Shred00has the segfault in the master/0.25 packages been resolved?02:47
tgm4883Shred00, IDK, I don't use the 0.25 packages. Has a fix been committed upstream?02:57
Shred00tgm4883: i'm not entirely sure there is an upstream fix for it.  it was not reproducible when i asked about it on the #ubuntu-users channel, so apparently it's a defect in the mythbuntu build.02:59
tgm4883Shred00, The mythbuntu packages and the Ubuntu packages are identical02:59
Shred00tgm4883: sorry.  s/#ubuntu/#mythtv/03:00
tgm4883has a bug been filed on LP?03:00
Shred00i just read that daniel thinks that 8e783b75 or later should fix it.  i will try the latest 0.25 autobuilds03:01
tgm4883Shred00, ok let me know if it's something I need to look into03:01
Shred00seems it has been fixed upstream.  yay.03:21
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