GreenCloudbuenos dias!02:00
bobJabbaHello silence...04:44
GreenCloudinfinite silence ;)04:47
GreenClouddoes anyone know an ACTIVE irc channel for filipino linux users? ? ?04:50
GreenCloudthis channel has nothing but ECHOES!04:52
bobJabbaEchoes... echoes... echoes...05:10
bobJabbaOo nga :/05:10
bobJabbaBut I think most of the people here join the channel to populate it while doing other stuff...05:12
bobJabbalike me lol05:12
bobJabbabut I check in once in a while.05:12
bobJabbamaybe I have AD/HD...05:12
GreenCloudbobJabba: LOL!06:04
GreenCloudbut still much better kung kahit papano sana ay may napag-uusapan, even if not purely linux topic 06:11
GreenCloudafter all, that's what IRC channel is all about, right...06:11
bobJabbaI agree. Sige umpisahan mo na. Try ko sabayan lol06:12
GreenCloudbobJabba: (and all others), my idea b kau kung ilan n ang ubuntu user's dito sa Pinas, like ilang % na compared to Micro$oft's OSs ?06:15
GreenCloudcurious lng po!06:15
bobJabbaGreenCloud: No idea. Ako actually new Linux user lang ako. And nakaka-adik :D Maybe we should create a simple survey, kahit isang page lang...06:16
bobJabbaHello Terminus06:16
GreenCloudbobJabba: genuis! good idea, the best thought i've heard so far in my 6 years as ubuntu user...06:18
bobJabbaGreenCloud: In my opinion, one of the main reasons why Micro$oft-brainwashed people are afraid to switch to Linux (or Ubuntu specifically) is because of Linux's "reputation" as a very technical OS to install.06:20
bobJabbaGreenCloud: Ah, thanks thanks. What would be good questions to ask the survey? Maybe What OS do you use: MS (what version?), Linux (what distro + version?), MacOS (version?). Then reasons why they chose that? Ano pa ba? I'm typing as I go along lol06:22
GreenCloudwell to those Micro$oft slave, linux installation can really be quite 'technical' but the truth is Linux is the easiest operating system to install, ...06:23
bobJabbaWelcome back Terminus06:24
GreenCloudnot to mention you can even browse the internet while installing linux06:24
bobJabbaOne more thing, with Windoze being pre-installed in almost all new PCs and laptops technical know-how is not required lol06:24
GreenCloudbobJabba: great! i have an empty domain name and hosting, www.moflux.com, maybe we can use that... if you really are `serious` about your idea06:25
bobJabbaGreenCloud: oh why did we meet just now lol I just created a simple page for an attempt at a creation of a new LUG: infoleak-ph.co.cc06:26
bobJabbaGreenCloud: temporary domain muna yan to see if it's worth to get a real domain :/06:27
=== Terminus1 is now known as Terminus_
bobJabbaGreenCloud: What does "moflux" mean?06:28
bobJabbaI need an IRC script for Terminus_ para di na manual ang pag-welcome ko sa kanya tuwing reconnect niya lol06:29
Terminus_weh. =P06:32
bobJabbaAYUN! nabuhay lol06:32
Terminus_i keep on switching cables because i'm testing a new box for routing.06:32
Terminus_naka vlan na yung bago na gateway06:32
bobJabbaAh, kaya pala.06:33
Terminus_2x aggregated and trunked gigabit ports with 18 VLANs. XD06:35
bobJabba<-- newbie06:36
bobJabbaSo please bear with me :D06:37
Terminus_anyway, moving to the other VLAN. bye. =)06:38
bobJabbalol see you in a bit?06:38
bobJabbaHello deng07:02
bobJabbaAh brb I need to eat lunch :/07:04
=== deng_c is now known as deng
bobJabbaBusog pero bitin lol07:14
bobJabbaCan I post an invite to the first meet-up of InfoLeak (LUG) here?07:27
bobJabbaSomething about silence makes me sick...09:32
bobJabba'Cuz silence can be violent sort of like a slit wrist...09:32
* bobJabba Google's the next line in the lyrics...09:32
bobJabbanakalimutan ko na eh...09:32
bobJabbaIf the vibe was suicide then you would push the button...09:34
bobJabbaBut if ya bowing down, then let me do the cuttin'09:34
bobJabbaO tama na.09:34
bobJabbaQUESTION!!! Ano gamit niyo, Unity or Gnome?10:24
bobJabbaTerminus... still being a yoyo (pabaik-balik)? :D Testing ka ba or fixing10:28
Terminus-bobJabba: testing/configuring10:32
Terminus-load balancing seems to work now but i'm not yet happy with the configuration. it's a mess.10:32
Terminus-it's temporary. i just needed to make sure it works.10:33
bobJabba"it's a mess" - reminds me of my current project's code. client's breathing down my neck. di ko naman mataguan, pano yung client eh asawa ko...10:34
bobJabbaKahit natutulog hindi ko mataguan lol10:37
Terminus-that's why my answer to my gf everytime she needs a dev is "get a coder that's not me" XD10:37
bobJabbaI tried that. Sagot niya sakin: Wala akong pambayad.10:38
bobJabbaSo now you know how much I'm getting for this project... lol10:38
bobJabbaCOFFEE!!! antok.10:42
bobJabbaUbuntu running out of the box... literally! https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/284943_2056888868121_1421584064_32183823_5702257_n.jpg11:47
bobJabbawb Terminus11:57
bobJabbaI added a possible agenda for Sunday's InfoLeak PH introductory meet-up. Hope you guys can attend. Informal lang. Check meet details at http://www.infoleak-ph.co.cc/calendar/12:02
scryptz0wlang tao yta15:17
scryptz0hello Terminus15:20
scryptz0bobjobba ey15:24
=== scryptz0 is now known as shipcode
shipcodehehe =)15:25
bobJabbaKnightlust may sakit ka pa rin?15:41
bobJabbashipcode Sunday punta ka?15:41
shipcodetga cebu ako dude an lau15:43
shipcodeito yung talk ko dati > http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/282037_265932850089029_100000169484271_1269596_1276484_n.jpg15:44
shipcodelol after classes ko sa skul diretso kaagad15:44
bobJabbaAng layo nga! Lemme check that pic.15:46
bobJabbaNice! Pwede ba ma-download presentation mo :D15:47
shipcodei'll give u the link wait15:50
shipcodehttp://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ce-gnu-lug/message/10195 >Demystifying Backdoor Shells and IRC Bots.pptx15:51
shipcodehere is the IRC bot i made a demo with15:53
shipcode!bot uname -a15:53
butikishipcode: Error: "bot" is not a valid command.15:53
crAt0sFreeBSD www127b.sakura.ne.jp 7.1-RELEASE-p15 FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE-p15 #10: Tue Nov 16 09:48:35 JST 2010     admin@www200.sakura.ne.jp:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/SAKURA11S  i38615:53
bobJabbaAh sayo si Butiki?? lol15:54
bobJabbaKaya pala di sumasagot. Ilang beses ko na kinakausap yan lol joke15:55
shipcodehindi si crat0s15:55
shipcodesi cratos bot ko15:55
bobJabbaAh si cratos din di ako pinapansin lol15:55
shipcodecrAt0s uname -a15:55
crAt0sFreeBSD www127b.sakura.ne.jp 7.1-RELEASE-p15 FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE-p15 #10: Tue Nov 16 09:48:35 JST 2010     admin@www200.sakura.ne.jp:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/SAKURA11S  i38615:55
shipcodehe is freebsd15:55
shipcodecrAt0s @help15:56
crAt0s[@-----[Help Commands]-----@] 15:56
crAt0s!bot @flooding - For IRC Flooding Help15:56
crAt0s!bot @irc - For IRC Bot Command Help 15:56
crAt0s!bot @ddos - For DDos Command Help15:56
crAt0s!bot @news - For Security News Command Help 15:56
crAt0s!bot @hacking - For Hacking Command Help15:56
crAt0s!bot @linuxhelp - For Linux Help15:56
bobJabbanice. newbie alert: uname stands for? and ano yung -a?15:56
bobJabbaGreenCloud wazzaaaaaaaap15:56
bobJabba!bot @linuxhelp15:56
butikibobJabba: Error: "bot" is not a valid command.15:56
GreenCloudnot much!15:56
bobJabbangek mali15:56
butikibobJabba: Error: "linuxhelp" is not a valid command.15:56
bobJabbapano ba gamitin si cratos?15:56
shipcodehis my private bot15:57
bobJabbaGreenCloud, kala ko natulog ka na haha15:57
shipcodecrAt0s @linuxhelp15:57
crAt0s[@-----[Linux Help]-----@] 15:57
crAt0s!bot @ Dir where you are : pwd15:57
crAt0s!bot @ Start a Perl file : perl file.pl15:57
crAt0s!bot @ Go back from dir : cd ..15:57
crAt0s!bot @ Force to Remove a file/dir : rm -rf file/dir;ls -la15:57
crAt0s!bot @ Show all files/dir with permissions : ls -lia15:57
crAt0s!bot @ Find config.inc.php files : find / -type f -name config.inc.php15:57
crAt0s!bot @ Find all writable folders and files : find / -perm -2 -ls15:57
crAt0s!bot @ Find all .htpasswd files : find / -type f -name .htpasswd15:57
GreenCloudlumabas lng ako saglit15:57
crAt0s!bot @ Find all service.pwd files : find / -type f -name service.pwd15:57
bobJabbasi lubotu2 din pala bot lol15:57
shipcodeuname -a > for getting info dude15:57
bobJabbaI also want my own bot15:57
bobJabbaJabbaBot @washtheplates15:58
shipcodeSystem type15:58
bobJabbaJabbaBot @ironclothes15:58
bobJabbashipcode ah, thanks :D kelangan ko pa ng practice :/15:58
shipcodecrAt0s ls16:00
shipcodels > list directory 16:00
bobJabbals, cp, rm, cd alam ko... yay16:01
shipcodecrAt0s cat /etc/issue16:02
crAt0scat: /etc/issue: No such file or directory16:02
bobJabbaI'm reading: Demystifying Backdoor Shells and IRC Bots: The Riskā€¦ -by shipcode, woot!16:02
shipcodewla pang issue16:02
bobJabbacat = catenate? tama ba?16:02
shipcodetignan mo to bro16:06
shipcodecrat0s @portscan
* bobJabba abang16:07
shipcodecrAt0s @portscan
crAt0s[@Port-Scanner] Scanning for open ports on  started .16:07
shipcodemay scanner sya16:07
crAt0s[@Port-Scanner] No open ports foundend.16:07
shipcodebut no ports found16:08
shipcodeblocked ;)16:08
bobJabbahahaha ayos!16:09
bobJabbanakaka scan siya ng ports ng kahit anong IP or yung mga connected lang dito sa channel/IRC?16:10
shipcodekahit ano16:11
bobJabbaAaaah! Nice \m/16:12
shipcodeits like an nmap actually16:20
shipcodebtw how old are u bob?16:21
bobJabbabata pa ako... lol16:21
bobJabbasa isip... pero sa katawan... ibang usapan na yan lol16:22
shipcodeseriously )16:22
bobJabbana-insecure ako bigla kasi sabi mo studyante ka pa eh hahaha16:22
GreenCloudsabihin mo n sir... bulong mo n lng...16:23
bobJabbayoko nga... na-ubo nga ako eh hahaha16:23
shipcodekala ko college din kayo...gimmick sana tau eh sa skul namin16:23
shipcodeinvitational talks and classes16:24
bobJabbaang layo mo eh16:26
shipcodeyeah that's the disadvantage16:26
bobJabbaKami ni GreenCloud magkalapit lang16:26
bobJabbapero si Greencloud mahilig sa college lol16:27
shipcodepero ROOTCON cebu is near na. d ba kau nagpareg?16:27
bobJabbaKung dito lang sana yan, aattend ako via backdoor ng hotel lol16:27
bobJabbaOops, andito ba si Semprix? Baka i-ban ako sa mga Rootcon16:27
bobJabbaJoke lang yung backdoor ha...16:27
bobJabba<-- paranoid16:28
shipcodesi semprix is a cebuano16:28
shipcodeand then nag work sya sa HP now16:28
shipcodenagkita nba kau?16:28
bobJabbaDi pa... sa Twitter lang16:28
bobJabbaGusto nga daw sana niya pumunta sa InfoLeak meet on Sunday kaso malayo daw sa kanila16:29
shipcodehe gave a talk during Tech Talks d2 sa cebu.. he installed metasploit on his iphone 16:29
shipcodethen we had a meeting w/ d incoming event16:30
bobJabbaAh oo, nabasa ko nga yung announcement niya na yon.16:30
bobJabbanewbie alert: ano yung metasploit?16:30
shipcodeisang open source na pentesting tool..pre-installed na sa backtrack16:34
bobJabbaoooh, checking it now :)16:35
shipcodeits not a script kiddie tool coz u need to understand the coding16:38
shipcodeand the framework itself16:39
GreenCloudhindi ako mahilig sa college... ung college mahilig sakin... hehe16:39
bobJabbaGreenCloud - College girls? In denial! hahah16:39
shipcodebtw what do u guys do16:41
shipcodedo u also pentest?16:41
bobJabba<-- newbie16:42
shipcodenag establish ng infoleak > not a newbie mindset16:43
bobJabbabut it's an addict's mindset lol16:43
shipcodeu guys know anonymous ryt?16:43
shipcodeand the antisec?16:43
shipcodeand lulzsec?16:43
bobJabbayep. anon ka?16:43
shipcodeno uh16:44
shipcodereformed defacer16:44
shipcodenot a defacer anymore16:44
shipcodeexaggerated na mga anons16:44
shipcodemas magaling pa rin ang soldierx16:44
shipcodetahimik pero magaling16:45
bobJabbayeah, tahimik nga, I've never heard of them... Google ko mamaya16:45
bobJabbaAnon sobrang ingay. Pati sa Twitter16:45
shipcodecoz they want to be famous16:45
shipcodekaya na dox16:45
shipcodena dox tuloy mga infos nila16:46
shipcodeTopiary got bailed16:46
shipcodeetc etc16:46
shipcodeSabu in defcon etc etc16:46
bobJabbaoo nga hahaha16:46
shipcoded nman16:46
shipcodegnyan ang mga magagaling16:46
bobJabbaSi Sabu ba nahuli sa Defcon?16:47
shipcodeunderground groups are not meant to be known16:47
shipcode<bobJabba> Si Sabu ba nahuli sa Defcon? > hini16:47
bobJabbaOK, yun din alam ko eh16:47
GreenCloudhow about u shipcode ? what do u do ?16:48
shipcodestudy n school =)16:48
GreenCloudoh stude!!16:48
shipcodethen blog in ROOTCON16:49
shipcodeganun lang ;)16:49
bobJabbasa pm na lang yung ibang pinaggagagawa niya lol16:49
bobJabbadi pwede pagsabi dito hahaha joke16:49
shipcodethen there's this anon ph also > http://www.facebook.com/AnonymousPH?ref=ts16:50
bobJabbaOfficial pa lol16:51
shipcoded yan 22o16:51
shipcodebut wag mo sabihin16:51
shipcodemay pinatatama sila nyan16:51
shipcodeits just between me and d admin of the page ;)16:51
bobJabbaand us lol16:52
bobJabbapero may nakita ako iba pang Anon PH page16:52
shipcodeiba din yun bob16:52
shipcodeyun ang 22o16:52
shipcodepero mas marami sa fake na anon ph kasi mas magaling ang fake16:53
shipcodepinatatamaan nila mga philkers na feeling l337 at mga anon ph na feeling h4xor just for defacng website16:53
shipcodewhich in fact they can't even root a box with their own 0 day sploit16:54
shipcodekaya ganun16:54
shipcodebut these guys are teenagers16:54
bobJabbaah mga ka-age ko pala16:54
shipcodetignan mo dox ni n1tr0b16:54
bobJabbasan dox niya?16:54
shipcodeteka upload ko dox ng lulzsec ha 16:57
shipcodefor info only16:57
shipcodepero d ako nag dox kay n1tr0b ha kasi d ako anon ph16:57
bobJabbanakita ko yung ibang dox ng lulzsec sa web ninjas16:58
shipcodeah I see16:58
shipcodechat logs16:58
shipcodeand more infos about lulzsec16:59
shipcodeiba to16:59
bobJabbakita ko pic ni n1tr0b lol17:00
bobJabbanatakot ako lol17:00
shipcodescanning my backups17:01
shipcodesaan na yun17:01
bobJabbahaha sige lang, brb muna ako. kain!17:01
GreenCloudshipcode: do you know how to program in python?17:03
GreenCloudshipcode: if i may ask... 17:03
shipcodeperl lang pre17:03
shipcodeyung bot ko coded in perl17:03
shipcodesi crAt0s17:03
GreenCloudwow, nice...17:03
shipcodecrAt0s ls -la17:04
crAt0stotal 11317:04
crAt0sdrwxr-xr-x  18 root  wheel      512 Nov 17  2010 .17:04
crAt0sdrwxr-xr-x  18 root  wheel      512 Nov 17  2010 ..17:04
crAt0s-rw-r--r--   1 root  wheel      793 Jan  1  2009 .cshrc17:04
crAt0s-rw-r--r--   2 root  wheel      260 Jan  1  2009 .profile17:04
crAt0sdrwxrwxr-x   2 root  operator   512 Feb 19  2009 .snap17:04
crAt0s-r--r--r--   1 root  wheel     6192 Jan  1  2009 COPYRIGHT17:04
crAt0sdrwxr-xr-x   2 root  wheel     1024 Feb 18  2009 bin17:04
crAt0sdrwxr-xr-x   8 root  wheel      512 Mar 17 09:20 boot17:04
crAt0slrwxr-xr-x   1 root  wheel       10 Feb 18  2009 compat -> usr/compat17:04
crAt0sdr-xr-xr-x   4 root  wheel      512 May 19 18:50 dev17:04
crAt0s-rw-------   1 root  wheel     4096 Nov 17  2010 entropy17:04
crAt0sdrwxr-xr-x  26 root  wheel     2560 Aug 12 04:20 etc17:04
crAt0sdrwxr-xr-x  33 root  wheel     1024 Jun 27 09:40 home17:04
shipcodecrAt0s perl -v17:05
crAt0sThis is perl, v5.8.9 built for i386-freebsd-64int17:05
crAt0s(with 1 registered patch, see perl -V for more detail)17:05
crAt0sCopyright 1987-2008, Larry Wall17:05
crAt0sPerl may be copied only under the terms of either the Artistic License or the17:05
crAt0sGNU General Public License, which may be found in the Perl 5 source kit.17:05
crAt0sComplete documentation for Perl, including FAQ lists, should be found on17:05
crAt0sthis system using "man perl" or "perldoc perl".  If you have access to the17:05
crAt0sInternet, point your browser at http://www.perl.org/, the Perl Home Page.17:05
shipcodehttp://www.superflap.nl/images/scryptz0.txt >done uploading17:09
shipcodechk nyo na bagong dox17:09
shipcodeGreen, are u a python programmer?17:10
bobJabbashipcode, backtrack ba gamit mo?17:12
shipcodecurrently using ubuntu 10.0417:12
shipcodebut i do have bt and kahel os17:13
shipcodebt > backtrack17:13
shipcodebacktrack and ubuntu have libwww-perl modules pre-installed17:13
shipcodecent os doesn't have so you need to yum install it first17:14
shipcodefreebsd rocks also17:15
shipcodecratos is freebsd17:15
shipcodecrAt0s uname -a17:15
crAt0sFreeBSD www127b.sakura.ne.jp 7.1-RELEASE-p15 FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE-p15 #10: Tue Nov 16 09:48:35 JST 2010     admin@www200.sakura.ne.jp:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/SAKURA11S  i38617:15
shipcodeFreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE-p1517:15
shipcodecurrently running from a website that is freebsd and has perl-libwww17:16
shipcodesemprix is a contributor of fREebsd17:16
bobJabbatama ba ako when I say you can't compile/run perl scripts without perl-libwww?17:17
bobJabbashipcode> semprix is a contributor of fREebsd -ah talaga? nice17:17
bobJabbaso para saan ang perl-libwww?17:17
shipcodeang perl-libwww is for http connection17:17
shipcodeusually used for IRC17:17
shipcodebots ;)17:18
shipcodecrAt0s @udpflood 1.1 65000 117:18
crAt0s|.:UDP DDoS:.| Attacking  1.1  with  65000  Kb Packets for  1  seconds.17:18
crAt0s[@UDP-DDos] Results 0 Kb in 1 seconds to 1.1.17:18
shipcodeddos sucks17:18
shipcodebut does work17:18
shipcodeespecially if u have a lot of botnets17:18
shipcodeto date maeego os only have python =)17:19
shipcodethen adroid is java17:19
shipcodekaya lang next yr pa java ko17:20
shipcodecoz 1st yr pa ako17:20
bobJabbaano course?17:20
GreenCloudno bad for a freshman ;) salute!!!17:20
shipcodeadvance diploma in programming17:21
bobJabbaoo nga, agree ako kay GreenCloud! Salut!17:21
GreenCloudi see17:21
shipcode2 yr course lang sya17:21
shipcodebut before course ko dati is ab philo17:21
shipcodethen nag stop ako after 2 yrs17:21
shipcodethen shift kaagad17:21
shipcodeuhhhh i miss my ab philo17:22
shipcodewag salute po17:22
GreenCloudmasanay k n.. hehe17:22
shipcodeyep bon.semprix is a contributor of freebsd17:23
shipcode2 silang pinoy na contributor sa freebsd17:23
bobJabbaMano na lang, kung ayaw mo salute lol pili ka17:24
bobJabbaSino yung isang contributor sa FreeBSD na pinoy?17:24
GreenCloudhahaha...iba k talaga sir bob...pang pinoy henyo!!!17:24
GreenCloudi salute to you too...17:24
shipcodekalimutan ko17:25
bobJabbaDi ba comedy show ang Pinoy Henyo?17:25
shipcodehttp://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/contributors/contrib-additional.html > search nyo dyan Dax Labrador(aka semprix)17:25
shipcodekalimutan ko sino yung isang pinoy dyan17:25
GreenCloudyup... parang ganon... main dish comedy, side dish katatawanan17:25
shipcodebasta sabi ni dax d rn nya dax kilala17:25
bobJabbaGreenCloud - Langya lol17:26
shipcode<bobJabba> Mano na lang, kung ayaw mo salute lol pili ka > lolz amp17:26
bobJabbaAstig si Semprix ah. Siya ba founder ng Rootcon?17:27
bobJabbaShipcode I think I'm viewing your photos sa FB mo... hehe17:27
shipcoded yun fb ko17:27
shipcodeyung photos inupload yan ni sir jonel , isa sa mga head ng cebu linux user grp17:28
shipcodethen also semprix is the founder17:28
shipcodeof rootcon17:28
GreenCloudcebuano k b shipcode?17:28
GreenCloudhehe...pastilan...cebuano diay k...17:29
GreenCloudmao diay!17:29
shipcodekayata gud17:29
bobJabbaang alam ko lang na Cebuano term yung "bai"17:29
GreenCloudit's good to know..17:29
shipcodebai > friend17:30
bobJabbayep, yun lang alam ko lol17:30
GreenCloudhindi talaga ko cebuano but im fluent in cebuano... and other dialects17:30
shipcodeah I see...ang cool mo nman Green17:30
GreenCloudi used to be laagan...17:31
GreenCloudbobJabba: laagan = gala17:31
GreenCloudnow you know 2 words...17:31
bobJabbahaha nice, now I know 2 words lol17:31
bobJabbaparehas pa tayo iniisip17:31
shipcodeayos ah17:32
bobJabbasabi nga nila17:32
bobJabbagreat minds think like me17:32
bobJabbaor something to that effect...17:32
GreenCloudwhahahahah... LOL :))17:32
bobJabbabrb mga idol17:33
GreenCloudcge sir... patulog k n b?17:33
GreenCloudasa diay k sa cebu sir shipcode17:35
shipcodeconsolacion bai17:38
GreenCloudconsolacion... duol b n sa banilad17:39
shipcodepython programmer diay ka?17:39
shipcodedili man17:39
GreenCloudpano mo nalaman17:39
shipcodewla lang17:39
GreenCloudpero hindi ako magaling17:39
shipcodekasi nag ask ka eh17:39
shipcodekung marunong ba ako sa pyth0n?17:39
GreenCloudhehe...sakpan diay ko17:39
shipcodecool din kasi python17:40
GreenCloudhobbyist python programmer r ko bai...17:40
shipcodetapos yung banilad malau yan sa consolacion bat dyan ako nag work dati as tech support agent for just 2 months17:40
shipcodecool ah17:40
shipcodesa teletech17:40
shipcodeako nag work dati17:41
GreenCloudah talaga...nag-aral naman ako sa UC17:41
GreenCloudpero quick-cource lng ng business entrepreneurship...17:41
shipcodei mean 4 months pla ako nag work17:41
shipcodemay conflict kasi sa skul17:42
shipcodekaya quit ako17:42
GreenCloudi see...17:42
GreenCloudmatagal k n perl programmer?17:42
shipcodemka stress man gud kaau17:42
shipcodebago pa17:42
GreenCloudbisag unsa nga work stress jud kaau17:42
shipcodemodfy etc17:42
shipcodebag o plang17:43
shipcodeko sa perl17:43
shipcodebut kat on kat on17:43
shipcodekay wla man gud sa skul perl programming17:43
shipcodebale self study17:43
GreenCloudmao gyud17:43
shipcodenahan unta ko17:43
shipcodenaa ba17:43
shipcodelike python17:43
shipcodeasa ka nag skul sa python bai?17:43
GreenCloudako rin nga programmer ko pero ung mga alam ko hindi ko naman natutunan sa skul17:44
GreenCloudnong nag-aaral ako they taught us cobol, foxpro, etc....17:45
shipcodewow nman17:45
GreenCloudngayon tanungin mo ko kung alam ko p mga un... HINDI NA!!!17:45
shipcodemay cobol pa17:45
bobJabbaback. di kaya ng powers ni google pinagsasasabi niyo... pero parang naintindihan ko lang pinaguusapan niyo kung anong programming language ang pinagaralan niyo sa school haha17:45
GreenCloudok... back to earth for bobJabba 17:45
bobJabbagutom parin ako hahaha kakabitin naman kinain ko kanina...17:46
shipcodesa backtrack may python na daan17:46
shipcodeaus kaau17:46
bobJabbateka, OK ba python?17:46
GreenCloudthe best for me...17:46
shipcodeoo nman17:46
shipcodecool yan17:46
shipcodegusto ko rin itry yan17:47
shipcodeang python17:47
shipcodebut still need to study more on perl17:47
bobJabbaGreenCloud, may preferred website ka ba on Python?17:47
GreenCloudbobJabba: imagin this: python is the primary programming language used by Google... 17:47
shipcodesi cr4tos medyo modify ko muna sya sa mga resources ko17:47
bobJabbaOoooooh! Sige, mapag-aralan nga lol17:47
GreenCloudyou can start with python.com.... 17:48
GreenCloudnope!!! not that my BAD... python.org17:48
shipcodesir bob tapos muna basahin presentation ko?17:48
bobJabbaay yan na nga sinasabi ko. sabi sayo Cloud may AD/HD yata ako... Shipcode, di pa. Medyo nagtrabaho ako ng konti eh... just enough para isipin na busy ako lol joke17:49
shipcodeahw ok17:49
shipcodeprogrammer ka din ba sir bob?17:50
bobJabbatapusin ko ngayon idol17:50
GreenCloudshipcode: are you applying for a job kay sir bob?17:50
GreenCloudako rin!!! 17:50
bobJabbafeeling web developer17:50
shipcodehindi eh17:51
shipcodewla muna ako tym for job17:51
shipcodekasi busy sa skul17:51
GreenCloudah ok... mas importante yan...17:51
shipcodeano ba current jobs available sir bob?17:52
shipcodemay SEO ba at freelancer?17:52
bobJabbahaha wala freelancer lang ako...17:53
bobJabbatapos ko na presentation. astig! :D \m/17:53
GreenCloudbobJabba: freelance web programmer? wow... same here...17:53
bobJabbaGreenCloud: ako feeling lang lol pero teka, so sanay na sanay ka sa GIMP?17:54
GreenCloudslight lng sir...17:54
shipcodebinasa nya lang presentation ko sa isang linux na gathering na event17:55
GreenCloudshipcode: i see... kala ko applyan n hehe..17:55
GreenCloudmoapil unta ko...17:55
bobJabbaCloud, idownload mo din ang presentation ni Shipcode17:56
GreenCloudok, link ???17:57
GreenCloudon it!17:57
bobJabbatas ipa-video conference natin si Shipcode, para explain niya presentation...17:57
bobJabbashy daw kasi siya sa malalaking audience...17:57
bobJabbaso 2 lang tayo17:57
bobJabbamalaki lang sakin tiyan ko17:58
shipcodetapos ko na na present yan17:58
bobJabbaReplay lol17:58
shipcodeinom muna ice tea17:59
GreenCloudshipcode!! shipcode!! shipcode!!17:59
bobJabbateka, off-topic muna. Cloud, Python 3 is still in development, pero dun ba dapat ako mag-umpisa?17:59
GreenCloudthe best and mostly used is 2.5 and 2.618:00
bobJabbaBUT, --yun nga, mas ginagamit pa ngayon is Python 2...18:00
GreenCloud3 is a little bit different...18:00
GreenCloudyes sir...18:00
bobJabbaDi daw magiging backward compatible ang 3 eh...18:00
bobJabbaAh bahala na nga. Siguro naman kung sanay nako sa 2 madali lang mag-adapt sa 318:01
bobJabbaOK, back on topic... balik kay Shipcode18:01
bobJabbaShipcode! Shipcode! Shipcode! 18:01
GreenCloudthe only big difference is coding standards... like codes written for 2+ would usually generate bugs in 318:02
bobJabbasige, bahala na nga kasi kelangan ko na mag logout18:02
bobJabbamay nagagalit na dito lol18:02
bobJabbatalk to you guys tomorrow18:02
shipcodehindi nman18:02
bobJabbashipcode, hindi ikaw18:02
shipcodeay kala ko ako18:02
bobJabbaibig ko sabihin dito = sa likod ko18:02
bobJabbakaya good night and see ya tomorrow18:03
shipcodeah hehe18:03
bobJabbaSunday ha attend kayo lol18:03
bobJabbagood night18:03
GreenCloudnight sir!18:03
shipcodelolz nsa cebu nga ako eh18:03
shipcodelau nman18:03
GreenCloudway pinugsanay di b? hehe18:03
shipcodebka gusto mo mag laro sa backdoor shell bai > http://arv.sk/projectx.php18:04
shipcodeyan ginawa ko sa presentation18:04
GreenCloudcge daw beh....18:04
shipcodeyan prinesent ko na shell18:04
shipcodejalankan means > execute18:04
shipcodeindonesian an coder nyan si Vrs-hCk from idonsian coder team18:05
shipcodengayon parang patay na yan grupo na yan18:05
GreenCloud...hehehe... parang patay... iba k freshman!!!18:06
GreenCloudparang natutulog lng n grupo diay18:06
shipcodeamd64-freebsd ang webhost nyan ng arv.sk18:07
shipcodepwede mo laruin ang index18:07
shipcodemay ruby yan18:07
shipcodeat perl18:07
shipcoderuby 1.8.7 (2009-12-24 patchlevel 248) [amd64-freebsd8]18:08
shipcodeperl, v5.10.1 (*) built for amd64-freebsd18:08
shipcodethus pwede mo mpagana isang IRC bot dyan18:08
shipcodedyan ihost18:08
shipcodemay irurun ako dyan ha18:09
GreenCloudruby is one good language too...18:09
shipcodesabi nila18:09
shipcodekaya lang wla akong alam sa ruby18:09
shipcodeyan na18:10
shipcodeFedAgent ruby -v18:11
FedAgentruby 1.8.7 (2009-12-24 patchlevel 248) [amd64-freebsd8]18:11
shipcodeFedAgent ls -la18:11
FedAgenttotal 110118:11
FedAgentdrwxr-xr-x   8 0  wheel      512 Nov  8  2010 .18:11
FedAgentdrwxr-xr-x   8 0  wheel      512 Nov  8  2010 ..18:11
FedAgentlrwxr-xr-x   1 0  wheel       14 Mar  2  2010 bin -> /usr/local/bin18:11
FedAgentdr-xr-xr-x   5 0  wheel      512 Jun 27 00:41 dev18:11
FedAgentlrwxr-xr-x   1 0  wheel       14 Mar  2  2010 etc -> /usr/local/etc18:11
FedAgentdr-xr-x---   4 0  apache     512 Mar 23  2010 home18:11
FedAgentlrwxr-xr-x   1 0  wheel       14 Mar  2  2010 lib -> /usr/local/lib18:11
FedAgentlrwxr-xr-x   1 0  wheel       12 Mar  2  2010 libexec -> /usr/libexec18:11
FedAgentdrwxrwxrwt   2 0  wheel   515584 Aug 12 20:11 tmp18:11
FedAgentdrwxr-xr-x   4 0  wheel      512 Apr 14  2010 usr18:11
FedAgentdrwxr-xr-x   5 0  wheel      512 Apr 28  2010 var18:11
FedAgentdrwxr-xr-x  31 0  wheel    12288 Feb  1  2011 www18:11
shipcodeFedAgent @killme18:12
shipcodekang kinsa ng bot ang uban18:13
butikishipcode: Error: "bot" is not a valid command.18:13
lubotu2Hi! I'm #ubuntu-ph's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots18:13
butikishipcode: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.18:14
lubotu2Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)18:14
butikishipcode: Error: "info" is not a valid command.18:14
shipcodebutiki pa name18:14
butikishipcode: Error: "pa" is not a valid command.18:14
shipcodebutiki help uname -a18:15
butikishipcode: Error: There is no command "uname a".18:15
shipcodeambot aning bota uie18:15
shipcodehehe kayasa aning bot pud nila oh..cool pud ba pero wa ko sabot18:18
shipcodecrAt0s ruby -v18:18
crAt0sruby 1.8.7 (2009-12-24 patchlevel 248) [i386-freebsd7]18:18
GreenCloudshipcode: hehe... are you trying to run 'uname -a' in irc? ? 18:18
shipcodecrAt0s uname -a18:19
crAt0sFreeBSD www127b.sakura.ne.jp 7.1-RELEASE-p15 FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE-p15 #10: Tue Nov 16 09:48:35 JST 2010     admin@www200.sakura.ne.jp:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/SAKURA11S  i38618:19
shipcodehehe ok nman18:19
shipcodesa bot nako18:19
GreenCloudah ok...18:19
shipcodeab nako sa ilang bot naa pay system info18:19
GreenCloudshipcode: freebsd b gamit mo?18:19
shipcodehehe ;)18:19
shipcodeog ubuntu18:19
shipcodeog backtrack18:19
shipcodedili pud18:20
shipcodenaa sa uban desktop nako na karaan18:21
shipcodemga gipang donate18:21
shipcodesa office sa ako papa18:21
shipcodepero naa koy dual boot18:21
shipcodebefore ako pentium 4 nka tri-boot18:21
shipcodethen ako gi reformat lolz, gi dual ra nako18:21
shipcodechuie man kaau gud freebsd labe na mao ni ila model > http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/39942_424917369089_720759089_4528854_3815124_n.jpg18:22
GreenCloudnext month pag makapalit kog another 1TB hdd mag tri boot pud ko...18:23
shipcodehaha nice18:24
GreenCloudhehe...murag si leah dizon man n... ;18:24
shipcodesi leah dizon na18:24
shipcodeyey freebsd18:24
GreenCloudsoon mag freebsd rin ako...18:26
shipcodecool =)18:27
shipcodedahil kay leah dizon ba?18:27
GreenCloudim inspired now!18:28
GreenCloudand maybe i should buy 2tb hdd...18:28
GreenCloudso i can store million leah pics... hehe18:28
shipcodetulog sa ko18:32
shipcodesaludo jud ko nimo pud bai18:32
shipcodekay python18:32
shipcoderock n roll kaau ng python18:32
GreenCloudsalamat kaau bai18:34
GreenCloudsee you around!18:34
shipcodekaw pud bai18:35
shipcodedri nako mag tambayan pud18:35
shipcodekay cool kaau mga tawo18:36
shipcodekapoyan ko usahay sigeg storya sa mga foreigner na d ko ka gets sa ila mga xpressions labi na sa mga tga annonet na server18:36
shipcodesa dalnet dghan pud pinoy did218:36
shipcoderock n roll kaau lage18:37
shipcodek bye18:37

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