Pendulumjussi: are you around?13:02
jussiPendulum: I am now13:05
jcastrokim0: heya15:26
jcastrokim0: robbie says lexisnexus is ready to be formulaized, so you might want to keep an eye for when the formula is ready15:27
jcastrommims is going to work on the formula next week15:29
kim0jcastro: cool stuff!15:34
jcastrokim0: yeah robbie thinks that should be our next demo/screencast/thing to talk about15:37
jcastrowhen the formula is done of course. :)15:37
jcastrobut upstream already made a deb so it should be straightforward15:37
kim0jcastro: I'll check it out .. need to think of something cool to crunch on like the UFO thing I did for hadoop :)15:38
kim0Hello folks, can anyone around here please act on my merge proposal: https://code.launchpad.net/~kim0/serverguide/ch-installation-fixes16:17
nhandlerkim0: Maybe ask in -docs or one of the server channels16:44
kim0oh, I thought I had written that in -docs indeed .. but now I notice I got → Cannot join to channel #ubuntu-docs (You must be invited)16:46
kim0guess I'll just ping the ml and wait16:46
nhandlerHmm...I thought I had that setup to forward16:50
nhandlerkim0: What IRC client are you using? That should have forwarded you to #ubuntu-doc16:50
kim0nhandler: irssi16:51
kim0nhandler: thanks though, that helps :)16:51
PiciIf you're already in #ubuntu-docs you might get that message.16:53
Picirather, in #ubuntu-doc16:53
kim0yeah that was it16:55

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