuntu is a slimmed out version. If you want to find something... try locate filename in CLI :D23:41
lubuntu20dashwindows 95 used 8 of ram and had a search folder option23:42
riddleri like the folder of lubuntu, pcmanFM, it lets you do TAB unlike windows folder23:42
lubuntu20dashin fact even dos had search folder programs23:42
lubuntu20dashI cant believe lubuntu doesnt have a program for that23:42
phillwlubuntu20dash: then raise it as a bug23:43
lubuntu20dashok, where are the icons stored in lubuntu? I want to manually change them23:43
* KM0201 hates pcmanfm23:43
phillwlubuntu20dash: just as windows 95 did have ability to file share.23:43
lubuntu20dashdude file search has been around since dos23:44
KM0201i wish lubuntu would switch to thunar as a filemanager23:44
lubuntu20dashdoesnt lubuntu have at least file search commands?23:44
lubuntu20dashOk where are the icons stored in lubuntu? I want to manually change them23:45
riddlerkm0201, is that what you're using on your lubuntu?23:46
KM0201riddler: thunar?23:49
KM0201no... i wish i could.23:49
KM0201but it never seems to work right.23:49
riddleryou mean you can't change/remove pcmanfm to use another folder/filemanager ? its tied into it right?23:50
KM0201riddler: you can add a filemanager, but.. making it "default" caused some very unusual instabilities on my system, so i'll just deal w/ pcman23:51
KM0201it only causes quirks on me, every so often, but when it does, it annoys the heck out of me23:51
riddlerah I see, ill keep that in mind23:52
KM0201PCman, is not bad though.. is not that bad though... it just aggravates me sometimes.23:53

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