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bioterrorhi fox07:57
bioterrorhow may I help you07:57
bioterror!ask | s-fox07:57
ubot2s-fox: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:57
s-foxbioterror,  You could do me a favor by understanding how rude that is.07:58
bioterrordid not mean to be rude :(07:59
philipballewbioterror, dont worry, It was not rude08:04
razorandnotsohi, i need some help, i'm trying to set up ssh on my desktop19:39
holsteinrazorandnotso: hey19:39
razorandnotsoi'm trying 'ssh -v (user)@localhost' and it gives me permission denied (publickey)19:39
razorandnotsoit says debug1: trying private key: ... id_dsa and id_ecdsa but not id_rsa19:40
razorandnotsoi dont' have id_dsa19:40
razorandnotsoi installed it, but i think i deleted it, and there are no id_dsa files in ~/.ssh19:40
holsteinrazorandnotso: are these machines local?19:40
razorandnotsoholstein, localhost? is local?19:40
holsteini would suggest logging in with the password19:40
holsteinmake sure that connection is possible19:40
razorandnotsoso, ssh -p (user)@localhost ?19:41
holsteinotherwise, you are troubleshooting both the connectivity, and the key permissions19:41
holsteinrazorandnotso: local, like in your hous19:41
holsteinon your local network19:41
razorandnotsoholstein, yes, sorry, i understand that. i'm if my username is razorandnotso, i'm typing 'ssh -v razorandnotso@localhost'. i'm on my desktop19:42
razorandnotsoholstein, how do i log in with the password?19:42
holsteinrazorandnotso: you actually have to change the config to *not* allow passwords19:43
stlsaintrazorandnotso: you need to go the machine that you have openssh-server setup on and edit the ssh_config to show to use password19:44
holsteinstlsaint: its set to passwords out of the box right?19:44
razorandnotsoso: i have openssh-server and openssh-client installed19:44
holsteinrazorandnotso: you should make sure you can simply ping each other19:45
holsteinssh server and client19:45
razorandnotsoholstein, interesting, how do i do that19:45
razorandnotsook i got it19:45
stlsaintholstein: yes19:45
razorandnotsoit's fine19:45
razorandnotsoi did some configuration following various guides, and they all say set up keygen etc and turn off passwords19:46
razorandnotsoso i probably did that19:46
stlsaintyou must have if ssh is telling you (publickey)19:46
holsteinrazorandnotso: which is fine, and arguably the way you should, or want to set it up in the future19:46
holsteinbut, for troubleshooting...19:46
razorandnotsook, thanks19:47
razorandnotsook, so i went to the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file and i changed it to PasswordAuthentication yes19:50
razorandnotsodo i have to restart the daemon?19:50
holsteinprolly... the server side19:50
razorandnotsook, i restarted and it's working19:50
holsteinin what way? you are able to connect ?19:51
razorandnotsoi said ssh razorandnotso@localhost19:51
razorandnotso(with -v option) and it asked for my password and allowed me to log in19:51
holsteinthats a start.. try from another box on your network...19:51
razorandnotsoworks from another box19:52
stlsaintso issue solved?19:52
razorandnotso...well, the issue is that i don't know why the rsa key doesn't work19:53
razorandnotsothis just verified ssh server/client is working?19:53
stlsaintrazorandnotso: thats cause you probably dont have it in your ~/authorized_keys file19:53
razorandnotsoso, go back to sshd_config, turn off password authentication then19:54
stlsaintrazorandnotso: does your ~/.ssh folder show any keys?19:54
razorandnotsoid_rsa, id_rsa.pub19:54
stlsaintok well you need to copy the contents of that id_rsa.pub into the authorized_keys file19:55
razorandnotso~/.ssh/authorized_keys has id_rsa.pub19:55
holsteini would read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys19:56
stlsaintrazorandnotso: and that is your key that you made on your computer?19:56
razorandnotsoshould i make another pair?19:56
urlin2uholstein, can I pm you19:56
holsteinwell, i did read that... for a long time... then i finally got it working :)19:56
stlsaintrazorandnotso: no19:56
holsteinurlin2u: sure19:57
stlsaintrazorandnotso: pastebin the contents of your sshd_config19:57
holsteinurlin2u: thanks for asking :)19:57
razorandnotsohang on20:01
razorandnotsook, using the guide, i did "ssh-copy-id <username>@<host>" and it prompted me for my password and seems to like it20:03
razorandnotsobut i just tried sshing again, and it says 'agent admitted failure to sign using the key.' and prompts for the password20:04
razorandnotso(PasswordAuthentication no)20:04
stlsaintrazorandnotso: what guide are you usign and again pastebin the contents of your sshd_config20:05
razorandnotsook, hang on20:06
razorandnotsostlsaint, the guide is what holstien suggested https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys20:06
stlsaintwow, i ask for a pastebin and they leave....smh20:11
stlsaintrazorandnotso: what happened?20:11
razorandnotsostlsaint, uh, i tried to copy the contents by opening gedit, but i have an error with gedit... first suggested solution is to logout and log in20:12
razorandnotsostlsaint, but i just tried sshing and it seems to work fine...20:12
razorandnotsostlsaint,  i'm going to try from another box again20:12
razorandnotsoseems to work20:13
razorandnotsogedit's working too, although i don't need to post the contents now20:14
ektosI'm having trouble getting ubuntu to recognize a secondary video card. I've added another device section in xorg.conf with the correct pci bus id, but It still won't show up. Could anyone help me?20:38
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