vciagliahi all08:16
kim0vciaglia: hey htere09:00
kim0vciaglia: I think you've pinged me earlier when I wasn't there09:01
vciagliahi kim0, it was just to say "nice to meet you" ;)09:01
kim0hehe same here09:02
vciagliai'm already hacking with ensemble09:02
kim0woohoo \o/09:02
kim0need any help of some sort09:02
kim0vciaglia: are you working on some formula already?09:03
vciagliakim0, no, i'm first discovering the tons of features of AWS09:04
kim0yeah that makes sense09:04
kim0Alright, I'm here to help .. if you have any questions, just ask away .. Have fun09:05
vciagliareally really interesting things ;)09:05
vciagliakim0, ""EC2 error when attempting to delete security group ensemble-sample-0: Error Message: There are active instances using security group 'ensemble-sample-0'" ideas?09:07
kim0vciaglia: it seems u have instances running 09:07
kim0use    ensemble shutdown09:07
vciaglialet's see...09:08
vciagliakim0, maybe a stupid question but ... in the environments.yaml09:09
vciagliathe field control-bucket and admin-secret are casual?09:10
vciagliai think it is something related to S3, right?09:10
kim0vciaglia: my understanding is that those are randomly generated unique keys for your account09:11
kim0I think they're used to create the s3 buckets yeah, but I never cared to look at that part09:11
vciagliaoh ok!09:12
vciagliakim0, 2011-08-12 11:12:51,367 INFO 'bootstrap' command finished successfully09:13
kim0nice :)09:13
vciaglialet's see "ensemble status"09:14
vciagliawoho, machines:09:15
vciaglia  0: {dns-name: ec2-184-73-31-67.compute-1.amazonaws.com, instance-id: i-1984c278}09:15
vciagliaservices: {}09:15
vciaglia2011-08-12 11:15:14,663 INFO 'status' command finished successfully09:15
vciagliakim0, another question for you09:16
vciagliahere i see that the istance-id is: i-1984c278 but in AWS EC2 web panel it is i-dc6955aa: wtf?09:16
kim0could you refresh the aws panel09:18
kim0sometimes it gets out of sync09:18
vciagliaah, ok!09:18
vciaglianow i'm deploying service units09:21
vciagliai'm reading that i need of the .ensemble/example directory, where can i get the service units/repository?09:23
vciagliakim0, ?09:29
kim0ah sorry wasn't looking09:29
kim0there's two things09:29
kim0a built in examples repo inside ensemble .. this is at09:30
kim0vciaglia: /usr/share/doc/ensemble/examples09:30
vciagliakim0, great, thanks09:30
kim0the 'real' one .. is called principia → 09:31
kim0vciaglia: basically .. you can 'bzr branch xxx' any of those formulas → https://code.launchpad.net/principia09:31
kim0vciaglia: if u haven't seen this article yet .. you should check it out http://cloud.ubuntu.com/2011/06/so-what-is-ensemble-anyway/09:32
vciagliakim0, nice09:32
vciagliakim0, no, i'll read it09:33
vciagliakim0, once "ensamble shutdown" i still see in STATUS: Running my istance. Why? Just a sync issue?09:42
kim0vciaglia: did you answer 'y' to ensemble ?09:42
vciagliakim0, yes09:42
kim0vciaglia: then yeah .. click the little refresh button in AWS09:43
kim0you'll see em terminating09:43
vciaglia:~$ ensemble shutdown09:43
vciagliaWarning, this will destroy all machines and services in the09:43
vciagliaenvironment. Continue [y/N]y09:43
vciaglia2011-08-12 11:43:04,983 INFO Shutting down environment 'sample' (type: ec2)...09:43
vciaglia2011-08-12 11:43:06,275 INFO 'shutdown' command finished successfully09:43
kim0cool .. refresh aws then09:43
vciagliakim0, still running09:44
kim0that never really happened to me09:45
kim0I guess in 5 mins if they're still up .. you could right click and terminate them from aws09:45
vciagliawops, maybe this is the problem: Termination Protection: Enabled09:46
kim0ah hehe :)09:47
vciagliakim0, well, the first thing we can do togheter is to add "Do not enable the Termination Protection for your Istance" in the official howto ;)09:49
vciagliakim0, umh ... now the status is "Terminated" but how to restart? The fields "Start" and "Stop" in the "Instance Actions menu" are inactive now09:53
kim0terminated means 'machine destroyed' .. it is gone09:55
kim0you start a new one09:55
vciagliakim0, great! 09:56
vciagliakim0, ping!13:21
kim0vciaglia: pong :)13:22
vciagliakim0, i tried to create another istance and bootstrap ensemble but still the same problem: the istance id/dns name showed in Ensemble doesn't match with the AWS Managemente Console. Is it a bug?13:23
vciaglia  0: {dns-name: ec2-174-129-58-219.compute-1.amazonaws.com, instance-id: i-d34504b2}13:24
vciagliaAWS Web:13:24
vciagliaand id: i-6e300c1813:25
vciagliawops, kim0 ... problem found!13:26
kim0vciaglia: did you configure ensemble to use eu-west13:26
kim0by default it uses us-east I think13:26
vciagliayou're right! You've found the problem too! ;)13:27
vciagliakim0, how to configure eu-west?13:28
kim0vciaglia: is that the region that the lightnin hit :)13:30
vciagliai found the solution: add "region" to the environments.yaml13:31
kim0you're fast :)13:31
kim0vciaglia: https://ensemble.ubuntu.com/docs/provider-configuration-ec2.html13:31
vciagliakim0, i see the light13:36
vciaglia  0: {dns-name: ec2-46-137-8-151.eu-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com, instance-id: i-54281422}13:36
vciagliathe right one! ;)13:36
vciagliawow, now it works. Finally deployed wordpress!13:41
kim0Yeeha :)13:45
kim0vciaglia: did you ensemble expose wordpress ?13:45
kim0this is recent functioanlity, so not sure if you've seen it in docs13:45
vciagliakim0, pointing via browser to the wordpress istance i cannot access to the blog ... maybe a security rule problem?13:48
vciagliakim0, i'm reading this doc: https://ensemble.ubuntu.com/docs/user-tutorial.html13:49
kim0vciaglia: yeah that's what I meant13:49
kim0vciaglia: ensemble expose wordpress13:49
kim0this should open up the firewall so you can access it13:50
vciagliakim0, ok!13:50
kim0vciaglia: let me know when it works13:52
vciagliakim0, ensemble assumes that Apache is already installed?13:58
vciagliakim0, now it works: http://ec2-46-137-63-5.eu-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com14:04
vciagliakim0, you just need to open up the 80/HTTP port on to get access14:05
kim0vciaglia: what do you mean "open"14:07
kim0vciaglia: did you edit AWS security groups manually ?14:07
vciagliakim0, yes14:07
kim0vciaglia: ensemble expose should do this for you14:08
kim0vciaglia: can u paste its output14:08
vciagliakim0, no i didn't use the "esemble expose" command14:09
kim0see I told you to :)14:09
vciagliakim0, oh excuse me :)14:12
kim0vciaglia: so now that you get everything running .. start preparing to write your very first own formula .. what do you think :)14:13
vciagliakim0, yes i'm ready! ;)14:21
vciagliakim0, in the next days i'll try to write my first formulas14:21
vciagliakim0, now i have to go. Thank you for your time. Really excited to start working on Ensemble.14:22
kim0vciaglia: awesome .. ping me once you're ready to hack again .. enjoy14:22
vciagliakim0, sure! Talk to you very soon14:24
kim0same here14:24
SpamapSDaviey: last day, how goes the battle?14:58
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_mup_Bug #825307 was filed: zookeeper connection needs to detect errors differently <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/825307 >16:06
SpamapSFYI, for those that missed the email, principia is being renamed to 'formulas'16:17
_mup_Bug #825326 was filed: Need wrapper around lxc interaction <Ensemble:New for bcsaller> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/825326 >16:21
heckjSpamapS: yeah!16:40
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SpamapSlynxman: ping, whats the status of the openstack deployment you guys were working on?17:51
lynxmanSpamapS: We just did a demo of an Ensemble deployment with Openstack, didn't have enough time on the sprint to do one in real life servers I'm afraid18:12
SpamapSlynxman: ahh, ok.. bummer.18:14
SpamapSlynxman: so you were driving openstack w/ ensemble?18:19
SpamapSlynxman: as in, using openstack to deploy formulas?18:19
_mup_Bug #825398 was filed: Store Ensemble version number in topology node and verify ops <Ensemble:New for jimbaker> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/825398 >18:21
lynxmanSpamapS: not me, adam_g was the one driving that18:22
lynxmanSpamapS: I'm with swift upstartify and LXC integration18:22
adam_gSpamapS: hey20:02
adam_gSpamapS: just got into boston. i can push the swift-storage and swift-proxy, and nova-compute and glance. but need to figure out a way to get the nova-cloud-controller pushed into principia20:03
SpamapSadam_g: I found them actually20:17
adam_gadam_g: actually, swift-storage needs a way in as well20:17
SpamapSadam_g: they can stay in +junk for now.. they're about to fix that bug so you can push directly.20:17
adam_gSpamapS: oh, sweet :)20:18
_mup_ensemble/verify-version r311 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com20:19
_mup_Initial commit20:19
adam_gSpamapS: are you putting swift on hardware or ec2?20:19
SpamapSadam_g: no but I want to mess with it to run a parallel S3 on canonistack20:20
adam_gin either case, i just pushed some changes that you'll probably need20:20
adam_gmake sure the swift-storage's block-device config matches something usable and free on the instance. 20:21
SpamapSadam_g: do you know if any of the machines are available for use?20:23
adam_gSpamapS: no clue. didn't know about canonistack till yestreday20:24
SpamapSadam_g: no I mean the machines we had allocated for HW provisioning20:26
adam_gSpamapS: oh, they are free from me, dont know about anyone else20:30
_mup_ensemble/verify-version r312 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com20:45
_mup_Test IncompatibleVersion exception20:45
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_mup_ensemble/verify-version r313 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com21:11
_mup_Doc string and missing new file21:11
_mup_ensemble/machine-agent-uses-formula-url r312 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com21:50
_mup_formula downloads via http21:50
DavieySpamapS: It went well for us... far to tired to brief22:25
SpamapSDaviey: ;) I bet22:34
SpamapSDaviey: didn't realize you guys were done yesterday22:34
SpamapSDaviey: been trying to play with canonistack, but the S3 service is basically hosed22:35
DavieySpamapS: better we know now eh? :)22:35
SpamapSDaviey: I think its because its using nova-objectstore and not swift22:36
DavieySpamapS: I would be suprised if it plainly doesn't work22:36
Davieyif it is using objectstore i mean22:37
SpamapSYeah it gets wedged at 100% CPU often22:37
SpamapSI guess they're planning on deploying swift later22:37
SpamapSsounds like maybe that needs to be moved up22:37
Davieyah.. i see22:38
SpamapSDaviey: when you have time, can you send out a summary of the status of the machines on the nickel network?22:38
DavieyI'm just overjoyed it's public facing.. i never thought that would happen! :)22:38
SpamapSMe too. :)22:39
DavieySpamapS: Yeah, the old dhcpd from prior deployment was being shared by other teams..22:40
Davieybut yes, can you jote me a quick email asking for that.. it will drop off my memory otherwise.22:40
Davieymy face hurts22:41
Daviey-> bed22:41
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