khooveranyone else here much of a gamer? specifically xbox 360, despite it's major lack of FOSS03:00
SIR_TacoI'm a gamer, but not on the 360, that's my brother's territory03:02
khooverah, shame. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon looks like it'd be a game to die for03:05
SIR_Tacohaven't seen that one... but my brother seems hell-bent on getting me a 360 for my birthday so that we can share games haha03:10
SIR_Tacowish they'd remake 'Secret Weapons Over Normandy'... that was a good game03:12
khoover....think that one's a bit too old for me03:15
khooveraaaaaand i'm goin to sleep03:16
SIR_Tacowell ok... but you'd miss this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPhQxgcme2U&feature=feedrec_grec_index03:17
SIR_Tacothat's a bit too old haha03:18
khooveryeah. although, A&C Games over in toronto had a virtual boy sitting at the front for anyone to demo. ;P03:22
khooverand now i'm really off.03:22
BluesKajHiyas all12:11
bregmait's a beautifu day here13:18
BluesKajyup ,same here13:18
bregmathe weather is very nice, too13:18
BluesKajuhhm yeah, that's what I meant :)13:19

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