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kees@pilot in02:26
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lucidfoxHow do I reconfigure the redirection of my ubuntu.com address?04:13
micahglucidfox: change your default address in LP04:14
lucidfoxAh. Danke04:14
lucidfox...but my default email on LP *is* my @ubuntu.com address >_>04:14
micahglucidfox: it shouldn't be unless it was grandfathered in04:15
lucidfoxmicahg, I changed my contact address on LP, but mail sent to sikon@ubuntu.com is still routed to my old mailbox04:43
micahglucidfox: I think it might take a bit to sync up04:45
jbichait may take a few days04:51
kees@pilot out05:19
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didrocksgood morning05:40
merlotmornin' didrocks05:45
ScottKslangasek: Wouldn't want to you to be disappointed and have nothing to do.  Looks like a few rough edges on Qt.06:16
didrocks@pilot in06:16
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slangasekScottK: yep; I understand what's wrong, I'm just doing a local build here first to try to catch all the remaining issues in one go06:51
pittiGood morning07:14
pittibarry: yeah, did the last merge because we had to, but I barely know how this thing works :/07:15
pittibarry: thanks for merging07:15
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dokoev, is the b-d on cheese in ubuquity wanted? MIR is missing09:48
evdoko: no09:52
evwe're using gstreamer directly now09:52
pittiseb128: ^ FYI09:53
pittiev: nice! cheese grew so many new dependencies, and a lot of stuff we don't really want09:53
seb128pitti, thanks, we discussed it yesterday ;-)09:53
evpitti: yeah, seb128 and I discussed that09:53
seb128we still need to solve the camerabin issue though09:54
evI'm trying to pull camerabin out of -bad into -good, per seb128's advice09:54
evbut it's a very large patch09:54
evwill finish that today with any luck09:54
didrocks@pilot out09:55
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hyperairlucidfox: ping. regarding http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=628194, does libgpod4-nogtk suit your needs?10:27
ubottuDebian bug 628194 in libgpod "libgpod should only depend on libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev, not libgtk2.0-dev" [Normal,Open]10:27
dokoDaviey, component-mismatches ping10:28
hyperairlucidfox: no wait, sorry, ignore me10:30
Davieydoko: o/10:31
dokoDaviey, see my email, could you walk through the list for the server component-mismatches?10:32
Davieydoko: I'm doing that at the moment, and commenting in -release :)10:33
dokocool, thanks!10:33
seb128doko, indicator-me is deprecated, it has been merged in indicator-session10:39
dokoseb128, then please extend the bug report and/or remove it from the archive10:41
seb128will check with kenvandine one he's online10:41
* ogra_ grumbles about the combination of lightdm and apport that make logins take 10mins here10:43
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tkamppeterSomething changed with time.h in Ubuntu? Can someone have a look at bug 825054?10:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 825054 in ghostscript (Ubuntu Oneiric) "[powerpc] ghostscript ftbfs on the buildd" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82505410:47
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tkamppeterIs it correct that /usr/include/sys is empty now? In Natty it was full of *.h files of libc6-dev.11:18
cjwatsonit's not empty here; but you may well find that they've moved to /usr/include/$(dpkg-architecture -qDEB_HOST_MULTIARCH)/sys11:19
cjwatson(ah, I'm slightly out of date)11:20
cjwatsonthey should still be on the compiler's default include path.  it's possible that your configure script or similar may need to be fixed if it brokenly looks in /usr/include directly.11:20
tkamppetercjwatson, thanks.11:25
tkamppetercjwatson, for me /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu has only an asm subdirectory, no sys and no time.h.11:28
cjwatsonperhaps it's busted on amd6411:31
cjwatson$ dpkg -c /home/lp_archive/ubuntu/pool/main/e/eglibc/libc6-dev_2.13-16ubuntu2_amd64.deb | grep sys/time11:32
cjwatson-rw-r--r-- root/root      6825 2011-08-11 18:04 ./usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/sys/time.h11:32
cjwatsonnope, looks fine to me11:32
tkamppetercjwatson, reinstalled libc6-dev and now the files are there.11:41
tkamppetercjwatson, thanks.11:41
dokolooks like we have an upgrade bug, which is exposed on the buildds too11:41
tkamppeterdoko, cjwatson, looks like powerpc got updated a little bit earlier than the others so that Ghostscript still built on the others and failed on PowerPC.11:45
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pobarahi everyone, I have question: I need to programatically detect if os runs Unity based on gtk2 or gtk3; can this be achieved with gsettings?12:37
pobaraOn Ubuntu 11.10 $ gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.session session-name12:37
pobarasays 'ubuntu'12:37
pobarawhat does it say on Ubuntu 11.04?12:37
pobaraI asked same question on #ubuntu and #ubuntu-desktop, but noone seems to be able to run gsettings12:38
mdeslaurpobara: it says "gnome" for me on 11.0412:43
mdeslaurpobara: but, I'm not quite sure that's a good test for that12:43
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tkamppeterpitti, doko, can you upload c2esp 18-2ubuntu1 for me? See bug 821940. c2esp is not yet in my per-package upload list.13:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 821940 in c2esp (Ubuntu) "[MIR] c2esp" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82194013:10
dokotkamppeter, package location?13:11
tkamppeterdoko, debdiff is attached to the bug.13:11
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kenvandine@pilot in13:30
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tkamppeterI have a problem with building Ghostscript: devlibs error: There is no package matching [liblcms2-2-dev] and noone provides it, please report bug to d-shlibs maintainer. The correct name of the -dev package is liblcms2-dev. What do I have to do?13:35
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janimodoko, is there a way to make the linker output why certain objects end up in the output? --verbose is not enough, it only prints the object paths it tries. A trace of symbol lookups of sorts13:43
dokojanimo, -y ?13:46
janimodoko, hmm thanks, I was probably too vague, did not know symbol tracing exists and is named as such. I want to know why a file ends up in the output, even if no symbols are used from it. I'll try with as-needed again13:49
janimodoko, an object in the linker command line ends up in the result even if it is not. Only on ARM, x86 drops it13:50
janimolibvirt.so FTBFS, gets linked to libnl-route even if it should not13:50
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janimodoko, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libvirt/+bug/82371113:55
ubottuUbuntu bug 823711 in libvirt (Ubuntu) "libvirt version 0.9.2-4ubuntu8 failed to build on armel" [Medium,Confirmed]13:55
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dokojanimo, is it different to revert the order of libnl-route and libnl?14:00
janimodoko, no, tried that too14:02
janimoonly if I remove nl-route does it go away14:03
dokodoes gold do the job?14:03
janimoas-needed is default right?14:03
janimoI'll try to change to gold. Can I tell gcc the path to the linker or shall I just do that in the system?14:04
dokoand changing the order on x86 doesn't expose the bug?14:04
janimodoko, will try that too just to be sure - I symlinked ld to ld.gold and same reuslt14:06
janimosame with telling gcc to use gold. will try on x8614:07
janimodoko, on x86 only the intersection of what is in the command line and what is used gets in the output. So libnl only, andonly when it is put there14:08
janimothere are 5 symbols from libnl used in libvirt, and none of the other nl libs' symbols14:09
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janimocould be a combination of the recent switch to libnl3 and some toolchain issue14:09
janimodoko, shall I subscribe linaro-gcc ?14:09
dokojanimo, maybe. does it work with 2.21.1? (see the ubuntu-toolchain-r ppa)14:10
janimodoko, I'll try14:10
mterrykees, do you have time for some of your MIRs today?  We're looking to get component mismatches down14:15
dokojanimo, and avoiding the not using libnl-* libs on the command line?14:15
janimodoko, that works. but those are filled in (all of them) by pkg-config14:16
doko$(filter-out -lnl-%, ...)14:17
janimodoko, well sure, but I was hoping to find the bug. Otherwise turning off tests on armel is a workaround as well :)14:18
janimothis ppa has an older binutils right?14:18
dokoyes, 2.21.114:20
dokobut I assume it doesn't change, if gold shows the same behaviour14:20
tseliotpitti: I'm thinking of disabling nvidia-common's debconf interface as I guess we don't need it any more14:27
janimodoko, same with 2.21.114:27
dokosmells like relying on some undefined behaviour?14:30
barrydoko: did you do a sync of python-sphinx?14:30
dokobarry: no14:35
dokoat least I can't remember =)14:35
barry:)  odd that i got offered an update this morning14:35
tumbleweedbarry: I also noticed that, it was synced 2 weeks ago, but only built 20 hours ago14:38
barrytumbleweed: wussup widdat? :)14:39
tumbleweeddunno, launchpad throws away failed build logs14:39
tumbleweed(when tehy are retried)14:39
barryi bet there in the db somewhere.  i guess it's not that critical.  by request, i was going to do a sync of that today, but looks like i don't need to now14:40
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dokobarry, tumbleweed: yes, see my emails from today14:54
barrydoko: which one? :)14:54
barrydoko: component-mismatches/dep-waits?14:55
barrydoko: saw it but haven't followed the link yet.  my ibus upload failed so i need to try again14:55
robtowI'm trying to build Ubuntu for Beagleboard under Ubuntu 1.10, and rootstock hangs with 100% cpu while "setting up xrulrunner-1.9.2 ("15:01
robtowAny advice?15:01
barrydoko: do i need an ffe to re-upload ibus?15:03
barrycool, thanks15:03
didrocksev: FYI, I'm pushing an updated usb-creator-gtk dep on the new unity gir. Tested locally and works15:26
evdidrocks: awesome, thanks!15:29
didrocksyw ;)15:29
slangasekScottK: qt4-x11 reuploaded15:55
ScottKslangasek: Thanks.16:07
RoAkSoAxcjwatson: howdy! I have a quick question about preseed. Should debconf values for specific packages be set before telling pkgsel to include the package, or should be done after or it doesn't really matter: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/664357/16:11
evmmm, is PyGI broken for anyone else?16:14
slangasekScottK: fwiw I've regression-tested Qt plugin resolution with both native (amd64) and cross (i386) builds, so I expect this to be pretty smooth; do you know anything else I should worry about testing besides a regular QCoreApplication-based plugin load?16:14
ScottKProbably not.  I'd feel better if you fired up at least one KDE application and it didn't explode.16:15
ScottKMy expectation is it will be fine and it would either be OK for all of KDE or immediately crash and burn.16:16
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slangasekScottK: recommendation of something to test?  I don't seem to have any KDE apps installed here currently16:18
ScottKslangasek: kate should be reasonable.16:18
ScottKI don't think it should pull in too awful much.16:18
slangasekok, installing16:19
slangasekScottK: Works For Me™16:21
slangasekScottK: though I am unsure if the UI theming is what it's supposed to be16:21
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ScottKslangasek: It probably doesn't pull in everything that would make it 'nice' as that would be a LOT.16:36
keesmterry: yeah, going to be spending all day on MIRs, I think. ran out of time yesterday (got a few done)16:36
kenvandine@pilot out16:37
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cjwatsonRoAkSoAx: preseed files aren't ordered the way you think they are.  what you're doing is setting a load of entries in a database and then setting the whole thing off16:43
cjwatsonRoAkSoAx: so in short, order doesn't matter16:43
cjwatsonRoAkSoAx: though you should make sure to put only a single space or tab between the type ("string") and the value, as mentioned in the installation guide16:45
cjwatson(can't see from your pastebin whether that's two spaces or a tab)16:45
RoAkSoAxcjwatson: cool16:51
RoAkSoAxcjwatson: thanks tfor the info16:51
RoAkSoAxcjwatson: and it is a tab ;)16:51
tgardnerI've had several lockups with the chromium browser on lucid since a recent update. has anyone else complained? chromium-browser 13.0.782.107~r94237-0ubuntu0.10.04.116:54
micahgtgardner: no, I haven't pushed it out yet, is it reproducible?17:00
tgardnermicahg, you haven't pushed what out yet? thats the version that I'm running, likely from -proposed17:02
tgardnerand its quite reproducible17:02
micahgtgardner: yes, it's in proposed ATM, was going to push out in a bit, but if it's crashing, I'll hold off17:02
tgardnermicahg, try a google search on 'apparmor dfa'17:03
micahgtgardner: it's with the apparmor profile?  that's not even shipped with it ATM, idk if I"d block on that, but can you file a bug17:04
tgardnermicahg, no, its just a simple search.17:04
tgardnerno apparmor involved. I was trying to figure out what a dfa is17:04
micahgah, I see, that's the test case :), let me fire up a vm17:04
micahgtgardner: are you searching in the URL bar or on google.com?17:05
tgardnermicahg, on google.com17:05
micahghmm, maverick isn't broke, let me fire up a lucid vm agaain17:06
micahgtgardner: i386 or amd64?17:08
tgardnermicahg, how about if I revert to 12.0.742.112~r90304-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 just to make sure its not happening with that version.17:13
micahgtgardner: that works too :)17:13
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tgardnermicahg, reverting appears to fix that particular lockup.17:19
micahgtgardner: :(, let me try in the i386 instance I just fired up17:19
micahgit works, but I haven't upgraded the kernel, let me try that17:21
tgardnermicahg, yeah, I'm running full -proposed17:21
tgardnerexcept for chromium now17:21
micahgi386 is fine17:23
* micahg tries amd6417:23
hyper_chhi there, I run into a statd problem with updates today and I wonder if it's the same bug (which says it has a fix released) or not17:26
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tgardnerhyper_ch, statd bug in the browser, or something external ?17:27
hyper_chhere's the bug I found  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nfs-utils/+bug/525154   and my problem looks like this   http://pastebin.com/wYkBciWv17:27
ubottuUbuntu bug 525154 in nfs-utils (Ubuntu Natty) "mountall for /var or other nfs mount races with rpc.statd" [High,Fix released]17:27
hyper_chtgardner: statd error so that I can't mount nfs17:27
hyper_chmanual (re)starting worked17:27
tgardnerhyper_ch, well, I'm not using nfs, and reverting chromium fixed my problem.17:27
hyper_chtgardner: statd is related also to browsers?17:28
tgardnerhyper_ch, I dunno.17:28
debfxtgardner: the firmware-free package has been synced from Debian. I guess it should be removed since we have linux-firmware in Ubuntu?17:29
hyper_chmaybe I was sent into the wrong channel and should go to #ubuntu-bugs?17:29
tgardnerdebfx, yeah, I'd think there would be collisions.17:30
micahgtgardner: no crash for me, do you have any extensions in chromium?17:30
debfxok, I'll file a removal bug17:30
tgardnermicahg, not that I remember.17:31
tgardnerI'm cranking up a Lucid VM to see if I can reproduce it. if not I'll look to see what extensions I might have.17:31
slangasekScottK: qt4-x11 is also published on amd64 now, so the screaming should start soon if there's to be any18:02
tkamppeterI have a problem with building Ghostscript: devlibs error: There is no package matching [liblcms2-2-dev] and noone provides it, please report bug to d-shlibs maintainer. The correct name of the -dev package is liblcms2-dev. What do I have to do?18:02
tkamppeterdoko, thanks for the upload of c2esp.18:03
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tgardnermicahg, hmm, an amd64 VM seems to work OK. as far as I can tell I've no extensions installed.18:05
tkamppeterpitti, hi18:13
micahgtgardner: can you get a backtrace?18:32
tgardnermicahg, you'll have to tell me how. its not crashing as  far as I can tell. it simply locks up.18:44
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micahgtgardner: ah, can you attach strace to it when it locks up?18:45
tgardnermicahg, ok, gimme a bit to upgrade again.18:45
tgardnermicahg, I'm beginning to think this is kernel related. I'm running bleeding edge with a bunch of stable updates. I rebooted with the kernel in -proposed and all seems well.19:10
tgardnerwhen chromium-browser gets wedged its always at an mmap() call, which I find highly suspicious.19:10
micahgtgardner: ok, thanks, I was getting worried, I just found a regression in maverick, but lucid looked clean, so good to know, I guess I should push lucid out19:11
tgardnermicahg, yeah, I'm guessing my problem is self induced, but better to catch it now...19:12
micahgtgardner: indeed :)19:12
tgardnermicahg, here is a very suspicious stable update to the kernel: 'mm: prevent concurrent unmap_mapping_range() on the same inode'19:13
dobeyno patch pilot right now?19:16
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micahgdobey: kenvandine is scheduled, but idk when/if he plans to pilot19:25
dobeyah. i pinged him on -desktop too, but no response yet. maybe the swamp fire is blocking his view of the screen or something :)19:27
kenvandinemicahg, i did already :)19:32
kenvandinedobey, you pinged me?19:32
dobeykenvandine: i did. was wondering if you could sponsor a branch for me. https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntu/oneiric/ubuntuone-control-panel/fix-823648/+merge/7141319:33
micahgkenvandine: wow, stealth pilot :)19:35
micahgoh, I saw it now :)19:35
sgnbit looks like because of bug 810402, everything compiled with ocaml should be recompiled on armel... what about upgrading to 3.12.1 at the same time?20:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 810402 in ocaml (Ubuntu Oneiric) "all native ocaml programs segfault on armel" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81040220:02
sgnbcjwatson, doko: ^^^20:04
cjwatsonsgnb: we're after feature freeze - if we have to recompile, I'd rather just recompile what we currently have, unless there is a strong justification20:12
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infinityWe kinda need a fixed ocaml first anyway before we can talk about recompiling things.20:15
sgnbI've uploaded a fixed ocaml 3.12.1 to my PPA, the relevant patch is http://www.glondu.net/tmp/0013-ocamlopt-arm-add-.type-directive-for-code-symbols.patch and can be applied as is to the version currently in Ubuntu20:20
sgnb(it is also in the git repos at git.debian.org, which seems down right now)20:20
kenvandinedobey, uploaded20:21
dobeykenvandine: cheers! thanks!20:22
infinitysgnb: While I'd certainly be happy to discuss 3.12.1 if it's "nothing but bugfixes", or mostly so, I'll be more than happy to just apply the patch to our current sources for now. :)20:22
kenvandinedobey, any eta when ubuntuone-client-gnome will be installable again?20:22
infinitysgnb: Also, glondu.net seems to be grumpy with me currently.20:23
sgnbinfinity: with www?20:23
infinitysgnb: As you typed above.20:24
dobeykenvandine: it isn't now?20:24
infinitysgnb: ICMP is fine, I get nothing on TCP 80.20:24
cjwatsonnothing but bugfixes> right, that would help20:24
cjwatsonsgnb's URL works for me20:25
cjwatsonalthough I expect that I'm hitting it on IPv620:25
infinityCould be.20:25
infinityI'm still living in the dark ages.20:25
sgnbah, my IPv4 NAT rule must be broken (the server has only IPv6)20:25
kenvandinedobey, not for me20:25
cjwatsonw3m -4 doesn't answer, so yes, that's it20:25
dobeykenvandine: oh? what is the error?20:26
cjwatsonsgnb: hey, we need more IPv6-only services anyway ;-)20:27
kenvandine ubuntuone-client-gnome : Depends: ubuntuone-client (= 1.7.0-0ubuntu2) but 1.7.1-0ubuntu2 is to be installed20:27
cjwatsonubuntuone-client-gnome is sitting in binary NEW at the moment20:27
dobeyoh right, because of the -dbg package20:27
cjwatsonalso the i386 binaries appear to have been rejected20:29
infinityAlways a good sign.20:30
dobeyoh, by didrocks?20:30
cjwatsonI'm not actually clear why20:30
cjwatsonmanual maybe?20:30
cjwatsondid he contact you about t?20:30
sgnbinfinity: should be fixed now20:30
cjwatsonthere's nothing in my ubuntu-archive mailbox about it20:30
sgnb(somehow, it seems that some delay is needed before setting routes with linux 3.0)20:31
dobeycjwatson: i think something about la files lintian20:31
infinitysgnb: It is indeed; thanks.20:31
kenvandinegreat... and now didrocks is away for 2 weeks :)20:31
kenvandinedobey, oh, you need to clean those20:31
dobeywhich is odd20:31
cjwatsonwell, if he gave clear feedback, any other archive admin can process them20:31
cjwatson.la handling is documented quite clearly in the policy manual20:31
dobeyi'm not arguing with that :)20:32
cjwatsonand it's there to avoid problems when libraries move around between paths, or when indirect linkage changes20:32
dobeybut i don't know how it would be an issue given that we have a find/rm on the .la and .a files in the rules file20:32
dobeyhence my "that is odd" :)20:33
cjwatsonwell, I assume he was going off how the actual binaries looked?20:33
dobeyright. i'm just wondering how the .la files ended up in the binaries if the rules file has the bits to remove them...20:34
infinityadconrad@cthulhu:~/foo$ dpkg-deb -c ubuntuone-client-gnome_1.7.1-0ubuntu1_i386.deb | grep libub20:34
infinity-rw-r--r-- root/root      9600 2011-08-11 15:19 ./usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon-3.0/libubuntuone.so20:34
infinity-rw-r--r-- root/root      5508 2011-08-11 15:19 ./usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon-3.0/libubuntuone.a20:34
infinity-rw-r--r-- root/root      1292 2011-08-11 15:19 ./usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon-3.0/libubuntuone.la20:34
infinityThey're definitely in the package.20:34
dobeyyes, i see that. but *why*20:34
infinityI assume because they dislike you for some reason? :)20:35
infinity(More likely, some helpful helper is installing them after you think you've removed them)20:35
infinityIf you remove them from your build-tree during the build target, then there's no way anything in binary-arch can operate on them.20:36
infinitySince they'll be, y'know, not there at all.20:36
infinityThat would be my purge-with-fire method of tha day.20:36
dobeywell we're removing them in binary-post-install20:36
dobeybut i suppose for some reason that is no longer working correctly in the split package for some reason20:37
dobeywow, brain fail there20:37
kenvandinefind debian/tmp/usr/lib -name \*.la -delete20:37
kenvandinefind debian/tmp/usr/lib -name \*.a -delete20:37
micahgkenvandine: why are you removing the .a files?20:40
cjwatsonmay need to be debian/ubuntuone-client-gnome instead given that this is a multi-binary package20:40
infinitymicahg: Because it's an internal library/plugin, not something meant to be linked statically against, I assume.20:40
kenvandine+find debian/tmp -name \*.la -delete20:41
kenvandine+find debian/tmp -name \*.a -delete20:41
kenvandinethat'll work20:41
kenvandinenot sure if we need anything to use it statically linked20:41
kenvandinethat was already three20:41
sgnbcjwatson, infinity: for ocaml, as you wish... all packages providing an -dev binary package (and maybe a few more) should be recompiled (at least on armel) in topological order (as in http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/ocaml.html) with ocaml + the patch above20:41
infinitysgnb: *nod*... I'll get on that as soon as the patch and I have spent some quality time.20:42
infinitysgnb: I'm not against the idea of the ocaml microrelease, if an argument can be made for it, but I have no idea if it's featurey, or just bugfixey, etc.20:42
sgnbinfinity: in the link above, lwt, oasis, js-of-ocaml, obrowser, ocaml-usb and ocsigen should be fixed by that20:44
infinitysgnb: You're my personal hero.20:44
infinitysgnb: For this week, anyway. ;)20:44
sgnb(after recompiling their dependencies)20:44
dobeykenvandine: https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntu/oneiric/ubuntuone-client-gnome/fix-824821/+merge/7142420:47
kenvandinedobey, great20:49
kenvandinedobey, my way was simpler :)20:51
kenvandinedobey, uploaded20:54
dobeythanks again20:54
dobeynow hopefully archive admin can approve it20:54
kenvandinewoot :)20:55
* kenvandine calls it a day... later!20:55
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ScottKslangasek: I missed one dh_python2 change.  I'd appreciate if you'd approve Bug #82553621:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 825536 in kdeadmin (Ubuntu) "FFe: Switch from pysupport to dh_python2" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82553621:43
slangasekScottK: acked21:51
ScottKslangasek: Thanks.22:00
slangasekScottK: sure thing. btw, I missed a library on alsa-libs too... can I multiarch libjson0 as well? :) (bug #825342)22:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 825342 in json-c (Ubuntu) "FFe: multiarch support of alsa-plugins dependencies" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82534222:09
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alkisghttp://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/linux-headers-2.6.35-30-generic-pae is broken currently, it depends on linux-headers-2.6.35-30 which is not available22:49
slangasekalkisg: please raise a bug on the linux-lts-backport-maverick package for this; it seems to be a regression between the previous version (which did have the package) and the one that actually got published to lucid-updates22:56
alkisgslangasek: ok, will do so tomorrow (kinda late here). Thank you. :)22:56
slangasekthank you for reporting it22:57
slangasekkees: have you seen bug #800853?23:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 800853 in heimdal (Ubuntu) "[MIR] heimdal" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80085323:00
keesslangasek: yeah, I have a long list I've been working on. it's coming up :)23:01
slangasekthat one would be particularly helpful to get sorted, blocking as it does both libpam-krb5 and cyrus-sasl223:01
keesslangasek: okay, noted.23:01
infinityDid we switch krb5 providers for main?23:07
infinityOr, we're going to ship MIT and heimdal?23:08
infinityI guess...23:08
slangasekinfinity: yeah, too many packages now build-depend on both krb5 implementations :/23:20
infinityslangasek: Feels a bit ugly, but whatever.23:21
slangasekdoes anyone know where my other metacity workspaces will have gone after my most recent upgrade?23:21
slangasek... or even where the option to configure workspaces is23:22
infinityI gave up this morning and switched to xfce...23:23
infinityIs that a helpful answer?23:23
slangaseknot terribly :)23:23
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slangasekah, apparently I just needed to run 'metacity --replace' (eh?)23:27
infinityOf... Course?23:27

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