ubottuIn ubottu, EgyParadox said: !vga is <alias> !ati01:32
elky<FloodBot1> WARNING: PRIVMSG from KadirB - [CTCP]!@Wink[CTCP]04:24
elky o.O04:24
yagooI get insulted being called a bot last time I checked.. an rtfm was a simple gesture.. (last went in couple weeks ago)07:19
yagooI get redirected here..07:19
yagoointeresting.. lol07:20
bazhang<mwaijandeg>  thought he was running Ultimate Edition07:50
bazhangtrying to find a definitive list of supported and unsupported derivatives: Kubuntu Ubuntu Xubuntu Lubuntu (?) Edubuntu Ubuntustudio, Mythbuntu (?) for supported , UE, Super OS, MINT, Pinguy, Ylmfos, Crunchbang EEEbuntu, Backtrack unsupported (from what I can gather so far). any additional suggestions?07:57
FlannelFor the pedantic, Ubuntu Server07:58
bazhangthanks Flannel , forgot that one07:59
bazhangan Ubuntu member maintains UE? augh08:02
IdleOnean Ubuntu members owns OMGUbuntu, what's your point?08:04
jussiwhats UE?08:05
bazhanghe has links to Ultimatix on his website, as well08:05
jussiwho is it?08:06
bazhangwhoops, jolicloud as well08:08
topylido we need to list all (or any of) the non-supported ones?08:09
bazhangtopyli, the thought was to say what we *do* support, then link to a wiki that which is not invented here08:10
bazhangcombine it with the !alis factoid as well was considered.08:10
bazhangnearly all of the ones listed so far are here on freenode, apart from MINT08:11
topylialright. it's just that new ones will pop up from time to time08:15
topylinot a big problem, we'll update as we hear about those08:15
bazhangjust that the current !derivatives factoid is HUGE, and lists only a small subset08:16
tsimpsonbazhang: http://www.ubuntu.com/project/derivatives <- the first list are the "officially" supported variants (and Ubuntu Server)08:16
tsimpsonthe rest are "community supported"08:17
bazhangtsimpson, thanks! I saw that link when looking for the derivatives (though many of the non-supported ones seem to have disappeared)08:17
tsimpsonthat page is probably the closest thing to a definitive list we have, so it's what we use when we're unsure08:19
Tm_Tthat more likely?08:19
tsimpsonthough lubuntu is probably going to be added to that list in the not too distant future08:19
tsimpsonTm_T: it's the same list, except explicitly includes Desktop/Netbook/Server editions08:20
Tm_Tand more of those "known but not supported" being listed08:21
tsimpsonhttp://www.ubuntu.com/project/derivatives links to the wiki page anyway08:21
Tm_Tindeed it does, and as that's not wiki page, I prefer using it first and wiki page second08:22
Myrttilubuntu is not supported? or is a derivative? ohok.08:31
Myrttiread over again08:32
Tm_Tis not supported derivative yet08:32
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ubottutheadmin called the ops in #ubuntu (tomi)11:53
bazhangalexdevilx seems to be just saying random things in #ubuntu ; he had this trouble in #xubuntu yesterday12:06
ikoniayes, I noted him too yesterday12:07
bazhangnot going to give the leeway I did in #xubuntu12:07
Picitheadmin too12:07
bazhangaugh him again12:08
bazhangjust waiting for ArchLinuxMan to join12:08
* jrib wonders if ikonia is as confused as he is12:10
Picias jrib is or as AlexDevilLX is?12:10
jribalthough, good point Pici12:10
bazhang<AlexDevilLX> My ISP is bad one12:13
bazhanghe is all over the map with what he wants to do12:14
IdleOnehe couldn't find the map with a GPS12:14
bazhanghard to get a straight answer out of him12:14
bazhang* m1h0 (~yavor@ has joined #ubuntu  <--- optimus12:16
ikoniais he banned ?12:16
bazhanghe was an issue a few days ago, just a heads up12:16
PiciAlexDevilLX was rather normal the other day when we were playing in #ubuntu-trivia12:16
ikoniawas that him12:16
ikoniayes, he was normal12:16
ikoniabut he was random in #xubuntu12:17
ikoniaI didn't click it was the same guy12:17
bazhangxbox supports ubuntu?12:19
IdleOneif it does it isn't official12:21
ubottubazhang called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (penos)12:22
ikoniaover to you bazhang12:23
penoshey i just answered some guys question and he then does !ops on me and i got kicked from #ubuntu-offtopic12:23
penosi mean, i just answered his question truthfully12:23
ikonialook at the topic of your conversations12:23
ikoniayou're welcome to rejoin #ubuntu-offtopic if you can try to keep to sane topics12:24
penossure thanks12:24
ikoniathat includes, not posting random numbers, not discussing things such as penis sisze12:25
penosah ok12:25
ikoniathank you12:25
penosthank you too12:25
ikoniayou can now leave this channel12:25
bazhangah gunit12:28
bazhangthis is like dentistry12:38
elkyunit testing?12:39
bazhanggetting answers out of locodir-user12:39
elkymuch alike.12:40
elkyboth like dentistry.12:40
bazhangchromium has what to do with chrome OS ?12:44
bazhangie netflix support12:44
IdleOneone is a browser12:44
IdleOnePici: made it clear to him. ask google or netflix what they did to make it work.12:45
bazhangokay trolling12:49
bazhangeven I can see that one12:49
bazhang< jpds > troll detected12:50
bazhang* [ArchLinuxman] (~chatzilla@den-69-171-160-238.evdo.leapwireless.net): New Now Know How12:54
bazhangwonder if thats blackarchdog12:55
bazhang* [BlackArchDog] (~chatzilla@den-69-171-160-57.evdo.leapwireless.net): New Now Know How12:55
bazhangthe same talk about "haters" as when I called archlinuxman for offtopicness12:55
bazhangthey've had more than enough warnings, imo13:06
bazhangIdleOne, I removed him once13:46
bazhangie archblackdog archlinuxman et al13:46
IdleOnesecond warning, maybe he will get it this time13:46
bazhanghe's already got a mark, so next time is ban13:47
bazhanggot [thc]acidrain in PM currently13:49
bazhangwell lets see if blackarchdog got it or not13:57
Flannelbazhang: New Now Know How is the default realname for chatzilla too13:58
bazhangFlannel, sure, but the IP range and the exact set of commentary suggest its a single individual13:58
bazhangerr + same13:59
bazhang<BlackArchDog> me and [THC]AcidRaind started #cool_ubuntu were we dont boot you for change of topic come on over if you need real help...13:59
bazhangwonder if that channel will get approved14:00
bazhangperhaps since it uses the _ that it does not need it though14:01
jpdsWhat an imaginative name.14:01
PiciAlso, I fail to see how that is any different us asking people to join #ubuntu-offtopic14:03
bazhang#cool_ubuntu ?14:03
Pici"Imagine a IRC chat line were you could tell jokes, have fun and be cool to talk"14:04
bazhangI've got a couple of channels registered14:04
bazhangokay I am totally confused now14:05
* charlie-tca welcomes bazhang to his world14:05
bazhangcharlie-tca, hehe14:05
bazhangbanforward? straight ban, or just ignore14:11
IdleOneignore for now but with a short leash14:12
bazhangperhaps everyone will migrate to the cool channel now14:12
IdleOneWe should apply for ops before the rush14:12
bazhangor wait til they both quit14:13
bazhangwhoops too late14:14
bazhangworld grape day14:36
bazhangmobius420, hi14:36
mobius420greetings ;]14:36
bazhangmobius420, how can we help you today14:36
mobius420this is not a ubuntu support channel is it :p14:36
bazhangnot that kind mobius42014:37
mobius420dint think so14:37
bazhang#ubuntu is though, more likely14:37
PiciThere is a forward to this channel currently.14:37
mobius420weird...this is where it takes me when I join #ubuntu14:37
Picibazhang: are you looking at it, or shall I fire up the old BT here?14:38
bazhangPici, just checked via at banlog14:39
bazhangseemed innocuous14:40
PiciI asked him to rejoin. no response.14:41
bazhang* [Guest69916] (~mobius@c-24-9-117-102.hsd1.co.comcast.net): Mobius ??14:41
bazhangjust joined #ubuntu14:41
jribwhy do people insist on showing images for text...14:46
PiciThe same reason why people send me word documents with a single screenshot pasted inside.14:47
bazhangtime to !unforget the mc44 factoid14:47
Jordan_UPici: A co-worker did that to post a screenshot for tech support. I was surprised she would do something like that, then I found that their tech support page officially gives "paste the screenshot into Word and send the .doc" as instructions for sending screenshots.15:57
PiciJordan_U: That makes me sad.15:58
jribI've received word documents with plain text in them and an e-mail message asking to view the attachment; not sure which annoys me more yet16:07
PiciAlso people here tend to send 1 slide powerpoints for announcements of stuff.16:08
jribyes that sort of thing in the word document16:08
oCeanramses has been offtopic a lot lately16:40
ikoniaoCean: he's had numerous warnings and I kicked him yesterday as a greater warning16:42
MrNthDegreePici, i'm stable now.  Didn't realise restarting iptables would drop all my connections... was busy in terminal so didn't notice :$17:37
PiciMrNthDegree: sure, just a moment.17:37
PiciMrNthDegree: You're all set.17:37
MrNthDegreethanks :)17:39
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PiciHeads up that enjoycrf was being rather annoying/trollish in #freenode earlier.18:00
genii-aroundThanks Pici18:03
Jordan_UoCean: I think lauratika is basically asking how to disable compiz, which if they're using Ubuntu is fine for #ubuntu.18:55
oCeanis it possible to change the BIOS of my motherboard18:56
Jordan_UoCean: Sorry, I simply misread the nick somehow.18:57
oCeanhehe, I tought I misread something :)18:58

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