stoneguyAnyone know anything about absence of oneiric daily-lives?08:47
* nlsthzn waves11:10
holsteini know all of you are just dying to write me an awesome testimonial for next weeks meeting :)17:08
nhandlerholstein: I'm on the America's RMB, so I'll make sure they are aware of your awesome UWN work in a different way17:11
holsteinnhandler: you are awesome :)17:11
* holstein is quite excited about it17:12
akgranerholstein, thanks for posting the link....17:25
akgranerpleia2, When are you all showing other people the new scripts17:26
akgranerI just want to make sure I am around and plan on being online at the right time etc..:-)17:26
pleia2akgraner: I'm thinking we do it around 8PM eastern on monday17:27
pleia2(that's 5PM for me, 00:00 UTC)17:27
akgranerthat will work :-)17:27
pleia2oh wait17:27
pleia2yeah, that will work17:27
akgranergreat! thanks...17:27
pleia2I am going to a baseball game but I don't have to leave until 5:30 or 6 :)17:27
akgranerNo worries - Pete's in London next week so I'll have time then...17:28
akgranerpleia2, you and nhandler make putting together websites look easy...working on a new one for me and well it just makes me appreciate you all more and more. :-)17:29
pleia2practice practice :)17:31
* pleia2 made her first website over 12 years ago17:31
akgranerDang - I'm only going on year 3...17:32
akgranerI never thought I would need to scale my webpage to a full site due to various interests and stuff...heck I never thought I would have so many interests surrounding Linux etc..too cool!17:33
pleia2my website itself has kinda died these past few years17:34
akgranerwhen jono re-did his I thought now there's and idea....17:34
akgraners/and/an even17:35
holsteinim using those blogspot blogs17:35
holsteinso easy to get up and easy to edit17:35
akgranerI'm modifying a wordpress theme17:35
holsteinand google wants you to have good page ranking ;)17:35
pleia2oh wow, I haven't gone to his actual website in a while (just read rss feeds)17:35
pleia2this is different :)17:35
akgranerand Nick and Josh will handle the hosting and stuff for me17:35
akgranerpleia2, yeah I like the look of his...17:36
holsteinnot sure if thats what i'll do for the long-term17:36
akgranerdon't worry jono I'm not copying yours :-P17:36
akgranerholstein, looks good though...17:37
holsteini think wordpress is slicker17:37
akgranerI <3 wordpress17:37
akgranerbut that's just me :-)17:37
holsteinyup... if i do something offically hosted somewhere, i'll do WP17:38
holsteinmaybe drupal17:38
holsteinWP seemed a bit easier for me17:38
* pleia2 now throughly unhappy with the text on her main site and needs to redo it17:43
pleia2(thanks akgraner! :P)17:43
holsteinphilipballew: may i query you to solicit a testimonial ?19:11
philipballewI would love to!19:11
holsteinactually, here it is19:11
holsteini dont think anyone will mind me spamming the channel again...19:12
philipballewnothing goes on here ever except weekends anyway19:12
philipballewsometime would you be able to do any sort of testimonial on mine?19:13
holsteinphilipballew: sure... to what end?19:13
pleia2yeah, you're already a member :P19:14
holsteinanything in particular you are going for?19:14
philipballewthere are other things pleia2 it gets looked at for also by others?19:14
pleia2typically you collect testimonals when you go for specific positions19:14
pleia2otherwise they tend to be woefully out of date by the time you actually apply, so you have to ask for them again anyway19:15
philipballewyeah, in a while I will be going for the ubuntu youth counsel position possibly. I have been helping a little more then asking on irc lately and thats picking up. later holstein I was meaning if i needed you'd do the same. haha not now19:16
philipballewabout how long you think the recommendation should be for you dude!19:17
holsteinnothing majore19:17
holsteinjust a blip :)19:17
holsteinwhatever you think19:17
philipballewalright, Ill put a few sentences. what are you goin for19:18
holsteinphilipballew: ubuntu membership19:33
holsteinnext week19:33
holstein*sorry, i had a phone call...19:33
philipballewno problem. I can sit in on the meeting for you and if they want any voices or people saying. "yeah, this guy is awesome!" i can do that19:34
holsteinphilipballew: that would be great :)19:37
nhandlerakgraner: The Fridge site was pretty easy since the theme was already made. I need to get around to writing up some info about myself to put on my site. I finally bought nhandler.com, but Im really only using it for a blog right now19:38

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