HazRPGooo, just found out reprap has an irc channel here on freenode :)02:14
diplomorning all07:02
* daubers needs to acquire the last few oggcamp bits today07:06
TheOpenSourcererMorning earth dwellers.07:31
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: morning, mr Martian man07:42
TheOpenSourcererWe are Alan.07:43
MartijnVdSpopey: https://github.com/busyloop/lolcat08:10
=== seeker_ is now known as seeker
popeyMorning all08:26
MyrttiEnglish fry-up for brekkie \o/08:32
wintellectMyrtti: share with me?08:33
MyrttiI can't promise anything on behalf of my mum-in-law-candidate :->08:33
oimonjust read about the nokia n9 not being sold in most countries08:40
andylockrananyone have preferred software for drawing a network diagram on ubuntu?08:40
oimontemplates for dia and kivio seem to be rather lacking, making th eprograms pointless08:43
oimonpencil plugin for firefox looks ok though08:44
Myrttioimon: some sources claim that the status of the device is that the vendors themself decide will they carry them or not08:44
Myrttiso it may end up being sold in UK anyway... *shrug*08:44
oimonMyrtti: either way, sounds even more like meego is not compatible with the new MS friends. maybe MS should just take them over completely and be done with it08:46
Myrttioimon: that's what Nokia is said to be doing in US08:47
andylockranoimon: rdesktop - what windows/osx program would you recommend?08:47
Myrttioimon: then again the whole discussion about the future of Nokia tends to depress me deeply08:48
oimonandylockran: visio is the best program i have used for drawing my own network diags (not automatically generated)08:49
oimonandylockran: it's very pricey nowadays though, and not even part of MS office :(08:49
hoovermorning all08:50
oimonjust noticed the new dash changes in oneiric  today09:01
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czajkowskianyone mind if I take a screen capture of this channel for the last 15 mins?09:10
wintellectpopey: 1280x1024 rocks!!!09:10
popeywintellect: its a horrid resolution09:12
Lcawte1280x1024 is the correct screen resolution for my current monitor, but the nvidia-96 driver is broken, and the open source driver(s) don't work :/09:13
oimonpopey:  you resolution snob :)09:13
popeylook at the red ones09:14
popeyduff aspect ratio09:14
oimonit's the natural resolution of most 17 inch monitors09:15
popey\o/ CGA!09:15
popeyI have owned a few 17" monitors and never have owned one at that resolution09:15
wintellectI have a 17" and that's its res09:16
wintellectNTM - why would I want less pixels when doing work?09:16
popeyI didnt say less pixels09:17
popeyI want square pixels09:17
LcawteI want circlular pixels :(09:17
oimonWXGA 1280x768 is the most ideal in theory, since it is closest to the golden ratio of aesthetics09:17
oimon2560x1600 is acceptable too09:18
Jimbo666I installed a bajillion updates last night on 11.10, and now when I try to log in it says "Failed to load session "Ubuntu". Is there a fix?09:18
popeyJimbo666: → #ubuntu+109:18
popey#ubuntu+1 is a good channel to get support for 11.1009:19
Jimbo666Ah ok, I'll try there ;-)09:20
oimonthe files+folders launcher button and the applications one is also gone from teh launcher now09:21
oimoni wonder what aspect ratio our eyes see in?09:22
oimonwhich is strange because cinema widescreen is a similar ratio, and feels too wide09:27
gordsit further back?09:28
Myrttimmmm bacon09:29
gordmentioning bacon when i don't have bacon is mean =\09:30
bigcalmMmmm, bacon09:31
bigcalmThere's a pack in the freezer. Ho hum09:31
Myrttijust refreshed my memory about Marmite. It is still horrible09:47
czajkowskiMyrtti: heh it is indeed09:47
czajkowskithe smell is awful09:47
MyrttiI kinda wish it didn't taste so bad09:48
Myrttiit's a bit like cod liver oil, I can see the benefits of eating it, but I just can't09:48
hooverah, nearly lunchtime... ;-)09:49
oimonmarmite thinly spread on toasted white bread is *lovely*09:56
oimonand if you run out, you can always use earwax as a replacement09:56
dwatkinsoimon: I agree, marmite rules09:59
gordmarmite is just wrong10:01
hooveris it better or worse than vegemite? ;-)10:01
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:04
oimoni saw a film called scanner darkly the other day..anyone seen it?10:04
* Zyzle has10:04
ZyzlePhilip K Dick book, I think of the same name, haven't read it though10:05
oimona weird nothing of a film. technically interesting for the rotorscoping factor, but didn't do anything with the story10:05
oimoni persisted with it in case something happened, ..nothing did10:06
ZyzleYeah, struck me as a story that could have been told in half the time10:08
Zyzlei generally liked it though10:08
davmor2morning all10:17
* davmor2 prods czajkowski 10:17
davmor2czajkowski: popey: I would like you to say hello to everyone for me please have a great time and I hope everything goes off with no hitches incase I don't remember to say it after :)10:19
aquariusAlanBell, Daviey, ping: why does my name not show up in "event contact" when adding an event to the UK team's loco page?10:31
Davieyaquarius: NFI.10:34
aquariusgrr, you can't submit an event without a team contact, and I don't know why I'm not in the team contacts list :(10:34
aquariusDaviey, who would know? holbach seems to be on holiday :(10:35
Davieyaquarius: I thought we made it so anyone could submit an event now.10:35
aquariusperhaps -- I'm a team member anyway10:35
aquariusbut you have to specify a contact person for the event10:35
Davieyaquarius: Ask in #ubuntu-locoteams  , mhall is a good first contact for HELP.10:35
aquariusand you have to choose them from a ist10:35
aquariusand I'm not on the list10:35
aquariusDaviey, do you mind if I put you down as contact for the event for now? So I can submit it at least10:36
aquariusI doubt there'll be any questions, but if there are just refer them to me :)10:36
Davieyaquarius: Probably better to put AlanBell, he is the team leader now.10:36
aquariusoh yeah, I forgot that!10:36
aquariusAlanBell, ^ :)10:36
popey\o/ marmite10:43
* TheOpenSourcerer ponders going to the shops for meat and beer.10:44
popeymmmmm meat and beer10:45
oimoni used to dislike marmite until one day while on a shift that started at 6.30am, my boss came in at 9.30 with marmite on toast. i had been slaving for hours and was starving. i was suddenly converted in an instant10:45
aquariusThose of you who are Mancunians, or nearby: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-uk/1144/detail/ :-)10:46
oimonhow to make history appear above search results in the chromium "awesome bar"?10:49
czajkowskianyone know how you run screenshot via the command line?10:58
hooverczajkowski: have you checked the menu entry?11:00
czajkowskijust need to figure out a time delay11:00
hoovergnome-screenshot maybe?11:00
hoovergnome-screenshot -d delay11:01
hoovercheck the manpage11:01
TheOpenSourcerergnome-screenshot --help11:01
czajkowskignome-screenshot -d 5 :)11:02
MartijnVdSsleep 5; gnome-screenshot ?11:04
popey -i11:06
popeyczajkowski: i had to do it about 10 mins ago on mumbuntu11:06
popeygnome-screenshot -i11:06
benonsoftwareAlanBell: Ping11:08
ubuntuuk-planet[Stuart Langridge] App developer evening in Manchester for Ubuntu One - http://www.kryogenix.org/days/2011/08/12/app-developer-evening-in-manchester-for-ubuntu-one11:16
gordugh google plus is adding games, ruining google plus for those of us that don't want inane "i got something in mafia whatever!" spam11:17
popeyi saw someone say "If you ask me to join your games, I'll block you"11:18
oimonhopefully they will do it properly, and will restrict those updates to a game stream11:18
benonsoftwareWhen was the last time someone heaerd from AlanBell?11:19
gordwell those games really only thrived on facebook because of the spam, the spam got others playing, otherwise they would of been no more popular than <random flash game>11:19
popeybenonsoftware: 3 seconds ago11:19
benonsoftwarepopey: Really?11:19
gordand thus the curious case of the missing AlanBell was solved11:20
s-foxWell done chaps :)11:20
popey*slam* case closed11:20
benonsoftwareI've been in here for 15 min11:20
popeybenonsoftware: I suspect he's a bit busy11:20
benonsoftwarepopey: ok if you see him before I do tel him that I need help with his bot11:21
popeyI will see him this evening and for most of the rest of the weekend11:21
benonsoftwarepopey: Yeah hes version11:21
popeybut we shall mostly be drinking beer and falling over11:21
benonsoftwarepopey: We can't get voting to work :(11:21
popeyso I suspect discussion of bots will be low on the agenda :D11:21
AlanBellbenonsoftware: I heard from me quite recently11:22
s-foxMe too11:22
popeyfound him!11:22
popeys-fox: you coming to oggcamp? :D11:22
s-foxCase solved... again11:22
duanedesignpopey:  you may have already been approached about this but i was wondering if you might be able to help with promoting th Ubuntu Application Program evening  at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK11:22
AlanBellbenonsoftware: in which channel?11:22
popeyduanedesign: I have not, but can11:22
benonsoftwareAlanBell: Oh I thanks ##benny11:22
s-foxpopey,  No,  the travel costs are a bit much for me. Still recovering financially from my activities in Japan.11:23
duanedesignpopey: it is our first event and its success or lack of will determin the future of the program. Some thin we would like to see flourish11:24
duanedesignpopey: http://voices.canonical.com/ubuntuone/?p=105311:24
duanedesignpopey: thank you for any help you can provide. Be sure to have people register do we know what kind os swag to bring :)11:25
czajkowskiaquarius: added it to the LD11:27
AlanBellduanedesign: yes, this stuff is exactly the kind of thing we want canonical to use the LoCo for11:29
aquariusczajkowski, er?11:30
aquariusduanedesign, way ahead of you, pal :)11:31
aquariusczajkowski, I added it, didn't I?11:31
czajkowskiaquarius: you did11:31
czajkowskithat's what I said11:31
czajkowski12:27 < czajkowski> aquarius: added it to the LD11:31
aquariusczajkowski, ah, right, got it :)11:31
popeyyou might want to contact LUGs nearby?11:32
popeyand maybe send a mail to the uk mailing list11:32
popeyand the manchester free software group11:33
* Lcawte wonders how many developery like folk are in here11:33
czajkowskiLcawte: it varies11:34
popeybigcalm: when you arriving?11:34
popeyor indeed.. leaving11:34
duanedesignaquarius: drat, foiled again11:35
davmor2gord: with the new unity from today how you meant to get it too appear? I have fullscreen FF and it just will not appear unless I hit the windows button11:35
davmor2app launcher11:35
aquariusduanedesign, more publicity is always good :)11:36
duanedesignaquarius: i a looking at some other potions11:36
aquariuspopey, yeah, that's what I'm doing now -- pinging various dev groups -- phpnw, androiddev, manchester geekup, you guys -- not sure Manchester free software group will go for it :)11:36
duanedesignaquarius: i definitely want the event to be a success11:37
aquariusduanedesign, you're coming, right? OK's not that far away ;-)11:38
bigcalmpopey: just about to have lunch and then we're on the road11:39
bigcalm3 hour drive, but we'll stop once or twice along the way11:40
bigcalmM5/M4 route fyi11:41
aquariushave emailed the UK list11:41
bigcalmAnd we're off. See you kids later :)11:47
oimonMyrtti: what's up ? been in england 1 day and already fed up?12:20
Myrttioimon: no, just somewhat tired12:23
oimonUK has that effect on me too12:23
czajkowskiwhoo talk all done :)12:30
AlanBellwhoo BBQ ready to rock12:33
gorddavmor2, how did you get it to appear with fullscreen firefox before? unity doesn't show over fullscreen windows because that would get annoying, fast12:34
gordlike if you were playing a game or something12:34
davmor2gord: fullscreen as in attached to the title bar and using the full width12:35
davmor2gord: Maximise not full screen I couldn't think of the word12:36
* czajkowski pokes davmor2 12:36
gorddavmor2, ah, you should be able to push against the left like normal, if not thats a bug, i don't use auto-hide so i'm not sure12:36
gordnot a fan of the removal of the bfb myself, but i don't get to design unity :)12:37
ali1234actually unity does show over full screen windows12:37
ali1234it only hides from maximized ones12:37
ali1234and yes, when i'm playing a game, it does get annoying12:37
ali1234and also, yes, the bug has been reported (multiple times)12:37
davmor2gord: it seems to be fixed now that I've revealed it once or twice using the super key so I'm guessing just a glitch12:39
HazRPGI'm not sure if I can make oggcamp now :(12:41
MartijnVdSHazRPG: why?12:41
HazRPGMartijnVdS: Haven't been paid for the project I finished yet :/12:42
HazRPGmy bank balance is currently low... and the next project I'm doing is looking at a weekend deadline12:42
MartijnVdS(not that I'm going, as I'm going to YAPC::EU in Riga)12:43
czajkowskiawww just found pics I'd forgotten I'd taken12:43
HazRPGI can afford to get down... (and back possibly)... however when I'll be living off tinned food until I get paid lol12:44
HazRPGwhen I get back*12:44
HazRPGthink it's a rip off that I can get from cumbria to london Euston (return) for £39, however from Cumbria to Farnham (which I have to do a changeover at Euston) costs £109 when the bulk of the journey is to get to Euston in the first place12:46
HazRPG(this is on the train btw)12:46
TheOpenSourcererHazRPG: Buy a separate ticket? An off-peak return from Farnham to Waterloo is about £20 IIRC12:47
HazRPGTheOpenSourcerer: seriously?12:48
HazRPGI've gotta check this out12:48
TheOpenSourcererA single is £13.5012:50
directhexHazRPG, it's cheaper for me to buy an all-zone off-peak travelcard from banbury to london marylebone than a return ticket from banbury to london marylebone12:50
directhexin both cases it's cheaper to buy a return to paddington, via a change at reading rather than the direct marylebone train12:50
HazRPGah, foo... if I'd booked it earlier in the week it would have been £39... seems it costs £97.30 now... trains make no sense to me :/12:53
directhexHazRPG, much easier to understand than US airline prices12:55
oimonHazRPG: car share?12:58
HazRPGoimon: I was going to pick someone up half-way down, but he's not going anymore now12:59
HazRPGhe's not feeling well, so I can understand why really13:01
HazRPGI posted on G+ & facebook my route and asked if anyone lived anywhere near those lines needing a lift, but no responses13:03
HazRPGits about £99.11 (according to ye ol' faithful maths and this site: http://www.fuel-economy.co.uk/calc.shtml) for fuel there and back in my car, and obviously if I was car sharing... that would go down per extra dude in the car13:04
HazRPGI was hoping one of my friends could come along, but most work weekends, which sucks13:05
oimoncumbria, the open source wasteland ..13:07
HazRPGyup, sadly :(13:11
HazRPGit'll be worse when I decide to move to Egypt at the end of the year lol13:11
oimon:-\ all the more reason to come to oggcamp201113:12
HazRPGoimon: also, you've got that partly wrong, its more like "cumbria, the wasteland for anything a hobbyist desires"13:12
HazRPGseems any hobby I take up, cumbria is the worst place to get started with it...13:12
MartijnVdSCumbria, Hobbit wasteland? :P13:13
HazRPGMartijnVdS: haha13:13
HazRPGmy friends got me into MTG a good few years back, and well its all great and well playing with friends... but when you can only buy cards online... it's a pain... and when you want to play with others when friends aren't free or available... the nearest place is like manchester (esp. if your fancying friendly-tournament type stuff)13:14
HazRPGthe guy who ran the tournaments in Manchester showed us like a map of all the places where judges were available, and there was a massive black hole around the cumbria north-west/north-east region13:16
HazRPGsafe to say... that's a hobby I don't do anymore as a result (that and something like that is a novelty at first, and just gets boring after a while - for me at least)13:17
HazRPGoimon: When I go over to Egypt, I'm tempted to try and spark up open-source interest over there... I mean I've already got most of my family going "hmm" since I showed them ubuntu on my laptop over the last year or so13:18
oimonwhat do they use right now?13:18
HazRPGeveryone, and I mean everyone, I know in Egypt still uses XP13:18
HazRPGwhen they buy a new computer/laptop... they'd rather the hassle of downgrading it to XP then to keep vista/7 on it13:19
MartijnVdSHazRPG: time to switch them to Ubuntu13:19
oimoni tend to think KDE is a better match for people used to Win713:20
MartijnVdSoimon: it's just as crashy?13:20
oimonno lol, just the UI13:20
oimonvery similar layour13:20
MartijnVdSI find it very Unity-like13:20
HazRPGMartijnVdS: Heh, I switched my aunt to it last time I was there in May/June... she loved the fact that it supported arabic better than windows did - she was a bit shocked to see that most applications had arabic names, she found it a bit odd at first, but within about half hr of messing around with it she started using it faster than she used her XP machine13:21
oimoni loaded up the knoppix livecd the other day, surprised to see he's switched to lxde..i thought it felt like kde13:21
HazRPGI must say though, she wasn't use to the jargon used in the arabic language though...13:22
HazRPGapparently windows uses friendly words then ubuntu does13:22
HazRPGso when I go over, I might spend some time with her and the language pages and try and see if we can get better translations pointing to it13:23
HazRPG(er launchpad translation pages*)13:23
daubersUrgh, I never liked configuring dns servers13:28
HazRPGdaubers: I don't think most people do :P13:28
* daubers ponders stealing the config from somewhere else and changing it to fit13:28
HazRPGdaubers: welcome to the interwebs \o/13:29
HazRPGwe has everything you need - or the best part of everything!13:29
daubersHazRPG: I'm only doing this so I can set up a local mirror for someone at oggcamp tomorrow without them having to change any sources.list stuff13:29
diplodaubers, what mirror are you setting  up *buntu only ?13:31
daubersdiplo: Due to bandwidth constraints, yeah13:31
daubersdiplo: Have grabbed *buntu and fedora iso images too13:31
diploOooh, want to set up my own repo at work, so you are the man to harass If i get stuck next week then?!?! :)13:32
daubersdiplo: Uhh... no :)13:32
daubersdiplo: I just used apt-mirror13:32
diploI've found a site that has a repo for php5.3 for CentOS 4, never created a mirror before, hoping to have fun learning next week13:32
diploWant to cover my arse in case this repo disappears13:33
oimondiplo: u making a centos or ubuntu one?13:33
diploCent, just saw you mention fedora13:33
oimoni use local centos mirrors at work13:33
oimonand a custom local repo for custom built apps13:34
diploooh, is it easy oimon ?13:34
oimonyes :)13:34
diploI want/need to do both, not read up on it yet13:34
diploMeaning to do it for weeks13:34
diploDid you have a good tutorial ?13:35
oimonfor  the local custom repo, i used to create an rpm file with all the yum repo config13:35
oimonnow i'm using puppet more13:35
diploDo you just rsync the mirror from the web ?13:36
oimonfor the mirror, yes13:37
oimonand for my users, i use a custom repo config (sent via puppet) that refers to the local mirror instead of the upstream one13:37
diploBetter have a tinker then13:37
oimoncos i have 150 machines doing a yum update each night13:37
oimonnot much work req'd for mirror. centos wiki has some info though13:38
oimonlocal custom repo you need to run the createrepo command each time you pop a rpm in. mirror don't require it because the source has done that already13:38
diploI don't want official repo, atomicorp.com13:40
diploWill tinker all the same though thhanks13:40
HazRPGthis sounds relevant to my interests ...13:42
HazRPGI think its daft how I have 3 machines downloading from the ubuntu repo for updates, would be better if I had a local cache/repo that they could all just grab from13:43
gordi used to run something on my server that cached apt13:44
AlanBellsquid-deb-proxy is the way forward13:44
HazRPGAlanBell: ah yeah, I heard about that13:44
daubers\o/ fooled it13:44
gordah, apt-cacher is what it was called13:44
czajkowskidaubers: ello cake man13:44
HazRPGsomeone say cake?13:45
* davmor2 prods czajkowski just cause13:45
* HazRPG runs around with arms flapping around in the air13:46
gordjust cause?13:46
HazRPGgord: pretty much13:47
czajkowskiJAFFA CAKES nyommy13:47
gordseriously? first talk of bacon now jaffa cakes? why must you people do this to me13:47
HazRPGgord: hmm?13:48
czajkowskigord: cause deep down we only exist to torture you13:48
HazRPGoh wow, dropbox now closes gracefully :D13:48
gordi KNEW it !13:49
czajkowskigord: I cudda said custard creams or jammy dodgers13:49
HazRPGno longer do I have to manually kill it :)13:49
* MartijnVdS would like it if banshee stopped suiciding in me13:49
MartijnVdSon me13:49
czajkowskiI hate BANSHEE!13:49
HazRPGgord: can I interest you with some Texas BBQ Sauce Pringles?13:49
HazRPGMartijnVdS: ??13:50
HazRPGczajkowski: why?13:50
czajkowskigive me rhythmbox any day13:50
davmor2gord: well czajkowski was around, I had nothing specific to say to her so just a friendly prod to remind her I'm annoying :)13:50
MartijnVdSHazRPG: banshee randomly crashes about 3-4 times/day for me13:50
HazRPGover the last couple of months, I've started to like banshee over rhythmbox (aside from the fact that last.fm isn't free to stream radio on banshee :()13:50
gordyup, i reinstalled rhythmbox a month or two ago13:50
daubersczajkowski: lo13:50
HazRPGMartijnVdS: really, what do you do with it? What version? I have mine running for days on end :)13:51
MartijnVdSHazRPG: the Natty version works fine, it's the Oneiric version that's broken, especially if I minimize it13:51
czajkowskiI have no idea why anyone would use Banshee13:52
HazRPGMartijnVdS: Banshee 2.0 (2.0.1) [running off of maverick]13:52
czajkowskiit's shite13:52
* daubers needs to steal a big box of cat6 and 2 switches in a minute13:52
MartijnVdSczajkowski: I have ~10k songs. It's fast.13:52
davmor2czajkowski, gord: +1 on hating banshee,  I want to like it I really do but it just sucks the life from out of you13:52
HazRPGczajkowski: how so?13:52
czajkowskiI just dont find it as user friendly as RB13:52
czajkowskiI can never find my purchased songs from U113:52
MartijnVdSczajkowski: they're in the same list as all other songs.. it's one big library13:53
HazRPGczajkowski: Ah! I has a fix for that ;D13:53
czajkowskiHazRPG: so do I, I don't use Banshee :)13:53
gordi would love banshee if it worked, but it crashes, it plays random tracks, i do one thing it does another, so fine, rb works just fine for me13:54
* daubers just uses spotify these days13:54
HazRPGczajkowski: I created a dynamic playlist, called "Bought Songs", and then under pick match "any" and then select "comments" + "contains" + type "7digital.com" sorted :)13:54
czajkowskiso you had to hack it to get it to work13:55
HazRPGI also have "comments" + "contains" + "Amazon.com" but that's cos I've got a few things I've bought from them too13:55
davmor2I just listen to dab radio which I found I was doing more and more on banshee and RB anyway13:55
czajkowskiI want to click purchased songs and look there they are13:55
MartijnVdSdavmor2: dab radio? on a PC?13:55
MartijnVdSdavmor2: What kind of device do you use for that?13:55
davmor2MartijnVdS: No I got a cheap dab radio13:55
davmor2MartijnVdS: you can use a freeview tv card to do it though13:56
HazRPGczajkowski: well you could call it a hack, but I always organise my music via playlists anyway13:56
MartijnVdSdavmor2: that's DVB, not DAB13:56
HazRPGczajkowski: also, my bought songs don't show up in "Purchased songs" in rhythmbox :(13:56
davmor2MartijnVdS: it pulls in the dab radio stations too13:56
davmor2MartijnVdS: at least in the UK any way13:57
MartijnVdSdavmor2: Unlikely\13:57
MartijnVdSdavmor2: more likely that DAB radiostations are also on DVB :)13:57
davmor2could be but they are all there13:57
Azelphuron a chrome download, right click > open folder = open gnome terminal13:58
Azelphursense this makes none13:58
MartijnVdSAzelphur: sounds like you made a wrong association somewhere?13:58
Azelphurguess so \o/13:59
HazRPGheh, seems someone else does the same thing I do: http://askubuntu.com/questions/34883/how-do-i-make-a-smart-playlist-of-my-purchased-music14:06
oimonwhich version of banshee you all using?14:09
HazRPGmine reports as being "Banshee 2.0 (2.0.1)"14:09
oimoni haven't got round to tidying the albums where every song got listed twice by a bug :(14:09
oimonHazRPG: same14:09
HazRPGoimon: I fixed that by making sure banshee was closed (kill it if it isn't), deleted the database file, rescanned my library14:10
oimonthere's no fix for removing duplicate songs added by banshee :(14:10
oimon"fixed" :P14:11
MartijnVdSoimon: there is, it's just sqlite :)14:11
HazRPGexactly ^_^14:11
MartijnVdSoimon: all you need is a cool SQL statement to remove everything with the same file path14:11
oimonit's easier to switch to clementine14:11
HazRPGyou can either open up the file, or just delete and start again14:11
MartijnVdSoimon: but then you lose # of plays, rating, score, etc.14:11
HazRPGMartijnVdS: that assumes one uses those ;D14:12
ali1234does anyone actually use that stuff?14:12
oimondon't care - half of the album covers aren't there either because banshee can't be bothered to do it properly14:12
MartijnVdS# of plays is nice14:12
HazRPGali1234: nope14:12
MartijnVdSso I can play "unplayed songs"14:12
MartijnVdSbut other than that.. not really14:12
MartijnVdSI don't hear the difference between "Random" and "Random by Score" for example14:13
oimonunplayed songs on my library are generally tracks belonging to the missis14:13
oimonand i want them to stay umplayed :)14:13
ali1234who actually sits down and rates all their music?14:13
ali1234why don't you just delete anything with <5 stars?14:13
oimoncurrently setting disk quotas for a few hundred users..rather tedious14:13
MartijnVdSali1234: Albums. I want whole albums available, but some songs > other songs14:13
HazRPGali1234: I do when a song is playing and I have banshee open and the song that's playing I really like14:13
HazRPGonly rating I use is 5 stars14:14
HazRPGwould be easier for it to simply say "like" or "love" for me14:14
oimon5 = good , !5 = not good14:14
ali1234if banshee wasn't tracking so much useless metadata it probably wouldn't be quite as painfully slow14:14
HazRPGexactly :P14:14
HazRPGali1234: hmm?14:15
HazRPGali1234: I never have issues with mine, and I've got at the very least 70GB of music14:15
ali1234i posted a full bug report with instructions that reproduce the problem 100% of the time14:16
HazRPGali1234: can you link me to it? I'd like to see this :)14:17
ali1234if you don't see the problem, it is just because you do not notice it14:17
ali1234it will take me a while to find14:17
oimonthe worst thing about banshee is that if i have a group of people round and need to play some music etc, i feel insecure that it might misbehave on me at a crucial moment14:17
ali1234see "why bugzilla sucks" discussion from the other day14:17
HazRPGali1234: does it not email you when you submit something?14:18
ali1234not until someone else touches the bug14:18
lubotu3Gnome bug 647480 in general "Banshee uses large amounts of CPU between songs" [Normal,Unconfirmed]14:18
daubersWoot! Mirror built, isos ready14:29
daubersjust need to pack the car now14:29
oimonso, twitter or g+ for oggcamp updates during the w/end?14:30
oimonwho to follow?14:30
HazRPGali1234: hmm, at least they've been contacting you back... however they seem to be avoiding the issue14:31
ali1234probably still trying to fix the crash caused by the same testcase, lol14:32
HazRPGali1234: just out of interest, what settings have you used on htop/top for the refresh rates, I wanna see what happens when I hold mod4+right (skip song basically)14:32
ali1234it's given in the comments14:32
HazRPGah, does that set the refresh rates too?14:33
ali1234that's all it does14:33
ali1234and the answer is that holding "next" *used* to basically render banshee unusable, because skippin to the next song took 0.5 seconds, while keyboard repeat would add another seek event about 50 times per second14:33
ali1234so then you'd be stuck listening to the first 0.5 seconds of tracks for like half an hour14:34
ali1234however they have fixed that by only accepting the key up event, rather than down/repeat events14:34
ali1234so now it doesn't skip to the next song until you release the key14:34
HazRPGali1234: hmm that's quite random14:35
HazRPGali1234: seems to spike from 10% to 300% on mine14:35
ali1234yeah sounds normal14:35
HazRPGand sometimes in between14:35
HazRPGdidn't crash though14:35
ali1234it all depends on update interval14:36
ali1234sometimes it takes a while to crash14:36
ali1234it's random14:36
andylockranany recommendations on a linux-based stock handheld scanner with 2.5-3 inch screen?14:40
ali1234"any android phone"14:40
andylockranali1234: it needs to be industrial scale14:40
ali1234htc sold 12 million units already this year. how big a scale exactly do you need?14:42
HazRPGandylockran: even the cheapest model of android phones can be used, if cost is an issue... but I'm pretty sure if you talked to any of the makers of said phones... you'll be able to get something from them14:46
ali1234any android phone will be cheaper than any industrial barcode scanner14:46
ali1234probably by a factor of at least 4x14:47
ali1234i was actually just playing with qr codes and google goggles a few minutes ago14:47
ali1234quite good. beats typing the same stuff into the phone14:48
andylockranHazRPG: I'd fancy a proper barcode scanner - not a camera14:49
HazRPGandylockran: hmm, do you want a scanner that's linux compatible... or one that runs linux?14:50
HazRPGandylockran: e.g. something like this: http://www.barcodereaders.com/Phoenix/lowcost.html ?14:51
HazRPGandylockran: that will run on any operating system14:51
HazRPG(site even mentions DOS!)14:51
HazRPGandylockran: does that help?14:54
oimonmy android did a great job of scanning all my books and dvds14:54
HazRPGandylockran: also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BarcodeReaders14:56
andylockranHazRPG: thanks fo rthe links, but needs also a screen14:56
andylockranand web browser :)14:56
HazRPGandylockran: hmm? I'm confused, so you want a barcode scanner, that can scan... display and and browse the web?14:56
oimonhtc make them :)14:57
HazRPGis the web browser for displaying the information off a webpage14:57
HazRPGoimon: heh android phones?14:57
oimonthey are the perfect solution14:58
oimonexcept the cameras need quite good light14:58
oimonalthough i used a QR app that was blazingly quick, it felt like all you had to do was go near a qr code14:59
HazRPGandylockran: sounds like you need a PDA more than anything, I think they do exist with barcode scanners on them... also, try looking for a "hand held terminal" since that's usually what they call them15:00
HazRPGhowever for the task your after, you'd probably be hard pushed to find one with linux on it...15:04
andylockranHazRPG: ta15:05
directhexserialio scanfob 200215:06
directhexworks over bluetooth15:06
directhexsync that to any linux device, e.g. android15:06
directhexfor a true duct tape solution: http://serialio.com/products/images/OPN2002/Scanfob_Nexus_One_three_views_800.jpg15:07
andylockrandirecthex: I just saw the neofreerunner as an option.. would have a heartattack if anyone bought them!!!15:19
Myrttinaps are lovely15:33
* hamitron never seen the need15:33
RaycisCharlesnaps or NAPs?15:36
hamitronboth are for the weak15:37
ubuntuuk-planet[Jonathan Riddell] Dolphin Bazaar Integration - http://blogs.kde.org/node/446716:16
AlanBellMyrtti o/18:04
directhexikonia: \o/19:08
HazRPGAlanBell: I'm starting to think I won't be able to make it down this weekend :(19:36
HazRPGso bummed out about that :(19:36
HazRPGwas looking forward to it too :(19:37
MooDooevening all19:58
MooDoojoin #oggcamp19:59
jamesanslowcan anyone recommend a graphical tool for disk management? partitioning,  and the likes?21:24
funkyHatjamesanslow: gparted will do partitioning quite happily21:26
funkyHatDon't know exactly what kind of management you want to do though ⢁)21:27
jamesanslowgparted is ace. cheers.21:27
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