pgranerCan't login after updates today, getting the Nautilus bar only across the top of the screen...00:04
jbichapgraner: are you sure you have all of Unity? you could try update & dist-upgrading again00:08
jbichaor try logging into a different desktop environment; I'm using Gnome Shell at the moment00:09
pgranerjbicha, just did it 2 min ago, this has been an ongoing prob since yesterday00:09
pgranerwas looking for some help from the desktop guys to debug00:09
jbichahave you tried seeing if gdm does any better than lightdm?00:10
jbichaand are you using a proprietary graphics driver?00:10
pgranerjbicha, no all intel00:11
pgranerjbicha, gdm is not installed anymore00:11
jbichapgraner: ah, I have intel too, you can install gdm if you like & switch between them with00:12
jbichadpkg-reconfigure lightdm00:12
pgranerjbicha, not quite what I'm after, this is part of the canonical QA testing and was looking for help as I can rero the bug on demand00:13
jbicharight, gdm wouldn't necessarily fix it either00:13
micahgintel w/unity greeter to log into Xubuntu works for me00:14
pgranermicahg, this is going into unity, I see the launcher draw then flash then the nautilus menu bar draws and nothing else, all the nautilus menus are operative but you can't really do anything00:15
* micahg can try to log into unity in a minute00:15
micahgpgraner: sorry, have a problem upgrading ATM to the latest packages, will need to troubleshoot later00:24
pgranermicahg, thx00:24
=== asac_ is now known as asac
jbichamdeslaur: are you sure that pkexec doesn't work in a .desktop? it seems to work for me without needing a separate helper02:30
mdeslaurjbicha: I couldn't get any suid binary to work from a .desktop file...I even tried setting gedit suid for a test, and it wouldn't start either03:10
mdeslaurjbicha: you're trying on oneiric?03:10
jbichamdeslaur: yes, for Synaptic, I removed /usr/bin/pkexec-synaptic, edited the .desktop to just call pkexec synaptic03:18
jbichaand ran sudo update-desktop-database03:19
mdeslaurjbicha: hmm...let me try again, one sec03:20
mdeslaurjbicha: hmm...not working for me...I'm clicking the desktop file in unity, and I'm clicking it in a nautilus window opened to /usr/share/applications and no dice03:21
mdeslaurjbicha: how are you launching the desktop file?03:23
jbichamdeslaur: from Gnome Shell's app menu thing03:27
jbichalet me try it in Unity though03:27
jbichaok, didn't work in Unity, I'm going to reboot03:29
jbichamdeslaur: ok, it doesn't work after reboot so there must have been some sort of caching going on, never mind03:34
mdeslaurjbicha: it's possible that gnome shell doesn't apply the same restrictions as nautilus used to do03:34
mdeslaurjbicha: oh, you mean even in gnome shell after a reboot?03:35
jbichaoh, wait, let me try one more time; I was using gdm this time which doesn't set the correct $PATH03:35
jbichaI should just fix that $PATH bug, but anyway...03:35
jbichaok, it does work in gnome shell even after a reboot, but it doesn't work in Unity03:39
mdeslaurjbicha: how about opening a nautilus window to /usr/share/applications and clicking on it?03:40
jbichaI did notice that pkexec works differently in Unity, in Unity it is themed, not modal, and gives multiple tries03:40
mdeslauroh! I think gnome-shell implements it's own policykit authentication dialog!03:41
mdeslaurthat's what's different03:41
jbichaand it doesn't work in Nautilus either03:41
jbichaI wish pkexec gedit would work so that it could replace gksudo entirely03:43
mdeslaurwell, you can do something like "pkexec env DISPLAY=$DISPLAY XAUTHORITY=$XAUTHORITY gedit"03:47
mdeslaurwrite a little wrapper to do that03:47
kenvandinehey DBO...03:53
DBOoh no03:53
kenvandineDBO, do you by chance know if setting the renderer for a category is just ignored?03:54
kenvandinein a lens?03:54
DBOno idea03:54
kenvandinethe gwibber lens used to use the horizonal tile, and trying to set that now it just ignores it...03:54
kenvandineok... i'll beat njpatel down in the morning :)03:54
DBOask neil03:54
kenvandinei've got the gwibber lens mostly working against the new libunity :)03:55
DBOive damn near lost my sanity03:56
kenvandineme too!03:56
kenvandinecompletely new API landing on FF day!03:56
DBOwhat do you guys expect?03:56
DBOyou tell us there is a hard freeze03:56
kenvandinei know ;)03:56
DBOso we land shit in whatever state we must03:56
kenvandinebut now all the lens authors have to rush to port :)03:57
DBOnothing could be done03:57
DBOthe work was more than could be done sanely03:57
kenvandineyeah, it's a huge change03:57
DBOhave you tried out the alt-tab?03:57
kenvandinei think i grok the new stuff though03:57
kenvandinei love it!03:57
DBOIm glad03:58
kenvandinelove love love love it!03:58
DBOany complaints?03:58
DBOIm still polishing03:58
DBO(i have a branch with blur btw)03:58
kenvandinewhat does it blur? everything else?03:59
DBObehind itself03:59
ajmitchkenvandine: so you're the person to talk to about what's changed in lenses? :)04:00
kenvandinehehe... not really04:01
kenvandinei can pretend to know04:01
kenvandinescopes... lenses can chain themselves now04:01
kenvandinewhich is damn cool04:01
* ajmitch hasn't even looked at what's changed yet04:01
kenvandinei just ported the gwibber lens04:01
* ajmitch has a lens that didn't really get 'finished' for natty04:04
kenvandineporting is pretty massive04:04
kenvandinealmost a rewrite... :/04:04
ajmitchunity-2d & 3d share the same lens code?04:05
* ajmitch only has oneiric in virtualbox at the moment :)04:05
kenvandinetook me longer to port it than it did when i rewrote it in vala04:05
ajmitchhow much of that was due to the documentation not being there yet?04:06
kenvandinea fair bit04:06
kenvandinebut i also changed 80% of the code04:06
kenvandinesimplified though...04:07
kenvandineremoved more than i added :)04:07
kenvandinewhich is nice04:07
ajmitchthat's good04:07
kenvandineyou can have scopes that feed info into other lenses04:07
kenvandineand a lens that aggregates scopes04:08
ajmitchso existing lenses need to be ported, and won't load on oneiric right now?04:08
kenvandinewon't even build04:08
* ajmitch started writing a lens to search LP, in python04:08
kenvandinestill needs porting ;)04:08
kenvandinethat would be a cool lens04:08
kenvandinea nice thing now is you don't end up with a bunch of launchers for them04:09
ajmitchit was limited, could just look up people, projects & bugs by #04:09
kenvandinethey are all in the dash04:09
ajmitchsearching bugs across all projects wasn't supported by the LP API, I need to check that again04:09
ajmitchwell, any tips on porting are welcome :)04:10
ajmitchbut I think I'll just need to dive in & do it04:10
jbichayes, I think there were too many launcher items by default in Natty so this helps04:10
kenvandineajmitch, i looked at unity-lens-files as reference04:11
kenvandinewhich is full of noise04:11
ajmitchfull of s/Place/Lens/04:11
ajmitchso all of the model-related code has changed?04:14
kenvandinemost of it is just gone now04:15
kenvandineyou really just deal with the results_model04:15
ajmitchI see what you mean about complete rewrite then04:15
didrocksgood morning05:40
RAOF_Hey didrocks!05:41
didrockshey RAOF_! how are you?05:42
RAOF_Pretty good.  It's almost the weekend!05:42
RAOF_Although my system's seen better days.  Feature Freeze has taken its toll.05:42
RAOF_Incidentally, could you stop oneconf-query from popping apport up every 5 minutes? :)05:42
didrocksRAOF_: urgh, really? do you have a backtrace?05:43
didrockshttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/oneconf/+bug/824844 ?05:44
ubot2Ubuntu bug 824844 in oneconf "oneconf-query crashed with DBusException in call_blocking(): org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name :1.553 was not provided by any .service files" [Undecided,New]05:44
RAOF_didrocks, Yeah that one.05:44
didrockshum, why? :/05:44
RAOF_The same one that prevents software-centre from doing anything.05:44
didrocksthere is a service file…05:44
RAOF_I'm prepared to bet that there's not a service file providing the name :1.553 :)05:45
didrocksRAOF_: so, if you run oneconf-query --update in a terminal, it crashes?05:45
didrocksRAOF_: well, I'm using the well-known name05:46
* didrocks needs to update05:46
RAOF_Software-centre and oneconf-service also crash, let me check oneconf-service's backtrace.05:46
didrocksmaybe ubuntu sso or whatever05:46
didrocksRAOF_: can you try to start the daemon?05:46
didrocks/usr/share/oneconf/oneconf-service --debug05:47
didrocksRAOF_: your ~/.cache/oneconf/<id> is empty, isn't it?05:48
didrocksdo you have a weird wallpaper? :p05:48
RAOF_The new alt-tab is pessimised for alt tabbing between IRC and terminals.05:48
RAOF_~/.cache/oneconf/f65e1b8095aec451664adc810222b3e7 is an empty directory.05:49
didrocksok, it seems it doesn't like your wallpaper :)05:50
didrockswhat are you using? :)05:50
RAOF_The.. thingy.05:50
RAOF_Um, one of the standard ones.05:50
didrocksaweseome, I bet it's a lying png which is jpeg or the contrary05:50
* didrocks adds debug, one sec05:50
RAOF_Oh, it's the contest one.05:50
RAOF_Which is a *set* of images, which changes over time.05:51
RAOF_So the setting probably doesn't point to an image at all, it probably points to some XML.05:51
didrocksRAOF_: ok, make sense05:52
didrocksRAOF_: uno memento, I'll ignore it in that case!05:52
RAOF_I see that the design team never feel the need to alt-tab between IRC and a specific terminal, while having multiple terminals open.05:54
didrocksRAOF_: I raised the point some weeks ago05:55
RAOF_That behaviour must change.05:57
RAOF_Gah.  It also doesn't always get stacking/focus right.  Sometimes it the window it raises doesn't have focus.05:58
didrocksRAOF_: that was already the case, isn't it?05:58
didrocksRAOF_: IIRC, it's a compiz issue05:58
RAOF_I don't recall running into it with the classic alt-tab.05:59
didrockssorry, dist-upgrade here, computer slow as here for writing on disk ;)05:59
RAOF_Possibly because the new alt-tab is trying to raise two terminals, and give focus to one of them.05:59
didrocksI want to change my wallpaper before sending you the patch05:59
RAOF_Actually, strike that.05:59
RAOF_Compiz *deterministically* gives focus to the terminal *behind* the forground terminal.05:59
RAOF_That's suboptimal :)06:00
didrocksRAOF_: time to ping smspillaz? ;)06:00
lifelesssorry, did I say that out loud ?06:00
RAOF_smspillaz, WE SUMMON YOU!06:00
RAOF_That behaviour is no less annoying once you've identified it :/06:03
* RAOF_ restarts to move this system into the office.06:03
didrocksRAOF: http://paste.ubuntu.com/663984/ if you want to try to cure your host :)06:05
didrocksRAOF: apply it to /usr/share/oneconf/oneconf/hosts.py of course ;)06:05
smspillazyou know, if you ping me, bad things happen06:08
didrocksRAOF: FYI, OneConf fix uplaoded, thanks :-)06:16
jbichadidrocks: hey if you're not too busy piloting, would you look at https://code.launchpad.net/~jbicha/ubuntu/oneiric/ghex/ghex-2.90/+merge/7115306:20
RAOF_Man, I'm totally awesome.  Can I get compiz into a state where it won't draw anything but the lowermost window?  Of course I can!06:36
smspillazRAOF_: steps to reproduce ?06:37
didrocksRAOF_: in case you didn't get the message I sent there to your evil twin, fix for oneconf is uploaded06:37
* smspillaz is somewhat flooded with other stuff at the moment06:37
RAOF_smspillaz, Seems like enabling a bunch of plugins will do it.06:37
smspillazRAOF_: don't enable plugins while unity is loaded06:37
smspillazbad things will happen06:38
RAOF_smspillaz, Given my experience with the most recent compiz upload, I can imagine :)06:38
RAOF_smspillaz, Yeah, I've noticed.  But after compiz crashes, restarting it doesn't fix it either.06:38
smspillazRAOF_: exactly, bad things will happen06:38
smspillazunity can't be unloaded06:38
RAOF_Ok.  Scratch that bug, then.06:38
smspillazloading other plugins will unload unity06:38
smspillazand then reload it06:38
RAOF_But that breaks compiz *across restarts*?06:39
smspillazRAOF_: don't worry, I have a million bugs for nouveau anyways06:39
smspillazRAOF_: if it crashes while its unreparenting windows things get wonky06:39
didrocksjbicha: looking, waow dropping a lot of stuff! :)06:39
RAOF_That breaks things across *X server restarts*? :)06:39
smspillazRAOF_: sounds like a bug in your applications06:40
smspillazcompiz doesn't keep state across X restarts06:40
RAOF_Unless the set of plugins I've got loaded breaks compiz.06:40
smspillazpost your config ?06:40
didrocksjbicha: is debian doing the same change? We generally avoid changing the packaging system if they didn't yet06:41
RAOF_What do you need for that?06:41
smspillazto see what plugins you have ?06:41
RAOF_smspillaz, Yeah.06:41
RAOF_smspillaz, You know what?  How about I file a bug and let the apport hook do that work for me.06:42
jbichadidrocks: seb128 is the maintainer, maybe I should ask him? lol06:42
smspillazthe chances of me looking at the bug are extremely low06:42
smspillazRAOF_: your bug is valuable and has been added to my queue06:43
smspillazplease hold06:43
didrocksjbicha: him, I think it's years he didn't update something in debian :-)06:43
RAOF_smspillaz, But I'll point you at the logs, which should contain my config, right?\06:43
didrocksjbicha: you should ask on #debian-gnome, try to ping pochu06:43
didrocksjbicha: OFTC network06:43
smspillazbut like I said, I probably don't have time to look into it06:43
didrocksjbicha: otherwise, seems a nice work, you are working on updating nemiver?06:43
jbichadidrocks: hmm, you mean seb128 doesn't upload directly to debian these days?06:43
didrocksjbicha: debian-changes ML seems to tell so. I think he just append some changes in the debian-gnome vcs06:45
jbichadidrocks: nemiver seems up to date06:45
jbichaI'll try #debian-gnome06:45
didrocksjbicha: does it build against your new package with the ABI bump?06:46
didrocksjbicha: when you bump a soname, you have to check rdepends ;)06:46
jbichaoh, let me see06:46
didrocksotherwise, nemiver will dep on a libray we can't rebuild06:46
didrocksand the old binary package will be NBS06:46
jbicharight, I assumed there were no depends and forgot to check06:46
didrocksmaybe a rebuild of nemiver is enough if the API didn't change06:47
jbichaupstream was talking like they intentionally wanted people to be able to run the gtk2 & gtk3 versions at the same time06:47
jbichawith the 2 different libraries but I think I'd rather avoid that if it's not needed06:48
didrocksjbicha: agreed, but that means that nemiver needs to work with gtk306:48
jbichaah, nemiver's last git commit from 5 days ago is supposed to provide ghex 2.90 compliance06:50
didrocksjbicha: should we maybe wait for next nemiver release then? or do you want to take a snapshot?06:51
jbichaI guess it depends on how long nemiver will take to do a normal release06:53
didrocksjbicha: anyway, I think it's better to avoid having more NBS, if you are ok, I'll pend the ghex sponsor on that06:54
didrocksjbicha: next Monday is the next GNOME release, so maybe you will have a tarball there ;)06:55
didrocksdoes it make sense?06:55
jbichadidrocks: yes, I agree06:55
didrocksjbicha: great, please note that I'm on holidays for the next two weeks, I'm setting the branch as WIP for now. It builds fine and works well though :)06:56
didrocksthanks a lot for working on this ;)06:56
jbichadidrocks: have a good holiday!06:57
didrocksjbicha: hoping that! :-)06:57
RAOF_Ok.  unity --reset gets me back to something that actually draws windows, but it seems to have got the stacking code utterly confused.07:02
RAOF_Time to restart!07:02
didrockshey rodrigo_07:03
rickspencer3hey didrocks, rodrigo_ how are you guys this morning?07:03
rodrigo_hi didrocks, rickspencer307:03
didrocksgood morning rickspencer3! I'm fine thanks :-) you?07:05
rickspencer3didrocks, I had madelines for breakfast, so really, in the scheme of things, I'm dong pretty well ;)07:06
didrocksrickspencer3: ahah, seems pretty easy to satisfy! :)07:08
RAOF_What determines the background colour of the new alt-tab switcher?07:09
RAOF_Because it can sometimes pick white, and then use white text.07:09
didrocksRAOF_: the same code that take it wrong in the dash :)07:09
didrocksRAOF_: the green backport is yellow, isn't it?07:10
RAOF_The green backport?07:10
RAOF_I still don't understand.  My desktop wallpaper is predominantly green, and my dash/alt-tab background is white.07:13
RAOF_I have no idea where it picks that colour from, only that it changes every now and then.07:13
didrocksRAOF_: I have yellow! :)07:15
didrocksRAOF_: I'll ping gord anyway, I have a test case for him :)07:15
pittiGood morning07:16
RAOF_Hey pitti07:16
didrockshey pitti!07:17
pittihey RAOF_, how are you?07:18
pittididrocks: bonjour! travel was alright?07:19
RAOF_pitti, Good.  Looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow!07:19
didrockspitti: travel was unsurprising indeed, had to jump from a power plug to another to be able to package unity and all the fuzz, but all went more or less smoothly ;)07:20
didrockspitti: you? how was the train? :)07:20
pittiRAOF_: heh, FF took its toll, I guess07:20
pittididrocks: I'm still at the hackfest in Berlin, going back this evening07:20
pittididrocks: nice job!07:21
RAOF_Actually, X has been quite civilised this time; all our major stuff landed well before FF.07:21
* pitti currently downloading 200 MB of nightly updates, including the new unity goodness07:21
* RAOF_ notes that "goodness" might need some disclaimers.07:21
didrockspitti: oh right! how is it btw? stil good progress? :)07:21
pittididrocks: bit of a setback yesterday; I had a working patch acked by two other people, but David didn't like it, so I need to re-do it now07:22
pittibut still good progress07:22
pittilast night we went to a nice Fondue dinner with all the guys07:22
didrocksoh great!07:22
pitti(yeah, while you guys were sweating for FF -- I felt a bit guilty!)07:22
didrockspitti: heh, you entirely deserve some rests ;)07:22
rodrigo_hi pitti07:32
jbichadidrocks: I had the bright yellow background briefly, it was horrible07:37
didrocksjbicha: well, at least, it picks now the background :) wasn't the case in the tarball07:38
jbichait was like that same crazy gold for the snap feature07:38
RAOF_Mmm.  This slightly-brown grey is pretty good.07:38
didrocksbut I'll definitively ping gord07:38
RAOF_Maybe they're just checking to see what colours people protest about? :)07:38
jbichahaha, let's try this colour!07:39
chrisccoulsondidrocks, none of my lenses work since upgrading :(07:40
chrisccoulsonthey're all empty07:40
RAOF_The API changed, so everything's broken.07:41
micahgchrisccoulson: check scrollback from a couple hours ago :)07:41
didrockschrisccoulson: empty by default07:43
didrockschrisccoulson: make a search07:43
didrocksempty it07:43
didrocksshould work, isn't it?07:43
chrisccoulsondidrocks, yeah, that worked. thanks07:43
chrisccoulsonthat's not by design is it?07:43
chrisccoulsonalso, compiz lost my workspace settings :(07:44
didrockschrisccoulson: no, "known bug in the FF rush"07:44
didrockschrisccoulson: did you --reset?07:44
chrisccoulsoni understand ;)07:44
chrisccoulsondidrocks, no, i didn't do --reset07:44
didrockswaow, concerning…07:44
chrisccoulsonbut my number of workspaces reset back to 4 after the upgrade07:44
didrocksnothing changed there07:44
chrisccoulson(from 6)07:44
didrocksthe compiz upload is just about removing the new alt + tab, (and people have to --reset to see it)07:44
chrisccoulsonoh, nice. we have the new switcher by default now :)07:45
chrisccoulsonthis one is so much nicer than the old one07:45
RAOF_chrisccoulson, Use it for a while and you might disagree :(07:45
RAOF_Having said that, press the <down> button while alt-tabbing for more fun!07:45
chrisccoulsonRAOF_ - i found the old one pretty much useless, especially when switching between a browser window and text editor whose contents look the same in a thumbnail ;)07:46
chrisccoulsonoh, the down arrow is pretty cool07:46
chrisccoulsona bit obscure though ;)07:47
RAOF_chrisccoulson, Have two terminals and try switching between IRC and one of those terminals.07:47
chrisccoulsonyeah, that's a bit of a pain07:47
RAOF_For bonus points, make both of those terminals fullscreen07:47
jbichaI don't think the down arrow works right with the crazy compiz keyboard shortcuts07:47
jbichaI wish the title for all open windows would show in alt-tab, I like to browse verbally & visually at the same time07:48
chrisccoulsonit's a little confusing that the top-left corner now closes my window rather than opens the dash07:57
chrisccoulsonthat's going to cause some accidents whilst i relearn ;)07:57
jbichachrisccoulson: I wonder if they might revert that if too many people can't handle that behavior changing07:58
chrisccoulsonjbicha, i'm sure people can handle it, it's just that the learning process is a destructive one ;)07:59
seb128hey desktopers08:02
seb128how is everybody?08:02
seb128how is oneiric? how much did we break yesterday? ;-)08:02
rickspencer3hey seb12808:03
pittibonjour seb12808:03
pittihey chrisccoulson08:03
* pitti hasn't restarted after this morning's dist-upgrade yet08:03
seb128RAOF: excellent, today will not be boring at least! ;-)08:03
pittican I?08:04
pittihey rickspencer308:04
seb128hey rickspencer3 pitti08:04
* rickspencer3 goes to test on USB key08:04
seb128pitti, I will update my 10v first :p08:04
chrisccoulsonhi pitti, how are you?08:05
pittichrisccoulson: hacking furiously on g-i and pygobject :)08:05
chrisccoulsonpitti - nice :)08:05
chrisccoulsondidrocks, is it normal that the window buttons in the panel are themed incorrectly?08:05
chrisccoulsonor should i report that? :)08:05
chrisccoulsonoh, and the workspace switcher animation is broken :(08:06
* chrisccoulson hugs didrocks08:06
RAOF_chrisccoulson, Works here?08:06
chrisccoulsoni keep bringing you problems ;)08:06
RAOF_Bug #825036 and bug #825029 don't work here, though :)08:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 825036 in unity "Switching behaviour to a group is awkward" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82503608:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 825029 in unity "When alt-tabbing to an application with multiple windows the focused window is not raised" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82502908:06
seb128hey chrisccoulson08:06
chrisccoulsonRAOF_ - my animation appears briefly and then the thumbnails disappear, and the workspaces appear empty08:06
chrisccoulsonhi seb12808:07
seb128jibel seems to have been on a testing round08:07
seb128he filed quite some bugs already08:07
RAOF_chrisccoulson, Oh, yeah!  I swung around fast enough to not notice that!08:07
chrisccoulsoni'll have a look and make sure he didn't already report my bugs08:07
chrisccoulsoni'm getting quite a list ;)08:07
rodrigo__need to run some urgent errands, so will be out for 2 hours or so, hopefully no more than that08:08
rodrigo__so, bbl08:08
jibelseb128, not testing just using, even if the word "using" is not really appropriate this morning08:09
seb128jibel, so seems like I should not upgrade ;-)08:09
seb128rodrigo__: ok, see you08:09
rodrigo__hey seb12808:09
rodrigo__seb128, hi and yes, see you in a bit08:10
seb128hey rodrigo__ ;-)08:10
* rodrigo__ leaves08:10
jibelseb128, if you use a single workspace, don't switch between apps and your graphics card is not intel, that's fine ;-)08:10
seb128jibel, ok08:10
seb128well I use several workspaces and applications on intel :p08:10
seb128so let's upgrade the 10v first08:11
RAOF_Or, alternatively have a really modern intel GPU.08:11
seb128I need to get work done today08:11
seb128well that box is an i5 and the gpu which comes with it08:11
RAOF_(My SandyBridge performance is still perfectly fine)08:11
seb128we should force half of dx to work on intel ;-)08:12
chrisccoulsong'ah, the launcher keeps appearing under windows08:14
chrisccoulsonor at least i think that's where it is08:14
chrisccoulsonthe dash seems to appear underneath windows too :/08:15
RAOF_Yeah, it's done that for me.08:15
RAOF_And alt-tab, too.08:15
seb128bouh, trying tb again08:15
RAOF_We've got a new and exciting set of stacking bugs.08:15
seb128the indicator indicators 204 emails in my unity box where the tb folders list indicates 10908:15
seb128chrisccoulson, ^ is there any way to get useful infos for such bugs?08:15
RAOF_Ah.  I see that unity still punishes those with the temerity to try to change the volume with indicator-sound.08:17
pittiRAOF_: you mean that the menu disappears once you click on the slider?08:22
seb128it tends to segfault the indicator and the unitypanel with it08:23
seb128mvo, hey ;-)08:28
seb128didrocks, is update manager packages installation working for you?08:29
mvohey seb12808:30
didrocksseb128: let me see, I used dist-upgrade08:30
jbichaseb128: update-manager has been broken for me since the apt transition this week08:30
seb128jbicha, in which way?08:30
didrockshum, partial upgrade proposed08:31
seb128didrocks, btw what would happen to the music lens without a working backend?08:31
jbichaclicking to install updates freezes the u-m interface08:31
seb128didrocks, I just tend to close the dialog, and do upgrade08:31
didrocksseb128: there is a runtime check on banshee08:31
seb128jbicha, do you get an apport dialog for aptdaemon?08:31
didrocksseb128: and so, the lens deps on banshee08:31
mvojbicha: anything on the terminal when this happens?08:31
seb128didrocks, what happens if it's not there?08:31
didrocksseb128: hum, which "it"?08:32
didrocksunity recommends the music lens08:32
didrocksand the music lens deps on banshee08:32
seb128yeah, I just did a --no-install--recommends08:32
seb128I use rhythmbox08:32
didrocksyeah, no music lens for you :)08:32
seb128I don't want a mono stack for something I don't use08:32
seb128that's fine08:32
seb128just don't force mono on me ;-)08:32
didrockswe should get a music lens agnostic08:32
didrocksand a banshee scope08:32
didrocksas well as a rhythmbox scope08:33
didrocksseb128: you removed tomboy?08:33
seb128didrocks, on my 10v yes08:33
seb128didrocks, I don't need mono, it's a slow box with a small disk08:33
seb128I don't use it for work08:33
seb128just for testing and web browsing08:33
didrocksseb128: make sense08:33
didrocksyou won't be the online one I guess :)08:34
didrocksonly one*08:34
* didrocks needs sleep08:34
seb128I was wondering if it would have made sense to have the lens install but just empty if there is no scope for it08:34
seb128but I can as well not install the lens08:34
didrocksseb128: as long as there is no other scope, I would say no, then separating the packaging and the code to get them separately would make sense08:34
seb128didrocks, ok08:37
seb128didrocks, btw let me know if you test update-manager08:37
didrocksseb128: yeah, just finishing some dpkgish things to keep in a resonable state :)08:38
didrocksand then, trying (it launches at least ;))08:38
jbichaseb128: mvo: I filed bug 82505608:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 825056 in update-manager "[oneiric] Update Manager crashes when trying to install updates" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82505608:39
didrocksok, the partial upgrade is to remove ntfsprogs08:39
didrocksas I don't have any windows partition at home, I can accept that :)08:40
* didrocks tries update-manager08:40
seb128didrocks, no need of partial upgrade, I just try by upgrading one package here08:40
seb128didrocks, like dismiss the partial upgrade question08:40
seb128right click, uncheck all, click one line, upgrade08:40
mvothanks jbicha that is the same issue as seb128 has, let me try to fix it08:43
seb128mvo, thanks08:44
seb128jibel, you can go to ccsm, unity and change to static blue08:44
seb128it workaround the slowness08:44
seb128bah the new unity is suckfest08:45
seb128it doesn't reveal the launcher with the mouse08:46
didrockshum, Xorg hanged, fun08:46
didrocksseb128: hum? it doess there08:46
seb128the dash is also to slow to be used08:46
seb128it takes like 3 seconds to dislay it or do any change08:46
didrocksseb128: suck being on intel? :)08:46
seb128well, I changed to static blur in ccsm08:46
seb128that works ;-)08:46
mvointel used to be the best, but …08:46
chrisccoulsonwoah, i just opened the dash and the whole thing was white08:47
didrocksseb128: confirmed the crash08:47
seb128didrocks, thanks08:47
chrisccoulsonand i can't read anything in it08:47
didrockschrisccoulson: yeah, there was a race, gord_ did a fix post-release that was supposed to fix it08:47
jibelseb128, ok, I'll try. I'm on 2d now, I need some work done this morning.08:47
seb128didrocks, mvo says he's looking on it08:47
chrisccoulsondidrocks, thanks :)08:47
seb128chrisccoulson, it uses your background color to compute its color08:47
didrockschrisccoulson: oh, you mean, not white white, but with a white background?08:47
seb128if you have a light background (my case) you are screwed08:48
didrockschrisccoulson: already told them on an email…08:48
seb128you get yellow with white text for example08:48
chrisccoulsondidrocks, the dash appeared with a white background and barely readable green text08:48
chrisccoulsonseb128, my desktop isn't white ;)08:48
didrockschrisccoulson: yeah, this one, I told them before the release08:48
chrisccoulsonit's the standard colours :)08:48
chrisccoulsondidrocks, thanks08:48
seb128static blur is not the way to go :p08:49
seb128I've a dash with a blurred ccsm displayed in it now08:49
seb128but I'm on a workspace with only IRC08:50
jbichaUnity: putting the blur back in blur08:50
seb128the unity panel is also unreadable in dash mode08:50
gord_MacSlow, ^^ green text08:50
didrocksseb128: I guess that one depends on your color08:51
didrocksseb128: but yeah, there are a bunch of color picking issues depending on your theme and wallpaper08:51
didrocksin addition to the race08:51
MacSlowgord_, seb128: not getting the .json file hm...08:51
jbichaseveral of my dash icons are bleeding too08:51
seb128bah, and I typed ccsm in the dash and it keeps spinning and returns nothing08:51
didrocksseb128: all keyboard activation is broken, didn't you see my email yesterday? :)08:52
seb128didrocks, well it's not keyboard, the entry round thing keep spinning and it never list any icon08:52
chrisccoulsongord_, http://people.canonical.com/~chrisccoulson/Screenshot%20at%202011-08-12%2009:52:18.png08:53
didrocksseb128: so <super>ccsm ?08:53
seb128didrocks, ok, half my fault08:54
seb128didrocks, I was in the file lens08:54
didrocksah ;)08:54
didrocksyeah, it's stateful08:54
seb128didrocks, it opens on the previously used lens, not the main one08:54
didrocksthat's by design08:54
seb128didrocks, so it breaks the super-type-enter workflow08:54
seb128that's quite an usuability step back08:54
didrocksthe only thing I'm not sure it's by design is the fact that's the search is different between lenses08:55
didrocks(I talked about it on the same email)08:55
seb128super-type-enter was quite efficient and is only what i.e gnome-shell is doing08:55
didrocksand +108:55
MacSlowgord_, seb128: wait... the text there isn't drawn via the DashStyle calls08:55
MacSlowgord_, is that StaticCairoText?08:55
seb128they still didn't fix the launcher focus issue...08:56
seb128chrisccoulson, well at least you can read the indicators text on your screenshot ;-)08:56
chrisccoulsonseb128, can you not?08:56
didrocksI think it's because of radiancec?08:56
seb128could be08:57
chrisccoulsonseb128, launcher focus issue? like bug 825046 ?08:57
ubot2Launchpad bug 825046 in unity "Dash and launcher appear underneath windows" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82504608:57
didrocksseb128: what's the issue for showing the launcher btw, you told you can't make it appear?08:58
seb128didrocks, yeah, it doesn't appear with the mouse08:58
gord_MacSlow, guess so08:58
seb128like I can go on the side or corner as much I want it never shows08:58
chrisccoulsonseb128, do you have a maximized window?08:58
didrocksseb128: if you put it on the left side?08:58
jbichaI set my launcher to neverhide for now because I have so much difficulty getting it to show08:58
didrocksI don't get that one though :/08:59
seb128chrisccoulson, yes08:59
chrisccoulsonjbicha, it keeps appearing underneath windows for me08:59
MacSlowseb128, chrisccoulson: are you by any chance on an intel-GPU system?08:59
didrocksthe corner doesn't work anymore, but that's known08:59
chrisccoulsonseb128, see the bug i quoted above :)08:59
seb128MacSlow, yes08:59
seb128chrisccoulson, oh ok08:59
jbichaI'm on intel also08:59
chrisccoulsonseb128, it's appearing underneath the windows08:59
MacSlowseb128, argl08:59
chrisccoulsonMacSlow, yeah, i'm on intel08:59
seb128chrisccoulson, that's not that for me08:59
seb128I tried on an empty workspace08:59
chrisccoulsonseb128, oh :/08:59
seb128open gedit is small mode, moved it over the launcher so it hides09:00
MacSlowseb128, I've heard about weird bugs on intel/mesa recently (notify-osd's opacity... now this green text thing)09:00
seb128but no way to get the launcher to show still09:00
pgranerseb128, still having login in issues, removing the .ICE authority fixes it, then once I do that and can login I get the Nautilus bar of death across the screen09:00
MacSlowseb128, which one does not get if you're on non mesa-drivers09:00
jbichapgraner: is your /home encrypted?09:00
pgranerjbicha, yep09:00
MacSlowseb128, I'm currently pulling in all updates on my laptop (all intel) to see how much I can replicate this09:00
seb128jbicha, he seems by the description that he manages to log in09:01
MacSlowseb128, my gut-feelin atm is, that this is a driver-bug09:01
didrocksseb128: works there (tried you gedit's stuff)09:01
seb128so it's likely unity not starting09:01
seb128pgraner, if you go to a vt and type unity while you just get nautilus, does it work?09:01
seb128brb need to test new unity on a fresh session09:02
didrockshum, alt + tab is not showing anything if you go in the window view mode if it's minimized09:03
seb128didrocks, nop, doesn't work for me09:04
didrockswb seb12809:04
seb128I was on reveal in edge before upgrading if that makes any issue09:04
didrocksseb128: do you have edge activation still working in the unity plugin?09:04
seb128not reveal on border09:04
didrockshum, let me check09:04
didrocksas I unity --reset09:04
didrocksbut it shouldn't have changed for you09:04
didrockswith the way gconf is wokring…09:04
mvojbicha, seb128: thanks, I have a fix for it now09:04
seb128mvo, \o/09:05
seb128chrisccoulson, I get your white screen issue on the 10v09:05
pgranerseb128, ok it looks like the unity pkg got removed somehow during one of the updates, it was there 2 days ago (machine has been consistently upgraded) adding the package back in seems to have fixed it09:06
seb128chrisccoulson, MacSlow, didrocks: chrisccoulson's screenshot issue is fixed if you change background and bacjk09:06
mvoglatzor: do you mind if I commit http://paste.ubuntu.com/664074/ directly?09:06
seb128pgraner, ok09:06
seb128didrocks, seems like the bug your tried to get fixed yesterday09:06
pgranerseb128, thanks, I didn't even think to see if it was installed... grrrr09:06
seb128in some variant09:06
didrocksseb128: indeed, already pinged gord_09:06
seb128pgraner, you're welcome09:06
MacSlowseb128, hm... could be related to subpixel-aa of the text09:07
seb128didrocks, edge activation works on the 10v09:07
seb128it just don't hide if you move the cursor out of the launcher area09:07
MacSlowseb128, if I disable that there should be no color-fringes.09:07
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, changing the background worked here too09:08
chrisccoulsoni've got the gnome-shell background now ;)09:08
MacSlowchrisccoulson, why/how was that part of the dash all white anyway?09:09
seb128MacSlow, gord is looking at it09:09
seb128MacSlow, it seems to not pick the background color until you change it09:09
=== gord_ is now known as gord
seb128change it = change the background09:10
didrocksit's a race, sometimes, it's fine09:10
didrocksand after gord's fix, it looked it worked for me09:10
didrocksseems not really doing it for everyone though09:10
gordit worked for me too...09:10
didrocksseb128: I still have reveal mode "Left"09:11
seb128didrocks, well I've that as well in ccsm but I was on edge mode before and that's not working, I tried to tweak, no luck09:11
jbichamvo: thanks, did you see bug 824957 also?09:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 824957 in update-manager "[gtk3] right-click context menu for links no longer works" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82495709:12
didrocksseb128: weird… I trust less and less compiz configuration support…09:12
glatzormvo, go for it :)09:13
seb128well any, plently of bugs09:13
seb128hey glatzor09:13
glatzorhey seb128 !09:13
seb128didrocks, another "fun" one is that the dash doesn't fit on the 10v screen09:13
seb128so I can't switch lenses09:13
seb128the bottom buttons are out of the screen09:13
mvoglatzor: thx09:13
didrocksseb128: yeah, part of because the fullscreen mode is broken09:14
didrocksseb128: as well, try expanding the filter, it won't reorganize the icons09:14
mvojbicha: I check it out next, thanks!09:14
didrocksseb128: and if you click on one, it will launch the hidden application underneath09:15
mvojbicha: looks like the unstoppable evfool already fixed the u-m issue :)09:22
jbichaooh, so fast09:22
mvohe is not even on irc to recieve my hug :/09:24
didrocksmvo: I think you can sponsor it until he receives his hug :)09:26
didrocks"blocked on hug" :)09:27
kiwinotealex3f: hi! rev 2082 of lp:~kiwinote/software-center/tweaks should fix the traceback of the bug you just reported, however I can't seem to reproduce the sigsev that followed - can you perhaps see whether this (probably won't and shouldn't) indirectly solves the sigsev too?09:46
alex3fkiwinote, i'm on it, thanks09:47
kiwinotealex3f: fwiw it also seems you don't have an apt-xapian-index ? you can create it with "sudo update-apt-xapian-index && sudo update-software-center"09:49
alex3fit's a vanilla install with bzr branch09:49
alex3fkiwinote, it kinda works10:05
alex3fsegfault comes from pango, 0x010ad917 in pango_glyph_string_get_width ()10:05
MacSlowseb128, gord, chrisccoulson: I just updated my all intel-laptop and don't get these white-area issues for the dash10:05
gordMacSlow, don't worry about that10:06
seb128MacSlow, not even on fresh login?10:06
gordMacSlow, its a race, happens for some people, not for others10:06
MacSlowseb128, got to try... once sec (you mean a fresh user?)10:07
seb128MacSlow, no, just restarting your session (in opposite of restarting compiz in a running session)10:07
seb128MacSlow, but as gord said it seems to be a race10:07
MacSlowseb128, gord: nope... not at all... tried it a few times (for my normal accout and for the guest account)10:09
MacSlownot happening10:09
seb128gord, MacSlow: bug #81118510:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 811185 in libgwibber "drop libgwibber source from archive" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81118510:12
seb128bug #82509110:13
ubot2Launchpad bug 825091 in unity "Unity crashes if you select a gradient as wallpaper" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82509110:13
seb128gord, MacSlow: ^ you might want to look at this one10:13
gordassigned to me10:14
seb128gord, thanks10:15
MacSlowgord, somehow in the back of my head I think I once ran into a similar issue... but can't atm fully refresh my mind on that10:16
seb128pitti, btw I sent an email to ubuntu-devel about the retracers being down so people know what's going on10:38
alex3fkiwinote, updated oneiric, segfault does not appear any more11:09
kiwinotealex3f: sweet :)11:17
chrisccoulsonseb128, ok, i'm getting the same issue with the launcher as you :(11:25
seb128chrisccoulson, bug #82509611:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 825096 in unity "Launcher cannot be revealed from left edge after using alt-tab" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82509611:29
chrisccoulsonoh nice, i'm glad to see the favicons work in the firefox menu in unity 2d now :)11:29
chrisccoulsonseb128, thanks11:30
chrisccoulsonhow come the blur and scrolling in unity 2d is so much faster on my machine? :/11:30
ronocmvo, ping11:32
ronocmvo, A bug in i-session has crept in whereby using the method you suggested the service always thinks there is an update available11:35
ronocmvo, i used the same method you used in your python script11:35
ronocit was working two weeks ago but just broke in the last few days11:35
ronocmvo, here is my output from checking for any updates, http://paste.ubuntu.com/664174/11:36
ronocmvo, hence why I think there is an update to fetch11:36
didrockschrisccoulson: bug #82509611:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 825096 in unity "Launcher cannot be revealed from left edge after using alt-tab" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82509611:37
didrockschrisccoulson: the unity-2d blur is a native Qt one11:37
jbicharonoc: can the script also return the number of updates, 142 updates available sounds more worrisome than just 5 or 611:37
didrocksoh, should have scrollback before :)11:37
jbichaunless you're going for a high score :-)11:37
mvoronoc: oh? could you debug-print the names of the pending updates for me please?11:38
davmor2guys is there a secret I don't know to make the launcher appear in oneiric I move the mouse to top left and far left nothing,  the only thing that seems to work is hitting the super key11:39
davmor2nevermind seems to be working now it has appeared once11:40
seb128read the backlog?11:40
ronocmvo, jbicha this bug is not just on my system it has been widely reported11:40
ronocon i-session11:40
ronocprinting names now11:41
cjwatsongnome-games 1:3.1.3-0ubuntu1: "Aisleriot was split out of gnome-games into its own module."11:42
cjwatsonis anyone working on packaging that separate aisleriot?  it's currently in the NBS list11:42
chrisccoulsondidrocks, ah, ok. thanks11:44
chrisccoulsonunity-2d + metacity compositing looks just like unity 3d :)11:45
ogra_better :P11:45
chrisccoulsononly without the laggy scrolling in the dash :)11:45
jbicharonoc: yes, the update indicator has been wrong most of the time here too11:45
ronocjbicha, it was working fine when I first released that feature two weeks ago11:45
ogra_chrisccoulson, the funniest bit is that it can also do 3d if you want ;)11:45
ronochaven't touched that code since11:45
chrisccoulsonogra_, nice :)11:46
seb128well it doesn't have the expose, etc11:46
jbicharonoc: I don't know, I thought it was broken almost since it landed but anyway...11:46
ogra_(unity-2d works fine with compiz)11:46
chrisccoulsoncan we have the nice alt+tab switcher in unity 2d? :)11:47
ogra_iircd that comes from compiz11:48
chrisccoulsonoh, the thunderbird menu isn't working in 2d though :(11:49
chrisccoulsoni get empty menus11:49
chrisccoulsonheh, and now it works11:49
ogra_funny, given the firsfox one works11:49
chrisccoulsonyeah, it's the same code11:49
chrisccoulsonweird :/11:49
chrisccoulsoncould still be a bug in my extension though ;)11:50
ogra_probably a traffic jam on the dbus11:50
ogra_send police !11:50
rodrigo__police usuallyt makes traffic jams worst, so don't :)11:50
chrisccoulsonsurely you would only need police if there was a riot on the bus?11:50
=== rodrigo__ is now known as rodrigo_
ogra_spanish police ...11:50
rodrigo_ogra_, yeah, maybe it's only in spain :)11:51
didrockschrisccoulson: you can't get the alt + tab as the code is wrapped in the unityshell plugin11:51
rodrigo_can someone please have a try at building this branch: lp:~rodrigo-moya/ubuntu/oneiric/gnome-color-manager/3_1_2_release ?11:55
rodrigo_it's failing on undefined symbols from a lib it's being linked to, so I'm out of ideas11:55
jbichareopened bug 81280411:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 812804 in lightdm "lightdm asks for password when resuming from suspend even when no one is logged in" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81280411:57
cdbsUnity-greeter doesn't work for me, when I have it set, it keeps crashing and crashing on startup11:57
cdbsI have to set greeter-theme=unity right?11:57
jbichacdbs: I'd just rm /etc/lightdm and sudo apt-get install --reinstall lightdm unity-greeter11:58
jbichasince it's the default now11:59
jbichaI don't know if removing the conf is necessary before reinstalling but it works11:59
* cdbs runs those commands11:59
mvowoah, so it seems like GtkTable in gtk3/glade is pretty much busted but fortunately moving to gtkGrid seems to fix it12:05
cdbsI managed to get unity-greeter work, but I get a black background on all sessions12:05
ronocmvo, jbicha,  ok weird g_strv_length was returning 1 when really it should have returned 0, still grappling with glib oddities obviously12:12
ronocthe lala.py correctly reports nothing to update12:12
ronocso my C if off12:12
pobarahi everyone, I have question: I need to programatically detect if os runs Unity based on gtk2 or gtk3; can this be achieved with gsettings?12:22
pobaraOn Ubuntu 11.10 $ gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.session session-name12:22
pobarasays 'ubuntu'12:23
pobarawhat does it say on Ubuntu 11.04?12:23
mvook, thanks ronoc12:24
* rodrigo_ lunch12:28
seb128rodrigo_, is evolution-desktopcouch and desktopcouch working for you in oneiric?12:29
rodrigo_seb128, evo-couchdb does work (with system-wide couchdb), not desktopcouch12:31
rodrigo_seb128, are you getting unauthrozied errors?12:31
chrisccoulsonrodrigo_, how do you set it up with system-wide couchdb?12:32
rodrigo_chrisccoulson, just 'New->Addressbook' from evolution, and select CouchDB and then 'system-wide instance'12:32
seb128rodrigo_, do you know if the desktopcouch issue is trcked somewhere?12:32
rodrigo_or add a new source pointing to
rodrigo_seb128, yes, I told chipaca yesterday about it12:33
seb128rodrigo_, do you have a bug number?12:33
rodrigo_seb128, no, will find one later, after lunch12:33
rodrigo_I just talked on irc with chipaca12:34
chrisccoulsonrodrigo_, i created a small thunderbird extension to create the desktopcouch addressbook, but i can't actually test that it works ;)12:34
chrisccoulsonalthough, i do get the addressbook created12:34
chrisccoulsona UI for creating the system couchdb addressbook isn't really required in tb is it?12:35
rodrigo_chrisccoulson, ok, then create a new ESource with a property called "instance" set to "system"12:35
seb128rodrigo_, ok, thanks12:35
seb128rodrigo_, have fun12:35
kenvandinegood morning all!12:35
rodrigo_chrisccoulson, "couchdb_instance" set to "system", sorry12:36
rodrigo_ok, out for lunch now for real, bbiab12:36
kenvandineseb128, i just realized i forgot to do the magic to update the templates when i uploaded indicator-messages...12:38
kenvandinei'll do that today12:38
seb128kenvandine, I forgot to do datetime according to version,can you do it as well?12:42
kenvandinedidrocks, do you know if libunity ignores setting of renderer?12:43
kenvandinethat is the only problem i am having now...12:43
kenvandineotherwise i think the port is done12:43
didrockskenvandine: already? rocks! :) I think the renderer is hardcoded right now12:44
didrockskenvandine: with all the underlying change, it will soon come back12:44
kenvandineok, i guess i'll upload as is...12:44
kenvandineit is better than not working at all :)12:45
kenvandineright now it just displays icons and names12:45
didrockskenvandine: agreed :)12:45
kenvandinewhich isn't very useful12:45
kenvandinebut it runs :)12:45
didrocksis it a beautiful icon? :)12:45
didrocksand a good name?12:45
kenvandinedepends on how ugly the user is :)12:45
kenvandinedidrocks, also... i noticed with all the lenses, it doesn't start to get results until you enter something in the search12:46
kenvandineso you can't browse until you start a search12:46
kenvandineknown bug?12:46
didrockskenvandine: known bug pre-release, indeed12:47
kenvandinei thought i was missing a signal or something12:47
kenvandinethen noticed all the lenses do it :)12:47
didrocksyeah, you're not alone ;)12:48
kenvandinedidrocks, my port included quite a bit of copy paste from files12:49
kenvandineonce I understood the new architecture a bit, it went fast12:49
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
didrockskenvandine: yeah, way less noise at startup12:50
kenvandinei want to figure out the multirange filter12:51
kenvandineor whatever it is12:51
seb128pitti, hey12:56
seb128pitti, I don't think we should subscribe the team to bugmail for components12:57
seb128especially only for one, it's not consistent and doesn't really make sense12:57
seb128pitti, what about using desktop-bugs as we do for the other desktop components?12:57
pittidoes anyone read/get that?12:58
seb128the emails go to a list12:58
seb128not sure who reads it, pedro does I think12:58
seb128pitti, but that doesn't justify special casing one package12:58
seb128well I mean we still have the issue that if the list is not read, nobody is subscribed to 95% the set12:59
seb128it's not realistic to think that we keep up with bugs for things promoted12:59
seb128in practice we just don't and there is no way we can12:59
seb128we rely on bugs to be raised though qa13:00
seb128well I've nothing against the "a team should be subscribed"13:00
seb128but in practice it's void, we go a team subscribed but nobody reading bug emails13:00
mvoseb128: do you know the state of launchpadintegration for gtk3 ? will this just work?13:18
seb128mvo, just work13:18
seb128mvo, we use it in a bunch of python applications13:18
seb128gtk3 python13:18
mvodo you have a example somewhere, the old code just crashes13:19
mvoahh, nevermind, I think I can work it out from the girf ile13:20
mvoheh :) that was simple13:21
seb128mvo, sorry didn't notice that, the api didn't change, it's like a one letter change l->L iirc13:28
* davmor2 installs gwibber lens to see how upset I can make kenvandine ;)13:39
Hedgehog456Is GNOME Shell functional on Natty yet?13:40
davmor2kenvandine: it doesn't work :'( it just opens the dash13:42
ogra_you probably need special glasses to make the lens visible ... order at kenvandine for $3.99 a piece ;)13:44
kenvandinedavmor2, i am about to upload it13:46
kenvandinedavmor2, you have the old one :)13:46
davmor2kenvandine: Damn I'm t'early13:46
kenvandineuploaded :)13:47
kenvandinenow wait for building/publishing :)13:47
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chrisccoulsongah, i can't get apt to do anything for me because of a file conflict in some mono packages13:50
chrisccoulsonit won't let me remove the offending packages13:51
chrisccoulsonand apt-get install -f just tries to finish installing them13:51
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: it's a postinst script that's broken?13:52
chrisccoulsonmdeslaur, file conflicts13:53
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: oh, hrm13:53
Laneythere was a missing conflicts/replaces13:55
Laneyuse dpkg directly to remove it maybe13:55
chrisccoulsonmdeslaur, http://paste.ubuntu.com/664273/13:56
chrisccoulsonLaney, ok, will try that13:56
pittiok, need to leave for the train in a bit, and network sucks anyway, so waving good bye for now13:56
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mdeslaurchrisccoulson: what Laney said13:57
pittiI might get back online in the train, but might be spotty13:57
chrisccoulsonhmmm, it's getting even more broken with dpkg13:58
pittiseb128: you don't happen to have time for today's release meeting?13:58
pittitotally forgot about that one13:58
chrisccoulsoni still can't use apt, it just wants to install the stuff i'm removing13:58
Laneyremove the old webbrowser package13:58
seb128pitti, I do have time13:58
Laneythen you should be able to install the new one13:58
seb128pitti, it's in one hour right?13:58
pittiseb128: yes13:58
seb128chrisccoulson, just dpkg -i --force-all the deb13:59
seb128chrisccoulson, it will force overwrite it13:59
seb128chrisccoulson, or --force-overwrite13:59
seb128pitti, ok, can do13:59
seb128pitti, do you update the wiki or should I do that?13:59
pittiseb128: merci beaucoup13:59
chrisccoulsonseb128, ok, i'll try that. apt won't let me upgrade either ;)13:59
seb128pitti, de rien ;-)13:59
pittiseb128: if you could -- haven't done it yet, and I need to run in 10 mins13:59
seb128pitti, ok, I will do it14:00
seb128pitti, have a good ride back and w.e14:00
seb128pitti, see you on monday ;-)14:00
seb128or tuesday rather, monday is a national holiday there14:00
pittithanks, happy weekend everyone!14:00
pittiwe have a holiday next week as well, not sure when14:01
pittibut I'll try to work a bit anyway, my queue is quite full14:01
didrockspitti: enjoy your week-end and see you in two weeks :)14:01
didrockshave a safe travel back as well ;)14:02
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dobeyhi pitti14:20
seb128dobey, he left to catch his train back from the summit14:21
seb128what's up?14:21
dobeyah ok14:21
dobeyseb128: just wanted to verify status on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/81713314:22
ubot2Ubuntu bug 817133 in ubuntu "[needspackaging] ubuntuone-installer needs packaged" [High,In progress]14:22
dobeyi /think/ it's uploaded and just awaiting archive admin approval now?14:22
chrisccoulsonwow, launchpad is the biggest consumer of memory in firefox atm14:29
chrisccoulsonthis page is consuming over 90MB - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thunderbird/+bug/81077314:29
ubot2Ubuntu bug 810773 in thunderbird "Changing font settings are ineffective" [Undecided,New]14:29
chrisccoulsoncompared to 18MB for twitter ;)14:30
seb128dobey, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+queue14:31
seb128dobey, you can check the queue yourself there14:31
dobeyseb128: ah right, thanks :)14:33
dobeyhrmm, it's not there :-/14:34
rodrigo_seb128, I've got gnoe-contacts packaged (1st pass at least), should I push to an ~ubuntu-desktop branch?14:39
seb128rodrigo_, sure14:39
rodrigo_the version I've packaged seems a bit broken though, at least for me14:42
rodrigo_we need the stuff in git, which seems to be better14:42
seb128jjardon said he would ask alex about the status14:43
seb128and if we will get a new tarball soon14:43
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didrocksdobey: can you please rebuild ubuntuone-client against the new libunity?15:16
dobeydidrocks: we don't link to libunity. we just use the gir15:19
dobeydidrocks: so if the gir gets updated, it should 'just work', unlesss the API was broken of course :)15:19
didrocksdobey: there is a bump in the package name15:19
didrocksdobey: in the gir15:20
didrocksdobey: so you need to dep on latest one (and check it works of course, your part wasn't changed so should be good)15:20
dobeydidrocks: oh, the package name changed?15:20
didrocksdobey: yeah to 4.015:20
dobeyah ok15:21
dobeydidrocks: will do then, thanks for heads up :)15:25
didrocksdobey: yw :-)15:26
didrocksdobey: I rebuilt, it seems there is no crashing for now :)15:26
didrocks(well, rebuilt to force the new dep)15:26
didrocksmvo: any objection about making update-manager depends on the new unity gir?15:32
didrockskenvandine: can you take care of gir1.2-dbusmenu-glib-0.4?15:32
didrockskenvandine: it's in the rdepends list as well15:33
kenvandinedidrocks, sure15:33
seb128didrocks, kenvandine: that's a breaks, doesn't need an update (yeah rdepends if confusing)15:34
didrocksah ok, one less then! :)15:34
didrocksso, it's all on dobey and mvo now :-)15:34
kenvandineoh, woot :)15:34
didrockskenvandine: [done], was it so hard? :-)15:35
* kenvandine loves that :)15:35
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mvodidrocks: its optional in u-m, its will work without problems without it15:42
didrocksmvo: indeed, but they can't be installed together, so can be stuck on ugprade, isn't it?15:43
didrocksgir 3.0 and 4.015:43
didrocksmvo: I see you have another pending change in update-manager, do you want me to push that?15:43
mvodidrocks: its just 3 -> 4 ?15:44
didrocksmvo: yeah, if you want to go for it… ;)15:44
didrocksworks with progress bar in the launcher, normally, only the lens part has changed15:44
mvodidrocks: yeah, I have one other fix pending, I upload it now15:45
didrocksexcellent, thanks :)15:47
mvoupload …15:47
dobeydidrocks: uploaded.16:01
didrocksdobey: excellent, thanks! :)16:02
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* didrocks waves good evening16:36
didrockshave a good week-end everyone and see you in two weeks!16:36
rodrigo_I'm also out for a bit, have a good week-end!17:00
seb128rodrigo_, thanks, you as well17:03
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dobeykenvandine, mterry: want to be a sponsor? :)19:14
mterrydobey, sure19:49
dobeymterry: kenvandine grabbed it i think, but thanks19:51
mterrynot checking IRC wins again19:52
kenvandinefinishing something else first19:54
kenvandinebut it is next in line :)19:54
kenvandinedobey, the diff is pretty big19:54
kenvandinedobey, massive diff and only one changelog entry...19:55
dobeykenvandine: yeah, most of the diff we're not actually installing yet. it just happens to be in trunk/tarball, because we need it for windows :)20:00
dobeykenvandine: welcome to the world of cross-platform development :-/20:01
dobeykenvandine: the silly qt _rc.py files are the worst, because they're byte-compiled python that would still be totally unreadable otherwise :(20:03
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