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aquariusI don't seem to be on the "Event Contact" list when submitting an event to the UK loco team's page, and I don't know why :( (is this an mhall119 question?)10:37
czajkowskiaquarius: would you like me to try ?10:41
aquariusczajkowski, *you're* on the list10:42
aquariusI could make you contact if you want :)10:42
czajkowskiaquarius: I'm on the loco council 10:42
aquariusif anyone asks questions, just point them at me :)10:42
czajkowskiyou should be able to select yourself as the contact I'd have thought 10:42
aquariusI would have thought so too. But no. Which is why I'm asking about it10:43
czajkowskiaquarius: want to create the event and then file a bug ?10:43
czajkowskiand I'l see in the mean time can I change it to you10:43
aquariusczajkowski, ok, but I can't create the event without putting a contact in -- it's a mandatory field10:44
aquariusshall I put you?10:44
czajkowskiaquarius: sure 10:44
aquariusczajkowski, thanks. http://www.manchestergirlgeeks.com/10:45
aquariusthat's the URL for the event :)10:46
czajkowskiaquarius: can you mark yourself as attending please 10:48
aquariusczajkowski, how?10:48
czajkowskiahh bugger10:48
aquariusthe registration is at eventbrite.10:48
czajkowskiyou're not registering via the LD 10:48
czajkowskias far as I can tell the list seems to be of people who have previous registered for events 10:49
aquariusczajkowski, ah. Fail. :)10:49
czajkowskionly reason I can see 10:50
aquariushttps://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-directory/+bug/825119 filed10:50
ubot4Launchpad bug 825119 in loco-directory "Can't set myself as Event Contact for an event I'm entering (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]10:50
czajkowskiaquarius: cheers10:51
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czajkowskiRonnie: hiya11:49
cjohnstonaquarius: how long ago did you first sign into loco directory11:53
aquariuscjohnston, don't know11:53
aquariusit might have been today; it may have been at some point in the past11:56
aquariuscjohnston, ]I don't remember doing it, but that doesn't mean I didn't :)11:57
mhall119aquarius: what is you lp username?11:57
cjohnstonaquarius: if it was today.. then it takes a while to create you a profile..11:57
cjohnstonmhall119: ^11:57
aquariuscjohnston, ah, OK, then maybe that was the issue11:57
mhall119hmmm, I thought we were auto-creating profiles on first login now11:57
cjohnstonI don't think we ever got that in mhall119 11:57
aquariusdunno; that's why I thought I'd flag it for your attention :)11:57
aquariusif that's not done, it might be worth either adding a note to the form saying "your profile will show up here eventually", or having a "see description for contact details" "fake" contact, or not making Event Contact mandatory11:58
cjohnstonmhall119: any chance you have "my time" today?11:59
mhall119cjohnston's explanation seems to fit11:59
mhall119cjohnston: I should, have a deployment in the afternoon12:00
cjohnstonaquarius: do me a favor, check back tomorrow and see if your able to add yourself as the event contact.. if so I'll dup your bug12:01
aquariuscjohnston, I'll try if I get time :)12:01
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loco-lngPlymouth SPINFINITY freezes. now unable to change the plymouth16:49
loco-lngPlymouth problem : how to remove plymouth16:55
loco-lngplymouth freezes17:00
loco-lnghow to remove plymouth17:00
chilicuildo we need to be loco team to add an event to the ugj?, we're currently in the process of becoming one but still not official recognition, we'd like to add it since it would make us look somekind serious20:48
head_victimchilicuil: we've added UGJ events and we're not an approved loco (AU)20:49
chilicuilhead_victim: nice, then we'll just do it20:50
head_victimI think it's important to do it as it shows activity for when you are applying.20:50
chilicuilhead_victim: we didnt want to look rude, so that's why we've prefered asking before20:50
head_victimchilicuil: fair call, I honestly didn't even think about it as we use loco.u.c for lots of things these days.20:51
head_victimOn a side note, it seems the http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1011/detail/ page has microblogging for #globaljam but everyone is advertising it as #ugj I have noticed. Maybe someone can correct that?20:56
head_victimThe content of that page in general is quite out of date, willing to rewrite if someone wants me to but basically just need to insert new release details, I don't think many people would be upgrading to Lucid currently.20:57
Neo31chilicuil head_victim what activities will you do in UGJ ?20:58
head_victimNeo31: we've currently got a translation jam happening and plans for a documentation jam are in the works. These are mainly online and aimed at getting loco members information on how to contribute to Ubuntu in a relaxed learning environment20:59
Neo31ok :) thx21:00
chilicuilNeo31: translating, bug triaging & general support, we'll do it using internet and locally21:00
Neo31chilicuil bug triaging will be interesting21:00
Neo31can you record something from your internet session?21:00
chilicuilNeo31: yep, we've a couple of guys doing that for a while, we hope we can hit some bugs21:01
head_victimWe have members interested in bug jams but no one capable of running one with spare time21:01
head_victimWe do ours mainly online as we're quite spread out down here in AU21:01
Neo31I will be interested in requesting a classroom after this years GJ21:01
Neo31chilicuil do you have french speaking members ?21:02
chilicuilNeo31: no =(, we speak spanish, portuguese and english21:03
chilicuilNeo31: althought the event will run in spanish21:03
Neo31I am from Ubuntu-TN and I am interesting in having a classroom about bug triaging for my loco. the goal is to train some members so we can do bug triaging next year21:04
Neo31do you think you can help with that ?21:05
chilicuilNeo31: sure, u can join us at #ugj-df-triaging (this will be the channerl we'll use to triage those days) and see how we do it21:07
Neo31I got op privileges chilicuil are you sure that is the chan?21:08
Neo31the is nobody in there21:08
chilicuilNeo31: yep, we'll use it only those days, so there is no real need to register them (i think)21:09
Neo31ok, can you send a complete log of the channel please? I added it to my favorites but I am not sure if I can log everything :)21:09
chilicuilNeo31: this will be also our first ugj, I'll send you if you want a resume post mortem with everything we did21:10
chilicuilNeo31: sure =)21:10
Neo31We are doing our first UGJ too :)21:10
chilicuilNeo31: anyway we hope this channel will have a great time during the event, we want to make them feel part of something bigger, and seeing in real time what others loco team are doing21:12
Neo31a resume postmortem will be great chilicuil. how can I contact you for that please?21:13
chilicuilNeo31: I'm always at #ubuntu-bugs, #ubuntu-es & #ubuntu-testing, just ping me, also @chilicuil at twitter, or chilicuil <%%%> gmail.com or contacto @ ubuntudf.org21:16
Neo31got it :) thx a lor :)21:16
chilicuilNeo31: you're welcome got look at ur event!!!21:17
Neo31:) thx21:17
Neo31same to u :)21:17
Neo31I studied spanish for two years long time ago. but it will be great if I can remember few words now :)21:19
Neo31what does df refer too chilicuil ? sorry for my ignorance :s21:22
chilicuilNeo31: np, it refers to 'distrito federal', it's the capital of mexico =)21:25
Neo31oh :) got it on google but I know Mexico have such a big community :)21:26

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