slangasekmicahg: they'd be subject to feature freeze00:05
micahgslangasek: understood, but are they wanted :)00:09
* slangasek defers to the release manager ;)00:19
micahgskaet: ^^00:20
slangasekfwiw I would in general be willing to spend some time reviewing FFes for multiarching of any libraries that are part of ia32-libs currently00:21
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skaetmicahg,  slangasek;  which libs are we talking about?   I can't see in my scroll back.  Had an offline glitch for an hour or so.  :P00:40
slangasekI think micahg's referring to the hypothetical case at the moment00:41
micahg[17:26] <micahg> in general through the end of the cycle, do we still want multiarch changes from Debian?00:41
slangasekbut there are about 15 packages that are interesting wrt ia32-libs right now (due to wine)00:41
skaetah,  ok.   Yeah,  it definitely will require FFEs now ;)   however if slangasek is volunteering...   should be ok to pick some up for next week or so.   After that,  we'll need to see where we are with unity/ubiquity/etc. and solid the images are.00:44
micahgskaet: yeah, I'll file FFes, but I've been noticing  a couple a day in Debian and was wondering if it's wanted00:46
skaetmicahg,  thanks.00:47
slangasekI wouldn't bother with any that aren't in ia32-libs00:47
skaetslangasek,  https://api.launchpad.net/1.0/ubuntu/natty/ has no release date for natty...   any idea where it should have been set from?00:47
slangasekif they haven't yet risen to the level of someone wanting them in ia32-libs, they're not worth an FFe00:47
micahgslangasek: oh, it wouldn't be better to get them in now for extended testing for the LTS?00:47
slangasekskaet: no clue; bdmurray raised that question earlier, I've never even heard of release dates for series being part of the LP API00:48
slangasekmicahg: I would expect 6 months in Debian unstable to be adequate testing on that score, if it's really a change we're just picking up from Debian00:48
micahgslangasek: ok, will keep in mind00:49
* micahg will also keep an eye out for dh_python2 changes, but those should just be packaging changes (that I wouldn't think would be subject to FFe as it affects build time)00:49
ScottKmicahg: Build system changes are generally subject to FFe.01:06
ScottK(I've already fixed one dh_python2 transition that resulted in an empty package in the archive)01:06
micahgScottK: oh, hmm, I've always thought packaging changes that shouldn't impact binaries don't need an FFe (yes, everyone can mess up)01:22
ScottKmicahg: Fixing bugs in the packaging system is one thing.  Redesign of the packaging system is different.02:43
ajmitchScottK: so switching from cdbs & pycentral to dh7 & dh_python2 probably needs an FFe?02:45
ScottKYes, but that'd be an easy one to approve in most cases.02:46
* ajmitch got a couple of those in just before FF02:47
ajmitchat least 1 remaining to do, but I'll look at getting a FFe for a new upstream release as well02:48
micahgScottK: if that's policy for dh_python2, maybe you can send an e-mail to that regard?  I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one to have thought differently03:05
ScottKI'll discuss with the release team first to make sure I'm not the outlier.03:05
micahgScottK: k, thanks, I"ll hold off until that happens, I still have to switch stragglers in the xubuntu seed to dh_python2, but won't start on that until next week03:06
micahgScottK: and if the case is that it needs an FFe, the followup question is, are the changes still desired?03:07
ajmitchstill plenty in universe to migrate, iirc03:08
micahgat least 1091 total still, idk how many in universe03:08
ScottKmicahg: I would say that in general, it's desired, but let's see what I find out from my mail to ubuntu-release.03:14
micahgScottK: k03:15
ScottKPersonally, I'd be glad to approve any with an attached build log, the output of debc attached, and a link to a Debian bug.03:18
pitticjwatson: thanks, I source-NEWed it last night, will do binNEW now07:18
pitticjwatson: I'll just add it to the dependencies of ubuntu-defaults-builder, I think; these are small packages07:18
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tseliotpitti: can you approve the binaries in new for the following sources, please? nvidia-graphics-drivers-updates nvidia-graphics-drivers-96-updates nvidia-graphics-drivers-173-updates nvidia-settings-updates fglrx-installer-updates08:26
tseliotpitti: also, they're in universe now instead of restricted08:26
pittitseliot: you mean multiverse?08:27
tseliotpitti: launchpad says universe08:28
jbichaif you're doing archive admin work today, I have a whole collection of packages that are obsolete08:29
jbichaand should be removed: http://paste.ubuntu.com/664050/08:29
pittitseliot: that sounds wrong, I'll move it to multiverse08:29
tseliotpitti: ok, shall we move them to main in the future?08:30
tseliotpitti: restricted08:30
pittitseliot: eek, no -- these are still not free software, right?08:31
pittitseliot: restricted sounds fine to me, I'll put them there08:31
pittimoved the source packages08:31
tseliotpitti: yes, they're proprietary and I really meant restricted instead of main08:33
pittitseliot: will nvidia-common actually get along with these? the alternatives handling etc?08:33
tseliotpitti: I'll fix nvidia-common. It's next on my TODO list08:34
pittitseliot: fglrx-amdcccle-updates looks like it would file-conflict with fglrx-amdcccle08:35
pitti Conflicts: fglrx-control, fglrx-control-qt208:36
pitti Replaces: fglrx-amdcccle, fglrx-control08:36
pittishouldn't that have a conflicts: fglrx-amdcccle, too?08:36
tseliotpitti: yes, unfortunately it's not possible to install them at the same time08:36
seb128jbicha, you might want to open bugs about those or if you don't want to do that maybe drop an email on the devel list08:36
tseliotpitti: let me check08:36
seb128jbicha, better chance that somebody pick those from an email than from IRC08:36
pittitseliot: same with the fglrx-updates binary; it Replaces: fglrx, but doesn't Conflicts: to it, so you will install both at the same time and overwrite all of fglrx' files08:37
pittithat makes it hard to switch back to fglrx08:37
tseliotpitti: they both conflict and provide fglrx-control though08:37
tseliotand replace08:37
pittitseliot: ah08:37
tseliotpitti: same thing for fglrx which conflicts, replaces and provides fglrx-driver08:38
pittitseliot: right, looks fine; sorry for false alarm08:39
tseliotbetter be safe than sorry ;)08:39
pittitseliot: all done08:39
micahgjbicha: I'd suggest to file bugs for each group of related removals and subscribe ubuntu-sponsors08:40
tseliotpitti: thanks. I guess launchpad hasn't updated the source pages yet08:41
pittioh? it should, that's fairly immediate08:41
jbichamicahg: ubuntu-sponsors not ubuntu-archive?08:41
micahgjbicha: removals like anything else need to be ACKd08:41
pittitseliot: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-updates/+publishinghistory08:42
pittilooks alright08:42
tseliotpitti: I still see universe except for nvidia-settings-updates which is in multiverse08:42
tseliotpitti: oh, so it's the overview that's not updated08:42
pittitseliot: yes, that only updates after publishing08:42
pitti+changelog and +publishinghistory are immediate08:42
tseliotpitti: oh, I see. Thanks again08:43
dokodidrocks, there are a lot of bugs, which you claim having promoted, but which are not :-(  e.g. 795073. please be more careful09:04
didrocksdoko: see comment #509:05
didrocksdoko: I promoted it09:05
didrocksI didn't copy the output manually09:05
didrocksor is there something wrong here?09:05
didrocksI get the same thing with you yesterday btw09:06
didrockssomething you promoted that wasn't as well09:06
dokodidrocks, no, look at the current archive. python-greenlet is still in universe. I just promoted it09:06
didrocksdoko: well, I didn't copy the output manually09:06
dokowell, then something else is wrong09:07
dokocjwatson: ^^^09:07
didrocksdoko: I have the same with one of your promotion yesterday09:07
didrocksplease check before blaming09:07
* didrocks looks for it09:07
dokodidrocks, which one?09:07
didrocksdoko: one sec, greeping my logs09:08
didrocksdoko: libgrip09:09
didrocksdoko: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libgrip/+bug/74020609:09
ubot4Launchpad bug 740206 in libgrip (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libgrip (affects: 1) (heat: 3)" [Undecided,Fix released]09:09
didrocksdoko: see, I've redone the promotion yesterday evening09:09
dokodidrocks, see, I've redone the python-greenlet promotion now09:11
dokoso there seems to be something wrong09:11
didrocksseems seed maybe was late to be edited or deps and so they were demoted?09:12
dokoseb128, didrocks: who can I blame^B^B^B^Bask about the new usb seeds?09:25
seb128skaet I think but not sure, maybe cjwatson or pitti know better09:26
pittithe initial set was done by allison; but anyway, we shold just throw out the universe stuff for now09:53
ogra_dont say that !09:59
dokopitti: so it's ok to drop anjuta, audacity, wesnoth-1.8, fozen-bubble?10:02
Daviey- python-carrot should hopefully fall off Main Inclusion, next week - being transitioned. So doesn't need touching atm.10:19
Daviey- python-ipy will go away when the nova snapshot currently in unapproved queue passes (dropped as a dep)10:39
Daviey- swift, glance and nova are top level depends; others need satisfying first.10:58
Davieyskaet: I will not be able to attend the release meeting today, and the rest of the team are travelling.11:08
* Daviey will be travelling shortly.11:09
ogra_hmm, where do we have the universe FF definition, do i need an FFe for a new package in universe ?11:22
Laneythere's no separate process for universe/main11:23
ogra_there used to be11:23
ogra_and i feel that it varies every release (not sure why i feel like that) ...11:24
skaetDaviey, thanks,  wendar will be hosting today.   I'll be traveling too.11:24
ogra_.. so i think i better ask :)11:24
Laneythe motu and main release teams were merged some time ago11:24
Laneyno problem with asking :-)11:24
ogra_skaet, ! what are you doing up already11:24
skaetogra_, heading to airport,  on way to Vancouver for LinuxCon next week.11:25
ogra_skaet, to answer last night question, i dont think there is a bug about the composite vs. gksu issue yet, i'll make sure to have filed it today11:25
ogra_mvo and dbarth know about it from conversations though, they should be prepared ;)11:26
ogra_Laney, do you also know who is FFe approver for universe this time round ?11:27
Laneyogra_: anyone, it's the same queue11:27
Laneysome of us might be more universe focused than others though11:27
ogra_ah, k11:27
ogra_thats a good change vs having single people assigned as we did in the past11:28
* ogra_ hugs Laney, thx !11:28
LaneyI don't know if the delegates system is still operational, but that wouldn't replace this anyway :-)11:28
* Laney hugs ogra_ 11:28
dokocjwatson, ev: ubiquity depends on libcheese1, which depends on gst-plugins-bad. what should we do about this?11:30
evdoko: it's going to be cleared up in the next upload11:30
dokocool, thanks11:30
evwhich is waiting on me sorting the move of camerabin from gst-plugins-bad to gst-plugins-good11:30
mvoogra_: which bug is that?11:39
ogra_mvo, black screen if gksu shows the dialog if metacity composite is enabled11:40
ogra_running unity-2d and firing off gksu should show it11:41
mvoogra_: ok, gksu is going away anyway11:53
ogra_this cycle ?11:53
jbichamvo: will pkexec gedit work? or will we have to type in a long string?12:01
mvonot sure, #security was handling this, I'm not fully up-to-date12:02
ogra_mvo, well, if we dont it shouldnt be hard to just comment the gamma adjusting code, no ?12:12
ogra_so the window shows on a plain screen instead of black background12:12
dokopitti, would you be happy with json-c in main for the desktop team? see bug #82430312:24
ubot4Launchpad bug 824303 in json-c (Ubuntu) "[MIR] json-c (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82430312:24
* cjwatson uploads ubuntustudio-meta, since it's ages behind its seeds12:31
cjwatsonand is the sole cause of a number of NBS entries12:32
pittidoko: seems harmless enough; no formal test suite, but the code is simpl enough, so no objection12:52
dokopitti, can you subscribe (or the team)?12:53
pittidoko: to bugs? yes12:53
pittidoko: done, sub'ed desktop-team12:55
seb128pitti, what team? ubuntu-desktop?12:55
pitticanonical-desktop-team for now12:55
pittiit's got zero bugs, and if anyone ever finds one, it's probably serious12:55
seb128pitti, hum, please don't12:56
pittiseb128: I can also sub myself only12:56
seb128pitti, let's switch to #ubuntu-desktop to discuss it12:56
pittiI sub'ed myself for now12:57
Laneycheers for the backport run13:01
* mterry writes MIR for cython13:03
mterryoh, maybe not13:03
mterrydoko, why does cython show up in component-mismatches?  it's part of a "cython | python-pyrex" build-depend, and python-pyrex is in main13:08
dokogerminate issue13:08
mterryIs that just a nuance the mismatch script doesn't handle, or is that something we should change in the packagin?13:08
mterrygerminate is how we generate this report?13:09
cjwatsonnot a germinate issue13:09
cjwatsonmay be a seed issue13:09
cjwatsonyes, we germinate all the seeds and then compare against main13:09
cjwatsonwell, I don't *think* it's a germinate issue anyway, it isn't normally.  I suppose I ought to check13:10
mterrycjwatson, cython doesn't seem to be in platform or ubuntu seeds13:11
cjwatsondidn't say it was :)13:12
mterrycjwatson, thought that was what you meant by seed issue13:12
cjwatsonwhat I mean is that normally the data should be blamed not the processing tool13:12
cjwatsonin much the same way that one doesn't automatically say that a bug in the output of a C program is a gcc bug13:13
mterryI thought most programmers blamed gcc for their bugs  ;)13:13
dokowondering why update-inetd shows up in c-m.13:15
* mterry does MIR for dvdauthor13:16
cjwatsonfrom what I can tell, germinate simply ends up trying to resolve build-deps from bzr before it runs across anything that would cause it to put python-pyrex in main13:18
cjwatsonit's important to remember that it does not care what is *currently* in main when making this judgement; it's selecting everything from scratch13:18
cjwatsonthe simplest workaround is probably to put python-pyrex in the supported-development-common seed along with bzr (with a suitable comment)13:19
mterrycjwatson, apparently, part of our delta for bzr is already dropping other build-depends that aren't in main13:19
mterrycjwatson, it might make sense just to drop cython too13:19
cjwatsonif you do that then it will know that python-pyrex is supported before trying to resolve build-dependencies, so it won't need to make a decision about the disjunctive build-dep13:20
cjwatson*shrug* either is reasonable, personally I'd probably seed it but whichever13:20
cjwatsondoko: it's not showing up itself, only as the cause for libfile-temp-perl13:21
cjwatsonthough I'm not sure why it's picking libfile-temp-perl rather than perl-modules which Provides it13:23
cjwatsonprobably because update-inetd shows up while processing a relatively fundamental seed and perl-modules hasn't been encountered yet13:24
cjwatsonhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/germinate/+bug/723731 would be useful for this, but in the meantime I'll commit a workaround13:25
ubot4Launchpad bug 723731 in germinate (Ubuntu) "control alternative dependency expansion without actually seeding package (affects: 1) (heat: 1)" [Wishlist,Triaged]13:25
cjwatsondoko: worked around13:27
dokocjwatson, thanks!13:42
mterryseb128, what's the story with cheese?  is it supposed to be in main?14:03
seb128mterry, no, ev is working on getting the new ubiquity which drop that depends in14:04
seb128mterry, should be done today if that works as he wants14:04
mterryThat will fix a lot of these component mismatches14:06
seb128mterry, indeed, all the clutter, mx, gst ones14:09
seb128with quite some codecs and libs due to the gst one14:09
dokoI hope all js mismatches are done now ...14:45
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dokoit's now cheese which smells strongest in c-m14:55
slangasekdid I see that cheese was pulled in via ubiquity?  And ev said he was going to be dropping that anyway15:04
slangasekso maybe this goes away with a ubiquity upload15:04
dokoyes, he's working on it15:07
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