charlie-tcaduanedesign: you ready?00:04
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duanedesignraise hand ih here o/00:06
charlie-tcaat least in spirit00:07
MrChrisDruifSorry I'm late00:07
duanedesignok i will start charles proposal00:07
duanedesigni hope some you had time to read it00:08
bodhi_zazenread what (I just joined)00:08
jledbetter#link will add it to the log pretty like I think00:09
MrChrisDruifI had my personal live intervene00:09
duanedesignthanks led00:09
bodhi_zazenduanedesign: who is here from the bt council ?00:09
phillwlate, but here00:09
duanedesign[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/cprofitt/sandbox00:09
bodhi_zazenI think that link is mute ^^00:10
charlie-tcait just doesn't repeat them here anymore00:10
DarkwingDuckSorry I'm late00:10
IAmNotThatGuyDarkwingDuck, we are just starting =]00:10
bodhi_zazenI think the BT is all but dead, if people want to support new users, let them support new users on the forums or irc or LP or what have you00:11
duanedesigni dont know about that00:11
bodhi_zazenIf the BT wants to morph itself into an ambassador role, new to Ubuntu, and helping people integrate into the community, we need buy in from other teams00:11
duanedesigni think te team has a lot to offer.00:11
bodhi_zazenWhich we clearly do not have00:12
bodhi_zazenso I suggest we discuss the BT with the CC00:12
bodhi_zazenWe have a lot to offer, but why do we need the BT to make the offering ?00:12
phillwbodhi_zazen: whilst me and UBT had issues, that news is devarsting to me00:12
duanedesignbodhi_zazen: I have contagted the MOTE Mentoring Program and the bugs Mentoring Program and they were interested in woring with us00:12
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bodhi_zazenWell, that is what needs to be discussed, not the link from cprofit00:13
DarkwingDuckWhat UBT needs is a core of people with TONs of time to drive it.00:13
duanedesigni think thr issue is we, the BT, put to many obstacles in the way for someone who just wants to learn Documentation00:13
DarkwingDuckI don't have the time at the moment to be a driving force.00:13
charlie-tcaI think the link was one of the subjects of the meeting00:13
jledbetterDarkwingDuck, I thought that's part of what council was? People that were committed and had the time.00:13
bodhi_zazenWe need to map out how we are going to integrate the BT into the community00:13
jledbettercharlie-tca, +100:14
bodhi_zazencharlie-tca: it is , but it is sort of irrelevant, IMO00:14
PabloRubianesI think we are missing the point00:14
phillwDarkwingDuck: we gave the coucil those ruights?00:14
charlie-tcaUnfortunately, there seems to be at least one person here who refuses such a meeting to even take place00:14
* bkerensa can help with UBT00:14
PabloRubianesif we want to be a team or just pointers to upstream00:14
DarkwingDuckYes, but the Council can't even get on the same page.00:14
PabloRubianesas I see it00:14
DarkwingDuckand I'm saying that as a Jr member on the council.00:15
jledbetterHi JasonO00:15
JasonOHi jledbetter00:15
JasonOHi bkerensa00:16
DarkwingDuckThat's the issue... we have no "roadmap"00:16
duanedesignthe mentoring programs that exist in different areas of the community are struggking, as i understand, The beginners Team has much knowkedge in this area we can bring ti the table00:16
bkerensaThis is Ubuntu Beginners Team Meeting correct?00:16
jledbetterbkerensa, Yes :)00:16
* bkerensa is in the right place then00:16
PabloRubianesduanedesign, yes but I see that the original BT way was the best00:17
jledbetterI see the BT as feeding the other projects. a place people can go and ask (and get help with) "I want to help. Where/How can I?"00:17
PabloRubianeswhere you have a guide (human) to interact00:17
IAmNotThatGuyIts not just the core team to spend time. We ned contribution from each memeber, atleast for an hour each day00:17
duanedesignWe need to work with Doc Team, Bug Squad, MOTE wcwtera to best determin how to get people interested in their team. At the sametime encourage their mentoring program to join ours,So we can share best practices and resources00:17
bodhi_zazenThe future of the BT is what needs to be discussed, there is no consensus on the council or within the team , there is no mission00:17
PabloRubianesbodhi_zazen, true00:18
duanedesignjledbetter: i agree, er nned to push people to these other teams00:18
jledbetterOh no... she's going to be one of *those* people....00:18
phillwduanedesign: indeed, as of my "leaving" UBT, is also seems that things like MOTU, have failed... miserably00:18
jledbetter"The Ubuntu Beginners Team exists to enhance the initial experience of new Ubuntu users and to guide existing Ubuntu users to become part of the global Ubuntu community. " https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/00:18
PabloRubianesbut if we are just pointer to other places, none stays and knowledge get lost00:18
DarkwingDuckI'm still here.00:18
bodhi_zazenjledbetter: that definition is depreciated00:19
DarkwingDuckand I went from BT to Doc team and Kubuntu Council00:19
jledbetterPabloRubianes, I would think folks would be happy to be helped and emaybe stick around to help others.00:19
bodhi_zazenAnd can be better served in other ways00:19
jledbetterbodhi_zazen, Oh? Documentation?00:19
duanedesignPabloRubianes: good point. I would work to integrate the other teams mentoring processes into the beginnersteam00:19
bodhi_zazenYou do not need a BT to help on LP, forums, irc ....00:19
MrChrisDruifPabloRubianes; I think you have it wrong, at least in my eyes00:19
jledbetterbodhi_zazen, Nope. Anyone can. :)00:19
bodhi_zazenjledbetter: Documentation of what ?00:19
jledbetterbodhi_zazen, Why it's deprecated.00:20
PabloRubianesMrChrisDruif, what do you think?00:20
MrChrisDruifIt would be *awesome* is "we" would become the mentoring area00:20
bodhi_zazenjledbetter: did you not read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/cprofitt/sandbox00:20
jledbetterbodhi_zazen, That's what we're discussing. It's not in place :)00:20
* phillw to be suspended for a sense of humour.... What rules where there for that?00:20
bodhi_zazenIt has not been fully adopted00:20
MrChrisDruifThat way we wouldn't loose any knowledge00:20
duanedesignbodhi_zazen: i agree we need no team buti can not imagine I would have ever been so active had I not belong to a team than containeed so many knowledgable people in different areas of the community00:20
PabloRubianesMrChrisDruif, I mean in the new model proposed00:20
bkerensaI think BT should have a person who handles each aspect of contribution: bugs, doc, locos, dev, marketing etc and should act as a beginner mentor in each area00:21
bodhi_zazenWhat we need to do is have a discussion with the CC and other community leaders00:21
bodhi_zazenand build a role for the BT00:21
duanedesigni agree bodhi_zazen00:21
bodhi_zazensupport will be a part of what we do00:21
bkerensabodhi_zazen: +100:21
PabloRubianesI think becoming a mentorship area is the ideal, but first we have to have a strong team behind with sense of pretence00:21
duanedesignbodhi_zazen: preliminary talks have happened with Joeb45400:21
bodhi_zazenand half the team can not grasp that concept00:21
jledbetterPabloRubianes, +100:21
duanedesignerr, jono00:21
bodhi_zazenlike jledbetter , and others00:22
bodhi_zazenwhich results in chaos00:22
PabloRubianessense of you belong there00:22
IAmNotThatGuybodhi_zazen, and I think there should be a -team where we had all fun and more than that00:22
bodhi_zazenIAmNotThatGuy: I agree, but that is not the future of theBT00:23
jledbetterbodhi_zazen, What can't I grasp, exactly?00:23
PabloRubianesIAmNotThatGuy, +100:23
DarkwingDuckWhat does the UBT think they are?00:23
DarkwingDuckthe council has been debating this for ever now...00:23
DarkwingDuckWhat does the rest of the UBT see the UBT being?00:23
duanedesignbodhi_zazen:  i think i agree that input from thecommunity is essentkial. What do they want, what will help most. From who i talked to a Mentor program woould help most. AS lot of teams have troublemaintaining them. hving a team that is all they do increases chances for succes IMHO00:23
bodhi_zazenI do not know jledbetter , you are citing the old mission statement and wondering what happened00:23
bodhi_zazenduanedesign: well, that is haelpful00:23
charlie-tcaapparently, if the team consists of bodhi_zazen, it is what ever he decides00:24
jledbetterbodhi_zazen, Because that's what is on our wiki page and what brings people to us and why we get emails of people wanting to join. Right?00:24
bodhi_zazencan you lay that out on a wiki page ?00:24
jledbetterduanedesign, Yes, mentoring is what I keep hearing too.00:24
MrChrisDruifDarkwingDuck; I would see it as it is; which would be support for beginning ubunteros and help in the transition from ubuntero to active ubuntero00:24
PabloRubianesI think we need to try not to be a mess in here00:24
* phillw can I state how totally wrong the lp emails are?00:24
duanedesignThe current mission is: The Ubuntu Beginners Team exists to enhance the initial experience of new Ubuntu users and to guide existing Ubuntu users to become part of the global Ubuntu community.00:25
duanedesignDarkwingDuck: ^00:25
bodhi_zazenPabloRubianes: the Bt is in shambles, from top to bottom, from bottom to top00:25
phillwif yoiu wish to be professionall, then gewt them sorted00:25
IAmNotThatGuybodhi_zazen, I love UBT for the helpp and the team channel rather than FGs. And thats why I am not ready to leave the -team channel. It gives me some sort of energy to proceed forward. Kinda a force to run00:25
PabloRubianesbodhi_zazen, yes00:25
DarkwingDuckYes, I know the mission statement.. I'm looking at what the members within the team view the team as.00:25
bodhi_zazenEven within this meeting there is no agreement as to what the BT is any longer00:25
MrChrisDruifWith that in mind; that would mean that we should be mentoring people to becoming members in their prospected area00:25
bodhi_zazenSame for the mailing list00:25
DarkwingDuckThat's my point bodhi_zazen00:25
bodhi_zazensame for the council00:26
MrChrisDruifThose areas would have people coming back to us to let the knowledge remain00:26
PabloRubianesMrChrisDruif, I think there is where you get it wrong,00:26
PabloRubianesnew members should be first members of the team and then go upstream00:26
duanedesigni would like to thing if you go through the Beginners team and lear Documentation, you will come back and repay that favor mentoring someone else00:26
bodhi_zazenThe greater community is asking the BT to morph from what is is/was into something else and most of the council see the team going in that direction00:27
jledbetterduanedesign, What I was thinking too00:27
PabloRubianesif we only help to evolve people to other teams in a few time none will remain in the bt00:27
bodhi_zazenIf not all of the council00:27
bodhi_zazenThe BT membership seems split 50/5000:27
duanedesignone idea was to have an open team of eople looking for help00:28
bodhi_zazenPabloRubianes: that may be the future of the BT00:28
duanedesignand another team of mentors00:28
bodhi_zazenif there is no mission / purpose00:28
PabloRubianesbodhi_zazen, but I don't think that is right...00:28
bodhi_zazenWhat is not right ? The UDS request ? the team forking ?00:28
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IAmNotThatGuybodhi_zazen, you know that this is our home. People who are loving it hard are still there. And how can we break it? We can do help in all FG, but lets also have #UB and -team00:29
PabloRubianesbodhi_zazen, let out team future on other decision00:29
phillwbodhi_zazen: My Lord and Master, I really feel to see a sense of humour. It has really troubled me as I so, so strongly belive in UBT.... where did they & I go wrong?00:30
bodhi_zazenThe team needs to decide what it wants to be00:30
jledbetterlord and master?00:30
* DarkwingDuck sighs00:30
* MrChrisDruif joins DarkwingDuck in sighs00:30
bodhi_zazenAre we going to answer the request from the community ?00:30
bodhi_zazenOr be a support team ?00:31
IAmNotThatGuybodhi_zazen, why cant we do both?00:31
jledbetterbodhi_zazen, You would prefer support? As in "how to do I make X work in Ubuntu"?00:31
MrChrisDruifAnyhow, I think duanedesign and I pretty much are on the same page, but just rephrasing it differently00:31
IAmNotThatGuyLets not break what we are till now and lets work on the request from the community00:31
bodhi_zazenIAmNotThatGuy: because half the team does not want to do both, half the team wants to be support only00:31
jledbetterThen they can be support. Those that don't can mentor ;)00:32
MrChrisDruifjledbetter; +100:32
phillwDarkwingDuck: and MrChrisDruif you do not see our nick names, fior some this is a 'problem' but for those who know, this a statememnt of authourity00:32
DarkwingDuckphillw: What are you smoking and where can I get some? :P00:34
bodhi_zazenSo put that for a vote, both, then change the various wiki pages, and mov eforward00:34
IAmNotThatGuybodhi_zazen, Or lets m,ake it like to be an UBT member, they should provide help in any one FG(If thats the case) but not breaking the -team :[00:34
bodhi_zazenWe should seriously do away with "membership"00:35
bodhi_zazenWe should either :00:35
DarkwingDuckbodhi_zazen: +100:35
bodhi_zazen1. Be an open team - probably best, anyone can join00:35
DarkwingDuckI'm going to be brutally honest for a moment...00:35
bodhi_zazen2. Write out specific expectations for membership00:35
bkerensaDarkwingDuck: Sure00:35
DarkwingDuckand if you all want to fire me as a council member after, that's fine.00:35
DarkwingDuckUBT is too full of egos and "look at what I can do" people00:35
bodhi_zazen+1 DarkwingDuck00:36
phillwDarkwingDuck: I have a guy who states "Hello Master" - I have been hi master, he inseests upon it because of it being barred00:36
bodhi_zazenWe seriously need to bleed off the disruptive members00:36
DarkwingDuckIt's turned into a group where people point at themselves and yell at what they do/have done.00:36
DarkwingDuckUbuntu is not for people like that...00:36
bkerensabodhi_zazen: and replenish with valuable ones?00:36
DarkwingDuckIf you want to brag about how great you are... go to Fedora or Arch00:36
bodhi_zazenreplenish what00:37
phillwcouncil seem to be closed qligue00:37
jledbetterI thought folks were in UBT to help others.00:37
bkerensabodhi_zazen: members00:37
DarkwingDuckjledbetter: in theory. In reality it's the inflated ego club of the month00:37
bodhi_zazenI say we do not need "membership"00:37
phillwI was astounded to realise tat council only vote on new mwmbwrs00:37
bodhi_zazenshould be an open team00:37
PabloRubianesDarkwingDuck, great I think you are showing your ego00:38
jledbetterbodhi_zazen, I agree with you: open00:38
DarkwingDuckHow is that?00:38
DarkwingDuckPabloRubianes: ^^00:38
bodhi_zazenAt one time we sort of needed a membership process, but that was long ago and we have outgrown that need00:38
PabloRubianesthe first thing we should do is not to say... if you want that go to arch or fedora...00:39
bodhi_zazenThe idea of membership is dragging the team down and interfering with integration into the community00:39
phillwbodhi_zazen: started UBT.... those who fail to listen to his advice, are fools.00:39
PabloRubianesbodhi_zazen, the community don't even know we exist until they need a team to get people in00:39
jledbetterbodhi_zazen, Agreed. Can we vote on that?00:39
DarkwingDuckphillw: Can you please kindly stop trolling?00:39
* jledbetter would love to see a positive outcome from our first meeting in a while :)00:40
bodhi_zazenWhat the BT needs is00:40
bodhi_zazen1. to define a mission statement00:40
bodhi_zazen2. We could use a few leaders please. Leaders have tended to go MIA00:40
duanedesigni agree with ann open Beginners Team, But a closed Council Team00:41
bodhi_zazen3. We need some people who are willing to put some serious time into productive projects00:41
DarkwingDuckCouncil conversations and decitions need to be open.00:41
bodhi_zazens/council/bt channel ops00:41
duanedesigni agree, i think the monthly Council meetings will quickly bleed off the inactives00:41
bodhi_zazenThat is all we really need, channel ops to rid the channel of the occasional troll00:42
duanedesignI do not want to see this team implode. We worked to hard to get hear an a lot of the community is starting to take notice of us00:42
bodhi_zazenWe still need leaders00:42
jledbetterWe do have an opening, I think.00:42
duanedesignso let us ne civilized in handling this dierty laundry00:42
jledbetterbodhi_zazen, Running?00:42
bodhi_zazenWho is going to work with other community teams ?00:42
bodhi_zazenWho is going to provide support ? Where ? IRC ? Forums " LP ?00:43
MrChrisDruifNot me for a while, personal life issues00:43
DarkwingDuckI'm hunting for a job, trying to stay in my apt and at this point in the release cycle my Ubuntu time is tied up in Kubuntu...00:44
bodhi_zazenDon't all step forward at once =)00:45
duanedesignbodhi_zazen: the support will be prvided not by BT00:45
bodhi_zazenYou see, all this team does any more is debate, no workers00:45
IAmNotThatGuybodhi_zazen, I am always in. But Promise me that  a -tem channel exists00:46
duanedesignbodhi_zazen: the spport will be provided by the teams we mentor users for00:46
bodhi_zazenduanedesign: I thought we agreed to split the team into two roles - support AND working with other teams00:46
* MrChrisDruif is off, bicker among yourselves. I think the document Charles put up is the direction we should try to go for.00:46
bodhi_zazenwe should first start by defining the BT mission00:46
bodhi_zazenduanedesign: I agree with your definition "the spport will be provided by the teams we mentor users for"00:47
duanedesignbodhi_zazen: at its most simp[le. Help users get involved in the community00:47
bodhi_zazenI agree, drop support form BT, support goes to IRC, forms, LP, etc00:47
bodhi_zazenI would agree with that definition, and I think the entire council would as well00:47
jledbetterI agree with that mission, duanedesign, for what it's worth.00:48
bodhi_zazenThe rest of the team, however, is not willing to do that00:48
DarkwingDuck+1 the statement00:48
bodhi_zazenWhich would mean forking the team00:48
jledbetterbodhi_zazen, Am I in the "rest of the team" statement still?00:48
DarkwingDuckWhy not?00:48
bodhi_zazenOne team for community involvement and one for support00:48
phillwbodhi_zazen: does that mean dropping MOTU training? As they understood it was going to be UBT?00:49
bodhi_zazenphillw: depends on who you ask00:49
jledbetterI thought MOTU had a mentoring project?00:49
phillwbodhi_zazen: indeed, so a meeting like this is good :)00:50
phillwjledbetter: not really, they were heading to UBT00:50
bodhi_zazenPersonally I would drop the support role from the BT and change to getting people involved in the community00:50
bodhi_zazenI think the entire council wants that00:50
duanedesigna lot of active users like to give supprt. So i think we politely nudge then to #ubuntu00:51
bodhi_zazenmove support to the appropriate, already existing community infrastructure - forums, LP, IRC, wiki00:51
bodhi_zazenThe BT is for"Help users get involved in the community"00:52
phillwbodhi_zazen: you know through ~lubuntu, I do want at least one of our devs to become MOTU, He is capabble, but the the teams do not sema to be able to decide who says 'yes'00:52
bodhi_zazenso this may mean directing them to forums, IRC, LP wiki00:52
DarkwingDuckThis is what I am looking for. 1) I don't like duplicated efforts. 2) I believe in helping new contributers make the transition into a team that works on a 6 month cycle with hardcore deadlines. 3) I believe in helping new people to Ubuntu.00:52
bodhi_zazenor MOTU or what have you00:52
DarkwingDuck4) I dislike people who try to use teams to inflate egos.00:53
bodhi_zazenThe actual "work" gets done by the wiki team, or on #ubuntu, or on the fourms00:53
PabloRubianesOne moment!00:53
bkerensaDarkwingDuck: +100:53
PabloRubianesI think we vote for a council... so this is just input00:54
bodhi_zazenSo again, back to square one, mission statement please =)00:54
bodhi_zazenProbably need to stage the transition to be honest00:54
bodhi_zazenChange mission statement to support and Help users get involved in the community00:55
bodhi_zazennudge members to #ubuntu or LP or MOTU00:55
bodhi_zazenIn 6-12 months re-define the mission statement to only "Help users get involved in the community"00:55
PabloRubianeswhat's wrong to give support? waste of time? or something?00:55
PabloRubianesyou are not oblide to do it00:55
bodhi_zazenNothing is wrong with it00:56
bodhi_zazenIn the past support was the core of the mission statement, and we are changing00:56
phillwPabloRubianes: some we win, some we lose - that should not stop us trying00:56
bodhi_zazenso support will be provided not by the BT, but by existing teams / venues == less duplication of effort, etc00:57
DarkwingDuckOkay sorry gang.. Kids are yelling and I need to support the wife.00:57
jledbetterDarkwingDuck, See you later. Thank you for coming:)00:57
phillwbodhi_zazen: I'd give a +1 for that :)00:59
bodhi_zazenMy proposal would be - Change the mission statement to include BOTH support AND Help users get involved in the community01:00
bodhi_zazenExpect those who want to do #2 , Help users get involved in the community, build the bridges over the next 6 months01:01
bodhi_zazenthen re-evaluate01:01
phillwbodhi_zazen: how many coucil members are here?01:01
bodhi_zazenDepending on what progress is made we can morph to Help users get involved in the community or support ONLY, or continue on the dual path01:01
bodhi_zazenseem like that would make the most people happy01:02
bodhi_zazenpoke Calling all FC council members01:02
* bodhi_zazen is here01:02
bodhi_zazenThe team also has to find a more effective method of communication, not everyone can make IRC meetings01:03
phillwas do rioters, if you would propose your motion.01:04
bodhi_zazenphillw: you willing to post that on the BT mailing list ?01:05
bodhi_zazenAsk people to vote on the mailing list ?01:05
bodhi_zazenOr set up some other voting method ?01:05
bodhi_zazenWe could take a straw poll here now01:05
bodhi_zazenPlease vote , Dual mission (+1) ?01:06
phillwbodhi_zazen: with the greatest of pleasure, but there is a PM for you :)01:07
jledbetterduanedesign, You can do #vote and I think it'll tally up votes for you01:07
PabloRubianeswe are voting now?01:08
jledbetterbodhi_zazen put a vote to the floor01:08
bodhi_zazenjledbetter: I do not think I can do that01:09
jledbetterWhy not, bodhi_zazen?01:09
bodhi_zazenMy point is, I do not think there are enough people here now to vote, we should up it up on the mailing list01:09
jledbetterAlright. Sounds good. I second that motion.01:09
jledbetterduanedesign, Still with us?01:11
DarkwingDuckI'm back01:11
bodhi_zazenwelcome back DarkwingDuck01:12
DarkwingDuckAre we done here?01:18
bkerensaDone are we?01:18
DarkwingDuckDunno, I came back and nothing.01:18
jledbetterbodhi_zazen, I think, was making a motion to vote on the mission on the mailing list.01:19
jledbetterWe seem to have lost duanedesign to the RL monster so can't #vote or #endmeeting :)01:19
jledbetterDarkwingDuck, Since you're our other leader here. Feel free to stick a fork in it :)01:19
DarkwingDuckAnything else anyone else wants to bring up?01:20
JasonOWhat about the people who want to be mentored? Just received an email from a new person.01:22
JasonOOr was that previously mentioned?01:22
IAmNotThatGuyJasonO, Mentoring will happen (According to the FGs)01:24
JasonOOkey. FGs?01:24
IAmNotThatGuybut I am still not sure whether #ubuntu-beginners-team will exist or not01:24
IAmNotThatGuyFocus Group01:24
DarkwingDuckWhy wouldn't it exist?01:25
jledbetterWell, I need to get back to work :) See y'all later!01:33
DarkwingDuckduanedesign: ping01:33
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* wendar = pseudoskaet waves14:59
* joshuahoover waves14:59
* charlie-tca waves14:59
wendarhi all, let's get started15:00
wendar#topic Oneiric Release Meeting overview - wendar15:00
wendarAgenda is at:15:00
meetingologywendar: Error: Can't start another meeting, one is in progress.15:00
wendar[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseTeam/Meeting/2011-08-1215:00
slangasekduanedesign: could you end your meeting? :)15:01
slangasekpseudoskaet... sounds clinical15:01
wendarslangasek: I don't see duanedesign, can we force an old meeting to end?15:03
highvoltagedid this meeting move to an hour earlier? usually I can't make it but this is nice :)15:03
charlie-tcaAlanBell: is there any way to end an old meeting now?15:03
slangasekwendar: only if we have someone ( AlanBell ?) who can kick it on the server15:03
apwlast time this occured, someone just /nick'd to the person who should have closed their meeting and #endmeeting'd15:04
slangasekah, but duanedesign is still on the channel :/15:05
slangasekI think we've no choice but to move ahead without the bot to back us?15:05
wendarthanks, AlanBell15:05
AlanBellit didn't do it15:06
AlanBellI will try and do it another way15:06
AlanBellnope . . .15:07
wendarlet's carry on, then15:08
MkaysiIs there some file which can be edited for meeting to stop?15:08
wendarthanks for trying15:08
Mkaysi@help config reload15:08
meetingologyMkaysi: (config reload takes no arguments) -- Reloads the various configuration files (user database, channel database, registry, etc.).15:08
MkaysiCould do it after editing config15:08
* AlanBell restarts the bot15:08
AlanBellI was going to code something up to automatically end a meeting after an hour of inactivity or something15:08
AlanBelltry now15:09
AlanBelland again15:10
meetingologyMeeting started Fri Aug 12 15:10:33 2011 UTC.  The chair is wendar. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.15:10
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wendar#topic Oneiric Release Meeting overview - wendar15:10
wendarAgenda is at:15:10
wendar[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseTeam/Meeting/2011-08-1215:10
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Oneiric Release Meeting overview - wendar
meetingologyTOPIC: Oneiric Release Meeting overview - wendar15:10
AlanBellinterestingly enough, unloading a plugin isn't case sensitive, but loading it again is!15:11
wendar11.10 FeatureFreeze : August 11, 2011 at 2100 UTC15:11
wendarIf new features still need to be uploaded,  please follow:15:11
AlanBelland the plugin is "MeetBot"15:11
wendarUpcoming events:15:11
wendar- 11.10 BetaFreeze: Aug 25, 2011 at 2100 UTC.15:11
wendar- 11.10 UserInterfaceFreeze: August 25, 2011 at 2100 UTC.15:11
wendar- 11.10 Beta 1: Sept 1, 2011.15:11
slangasekAlanBell: yay posix semantics :)15:11
wendarBugs targetted for this release can be found:15:11
wendar#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+bugs15:11
wendarBugs milestoned for oneiric beta-1 are at:15:11
wendar#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+bugs?field.milestone%15:11
wendarOther news:15:11
wendarPlease take a moment to complete the bug life cycle survey,15:11
wendar#link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGZqcm9YS083V19XT1RSMmV1RFJ2U3c6MQ15:11
wendaryour input on helping us improve our workflow would be much appreciated. The survey closes next Friday.15:11
wendarReminder:   please use ".." on separate line when you've finished15:12
wendartyping.   If someone wants to comment during the updates, please "o/",15:12
wendarso we know to wait.15:12
wendar#topic QA team update -  jibel or pgraner15:13
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: QA team update - jibel or pgraner
meetingologyTOPIC: QA team update -  jibel or pgraner15:13
jibelHey all15:13
jibel* Automated Testing progress15:14
jibel  * public jenkins is available: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/15:14
jibelTest from the private instance will be added to the public instance in the coming weeks15:14
jibel  * Created isolated VM environment for DX to run tests15:14
jibel  * New tests added to daily run for alternate and desktop OEM install15:15
jibel* Follow up on A3 ISO Testing15:15
jibel  * bugs from Alpha 3 ISO Testing have been affected to the engineering team or defect analysts for review.15:15
jibel* Bug activity15:16
jibel * Top 5 packages with most opened bugs reported during last week (over a total of 471 unique reports (no dups))15:16
jibelunity: 50 reports (10.62%)15:16
jibelcompiz: 26 reports (5.52%)15:16
jibellinux: 20 reports (4.25%)15:16
jibelsoftware-center: 19 reports (4.03%)15:16
jibelnautilus: 17 reports (3.61%)15:16
jibel * 33 reports are regression (7% of the bugs reported over last week)15:16
jibel unity/compiz, ati and intel video driver and various gnome applications15:16
jibelany questions ?15:16
jibelor comment15:16
jibelcharlie-tca, please ask15:17
charlie-tcaDoes jenkins being public mean we can now get Xubuntu images tested automatically?15:18
charlie-tcaor is that not an appropriate question here and I will discuss later?15:18
jibelit is not ready yet, we'll first publish what we are currently running on the private instance.15:19
charlie-tcaOkay, thanks15:19
jibelwe can talk about it during next qa meeting, please add an item to the agenda15:19
wendarAny more questions for jibel?15:19
wendar#topic Hardware Certification team update - mlegris15:20
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Hardware Certification team update - mlegris
meetingologyTOPIC: Hardware Certification team update - mlegris15:20
mlegrisHi all o/15:20
mlegris[Week 32 Testing Report]15:20
mlegrisA3 Testing this week, ~200 systems being manually tested15:20
mlegris[link] http://people.canonical.com/~hwcert/oneiric-testing/oneiric_alpha3.html15:20
mlegris~100 tested so far, about halfway through the laptop/desktop pile :)15:20
mlegris~20 HW specific bugs reported against Oneiric15:20
wendarany questions?15:22
wendar#topic Security team update - micahg or mdeslaur15:22
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Security team update - micahg or mdeslaur
meetingologyTOPIC: Security team update - micahg or mdeslaur15:22
micahg[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/ReleaseStatus/Oneiric15:23
micahg[LINK] http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-oneiric/canonical-security.html15:23
micahgWe are on the trend line for our assigned work items in our blueprints. We are trying to balance reactive security with work items at this time, and are getting to our remaining work items as time allows.15:23
micahgA new apparmor snapshot landed before Feature Freeze, there might be a need for an FFe for the dbus mediation, but we'll know more next week.15:23
micahgLooking at the list of oneiric bugs, I don't see anything else worth highlighting.15:23
wendarAny other FFe's likely from security?15:24
micahgDepending on if I have time, I might need some for apparmor browser profiles15:24
micahgbut it's already getting late for that15:25
mdeslaurpossibly a couple of FFe's to continue migrating away from gksu to pkexec15:25
wendarok, thanks15:25
wendarother questions for micahg?15:25
wendar#topic Kernel team update - ogasawara15:26
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Kernel team update - ogasawara
meetingologyTOPIC: Kernel team update - ogasawara15:26
ogasawaraOverall status is reported at the first link below.  Burn down for Oneiric Beta-1 is at the second link below.  Burndown for the cycle is at the third link:15:26
ogasawara[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/ReleaseStatus/Oneiric15:26
ogasawara[LINK] http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/oneiric/canonical-kernel-team-ubuntu-11.10-beta-1.html15:26
ogasawara[LINK] http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/oneiric/canonical-kernel-team.svg15:26
ogasawaraLast week we uploaded the Ubuntu 3.0.0-8.10 kernel.  This was rebased onto upstream stable v3.0.1.  We've queued some security and bug fixes recently and plan to upload soon.  We are currently trending above our burn down chats and will begin raising any outstanding work items that need finishing with the team.  They are not release critical.15:27
ogasawaraOf the bugs called out on the agenda against the kernel, status is as follows:15:27
ogasawara#542660: looks to be related to EFI boot not loading the video bios into ram.15:27
ogasawara#557261: awaiting updated dmesg output.15:27
ogasawara#708286: assigned to kernel dev and actively being investigated.15:27
ogasawara#754711: on a 3.0 oneiric kernel, system now suspends but doesn't resume.  systemtap debug scripts to help investigate are being worked on for Oneiric, see 815944 (systemtap fix recently posted upstream).15:27
ogasawara#758486: updated debug information attached, investigation ongoing.15:27
ogasawara#760131: partly fixed in Oneiric and soon natty, more analysis ongoing upstream.15:27
ogasawara#784937: investigation by kernel dev still ongoing as well as discussion with upstream.15:27
ogasawara#790712: the order 5 allocation seems to be bogus and non-fatal; further investigation ongoing.15:27
ogasawara#791850: kernel dev able to reproduce on a CentOS test system.  appears to have isolated the bad commit.  investigation remains ongoing.15:27
ogasawara#793486: the requested debug info has been attached, investigation ongoing.15:27
wendar#topic Foundations team update - cjwatson15:29
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Foundations team update - cjwatson
meetingologyTOPIC: Foundations team update - cjwatson15:29
cjwatsonFeature progress this week:15:29
cjwatson * foundations-o-ipv6-healthcheck: d-i now supports IPv6.15:29
cjwatson * desktop-o-gtk3-gnome3: Completed Ubiquity port to PyGI.  (This is blocked on resolving webcam-related dependencies before upload, but that should be finished ASAP; Evan is going to write an FFe request.)15:29
cjwatson * foundations-o-great-cd-debate: Allison's USB seeds landed (and decrufted).  After discussion with Kate et al, we'll finish converting the DVD images to these next week.15:29
cjwatson * desktop-o-cd-localization: syslinux-theme-ubuntu uploaded, and fixed some associated live-build issues.  The generated images are still somewhat broken, but should be easily fixable at this point.15:29
cjwatson * foundations-o-ubiquity: Wireless networking page merged.15:30
cjwatson * Upstart: Sprint held last week: see https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/upstart-devel/2011-August/001707.html for a summary.15:30
cjwatson * foundations-o-dhpython-transition: python-support and python-central removed from all Ubuntu CDs by FF.15:30
cjwatson * foundations-o-multiarch-next-steps: skype installable from the archive via multiarch (modulo a Qt fix).15:30
cjwatsonI don't have a bug update right now, just working our way through them ...15:30
cjwatsonAlso part of the multiarch spec is still pending an LP rollout15:30
wendarQuestions for cjwatson?15:31
wendarAny FFe's anticipated from Foundations?15:31
cjwatsonubiquity as mentioned above15:32
cjwatsonit's possible we'll need something for the tail-end of localised image building15:33
cjwatsonI think the apt mirror method is probably shelved for this cycle due to being blocked on IS, but if IS come through on that it's possible we might consider that since the code is mostly done on our side15:33
cjwatsonaside from that I'm not aware of anything but I will keep the release team informed if anything else does come to my attention15:34
cjwatson(this may reflect my lack of knowledge as much as anything else though ;-) )15:34
wendar(skaet asked me to pester everyone about FFe's, so she can look over the logs later)15:35
wendarDaviey and most of the server team are traveling after the sprint, so we'll skip them.15:35
wendarBut, I hear great progress was made this week.15:36
wendar#topic ARM team update - ogra15:36
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: ARM team update - ogra
meetingologyTOPIC: ARM team update - ogra15:36
ogra_= Full Status is at: =15:36
ogra_= Summary =15:36
ogra_ - Parts of the ARM team attended the LXC/server meeting this week.15:36
ogra_ - TI/linaro reworked u-boot to not need a separate x-loader package anymore, this will require some changes15:36
ogra_   to build system and bootloader tools which will likely need freeze exceptions (the change sadly was only announced yesterday)15:36
ogra_ - Cleanup of jasper is ongoing15:36
ogra_ - AC100 image is in progess, ac100-tarball installer sits in NEW awaiting review, debian-cd changes are pending15:36
ogra_ - mx5 images are in progress, kernel sits in NEW, awaiting review15:36
ogra_ - server QA testing is ongoing15:36
ogra_= Image Status =15:37
ogra_ - Desktop images don't build due to archive skew15:37
ogra_ - Server images build and install fine15:37
ogra_ - Netboot images work fine15:37
ogra_= Specs =15:37
ogra_ - Entire http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/oneiric/ubuntu-armel.html15:37
ogra_ - B1 http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/oneiric/ubuntu-armel-ubuntu-11.10-beta-1.html15:37
ogra_   (the tracker has only been adjusted today for the new launchpad team name, WI tracker should pick up tomorrow)15:37
wendarQuestions for ogra?15:38
dbarthGL-ES patches for compiz / nux15:39
dbarthdo you have the "bandwidth" to take that at this stage?15:39
dbarth(there should be a discussion on monday about that in the team as well)15:39
ogra_afaik the patches exiswt and are on their way upstrream15:39
dbarthright, but i want to get a feel of who's onboard to have that change go15:40
dbarthwe can take that offline or on monday15:40
ogra_it is expected that we ship GLES support in unity in oneiric15:40
ogra_so we better find out who adds them ;)15:41
dbarththe branch arrived a few days ago, right, we need to find out15:42
ogra_afaik it shouldnt be much effort though given they were all written in an upstreamable way for natty15:42
ogra_anything else ?15:43
wendar#topic Linaro update - fabo or rsalveti15:43
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Linaro update - fabo or rsalveti
meetingologyTOPIC: Linaro update - fabo or rsalveti15:43
faboLinaro update - courtesy of rsalveti15:43
fabo * Cross toolchain based on 4.6 for armel/armhf updated against latest gcc update15:44
fabo * linux-linaro-lt-mx5 (freescale landing team tree, based on .38 with Natty's sauce on top) pushed to the archive, janimo will be creating ubuntu images with it for imx5315:44
fabo * Good discussions at Connect about continuous integration and validation for the Linaro components. Upstream and Linaro kernel validation should be the first steps.15:44
fabo * May need a FFe if the x-loader replacement with U-Boot SPL goes fine with Linaro 11.08 release (require image changes for at least omap 4)15:44
fabo * Good progress at bug 810402 by Dave Martin, seems we have at least a valid workaround, what should help with tons of ARM FTBFS15:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 810402 in ocaml (Ubuntu Oneiric) "all native ocaml programs segfault on armel" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81040215:44
fabo * Seems no progress with bug 775849, we had a conversation with Michael Hope and doko, but it seems this bug is still not at the TWG radar15:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 775849 in eglibc (Ubuntu) "[armel] eglibc test regressions on armel in oneiric" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/77584915:44
wendarAny questions for fabo?15:44
dokofabo: the TWG doesn't seem to be responsible for it15:45
fabodoko: the bug is assigned to the TWG. If they aren't responsible, we should find the right assignee15:46
wendardoko: any suggestions on who should take it on?15:47
wendarsounds like there may be a little bug handoff needed, we can find out if they're willing to adopt it this week15:50
fabowell, please re-assign to ubuntu-arm. we'll follow with the TWG in case they find time to look at it.15:50
wendarwill add it to the action items so kate remembers to check up on it next week15:50
wendarogra: ^15:51
wendarother questions for fabo?15:51
wendar#topic Desktop Team update - kenvandine or seb128 or pitti15:52
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Desktop Team update - kenvandine or seb128 or pitti
meetingologyTOPIC: Desktop Team update - kenvandine or seb128 or pitti15:52
seb128hey wendar15:52
seb128pitti is travelling back so it's me15:52
seb128[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/ReleaseStatus15:52
seb128[LINK] http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-oneiric/canonical-desktop-team-ubuntu-11.10-beta-1.html15:52
seb128[LINK] http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-oneiric/canonical-desktop-team.html15:52
seb128* Reduced activity during a part of the week due the desktop summit participation and holidays15:53
seb128* We got most of the feature landed before the feature freeze though15:53
seb128* New unity and indicator stack got uploaded on time for the freeze (with quite some bugs though)15:53
seb128* Compiz still pending from dx, will likely need a ffe15:53
seb128* GNOME 3.1.5 coming next week15:53
seb128 15:53
seb128* pitti pinged me just an hour before the meeting so I didn't manage to review the bug list, we will do that next week now that the ff is over15:53
seb128* the retracers are down, not sure when they will be sorted15:53
seb128* we will like have a ffe requests (lightdm, gwibber, telepathy-indicator, thunderbird u1 contacts syncing, ...)15:53
wendarQuestions for seb128?15:53
wendar#topic Desktop Experience Team Update - dbarth or njpatel15:55
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Desktop Experience Team Update - dbarth or njpatel
meetingologyTOPIC: Desktop Experience Team Update - dbarth or njpatel15:55
dbarthfull report at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopExperienceTeam/OneiricReleaseStatus15:55
dbarthto add to what seb128 just said15:55
dbarthunity 4.8 released on time, along with unity-2d15:55
dbarthwe have bugs but we're there15:56
dbarththe compiz release was scattered later this week: we have test package ready, we're assessing the quality of the latest changes to request an FFE or fallback to an earlier version15:56
dbarthindicators got a nice update with the rest of the peripherals support we had planned for O15:57
dbarththe touch team has hit 100% on the work items board, with eog / evince support now in 11.1015:57
dbarthand we're on top of the upper half of the CJK issue, knowing that the bottom half is now fixed15:58
dbarthi take this occasion to remind people about the CJK call for testing sent o u-devel this week15:58
dbarthstatus for the bugs on the radar:15:59
dbarth[805063]: on the work list, will start fixing those regressions next week15:59
dbarth[806358]: probably a driver issue, passed to Jay for further investigation with the xorg team15:59
dbarth[809378]: didrocks on top of it, was fixed but there is a further regression elsewhere15:59
dbarth[814065]: invalid, design guidance sought15:59
dbarth[810145]: incomplete, investigating to get a reproducible test case15:59
wendarAny other FFE's anticipated beyond what you and seb already mentioned?16:00
dbarthan update to the music lens maybe16:01
dbarthbut that's still discussed closely with desktop and the release team16:01
wendara delightfully short list, thanks16:01
wendarother questions for dbarth?16:01
dbarthhpopefully yes ;)16:01
wendar#topic Kubuntu Team update - ScottK16:03
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Kubuntu Team update - ScottK
meetingologyTOPIC: Kubuntu Team update - ScottK16:03
dokoseb128: when will gnome updates start next week?16:03
seb128doko, today, I'm going to upload a few, continued on monday and tuesday next week16:04
dokogah ...16:04
wendardoko: want to elaborate before we go on to Edubuntu? or, just a passing comment?16:06
dokono, just did hope for some stability for a test rebuild16:06
ScottKwendar: I'm here now.16:08
wendarseb128/doko: sounds like it would be helpful to coordinate a time of relative stability16:08
ScottKFor Kubuntu we are in good shape for base KDE/distro packages.  We didn't get all the feature work done we wanted due to less manpower this cycle.16:08
ScottKI anticipate a standing FFe for additional (tech preview) work on plasma-mobile/active work.16:09
ScottKslangasek multiarch'ed qt4-x11 yesterday, so waiting to see how that works out.16:10
wendarQuestions for ScottK?16:10
wendar#topic Xubuntu Team update - charlie-tca16:11
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Xubuntu Team update - charlie-tca
meetingologyTOPIC: Xubuntu Team update - charlie-tca16:11
charlie-tcaThere were no desktop images all week. We have gotten fresh desktop images today. Don't know if they work yet because the syncs are taking a long time due to the massive changes.16:11
charlie-tca* #789333: "users-admin crashes on start because of mixed GTK2 and 3 symbols" - derivatives are working on this, hopefully will have a fix for beta1.16:12
charlie-tca* #799238: "Xubuntu i386 and amd64 20110618 xserver abort" - resolved with current xorg16:12
charlie-tca* #820731: "Oneiric Ocelot Xubuntu Desktop images fail to install" - Don't know which casper upload fixed it, there were two. One of them did fix the issues.16:12
charlie-tca* #820460: "User not created with encrypted home partition: user-setup exit code 32" - fixed16:12
charlie-tcaDon't really know what the status of lightdm is now for derivatives. Not having valid images made testing difficult.16:12
charlie-tcaXubuntu will ask for FFe's as they come up. We are waiting for things to settle down now after FeatureFreeze to see how good  everything is. :)16:13
charlie-tcaAny questions?16:13
wendar#topic Edubuntu Team update - highvoltage16:14
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Edubuntu Team update - highvoltage
meetingologyTOPIC: Edubuntu Team update - highvoltage16:14
stgraberhighvoltage: around? or should I do the Edubuntu update?16:14
stgraberhmm, guess I'll go ahead (quite likely highvoltage is out for lunch at this time)16:15
stgraberso not much on Edubuntu's side. alpha-3 went quite well and we didn't have anything big to push by feature freeze16:15
stgraberthe biggest news is that our installer is now fully translated (took a long time to get it working)16:16
stgraberI fixed LTSP to actually install and work but we'll still need to rewrite the current LTSP live plugin as it doesn't work with NM 0.916:16
stgraberwe'll file a FFe for the LTSP live work (as it's going to be a full rewrite to use the NM API instead of ignoring it)16:17
stgraberI saw that lightdm is now apparently fixed to work for derivatives so that's still on our todo list (as we offer two choices of desktop environment)16:17
stgraberother than that, I think that's it for Edubuntu16:17
stgraberany questions?16:17
wendargilir is on holiday, so we'll skip Lubuntu16:19
wendar#topic Toolchain update - slangasek or doko16:19
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Toolchain update - slangasek or doko
meetingologyTOPIC: Toolchain update - slangasek or doko16:19
wendarthey were both around earlier, perhaps they'll pop back on in a minute16:22
wendar#topic MOTU team update - tumbleweed16:22
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: MOTU team update - tumbleweed
meetingologyTOPIC: MOTU team update - tumbleweed16:22
tumbleweedThe usual, lots of FTBFS packages:16:22
tumbleweeda handful of RC Bugs to look at merging/picking:16:22
tumbleweeda good number of unfinished transitions:16:22
tumbleweedI saw a few new releases and dh_python2 transitions without FFes, this morning. I assume we're giving them some slack for a day or so?16:22
slangasek(sorry, I'm here, was just checking with doko which of us should give the update)16:23
tumbleweedanyway, that's me16:23
wendarthey should have FFE's, feel free to remind folks who missed16:24
wendarquestions for tumbleweed?16:24
tumbleweedoh, micahg reminds me that he intends to FFe eclipse (if it's possible without breaking the universe)16:25
wendarfortunately, eclipse is more of a "leaf" package than a "root node" package16:26
wendarbut, I imagine skaet will want to do some dependency checking16:26
wendarback to...16:27
wendar#topic Toolchain update - slangasek or doko16:27
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Toolchain update - slangasek or doko
meetingologyTOPIC: Toolchain update - slangasek or doko16:27
micahgwendar: it is, but its deps aren't necessarily :)16:27
slangasekthe last toolchain updates anticipated for the cycle have been done16:27
wendarmicahg: indeed16:28
slangasekthe latest eglibc from unstable has also been merged up - regressing multiarch support temporarily, but that's worked on16:28
slangaseknow just waiting for the archive to be in a buildable state generally in order to start test rebuilds16:28
wendarquestions for slangasek?16:29
wendarThat brings us to the end of reports. Any other questions?16:30
seb128doko, wendar: I don't expect disturbances due to the GNOME updates16:30
seb128they are mostly standalone components if they fail to build they should not break other things16:30
charlie-tcasure, xubuntu will need ffe's for dh_python2 and libssl1.0.0 transitions needed for xubuntu still16:30
tumbleweedsurely libssl1.0.0 transitions are RC bugs, and won't require FFe? (they will be packages that can't currently be rebuilt)16:32
micahgtumbleweed: yeah, that was a C/P error :)16:32
wendarsounds like that's a wrap16:34
wendarThanks jibel, mlegris, michahg, ogaswara, cjwatson, ogra, fabo, seb128, dbarth, ScottK, charlie-tca, stgraber, tumbleweed, slangasek and all!16:34
slangasekthanks, wendar!16:34
charlie-tcaThank you, wendar, for chairing!16:34
seb128thanks wendar16:34
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meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2011/ubuntu-meeting.2011-08-12-15.10.moin.txt16:34
stgraberthanks wendar! see you at LinuxCon16:34
jibelthanks for chairing wendar16:34
wendarsee you there!16:34
micahgthanks wendar16:35
highvoltage(thanks stgraber)16:42
stgraberhighvoltage: np. I really should add the release meeting to my calendar so I make sure I'm around16:47
stgraber(I just happened to look at -meeting at the right time)16:48
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